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High School of Fizz and Asmodeus

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Fizzarolli walked down the hallway nervously because he wanted to ask the big question to his crush, as he arrived at his locker and opened it up while getting his supplies for his next class. He heard laughter, Fizz peeked around his locker.

He saw Asmodeus, the most popular guy in school. He was wearing slightly ripped jeans, a blue lettermans jacket with red hearts all around it, Fizz was hypnotized by his looks without knowing someone would approach him.

“So you gonna ask him out yet?” Verosika said, out of nowhere.

Fizz jumped in surprise not expecting her to come out of nowhere. “I said not to do that!”

“I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.” Verosika replied, leaning on the lockers next to Fizz’s.

Going back to her first question about asking his crush out. "I don't know, he's cool, hot and popular and I-I'm none of those things."

"You're all of those things, you'll never know what he's gonna say if you don't ask him." Verosika said.

"I already know what he's gonna say." Fizz replied, closing his locker.

“No you don’t, he’s not a fucking mind reader, just tell him you wanna go out with him and also you wanna fuck him.” Verosika stated.

Fizz turned his head to look at Verosika. “Look, I don’t need to ask him to know he wouldn’t wanna go out with me!”

Fizzarolli walked away to his next class. He walked into the classroom and sat down at his desk. As he got his supplies out he noticed a figure that sat next to the desk next to him in the corner of his eye.

“Ok so were having an assignment about how to properly torture someone for their sins like we learned yesterday.” The teacher explained, holding a stack of worksheets.

The worksheet was passed out to everyone in the class and Fizz was to focus on how to tell Asmodeus that he likes him.

“Hey baby, can I borrow a pencil please, I don’t have any.” The person next to him asked.

“Uh, yeah sure.” Fizz said, handing him one from his pencil bag. “Here you go.”

“Thanks baby, I appreciate it.” The person replied.

“No problem, I usually don’t have pencils on me either so I always make sure I have some on me.” Fizz explained.

“Well we all learn don’t we.” The person said.

“Yeah, I guess.” Fizz replied, with a sad face.

“Hey, what’s wrong baby?” The person asked.

“It’s nothing, It’s just I wanna ask my crush out but I feel like I’m out of his league.” Fizz explained.

“Well, does he like you back?” The person asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask him. I thought he would reject me.” Fizz said.

“Well how about you ask him and you’ll know what he’ll say.” The person suggested.

“It’s not really easy for me, I really like him.” Fizz said.

“Hey, you look like a nice person and you look like a snack, I know he’ll say yes.” The person replied.

“Yeah I still don’t know but thanks for the pep talk, what’s your name anyways?” Fizz asked.

“My name is Asmodeus, darling.” The person replied.

Fizz looked away from his paper and to the person and saw it was really Asmodeus, his eyes widened and cheeks blushed, he was speechless due to him nearly confessing to his crush. Asmodeus looked down at Fizz.

“Hey are you gonna introduce yourself.” Asmodeus asked, holding his hand out for a handshake.

“Oh yeah, my name is Fizzarolli.” Fizz said, shaking his Ozzies hand.

“Ok, times up I’m gonna collect your work now.” The teacher said,

The bell ranged as the last class of the day ended, Fizz quickly started packing his bag to go home. Him and Asmodeus got up out of their chairs and exited the classroom.

“Hey I really enjoyed our conversion and I hope your crush says yes.” Asmodeus said.

“Yeah, me too.” Fizz said, before he walked the opposite way.