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"Please give it to me"

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Mist’s eyes were covered with a blindfold and he had no idea what Saga would be putting in his mouth at any time.

It started with a small piece of fruit. It tasted tart and sweet like a berry. Followed by yet another piece of fruit. Small and round, with juicy flesh. Probably a peeled grape. Saga was feeding him slowly. Different kinds of fruit entered his mouth. Deliberately. Like he wanted Mist to crave for it.

“Good job. That tasted good, didn’t it?” Saga praised Mist for delicately eating every morsel that was put in his mouth.

What Mist didn’t know was that Saga loved watching his lips. And that he didn’t know what he would do if he could see the expression in Mist’s eyes when he would feed him bit by bit. Little by little.

“Do you want more, my pet?” Saga asked.

“Yes please,” Mist replied. He opened his mouth, exposing his pretty white teeth, his firm tongue waiting expectantly.

Saga’s eyes lingered upon Mist’s mouth before he picked a small piece of chocolate from the plate. He carefully put it on Mist’s tongue before saying, “Don’t close your mouth yet.”

Mist couldn’t speak while the chocolate began melting on his tongue. The sight tantalized Saga and with a sharp intake of breath, he told Mist “Now savor it.”

Mist closed his mouth and slowly the chocolate continued to melt on his tongue, the bittersweet taste coating it. He knew that Saga preferred dark chocolate and while he didn’t really hate it, it wasn’t Mist’s favorite. Since it was Saga who put it in his mouth, he wanted to please him. He wanted to show him that he was obedient.

“Open your mouth. Show me,” Saga said quietly, but with a slight edge in his voice. He couldn’t help but think of other things he wanted to do with Mist but he wanted to be patient.

“Aaaahhh.” Mist opened his mouth, his tongue devoid of any trace of chocolate.

“Good,” Saga said. “I’m so lucky to have a sweet obedient pet.”

“Yes, master.” Mist was pleased. He always loved hearing Saga praise him, regardless of how big or small the task given to him was.

“I think I should give you more chocolate. Would you like that, Mist?” Saga was already squeezing sweet chocolate syrup on his finger.

Without being prompted, Mist had his mouth eager to taste whatever Saga was going to give him.

“Take this,” Saga said, his voice deep and dark with lust as his finger touched Mist’s lower lip before sliding it in further to touch that tempting tongue that he had kept his eyes on all the while.

Mist was hungry for it, and so his tongue swirled around that digit covered with the sweet chocolate he craved and enjoyed. He practically drooled around Saga’s finger, moaning as if the finger was something else.

“You like that?” Saga asked, and he added another finger for Mist to lick and suck. To treat it like the best treat.

Mist moaned when Saga’s fingers delved in deeper, going in and out of his mouth. And with one final motion, Saga slowly took his fingers out of Mist’s mouth, spit slick and all. His eyes darkened with lust and his pants felt tight as his erection made itself known.

Mist’s mouth was still open, waiting in anticipation. “Please give it to me.”

Saga knew then that what he wanted was what Mist needed.