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Death Note: A Final Note

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Light entered the room. He saw before him a figure hunched over in the shadows grasping for something on the table next to it every few moments or so. "Hey, Ryuzaki."

The figure turned around in the darkness. The bags under his eyes were defined, and his eyes themselves were giant glossy spears like marbles. "Oh, Light. You're back earlier than I expected. He chewed his thumb. "Something....unexpected has come up."

Light looked confused and was taken aback for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"Basically...." L stated hesitantly. "We are going to have to put a pause in trying to find Kira.

Light was in shock. "W-what? That criminal needs to pay for what he's done! We can't just stop!"

"It is only temporary.For now, we must look into something bigger." He turned on the tv.

The news reporter on the screen was standing in front of a prison.

The correctional facility for the criminally insane in California was broken into late last night. All prisoners were accounted for except for one, a man who is only known by his alias Beyond Birthday. It was said that a team of highly trained professionals with bombs attacked the prison in order to set him free. He was found to be missing this morning. On other news a kidnapping has taken place in-

 L clicked the remote cutting off the woman by turning off the television. 

"Beyond Birthday?" Light said worriedly. "Like that guy who murdered all those people in LA?

"Yes." said L. "He was once a member of Wammy's studying to be my successor."

"What happened?" Light blinked in confusion.

"He was obsessed with being like me. He even looked like me. He dressed and acted like me for a long time. I saw darkness in him and told him that he could never be my successor. He got angry and left Wammy's. His insanity led him to become obsessed with destroying me. He moved to California and began killing people. Knowing I would take the case, he waited patiently for me discover him, so he could come after me. After his arrest, he was placed in an asylum in California for the criminally insane. And now....he's broken out again."

"Touching." came a voice from somewhere behind Light.

Light swung around and looked at man that looked exactly like L. The only difference was the color of shirt. Instead of white, it was black.

"My life story is such a great one, isn't it Light?" The man said.

"How did you know my name?" Light's eyes widened. 

"I'll explain that later." his face twisted into a grin.

L didn't move. "BB. Nice to see you again."

The man laughed. "I wish I could say the same, but I'm not here for you this time. I came for your pet here."

L turned around and looked at Light, stone-faced. "Light? Why?"

The man laughed again. "You'll see." He walked off into the shadows and disappeared.

"What does he want with me?......Ryuzaki? Ryuzaki! What the hell does he want with me?" 

"I don't know." said L. Though his expression was lax, he feared what would happen to hid friend.