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The sound of pounding footsteps through his doorway is what prompts Shen Wei’s attention away from the journal he was reading. He gets up with a frown, one hand still holding the journal, to reprimand the student running through the Professor's offices—when the door to his office flies open.

The journal drops to the floor. 

For a moment, Shen Wei feels light-headed and the world seems to swim before him. Because there, standing in his doorway, panting and wild-eyed and here —is Kunlun.  

Kunlun’s eyes find him immediately and he draws in a wet, gasping breath. “Shen Wei,” he says, voice choked with emotion, but Shen Wei can barely hear it over the beating of his own heart. 

Before he can unfreeze himself or even say Kunlun’s name back, Kunlun moves, flying across the room, nearly stumbling over the rug to fling himself into Shen Wei’s arms. 

And no amount of shock or surprise could ever be enough to prevent Shen Wei from grasping him back, pulling him to his chest, and burying his face in Kunlun’s neck. 

“Shen Wei,” Kunlun is gasping. “Shen Wei, Xiao Wei, you—”

“Kunlun,” Shen Wei replies. “You’re here. You kept your promise.”

At that, Kunlun draws back and Shen Wei reluctantly loosens his hold enough to finally look at Kunlun.  

His hair is shorter, is the first thought that strikes Shen Wei, his bangs covering his forehead instead of parting in the middle and his beard is shorter and more neatly trimmed than what Shen Wei last remembers. But the expression on his face, the love in his eyes—no matter what, he’s still Shen Wei’s Kunlun. He drinks it all in, the sight of Kunlun is like finding a spring in a desert, after having only memories to sustain him for so long. 

“You’re crying,” Shen Wei murmurs, moving to cup Kunlun’s face. 

Kunlun lets out a disbelieving chuckle. “Aiyo, Xiao Wei…” It’s only when Kunlun reaches out to touch Shen Wei’s face in turn, that he realizes there are tears on his face as well.

“I kept you waiting for so long, Xiao Wei,” he says, stroking his thumb over Shen Wei’s damp cheek. “Too long. I’m so sorry.”

Shen Wei shakes his head. “No,” he denies. “No, you—”

Kunlun barks out a choked laugh. “Don’t give me that, Shen Wei—”

“I’d do it again,” Shen Wei insists, his grip on Kunlun tightening, afraid that fate will yank him out of Shen Wei’s arms again if he doesn’t make himself absolutely clear. “I would wait for you for eons, Kunlun.”

Kunlun’s face crumples, and Shen Wei barely has a moment’s notice before Kunlun once again flings himself forward and buries his face against Shen Wei. Shen Wei holds him as he shudders and sobs, his heart breaking in the face of Kunlun’s distress. 

He strokes along Kunlun’s back, wishing he knew what to say. Where had Kunlun been? Why did he look so different, how did he find Shen Wei only now?

It’s a while before Kunlun draws back, wiping his face with the back of his face. “Xiao Wei,” he says. “I kept you waiting—nu-uh! Don’t argue with me! I have so much to tell you. But first, you have to promise me something. I’ll tell you everything and,” here he pauses to swallow heavily, “you have to tell me everything too, okay? No lies or secrets. Promise me. Please.”

“Of course,” he agrees readily. He can’t begin to imagine why Kunlun would want a promise like this from him but anything Kunlun wants, Shen Wei is more than ready to give.  

“Baby,” Kunlun sighs. But he doesn’t say anything more, just leans forward to press his lips to Shen Wei’s. And Shen Wei doesn’t care if Kunlun disagrees. It’s a kiss worth every minute of those ten thousand years.