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Remus tried to press his nose as deep into A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration as possible without using that phasing spell he'd found in the Charms textbook. The train was filling up fast, and a quick bit of math told him that there would be few empty seats. Which meant, eventually, the other students would stop passing this compartment up, and then he'd have to talk to whoever came in. Or he'd have to leave when they told the first year to move. Or they'd—

The door opened with a crash and Lupin dropped his book, almost barking and turning pale at the near-flub so early in the school year.

Two dark-haired boys stood there, looking incredibly tall for their age. Both were impeccably dressed, their robes crisp and deep black, obviously brand-new instead of nearing light gray from second-hand washings. The one on the left blinked and narrowed his eyes a fraction. He had a pair of glasses tucked into the collar of his robes, which also looked shining and new.

The other boy had hair down to his jaw and, a second after he'd taken in the single boy in the compartment, he displayed a smile that showed off bright, perfectly straight teeth, which contrasted with his sharply-focused storm-gray eyes. "Hullo!" he cheered, stepping forward and offering a hand. "Mind some company? I'm Sirius. The four-eyes is James."

James frowned at Sirius and sent a reproachful look down at his spectacles.

Remus had thought he would freeze when another student finally intruded on his solitude, but he found his mouth opening, saying his name, and then falling back into a wide grin that maybe wasn't as handsome as the outgoing boy's, teeth being a bit crooked, but which was just as enthusiastic. "Yeah. Go ahead."