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Medicus et Lupus

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Ethan flinched, the cold painful on his already sensitive feet.  Shoes had been lost sometime during the night, either shredded by sharp claws or simply discarded; he could not remember which it was.  Shifts were always difficult, bones and muscles reshaping themselves within his body, pulled into the new form by the light of the moon whether he wanted it or not.

Every inch of his body ached and deep inside his mind the wolf was still active, pawing and scratching as his human side attempted to regain control once more.  Ethan ran his hand through his hair while he walked through the cold London streets, hoping no one noticed his shoeless feet.  His bedraggled appearance was easy enough to explain away as the result of a night of drinking.  Having no shoes in London in December was more difficult to explain and he hoped to make it somewhere before anyone pointed it out.

The wolf clawed at his mind, desiring one more thing before he fell asleep until the next full moon woke him.  Now that he knew the truth, the wall between them inside his head was gone, leaving man and wolf to interact throughout the month and not just at the full moon.  The running had been wonderful.  There was the hunt, the thrill, the adrenaline rushing through his veins.  But at the end of each wolf-night, the wolf had one more request, one that tonight had Ethan stymied.

Where to go was the question that weighed on his mind.  Ethan no longer had a home, not one he could truly go to.  Brona was gone, the one he had turned to after his previous shifts in London.  Sweet, wonderful Brona who never seemed to think a negative thought about him, even when she saw him at his worst, coming home after the moon covered in blood.  Even then she had held him, rubbed his back and told him everything would be alright.  And then they would fall into bed, the human satisfying his need for companionship while the wolf rutted to his heart’s content.

However, with Brona gone, Ethan didn’t know where to turn.  There were plenty of prostitutes in London, ones that would ask no questions and let his wolf burn off the small amount of energy he still had.  And yet, it was more to it than that.  Ethan had known that Brona would not be his mate.  It hadn’t made him love her any less but he knew that what they had was temporary, fleeting.  Only certain humans could mate with a werewolf like himself and Brona was not one of them.  She was a sweet girl, one who did her best with her station in life, but she was not an omega like both Ethan and the wolf craved.  Still, she gave him love and affection, along with the sex, and a prostitute could not give that to him, at least not honestly.

Neither could Mr. Gray who had welcomed Ethan into his home but that man - human was something he could not be called - was more alpha than omega and the wolf had left with his tail between his figurative legs, unsatisfied and somewhat ashamed.  There had been nothing in that encounter that made either Ethan or his wolf want to return for another moon cycle.

Ethan checked through the small list of people he knew in London, people who might be willing to give him the affection and physical attention he desired, trying to focus his thoughts on something other than the physical pain in his now frozen feet and the all consuming desire still flowing from the wolf.  Sir Malcolm was in no way suitable, as there would be no way either would enjoy the encounter, with so little trust between them.  Even if he was living with the man now, it was not the same and there would never be any desire on Ethan’s part for that.

He entertained the idea of Vanessa briefly, thinking of the kindness and trust between the two of them.  He knew of no animosity that would come between them in such an act.  However, the words psychosexual had fallen from the good doctor’s mouth when talking about Vanessa’s condition while under the possession of the demon.  In no way would Ethan be willing to put her in a situation where it might open her to such a situation once more.  Even if he was willing to risk her life and soul in such a way, his feelings toward her were more of that of a brother than a lover and the awkwardness of such an encounter would leave all parties feeling dissatisfied and disheartened.

Pausing mid-step, the answer came to Ethan so suddenly that he wondered how it had escaped him for so long.  Pivoting in place, the change of direction startled the people behind him but Ethan was no longer in the state of mind to care.  Everything was so perfectly clear in that moment that nothing could have stopped him from climbing that dingy staircase and pounding on the door.  

There was one person Ethan had been growing closer to.  One who stood up to him but also turned to him for help.

This same person was the only omega that Ethan had met during his time in London.  And the innocent, untouched virgin probably had no idea what he actually was.


His voice echoed in the deserted hallway and even to his own ears, Ethan could feel the strain.  With an omega so close, the wolf clawed to get out, nearly forcing a shift right there in the hall.  Only Ethan’s assurance that Doctor Frankenstein might die of fright upon seeing their other form kept the wolf from coming to the surface.  Though, as the seconds ticked on and no one answered the door, despite his nose telling him that Victor was there, Ethan was tempted to break the door down and find the doctor through force.

As Ethan stepped back, ready to put his shoulder into the door and most likely break it to splinters, the doctor’s face appeared in the doorway, the door barely cracked.  “Now is not a good time, Mr. Chandler.  If you could come back some other day?”  There was the barest hint of a question at the end of the sentence, Victor himself unsure what it was that kept drawing the two of them together in general and what had brought Ethan here right now.

“Doc, I must speak with you.”  It took every ounce of control to not push his way in and take the doctor right there.  “If I might come in for a few minutes, I could explain everything.”

Victor glanced behind him, an action not missed by the werewolf but his desire was too strong for him to worry about Victor’s concerns now.  “It really is not a good time,” he mumbled, still backing away and opening the door a little.  “Just a couple minutes?”

Ethan took the opening as invitation and slipped inside, running a hand through his hair as he looked around Victor’s flat, stalling for a moment as he searched for the right words, the wolf making it difficult to think of anything but taking this man and claiming him for their own.  Ethan knew enough to know that Victor would not appreciate being forcibly mated, and needed to make his intention known, getting permission from the doctor.  

“Doc, was it true?  What the....what Vanessa said when she spoke to you during her illness?”  None of them had spoken of what secrets Vanessa had spilled.  They were deeply personal and the unspoken agreement had been to never mention them again.  However, it seemed the best way to bring up such a delicate topic.  “Have you truly never been touched?”

The blush on Victor’s cheeks and ears told Ethan that it was true but Victor responded anyway, “I don’t see how that is any business of yours, Mr. Chandler.”  He turned away, attempting to hide the truth they both knew was evident on his face.

Ethan stepped closer, almost touching but not quite, his larger frame looming over Victor.  Victor could feel his warm breath on the back of his neck, cursing the fact that his body reacted to the other man’s proximity.  “So you do not know?  Your body wants me even as you wish to push me away.  But you don’t want me to go, do you?  You know deep down that this is what you have been waiting for.  You hide away with your bodies and your morphine.  You pretend to be absorbed in your work but you crave the touch, a very specific touch.  The touch of an alpha that can satisfy that fire inside you, quench it in a way you have not managed yet.”

Confusion overrode Dr. Frankenstein’s embarrassment and he turned to look at Ethan, only realizing when presented with the face so close to his own, just how dangerous a situation this was.  “What do you mean an alpha?  You... You are making no sense, Mr. Chandler.”

Ethan stepped impossibly closer, an act that had the good doctor backing up to avoid being pressed against this man, terrified of the predatory look in the American’s eyes.  Even as he did, Victor knew there was a part of him that wanted to push himself against Ethan and let the man do what he desired.  But Victor was a man of science and he needed to know everything before giving himself over to his baser instincts.  

For his part, both Ethan and his wolf were enjoying this hunt, feeling the fear from Victor and having it fan the flames of his own desire.  He continued to stalk forward until he had the doctor pressed against the wall, Ethan’s hands on either side of his head, bracketing him in and keeping him close enough that when the omega’s fear scent inundated his nose, Ethan actually growled, a feral noise that had Dr. Frankenstein jumping slightly.  “An alpha is a strong creature, one that commands respect from all around it.  If you hadn’t noticed, I am an alpha and I crave an omega, someone who can act as a balm to my burn, to calm me and satisfy every need that I have.”  Leaning in, Ethan trailed his nose along Victor’s jaw, feeling the smaller man tremble beneath him.  Lips reaching Victor’s ear, Ethan practically purred into it, “While you may not know it consciously, you are an omega and your body cries out for me, even as you keep pushing me away.”

Victor continued to tremble, eyes going anywhere except to meet Ethan’s dark ones.  He knew he would be lost if he were to look up into the taller man’s intense gaze.  “I am simply a man, and I do not know what you are talking about.”  He gasped, feeling Ethan’s strong hand move behind him, trailing down his back to press at the back of his trousers.  Only then did his surprised eyes jump to meet those of the American.  “What are you doing?”

“You say you are just a man but I can smell the desire on you.  You are a physician, you know the body better than any of us in our little family.  Tell me, it is normal for just a man to get wet there?”  Ethan pressed harder, causing Victor to tremble and moan a little.   “There is more to you than even you know and I will help you unleash your potential.”

Blinking up at him, entire body shaking in fear and desire, Victor raised a brow, “How is it that you know more about me than I do?  What gives you the right to assume you know everything and I do not?”

Ethan smiled and Victor marveled briefly at just how canine his teeth looked at that moment.  “Because I can smell it on you.  I have traveled the world, looking for one like you.  At first, I was too wrapped up in Brona to understand that the one I sought had been standing next to me the whole time.  It wasn’t until we were in the basement at Sir Malcolm’s that I truly realized what you were.  Your small body so close to mine, in such a small space, it would have been a wonder if I hadn’t noticed it.  But then Brona died and everything with Mina happened.  But now, dear doctor.  Now I have the time and the energy and the desire.  And so do you.  You are scared but you want this, don’t you?”

Victor had listened closely, trying to absorb everything Ethan said.  He had felt something when Ethan was teaching him to shoot.  Victor had written it off as the adrenaline, the sheer relief of knowing he could now do something to protect himself, but maybe there was more to it.  They had a very intense relationship, whether as friends or adversaries.  Perhaps this was the obvious continuation of what had been building all along?  If only he had more experience with this, to know if what he was feeling, if his body’s reactions, were normal or something unusual and specifically for Ethan.  “And if I did?  What would that change?  You are still a man and I am a man, and this is not anything I have studied or know anything about.”

“Oh, Doc.  Stop thinking and let yourself feel.”  That was the only warning Victor had before Ethan’s lips were on his, the American’s body pinning Victor to the wall as his own hips hitched in response.  For a moment, the doctor stopped thinking altogether, shocked by the sensation.  He had never considered a man before.  Biologically, he knew it was possible for people to be attracted to those of their own sex but he had never met one who acted on those desires.  But with Ethan here, pressed against him and kissing Victor as if he was the sole source of oxygen in the world, Victor allowed himself to think that this might indeed be what he had been waiting for all along.

He brought a hand up, fingers tangling into Ethan’s long hair as he deepened the kiss, Ethan matching Victor’s moan with a growl of his own.  Sensing how good and how right this felt, Victor let go of his hesitations for the moment.  Following Ethan’s lead, Victor tentatively licked at the seam of the American’s lips, seeking entrance which was almost immediately granted.  He knew the mechanics of kissing, which muscles were being used and the hormones that were released during intimate encounters.  However, knowing the biological processes and experiencing them first hand were very different things.  “Why?” he muttered against Ethan’s lips, more a question to the universe in general than the man who held the slight doctor tight against his body but Ethan answered anyway.

“Because you are an omega and I am an alpha.  We are two sides of the same coin and one cannot live without the other.”  If asked, Victor would say it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever said directed at him.  But since no one asked, he put his mouth to better use, kissing Ethan again and again, unable to get enough.  He still did not know what it meant to be an omega and if that was truly what he was, but he could feel Ethan’s desire for him and his own desire for being touched and loved.  There was no doubt that he would do whatever Ethan asked of him.  

“My room,” he mumbled as the American began to unbutton his shirt.  “That door, there,”  he tipped his head in the direction he was meaning, only to be rewarded by Ethan’s lips and teeth on Victor’s neck, a source of pleasure he had not anticipated and had him moaning erotically in return.

Unwilling to be separated from their omega now that they had found one, Ethan picked Victor up easily, hands under the man’s arse and carried him toward the other room, using the wolf’s senses tell him how to get there without tripping or running into things.  Only when his leg hit the bed did Ethan let go, letting the small man fall onto the mattress while the American loomed over him.  “So fucking beautiful.”  Bracers were pushed from his shoulders before Ethan climbed onto the bed, eyes never leaving Victor’s.  “You belong to me,” he growled, continuing to unbutton Victor’s shirt and waist coat where he had let off.  “I will take care of you.  I will protect you.  I will love you.”

No one had ever wanted Dr. Frankenstein around in the way that Mr. Chandler was proposing.  They tolerated his presence, enjoyed his expertise, and barely realized when he was gone.  But looking up into Ethan’s eyes, Victor knew that every word the American said, he meant.  “Please,” he begged softly, both for the words and for the actions.  His cock strained against his trousers, aching for some sort of touch which still had not come.  Forgotten was his fear over what was happening, his concern that Caliban and Brona were just upstairs.  All that mattered was someone looking at him with that amount of desire and need.  For a man who remained unseen, to have someone focus their attention on your was a truly heady thing.

The fear returned when he felt Ethan’s hands go to his trousers, unbuttoning the fastens one at a time, Victor’s breath hitched and heart raced.  Certain Ethan could hear the organ threatening to beat out of his chest, Victor brought a hand up to cover it, embarrassed both by his nudity and the fact that he could not hide his desire for the man currently seated over him.  Gently, Ethan paused and took Victor’s hand in his own, sucking on each of the fingers.  Victor thought the world stopped for a moment, his hips arching up toward the other man and his breath catching in his throat.  Fingers aren’t that sensitive, he thought technically, so why this reaction?  The thought came and went as Ethan released his hand to the side of his body.  “Do not cover yourself.  I want to see everything.”  Nodding mutely, Victor’s wide eyes stayed locked on Ethan’s as the man finished unbuttoning his trousers and pulled them down over his hips.

Already Victor felt utterly debauched, shirt and waist coat lying open, trousers and pants down at his knees.  He was exposed and yet still wearing all of his clothing.  Ethan, for his part had his shirt half unbuttoned and his bracers hanging loose from his waist but otherwise was completely clothed.  Victor smirked, amused by the irony that he was the one exposed and on display.  “Now that you have me like this, are you going to charge admission for others to come and gape as well?” Victor quipped, though there was a hint of distress in his voice.  perhaps Chandler was doing this simply to embarrass him?  It wouldn’t be unheard of, considering Victor’s history.  

Instead, Ethan growled and ripped his own shirt from his body, falling forward so their bodies were pressed together, “No one will ever see you like this.  This is for my eyes only.”  The kissing resumed, more heated and desperate if possible and Victor wondered if he could drown in this affection.  Squirming under Ethan - a movement that made the large man moan as they rubbed together in just the right way - Victor managed to free his arms from his shirt sleeves and wrapped them around Ethan, kissing with all the enthusiasm he had.  

While it seemed silly to be shy after being exposed like this, as Victor’s hands trailed down Ethan’s chest, taking in the smooth lines and pale scars, they paused just at the top of the American’s trousers, eyes asking the question his voice couldn’t carry.  Ethan nodded and his eyes fell closed as he leaned his forehead against Victor’s as he too was freed from the cloth prison which kept his erection trapped against his body.  Victor carefully pulled the fabric over Ethan’s arse, hands trailing over the skin and marveling that he was allowed to touch living flesh in such a way.

Both men kicked off the remainder of their clothes, lying back on the mattress with arms and hands still stroking over every part of their bodies except the one part both wished to have touched most.  Only as he settled back on the mattress did Victor notice the growing dampness under him, a small amount of concern written on his face.  As if reading his mind, Ethan smiled - predatory and dangerous - “I told you that you were wet for me,” he purred.  Ethan dragged one finger down Victor’s spine, trailing between the cleft at the base of his spine and touching the pool of slick that had become more obvious.  His finger easily slid inside the other man and Victor gave a sharp cry of surprise and pleasure.

“What?  What is that?” His eyes were wide in shock, unaware that a touch to that area would feel as good as it did.  Even as he spoke, Ethan continued to work his finger in and out, spreading the slick over Victor’s opening, adding a second after a few minutes.   Victor’s cock twitched in interest and soon enough, Victor found himself on his back, Ethan’s massive length pressing teasingly at his entrance.  

“If you don’t want this, say something now,” the American growled, falling forward to catch himself on his hands, one on each side of Victor’s head.  “Because once I feel you, I don’t know if I will be able to stop.”

Victor was seeing stars, just from fingers and tip inside him.  He didn’t have the words and so he simply nodded, eyes wide with fear but dark with desire.  Both men cried out as Ethan oh-so-slowly sheathed himself inside the small doctor, their eyes latched on each other as they came together as one.  With trembling arms, Ethan held himself above Victor, keeping most of his weight off the smaller man but the effort from holding back only added to the tension in his muscles.  

Taking a deep breath and then another, Victor closed his eyes to steady his own reactions.  He had no idea his body could do this, that this sort of pleasure pain was even possible.  The feeling of being filled, of coming together with someone in such a way had never crossed his mind and now it felt like the rightest thing he had ever known.  Once his body relaxed, accepting Ethan even further inside, he opened his eyes and growled, “If you don’t start moving, I will never forgive you.”  

That being what Ethan wanted to hear, the American pulled his hips back before snapping them forward, both men crying out in pleasure as Ethan took him again and again.  When Ethan looked down at the omega, his omega, the wolf started to take control, fingers digging into Victor’s shoulders and eyes glowing in the dim light of the room.  If Victor noticed, he was too far gone in his own pleasure to say anything, bringing his legs up to wrap around Ethan’s waist.  

Victor knew it would be over far too quickly.  There was heat building deep inside him, something he had felt a fraction of on the rare occasions when he took himself in hand.  But this was something else entirely and he worried that he might break into a thousand pieces by the sheer power of what seemed to be barreling towards him.  No words could properly describe what he was feeling and he had no idea how to warn Ethan just how close he was.

Ethan could feel the tension building inside Victor, feel the increasing slick that was bringing him closer to his own completion.  His teeth, canine sharp, glistened for a moment before they sunk into Victor’s neck, bringing both men to conclusion: Victor with a startled cry and Ethan with a deep, feral growl.  

Coming down from the high of his orgasm, Ethan licked the wound he had left on Victor’s neck.  There would be a permanent scar, a sign that this man belonged to him and no other.  The human, civilized part of his mind knew that he needed to explain this to his partner but right now he was too comfortable and content to ruin the peace just yet.  He slipped from Victor’s body, pulling the panting smaller man onto his chest, rubbing his hand reassuringly over his back.  “Talk to me, darlin,” he purred, kissing the top of Victor’s hair.

Victor, for his part, was trembling, unsure if he would ever get used to such an onslaught of emotion.  There was blood dripping down his chest from where Ethan had bitten him and something warm leaking out behind.  His stomach felt sticky and unpleasant and yet, he could not think of a time when he had been more blissful.  “Is... Is it always like that?” he asked finally, raising his head to look at Ethan who smiled and kissed him softly.

“Not often.  But don’t worry, Doc.  It will only get better from here.”  

The thought of this happening again had Victor smiling, resting his head back on Ethan’s chest.  Neither bothered to grab the sheets to cover themselves, just curling together and dozing happily.  Only when a calm, soft voice interrupted them - one that caused Victor’s blood to run cold - did they sit up, Ethan throwing one arm instinctively going in front of Victor to shield him from any threat while the other grabbed one of his weapons.

“Demon? So it appears you have found someone to love you.  Do you think he will continue to do so when he knows everything you haven’t told him?”  Caliban’s voice was like ice and Brona’s pale face peeked around to gaze upon them both.  

Both Ethan and Victor’s eyes went wide, looking at the two in front of them; one set begging forgiveness while the other burned with fury.