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It was 5 A.M in the morning when Wonwoo’s sleep was disturbed by an extra loud alarm from his smartphone. His eyes were still heavy, but Wonwoo couldn’t ignore this alarm, not when Soonyoung (his best friend since Junior High School) had threatened to post an embarrassing videoo of him if he won’t come to their “morning run” that Sunday. Sigh . If only Wonwoo didn’t come to that New Year party that his friends hold and embarrass himself by dancing sloppily on their table (if that could be categorized as dancing-) , he won’t need to wake up THIS early on a SUNDAY. Alas, it has happened, nothing can change the fact that he did it and Soonyoung was recording THAT moment.


Wonwoo rubbed his eyes as he turned off his alarm, wore his glasses and went to bathroom to freshen up. He still has 30 minutes before their promised time and he planned to have a light breakfast in the convenience store next to his apartment before meeting up with Soonyoung on the park across. Pondering on what he should wear on a morning run, he decided to go with a simple black shirt and training pants. 


5.15 AM. Wonwoo had stepped out from his apartment and went to the convenience store. Oh? What a surprise. He never know that his favorite katsu sandwich is already available on this ungodly hour and it was even more delicious because it’s still warm. When he went outside, he was greeted by a rather tall man with looked a bit panicked with his messy hair, asking “Hey, did you see a doberman around here? It has a red collar with his name on it and I swear people saw him running around here just 5 minutes ago-”.


Okay, this man is so panicked that he was almost rapping out his question to him in front of the store’s entrance, so Wonwoo decided they need to talk elsewhere. “Hey, breathe. Let’s not block the store’s entrance.” said Wonwoo as he took that man’s hand and drag him to the side.

“Oh, oh! Okay, I’m sorry!” Wonwoo can definitely see the man blush as they move to the side. Is it because of him holding his hand? But Wonwoo decided not to think too much about this. “So? You’re looking for a doberman? A big dog? In this ungodly hour?”. That man looked at him and nodded, “Yes, today is my sister’s turn to walk him outside, but she lost him after she forgot to tie his lash on a pole while she was tying her shoelaces. She said that people did see him around here, so she asked me to search this area…” He stopped for a second before continuing, “Would you mind helping me looking for my dog?” That man was definitely giving him the puppy eyes.


Wonwoo was expecting that request as that man is talking, but he wasn’t planning to say yes. He’s afraid of big dogs anyway, and his “meeting” with Soonyoung is in less than 5 minutes. But honestly, this man is his type. Please don’t judge him, he’s just too weak for this man’s physique. Tall, a bit tanned, with good build, and puppy eyes. He never thought that he’s that weak for someone’s puppy eyes. Well, so here he is, looking around the apartment block for a doberman.


What would he do if he found the dog? He feels so foolish for suggesting to split up for the search, because he will just freeze up and the dog might run away again. Wonwoo just hopes that that man will be the one who found that dog. Just when he thought so, he saw a big dog with black and a bit brown fur approximately 2 meters from him in an alley near his apartment. Wonwoo immediately tensed up and he could see the dog reacting to his fear. He had read how dogs could sense a person's fear and would regard that fear as a threat, but he just couldn't help himself. He's now far too scared to even move, the dog also looks tense and even started to growl at him. Damn it, he really should've asked for that man's number before splitting up. He couldn't possibly stay there and do nothing, so instead he tried to move slowly out from the alley when suddenly a loud voice called out, "Naembi!".


The dog's ears are perked up and it's tail is wagging wildly as it ran towards the guy behind him. Oh, Wonwoo just realized that the man from before had found them here. When he turned around, he saw that man holding the dog's leash as he rubbed the dog's neck with a wide sweet smile that showed his canines. Feeling a little bit awkward, he said, "Uh, I guess I'm glad that you found him in less than 30 minutes.."


The guy looked at him and grinned, "Yeah! I really don't know what I'd do if this guy is missing." Naembi, the dog, now looked at Wonwoo showing no sign of aggression, which made him a bit relieved. "Ah, by the way, sorry about this guy's behavior before… Are you okay?"


"I'm okay, besides it wasn't his fault.. I was the one that started to tense up after I found him here."


"Are you afraid of dogs?" The guy was a bit surprised.


"Not all dogs, just big sized dogs in particular.. And honestly the reason is just because I find them intimidating." By this time, the dog is already sitting calmly beside the guy.


"Hmm…" The guy ponders a bit, "Are you free today?" surprised, Wonwoo immediately looked at that man's eyes. "Uhm, aside from a morning run with my friends, yes I've no schedule today. Why do you ask?"


"I want to treat you for dinner." Wonwoo, despite being happy, fell in silence as he scanned the man trying to find the intention behind his invitation, perhaps he's reading the wrong thing out of this. The man sensed the awkwardness, coughed before continuing, "I mean, as a thanks because you helped me despite your fears… I swear no other intentions!"


Wonwoo don't know what went over him as he replied uncharacteristically, "It's actually okay if you have other intentions… Like a dinner date perhaps?" He looked up to the man's eyes and found that man gaped at him and blushed. Feeling more bold he continued, "That is only if you want to."


The mood was really good before a rather loud bark from Naembi interrupted their conversation and startled Wonwoo. Their conversation was cut short, because according to that man, the dog still needs its morning walk before it gets cranky and Wonwoo also has his overdue morning run. 


His name is Kim Mingyu. Wonwoo did finally get his name along with his number for their "dinner date" before they parted. 


06.00 AM. Soonyoung was absolutely annoyed because it was an hour late for the run. He was about to seriously upload his embarrassing video to his SNS, but Wonwoo quickly offered to tell them about his unexpected encounter that morning and how it led to a promised dinner date as an exchange. Did Soonyoung upload the video after he told the story? Sadly yes, "It was too boring", according to him, saying that his meeting with Jihoon was far more interesting than that (Which is arguable, because Wonwoo don't think it's that… interesting).


That day, Wonwoo was in a very good mood. He'll deal with Soonyoung later, since there'll still be many occasions to get material for his 'friendly' revenge. But today, he'll focus on preparing for his dinner date with Mingyu.