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Establishing Dominance

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Establishing Dominance

Hitomi squeaked as she felt a hand land on her shoulder from behind. She turned around to see Utako looking at her, a funny expression on the older woman’s face as she looked down at the teenage girl.

“Y-yes?” Hitomi asked, feeling her heart still pounding inside of her chest. “I mean, yes, Utako? Is there something that I can help you with?”

“Think you’re going to be much longer here?” Utako asked, gesturing at the bar with her head. “There’s some things that I want to show you.”

“Oh, not much longer,” Hitomi said with a sigh, resigning herself to another night not spent in bed. Hopefully she wouldn’t collapse on the floor again as soon as she stepped into her apartment. “I just need to finish cleaning the tables.”

“Good, once you’re done, come and find me in the back room,” Utako said mysteriously, stepping back and leaving her bar for Hitomi to finish cleaning.

She really should learn how to say no to people at some point. But that wouldn’t be today. Shaking her head, Hitomi got back to work, quickly doing the last few chores that were needed to get the bar clean and stored away until evening came again and she and Utako started work once more.

Then, undoing the apron she wore, Hitomi headed into the back storage room of the bar, looking around for her boss. And blinking. Were those candles on the floor and on top of the boxes. Wait a minute, this reminded her of…

“Hitomi,” Utako said, rising up and making Hitomi’s eyes bulge out of her head as she saw her boss wearing some very skimpy, lacy lingerie that showed off her figure in ways that Hitomi had only ever seen once before. “It’s good to see you.”

“I, I, um, I,” Hitomi stammered, not believing that this was happening to her again. “I really shouldn’t be making you waste your time here with me, not when we’re both so tired.”

“Oh please,” Utako said with a chuckle, stepping forward and running her fingers down along Hitomi’s face. “Why so hesitant? Surely you remember last time, the fun that we had together.”

Hitomi had more or less managed to repress those memories, because it wouldn’t be proper to walk around all day, every day with a giant, scarlet blush on her cheeks. The night spent in Utako’s arms and in her bed, getting shown… so many different things had really opened Hitomi’s eyes to a whole new world.

A world that she wasn’t skilled in, either. Which had been rather galling and had set Hitomi on the path to learning how to have lesbian sex. At least, as much as she could learn through reading books and articles and examining a certain kind of video. Because there was obviously no way that Hitomi was going to try and seduce any of her friends to practice what she had been learning, of course. And even though they were in the red light district, the thought of approaching any of the women around here who didn’t seem to have anywhere to be and didn’t dress all that warmly was enough to make Hitomi’s cheeks burn so hotly you could boil water on them.

Still, at least Hitomi had plenty of book experience. And if she was ever going to use that experience, now was the time. So, taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and grabbed onto Utako’s sides, looking up at the older woman as she raised her eyebrows.

“Well, what’s this?” Utako asked with a chuckle, letting her hand rest on Hitomi’s shoulder. “Feeling a bit confident, are we?”

Hitomi blushed hard at that and jerked her head up and down in a nod. She could feel herself still blushing really hard but she pushed it down. She was going to have to do a good job here, because Hitomi always had to do a good job. And from last time, she knew exactly what Utako would consider to be a good job. So, not letting her nerves get the best of her, she squeezed down on Utako’s sides and leaned up for a kiss.

Utako made a very surprised sound at that, her eyes going wide as the teenager kissed her. Her mouth made some weird movements against Hitomi’s own lips but then, after a second, she was kissing Hitomi back. That made Hitomi feel very nice and warm inside and helped take care of the nervousness that she was feeling. She stepped forward, pushing Utako back a bit and making her moan once again as they kept on kissing.

Hitomi’s hands were starting to move up and down along Utako’s sides as she kissed the older woman, feeling the soft skin underneath her fingers. There was really something delightful in that and Hitomi shivered, feeling a heat growing inside of her chest as she kissed, pushing her tongue into Utako’s mouth. She could remember this being done to her last time and how it had made her feel. So with any luck, Utako was feeling just as good as it was done to her.

Utako’s legs hit a box and she sat down heavily, pulling Hitomi onto her lap. Hitomi found that to be a very nice place to sit, actually, and she smiled widely as she kissed Utako again, her hands resting on top of her shoulders this time, fingers pressing against the black straps of the bra. Hitomi was aware that sooner or later, her own, significantly plainer underwear was going to be put on display and that what she was wearing and what Utako was wearing really couldn’t be compared. But, well, she wasn’t going to let that bother her right now. Instead, she slowly slid her hands down along Utako’s body, to her breasts.

They were much larger than Hitomi’s own and from the last time that Utako had seduced Hitomi, she could remember that they were very sensitive indeed, far more than Hitomi’s own. Though Hitomi had found that her neck made her feel very good indeed when it got kissed, so she supposed it all evened out.

And it did mean that she knew exactly how to stroke Utako’s breasts with her fingers, letting the pads of her fingers glide along the surface of the soft orbs, shivering slightly as she heard Utako’s breathing spike. The older woman’s hands squeezed down on her shoulders and Hitomi looked up at her boss.

“Oh, you’re doing a lot better than you did last time,” Utako said, a bit of a funny look on her face. “Why’s that?”

It was tremendously embarrassing to even think of answering that question but what other choice did Hitomi have? She swallowed and coughed and finally found the courage to actually answer the question.

“I just didn’t want you to be disappointed by me,” Hitomi said softly, feeling her cheeks burning as she stared down at Utako’s cleavage which, as odd as it seemed, was still better than looking at Utako’s face as she said these things. “I want to be the best…” no, no, no, she was never going to say that she was someone’s lover, that was too embarrassing for words, “I just want to show off an acceptable level of skill.”

“I see,” Utako said neutrally. “Well, that’s a pretty admirable goal for someone as young as you.”

Was it? Hitomi shifted from side to side, feeling her cheeks burning and decided that the proper answer to this mortifying experience was to keep going and get her boss’s mind off of the topic. So she leaned down and gently kissed Utako’s nipples through her bra. It was a thin enough bra that she could actually find the nipples without much effort, wrapping her lips around each of them and sucking on them in turn.

Utako made a groaning sound at that and Hitomi supposed that she was doing well. But there was still a lot more that she needed to do before she could really call herself satisfied with this. So she ran her tongue along the bra too. That was a pretty weird taste and Hitomi quickly resolved not to do it again. Skin or nothing.

“W-well, if you’re so eager to learn, who am I to stop you?” Utako said with a moan, running her hands up and down along Hitomi’s shoulders and back, only occasionally going to Hitomi’s considerably more modest mounds, still hidden away underneath the bartender uniform that she wore. “After all, you’re a real credit to me and the bar.”

Hitomi nodded slightly, deciding not to let her mind linger on that. Instead, she pushed herself forward and pressed her body up against Utako’s, rising up on her toes to manage a kiss. Utako eagerly returned the kiss and Hitomi felt a shiver run through her body. There was something undeniably erotic about having their lips meet like this and she could feel the blush on her cheeks take on a slightly different meaning.

Their bodies were so closely pressed together, Hitomi in between Utako’s legs, that she could feel both of their hearts beating as they rubbed up against each other. Hitomi’s head kept on threatening to swim but she just barely managed to keep herself together and her head in the game. It wasn’t easy, but she somehow managed to focus on kissing her boss once again.

Utako made it a lot harder as her hands came down and squeezed on Hitomi’s rear. There was not a lot there to squeeze, but Utako made a go of it anyway, making Hitomi’s eyes go wide and some rather amusing (to Utako) sounds come from Hitomi’s lips. Hitomi shivered from head to toe as she kept on getting touched and she panted heavily as they finally broke the kiss.

“Damn, what have you been practicing on to kiss like that?” Utako asked, shaking her head. “Got a secret boyfriend I don’t know about?”

“No!” Hitomi squeaked, her mind flooded with scandalous images of romance between her and any number of attractive, charming boys. “There’s nobody like that! I just read some articles, that’s all!”

“And from those you can kiss like this?” Utako asked, shaking her head. “Man, kids these days. I had to learn sex ed from graffiti in the bathroom.”

Was that a joke? Hitomi almost asked before deciding that there really wasn’t a good answer here and that she didn’t much care. Instead, she just kissed Utako again and stroked the inside of Utako’s bare thigh. Utako made a nice sound at that and her fingers squeezed down rather hard on Hitomi’s rear. That made Hitomi squeal and shiver and shake and she panted for a bit before kissing Utako once again, though only for a very short while this time.

“You know, you can’t really have sex in this uniform,” Utako said, her hands going up to work at Hitomi’s buttons. “Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. You’ll feel much better showing some skin.”

Hitomi could agree with that. She could most certainly remember how she had felt when she had been naked and exposed in front of Utako. And underneath Utako. It had been… well, her body had most certainly enjoyed the many, many things that had been done to it, no matter how brightly her cheeks had burned during and after the event.

Hitomi took a deep breath and started to undress, feeling the light weight of the uniform vanishing from her shoulders and hips as she undressed. She constantly glanced at Utako, feeling very embarrassed. But the older woman didn’t say anything as Hitomi undressed and very soon Hitomi was even more naked than Utako was. Part of her wanted to cover her body up with her hands and stop anyone from seeing her, but the rest of her was just focused on making sure that she projected a calm, confident, competent image, that said she knew exactly what she was doing and that she wasn’t worried about a single thing.

As part of that, Hitomi reached down and cupped her breasts in her hands, pushing them together and up in a way that none of her bras ever came close to. Utako smiled as she looked down at that and shook her head back and forth. Then she kissed Hitomi, pushing her tongue inside of Hitomi’s mouth. That took Hitomi by surprise but she quickly rallied and kissed back.

And even managed to get her tongue into Utako’s mouth instead. Utako made a surprised sound and tried to pull away at that but she was already trapped by the boxes behind her and Hitomi just kept on kissing her, determined to do her absolute best to impress and show herself off to Utako, making sure that Utako…

Actually, Hitomi wasn’t entirely certain what she was trying to show or display right now, but she also knew that there was simply no way that she was going to back down now. That would be even more humiliating than this was, so Hitomi kissed Utako once again and then started working her way down Utako’s neck and shoulders, planting kiss after kiss. She supposed that if she was wearing makeup, then the kisses would stand out really clearly against Utako’s skin. But she wasn’t, so they didn’t and all Hitomi got was Utako squirming around and making some rather unusual sounds.

Wait, did Utako have a sensitive neck? Hitomi tested that theory out, pressing her lips against the side of Utako’s neck and holding the kiss there for a minute, sucking inwards. Utako started making some very unusual sounds at that, squirming around and gasping and moaning. Hitomi felt a huge blush forming on her cheeks as she kept on kissing Utako and only pulled back when her lungs started demanding air.

“H-Hitomi,” Utako said in a breathless voice, one hand coming up to rub the side of her neck. “Jeez, I’m going to have to wear a high-collared shirt for the next few days.”

Hitomi nodded wordlessly, looking at the clear, distinct hickey that she had left on her boss’s neck. She had done that. Wow. Seriously, wow. She felt a big smile forming on her face as she looked at the dark spot and then at Utako in general. The way that Utako was squirming around, it was really obvious what sort of effect that kiss had on her. Well, that was pretty hot, wasn’t it?

Hitomi realized that it really was. She was actually getting properly turned on now, instead of just minorly aroused. She shivered, feeling her nipples perking up and the heat in her lower belly pulsing in time with her heart. She looked Utako over and realized that there was just so much more that she wanted to do with the older woman.

So she leaned back in for a kiss again, this time pulling the cups of Utako’s bra down enough to let her breasts bounce free. For a short time, at least, before Hitomi wrapped her lips around the left nipple and started sucking. Utako let out a pleased sound at that and pushed her chest forward, rubbing her breasts up against Hitomi’s face.

Hitomi did the absolute best that she possibly could as she kissed Utako, wanting to show off just how good and skilled and everything that she could possibly be. She wouldn’t be able to satisfy herself with anything less than her best, after all. So she kept on kissing Utako’s breasts, switching between the mounds and listening to the sounds that Utako kept on making as she got taken care of.

One of Utako’s hands slid down along Hitomi’s thigh and then went in between Hitomi’s legs. Hitomi’s eyes widened as she felt the hand pressing up against her there and she squirmed from side to side as she felt the fingers rubbing back and forth. She made some panting sounds as she got touched like this, feeling the heat inside of her starting to leak down and rub out of her body.

She liked it, in other words. Liked it a lot. Panting heavily, Hitomi pushed her hips down trying to get the fingers in- trying to get more stimulation. Yes, that was a much more acceptable way to phrase things in her mind. Nodding, Hitomi switched breasts, wrapping her lips around a stiff nipple and running her tongue along it. Utako made another grunting sound at that and shifted around, making some panting sounds as well.

If she was getting turned on and Hitomi was getting turned on, then obviously they were doing something right here, weren’t they? Hitomi nodded and kept on stroking Utako’s skin. Her hands went between Utako’s thighs as well, feeling the smooth skin there and then up a bit, feeling the wet skin.

“Goddamn it, how is the best lover I have had in years a teenager, huh?” Utako asked with a groan and a shiver. “You’re really making me, ah, man, this is making me feel good, Hitomi.”

That put a smile on Hitomi’s face. She was very, very glad that she was making her boss feel good. That was an important part of all of this, wasn’t it? But Hitomi also knew that there was something beyond just good that could be aimed for. Taking a deep breath, she pushed two fingers upwards. And it was astonishing how easily Utako’s lower lips opened up around Hitomi’s fingers and swallowed them inside.

The sound that Utako made at that was pretty astonishing as well. She made a moaning, panting sound that wasn’t quite like anything else Hitomi had ever heard before and Hitomi was almost more distracted by that then the feeling of the hot wetness that was wrapped around her fingers and squeezing down.

Hitomi blushed hard but she wasn’t going to let herself stop now. Instead, she kept on thrusting in and out of Utako’s folds, going slowly at first, just like she had practiced on herself. And it got some pretty good results as Utako shifted and squirmed around, making some panting sounds as she looked up at Hitomi.

“D-don’t count me out just yet,” Utako said with a grunt, lifting her hands and running them over Hitomi’s body. “Age still has some plus sides to it!”

Then she slid a finger inside of Hitomi as well. Hitomi moaned, closing her eyes as she felt herself getting stimulated. It was a pretty nice feeling and she shivered, feeling her hips rocking back and forth.

As nice as it felt, there was still more that she needed to do. Hitomi couldn’t let herself rest here and just soak up the pleasure. She absolutely had to do the best that she could, otherwise how could she live with herself? So she kissed Utako again and started to pick up the pace of her fingers, moving them in and out of Utako’s folds and listening to the wet sounds that they made as they toyed with the wet, dripping folds all around them.

“Oh yes,” Utako said with a breathless moan. “I want that. I want it so badly.” She shook her head. “Fuck, masturbation has nothing this. Right, Hitomi?”

Hitomi decided that she was not going to answer that. Especially since with how busy her days were and how tired she was when she got back home, it was very, very rare that she ever touched herself like that. Instead, she just gave a slight nod to indicate that she had heard what was said to her and then returned to doing her absolute best with Utako’s body.

The articles that she had read were really paying off, she realized. A few rather simple movements of her fingers inside of Utako, pressing this way and that, and Utako was practically melting into a puddle. She was certainly leaking quite a bit. It was rather enjoyable to see and Hitomi smiled, feeling proud of her work, of doing a rather difficult job quite well.

The finger inside of Hitomi was making her feel rather good as well and she shivered and gasped, though just by looking at Utako, it was clear that there was no way that she was feeling as good as her boss was. But that was quite alright with her. She just nodded and kept on stroking the wet pussy and soft body in front of her, feeling how her fingers were gliding over the smooth skin and making Utako gasp and moan.

Now, what else had those articles said to do? Well, quite a bit, including some setup that Hitomi hadn’t had time for and some… devices that she would die of shame over getting. But one of the things that she could do was this.

Searching blindly with her thumb, Hitomi found Utako’s clit after a few tries. And it was very obvious when she found it, given the strong reaction that Utako had. It was like a bolt of electricity had shot straight up Utako’s spine. And at the same time, her folds got very tight around Hitomi’s fingers, just for a second.

And finally, there was the look on Utako’s face. It was… a look, that wasn’t in question. Or to put it another way, it was very, very obvious how much Utako enjoyed that sensation. So Hitomi did it again and was just as satisfied at how well Utako responded to it all.

“Y-you’re making me look bad,” Utako panted. “What will people think if I don’t get some work of my own done?”

Hitomi most dearly hoped that nobody was going to be seeing or hearing or learning in any way about anything that was going on back here. She shook her head quickly but before she could think of a way to most clearly state that she didn’t want others to know about this, Utako touched her own clit.

That felt good, though nowhere near as good as it had obviously felt for Utako. Hitomi moaned softly and closed her eyes, shaking her head. Then she opened them as she made herself get back to work, touching and playing with Utako’s body.

One hand was busy with Utako’s breasts as the other worked back and forth between her thighs. Utako was certainly responding very well to it and she was making fewer and fewer attempts to also make Hitomi feel good. Hitomi didn’t mind that, though, and was more than happy to just keep on working on Utako’s body and putting into practice all of the tips and techniques that she had read about.

And it really was looking better and better as Utako kept on writhing around on the box that she was perched on. Every single time that Hitomi brushed against her clit or flexed her fingers inside of Utako, there was another beautiful response from the older woman and it was clear that she got moved that much closer to an orgasm.

Nodding in pleasure, Hitomi kept on going, not planning to stop anytime soon. She wanted to make her boss cum. And after that… well, then maybe Hitomi could see about taking care of her own pleasure. Or maybe she could go to sleep. That was always an attractive proposition to Hitomi.

“Oh my god,” Utako moaned, closing her eyes and shivering. “I mean, oh man, oh man.”

“Are you feeling good?” Hitomi asked, knowing how stupid of a question that was.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, I’m, oh man,” Utako said in answer, squirming around and panting heavily.

That was enough of an answer for Hitomi and she nodded. And brushed against the rather needy clit once more.

That did the trick and it pushed Utako over the edge. She made a very loud noise and Hitomi was freshly glad that they were alone in the bar right now. Utako squirmed around, panting and moaning as she experienced an orgasm. Hitomi studied the older woman closely, wanting to get every detail of this that she possibly could. Her memories of the first time that the two of them had done this were not completely clear and she wanted to absorb every single detail that she could.

Utako certainly was enjoying herself. Her eyelids were fluttering and Hitomi thought that the eyes themselves were actually rolling up in their sockets as the orgasm continued to work its way through her body. It was quite erotic and hot and Hitomi squirmed, suddenly regretting the way that Utako’s fingers fell away from her own lower lips.

Still, Hitomi was feeling very proud of herself for managing something so hard to do. She smiled to herself and moved her fingers inside of Utako once again, once again getting a rather pleasant reaction from the other woman at that. Then, finally, she pulled her fingers out, looking down at the mess that was covering them and wondering if there were some paper towels that she could dry them off on.

Before Hitomi could go looking for them, though, Utako grabbed her and pulled her down on top of her. Hitomi squeaked as she ended up pressed against her boss, wrapped up in a tight hug. Utako shifted around and made a murmuring sound as her hands glided along Hitomi’s back.

Well, Hitomi supposed that there was no harm in staying right here for a little while, was there? She nodded and did her best to get comfortable shifting around and holding on tight to the older woman. And, to her shame, wiping her sticky fingers clean on Utako’s back. That wasn’t going to be something that she would admit to, she had to say. Luckily, there was no attempt by her boss to say anything at all.

If Hitomi had any interest in establishing herself as the head of the bar in name, as well as already being the one who did most of the work, balanced the books and ordered the supplies, she supposed that now was the perfect time to do it. And there was a certain appeal to being in charge of her own small business. But there was so much that she was already responsible for in so many other different places. Could she really justify taking over the bar as well, even if she was already responsible for most of the work and the biggest draw for the patrons of the bar?

No, no, no, Hitomi had enough on her plate right now. Though she could easily manage it with Utako sprawled out like this and completely out of it, she wasn’t going to try to do it. Instead, she was just going to hold on tight to her boss and wait for her to recover enough to do much of anything.

After all, Hitomi was feeling more than a bit aroused right now. She really, really wouldn’t mind getting the chance to have an orgasm as well. Especially if she could feel the sort of pleasure that was so sharp and wonderful as what Utako had obviously felt. Getting to feel that sort of pleasure rushing through her body would certainly be very, very wonderful indeed.

Not that Hitomi would ever be able to bring herself to ask for that sort of thing, of course. There were some things in the world that were just too embarrassing to dream of asking about and this was most certainly one of them. Instead, Hitomi just sighed and got as comfortable as she could on top of Utako.

And that was surprisingly easy to do, actually. Hitomi decided not to share any thoughts about how easy it was to get comfortable on top of a soft body. Some people could be sensitive about that sort of thing, though they were mostly middle-aged men in Hitomi’s experience. And Utako would never be one of those and was still a decade away from the other.

Utako’s chuckle interrupted Hitomi’s thoughts. Frowning a bit in surprise, Hitomi looked down at Utako, seeing that the older woman had slightly opened her eyes and was staring up at Hitomi. Hitomi managed a smile at her, wondering if this was going to be the start of something… else. She had no idea what, but since she had already been seduced twice by her boss, she wasn’t going to rule out anything.

“I did a good job, didn’t I?” Utako said in a soft, sultry whisper. “You’re not even going to dream of taking over the bar now that I’ve rocked your world.”

Hitomi really wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond to that. So she fell back on her mouth opening and closing several times as she shook her head back and forth. That was- what? No, that was nuts.

For starters, while Hitomi most certainly would like an orgasm, she hadn’t gotten one. That was the kind of thing that would stand out quite clearly in her short-term memory, she knew that. But if Utako was offering Hitomi an orgasm, well, she certainly wasn’t going to turn her boss down.

Blushing hard at just what she was thinking of, Hitomi didn’t let her worries slow herself down. Instead, she lifted herself up and slid forward, until she was perched right above Utako’s head. She knew how this sort of thing worked from browsing online, though she was quite happy to be the one getting it instead of giving it. Should she be taking notes right now? She felt like she should be taking notes.

Then Utako ran her tongue along Hitomi’s folds and Hitomi abruptly stopped caring about notes. Instead, she moaned and rocked back and forth, feeling very, very good as she felt her entire body tingling in pleasure.

Hitomi wasn’t sure what else the night was going to hold for her, but if it would be as good as this was, well, she wasn’t going to object to it. Not at all.