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Professor Weasley

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Hermione lightly knocked on the door of The Brown-Weasley residence before the door sprung open to reveal the thirty three year old Lavender Brown "Oh, Hermione dear. Hello.." she coed before letting her inside "It's good to see you, but I'm in hurry, you know, with what being supervisor at the care of magical creatures department and all".

"Oh, that's quite alright Mrs. Weasley"

"Don't you have college today? Daily dark arts class must take a toll on your muggle studies" Lavender said putting on her shoes.

"No, actually. I'm more concentrating on my magical studies considering my future will be in the magical world"

"It's such a disappointment really, a brilliant witch like you missing your Hogwarts letter and later learning it in her eigteen's. I'm sure you would have made quite a few records. Could have so helpful for my daughter anne to have a sister like figure in Hogwarts, she is fifteen you know?"

"Of course, i--" She was cut off at the sound of footsteps on the stairs, she turned to see her thirty four year old dark arts Professor Weasley stepping down the stairs and felt her breath hitch at the sight of him. She know she just saw him yesterday, but everytime she see him, it makes her knees go weak and to squeeze her thighs tightly.

Besides her Mrs. Weasley spoke up "Alright then, i let you two to get on with your class then. Bye bye Won-won" She said kissing her husband's cheeks before disappearing into green flames. Meanwhile professor Ronald's jaw was clenched, she know that he didn't like to be called that.

"Ms.Granger!" He called her sternly getting her attention, he is standing up straight, with his legs spread apart "Did you finished the homework i gave you?"

"No sir" she said simply and notices his eyes narrow dangerously at her.

"You didn't?!....I gave you a week and you still didn't completed it" He hisses with a knowing look and she knows. She knows that he knows, she didn't do the homework deliberately. Her mouth forms a ghost of a smile as she knows what's to come. He starts to circle her and she press her thighs together, she felt him breathe onto her neck, causing a shiver to run through her. She stand in a white button-up shirt, a blue Cardigan over it, her shortened black skirt, and grey knee-high socks, her bag slung over her right shoulder. She felt his eyes on her skirt, which barely covers her tight arse "Miss Granger, you disappoint me everytime".

"I'm sorry, Professor" She said in an Innocent voice. He grab hold of her bum with his right hand, before it slowly drop from her bum and in between her legs. Hermione tenses, Oh, god!, He must have realised she is dripping wet.

"What is this? No knickers today as well?!. First, you don’t complete your homework on time and now you think it's okay to walk around the streets like a common slut without any knickers under your skirt?” She whimpers at his comment "Does your muggle boyfriend knows you are a whore Ms.Granger?"

“I’m sorry, Professor, I must have forgotten. Please Sir, it won’t happen again.”

"I would have let it go, Ms. Granger, but you have been a naughty girl. You know I asked for you to shave down there even yesterday, but you don't have any obedience as you stand before me like a disgusting hairy little monkey!" He chastised "When was the last time, i shaved you there?, Clearly not yesterday! Last week?"

"T-two weeks before, professor" Hermione stuttered.

"Good. Now, go and wait in my room kitten, I'll be right behind you" he says huskily into her ears and Hermione silently obeys dropping her bag onto the floor, walking upstairs to the master bedroom, swaying her hips for his voyeuristic pleasure.

She quickly reaches the room, unbuttoning her shirt and taking off her skirt, she folds it in a corner, standing in her naked glory, showing off her round ample breast and bubble butt. She thinks off how it all started a few months ago, when headmistress of Hogwarts professor McGonagall told her she is a witch, how she herself assured Hermione that by selecting a required number of necessary subjects she can get job in the ministry of magic and so she undergo the process of taking different classes with McGonagall herself but the dark arts for her had been handed over to Mr. Ronald Weasley, an auror who have a lot of experience fighting against death eaters.

The first few classes between them had been so annoying to her, with his care free attitude but she eventually liked it, how funny he was and all. She felt different with him, more comfortable with him more than her own boyfriend of two years Marcus. One thing let to another and before she know it, she took the first step forward jumping on him and kissing the daylights out of him.

They started to shag like bunnies in every room of the house, with his thick, long cock, pounding into her making her scream, where he shows the pure form of pleasurable pain, her arse rippling with his every thrust.

His thick cock piercing her tight pussy when she road him on top of the bed in a cowgirl style like a bitch in heat, everytime the desire only increasing within her, the desire for him.

She don't know why, but it felt like they know each other for so long.

She shook the thoughts out of her mind and quickly sat on the side of the bed and spread her legs out wide, waiting still in the position he wants her. He entered a few minutes later looking like an absolute adonis even in his middle age, muscled torso and arms, his legs strong, his cock soft, yet hanging heavy between his legs along with his big balls, his pelvic part covered beautifully by the fiery red hair.

He picked his wand, purposely as if going to interrogate a death eater. He whispered a spell and she felt her labia part slowly, feeling the mist of the water from the water from his wand hit her pussy directly. She shivered, bucking up into the air "Getting impatient are we kitten?" He chuckled gently, her muscles ached as she held herself in that position, almost afraid to break a spell or something if she moved.

He accioed the shaving cream and a razor, shaking the can in one hand and sprayed the foam at the top of her mound before rubbing his fingers into the goo to create a lather and spread it downwards, covering her mound, labia, inner thighs, everything.

Hermione was shaking and moaning by the time he pressed the razor against her skin and began etching away any hint of brown hair from her center. When he was done, she peered down and noticed that she could see the shape of her lower lips and clit so clearly.

Professor weasley bring his hand down between her cheeks until it is pressing against her cunt to find her dripping, he rubs his index finger against her little bundle of nerves and a gasp escapes her lips. He ran his hands towards Hermione's legs and spread them, giving him the perfect view of her young pussy. He then ran his fingers at her freshly shaved hairless young pussy, he played with the folds first before inserting two of his fingers inside.

Ronald groans at the feel of the hot wet channel of her and couldn't help but to put them in his mouth and savor the sweet taste. He couldn't get enough of young girls' juice.

"Oh kitten! your pussy is so delicious!" He exclaimed licking his lips and she blushed scarlet. He gently press his middle finger against her soaking wet opening, maintaining her spread legs so he had access to her pussy. His fingers went to her slit once again, feeling her warmth. He slipped his index finger into her hole up the second knuckle, just feeling her walls clutch at him and try to pull him in.

He slipped his finger out of her and lightly licked it, getting his saliva onto it before prodding her hole once again. And then dipped it back inside along with his middle finger.

“Ooh…” She whined as he began to stretch her pussy. “Mmm…”

“You like that, kitten?” he asked her rhetorically. He knew she was liking it, he took it a step further, pulling his fingers and using both hands to push her legs back. Her perfect body was practically bent in half, splaying her pussy for full access. He pressed his fingers into her throbbing little clit and rubbed it in circles.

He briefly dipped his fingers into her wet slit to rub her arousal into her clit and stimulate it easier.

“Oh God!” She screamed, trying not to buck her hips so his finger stayed on her clit, he dragged his fingers up and down her wet slit and dived into her cunt with two of them.

“Oh!” Hermione yelped at the abrupt penetration of his fingers. “Oh yes! That – that feels good, Ronald!". Ron almost corrected her, requesting that she use his first name. But there was something deviously kinky about hearing her innocent mouth call him that. He crooked his fingers inside of her, searching the front wall of her pussy for her g-spot and when her legs suddenly jerked up and she let out a sharp, “Oh!” he knew he found it.

He chuckled at the surprise and pleasure on her face. “I’m guessing that’s new for you, huh? Kitten? Your Boyfriend Never played with your g-spot before?”

She tensed up, a blush covering her face as she shook her head. “N-no, just my clit.” Ron started fingering her faster, making sure his fingers hit that spot inside of her with every thrust. He crooked his fingers repeatedly as he felt her walls start to close down on them.

She whimpered as her hips bucked and tried to get away from the intense pleasure he was giving her. “I’m gonna cum!” Her pussy clenched down on his fingers, juices gushing out of her as she squirted.

She cried out as her body rode wave after wave as he continued his ministrations on her. She smiled enjoying her routine blissful moments with her professor. Marcus is such a dweeb that he never managed to make her cum, he thinks himself as a big bully, but he don't even know what to do in bed. But Ronald weasley is a man of talents, practically a sex god in bed.

"Come on, let's go and get you cleaned up" Professor Ronald said helping her to stand up on her wobbly legs. They walked quickly into the bathroom to clean up themselves. She stood in front of him as the water now hit her chest, washing away the soap. Ron's hands splayed across her waist, down to her hips. Hermione's nipples were puckering, and she could feel a heat in her lower pelvis.

She let out a shaky exhale, as she pulled one of his large hands from her waist to the area between her legs “Is this what you want Ms.Granger? You want your Professor’s hands between your legs?" He asked smirking yanking his hand away.

“Please Sir, I…I want to prove to you that I can be a good student and listen to you, Professor. Please” she whispered, pulling his hand back. She guided his fingers deep between her legs, stroking the length of her slit and back again.

"Such a good girl for me. You have definitely proven yourself a good student, Miss Granger...." Ron sucked in air through his teeth as the feel of his Hermione's pussy on his fingers. She whimpers and starts squirming, pressing her thighs together. If Ron get any harder his cock will break off but he continue rubbing the tender flesh of her sweet bottom "You like this don’t you? Being fingered by a older guy... Your professor... who is the age of your father?"

I...want to...... Please, Sir.”

“Well alright, since you’ve been such a good girl for me"

“I – I just need,” she stammered, still guiding his hand to stroke her. “…feels…good…” Her hands moved to the rock hard cock tentatively touching it, which was pointing right at her, his body moved forward, pulling her into him. His dick slipped between her legs, poking out the other side of Hermione’s arse. He was quite taller than her so doing so put a bit of a strain on him.

Hermione pressed her forehead into his chest, beginning to move her hips so her labia slid along his shaft. Her breath began to fog up as her eyes fluttered shut. “Mmmm…....Please, Sir.”

“Please what, Kitten?” She has to say it.

“Please… I need you.” Ron's head fell back against the opposite shower wall with a thud, his eye closing as his throat let a deep groan escape "Need what, Kitten? I can’t give it to you unless you tell me. Now, use your words".

With a whimper, she turns around, her hand grasping his cock tightly, stroking him desperately before pushing it in between her arse, pushing back into him. She could feel Ron’s cock. Hot, thick, throbbing, right there between her mounds.

Ron was aching to sink in his cock inside her. The sight of her pussy as well as her arsehole were just making his cock more and more hard, he thought it would swell and probably burst from all the blood going to his phallic member. With a deeper groan, he just slipped his cock along her entrance until he slid inside “Ah!” Hermione squeaked as she stretched uncomfortably around her professor's cock. She felt a little pain by being stretched by him like yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before...... But then quickly distracted as with an excited thrum just at the concept that she was being filled with cock of her professor and she was having sex with him. Ron's body was throbbing and heated and filled with arousal as his cock filled the younger girl, where she gripped him like a vice. He was urged to begin thrusting into her from behind by the taboo of it all.

“Fuck yeah! you’re mine” he grunted, hands clamped around her hips as he worked himself into her young pussy with a mixing of suction sounds and the spray of water.

The shower door clanged a little under her grip as her body was moved around by her professor's thrusting. Her forehead rested against the cool glass of the door, her breath fogging part of it in front of her gaping mouth. She panted breathlessly, her body whining with each thrust of his cock into her body. He turned her around, picking one of her legs up and with a keener groan of pleasure, he slid his cock back into her, he could already feel himself getting close to the end.

Deeply fucking her under the shower. He slid his hand down the leg he was holding up so her leg rested on his arm and his fingers could find her little clit at the apex of her pussy. He gently rubbed circles into it at first to warm her up so to speak. But once he felt her get tighter on his cock, he amped it up and moved his fingers faster on her clit.

Hermione exhaled sharply, leaning her heated forehead on his shoulder. Her chest heaved as her breathing was uneven and rampant and her eyes closed tightly. Pleasure chased up her spine “Ngh… I’m gonna… I'm gonna.....” she panted harshly.

"I don't want you disobeying me again. I will not let you come if you keep breaking the rules. Do you understand Ms.Granger?” he snarl into her ear.

"Yes, Sir! I’m sorry Sir. I will obey. I’m yours to do with as you please. Only yours.....i love you.....” Ron groan hearing her say this and picks her up, spreading her thighs further to go in deep as possible.

“Yes, you are mine, love you too kitten” he says starting pounding into her “Whose cunt is this?”

“Yours, Sir! My cunt is for you to fuck. Please…” He thrusted into her with the renewed vigor of a man reaching his own sexual completion and just as her pussy clamped and seized and throbbed on his cock as she shouted hoarsely with her own orgasm, he came with a broken groan and emptied all of his cum into her body.

They stood like that for a few minutes, panting heavily until Ron spoke up "I'm divorcing lavender" he said surprising himself and her.

Then Hermione replied without even blinking an eye "I think, I'm going to have to break up with Marcus then" they looked at each other before sharing an passionate kiss.

Later that evening, after several 'Study sessions', she gets ready to get out of the house before Mrs. Weasley arrives. She opened the door, turned around to wave him.

"Don't forget to do the homework tomorrow. Remember there will be punishment for you, if you don't, Ms.Granger" he says standing on the last step of the stairs, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Of course, Professor Weasley" She smirked before turning around and walking off. They both smile inwardly as they know that she will never complete her homework.