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Birthday, Interrupted

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There was a knock on the office door. Without looking up, Shen Wei said, “I told you no interruptions. I don’t want to talk to any students.” He lifted his head to make the point but it was his secretary at the door. It was Yun Lan. Surprisingly wearing a suit.

“You are not a student,” Shen Wei said, leaning back in his chair.

Yun Lan turned around and closed the door behind him, “Perceptive,” he said, tugging at his bow-tie.

“And you are wearing a suit,” He said leaning forward as Yun Lan closed the blinds on the windows, “what are you doing here?”

Yun Lan walked to the center of the room, “Don’t play dumb with me,” he said. Shen Wei was about to tell him that he had no clue why Yun Lan, as good as he looked, was here. But the next moment, Yun Lan had ripped the front of his shirt, “Happy Birthday, Professor Shen”. He was wearing a stripper suit.

“Sweet God,” the words escaped his lips as he tried to keep his composer despite the straining in his pants.

Now he knew how helpful all the working out was. His tan skin actually glistened in the room light.

He ran a hand through his head, loosening the strands and allowing Shen Wei to ogle at his marvelous figure.

He should get his thought in order before someone came knocking on his door. “Yun Lan, I know I don’t usually celebrate my birthday, but this…”

Yun Lan stopped him with a raise of a finger, “I’m here to fix that. So close your eyes,” he said walking over to the back of his chair. He leaned down to his ear and whispered, “I said, close your eyes.”

Shen Wei gulped. The problem in his pants growing. Yun Lan put his hands on his shoulder and guided him back on his chair and Shen Wei closed his eyes as he did.

Yun Lan took his hand and guided it to his chest. His skin was taught and hot under Shen Wei’s fingers. He guided his hand lower, Shen Wei’s breath coming harder as he did. The he felt Yun Lan move to his other side and plant a kiss on his neck. And then another. Then he licked the underside of his jaw where it met his neck and Shen Wei swallowed with excitement. Yun Lan nibbled on his earlobe and whispered, “Are you ready for your birthday present?”

“Yes,” Shen Wei breathed.

Suddenly there was an incessant rasping against his door. Shen Wei stood up straight. Back to the land of reality. Next Yun Lan’s phone rang. It was the Ministry so he had to pick up. And the fantasy was over.