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The best kind of present

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Lying on his stomach in the dark of his bedroom, Zhao Yunlan glances at the clock and tries not to sigh. It's 10 minutes to his birthday, but Shen Wei isn't home. He won't be home for a few more days, because he's still stuck in that conference in Beijing that the university made him go to with a bunch of other stuffy old academics.

Sure, Yunlan wishes Shen Wei was here, but he also knows that they're not children. It's inevitable that some birthdays would have to be missed for work. Yunlan's team had treated him to drinks and dinner to celebrate his birthday earlier today, and if he drank a little more than usual because he was missing Shen Wei, well, that was no one's business but his. There's a familiar buzz in his head and fingers when he lifts his hand, the alcohol making the silhouette of his arm fuzzier than normal even in the darkness.

When Shen Wei comes back, at least, they'll have a lot of missed time to make up for.

With that happy thought, Yunlan drifts off to sleep.

Yunlan wakes up feeling warm. 

Very, very warm, and comfortably pleasant. His body feels loose and weirdly clean , sort of like when he's just had a really terrific org-


More awareness coming back to him now, Yunlan manages to prop himself up on his elbows to look towards the end of the bed.

Shen Wei looks back at him, morning sunlight reflecting in his dark irises. As Yunlan watches, he slowly pulls off his erect dick with a wet sound, giving the head an extra hard suck before releasing it from his mouth entirely. A strangled sound escapes from Yunlan's throat.

"Good morning, Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei greets, looking not at all bothered by Yunlan's shocked expression, or the erection that's pressed against the corner of his lips.

"Shen Wei? What are you doing back-" Yunlan is cut off when Shen Wei sinks back down on him, taking him all into his mouth at one go. " Ngh ," Yunlan gasps, struggling for words as Shen Wei does something that feels truly illegal with his tongue, "Shen Wei, you-"

"You're not usually this much of a heavy sleeper," Shen Wei murmurs, after pulling off him again. He presses a soft kiss to Yunlan's inner thigh, another to the base of his dick. "But you didn't wake up after the first time I did this. How much alcohol did you imbibe last night, Yunlan?"

Is Shen Wei implying that… "How - how long have you…?" 

"You already came once, when I used my hands," Shen Wei says, and, okay - that's kind of hot, the idea of Shen Wei jerking him off while he was asleep and oblivious. They've talked about this before, of course. Yunlan had told Shen Wei, quite recently in fact, that it was perfectly fine to touch him when he was asleep. Shen Wei would never be doing this otherwise.

Yunlan has never been more appreciative of his foresight than he was now.

Shen Wei starts peppering kisses up Yunlan's body. They share a long, deep kiss when he reaches his mouth, then Shen Wei moves back down to nip roughly at his neck. Yunlan shivers, almost overwhelmed by the sensation alone. It's not that Shen Wei never initiates sex - but he's always been a more careful lover, never doing anything that could potentially hurt Yunlan. The fact that Shen Wei is showing this side of himself must be purely for Yunlan's benefit.

Shen Wei chooses another spot on his neck to bite down, and Yunlan instinctively knows that he'll have a hickey there very soon. "You were saying my name in your sleep," Shen Wei says, close to his ear. His voice is a low rumble against Yunlan's skin. "Did you dream about me once I started touching you?"

"I'm always thinking about you," Yunlan breathes in response. It's barely an exaggeration - Shen Wei occupies most of his waking thoughts when he's around Yunlan, and even more so whenever he's not. He's rewarded by a quiet, blinding smile as Shen Wei sucks tiny, careful bruises into his neck and across his chest, each little sting like electric sparks shooting straight down to his dick. He feels like he's being both pleasured and teased at the same time, and his hips shift involuntarily, finding it unbearable that there was no friction to be had. "Shen Wei," he groans, reaching out with both hands to cup his partner's face, "Shen Wei, come on -"

Shen Wei huffs a laugh into his palm and sits up, a playful smile on his face as he considers Yunlan. "I won't tease you too much, since it is your birthday today," he says. Then his eyes darken, and he shifts forward to pin Yunlan's wrists above his head. "But I'll have you like this, if you don't mind."

Yunlan squirms in his grip, but finds himself thoroughly restrained by Shen Wei's immovable strength, effortlessly held down by a single hand. Shen Wei knows how much it turns Yunlan on when he uses his superhuman strength on him, even though he rarely does in fear of accidentally injuring him. It's impossibly hot that Shen Wei is doing this now, and when he looks down at himself, Yunlan can see a valley of hickeys scattered across his torso, created by Shen Wei's enthusiastic mouthing earlier.

It sends a rush of arousal to his already aching erection, and when Yunlan's bare thigh brushes against Shen Wei's trousered leg, his brain wakes up even further to notice that while he is completely naked, Shen Wei is still in his suit, sleeve garters and all.

And that's - well. This is going to feature in a lot of his fantasies from now on.

Shen Wei undoes his belt and pants with one hand, the other still pinning Yunlan in place, and slides out of his pants and boxers with a grace Yunlan knows he could never achieve, whether using one hand or both. He watches greedily as Shen Wei kicks off the clothing, movements tantalising slow as he adjusts his grip on Yunlan's wrists and settles into position, his now-bare thighs straddling either side of Yunlan's waist.

Then - without any warning besides a sly smile, - Shen Wei reaches under himself and removes a sleek, jet-black plug, and Yunlan's mouth goes instantly dry.

"Hot damn , Shen Wei," is all he manages. The smile on Shen Wei's face widens.

The plug is wet and shiny with lube, and a little drips onto Yunlan's leg after Shen Wei pulls it out. If Yunlan wasn't fully hard before, he definitely was now, and he bucks his hips upward with a low groan, asking for something only Shen Wei can give.

Shen Wei eases onto him slowly but smoothly, holding Yunlan's dick steady with one hand while still pinning him to the bed with the other. There's barely any resistance as he slides in, and just the thought of Shen Wei preparing himself with the lube, using the plug to keep himself open and ready sends white-hot heat rushing through him, and Yunlan can't help but rut upwards into Shen Wei's body, both of them moaning at the sensation.

Yunlan wants to touch , but with Shen Wei holding him down, he can only watch as Shen Wei starts to move, up and down on his dick in deep, even strokes. His partner is deliciously tight and wet around him, and it's clear that Shen Wei is enjoying this just as much as Yunlan is when he throws his head back with groan of pleasure as he sinks down.

"Look at you," Yunlan growls, fists clenching and unclenching in Shen Wei's grip, "did you prepare yourself for me before you came here? You kept the plug in you the entire time?"

"I started about five hours ago, before I left Beijing," Shen Wei answers. His voice is deceiptively mild, but Yunlan can hear the tiniest bit of strain in it - Shen Wei was already hard when he took off his pants, and probably reaching his limit, as was Yunlan. "Having the plug in me during the flight was an -" he grunts softly as he bears down again on Yunlan, "- an interesting experience."

Yunlan can't stop an aroused sound from leaving him at Shen Wei's words. He'd been unconsciously thrusting upwards each time Shen Wei goes down on him, seeking as much friction as he possibly could. Climax had been building for a while; Shen Wei's even movements had kept the buildup slow, bringing him inch by inch closer to the edge by the second. 

But he had reached his limit, and when Shen Wei thrusts downwards on a particularly hard stroke, one hand going to his nipple and pinching it, Yunlan comes hard with a shout - and Shen Wei not long after, one hand braced against the mattress as warm cum splashes across Yunlan's chest and stomach.

Yunlan takes a moment to catch his breath. Shen Wei, on the other hand, isn’t winded in the least, and somehow still looking impeccable in his shirt and vest, sans bottoms. 

Gingerly, Shen Wei pulls off him, and fishes a towel that had been neatly placed on the table beside their bed - clearly , he'd come prepared - to gently wipe the both of them down. Yunlan finds that he can't wipe off the stupid grin he knows is on his face.

"Did you rush all the way back just so you could wake me up like this on my birthday?" He teases, grinning even wider when Shen Wei blushes red.

"The conference ended early; I took the plane back with my colleagues, then portalled back from the airport." Shen Wei admits. "But if the conference had carried on for the next few days, I'd have portalled back from Beijing anyway to spend the morning with you." 

There was one thing that Yunlan had almost forgotten about. "But what about - wasn't Da Qing sleeping here too?" Da Qing tended to keep him company on the nights Shen Wei was away.

Shen Wei makes an embarrassed sound. "Da Qing woke up when I portalled in. He took one look at me, said 'a very happy birthday to Lao Zhao indeed', and left."

Yunlan can't help it - he cackles with laughter, especially at the way Shen Wei looks so faintly scandalised to have been caught red-handed by Da Qing, even if he'd probably been distracted by other things at the time. He kisses Shen Wei on the cheek, and again on his ear, which was still a blushing shade of pink.

"Thank you for this, Xiao Wei," Yunlan tells him sincerely. "But I also don't want you to feel like you're obligated to spend my actual birthday with me every year, especially when you're busy, you know? I'd have appreciated this just as much if it were a few days, or weeks later." 

Shen Wei turns to look at him directly in the eyes. "I know I'm not, but I want to. Even if it's for just an hour, or even only a few minutes, I want to spend your birthday with you, Zhao Yunlan. Every day, I'm grateful that you were born. I'm grateful that I met you." His eyes are serious, and really, what else can Yunlan say to that? 

"Happy Birthday, Yunlan." Shen Wei says softly. 

He kisses the side of Yunlan's nose, before sliding off the bed, towards the bathroom. "I'm going to get changed and make breakfast." Just before Shen Wei reaches the door, he turns around, and Yunlan is once again treated to the rare sight of Shen Wei looking downright lustful.

"And hand me the plug," Shen Wei says, his voice dropping in the way that sends pleasant shivers down Yunlan's spine, "we still have the rest of the day to use it."