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Fargone Beginnings

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You wake up.

At first you were a bit confused by your surroundings. It was dark, yet a dim light could be seen all around you, so it wasn't completely void of light. You recalled previous events that happened not too long ago to yourself, you remembered walking down the streets, trying to get home when you saw a truck come at you.

You thought for sure that you were hit by the truck. But as you look down at your body there wasn't a single scar or mark. The next thing you notice was a voice, almost a whisper even.

"Over here" It said.

You walk to where the voice was located. There you found what looked like a small, bizarre gap. Looking at it you notice what seems to be a variety of eyes staring back at you.

Then a figure emerged from the gap. A beautiful woman, with long blonde hair, a purple silky dress, and a mature yet mysterious aura radiating around her. She twirled her parasol a bit before smiling back at you.

"My my. Of all the people to be sent here, you're quite a surprise." The woman said. "You're probably confused by what happened, but let's just say that you earned a second chance at life."

A second chance, you thought. Surely this can't be real. This has to be a dream right?

"This is not a dream in case you were wondering." The woman giggled. You found it shocking that she knew what you were thinking, but before you could speak, she interrupted you once again.

"Before I send you to Gensokyo, I must inform you that it is quite a dangerous place for a fragile being such as you. So, I'll grant you one ability that you desire. Although I can only grant you one from a limited pool, so choose wisely."

You didn't even have time to react as 6 different colored orbs surrounded you: Red-White, Black-White, Blue-Silver, White-Green, Purple-Red and Green-Blue respectively, all in the shape of yin-yang orbs.

"One of these orbs shall grant you an ability, that ability will help you adjust to your newfound life. Don't worry, I'll let you repick in the future if you desire so." The woman said, patiently waiting for you to choose.

Having no choice, you look at the surrounding orbs...

Which do you pick?