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Special Medicine

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It had been easier than Matt had ever hoped to get access to Allison. After turning him down one too many times, he knew he needed to take matters into his own hands. He was owed the world. And he'd take it by force if he had to.

His photography skills had got him a long way. Generally into people's bedroom windows, namely several board members at Eichen House. And so long as he didn't tell their wives or husbands about their mistresses, he had them eating out of his hand. So going to them with concerns over Allison Argent's state of mind, naturally they were as concerned as he was, and had her brought in and sectioned. Paranoid delusions of mythical creatures roaming the town. Delusions of grandeur that she was one of the only ones that could stop them. The blood on the arrows that Matt provided them, belonging to the missing Vernon Boyd... well, it was more than enough to prove that Allison was a danger to herself, and others.

Maximum security isolation was necessary.

Matt didn't visit her for the first few days, waiting for her medication to settle in. He didn't know the specifics of what they were, but it would be something to mellow her, make her resist less. It was agony waiting, hours upon hours spent masturbating to her photos. Especially the ones he kept well hidden, of her changing her clothes. A shot of a nipple from the side was his prized possession, keeping it in his wallet, like a proud father would photos of his kids.

After three days, he headed to the asylum, being led by a guard down a hallway full of screaming and crying, all of which he was told to ignore, finally coming to Allison's room. The door was locked behind him, and he watched as Allison lay on her side, asleep.

"Time to wake up, bitch." He slapped her cheeks a few times, hard, her eyes widening in terror as she saw who it was.

"You...H-How are you---?"

"Well I was worried about you, Allison... Your mom's dead... Your dad didn't care enough about you to stick around... You think werewolves are real? You needed help. I care about you. You know that, you've always known that." Even as he spoke, he toyed with her sweatpants, slipping them down inch by inch.

"You bastard."

"Now now, that's not nice to say." He frowned, and before she could kick him, he moved, grabbing the straps either side of the bed, and tightening them across her legs, forcing them down. "You brought all this on yourself. You turned me down, you teased my cock like a little slut... Don't tell me you don't want my dick filling all your holes."

"Put it in my mouth and I'll be sure to bite it off." She snapped, trying to sit up to undo her legs, but Matt easily strapped her arms down too, bunching her shirt up to her neck, and smirking at her nipples.

"See? They're plenty excited." He ran a hand across them, the skin pebbling at the cold of her room.

"I'm going to kill you."

"I'd like to see you try. So helpless... So weak and pathetic..." He smirked, leaning down to press his lips to her ear. "And promising to bite my dick off? I'd like to see you try." He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket, dripping the contents over her chest, and pulled away as she tensed up, whimpering and sobbing as her body froze from the Kanima venom.

"Gonna swallow my cock like a good whore should." He smirked, quick to remove his pants and boxers, shoving the whole thing into Allison's mouth without hesitation, pounding her throat like it was a willing cunt hole. He pushed past her gag reflex, the muscles in her throat squeezing him, and he couldn't help but grab his camera to take a photo of the bulge in her throat. Her eyes were streaming with tears, but he didn't relent until he felt himself explode, releasing the cum directly down her throat, before he pulled back slowly.

"You're already getting me hard all over again." He smirked, taking the opportunity to run his hands over her body, every inch of it. Her breasts were squeezed and molested, her legs spread wide so he could photograph her pussy clearly, fingers were pressed into her ass to test the resistance. He managed two fingers before he pulled back, releasing the straps across the bed for a few seconds,, just to turn her over, so her ass and cunt were on full display for him. More photos taken, and Allison couldn't help crying out, yelling for help, all of which were ignored, mixed with the cries from the other rooms along the hall.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this... fantasised about it. And this won't be last time. The red tape to get you out of here... Well, when your dad gets back, he'll be wrapped up in it for a while. And I'll just keep coming to visit you. Keep giving you your special medication. Watching you learn to worship my cock the way you should." He looked down, seeing he was hard again, and spat on her cunt, rubbing it roughly to lubricate it a little. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to pull out... Don't want any little brats tying me down. See? I care about our future." Without another word, he slammed into her pussy.

Allison kept screaming and screaming, begging for him to stop, and he moved a hand over her mouth, covering it to silence her, continually slapping her ass with his free hand, alternating it with grabbing handfuls of her breasts. The excitement of finally stuffing Allison Argent had the drawback of meaning he probably wouldn't last long, but he could live with that, knowing it wouldn't be his only chance. Pulling out, he turned Allison over, spraying his load over her face, coating it thickly.

"Don't even think about wiping it off." He snapped, pulling out his camera to photograph it. The tears, the cum, the sweat, the spit, all mixed together. It was beautiful for him. Allison's body was shaking, and Matt slipped two fingers inside her, hard, not taking them out until her body shuddered with it's own orgasm, and her body began pulling against the binds more, the venom wearing off.

"Thank me for letting you cum, or I'll just go again." Matt said, looking her in the eyes, completely prepared to carry out his threat.

"...Thank you, Matt. For... letting me cum." She whispered, sobbing gently.

"Tell me you love me."

"I love you, Matt."

"I know you do." Matt smirked, dressing himself slowly, throwing Allison's clothes at her, before he moved to the door. "Oh, and sweetheart? Clean yourself up. You look a mess. I'll see you tomorrow."