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Character study: Jim Sterling

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Playlist available at Grooveshark: here

1. Saint of Me - Rolling Stones -- We all know what happens to the good guys. Jim's just good at what he does.

John the Baptist was a martyr
But he stirred up Herod's hate
And Salome got her wish
To have him served up on a plate

2. It's All The Same in the Nighttime - Chris Randall -- Because he has that alley-cat charm. You know you shouldn't trust him, but you want to see what he's got up his sleeve this time.

I got to wait for the nighttime
Whole lotta business to do

3. The Difficult Kind - Sheryl Crow -- You know he is. Even if he'd never admit it.

Tell it to me slow
Tell me with your eyes

4. You Don't Have to Mean It - Rolling Stones -- He's so cute when he's lying.

You don't have to say too much
Babe I wouldn't even touch you anyway

5. I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand -- He does so like playing the villain for Nate. A lot.

I don't give a damn if
I'm your villain

6. Epilogue (Nothin' Bout Me) - Sting -- Sneaky little bastard, he is, and he likes to taunt people with it, too.

Pick my brains, pick my pockets
Steal my eyeballs and come back for the sockets
Run every kind of test from A to Z
And you'll still know nothing 'bout me