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Truceverse Timeline

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The Truceverse

This is a series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction stories, diverging from canon at the end of Season 2. Episode titles are listed to show how the Truceverse's timeline compares to canon. This series centers on a Spike/Buffy pairing, though many stories are not explicitly Spuffy. Most were written for the communities SB Fag Ends, Open On Sunday and Seasonal Spuffy.

Many of these stories include canon-appropriate violence and general creepiness. Some include sexual situations. I've done my best to flag each story with appropriate tags and warnings.

The characters and settings are, alas, not mine. They belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I am grateful for the opportunity to play in this marvelous universe

I owe much thanks for the timeline to and lost_giant

Having assembled this list, it occurs to me that my stories skew towards the angsty, and I really ought to write more humor. I'll work on that.


AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; OCs.
The calling of an early Slayer.
~~During the Roman Empire~~

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; OCs.
There's no room in the Watcher's Council for weakness.
~~Around 870 AD~~

His Pleasure Is Our Harm
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Anya, D'Hoffryn.
Anyanka's performance review.
~~Around 1860~~

Forever Bell
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Drusilla.
Damage is like the ringing of a bell.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG.
Drusilla's new unlife.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG.
Drusilla disturbs even Angelus.
~~Around 1880~~

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG for creepiness.
Drusilla waits for William to rise.

All You Can Eat
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for creepiness.
Angelus teaches William to hunt.

Bloody Awful
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for creepiness.
The fanged four outside a candy shop.


Dolly Show
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Spike, Drusilla.
There's some television Dru just won't watch.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Willow, Xander.
"Yeah, but we were wearing footie pajamas at the time."

No Power
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Xander, Jesse, Willow.
What did the Scoobies want to be?

S is for Scooby
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Buffy, Dawn. Sister time, in the retconned 'verse with Dawn.
In the Truceverse, Dawn both exists and does not exist prior to S5. She is Schroedinger's Dawn.

Goose Capades
AO3 | LJ
900 words; PG-13 for vampy thoughts; Buffy, Hank Summers, Dawn, Spike, Drusilla.
Drusilla witnesses Buffy's calling. Also in the retconned 'verse with Dawn.


Ashes, Ashes
AO3 | LJ
350 words, PG-13 for creepiness.
Spike and Drusilla trying to evade the mob near Prague.

Quiet as Mice
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for sexual situations; Spike/Drusilla.
Still hiding from the mob.

Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest,
Witch, Teacher's Pet,
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, The Pack,
Angel, I Robot, You Jane,

The Puppet Show, Nightmares,
Out of Mind, Out of Sight, Prophecy Girl

When She was Bad, Some Assembly Required

AO3 | LJ
360 words, PG-13 for vampy thoughts, set during School Hard.
Spike catches his first sight of Buffy in the Bronze.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for creepiness; Drusilla, Spike.
Spike and Drusilla in Sunnydale.

Inca Mummy Girl, Reptile Boy,
Halloween, Lie to Me
Ritual magic
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Willow, Xander, Buffy; fluff.
Magic's not always for world-saving.
The Dark Age, What's My Line 1/2, Ted

Bad Eggs, Surprise, Innocence, Phases,
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Passion,
Killed by Death, I Only Have Eyes for You,
Go Fish, Becoming Part 1
AO3 | LJ
900 words; PG-13. Set during Becoming Part 2.
The first Spuffy alliance comes about differently.
This is where the Truceverse diverges from canon.
Warning: major character death

Life Stage
AO3 | LJ
300 words, poetry; R for violence; set during Becoming Part 2.
The ghost of a major character witnesses the swordfight between Buffy and Angelus.

Hidden, Sought
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13; takes place during Anne.
Spike and Dawn face off.

Dead Man's Party
WIP, not posted yet. A stop on Faith's bus trip from Boston to Sunnydale.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Buffy, Faith.
Girl talk, Slayer style.

Beauty and the Beasts, Homecoming,
Band Candy, Revelations
A Man of Parts
AO3 | LJ
1,400 words; PG; Spike, Joyce, Buffy, Angel. set during Lovers Walk
A different take on the cocoa scene.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Spike, Dawn.
Set during Lovers Walk in the retconned 'verse with Dawn in it

The Wish
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Cordelia, Anya
It's hard to get a green card when you're an ex-demon.

Gingerbread, Helpless
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G.
Some fathers can't be satisfied
The Zeppo, Bad Girls,
Consequences, Doppelgangland,
Enemies, Earshot, Choices,
The Prom, Graduation Day 1/2
Mile Marker
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Xander.
Xander returns from his post-graduation trip.
The Freshman, Living Conditions,
The Harsh Light of Day,
Fear Itself, Beer Bad, Wild at Heart
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Oz, OCs.
Oz in Nepal
The Initiative, Pangs,
Something Blue, Hush, Doomed
A Children's Story
AO3 | LJ
600 words; PG-13 for creepiness; Spike, Buffy
A newly-chipped Spike helps Buffy patrol.

A New Man, The I in Team,
Goodbye Idaho, This Year's Girl,
Who Are You, Superstar,
Where the Wild Things Are,
New Moon Rising, The Yoko Factor,
Primeval, Restless
Buffy vs. Dracula, Real Me,
The Replacement
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Xander, Anya. Humor.
Anya can be frighteningly literal

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Tara, Willow, Anya
Willow is determined to ease Buffy's slayer duties.

Make the Play
AO3 | LJ
Drabble, humor; PG-13 for violence; Xander, Willow, Buffy, Spike.
How is patrolling like a football game?

Out of My Mind, No Place Like Home,
Family, Fool For Love, Shadow
Fear Talks Back
AO3 | LJ
800 words; PG-13 for discussion of death. Set during Listening to Fear
Joyce and Spike talk before her surgery
Into the Woods

Aid and Comfort
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for violence; Spike, Buffy, Quentin Travers
Blood Ties, Crush,
I Was Made to Love You,
The Body, Forever,
Intervention, Tough Love, Spiral
The Weight of the World, The Gift
Leithio in Philiin
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Spike, Xander
Xander and Spike watch LOTR.

Still Life
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG.
If his heart could beat, Dawn would give Spike a heart attack.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG.
Spike and Dawn rescue each other.

Dawn Patrol
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Xander, Dawn
It's Xander's turn to stay home with Dawn.

Out Of Phase
AO3 | LJ
700 words; PG-13; Xander, Anya, Spike, Willow
Willow forms a plan. Also, skeletons.

Gross Things
AO3 | LJ
740 words; PG-13; Dawn, Spike
Dawn and Spike discuss resurrection spells

Bargaining, Part 1
Your Turn
AO3 | LJ
480 words; G; Dawn, Spike
Spike and Dawn tell each other stories.
Bargaining, Part 2
AO3 | LJ
300 words; PG-13. Creepy
Sunnydale citizens can't even die thoroughly
After Life
AO3 | LJ
180 words; PG-13. Spike/Buffy
It's why she doesn't object to the cigarettes.
College Fund
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Spike, Dawn, Clem
Spike and Dawn work on Dawn's college fund

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Angel, Lilah
The Research Department is a dangerous place to work, if it's W&H

Love, Mom
AO3 | LJ
750 words; PG; Dawn, Spike
How about cards?

Life Serial, All the Way,
Once More With Feeling,
Tabula Rasa, Smashed
Not Quite So Wrecked
AO3 | LJ
200 words; PG-13 for implied nudity; Spike/Buffy
What if Spike had responded to the first thing Buffy said in Wrecked instead of the second?

Mailing List
AO3 | LJ
500 words; PG; Buffy, Dawn, Spike.
Buffy's Christmas-card list.

AO3 | LJ
430 words; G; Buffy, Spike, Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya
Even Slayers get the flu sometimes. Schmoop.


AO3 | LJ
380 words; PG-13; Spike/Buffy
Hangovers for two

AO3 | LJ
300 words: R; Spike/Buffy. Set during Doublemeat Palace.
Behind the dumpster.

Strange Brew
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Willow, Dawn; set during Doublemeat Palace.
Even cooking is hard.

Once a Prince
AO3 | DW
1,440 words: PG-13; Spike/Buffy.
Buffy meets a minor character she's saved before.

Slayage Poker
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13; Buffy/Spike.
Patrolling is more fun when you can lay odds.

Dead Things, Older and Far Away,
As You Were, Hell's Bells
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Xander/Anya
The hassles of a mixed marriage

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Xander/Anya
What do you do with a dusty vamp?

Normal Again, Entropy
Work Ethic
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13 for creepy entitlement. Set during Seeing Red.
Warren finds the answer to his problem.
AO3 | LJ
Drabble, poetry; PG. Set during Two To Go
Three Wills can mend or break the world.
Lessons, Beneath You,
Same Time Same Place,
Help, Selfless, Him,
Conversations With Dead People,
Never Leave Me, Bring on the Night
Gold Standard
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Buffy, Anya, OC
Even Sunnydale isn't safe from door-to-door salesmen

AO3 | LJ
600 words; R; Spike/Buffy
Spike has his own way of surviving.

A Day at the Shore
AO3 | LJ
1,100 words; R for sexual situations; Spike/Buffy
Buffy and Spike take a vacation day.

Potential, The Killer in Me,
First Date, Get It Done
Defender of the People
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG
Monster is as monster does.
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Xander, Willow
Sometimes it's hard to be sure if our friends are themselves.
Lies My Parents Told Me, Dirty Girls
Ebb Tide
AO3 | LJ
670 words; PG-13 for discussion of violence; Willow, Spike
Willow and Spike regroup.
Empty Places, Touched,
End of Days, Chosen

AO3 | LJ
500 words; R; Spike/Buffy
Sex. Violence. 100% con.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG-13; Spike/Buffy
Buffy and Spike enjoy ice cream. Schmoop.


AO3 | LJ
300 words; R for creepy; Spike/Buffy
Even vampires have nightmares.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Riley, Sam, OCs.
The Finn family begins their busy day.


Dawn's son Alex is born.


While We're Waiting
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; PG; Spike, Dawn
Dawn's second baby, Celia, is very near due. Spike keeps Dawn company.

Tooth and Nail
AO3 | LJ
300 words; PG; Buffy/Spike
Black Friday shopping, Slayer style

Battle Wounds
AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Xander, Willow
Willow commiserates with Xander

AO3 | LJ
450 words; PG-13 for creepiness; Spike, OC, Buffy, Dawn
Spike reads a story to Dawn's daughter.


Movie Night
AO3 | LJ
580 words; PG-13 for violence; Spike, Buffy, OC
Buffy and Spike get ready to babysit Dawn's kids

Magic Hour
AO3 | LJ
850 words; PG-13 for nudity
Buffy and Spike under the Christmas tree.


The Neighs Have It
AO3 | LJ
370 words; PG; Xander, Dawn, Spike
Xander balks at being a horse's ass.

AO3 | LJ
Drabble; G; Buffy, OC
Buffy finds an old keepsake while cleaning the basement.

Dawn's grandson Tyler is born.


Wendy's Man
AO3 | LJ
600 words; Spike, Buffy, Dawn, OC
Buffy, Spike & Dawn take Dawn's grandson to Disneyland.

Home for Christmas
AO3 | LJ
950 words; Willow, OCs, Buffy, Spike
Dawn's grandson finds an alternate solution to slayage.

My Heart an Altar
AO3 | DW
The final story in the Truceverse
WARNING: major character death

The Watcher Dreams of a World Without Evil
AO3 | LJ
Drabble, poetry; PG
Giles gets the last word.