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No Reason. You're Not Hot Or Anything Like That. Obviously.

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Nico stomped through the hallway, determinedly elbowing away any of the high schoolers in his path, scanning for a certain group of shit-heads. He spotted them near the end of the hallway, leaning up against lockers, their exceptionally beautiful girlfriends hanging off their arms. There was an area around them that everyone who valued their lives avoided violating at all costs. Near the edge of the jock zone, Nico stopped dead, steeling his courage.

He took a deep breath.

He placed a foot over the invisible line.

No one noticed.

Nico exhaled slowly.

He stepped completely across.

The jocks were too busy being buffoons to realize.

He took another tentative step.

A few passersby stopped to observe the jock in its natural habitat, preying on any who dared enter their territory. Especially scrawny punk sophomores, who were far lower down on the food chain. Like how sometimes, a lion will kill and eat a mouse.

They still hadn't noticed Nico.

He inhaled through his mouth.

He exhaled through his nose.

He clenched his fists.

He took exactly five extremely fast steps forward, and snatched the shirt collar of the swim team captain, shoving him backwards against the green lockers. There was a moment of complete silence, when Nico's dark eyes met the deep blue of his 'captive' and the other jocks were too shocked to move. The spectators held their breath, waiting for the beatdown to commence. Nico's eyes flicked down to Percy's mouth, lips slightly parted, panting slightly.

Nico swallowed, hard.

He leaned forward, pulling Percy downwards slightly. He just lingered there for a moment, savoring the feeling. Percy's lips were so close to his, Nico almost lost his courage. His eyes flicked upwards to meet Percy's.

Nico kissed him.

Percy made a little squeaking sound, his eyes growing wide.

Nico stepped away.

No one spoke.

Everyone stared.

"Always wanted to do that-" Nico said breathlessly, his voice seeming loud in the silence. "Sorry, Annabeth, it won't happen again." He addressed her without taking his eyes off Percy.

Everyone was silent, staring with an intensity that made Nico feel as if he were being X-rayed.

He took one, tiny step back.

His combat boot squeaked on the floor. The hallway exploded into noise and movement, people shouting, whooping, laughing and talking. Nico made a break for it, around the corner, toward the exit.

A very dazed Percy blinked.

Jason, Will, Annabeth and Piper looked at him.

"Dude." Said Jason. "What. The. Hell."