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Kingdom Hearts: The Heir of Hokuto

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Miryu Irino as Sora

Mamoru Miyano as Riku

Risa Uchida as Kairi

Katsuyuki Konishi as Kenshiro

Houko Kuwashima as Yuria

Toshio Furukawa as Shin

Fumihiko Tachiki as Raoh

Tessho Genda as Kaioh

Ryotaro Okiyayu as Hyoh

Takaya Hashi as Toki

Takehito Koyasu as Rei

Mayumi Shindou as Mamiya

Daisuke Kishio as Bat

Kanako Ito as Rin

Hisao Egawa as Falco

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Mishu

Akio Ohtsuka as Souther

Katsuji Mori as Shuh

Hideyuki Hori as Ryuuga

Umeka Shoji as Airi

Yui Sakakibara as Janne Grenoble

Romi Park as Celine Grenoble

Mai Nakahara as Reina

Wataru Kuriyama as Ryuu

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Kai

Sayaka Ohara as Shara/Cassiopeia

Hiroaki Hirata as Juza

Takuya Kirimoto as Han

Toshimichi Nishimura as Grand Gray

Yukana Nogami as Yuki

Show Hayami as Alamis

Kazuhiko Inoue as Cohen

Nobuyuki Hiyama as Gyaran

Hitomi Nabatame as Zaki

Nana Mizuki as Alicia Arcturus

Bin Shimada as Juda

Shigeru Chiba as Narrator


Hayley Joel Osment as Sora

David Gallagher as Riku

Hayden Pannetierre as Kairi

Kaiji Tang as Kenshiro

Dorrothy Elias Fahn as Airi

Stephanie Sheh as Rin, Yuria

Yuri Lowenthal as Bat

Terrence Stone as Juza

Erin Fitzgerald as Celine Grenoble

Steve Kramer as Shuh, Grand Gray

Tara Platt as Shara/Cassiopeia

Jason David Frank as Kai, Hyoh

David B. Mitchell as Raoh

Richard Epcar as Kaioh

Matthew Mercer as Rei

Laura Bailey as Mamiya

Dolph Lundgren as Falco

Austin St. John as Mishu

Dave Wittenberg as Cohen

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Zaki

Kirk Thornton as Toki

Christopher Corey Smith as Juda

Troy Baker as Ryuuga

Ray Chase as Ryuu

Emily Neves as Reina

Doug Erholtz as Shin

Douglas Rye as Souther

Crispin Freeman as Han

Michael Sinterniklaas as Gyaran

Jet Li as Alamis

Britney Karbowski as Janne Grenoble

Lauren Landa as Alicia Arcturus

David Vincent as Narrator


"The seven stars are shining in heavens. The 1800 years Chinese martial arts style of which there could be only one heir. It's name the Divine Fist of the North Star - Hokuto Shinken. The fighter focuses the Touki energy into his fist as he destroys the opponent from within while performing the special killing technique and striking his foe's 708 vital pressure points. This is the story of a one young man. He is the young keyblade hero. He will walk the path of Hokuto and will protect the others. His name... is Sora and this is where his story begins in the Land of Shura. When the Hokuto appears... Chaos follows."

(OP: Ai Wo Torimodose -Movie Ver.- by Crystal King, Masaaki Endoh and Keiko Terada)

*Instrumental Start* Sora is seen standing with his eyes closed as the winds were blowing and him alongside the petals. As then he slowly opens his eyes as he looks up into the sky as then Sora with the rage punches the screen hard as the screen shatters as the fiery colored title was shown.

[Masaaki Endoh, Crystal King]

[~YOU wa SHOCK~] (You are shocked!) The silhouette was shown thus revealing Rei as he smiles.

[Masaaki Endoh]

[~Ai de sora ga ochite kuru~] (The sky comes falling with love) Then Yuki shows up as she gives thumbs up and Kairi turns around and smiles as then Kenshiro takes off his glasses as he looks up at the sky.

[Masaaki Endoh, Crystal King]

[~YOU wa SHOCK~] (You are shocked!) Raoh and Kaioh are clashing their fists as Reina and Sakuya are watching.

[Crustal King]

[~Ore no mune ni ochite kuru~] (It comes falling in my heart) Then Alicia turns around and runs with tears.

[Masaaki Endoh]

[~Atsui kokoro kusari de tsunai demo~] (You can't chain down our blazing hearts,) Riku and Janne are standing with the serious look on their face as they fight back to back.

[~Ima wa muda da yo~] (It's now useless) Then Bat is seen meditating as Rui and Rin are watching with the smile. While Kai and Aramis are fighting the army of thugs.

[Crystal King]

[~Jama suru yatsu wa yubisaki hitotsu de DOWN sa~] (I'll take down those in my way with one fingertip) Shin is walking past the thugs he himself had slaughtered as Airi is praying for her friends while Cohen is slashing the thugs with his skills with Nanto Seiken.

[Masaaki Endoh, Crystal King]

[~YOU wa SHOCK~] (You are shocked) Jagre takes up his sword as he points it down as the thunder is striking.

[Crystal King]

[~Ai de kodō hayaku naru~] (The pulsation quickens with love) Juza is seen on motorcycle as he smiles friendly with Ryuuga back to back.

[Masaaki Endoh, Crystal King]

[~YOU wa SHOCK~] (You are shocked) Mishu is doing push ups as his father Falco watches.

[Masaaki Endoh]

[~Ore no kodō hayaku naru~] (The pulsation quickens in me) Then Sora is sparring with Ryuu as Yuria watches with the smile.

[Crystal King]

[~Omae motome samayō kokoro ima~] (As long as I search for you,) Gotz Von Dark is seen standing alongside Frieza, Cell, Dio Brando, Slan and Majin Buu a.k.a Kid Buu as they grin evilly.

[~Atsuku moete iru~] (My heart blazes hotter) Then Sora is standing alongside Riku, Kairi, Alicia, Ryuu, Janne, Zaki, Gyaran and Mishu as they have the determined look on their faces.

[Masaaki Endoh, Crystal King]

[~Subete tokashi muzan ni tobichiru hazu sa~] (and it will melt everything.) Then Sora with rage in his eyes rips his shirt and reveals his muscles as he and the gang begin fighting Gots Von Dark's Dark Holy Empire.

[Keiko Terada]

[~Ore to no ai wo mamoru tame~] (To keep and to protect our love,) Sora is fighting against thugs as he hits them repeatedly as the thugs explode violently.

[~Omae wa tabidachi~] (You had left on your journey) Gyaran and Zaki with the smirks on their faces slashing the thugs as they bump the fists as the thugs explode violently.


[~Ashita wo miushinatta~] (But we lost tomorrow) Alicia and Kairi are fighting back to back as Riku and Ryuu are walking past the bandits they had slaughtered.

[Masaaki Endoh, Keiko Terada]

[~Hohoemi wasureta kao nado mitaku wa nai sa~] (I don't want to see a lost smile on you.) Sora is seen facing Dio as Dio had the smirk on his face as they clash their fists.


[~Ai wo torimodose~] (I will take back my love!) Then Sora and Dio rush each other as then Sora rushes toward the screen as he punches it thus revealing Sora and the gang posing together as the song ends.

End of Op.

(cue ost: Hokuto no Ken 2G OST - Ken-Oh Ranbu bonus)

Chapter 1: The Coming of Hero.

The Last World.

The young man is seen walking in the realm as he wanders from place to place as he have the serious look on his face. He have the brown spiky hair and ocean blue eyes. He wears the crown pendant over his neck and also wears the red shirt, black jacket, pair of finger-less gloves, black pants and brown boots. His name is Sora as he is revealed to be a Keyblade wielding hero as he wanders after he managed to sacrifice his life to save his beloved one named Kairi as he hailed as hero as then noticed the floor under him was thinning,

"Wh-what is happening?!" said Sora as he is surprised as then the floor was gone as then it revealed the dimensional portal as it sucked Sora as he is with the yell is sucked in.

"Oh BOY BAD IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Sora had yelled comically as then he is sucked into the wormhole as then he is noticing he is now falling into the sky as then he falls into the island as then he lands with the hit as then he gets up from the fall as he fix his back.

"OW My back. Oh man where the hell I am?! I don't think this is yet another world I got into. Okay I need to find out what this place is."

Then he spotted the cloaked woman as the woman hid her face as she suddenly smiled as she spoke.

"You are in the Land of Shura as it means the Land of Shura is invaded by Dark Holy Empire itself." said the cloak woman as Sora noticed something wrong about Dark Holy Empire.

"Dark Holy Empire. The empire ruled by a tyrant cyborg named Gotz von Dark. Then Gotz himself is back as he gathered up different minions."

Then he noticed the thugs that are working for Dark Holy Empire as they have the smirks on their faces as they were willing to kill those who stand in their way as there was the 30 of Dark Holy Empire bandits.

"Heheheheheheheheh. It looks like we hit the jackpot guys. We are about to kill this cloaked wench." said Jado the blonde haired man wearing the mask with the brown eyes as his partner Zeeza the man with the blond mohawk and brown eyes wearing the Dark Holy Empire uniform was cracking his fists.

"Heeeheheheheheheheh. Killing the maggots that mess with us would be piece of cake." said Zeeza as he is about to attack Sora and the cloaked woman only for a man coming from the shadow.

(cue ost: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage OST - The Seven Scars)

Thus Sora had saw the man finally revealed himself. He have the brown dark hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing the red shirt, black jacket, the fingerless gloves, black pants and boots. Sora had quickly recognized him. It was his father Kenshiro the grandmaster of the legendary martial arts style, Hokuto Shinken.

"F-Father." said Sora as he recognized his father as Kenshiro had stepped in to protect Sora and the cloaked woman.

"Stand aside, Sora. And watch as this is how your father fights." said Kenshiro as he took his fighting style as he then ripped his shirt thus revealing his iconic seven scars on his chest as Jado had squealed in fear.

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! It's freakin' Kenshiro. The grandmaster of Hokuto Shinken. He is the one who defeated the KING organization, destroyed Souther's empire, defeated fearsome Raoh and is also the Savior of Century's end. He is a freaking monster. Tch. Son of a bitch don't SCREW WITH ME!" yelled Jado as he is about to attack but then Kenshiro had begun attacking as he roundhouse kicked Jado in the face as Kenshiro yelled. "WATCHAAAAAAAAAA!" yelled Kenshiro as he hit Jado in the face as Jado is paralized as he is feeling the violent tingling.

"My body. I can't move my bo-! *high-pitched death cry* DERESHIIIII!" yelled Jado as he exploded violently as then the thugs themselves are about to attack as then Sora had jumped high as then he spin like a tornado as he roundhouse kicked the six thugs as he said these words.

"HOKUTO! ENKAN ZANSHUU KYAKU!" said Sora as the North Star shaped birthmark was shining on his forehead thus revealing Sora as the 66th grandmaster of Hokuto all along.

The thugs were swelling like a balloons as they exploded violently as then Sora begun punching and kicking the bandits right and left as the bandits were dropping like flies as the thirty Dark Holy Empire thugs were completely wiped out as Zeeza is about to attack the cloaked woman as Sora had begun repeatedly punching Zeeza without mercy as Sora shouted in fury.

"AAAAAAATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA! WATCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken!" said Sora as he performed the technique his father uses. As then Zeeza is now paralized completely as he is now subdues by Sora this time.

"Hiiiiiiii! HELP ME! I can't move my body." said Zeeza as Sora with the serious look had said these words. "If you have a problem with Hokuto then tell it to me." said Sora with the serious look as Zeeza had answered. "NO PROBLEM! I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HOKUTO AT ALL!" said Zeeza as Sora then continued. "Then it's too late for you now. You are already dead." said Sora as Zeeza is swelling like a balloon as Zeeza is about to let out his dying scream.

"I can't move at a-! FUJOPA!" yelled Zeeza as he exploded violently as then Sora is now had sighed with relief as he turned to Kenshiro as Kenshiro with the smile had put his hand on Sora's shoulder.

"You've grown up, Sora. You look like a man now." said Kenshiro as Sora happily said this.

"I missed you dad. And even you, mom." said Sora as the cloaked woman had finally revealed herself to be the Last General of Nanto named Yuria. She is a beautiful woman with the long purple dark hair and violet eyes. She was a beautiful woman as she wears the red dress as she have the well endowed beautiful figure and youthful appearance despite being a mother. It was revealed that Yuria and Kenshiro were suddenly summoned to Destiny Islands before Sora was born as Eraqus who was friends with Kenshiro had miraculously healed Yuria from her sickness as then Yuria and Kenshiro had married each other thus resulting in Sora's birth as then Sora is raised by his adoptive parents as he battled the various enemies across the worlds with his keyblade and after it was said and done, Sora had sacrificed his own life to resurrect Kairi as then suddenly the Fore tellers alongside Luxu who is known as Braig were suddenly sent to hell for the crimes they had committed. Thus Yuria had been hiding as then she knew that her son is alive all along as then his landing into the Land of Shura was a sign that there would be a hero who would protect the land of Shura from evil.

"I wonder who had taught you Hokuto Shinken while you were on Destiny Islands. No wonder it was Ryuken himself as the spirit as he taught you the way of Hokuto Shinken all along as you are now the 66th Grandmaster of Hokuto Shinken while your cousin Ryuu is helping the innocent." said Yuria with the smile as Sora had scratched his head as Sora is now having the same muscle feature as his father have.

"Yeah mom. I have no problem using Hokuto Shinken in order to protect the others." said Sora as then he noticed the man was walking toward them as he is the same age as Sora. It was his blonde haired cousin Ryuu. He have the blonde hair and blue eyes as he have the good muscle feature as he was well toned and he was wearing the black shirt, black pants and black boots as he was walking from another bandit extermination mission.

"Yo, cousin. It looks like you were having fun tearing those Dark Holy Empire scumbags apart. nice job heheh. Good to see ya." said Ryuu as he and Sora had bumped their fists as they smirked friendly.

"You bet, Ryuu. I guess we have a soft spot for innocent people around after all." said Sora with the smile as then Sora decided to go around The Land of Shura to help the innocent.

(cue ost: Kingdom Hearts II - Twilight Town)

Sora is now walking on the streets as he sees the normal live as people of Shura are under protection of Kenshiro now as then Sora noticed that the innocent are still afraid of Dark Holy Empire bandits as then Sora is having agood walking trip alongside his cousin and parents.

"The land of Shura. What a beautiful place. I guess it's not called your birth land for nothing, dad." said Sora as Kenshiro had replied.

"I was sent by Jukei as the child to Ryuken alongside Raoh and Toki when I was a toddler. Now this is my home as well because I was born in Taiseiden as well. It is also the part of Hokuto Soke no Ken's bloodline."

However Sora had suddenly heard the voices as he learned that he saw the images of the women screaming in terror while the vile men and monsters evilly laughing. As then he had snapped as he heard about what happened.

"DAD. The land of Eostia is in grave danger and it was under attack by Black Dog mercenaries. I can't abandon them to their grim fate. I must go. But I won't do it alone. I need your and Ryuu's help." said Sora as Kenshiro had had angrilly clenched his teeth in rage as Ryuu had growled as well.

"WHO THE HELL DO THOSE BASTARDS THINK THEY ARE TO DO SUCH VILE THING?!" said Ryuu in rage as then Kenshiro had sent a note to his allies as Sora had thought by himself as he is about to free this country without problem.

'Hold tight, Eostia. I will save you from the grim fate.' Sora had though by himself as he, Ryuu and Kenshiro had went into Eostia as Yuria is now praying for her family's safety as she said this.

"When the Hokuto appears the chaos will always follow." said Yuria as she also sent her note to her allies from Nanto Schools to protect Eostia as well as then the liberation of Eostia had finally begun.


The Western Serenus. The Land of Eostia. Once known as the land of peace and prosperity this land was known for its peaceful policy and culture. It is also the home of Order of Chivalry. However the civil war between Celestine and Olga had broken this land apart as then the Black Dog mercenaries were formed to stop Olga and her forces of darkness until they are revealed to be vile and evil men as they only want to enslave the innocent women for their own amusement. However little known that the Black Dog mercenaries will soon feel the consequences of their actions as the men of Hokuto are marching toward Eostia as Black Dogs will not know that the vengeance will be merciless and violent.

Feoh and Ur.

The port towns of Feoh and Ur known for their peaceful trading is the house of one of the most powerful families in Serenus called Arcturus the house of the heroes. However Feoh and Ur are under attack by Black Dog mercenaries as the nuns are held hostage by red goblins and ogres.

The nuns were tied by the rope as they would soon meet their grim fate as goblins were laughing evilly. The lead nun with the blue eyes and bobcat blonde hair is having the worried look on her face. She is a beautiful girl as she have the birth mole under her left eye. Her name is Martha Levantine. Her friends are held hostage as they would think about the help.

"Heheheheheheh. This would be fun boys to use these girls as our slaves as our boss Volt had said, hahah. Time to have a fun with these ladies." said the lead goblin as he is about to violate poor girls until someone had grabbed the goblin by his head as it was revealed to be Sora as he had the calm yet angry look on his face as he crushed the goblin's head violently as Sora was in a bad mood as then the lead goblin is now lying dead and thus ogres and goblins instead of trying to attack Sora they started to run in fear as they dropped the weapons and begun to run away from Eostia as fast as possible only for a cloaked woman to appear in front of goblins as she ran past through the goblins and ogres as she landed on her feet perfectly as Sora was done freeing the girls. Then the ogres and goblins had felt the white lines were on their bodies as one of the goblins noticed he is falling apart as he is letting out his dying scream.

"Keeeeeeee-APUPAAAAAAAA!" yelled the goblin as he was sliced apart as then the ogre is also letting his dying scream already.

"GEEEH! CHIVA-KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" yelled the ogre as he was sliced into the pieces as then the other ogres and goblins as Martha who was freed had crossed her arms with her proud smile on her face as her best friend Maria the girl with the black hair and blue eyes as she wears the glasses as both Martha and Maria are well endowed beautiful girls as well as the nuns as Maria had saw the bloody massacre as she was gasping comically.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEH?! What kind of bloody madness was that?!" said Maria as Martha replied.

"That was Nanto Seiken. The South Star Sacred Fist." said Martha as Amanda the girl with the short violet hair and violet eyes had asked curiously. "What?! Nanto Seiken?!" said Amanda as Martha continued.

"The two stars shining brightly in the heavens. Those are Hokuto and Nanto. All creation. The two statues opposites. Ying and Yang. Man and Woman. Positive and Negative. Two martial arts. Hokuto Shinken specializing in striking the pressure points to explode the entire body from within is Ying while Nanto Seiken is a martial arts style specializes in slashing and stabbing techniques is Yang. This fighting style is Nanto Suichoken. The users of this style move gracefully like a waterbird dancing on a surface but in fact is a deadly martial arts style that tears the foes into the bloody shreds without mercy. That is my mentor named Cohen had told me." said Martha as then the cloaked woman had revealed herself. She is a beautiful young woman with the long waving dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She have the south star shaped birthmark on her forehead. She wears the green jacket with black shoulder pads, black finger-less gloves, white shirt, green pants and black boots. She was also well endowed and beautiful. Her name is Zaki as she is the successor of Nanto Suichoken as it is a destiny for Hokuto and Nanto meet by the fate as Zaki had calmly smiled.

"My name is Zaki. I am the woman of Gisei. The Star of Justice means that I will sacrifice my life to protect the others. You must be Sora right?!" said Zaki as Sora had bowed his head in agreement as then both Sora and Zaki had shaken their hands in respect.

The nuns were happily smiling as it was a moment of respect between Hokuto and Nanto. Then they heard the girly scream as Martha with the smug smirk on her face had recognized it.

"Well. It looks like Beasley is now getting the taste of his own medicine. I bet he already met someone who is also a master of Hokuto. I can say. This Sora's father is Kenshiro. The grandmaster of Hokuto Shinken. Sora is the 66th grandmaster to the said style." said Martha as then she recognized the dust that was flying toward the statue. It was revealed to be an old man with the grey hair, brown eyes and green tunic. It was Beasley the prime minister of Feoh who was in the leagues with the Black Dogs all along as he was hit violently as he was flying toward the statue.

"NUBEJOUADAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GABYARGH!" yelled Beasley as he was comically hit into the statue as Beasley was badly bruised completely.

"I guess Beasley you got exactly what you deserved. The taste of your own medicine." said Martha with the smirk as Sora continued. "There is no worry about now, Beasley. You are already dead." said Sora with the calm as Beasley had replied.

"Why you saying this calmly. OH WAIT I WAS KIDDING! *high-pitched death cry* BUGHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" yelled Beasley as he was swelling like a balloon and then he was exploding violently. Then it was revealed to be Kenshiro as he was the one who did this to Beasley as then he was holding the young woman in his arms peacefully sleeping. Thus Martha recognized her. It was her childhood friend Alicia Arcturus the princess of Iris and the ruler of Feoh. Alicia was a beautiful young woman with the well endowed body as she wore the white-blue miniskirt, brown stockings, white shoes, brown, finger-less gloves, white ribbon on her hair, blue shirt which reveals her impressive cleavage and she had the violet eyes as she didn't open them as she was sleeping peacefully as she would never noticed that she was saved by a man of Hokuto as then Sora had grabbed Alicia as she is still sleeping as Sora was holding her bridal style as then the four girls were following Kenshiro. The first was a woman with the short dark blue hair and blue eyes named Rebecca. She is a librarian with a beautiful figure and well endowed large bust as she wears her standard uniform of a nun. The next are the two female knights Alica and Amy. Alice is a beautiful girl with the red hair and brown eyes as she wears the bikini type armor as the same does her friend named Amy. Amy is a girl with the violet hair and matching eyes. She is also well endowed girl with the large bust like Alice as alongside her was her best friend named Prim Fiorire. She is Alicia's little sister as well as the beautiful girl with the long pink hair and blue eyes. She have the well endowed large bust and beautiful figure as she wears the white dress that is less revealing including the long pink skirt, white stockings, white shoes, red ribbon on Prim's hair, white panties, golden tiara and white gloves.

"Dang. What took you so long dad?! Finished already?! I never knew that you were finishing off the corrupt bishop, the two black dog mercenaries and the pig orc Mortadella brothers. Not bad to say at least." said Sora as he was holding Alicia in his hands as then Alicia herself was now waking up as Kenshiro had replied calmly.

"I wouldn't allow the innocent suffer under the hands of these maniacs." said Kenshiro as then Alicia who was waking up was now held bridal style by Sora as then she saw him as she innocently blushed as she thanked him for saving her as she got by her feet as she kindly smiled as she was in the presence of the great hero.

"I honored by this meeting. My name is Alicia Arcturus. I'm thankful for saving me and my sister and also I'm pleased to meet you, Sora-kun." said Alicia as she was kindly blushing while Sora had smiled nervously while Prim also introduced herself.

"I'm also very pleased to meet you as well, Sora. I didn't know your father is a legendary master of Hokuto Shinken. The bad guys are exploding violently without any mercy. Heheh." said Prim as she had said with the proud smile on her face as the girl with the light brown long hair and green eyes named Risa was having the same beautiful figure as Alicia and large bust as she wears the same nun uniform as she drinks the hot tea.

"Well. It shows that no one will mess with the innocent. Not when the masters of Hokuto and Nanto are around." said Risa as she drank the hot tea as she noticed the hot pain in her lungs as she then comically screamed.

"BUGHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" yelled Risa as then Martha had kneeled before Sora in respect as she is honored to meet with him.

"I'm pleased to meet you as well. Sora. My master Cohen had told me about your heroics." said Martha with the smile as Sora recognized her as the successor to Nanto Kokucho Ken.

"I can see that you have mastered Nanto Kokucho Ken the South Dipper Fist of the Black Crow that is violent by the nature as with this style you can cut your foes to the bloody shreds very quickly." said Sora with the proud smile on her face as she is ready to fight alongside Sora.

"When Hokuto and Nanto are fighting back to back. Nothing will survive. Black Dogs had picked the wrong country to conquer. I agree to work with you, partner." said Martha as Sora with the proud smile on her face had shaken Sora's hand in friendly manner as Sora had guessed Alicia is also the practitioner of Nanto Seiken.

"I can guess your father Eos was a friend with Garuda of Nanto Shincho Ken and you had learned this fighting style from him right, Alicia?!" said Sora as Alicia had replied.

"That's right, Sora-kun. If Hokuto Shinken must be use by the sole successor of this fighting style, then the Nanto Seiken is spread into the 108 schools of Nanto. Our next liberation target is Thorn. I have my friend who lives here and her name is Maia Flamel. I need your help to save her, Sora-kun. Agree?!" said Alicia with the smile as Sora replied kindly. "Of course. I cannot refuse the offer by a beautiful girl like you. I agree. Time to free Thorn." said Sora as he alongside Zaki, Alicia and Martha had went into Thorn while Prim who was the master of the martial arts style called Taizan Tenrou Ken or the Heavenly Wolf Fist of Taishan as this style focuses on the violent ice like slashing attacks that cause the victim to feel the cold before losing the blood as this is also a deadly martial arts style that strikes fear in the heart of evil itself as Prim had went into Geofu to free her mentor Claudia Levantine as she have been born under the Tenrousei The Star of Heavenly Wolf.

Then Sora and the others had went into Thorn as Kenshiro went alongside his son while Prim had went into Geofu.

Then a man was watching with the smile. He had the dark black hair and ocean blue eyes. He wears the black cape, black shirt, pair of finger-less gloves, black pants and black boots. It was no other known than the master of Nanto Kokucho Ken himself Cohen as he watches with the smile on his face being happy for his student is safe from harm.

"It looks like the crime doesn't pay. Don't you think, Hyoh?! It looks like that Martha had received a very powerful friends indeed." said Cohen with the proud smile on his face as Hyoh was standing alongside Cohen as well. Hyoh is a man with the violet eyes, black hair, x-shaped scar on his forehead and is wearing the black shirt, black pants and pair of boots.

"Heheheheheh. That's my nephew for you, Cohen. Sora learns Hokuto Shinken very quickly! Woe to those poor Black Dog bastards." said Hyoh with the smirk as he and Cohen were standing with the Black Beast squad mercenaries slaughtered by Cohen and Hyoh as well.


Geofu the city of warriors is also a home for the Dawn Templars as well as the home to Levantine family it's known for its peaceful school. Now the Geofu is under attack by Black Dog soldiers led by a balding man himself. He have the grey hair and brown eyes. He was wearing the armor. His name was Grave Levantine and he wanted to kill his son and daughter-in-law for the sake of his blood lust as alongside him was Hicks. The man with the green jacket, brown hair, green eyes, brown pants and boots as he, Grave and the other mercenaries were having the evil smirks on their faces.

"Come on, Claudia. We will turn ya into the sheesh kebob." said Hicks only for Prim appear out of nowhere as she with the calm look on her face had dashed past the mercenaries, Hicks and Grave as then Grave and Hicks alongside mercs had saw they got their parts of body sliced as they felt the cold as it was the power of Taizan Tenrouken as they lost a lot of blood and they soon lying dead. The remaining Black Dog mercenary revealed to be a court jester himself Michelle Pantielle was now wetting his pants in fear as Prim with the smirk on her face had dashed toward Michelle as she lauched a snow slash wave with the image of wolf as she cut down Michelle into the shreds. It was Tenrou Touga Ken the technique that Prim learned from her mentor Ryuuga as then Prim was now standing alongside Claudia Levantine and her husband Claus. Claus is a man with the grey hair and ocean blue eyes. This time he have the good muscle physique as well as he have no mustaches. He wears the black shirt, black pants and black boots. His wife Claudia is a mature woman with the light brown long hair and ocean blue eyes. She have the same birthmark as her daughter. Despite being mother she have a youthful appearance as well as beautiful figure. She wears the formal dress as well.

"You made me proud, Prim. The way you tore Grave and Hicks along with Michelle apart with Tenrouken techniques with your hands was more satisfying." said Claudia as she patted Prim by her shoulder with the proud smile on her face.

"Ohohohohoho. It was nothing, Claudia-sensei." said Prim with the nervous smile as Claus had thought by himself.

'Tenrou-sei. The heavenly wolf star which acts as a guide to Hokuto and is a messenger from Tentei the heavenly empress. I guess the Black Dogs stand no chance. They don'n know that Kin is our spy within Black Dog ranks. This should be amusing to see the Black Dogs being tore apart by Hokuto Techniques.' Claus had thought by himself as he knows that the Hokuto will show no mercy toward evil doers everywhere.


Thorn one of the cities in Eostia is under protection of the former queen of mercenaries named Maia Flamel as she stands alongside her allies. She is a beautiful girl with the reddish pink eyes and red short hair. She wears the less revealing blue pants, brown boots, pair of finger-less gloves, blue shirt and orange jacket. She and her allies are surrounded by Black Beast squad led by Direc Rondo the brown haired and brown eyed mercenary who is also a leader of Black Beast squad as he had the scar which goes down his left eye.

"Come on now, Maia. I will give you the gift of death for ya. Muhahahahahahahaha-! GE! AWABYO!" before Direc would finish his sentence he was suddenly swelled like a baloon and then exploded violently as it was Sora as he was fighting the mercenaries as the mercenaries were now running away in fear only to be torn apart by Martha using her Nanto Seiken skills as then Maia with the smile had crossed her arms.

"Never thought to see the hero of Keyblade war himself show up after all indeed. Honored to meet you." said Maia as she and Sora had shaken the hands as one of the mercenaries tried to attack Maia form behind Alicia had dashed forward as she used her hands like a Garuda claws as she launched a slashing wave as she called her attack's name.

"Nanto Shincho Ken. Kishou Zan." said Alicia with the calm voice as the mercenary was cut down to the bloody shreds as he yelled out his dying scream.

"Nani-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" yelled the mercenary as he was sliced into the bloody shreds as well.

Then Alicia and Maia had bumped their fists as they quickly went into the capital of Ken while Zaki and Gyaran had went into Rad.

City of Garan

Garan the city of legends is the home to dark elves as well as the HQ of Olga Discordia's troops. She and her aide are captured by Black Dogs for their nefarious purposes.

The man who was sitting on his throne was John Mandeville. He is an aristocrat with the long silver hair and reddish brown eyes wearing his clothes.

He was drinking the tea until someone grabbed Mandeville by neck as it was a man. He have the long silver hair and brown eyes. He was somewhat younger as he was wearing the white shirt, grey jacket, pair of finger-less gloves, white boots and grey pants. It was Kai the king of Kliph and the winner of Battle Heat tournament as he snapped Mandeville's neck thus killing the psychopath for good.

Then the two elven women were finishing the remaining mercenaries off. The first was a beautiful dark elven woman with the black long hair. It was Olga Discordia herself. She was wearing the long violet dress, violet stockings, black shoes, black panties and she have the gold eyes along with the huge bust. She also have the hat like crown and three golden earrings on her ears. Her aide Chloe is a blonde haired girl with the reddish brown eyes and long blonde hair as she wears now black pants, black boots, black-blue shirt which reveals her impressive bust, pair of finger-less gloves and she tied her hair in ponytail.

"Well. One less Black Dog collaborator to worry about. Thanks, Kai." said Chloe as she bumped her fist with Kai as they revealed to be friends.

"Heh. That's what are the best friends are, Chlo." said Kai as Olga was drinking the tea.

"Black Dogs are getting slaughtered without mercy. Good riddance to these psychopaths." said Olga with the sly smirk on her face.

Then on the streets of Garan there were the two corpses of two dead mercenaries. The first was golden eyed werewolf with the brown fur Ryukaon as alongside him was Morgan with the brown hair and green eyes as they were slaughtered by Kai all along after all.


Then in the city of Rad a bandaged man with yellow eyes named Shamuhaza was seeking for Kaguya to use her as the breeding stock for his insects only to find his insects dead all of them. Then it was revealed to be a cloaked figure as then it revealed its hand as then it fired a golden touki at Shamuhaza as then Shamuhaza is now screaming in pain for all atrocities he himself had committed as then Shamuhaza is now completely vaporized into bloody chunks without a chance to regenerate. It was Gento Koken the Imperial Star Light FiIst. The users of this fighting style use their touki to completely obliterate the enemies without mercy. Then the cloaked figure had finally revealed itself to be a young man. He had the brown hair, blue eyes and he is not wearing his glasses. He is now wearing the black shirt, white pants, black boots and pair of fingerless gloves. It was Kin the former Black Dog mercenary himself as Kaguya was standing with her arms crossed. Kaguya herself is a beautiful girl with the amber eyes, black bobcat hair, well endowed body and large bust as she wears the long pink skirt which is a less revealing. She also wears the white panties, white stockings, shoes, pink-red robe and hakama and haori like crown.

"Well it looks like Black Dogs are indeed dropping like flies, Kin." said Kaguya with the proud smile.

Then Kin was cracking his neck he also replied with the smirk on his face.

"Whatever ya say, Kaguya. The Black Dogs picked the wrong country to conquer as the pissed off the master of Hokuto Shinken." said Kin as he and Kaguya had shared the laugh together as they are revealed to be childhood friends.


The city of Ansur is the home of half-lings the most wise and powerful warriors in all of Eostia. They are known as the weaponsmiths. Meanwhile Chester the Minotaur and Tororo the Cyclops are searching for their victims to kill. Only for the Gold Rings of Touki flying at them thus this destroys them both as they explode violently. This is Sho No Rin technique in Gento Koken and the one who launched the move was Mishuu. He is a young man with the blue eyes and blonde hair. He was wearing the brown sleeve-less jacket, black pants and brown boots in addition with finger-less gloves as he is revealed to be a master of Gento Koken. Alongside him was his partner Ruu-Ruu. She is a half-ling girl with the orange hair and violet eyes. She is the same height as Mishuu as she have the long orange waving hair as she have the large bust. She have the green cloak, green shirt, white pants and black boots.

"To think the master of Gento Koken is now my partner eh?! Looking forward to work with ya." said Ruu-Ruu as she bumped her fist with Mishuu as the later smiled.

"Me too, Ruu-Ruu. You look beautiful enough in my eyes." said Mishuu as after hearing those words Ruu-Ruu had blushed shyly.


The city of Ken is the main capital of Eostia and the headquarters of Order of Chivalry. This is where the HQ of Seven Shields Alliance is here.

The man was wearing the red cloak, black armor, brown pants and boots. He have the black hair, brown eyes and a scar which goes down his left eye brow. It was Volt the leader of Black Dog mercenaries as he was holding the elven woman hostage. This was Celestine Lucullus herself the leader of Order of Chivalry as she have the long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears the green leaf-like crown and golden tiara on her fore head. She wears the green shirt as she have the well endowed body and huge bust. She wears the green mini-skirt, white panties, black stockings and brown boots.

"Well. Well. Well. You will soon know that the empire of Service will be soon complete as the women will be slaves to men as the men are more superior." said Volt with the evil smirk on his face.

Then Celestine had the sad look on her face as she wasn't accepting his offer.

"You don't understand, Volt. The people must live equally." said Celestine as Volt is about to show her his results of conquering but something is wrong as soon Volt himself had saw as instead of being pissed he saw his collaborators and servants are dead as some of his servants had defected to Order of Chivalry as then he saw the young man thus revealing to be Sora himself as he came alongside Gyaran.

Then the black dog mercenaries had surrounded Sora and Gyaran as Sora had replied to Gyaran with the smirk.

"Heheh. You know why we are here, Gyaran." said Sora as Gyaran replied.

"The same thing as you are, Sora. We have the weakness to woman's tears." said Gyaran as one of the mercenaries had said with the boast.

"Why are you shitheads are so calm. You want to get yourselfes torn apart?!" said the mercenary only for Sora and Gyaran had revealed their fighting touki.

"Heheheheheh. You chuckleheads really want to die that badly?!" said Gyaran as he took his Hooken stance as Sora cracked his fists.

(cue ost: Ken's Rage OST - The Seven Scars)

Then Sora begun punching and kicking the mercenaries without mercy as he was stronger than the mercenaries as he kicked one of the Volt's henchemen as the hencheman had his head swelling like a balloon.

"YAMIBA!" yelled the mercenary as his head had exploded violently as Volt had fear in his eyes for a first time as he recognized this fighting style.

"Hi-HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! HOKUTO SHINKEN!" yelled Volt as he is now pissing in his pants in fear as he noticed Celestine was now freed by Zaki as he noticed his bodyguards are killed by Zaki as well.

Then Gyaran with the smirk on his face had slashed the mercenaries without mercy as the mercenaries are yelling in pain and fear as they letting out their death cries.

"ABOROBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yelled the mercenary as he was slashed into the multiple pieces.

"CHARAKEEEEEE!" yelled another mercenary as he had his head and arms sliced as well.

"BABIEERGH!" yelled the mercenary as he was yelling in pain as he as slashed in three as well.

Then the other mercenaries had exploded in the violent shower as only Volt was now in fear as he tried to escape as then Sora had appeared in front of Volt as he kicked Volt so hard Volt was now flying from the balcony.

"EOOOHOHOHO!" yelled Volt as he was sent flying as he was now flying on the ground as he was surrounded by the pissed off villagers as the villagers had lost their beloved ones because of Black Dogs.

"Citizens of Eostia. This man Volt is the one who was responsible for the deaths of your families. He is the one who needs to be punished. He is a liar, psychopath and traitor." said Sora with the calm voice as Kenshiro was standing alongside him while Gyaran with the smirk was now watching villagers are now having the pitchforks and swords.

"P-please. Have mercy on me. I was only following the orders of Gotz Von Dark. He is the one who made me." said Volt as he is now sweating in fear only for him to get stabbed by an angry villager because of Volt's actions his daugter was kidnapped by Black Dogs. Then the villagers were now stabbing Volt as Volt is now screamin in fear and pain.


(cue ost: Ken's Rage OST - Get Over Sorrow)

Then Sora in respect had bowed before Celestine in respect as he was in the front of a beautiful woman.

"Lady Celestine. I'm pleased to meet you in person." said Sora as Celestine with the smile on her face had greeted him in friendly fashion.

"*giggles* Pleased to meet you as well, Sora-kun. You're quite kind and honorable just like your father." said Celestine as Sora had saw two dusts as it revealed the Eldonian King and the corrupt bishop Raymondos Lulus as they were hit hard by Ryuu as Sora had sweatdropped at his cousin's actions.

"Damn, Ryuu. How did you managed to find and destroy the remnants of Black Beast mercenaries as well?!" said Sora as Ryuu was smiling in response.

"Heheheheheh. These worms were not worthy for a therapy training. Cayle Dimble and Nicola Nouibiau are also oblitirated without mercy I managed to change this lady's ways." said Ryuu as then the beautiful succubus woman was now standing on the wall of Celestine's castle. She wears the Order of Chivalry emblem as she wears the kinght uniform herself. She is a well endowed woman as she have the long purple hair and red eyes. She have the huge bust herself. It was Celestine's old friend Radomira as she knows Celestine for a very long time.

"After meeting with Ryuu. I decided to change my goals instead to greater good. I decide to create the Kingdom of Peace named Negramastria which will be a neighboor kingdom to Eostia. I know you can agree with me, Celestine." said Radomira as she gave thumbs up as Celestine had aproved.

"Of course, Radomira-chan. We are the friends remember?!" said Celestine as she and Radomira had shaken the hands as then Ryuu had squished the heads of Raymondos and Eldonian King's heads without mercy as they let out their dying screams.

"HIDEBUUUUUUUU!/IBEAAAAOOOOOOH!" yelled Raymondos and Eldonian King as they were killed by Ryuu as Sora, Gyaran, Radomira and Celestine had sweatdropped comically.

"Dang. Those idiots had picked the wrong country to mess with. Whew. Glad we managed to stop the Black Dogs for good." said Sora with the relieved sigh and smile on his face.

"Ara ara. Indeed." said Celestine as she smiled nervously as Kenshiro is proud of his nephew and son. As then the villagers and citizens of Eostia are now celebrating the victory against Black Dogs as the black dogs mercenaries had surrendered to Order of Chivalry as they faced their punishment while some Black Dog mercenaries instead joined Order of Chivalry to atone for their past crimes as they changed their own goals instead to the side of good.

Then Radomira created Negramastria Kingdom near Eostia as its completely created the alliance with Order of Chivalry and Kingdom of Shura as Negramastria is agreed to fight against the tyranny of Holy Dark Empire as the new battle will unfold.

Later In Land of Shura

Sora is now living in Kaioh's former palace which is now his new home as Alicia is honored to live with him.

"Thanks for inviting into Land of Shura to live with you, Sora-kun. It looks like you were trained in Hokuto Shinken for a good reason. *giggles*" said Alicia as she giggled friendly as Sora had nervously smiled.

"Ah. It's nothing. It's just my duty to protect the others that's all." said Sora with the smile as Hyoh his uncle had patted him by his shoulder as he had the proud smile on his face.

"I'm very proud to have such a powerful nephew. Your father had taught you well. Oh. And here goes your protege." said Hyoh as he presented a brown haired and amber eyed fox human boy as the said boy had jumped excitedly as he had made his new friend.

"GYAHAHAHAH! There is no need to be afraid of me. I'm your friend. I'm your friend." said the boy as Sora guessed that is Alicia's adoptive younger brother Menou as he was adopted alongside his elder sister Kohaku as then this is the beginning of Sora's journey as the master of Hokuto as the new battle is about to begin.

End of Chapter 1.

(ED: LOVE SONG by Nana Mizuki, Yui Sakakibara and Yoshino Nanjou)

Sora was riding on Kokuoh with Alicia behind his back.

[Nana Mizuki]

[~Yoru no tobari no naka Mada nemurenai~] (Behind the night's curtain, I'm still sleepless.)

[~Kokoro wo yogiru Kimi e no omoi~] (In my heart I'm thinking about you.)

[Yui Sakakibara]

[~Konna fū ni daremo Dareka no koto de~] (Do others also fall asleep with so much difficulty)

[~Mune wo kogashite Nemuri ni tsuku no ka~] (because they have someone on their mind?)

[Yoshino Nanjou]

[~Tatoeba Kono machi Kono kuni~] (Even if in this town, on this land,)

[~Tobikaitsuzukeru Ikuman no ai~] (There should be tens of thousands of love flying about,)


[~I don't like love 'Cause I love you~] (I don't like love 'cause I love you.)

[~Omoeba sugoi enerugii~] (When I think this way, I become pumped with energy.)

[~I don't like love 'Cause I love you~] (I don't like love 'cause I love you.)

[~Bakageteru keredo Kōfun suru~] (I may look foolish, but I'm getting excited.)

*Instrumental of Ai Wo Torimodose plays*

Narration by Sora

"Yo. It's me, Sora. I finally managed not only to reunite with my family but also save the land of Eostia from Black Dog mercenaries. It looks like Alicia grew an attraction to me. She is sure cute and beautiful. Meanwhile my friends Riku and Kairi had joined me as well as Kairi and Alicia rather than being rivals they share my love to them. Oh and some douch named Gidou tries to harm Grenoble family?! This will not go unpunished. Next time on Kingdom Hearts: The Heir of Hokuto. Chapter 2. The guardian of Rib Foul. When Hokuto Appears. Chaos Follows."