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Love is not blind

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It was Shen Wei’s birthday which meant that it’s Ye Zun’s as well. In the restaurant, the twins sat side by side with Zhao Yunlan in the corner, his attentive hand holding Shen Wei’s stubby fingers under the table. They’re soft but calloused on parts where Shen Wei tended to put too much pressure when he wrote. Zhao Yunlan’s plan of converting him to using the laptop or a tablet was still a work in progress.

The restaurant was noisy, running at its peak dinner time. Smiling hostesses dressed smartly in black were showing newly arrived customers to their reserved tables while waiters and waitresses holding trays of sumptuous foods were moving quickly to serve from one table to another. The waft of deliciously cooked foods from the open kitchen filled the air.

The twins were busy chatting. Well, it was more like Ye Zun who was talking and Shen Wei nodding intermittently and listening. Between Shen Wei’s hectic academic life and Ye Zun’s travelling, they had loads of things to catch up. Zhao Yunlan looked at them and smiled. It was not unusual for Ye Zun to dress up fashionably. He was an international fashion designer after all but it’s not everyday Zhao Yunlan managed to see Shen Wei dressed to the nines. It was a coincidence that the magazine photoshoot happened on the twins’ birthday and Zhao Yunlan suggested that they drove to the restaurant directly after rather than going home and changed. He didn’t informed Shen Wei that the light make up on his face accentuated his already pretty eyes. Shen Wei would definitely washed his face if Zhao Yunlan told him that so he kept the observation to himself. He brushed some strands of hair away from Shen Wei’s eyes while Ye Zun kept on chatting animatedly. Underneath the thin rimmed glasses, his husband’s long eyelashes fluttered.

It took awhile to convince Shen Wei to take part in the magazine special edition. He was shy by nature but he relented in the end when the benefits towards the Marrow Donor Registry trumped. Since his miraculous tale was discovered nationally, he had received many requests from newspapers and magazines for a cover story but offers upon offers were declined as Shen Wei was adamant to stay out of the limelight. He was not fond of being the focus of attention, something Zhao Yunlan understood since meeting him over many, many years ago. Lucky for him that this particular magazine editor was smart enough to include the twins as part of ensemble features. This lessen the pressure on Shen Wei. She also ensured that the journalist in charge asked appropriate questions and everyone involved were made comfortable with the shoots concept. Zhao Yunlan who accompanied his spouse applauded her professionalism. He couldn’t help but grinned at Shen Wei’s awkwardness when the cameraman asked him to pose. Ye Zun on the other hand was a natural.

While waiting for their foods, Ye Zun explained his current project to his older twin who continued to listen attentively. Ye Zun was travelling abroad again for the exclusive Fashion Week in the next few weeks. Zhao Yunlan kept on watching their interactions. If people thought that identical twins were very much alike, they would definitely changed their minds if they met Ye Zun and Shen Wei. Not only that they dressed differently, their choices of foods, likes and dislikes were also dissimilar. The only similarity they shared was their intelligence and extraordinary talents in learning in which Ye Zun was more towards art and Shen Wei’s science. Ye Zun preferred to keep his hair long. He had transformed his hair colour several times that Zhao Yunlan had lost count. He was currently sporting a silver whitish hue which Zhao Yunlan thought made him appeared even paler. Maybe he could tease Ye Zun a little bit by calling him Snow White. Meanwhile, Shen Wei’s hairstyle was simpler. It’s usually floppy which Zhao Yunlan loved to twirl when he’s being playful. It was only that one time where Shen Wei cut it really short. It made him looked ten years younger. Zhao Yunlan sighed. The twins were indeed two very different people. Zhao Yunlan seriously thought that he had married the best one but of course, he’s not going to tell Ye Zun that. If Ye Zun ever turned into an evil twin and pretended to be Shen Wei, Zhao Yunlan swore that he could identify him within seconds. He chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Zhao Yunlan was pulled out of his internal monologue when Shen Wei spoke gently.

“Hmm? Ah~ nothing.” Zhao Yunlan smiled. He looked into Shen Wei’s eyes and took his hand and kissed it tenderly. “Happy birthday.”