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     Mikitaka's voice had become a low, melodic growl. His eyes were wide, showing just a thin ring of color around his dilated pupils. He was sweating profusely. The alien's hair was plastered on his forehead and back and hung in limp strings around his face like he'd just come out of a shower-- hell, maybe he had. Okuyasu didn't know. All he knew was that something was very wrong, and he was very afraid. And just a little bit turned on. But mostly scared shitless.

     "Dude, don't eat me, please, c'mon, that's fucked up, y'know?" Seriously, man, you don't wanna--"

     In a flash, Mikitaka had him pinned to the floor and his mouth completely silenced. His tongue was extended far beyond human capabilities, pressing down on Okuyasu's and keeping his throat open. Then, much to Okuyasu's horror, Mikitaka's whole body undulated and a thick, sticky slime flooded the human's mouth and ran down his throat. He struggled and thrashed in the alien's grip, to no avail. There was no escaping his hold... Though he found himself less and less inclined to.

     Everything felt warm and tingly now. Starting at his mouth and radiating outward, every cell in Okuyasu's body seemed to relax and loosen up. It was like being completely shitfaced drunk, minus the unpleasant side effects. The burn in the pit of his stomach as Mikitaka began ripping at his clothes was definitely not from any kind of booze-- and it wasn't even close to unpleasant.

     "Wha... Wha'r you do'n..? Was gon'on?"

     He was still afraid, in some part of his mind, but even that faded away as the effects of the slime spread. He felt numb and oversensitive all at the same time, and he squirmed weakly as Mikitaka's hands pushed his thighs apart. Okuyasu whined and tried to close them again, but the alien was far stronger right now than he was. Even gravity was getting to be too much for him to resist. Once Mikitaka seemed satisfied that Okuyasu wasn't going anywhere, he hastily shed his own clothes. They were hot and drenched with perspiration, and they'd been constricting all day. It felt good to finally get them off, though he still felt like there were bugs crawling under his skin.

     "Hhaah... O--ku..."

     The long, thin shaft between his legs undulated and squirmed uncontrollably, and Okyasu gave it a hazy-but-wary glance as Mikitaka advances on him. He'd never seen the real thing before. Mikitaka shapeshifted down there, too, so he could look as human as possible in every way. Now he'd shed the disguise, and Okuyasu really wasn't sure he wanted that purple, semi-translucent, slimy, rubbery-looking thing inside him... But he was powerless to escape, and the urge to do so was still dwindling. The slick appendage entered him with incredible ease, slithering inside with a mind of its own. Okuyasu groaned and laid his head back. It didn't hurt. He could barely feel anything, pain or otherwise, and that's what really worried him. How could he know if he was injured or not if he couldn't feel it?

     Mikitaka's arms wrapped around his body and dragged him upright, turning him to sit in his lap with his back to him. The alien whimpered weakly into his shoulder.

     "O--ku--ya--su... Hurts... Ah, it b-burns...!"

     His grip tightened and his whole body seemed to seize up at once. All of a sudden Okuyasu could feel his hole stretch much wider and then retract again. Something pressed hard against his prostate as it passed by-- and he definitely wasn't numb there. Before he could piece together what the hell was going on, it happened again. He was stretched open, and something hit him again, right in the same spot. Two more, and he finally figured it out.


     Mikitaka was laying eggs inside of him.

     Okuyasu whined and wriggled around a bit, but Mikitaka's hold was rock solid as violent contractions continued to wrack his body. The eggs were coming quicker now, with less time in between. Mikitaka moaned pitifully each time, while Okuyasu struggled between fear and pleasure as each egg passed by his prostate. He felt full. He felt like he could burst from the pressure inside. Looking down at himself proved to be a mistake. His belly was noticeably swollen and distended, and yet his dick was hard and twitching with his pulse. Overwhelmed, Okuyasu let his head loll back and rest on Mikitaka's shoulder as an intense and wholly unexpected orgasm shook him to his core.

     Mikitaka gasped and jerked his hips up in response to the sudden squeeze, releasing another small round of eggs immediately when Okuyasu relaxed again. The foreign objects-- roughly the size and shape of duck eggs-- continued to squeeze inside and drag against his prostate despite his protests. It was too much to feel all at once. His body wasn't built for this in the first place. No human could be expected to take this kind of treatment, stuffed full and oversensitized, with no hint of when it might stop. By his third, near-painful orgasm, nothing even came out anymore. He drooled from the corners of his mouth and his tongue lolled out. His while body was limp and numb. His stomach was huge enough for him to worry about his guts ripping open, if he'd have still been capable of higher brain function.

     Eventually, Okuyasu stopped thinking and blacked out.


        <= to be continued