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A Deal with The God of Mischief

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You began to grasp your consciousness. Noticed that you laid on some unfamiliar mattress. You could sense the room wasn’t yours. It’s too cold for your preference and… it smelled so sanitized ??

You waited for another minute. The pain in your body began to shroud your senses. Your back was aching, your hands and legs were slightly numb, and your head was pounding so badly. It felt like you just got hit by a car. After gaining more energy, you tried to move your fingers, but that simple task felt like a mission impossible. You managed to slowly open your eyes, blinking as you tried to adjust the light in the room.

Where am I? '

Even though the pain in your head still couldn’t get unnoticed, your eyes finally could see clearly. You confusedly looked around. You’re in the hospital gown, your hand is strapped with infusion pipes, and your legs felt so heavy but you managed to move them a little.

So, you’re in the hospital. That explained the alcohol smell. But… How did this happen? Or exactly, what happened to you?

Your mind began to wake fully when you saw your celebrity crush walking inside your room. Tom fucking Hiddleston put a big smile on his face as you could see tears stained on his cheeks. A man with a white coat, wait… a doctor and nurses followed to come in, as they started to check you.

“How are you feeling, miss?” The doctor asked you a simple question before they asked your permission to begin examining you. You answered the doctor quickly as your eyes kept following the movement of the man of your dream across the room. His relieved face now changed with a confused and uneasy expression.

Seeing that, you couldn’t hold your chuckle and shook your head. Seriously? Even in your worst state, you pathetically still imagine Tom Hiddleston here waiting for you? You kept looking at that figure when the doctor talked to the nurses about your results. You shook your head again at this unbelievable situation. Maybe you should go to professional help after knowing what the damn hell was happening to you.

As the doctor dismissed the nurses, leaving you with the doctor and your imagination alone, you couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I must be hallucinating.” You jokingly said.

“Why is that, Miss?” The doctor asked, but kept his eyes directed to the brain scan result on his hand. Wait, whose brain scan result is that?

You paused. Sweats started to drip when you managed to connect the dots. Is that your brain's result?

You flicked your sight to your imaginary man again. He kept watching you from his place. His eyebrows knitted together, pinched his lips with his hand as he kept lightly tapping his right foot, showing the indication of feeling anxious. You still eyed him carefully as you decided to bring your attention to the doctor again.

“Is that mine?” You finally collected some courage to ask about it.

The doctor brought his eyes to you. He closed it quickly as if you were caught peeking at something you shouldn’t see, but his eyes showed some concern. “Well yes, but tell me again, why did you say you must be hallucinating, miss?”

You gulped. Something isn’t right. Is that something wrong with your head? Where’s your mom? Your dad? Why did you keep seeing Tom Hiddleston across your room, looking so concerned?

“Nah, it's just... I keep seeing… you know that British actor… Tom Hiddleston across the room.” You whispered to the doctor – Doctor Charles – what it said from the name tag.

You expected Doctor Charles to give you a weird look, laughed thinking you were joking, or even shook his head and informed you that it was indeed your imagination. But the way doctor Charles moved his head directly toward your ‘imagination’ made you screech.

“WAIT?! YOU CAN SEE HIM?!” You unintentionally shout as your heart thrums so fast.

“Darling... why you-“ When Tom tried to approach you, you jumped, making you wince in pain as your head pounded again for sudden movement. Doctor Charles holds his left hand up to stop him.

“Miss... what makes you think he’s an imagination?” He must be kidding you right now? You snorted in disbelief.

“W-WELL... W-WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE- HE WASN’T? W-WHY ON EARTH A F-FAMOUS ACTOR IS IN H-HERE?!” You managed to finish the sentences between the stutters. Your brain froze. You couldn’t think. It was like the episode in Spongebob Squarepants where your brain is in a hell of fire, your tiny self kept running around while an alert alarm kept ringing inside your head.

“IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE? IS THIS A PRANK? WHERE’S MY PHONE? WHERE ARE MY PARENTS? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?” Your fight-or-flight was on, you were hyperventilating. You grabbed the doctor's Charles collar shirt and made him too stunned to speak as he just froze with wide eyes. Oh, poor guy.

Tom tried to call your name, pleads for you to let go of that poor man’s collar shirt. Makes your eyes even wider. HE FUCKING KNEW YOUR NAME?!?!

“I’M SORRY HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW MY NAME?” You shrieked at Tom, still clenching your hands to it.

“Please, we’ve been together these past years. Why do you act like you really have no recollection of us?” Tom pleaded as he trembled, wanting to come closer to you.

Disbelief and confused filling you. Your heart is racing like it just ran from a marathon. You felt like you were about to throw up, you couldn’t breathe. You let go of your grasp as your eyes filled with tears.

“A- AM I GOING TO DIE? IS THIS LIKE MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION SHIT?! WHY DO YOU PRETEND YOU KNOW ME??” Your dramatic ass started to sob loudly. You couldn’t process your feelings. You hid your face in your hand as you cried.

“Miss, calm down. You’re not going to die.” Doctor Charles said it while fixing his collar shakingly. “I’m going to ask you some questions to answer my assumption of your conditions. Mr. Hiddleston, I may ask you to leave this room for now, and please called nurse Elise to come here.” He looked at Tom, making his hand towards the door.

Honestly, if it's a different situation, Tom would laugh at the idea that you thought this was a make-a-wish program. But right now, Tom felt like his world was breaking in front of his eyes. His heart was also racing like a mad man, matching yours. He couldn’t process what just happened. He tried not to answer his questions in his head, in fact, he couldn’t. Seeing you tremble makes his heartache. So he nodded sadly and left the room to call the nurse.