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Dear Elizabeth,

I am glad to announce that Mr Darcy and I are to be married this spring. I hope you and the rest of the Bennet family can all attend, but I understand if that is not possible.

Please send my love to Jane and Bingley.

Alright look, I'm sorry I messed up your life. I stole your husband and I turned your family dynamic totally on its head. Please believe me, I never meant to stuff up so royally, I was just trying my best to make everything work as I thought it should. I should have realized that without you nothing could ever work out as it should have.

Oh, wow. I'll stop now. Sorry for that, I really am very happy with how everything turned out, I love my life with Darcy. I just, hoped you could still have a happy ending.

Love Amanda.



Dearest Amanda Price,

In regard to your previous letter I wish to let you know that you did not, as you say, 'stuff up royally'. On the contrary, I believe that you did the best job you could from the position you found yourself in. In fact I apologies for placing you in that position in the first place. I enjoy the world you came from greatly, in it I feel free.

I would like to go back, I have the permission of my father but I also wanted to let you know before I go.

The Bennet family is glad to accept your invitation and sends their best wishes to you and your fiancé. I will not be present, I will be in the future. I thank you for understanding, Lizzy.