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GevTheNinja: What price this time
KingDes: dress
GevTheNinja: Done and boring
Leaf tapped the keyboard, thinking. The information was kind of big, but wouldn't be any problem for Everyone. It wasn't like they couldn't get Sherlock the information in less than an hour. I mean, come on. All emails sent from thirty email address in the past ten years? Easy.
BlueTree: What if we made him dress like a clown and walk give a speech on the importance of eating pineapples everyday?

Leaf waited for the others to respond.
KingDes: sweet n random!!!
GevTheNinja: We could do that
Leaf smiled. She couldn't wait to see this.
BlueTree: My idea, my catch.
GevTheNinja: Sure
Leaf quickly exited the chat group and pulled up the window where Sherlock was waiting.
Sherlock: Have you decided?
BlueTree: Yep. You're going to be wearing a clown costume and lecturing about pineapples.
Attached was a map with a dot in the middle of a busy intersection.
Sherlock: Very well.

"Yeah!" Leaf pumped her fist. She loved being part of the hacker group Everyone, but Sherlock really livened it up. His life was really exciting. Sometimes Leaf wished she could talk to Sherlock in person, but that would mean revealing her identity, and she didn't want that. Sighing, she pulled up another window and started working on a killer computer virus that turned your mouse icon into an mouse sprite that acted like a real mouse, and moved spastically. Leaf was a firm believer in harmless pranks being the best. Why hurt someone when you can leave a toy camel on their window everyday, completely confusing them.

Sometimes she worried about the way Everyone went. Sometimes it was hurt, not fun. Then again, sometimes you have to hurt. Leaf knew that some people deserved it. A little while later, she had shared the virus with some others at Everyone, who approved, and she sent it off to their latest target. A ding told her she had gotten a new message. She clicked the window.

Sherlock: It is done.
Leaf always found his formal speech kind of weird, but she was fine with weirdness.
BlueTree: Great!
Sherlock had sent the promised pictures and videos. Leaf forwarded them to the rest of Everyone.
BlueTree: Here's the goods. Pleasure doing business!