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   It was one of the rarer phobias in MGC. The place scared away most of it's victims. Somehow you still managed to live here. It certainly was a hassle avoiding the undead. Going to a different lane to keep clear of the skeleton behind the cash register, crossing the street to sidestep the ghoul walking the other way, and for obvious reasons you never used public transportation (Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to give a zombie dragon a job as a bus driver?). Why'd you stay? You didn't know. You'd grown up here, and for all it's faults, MGC just felt more like home than anywhere else.

   Tried to work it out in your head. There was certainly no logical reason to be afraid of the undead, at least no more than any other monster girl. Hell, if anything they were more open and honest about their intentions. But something about their cold dead flesh unnerved you beyond anything else. Made you shudder just thinking about it.

   To be clear: you didn't hate the undead, you wished them happiness like anyone else. Just wanted them to be happy a good distance away from you. Even went as far as making sure your apartment was miles away from any cemetery or creepy castles. So it came as quite the surprise to find a zombie passed out next to your building.


   It was late that night, and you knew you were taking a risk going out, but the grumbling in your stomach forced you to head for a nearby convenient store on a late night snack run. As you were passing by you casually looked down the alleyway where your dumpsters resided, and in the dim light you saw a woman lying on the ground.

   You approached her like any good samaritan, intending to ask her if she was alright. Practically jumped out of your skin when you got close enough to notice her's was an unhealthy grey and torn in a few places.

   Her eyes were closed, and she wasn't moving. She looked dead, as in actually dead. In hindsight you probably should've called someone, but the idea didn't come to you in the moment. Instead, like a fucking child, you poked her with a stick. No response. You called out to her, telling her couldn't sleep here. That did get a response.

   She sat up and opened her eyes. Her movements were slow, but you jumped back regardless, pressing your back to a wall. The zombie looked around for a moment, mouth hanging open, milky eyes not seeming to focus on anything. Until they locked onto you.

   She started crawling towards you. You told her to stay back, please for mercy's sake, don't come any closer. She didn't register she even heard you, much less understood your words. When her clawing arms were inches away you fell to the ground covering your head and shut your eyes to spare you the horror of having to look into those soulless, dead orbs.

   You winced as her cold hands touched your arm, but they didn't stay there. Gingerly they slid onto your back as the zombie took you into an embrace, resting her head on your torso.

   You both stayed like that for what felt like an eternity. Slowly you opened your eyes to see her face turned to the side, her own eyes closed again. Was she asleep? Unwilling to bring your hands down and make even more contact with the woman, you stammered out your inquiry.

   The response you got sounded like a sigh, but there was definitely some jaw movement in there, so you asked her to repeat.

   "Warm..." she said in a barely audible whisper.

   You tried a few times to ask her to remove herself, but she didn't say anymore. You were at an impasse. She wouldn't move, probably already asleep again, and you couldn't bring yourself to lay your hands on her cold flesh. So you sat there, too afraid to fall asleep yourself.

   Your arms eventually came down, out to either side, and one hand fell upon something. It was the stick you'd used to poke at the girl earlier. Here was your chance to be free of this nightmare! You picked it up and stuck the tip between you two, used it to pry her away from you, as gently as possible to not wake her.

   Success! She fell to the side, eyes closed, and arms outstretched as if she was still hugging you. Didn't stay long enough to find out if the zombie woke up, nope you were out of there as fast as your feet could carry you.

   Got back to your apartment and called a local shelter for monster girls with "diminished mental capabilities." Always thought they were referring to wurms, but you figured a zombie fit the bill. Then you took a long shower. She didn't stink, at least not of decay, but you felt unclean from the experience nevertheless.

   The thought that she could still be out there looking for her heated pillow, you, kept you from any kind of restful sleep. She was gone the next day, causing you to breath a sigh of relief as you peered around the corner. Thought that was the end of it, and you were free of the undead girl. Fate had other plans.


   A few days later you were in the alley feeding some trash bags to the dumpsters. Just leaving when you felt cold hands on your chest, and a head press into your back. Instinctively you froze on the spot.

   Looking directly ahead you informed your assailant it was rude to hug people like this without permission. Yeah, it was a stupid thing to say, but it was the first thing that came to mind and you weren't exactly thinking straight right now.

   "Warm." was all she whispered back.

   You didn't have a stick with you this time to defend yourself with. Weren't sure you could reach around at this angle anyways. At least you were standing and didn't have your back to a wall. Hesitantly you took a step forward. She took a step too. You took another. So did she.

   Dammit, she wasn't making this easy!

   Somehow your words must have reached her. She didn't let go, but she did shift to your side, arms around your waist, her head ducked  under your own outstretched arm and came to rest on your shoulder. When you reached the door to your building you told her she couldn't come in. That she ignored.

    Got back to your apartment with her still clinging to you. Made it to your phone that you'd left on the couch and called the shelter again. Felt the zombie clutch you a little tighter when she realized who you were talking to.


   A nice unicorn and bogey in white coats came to collect the girl. For the first time you saw an expression on her face, one of sorrow, as she stared back at you while the pair walked her out. Made you feel a little guilty, but what else could you do?


   Your next encounter came much later, a full month and some change had passed by. Walked into the alley and there she was standing in plain sight like she was waiting for you.

  Somehow she looked even worse than before, her skin was a darker gray, her eyes sunken, and there were more... holes in her flesh that you tried to not look at. When she saw you a fraction of color actually came back into her face. As she shambled towards you you saw, more than heard, her mouth form the word "Warm."

   Curiously, you didn't turn tail and run back inside. Still not entirely sure why, maybe it was because you'd been through this already and knew all she wanted was a hug, albeit a very long one. Maybe you just felt sorry for the girl and that sympathy overwrote your fear. Whatever the reason, you stood there and let her put her arms around you.

   Partially annoyed you shifted to the side indicating for her to assume the position that would make it easier to walk, and she readily obliged. Threw your trash away and went back into your apartment, your new undead companion coming with. Didn't even bother calling the shelter. You sat down on the couch, the zombie still not letting go, and turned on the tv.

   Spent the rest of the day like that. Played video games, made and ate food, even took a piss with the girl still clinging to you, though she was gracious enough to hug you from behind for that last one. When it was time for sleep you didn't change your clothes, just crashed on your bed, your new cling-on falling with you.

   Grumbled out a good night.

   "Warm." she whispered back.


   Hardly recognized her when you woke up. Her skin had much more color, and some of her wounds had vanished. Even her previously dull, almost white hair seemed to have more of a shine to it. What surprised you most was she didn't feel so cold anymore, almost room temperature. Must have absorbed some of your body heat during the night.

   You took the opportunity of her still being asleep to sneak a pillow between you two and wiggle your way out of her embrace. Thank goodness she didn't wake up. You needed a shower, and everything on your bed needed to be washed. Would have to deal with that later.

   Had barely started scrubbing yourself when you heard banging and scratching on the bathroom door. Dammit, couldn't she wait a few minutes? Apparently not, the noises didn't stop. You rinsed yourself off and threw a towel around your waist, then opened the door intending to tell her off. Before you could get a word out her face was buried in your chest, and she was making sobbing noises.

   The anger faded in an instant. For the first time you actually reached up and placed a hand on her back. That seemed to calm her down.

   After a minute you told her she should take a shower too. She looked up at you, worry in her tear stained eyes. They weren't as white anymore, more like a pale blue now. Said if she was going to be in your home you needed her to be clean. She nodded slowly.

   You managed to pull her away a bit from your body, though her hands still clung to you, and guided her to the shower. She didn't let go when you'd got her in. Told her she had to do the rest by herself.

   "Don't. Go." she whispered.

   So she could say more than just warm. Said you weren't going to leave the room. She let go, but there was reluctance in her face. You closed the curtain and heard the water come back on. Did she even take her clothes off?

   You quickly dressed into your own change of attire you'd set out beforehand and waited patiently. Eventually the water shut off and the shower curtain was clumsily pulled aside. Yep, she hadn't undressed.

   Did your best to wipe her down with your towel while she stared at you blankly. There was no way her clothes were getting dry though. You guided her by the hand back to your room and rummaged around until you found a t-shirt and sweatpants she could wear. After handing them over, you turned away and told her to get changed. She let you know she was done by tugging on your arm. They were baggy but they'd have to do.

   It dawned on you that you didn't know her name, so you asked.

   "Don't. Remember."

   Asked her if she knew yours.

   "You. Warm."

   No, that wasn't your name. You introduced yourself. She buried her face in your chest once more.

    "You. Warm."


   She gave you much more breathing room that day. Meaning she only clung to you when you were either sitting down or standing still. Still followed you all over the apartment, and you had to hold her back a few times when you needed use the bathroom.

   Began wondering what you were going to do with her. The idea of letting her stay made you uncomfortable, but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. You'd already made some progress, you could touch her now without flinching. Maybe exposure therapy was the best way to cure your necrophobia. You guessed she could stay for now, pushing off the final decision for a later date.

   She was certainly a cheap guest at least. Gave you a blank stare every time you tried to offer her food. Did decide the least you could do was buy her some new clothes. Her old rags were in tatters and she couldn't keep wearing your ill-fitting digs. Tried to get her to pick out her own at a department store. She just stared at you with a look of confusion. Great, this was a new experience for you.

   Settled on a few different outfits, mostly cheap t-shirts and jeans, but also a pair of sweatpants to wear around the apartment. As you were leading her to the changing rooms you passed by a rack of sundresses. Fuck it, not like she would complain. You grabbed a nice white one with flower patterns around the bottom. Felt your face grow hot when she stepped out of the changing room to show you. She looked absolutely adorable.

   "Warm?" she moved closer and placed her hands on your cheeks. Not sure if it was your body temperature rising or genuine concern that drew her in. The incident was too stimulating, and you turned her right back around and told her to go put on something more casual.

   When you got to checkout, however, you found to your horror the only open register was manned by a mummy. You briefly considered returning the clothes and coming back tomorrow. Looking at your zombie companion, and how she was clutching that sundress close to her chest with a little smile on her face forced you to reconsider. Time to be brave you guessed.

   Wasn't that bad. The mummy barely spoke, just greeted you in a monotone voice, and gave you your total after she'd rung you up. Breathed a sigh of relief after it was all done anyways.

   That night you decided on a name for your guest; Heather. Got the idea from taking a closer look at the designs on the dress you bought her. As you were lying down for bed you asked her what she thought of it.

   "Hea. Ther?"

   Yeah, you explained it was type of flower. She clung to your arm and smiled up at you.

   "Like. It."


   Months flew by, and Heather's condition didn't improve much beyond there. She still only spoke in whispers and slow broken sentences. Her silent manner gave you a fright every now and then, but you were getting used to having her around. Almost like having a pet rather than a roommate.

   Took her everywhere you went of course. Once you'd snuck out by yourself while she was still asleep. When you'd returned her hug knocked you on your ass, she was clearly very upset.

   "Warm. Don't. Leave. Heather."

   That made you feel like shit, so you promised you wouldn't do it again.

   You were out shopping one afternoon, picking up groceries and other supplies. Currently looking at the shampoo. Smiling, Heather picked up a bottle with lavenders on it. She knew it was the kind you liked, the scent helped you sleep better with your nose in her hair.

   You heard a bottle fall next to you, and a "tsk." There was regally dressed vampire standing there, looking annoyed.

   "You there, pick it up," she snapped at Heather. And Heather obeyed.

   Excuse you, what? Where did she get off treating Heather like a servant? Your tone towards the undead lady even surprised yourself.

   The vampire looked at you with smug pity, "oh, you poor poor man, the lesser undead are meant to serve their betters. They're not good for much else. Say," she pushed Heather aside to get closer to you, trying her best to look seductive "how would you like me to show you how much more pleasant it is to surround yourself with nobility rather than lowly peasants?"

   You felt nothing but disgust towards the woman grinning at you. Heather reacted before you could, tugging on the vampire's sleeve.

   "He. Doesn't. Like. It."

   "Silence, thrall!" The vampire smacked her hand, and Heather to stumbled to the floor. Enraged, you shoved the noble woman backwards, almost causing her to lose her own footing.

   "Insolent male, how dare-" her words cut off as she saw you kneel down to help Heather back onto her feet. With a "hmph," she turned on her heel and marched away.

   Heather remained silent with her head down for the rest of the trip. You tried to cheer her up, even took her by the hand and pulled her in for a hug. She accepted, but her mood didn't improve.

   When you got back to your apartment Heather wrapped her arms around you and buried her face into your chest. She was sobbing again. You dropped the groceries and returned the hug, patting the back of her head.

   In between the sobs you made out a few words, "Love. You. Warm."

   They kind of stunned you for a minute, and it was your turn to go silent. She pushed her head back enough to look up at you, tears still running down her cheeks.

   "Warm. Love. Heather?"

   You hadn't known her that long, could you say it? Did you love her? You two'd been through a lot in your short time together, you'd even named her. You thought back to earlier and how you'd handled the situation with the vampire. You recalled the feeling of disgust you felt towards that arrogant bitch. But it was her attitude more than the fact she was a bloodsucking corpse that brought on that feeling.

   Heather had done it, she'd cured your phobia. Wether you liked it or not, she was a huge part of your life now. No, that wasn't right, you were grateful that she was a huge part of your life, you loved it. You loved her.

   You took her chin in one hand, steadying it as you leaned down and kissed her on her pale lips. Then you told her that, yes, Warm did love Heather.


   After both of you had cleaned up your mess in the entryway, Heather took you by the hand and guided you to the bedroom. She undid her pants and let them fall to the floor. Standing behind her, you lifted her shirt up and over her head, before taking off your own shirt and pants. Next came her bra, which you clumsy fumbled with. When you got it undone, she covered her modest breasts with one arm.

   "Not. Big. Sorry."

   Cute. Told her it didn't matter, as you pushed her down on your bed. Took your underwear off before pulling Heather's down her slender legs. She was already dripping. Decided it would be fun to tease her a bit, and you gently started rubbing her lower lips.

   "Mmm. No. Want. Warm. Inside."

   Inside, she says? You slowly stuck a finger into her cold, quivering innards.

   "Mmm! Warm. Please."

   Alright, you'd had your fun. You raised yourself until you were above her, your tip poking her vagina's opening. Staring into her eyes you felt the need for one last tease. Told her to beg for it. She bit her lip and tried her best to give doe eyes.

   "Please. Make. Heather. Warm."

   Yep, that would do it. You pushed yourself into her, as you gave her another kiss. She threw her arms and legs up around you, pulling you in even closer. Admittedly, her cold insides were less than pleasant, but you powered through, not wanting to disappoint or hurt her feelings. Gradually, she was heating up with each thrust, and that spurred you onwards.

   Your tongue was in a similar situation. The more you wrestled with hers the more heat you transferred into her mouth. Pretty soon the temperature around where you two were connected had balanced out. Bringing her hands down onto your cheeks she pushed your head off hers, breaking the seal on your lips.

   "Please. Want. Warm. Inside."

   Said you didn't understand, you were already inside.

   "No. Want. New. Warm. Inside."

   Finally it clicked. She wanted a baby. Thoughts of having a cute pale little daughter flooded into your mind. Running around your and Heather's feet as you made dinner. Taking her to school, or playing in the park. Holding her hand as you crossed a street, Heather clinging to your other arm. Yeah, that was the future you wanted as well. You came inside Heather as she put her arms up around your back again and pulled you in close.

   You fell asleep spooning her. Told her as long as you were there she'd never be cold again. She took ahold of one hand.

   "Love. You. Warm."


   Opened your eyes the next morning to find Heather already awake, staring at you.

   "Morning, love," she said in a hoarse rasp.

   You sat up, surprised. Upon closer inspection you saw she'd changed a great deal again over night. Her wounds had vanished completely, there was more color in her eyes and her once white hair was now a shiny pale silver. You placed a hand to her forehead, as warm as your own. With the exception of her unhealthy pale skin, she could almost pass as human.

   "I... remember a bit more too. From before."

   Did that include a name? She giggled, which sounded more like a wheeze, then leaned in, resting her head on your torso.

   "I'm Heather."

   Well then, you guess that made you Warm.

   She smiled, the reached up for a kiss, "I love you, Warm."