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We want to talk about Bruno

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It had been both Bruno's and Emilia's sincere wish that the party ought to be informal.

There was no dress code. No long neat tables where people had to sit in silence for way too many long speeches.

No fine silverware or expensive china.

Instead, the garden of Casita was just open for anyone to drop in or out. There were tables with food for people to grab and enjoy.

Empanadas with beef, chicken, or potatoes. Warm Carimolas and lots of Arepa's with cheese, jam, cream, guacamole, salsa, or anything you could enjoy with the bread.

The table of savory food though was simply dwarfed by the table of sweets.

Rice pudding, sugar coated plumps, and papaya.

Custard. Chocolate cake. Lychee cakes, churros, pieces of dark chocolate, and multiple colorful arrangements of fruits.

As Alma had not been allowed to splurge on a fancy wedding for her son. It looked like she had gone for the food option instead. The only way she had been able to actually splurge.

It turned out pretty well though as the entire town, nosy and curious as ever, seemed to be dropping by at some point or another to congratulate the newlywed.

The big events weren't over though.

As people had loaded up on food, had settled around at either the smaller tables around the gardens or blankets that had been put out. The town minister as well as their priest arrived.

They approached Bruno and Emilia giving them both a handshake and a congratulation. And then there was Marcio, who wide-eyed looked up at them. Then grabbed Emilia's skirt as he shook lightly.

Bruno smiled lightly as he put a hand on Marcio's back, then looked up and nodded at the minister as they moved towards the family table near the food.

The minister opened his suitcase, pulled out some papers, and put them on the table.

Now multiple people had started to notice and they quieted as Bruno looked up and cleared his throat.

"Erhm… Excuse me. Can I have your attention? Please?" Bruno asked awkwardly.

It of course wasn't enough to get everybody quiet as he wasn't speaking very loudly.

No problem though. Bruno had a very loud spoken family and so Camilo just held up a silver tray and banged it with a spoon. "Yo! Attention please! Something big happened over here!"

Now everyone silenced, wide-eyed looking at Bruno, Emilia, Marcio, the minister, and the priest.

"Well… Ahem." Bruno tried again. Now with everyone's attention on him. "So erhm…" he tried. "I erh… Well." he looked up.

Emilia smiled amused then took Bruno's hand and squished.

Bruno glanced down, smiling a bit by the assurance and he looked. "Thank you all for coming," he said sincerely. "I have to admit that… I gave up on this dream a long time ago. I gave up the dream of a loving wife and a wonderful child. And that hurt… I did dream it. But I didn't dare hope. As it turns out though… I guess I should have known." he glanced down with a smile on his face. "This is a town of miracles."

People all smiled and chuckled amused.

"I have been so blessed." Bruno swallowed as he looked up. "Even with all my faults… And my mistakes. My family has shown me so much love. They were there for me. And helped me become someone I didn't even dare hope I could become…. And then… Then I met these two." Bruno looked at Emilia and Marcio.

"Emilia you…" Bruno tried. "You have accepted me for who I am. For my flaws and my shortcomings. Never have you pressured me or asked me to be anyone else. You just… Showed me so much love. When I am with you. Things just seem a little better. A little brighter." he stated. "And I can never thank you enough." he lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently. "I can't wait to spend every day of the rest of my life with you," he whispered.

Emilia's eyes watered and she sniffed.

"And… Marcio." Bruno looked at the seven year old. Then he inhaled. "When you first called me Papa. It was like… I couldn't even believe it. It was the greatest feeling. The greatest honor." he swallowed. "You are an amazing young man. You love your mama so much and I know you would do anything to protect her. I've seen it. I've also seen your smarts, your creativity. You brighten the world… You. Just like Emilia. Is a miracle and… As much as it is an honor to call Emilia my wife. It… It's an honor to call you my son. So." Bruno looked at the papers in front of him. Then he picked up a pen. "I… Bruno Madrigal." he put pen to paper. "Hereby take Marcio. To by my son." and he signed the papers, then handed the pen to Marcio.

Wide-eyed Marcio looked up at Bruno, his eyes wet.

Bruno smirked. "You sign this," he stated. "And you'll be Marcio Madrigal. Think carefully though." he winked. "You're never going to get rid of this family ever again. We are going to be there. For every celebration. For every birthday. When you are in trouble or if you just happen to be kind of angry for no reason. When you're happy we are going to celebrate and when you're sad. We're going to be asking you why… You ready for that?" he asked. "Becoming a Madrigal is forever!"

Marcio looked up. Then grinned as he grabbed the pencil and turned to the paper. And then finally… Signed his own name.

The moment he did there was a loud cheer as all the Madrigals just screamed, a big wave just went over the house of golden light like the day Mirabel had put in the final doorknob.

And then all the Madrigals just flooded Marcio. Marcio was picked up and carried by multiple hands as people cheered.


And people just shouted. "Hip Hip HURRAAAAI!" throwing Marcio up in the air and grabbed him again.

Marcio screamed in delight as he was thrown up and down and people laughed loudly.

The surprises were not over though. It wasn't long after that that a party goer came running out of the house.

"DOOR! There's a door! It just appeared! Door!"

Everyone gaped and rushed inside to true enough see… a new door. Swirling with golden magic. Unclaimed.

People gaped, Bruno as well. "What… I don't understand."

Mirabel grinned as she stepped up. "A gift from Casita," she informed. "To Marcio."

Marcio gaped as he stood in front of them all. "What?" he asked.

Alma smiled softly as she stepped forward. Putting a hand on Marcio's shoulder. "You are a Madrigal now," she informed. "Even Casita agrees."

"I'm… Huh?" Marcio asked and he looked up again. Then, his lip started to quiver. His eyes grew misty and he sniffed.

Bruno as well swallowed, yet another tear trickled down his face. And he had to wipe his face with a sleeve.

"Can… Can I see what it is?" Marcio asked in a whisper.

Bruno glanced down at Marcio then up at the door that stood up there at the top of the stairs, inviting them up. "I… I don't know… I…" he shivered.

"Tio Bruno it's going to be okay," Mirabel whispered. "Nobody is going to make the same mistakes with Marcio as they did with you. Casita just wants to give him a gift."

Bruno nodded as he swallowed, then took Marcio's hand. Emilia took her son's other hand. And slowly they made their way up the stairs. Alma followed behind them.

As Bruno, Marcio, and Emilia stood in front of the door Alma hurried into her own room and soon came out again carrying the magic candle. Smiling warmly at them.

Wide-eyed Marcio looked up at her.

"Marcio." Alma smiled warmly. "Casita has decided to give you a gift. Surely this speaks clearly. You are now a Madrigal." she informed. "The gift you will receive. Will be for you and you alone. You may decide to share in your gift. But never is it something you must do and always do you have a right to refuse. For it is you we care about. You who is our miracle. And we love you with or without any gift."

At that Bruno smiled warmly, really liking this change in Alma's speech.

"Touch the candle. And then open your door." Alma instructed. "Remember though… You are the true miracle. Marcio Madrigal."

Marcio swallowed, then sniffed as he reached forward and touched the candle. Then turned towards the door.

Everyone gasped as they seemed to hold their breath and Marcio touched the door. The magic started to swirl and change and then suddenly a portrait appeared of Marcio. Smiling while holding a paintbrush in one hand and pieces of paper seemed to fly all around him.

Marcio blinked and so did all the others as Marcio opened the door to reveal… A massive white room.

The floors, walls, and ceiling. All white. There was only one item in there breaking up the white… A paintbrush laying on the floor. It didn't look like anything special. the handle was dark green and the hairs of the brush head black. 

People gaped and Marcio blinked as slowly he walked in, then bowed down to pick up the paintbrush and held it in his hand.

Then Marcio's eyes widened as he ran to the bare white wall and moved the paintbrush across it, without using any paint at all, a golden butterfly was painted.

And then… The butterfly itself started to flap it wings as the drawing itself came to life and moved across the wall.

Everyone gaped, including Marcio who then grinned as he held up his hand and the butterfly escaped the wall now flying over the heads of all the gaping people.

Marcio grinned and then he started to paint even more. Butterflies of all colors, birds, and flowers were allowed to grow on their own, covering the white wall. And moved on their own.

Emilia's eyes watered as she clapped her hands and Bruno laughed.

"WOW!" Antonio laughed. "your gift is so cool! You get to make your own room!"

Marcio grinned as he turned to his now cousin while clutching his magic brush.

"And guess what guys?" Mirabel asked. "THE PARTY HAS BARELY EVEN STARTED! The sun isn't even down yet!"

That made plenty of people laugh as they poured back outside and filled up on their drinks, played up the music, danced, and ate. Well into the night and towards the next sunrise.

It was sure to be a day nobody in this Encanto was going to forget for a very long time.