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Shadows in the Cave

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She couldn't breathe. Actually, she was starting to think she would never be able to breathe again. Her world was crumbling to pieces around her, faster and faster, as she watched Jo press closer to Jack, Jo never touched him that way, and now - and now -


Allison wanted to turn and stumble back up the stairs, but all that waited for her up there was yet another child she didn't know. Her hand clutched convulsively at the railing, and the most coherent thought that passed fleetingly through her mind at that moment was:


I'm being punished. She'd come out of their trip to 1947 unscathed, with two healthy children and a new relationship to show for the experience. And Jo - Jo had watched someone she loved slip away from her, and now, it seemed, would she.


and isn't it ironic

don't you think?


She'd always hated that song.