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Yuuri was majorly fucked.

Phichit's self-proclaimed brilliant plan to steal the missing prince’s crown had backfired, completely ruining any chance he had of clearing his face off their shared wanted poster. What Phichit had assured him would be a grab and go instead turned into him having to hold on for dear life to a dead tree branch to not lose the satchel, effectively putting him in the position to topple to the bottom of a very steep hill. Not to mention the seemingly feral guard above him, who was actively trying to stamp his fingers in with his boots.

“Damn thief,” the teen shouted, “Just give me the satchel and I’ll consider not letting you fall!” Yuuri climbed to the edge of the branch, the kid’s boots and his fingers moving in tandem until only an inch of space was left.

“Are you really that desperate for a fucking crown?” The blond guard threateningly picked his boot up, rising just above his left hand.

Yuuri swallowed thickly. “Hey-- let's not do that please,” Yuuri pleaded, sweat clouding his eyes. “Maybe we could talk this out, you know, when I’m not hanging off a cliff. Have a chat on nice, solid ground.” He desperately prayed that Phichit would show up soon, as he would not be getting his precious crown if he waited any longer.

He loved his friend, but he was not dying for this. Especially not a crown that would only serve to incriminate him more than he already was.

It was supposed to be Phichit who did most of the work, the only reason Yuuri helped him was simply because he fit the weight restrictions on the bungee cord Phichit had bought to lower them down to get the crown. He had never understood why Phichit didn’t just return it for something with a better weight limit, but being that Phichit was a cheapskate, it probably had no refunds.

The teen huffed and squatted down to be somewhat on his level, giving Yuuri a closer look at the striking green eyes that were determined to drill holes in his face.

He paused before barking a laugh, turning to blow his blond hair out of his face. “Nice try, dipshit, but that’s not going to work. I--” A loud snap cut him off, matching looks of panic crossing both of their faces.

Next thing Yuuri knew, he was falling at terrifying speed towards the ground. He may have let out an embarrassingly loud shriek at the sheer velocity of the drop, his stomach was much closer to doing full out acrobatics instead of a flip.

He managed to peel his eyes open and look to his left, seeing the guard eye the torn leather satchel on his side. Yuuri had to give it to him, the kid was determined. Annoyingly so, but that’s not the point.

Just before the blonde could reach out the branch hit a large rock, splintering into two respective pieces and separating them.

Yuuri could only process the look of pure and absolute rage from the guard's face until he was tumbling into the thick foliage, groaning from the impact. A streak of mud tore down his shirt, ruining the garment for good. He struggled to stand, having to grip a tree to help himself up.

Yuuri had no clue how he was alive. Although, the reprecussions were clear through the pain that sliced through his leg while searching around for his glasses.

His left leg was stiff, and most definitely fractured in some form. He winced as he limped around the clearing, finding the blue frames of his glasses within a minute.

Surprisingly, they weren't fully broken, and only had a small crack in the right lens. He checked his satchel for the crown, sighing in relief when it was still there. If he ever saw him again, Phichit owed him more than half his share of the money.

Yuuri surveyed the area, accidentally finding a large tunnel hidden behind pieces of hanging fronds that blended into the mountain. It was fairly unexpected and had enough coverage for it to seem inconspicuous.

Hopefully, the blonde-haired guard wouldn’t find him here.

It was strange to see someone so young work as a palace guard, much less with such a high caliber skill level. The teen had been the only person in his squadron that managed to stay on his trail, the others behind him falling into disarray along the small path between the trees.

Yuuri could hear leaves crunching in the distance, his back pressing closer against the wall behind the hanging leaves.

“Come out asshole! I know you can hear me!” His assailants voice rang out far too close to his hiding spot for comfort. Yuuri’s muscles tensed, knowing that it was only a matter of time before he was caught if he stayed.

Quietly, he hobbled further inside the tunnel, running his hand along the wall for support. The sound of horses’ hooves grew fainter with each step while the light at the end of the tunnel grew brighter with the promise of temporary safety.

He desperately hoped that there wouldn’t be any other people at the other end, or miraculously more guards patrolling the perimeter.

Yuuri was going to throttle Phichit the next time he saw him.

The light was blinding the second he stepped out of the tunnel, making him squint and hide his face in the wall before daring to look again. He hesitantly peered to the side, only to gasp in awe of what he found.

A beautifully tall tower that was overgrown with plant life lay in front of him, seeming as if no one had been inside for years. Its purple roof was just shy of the tops of the mountains, framed by a fizz of water from the waterfall behind it.

Simply put, it was fucking gorgeous.

And obviously safe and secluded from any local law enforcement, so the small castle was already in his good books. Yuuri smiled to himself and slowly staggered his way over, huffing with exertion by the time his hand hit the soil-stained brick of the tower wall.

He was going to need to check out his leg sooner or later, but that was a problem that he would solve when he was in the castle. Gory things had always stressed him out ever since he was a child, so he would save himself from spiraling until he was fully safe and not in danger of falling off a tower.

Yuuri wasn’t quite sure how he was going to climb up the tower with a damaged leg, but he assumed he could manage to pull himself up by mainly using his arms.

(His upper body strength was shit, but he had no other ideas. He had already fallen once, what else did he have to lose)

Painstakingly, he managed to climb the tower by using mainly his hands, using the crevices and vines as footholds. Yuuri pulled himself up to the massive window, all but rolling onto the floor of the castle. He found it odd how flowers were kept outside on the windowsill, but he was too tired to care.

He hissed through his teeth as he stood up, grabbing onto the windowsill while he dug through his satchel. Slowly, he pulled the crystal crown worth more than all his organs combined out of the bag. Seeing the crown in his possession helped ease his conscience a little bit. He really didn’t want to lose it, no matter how much shit it put him through.

For once, Phichit actually needed something that he stole, more than just to use the money for his own leisure. Yuuri hopes that he can get back to him as soon as possible.

His husband, Chris, had been sick for the past few months, and it had gotten to the point that it is apparent that nothing short of a royal grade doctor could have the resources needed to heal him. And that was exactly what he was going to get. Yuuri would try his hardest to bring the crown back with him, even though he had no clue how such a simple operation had escalated to this point.

Of course, they probably could have stolen something much less important for more, but Phichit has always had a flair for dramatics.

Yuuri sighed and looked back at the tunnel he came from, glad to see that no guard had found it yet. He turned and looked at the well-furnished room in front of him, a content and tired smile crossing his face.

“Alone at last.”

A loud slap was the last thing he heard before he was out cold on the floor.