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The Color of your Khakis

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You woke up early in the morning. It was cloudy outside, and you were tired. “Ah, another day. Can’t wait to get bullied by the popular girls again at school.” You sighed, jumping out of bed and fixing up your hair. You tie your hair up into messy bun, you didn’t spend hours of time on your hair like other girls did. 

In fact, you never really enjoyed most of the activities that the other girls did anyways. Makeup? Solid pass. Cutesy dresses and high heels? Rather wear ripped jeans and old band T-shirt’s. It was rough for you, because you never felt like you fitted in with the others. Maybe that’s why you were bullied so harshly at school by the popular kids.

But if there was one thing keeping you going, it had to be your secret crush, Jake from State Farm. He attended your school, and you were in the same geometry class together. He was dazzling to look at, so charming and mysterious in all of his ways. Jake was kind, always wanting to help others whenever they had a problem. And his sexy khakis always made you blush whenever you walked by him in the hallways. His dark brown orbs always seemed to glitter in the light, his smile warm and comforting. Just thinking about him was making your face flush a light red, like the color of his shirt.

But you don’t have time to be thinking about your secret crush, it was early in the morning, you had to get ready for school! So you ate a granola bar and got changed quickly into a nice white button up shirt with a tattered MCR band tee over it. You put on some black dress pants, and clipped a red hairpin into your hair. The red color reminded you of your love for Jake.

Before you could gush about him anymore, you heard the bus coming down the street. You quickly grabbed your backpack and ran out the door, not bothering to say goodbye to your good for nothing parents, who constantly tried to sell you to One Direction for drug money. Luckily, after the incident where you bit Zane’s arm off, One Direction had a restraining order against you.

You walk out to the bus, going on it and sitting down into a seat. As you watched the scenery go by, you thought of the day where you would confess to your true love Jake from State Farm. Would he feel the same? Would he be disgusted with you and laugh at your face as your bullies join in with the laughter? No, he wouldn’t do that. Jake was too kind, to good to do such a thing.

The bus finally rolled into the school lot, and halted at the school doors. You walked out the bus, staring at the school’s entrance. You sighed, and walked in with your head hung low, keeping your gaze down at the floor.

You decided to take a different path to your locker today, hoping to avoid the bullies that would torment you every morning and afternoon. You never really knew why they would bully you, but if you had to take a guess, it would be because you dressed in emo clothes and enjoyed listening to Five Nights at Freddy’s music in public. Or maybe it was because you were perceived as a smaller, weaker kid who liked watching Steven Universe and anime. Whatever the reason was, only god knows. (But you were atheist.)

You halted in your path when you see the one person who bullied you every morning waiting for you at your locker, leaning up against it as he waited. His ginger hair and stubbly facial hair accompanied his dark grey blue orbs that darkened when he saw you. 

It was Ed Sheeran, and he looked mad.

Ed Sheeran had been bullying you all throughout your school life, ever since you accidentally smacked him with a ruler in the first grade. He would steal your money, shove you to the ground, or call you horrible names as you walked by him in the hallways. Judging by his angry expression, you probably would be getting shoved and yelled at today.

You nervously went up to your locker, unable to access the lock because of his body blocking it from you using it. “I-I need to get to my locker….” You nervously stuttered out, your fingers fidgeting as you looked up at the ginger. He chuckled darkly, and glared at you. “Make me.” 

You glanced around, and saw that a few other students were staring at the situation. Your hands trembled, but you tried to lightly push him aside. That was the wrong move to make apparently, because he stood his ground and shoved you hard onto the cold hallway floor. He cackled at you, as a few of the other students in the hallway did too. 

Laughter filled the halls, taunting you.

Your face burned with embarrassment.

Tears pinpricked your eyes, when you heard someones footsteps walking towards you. You kept your eyes to the ground, but paused your breathing when they kneeled down to your level. You didn’t know their intentions, maybe they were here to laugh at you further, like the other bullies. But you halted when they spoke aloud in a soft, comforting voice.

”Hey, are you alright there neighbor?”

 You looked at their shoes for a few moments, being a pair of jet-black dress shoes, and you slowly looked up to meet the dark brown orbs that glittered in light. Your eyes widened as your face no longer burned from just embarrassment. 

It was Jake from State Farm.