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One Absolutely Massive Thing

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What frightens Martin more than the free fall, more than all the warning lights flicking on one by one in the cockpit, is Douglas's reaction. He's shrieking, hurling commands as fast as Martin can react, but the extinguishers aren’t working and the second engine is still on fire and oh Christ, the fuel control won’t switch off. They're gliding with one engine still on fire. Martin gets on the satcom to call mayday mayday when there is a deafening bang. The nose pitches forward; Douglas is screaming Oh shit and Martin’s in control he’s in control with a tight grip on the control column, tries to keep them level, but the ground is rushing towards them and Martin’s crying out I’m sorry and Oh my God and I’m so sorry. He knows they won’t make it to the runway. He thinks that if he’s lucky, they’ll hit the water just right and at least, live. Please, he wants to live.


As Douglas is always quick to point out and would point out in these last few seconds if he wasn't busy praying to a long forsaken God; Martin is never that lucky.