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Buds and Roses

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Leaning back onto his blue sheets, he took a roll to his lips. He stared at the fake cheap glow in the dark stars that covered the older teen’s lived in bedroom ceiling. He sucked in the sweet taste of cannabis, filling his lungs full with air before he let it go and watched the smoke slowly fade to nothingness in his room.

After a long day it was nice to enjoy this in the wee hours of the morning. When the whole world was asleep, him in the process of being so tired he couldn't function and being so awake he couldn't process.

This was his bliss, his time, when the world was gone and Dean was truly happy.

 Dean pushed up his glasses as he panted over the toilet he just had his head shoved into. Gripping the toilet as the toilet water dripped down his face, the laughter of Uriel and Alastair enjoying their victory was high. Dean looked back lightly to watch them retreating out of the bathroom, before he picked himself off the floor.

Dean pushed open the door to the bathroom, coughing as he glanced around. The halls were empty as Dean pulled his bag over his shoulder. Dean shook at the cold feeling of the dirty water on his skin, rubbing a star pendant on his neck that soothed him. He always rubbed it when he needed comfort. Dean wiped his tears, sniffed as he moved to his locker. Putting in the combo, he pulled it open.

Water continued to drip from his hair, as he took off his glasses, setting them on a book in his locker. He collected the towel he had kept in his locker for this reason alone. Dean sniffed, his nose burned from the intruding water from earlier. Taking the hand towel, he slowly slid it over his wet skin.

He slowly moved it over his skin, his mind elsewhere as he stopped softly. His hands moved to the pendant on his neck, rubbing it slowly with a soft breath. He used one hand continuing to dry himself before tossing the towel back into his locker. He grabbed for his glasses, sliding them on, he no longer dripped but instead was damp. He stood quietly, his face cold, dark, almost unreadable as he angrily slammed his locker so hard it indented inward at the force as if hulk himself punched it.

A lighter lit right next to Dean. His cold green eyes turned towards the person who brought the lighter close to their face lighting a cigarette. They flipped the lighter closed, taking a deep drag before blowing out. Dean's eyes scanned the black boots, skinny jeans and the black leather jacket of the typically dressed punk rocker. He took note of the obvious disregard for smoking in school property, as his eyes ran up the tattoos, bulky body and piercing. Green eyes met the blue ones.

"Careful. That's not the strength of an omega. Now is it?" The punk smirked glancing the scrawny, shorter and thin teen up and down amused. "You're lucky, if anyone else saw that. They might know you only play an offensive stereotypical omega on TV."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dean asked rudely.

"...You know you haven't changed one bit since I first saw you. I expected a Cinderella turn around." The punk reached fingers out sliding them along the edge of Dean's face. "You know, ugly duckling to swan thing-" Dean smacked his hand away, pushing up his glasses on his face.

"Are you done, Castiel?" Dean snapped waving the smoke away from his face as he watched Castiel take a drag. "I have better things to do than be insulted."

"You shouldn't be rude to new students. It’s seriously a turn off." Castiel smirked as Dean grew angry.

"No. You can't be here!" Dean snapped.

"Sorry, toots. I got kicked out of my last three, and this is my last option. My parents think my mate will take my wild spirit," Castiel rolled his eyes at the notion, "plus...I missed you..." Dean was taken aback by the softness of his voice, looking away his aura calmed. "I know you missed me too."

Castiel's eyes trailed the rubbed raw metal pendant that had the letters carved on the front rendered unreadable after years of rubbing. Dean instantly moved to rub it softly as Castiel smiled softly at his unconscious action. He watched Dean's eyes trail to his bare neck, with slight concern but Castiel moved his bed head hair, revealing an angel wing earring.

"You turned our bond symbol into an earring?" Dean mumbled as Dean slowly reached out to touch it. Castiel was taken off guard by the touch, but his body leaned into it. Dean didn't pull away as Castiel's face nuzzled his hand. Castiel's hand covered Dean's holding it there.

"It kept getting caught on my clothes. I didn't want to break the only piece I have of our bond or my mate." Castiel stated as Dean felt him move closer, but Dean made no effort to move away. They were only children when they were arranged to be mated. Five and six years old. Of course the traditional ways of sex and marking ones mate were out of the question. Since status and maturity were hugely stacked against them, they had exchanged the pieces of jewelry they had worn since birth and the ceremony to mate their souls made them connected. Leaving the physical and not so physical symbol of them, a symbol of their soul and being. Dean was given a star; Castiel was given an angel wing.

Since the ceremony, they hadn't seen or interacted with each other. But... the feeling of missing half of your being... of missing someone you didn't know... just touching the symbol of their bond made it so much easier on them both.

Dean didn't realize when it happened but when he realized Castiel had Dean softly pressed against the lockers. Dean looked up from the floor he had realized he was looking at.

"My beautiful omega." Castiel breathed sliding a hand over Dean's damp cheeks. His eyes met Castiel's as for a moment Dean fancied the idea of kissing him. The idea of his mate, tenderly holding him, making him feel at easy. When Castiel had lowered himself to kiss Dean, Dean lightly turned his head away.

"You don't even know me." Dean breathed. "This is just our connection. Our biology telling us to love each day we will unite the kingdom and produce an heir but we still have high school...and till then since it isn't obvious you'd probably be better off here pretending I don't exist like everyone else." Castiel pulled back as the bell rang, people walked the halls buzzing around them. Looking around, Castiel took a drag of his cigarette, turning to look at Dean but Dean was gone. Castiel stared at the empty spot his mate once occupied blowing out the smoke from his lungs.







 Dean pushed up his glasses as he walked down the steps, heading towards classroom 1D. He walked quickly, as he pulled open the class door. The familiar teacher looked up while taking off his reading glasses.

"Judging by your obvious demeanor, I assume Castiel found you." The teacher rubbed his temples ready for the verbal communications to follow.

"You didn't you tell me he was coming? Why did you let him?!" Dean frowned. "You are my older brother, Sam. You should have had my back."

"Castiel's trouble. You aren't trouble. Of course his family wants him close to his mate. Just being near him should tone him down. Alphas are more aggressive and out of control without their mates close. They hope having you close will be enough. Maybe enough for him to actually attempt to graduate." Sam sighed. "Plus you two are at an age where heat’s needs should be met." Sam hinted awkwardly.

"Are you hinting I have sex and get knocked up with a stranger?" Dean crossed his arms.

"He's not a stranger. He's your mate." Sam scratched under his chin.

"I met him once when I was five. We were soul bound mated and then we were whisked back to our own countries." Dean stated. "He's a stranger."

"Dean." Sam sighed.

"Look, this affects me too! How do you think it feels wanting to kiss someone, be held by a stranger?" Dean snapped. "But I was promised till my eighteenth birthday a normal life and I intend to have it." Dean stormed out as Sam sighed rubbing his temples harder.








 Dean walked quickly, trying to be invisible. Invisible. Dean had never to tried to do that. It was like he never existed to be invisible in the first place. He felt an arm wrap around his shoulder as someone yanked his shoulders close.

"Deano!" Dean recognized the owner of the voice as a senior classmate, Gabriel Montoya. An alpha in his own right, Gabriel was one of those sort of popular kids whom everyone liked. He could easily move throughout the groups, never hanging in one particular group. He looked more like an eighty’s reject then anything. Gabriel pushed his glasses onto his head. "What's up, my main man?"

Dean pulled off his backpack. Digging through it Dean handed Gabriel two books and a notebook.

"All of your homework for the next three weeks." Dean stated as Gabriel gladly accepted the homework.

"Sweet, man, hey, you didn't-" Gabriel started.

"You should get a b minus on all those." Dean stated as Gabriel smiled. "I got a couple wrong on purpose."

"My man!" Gabriel smiled happily as he dug one of his hands into his pocket and patted Dean's chest with the other. A small rolled up ziplock bag in the hand he patted him with. "Your payment as always. Even added a few more nugs for your awesomeness."

Dean scrambled to hide the bag, shoving it into his bag. Frowning at Gabriel's obvious disregard for hiding something Dean tried to keep private.

"So, I got the piece you wanted." Gabriel continued following Dean still holding his arm around him. "Glass pipe that looks like a starry night. Nice piece my friend. Made sure my friend took extra care since I consider you a friend."

"You consider everyone your friend." Dean rolled his eyes.

"You're a friend worth having." Gabriel stated. "Listen, I'm looking for about hundred for the piece."

"Hundred? Gabriel, I only have sixty." Dean sighed.

"Fortunately for you, I am willing to cut that in half." Gabriel smiled, as Dean gave him a suspicious look.

"What’s the catch?" Dean asked.

"Just got to be my go to information on your brother." Gabriel mumbled.

"Seriously, you still got a crush on him?" Dean scoffed.

"That's between me and Mr. Winchester." Gabriel brushed it off. "Is it a deal or not?"

"Okay." Dean stated handing him some money, as Gabriel pulled out a decent sized bag. Taking it carefully Dean slid it into his case.

"Don't want to check out the goods Winchester?" Gabriel asked.

"I'll check it out when I get home. Some of us actually don't like broadcasting our smoking habits." Dean stated.

"There is no shame in weed." Gabriel mentioned as Dean rolled his eyes.

"Well, this has been magical-" Dean moved to walk away when a hand on his chest stopped him.

"What’s Sam's favorite flower?" Gabriel asked as Dean sighed.

"Forget-me-nots. They are his favorite. Used to always say that he'd fall head over heels for a guy who’ll know that." Dean stated as Gabriel patted his chest.

"Good man. Good man." Gabriel put his sunglasses down. "I'll text you if I need anything else."

"You always do." Dean stated as he watch Gabriel leave.








 Dean made sure to avoid his "other half" throughout school, and was finally happy to make it home. He had been ignoring texts and calls from his brother, as he walked up to their quiet suburban home. Pulling out his keys, a small elephant charm hanging from them, he pushed the door open.

He was expecting to come home to the usual silence but something drowned the sound of his headphones. The sound of loud metal music. Dean pulled his headphones off. Pausing as he quietly set his bag down. He walked towards the spare bedroom, without grabbing a weapon which he most likely should have. Being a young omega and all.

But he didn't. He slowly moved into the room, the door creaked at his movement, startling the intruder inside. An arm came flying back towards him and Dean instantly gripped it. Twisting the arm, he kneed the intruder in the side of his chest. The man groaned as he grabbed for Dean's shoulder, slamming his face towards the wall. The man was strong. He twisted Dean's arm back as he held Dean's face towards the wall so roughly it knocked off his glasses, but it didn't stop Dean. Dean kicked back, turning, once free he punched the man straight in the face. Dean panted as he waited for the next attack, looking in vain with his shitty vision. Watching a blur pick itself off the floor. Dean panted swallowing in nerves, as a laugh drew his attention.

"That's the boy I remember. Headstrong, take no shit, confident kid." The voice Dean recognized as he relaxed softly.

"Castiel?!" Dean growled, as Castiel chuckled wiping his bloody nose as he held out Dean's glasses. Dean snatched them and slid them on. Seeing the punk kid with a bloody nose, he held his nose laughing. "What the ever living fuck-"

"Did you see yourself? You completely kicked my ass!" Castiel laughed happily. "That's the Dean I remember, not this submissive omega shit."

"Excuse me?" Dean scoffed.

"You used to lead me to different places, be extremely loud and adventurous." Castiel chuckled. "I remember the night of our soul mating you lead me down that aisle with such confidence."

"Things change." Dean stated as Castiel stood before him.

"That doesn't change! God... What have they done to make you so meek?" Castiel asked.

"As an omega, it is my personality and attitude to be meek and submissive." Dean stated, crossing his arms but Castiel rolled his eyes.

"That is the biggest horse shit I have ever heard!" Castiel snapped.

"Whatever! Why the hell are you here?!" Dean changed the subject.

"I live here now." Castiel flopped into the bed, his head resting back on his arms.

"No." Dean stated annoyed. "You can't live here!"

"Listen. As much as I loved hearing literally the almost same conversation from earlier…" Castiel flipped back on his stereo as screaming men came on looking through a magazine on his nightstand. Dean groaned as he rolled his eyes walking away, grabbing his stuff he stormed to his room. He shoved back his headphones blasting whatever song he was currently on and plopped back onto the bed sighing.

Listening to the sounds of soft rock drown out screaming music. He bit his lip happily, before pulling out his starry night piece, examining the work that had gone into it. It was beautiful. Well worth the asking price. He unrolled his bag as he stuffed the glass pipe, taking great care with it. Before stuffing the rest into his side drawer, he leaned back onto the bed. His curtains closed, his room only lightly glowed on the ceiling from the cheap stars. Dean took his first hit, looking up at the cheap glow in the dark stars. He felt so absorbed into he just let himself drift away in thought watching the smoke leave his nose and fade into nothing. 









 Dean wasn't sure when sleep hit him lying up awake till the wee hours, but when he woke, he was curled into sheets, that were a bit different then he remembered. He slowly opened his eyes, expecting to see his stupid old lunchbox on his nightstand he used to hold his pieces. Only when he realized he was staring at white walls and a empty nightstand did he realize...this...wasn't his room. He heard a soft snore, as a arm slid around his stomach, lips softly pressed against his neck as the owner of it snored deep asleep.

Dean Winchester was currently being spooned by the disheveled black hair, boxers and white tank top Castiel Novak. God did he hate himself for wanting to just curl back into his touch to sleep. Castiel's body noticed his presence. Castiel on the other hand was too asleep to know Dean was even there. Dean slowly moved Castiel's hand away from Dean's stomach, as Dean slowly pulled his himself from his mate. Dean was going to save himself the embarrassment of Castiel waking up to Dean having slept walked into his bed.

Dean slowly and quietly exited Castiel's room, looking around before sneaking back to his room, thankful for that to go unnoticed.


  "Well Dean if you would have listened to your messages-" Sam sighed that morning as Dean helped Sam carry supplies to his classroom at six am.

"You couldn't have told me in person." Dean snapped.

"You'd kill me in person. Look he's from a different country. He has nowhere else to go." Sam stated.

"Could have warned me my mate would be that close." Dean mumbled annoyed.

"How cute, you called him your mate!" Sam teased as Sam went to unlock his classroom door as he spotted a big bouquet of forget-me-nots on the floor. Sam softly picked them up, reading the card he smiled to himself. "From your secret admirer?"

Dean gave the flowers a knowing look as Sam blushed to himself, before opening the door and heading inside.

 Dean closed his locker carrying his books and chemistry homework in his hand, as Alastair walked on by shoving the books out of Dean's hand. Everything went everywhere. Dean sighed leaning down to collect it as the halls emptied. His fingers slid carefully over all the pages he was trying to collect his stuff when a hand moved collecting one of the papers. Dean looked up to see Castiel who slid his tongue over his lip ring, helping him pick up.

"You shouldn't help me." Dean stated.

"Oh? Is that a crime now?" Castiel asked as Dean gave him a look.

"Look, I'm trying to help you out. We still got two years before high schools over-" Dean started as Castiel frowned and stood up.

"Why are you acting like you have an infectious disease. You are just being bullied. You are just letting it happen. The Dean I remember would have handled them." Castiel was cut off as Dean stood moving past him.

"You knew me for a week when we were five. Stop acting like you know me." Dean snapped as he pushed past Castiel heading towards his classes. Castiel grabbed for his wrist, yanking Dean back towards him, Dean held his breath as he was shoved back against the locker. Castiel looked into his eyes, their faces inches apart. Dean was expecting their lips to meet as Castiel slid his fingers down the side of Dean's face.

"You think I don't know you?" Castiel breathed against his lips.

Dean shivered as he watched Castiel lean in wondering if he would be able to control himself from wanting more. The first intimate thing since they mated? God, Dean might actually tear his clothes off from a single kiss. Dean softly watched Castiel leaned forward, but their lips never met. Instead Castiel nuzzled their noses together, slow and soft. Dean's heart sped up at that moment, god that might have been better than a kiss. Dean softly nuzzled back remembering their soul mating.







The two five year olds stood next to each other in adorable tiny suits. Castiel was so shy, already crying and scared, gripping onto Dean's little hand during the whole soul mating. He hated being the center of attention which brought up his anxiety and made him cry. Dean didn't let go as they listened to the priest reading them the passage.

"A loving gesture will seal this bond, forever lasting. Dean will you touch Castiel?" The priest asked softly. Dean blinked at Castiel while Castiel tensed as he watched Dean softly touch his face. Running his hand softly on the side of his face as Castiel melted into it. Pulling Castiel close, Castiel had forgotten there was a room full of people watching them. As Dean softly leaned in, softly nuzzling their noses together. Dean giggled at the touch which brought Castiel to calm and giggle as well. They stood there just holding each other as they were bonded by that one touch.










Dean softly smiled happily looking into Castiel's eyes for what Castiel felt like was the first time since he arrived. They chuckled to each other as Castiel softly pulled away.

"Why on earth did you pick that to seal our mating?" Castiel chuckled.

"Because elephants rub noses." Dean softly blushed as Castiel smiled softly. Cupping Dean's face he leaned his forehead against Dean's.

"God, you know I love the shit out of you right?" Castiel murmured, as Dean went deep red and slowly nodded.

"I. I- I know..." Dean blushed as Castiel kissed Dean's forehead softly pulling back. Dean didn't move for a few minutes as he slowly cleared his throat. "W-we should go to class, romeo."

"You go ahead. I'm going to get a smoke in before class." Castiel stated already lighting it. "I'll be there in a bit."

"..." Dean smiled at him softly. " want to have lunch with me today?" Dean asked so softly that Castiel blushed.

"I'd... Love to." Castiel smiled as Dean started down the hall, Castiel watched him turn the corner. As he silently fist bumped the air. Happy that Dean slightly was trying to be friendly. Suddenly a loud scream made Castiel bolt towards his mate, Castiel dropped the smoke as he rushed around the corner. He stopped when he watched Dean being held in the air by his throat, kicking violently as he choked out a coughing noise. The man that held him made Castiel pale, his hand lightly shook.

The man lowered Dean to glance over Dean's bare unmarked neck, with amusement. Before glancing at Castiel with a smirk.

"You left your king open." The man chuckled. "I guess you should follow your own advice on not having weaknesses." The man smirked as Dean clawed at the man’s hand.

"Put him down." Castiel growled territorial.

"He's so cute, your little omega." The man turned Dean in his hand checking him out. "I can see why you love him so much."

"I swear to god, Gordon!" Castiel hissed. "If you hurt him-"

"Oh. I'm not going to hurt him. That would be too easy. I'm going to hurt you so much worse." Gordon smirked as he lowered Dean enough to ram his teeth into Dean's shoulder blade. Dean screamed in pain as Gordon bit to the bone, blood pouring to the floor. Castiel tackled him knocking Dean out of his hand. Dean collapsed into the lockers like a rag doll, his heart pounding as he touched his bitten claiming mark. Castiel shoved Gordon into the lockers so pissed he was shaking.


"Shit." Gordon breathed out as Dean's vision went black and he passed out.








 "It’s called claiming rights." Sam sighed as he examined Dean's wound. Dean sat on the nurses table, cradling his neck. Tears sliding down his cheek. "It’s a medieval practice, now illegal for such reasons as this. As two alphas claim one mate. It is a very serious and cruel action. The omega is then forced to decide which alpha they will take...or die."

"Die?" Dean sucked in tears sliding down his face.

"Yes, since one claimed your soul and the other claimed your body. Your body will start fighting itself. Like it has a pathogen. Seeing both sides as a threat to oneself and the future children it will produce. You have time only till your birthday to decide your mate."

"Th-that's only a month and a half..." Dean looked down as Gordon who was glaring at Castiel from the other side of the room and could feel the tension as Castiel spoke.

"Obviously, Dean picks me. He isn't going to pick some asshole with a vendetta." Castiel scoffed.

"Hey, I just assumed you were planning to mate him, not that you already MATED him." Gordon defended. "I thought this would be the sweetest revenge. Mating your true love."

"Well now you've done nothing more than speeded up our official mating." Castiel scoffed. "Come on Dean."

"You're not going anywhere with him." Gordon puffed out his chest. "He's my mate and-"

"YOUR mate?! That's rich seeing you are a complete stranger-" Castiel growled.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU." Dean growled causing both his mates to go silent. "I AM NOT YOURS. I AM NO ONES. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

"D-Dean-I-I-..." Castiel started but Dean put a hand up.

"Since this is MY life we are talking about. Who I choose will be because I WANT to be mated to them. Not duty. Not because they want it. Because I want it. Okay?" Dean sniffed tears down his face.

"Then...who do you decide?" Gordon asked.

"Neither one of you." Dean snapped. "I know people on the bus better than I know you two. I have a month and a half left of my shitty stupid life here and I choose to do it with some fucking pride." Dean moved to storm off but Castiel grabbed his arm. Dean turned looking at him with tears, as Castiel looked at him heartbroken.

"Please.. Give us a chance..." Castiel breathed. "Decide your birthday officially, but let us...try...please...I...can't lose you..." Dean listened to his pleas, as Dean's face softened.

"Fine." Dean breathed out. "I will allow you both to try till my birthday to woo me but my decision will only be given on my birthday and if I decide to remain unmated and die. I will."

"That's fine. Perfect even." Castiel kissed his hand nuzzling it, as Dean hesitantly pulled his hand away and he disappeared out of the room and out the front doors.