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Maurice - ficlets

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Maurice no longer slept uneasily. He knew that he was loved and that pretence and lies were no longer necessary. And with this knowledge had come peace. Once he had thought that the only reasonable end to his agony and struggle was death. But now his every living hour was illuminated with his love for life.

He often found that whenever he and Alec were separated, his thoughts would keep returning to Alec. Embodying as he did love, Alec could heal all hurts and wounds that were the results of Maurice’s fears and doubts. As nature and social law had been so cruel as to impose a severe celibacy on him for so long, he had fought for freedom and achieved it. But only because Alec had supported him. He trusted to Alec his weakness and secrets.

Confidence demanded that the last door of his heart should be unclosed and revealed to his friend. Ever since Maurice had come into this world his heart had been an enigma that he himself could not solve. But for every hour spent with Alec he could glimpse more and more of the elusive solution.

All of the sudden he felt a little low and lonesome. Alec had not yet come home from his trip to the village. It was not fear for Alec never to return but simply the fact that Maurice found it hard to breathe freely whenever they were separated.

Maurice had soon realised that the love he felt for Alec was different than his love for Clive. He had been willing to give Clive everything. His past, his future and his whole being. But Clive had not accepted the gift presented to him. Instead he had enslaved Maurice with his neglect. In this was the great difference between Alec and Clive. Alec recognised the splendour of the gift and in return had given freedom and love.


And now every object which other people, and indeed in the past Maurice himself, usually pursued – honour, high position and wealth – seemed vain and unattractive.