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The Rise of the Drackens

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Author: StarLight Massacre


Title: The Rise of the Drackens


Rating: R


Warning: Slash, violence, moresome, language, blood, Mpreg, creature fic.


Pairing: Originally Draco/Harry/Blaise is now Draco/Harry/Blaise/OMC/OMC


Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Harry Potter; all rights go to J. K. Rowling. I make no money for this piece of fictional writing and never will.


This chapter was adopted from Beautiful Kaos on Fanfiction. Net and was originally called Dragon Kind. The Dracken concept is hers, not mine; I’ve just fiddled about with it. This first chapter is made up of bits and pieces of the first chapter she wrote before putting her story up for adoption, I have tweaked it and added a lot to it, but the underlying plot for this one chapter is hers. Everything after this one chapter is mine.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

The Rise of the Drackens.

Chapter One – Welcome to Dracken Life

Harry James Potter woke up slowly, languidly, in the early hours of the morning on his sixteenth birthday, not knowing what had woken him up, but he found out soon as he realised some very surprising, unexpected and, quite frankly, shocking changes.

The first thing his groggy mind, that was still clinging to the last remnants of sleep, made him aware of was his changed eyesight. Everything was so perfectly clear, even in the near darkness of the early morning. He had never seen with such startling clarity before, even with his glasses on and now the dim box bedroom of number four Privet Drive was like a whole new experience to the young wizard.

The tiny dust motes floating in the air, the individual strokes of paint on the bedroom walls, the specks of dirt on the carpet, he could see it all. Colours, he noticed, were more vibrant and there was so much more to everything, every colour, every shape, every pattern. He never knew there were so many shades of white before. His eyesight was better than any human could hope to achieve.

After staring for twenty minutes at the pattern the wood grain made in his battered, second hand, dresser Harry figured he had better see what other changes he might have gained whilst he had been sleeping. Hopefully they were as wonderful as his new found eyesight.

After listening for a few silent minutes to check to make sure that the Dursleys were still asleep, he tip-toed down the hall to the bathroom. Upon entering the cool, tiled room he could only stare in shock at the reflection staring back at him in the mirror. The boy in the mirror was about five foot five, a little taller than he’d been when he’d gone to sleep. His face was not as round any more, but thinner. He had high cheekbones, a thin nose that was placed neatly over full lips. His eyes were a deep emerald green framed by long, sooty lashes. His hair was pure silk, cascading down to the middle of his back like an inky black waterfall, which was also very new, there was no way the Dursleys wouldn’t notice that his hair had grown several inches overnight.

His body was still slender, but he was a little more shapely than he’d been. His waist was pulled in under his rib cage and his hips were bigger and more rounded than they had been before. He had strong, long legs, and a pert bum. His skin was perfectly smooth and unblemished. Not a freckle or scar marred the ivory flesh and that was new too. Every scar he’d had when he’d gone to sleep the night before was gone…all of them bar one, the lightning bolt on his forehead, and there’d been quite a few of them too. But now, with them all gone, with all of the other changes, he was beautiful and that wasn’t a word that he would have every picked to refer to himself before.

After stripping off his clothes to get a better look at himself, Harry peered once more into the mirror. He could hardly believe the reflection in the mirror was actually him. He twirled around before a glint of something caught his eye. He looked closer; trying to see what it was that had caught his attention. He gasped loudly partly in shock, partly in horror as he caught sight of what had caught the overhead light. Scales! He had hundreds of tiny scales on his skin!

They were small, white scales, so perfectly blended in with his pale skin that he could barely tell that they were there at all. After looking closer he saw that the scales were all over his body. They started at the top of his neck and went down his shoulders and back. They continued on down his bum and his legs. They glittered on his chest and stomach as well, reflecting the harsh bathroom light.

The scales did not cover every inch of him, but were in some sort of intricate, random design. Looking at his face he saw that there were scales there as well, but they were so much smaller than the others that they were easily missed or over looked unless you knew that they were there. They were on his forehead, circling the lightning bolt scar but not actually going near it, and they speckled over his cheekbones, flowing over the bridge of his nose like a masquerade mask. Looking closer Harry also spotted the scales on his chin, neck and they were even on his ears! He couldn't believe it; this had to be some sort of weird, realistic dream.


‘What the hell am I?’ He wondered in slight panic. ‘Maybe I'm some sort of snake or lizard, perhaps a dragon? Do I actually have wings or anything?’


No sooner he had finished that particular thought when he felt an agonising, searing pain in his back. He fell to his knees and gasped as quietly as he could, so that he didn’t wake his relatives, as he felt a strange weight upon his shoulders after a ripping sensation and a warm liquid gushed down his bare back.

Glancing fearfully up into the mirror he saw there were indeed wings sprouting from his back, they were attached to him by thin, but solid protruding bones that started at the base of his neck joined up with his shoulder blades and merged with the middle of his rib cage to support the huge wings on his back. He was bleeding heavily and the wings were covered thickly in blood and a mucous like membrane.

The patches of the leathery white wings that were clean of blood were covered in the same white scales as the rest of his body, only they were larger, more easily seen and had ridges that could be felt where the scales on his face and his body were completely smooth to the touch. Harry stared in awe at the beautiful appendages he had just gained. They were almost as tall as he was. He flexed them carefully, experimentally, wanting to get used to the feel of them. He stretched them out as wide as they would go, being mindful of the bathroom appliances and the light fixture above him. He made a rough estimate that his wing span was probably about eleven or twelve feet.


‘I wonder if I can fly with these. It would be so much better than flying on a broom. I wonder if I can get them to go away as easily as they come.’


The wings immediately receded into his back with just a thought and a slight twitch to his back muscles. Thankfully without as much pain as calling them out had caused him.


‘I'd better get back to my room before the Dursleys get up. I really don't want to deal with them right now. I just want to get my things ready.’ Harry thought to himself as he redressed and padded back to his bedroom. ‘Thank Merlin I don't have to spend another night in this house. I don't know why I was sent back here in the first place. Voldemort is gone now and the Death Eaters are all in Azkaban. Well, most of them anyway and I would be just as safe in the Leaky Cauldron.’


Back in his room, dressed once more in his too large clothing, Harry decided to do some self-research. He wanted to know what sort of creature he had become. So getting out all of his books on magical creatures he flipped through them all until finally in the last and the thickest of the books, one that Hagrid had given him the year previous as a birthday present, he found a short excerpt that could possibly explain his creature inheritance to him.


Drackens (Or Dragon Kind.)


Drackens are a rare breed of magical creature. They are believed to be nearly extinct with the number of the creatures’ population dropping significantly as more Drackens choose to breed with humans to avoid detection, causing the bloodline to dilute and eventually die out.

The drop in Dracken populace can also be accounted to wizards, who hunt Drackens for their blood, organs and scales which are useful for certain potions, rituals and spells.

Drackens have been classed as dark creatures since the eighteen-forties by the British, American, Asian and European Ministries of Magic and have consequently been deemed as a dangerous threat to civilised society.

There are rumoured to be less than a hundred living Drackens worldwide, though it is unclear if this number is accurate as Drackens have become adept at hiding their defining characteristics making it easier for them to blend in with human beings.


‘Interesting. I wonder if there are any Drackens at Hogwarts. Surely I'm not the only one. But then again if there are so few worldwide...’  Harry shook off those morbid thoughts and turned back to the book.


There are two kinds of Drackens. The dominant Dracken and the submissive Dracken. Or the Alpha Dracken and Beta Dracken.

Dominant Drackens, or the Alpha Dracken as some cultures have come to know them as, are ninety-eight percent of the time males. There have been only two reported and proven cases of a dominant female Dracken. Dominants are always much larger and more vicious than their submissive counterparts. This is to protect their submissive and any offspring they might have.

 Dominant Drackens are very possessive of what they deem is theirs and are very territorial, most likely due to the dragon blood in their veins. A dominant Dracken will be at his most vicious and dangerous when his submissive is in heat, is pregnant or is nesting. Any threat to his submissive or his young will be removed as quickly as he is able to do so.

Dominant Drackens appear to be outwardly cold and cruel. It is only with his submissive and his young that he will show any tenderness. But even then the dark side of the Dracken will show through as a dominant Dracken will still be rough, unknowing of his own strength.

 A dominant Dracken will punish his submissive if he feels the submissive has done wrong, though he will never cause his submissive any permanent harm as a Dracken, like their dragon counterparts, is a very vain and prideful creature and having a beautiful, flawless submissive will be a source of great pride for a dominant.

The dominant counterpart is the submissive Dracken, or Beta Dracken, who are typically female, though there have been several reported submissive male Drackens; none have been verified as their dominant partners have always hidden them away before verification can take place.

Submissive male Drackens, like dominant females are exceptionally rare. It is a rumoured belief that submissive male Drackens are perfectly capable of carrying and giving birth to young, but it is assumed that this is only possible if the submissive Dracken breeds with a dominant Dracken as it has been tested and verified that copulating with a human male blocks a submissive Drackens natural breeding cycle, resulting in the Dracken becoming barren and unable to conceive a child. This is not true however of the dominant Dracken, who is fully able to impregnate a human woman, or man, if he so chooses. The male submissive and the female dominant are anomalies and without further proof we are unable to separate fact from fiction on whether or not submissive males can impregnate humans like their dominant male counter parts or if dominant females turn barren when breeding with a human like their submissive female counterparts.

Though submissive Drackens are smaller than their dominant counterparts, they can be just as dangerous if provoked, nearly ninety percent of documented deaths caused by a submissive Dracken were over the Dracken’s offspring being threatened or harmed. A submissive will rarely kill for their dominant as, exactly like their dragon ancestors, the dominant male is expected to take care of himself and his family, it is a submissives job to protect the young and not her dominant.

A submissive may, in some cases, have more than one dominant mate. A powerful submissive Dracken requires more than one dominant to impregnate her for the conception to take up; it is unclear as to why, as the Drackens are so few in number that nearly all of them hide themselves away as a safety precaution.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens are extremely durable, adaptable and notoriously hard to kill. Because of their tough skin most spells will not affect a Dracken and their scales are highly reflective, allowing spells to just bounce right off of them. The only exception is the killing curse, Avada Kedavra.

Drackens are also reported to be allergic to salt water, which with prolonged exposure can cause the skin of a Dracken to become irritated and inflamed. Though the allergy is not deadly, it can cause serious harm including; itching, burning, boils and if in contact with the eyes of a Dracken for any extended period of time can cause blindness.


The characteristics and features of a Dracken include:



Dominant Drackens have scales covering approximately fifty to sixty percent of their body, excluding their wings which are covered entirely with scales just one inch apart from one another. The dominant will have darker, coloured scales ranging from black to dark reds, blues, greens and purples etcetera.

Submissive Drackens have scales covering approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of their body. A submissive Dracken’s wings are also entirely covered with scales an inch apart from one another, but the submissive Dracken differs from the dominant because a submissive Dracken’s scales will start out solidly white and will, with time, change to reflect the colour(s) of their dominant(s).



A dominant Dracken’s wings are large and powerful, much like the dominant Dracken is himself, spanning up to twenty-five feet in length depending on how old, how tall, how heavy (and/or) powerful the Dracken is. Dominants will display their wings for a potential mate. The larger the wings, the more impressive they'll be to a submissive.

A submissive Dracken’s wings are not as large as their dominant counterpart, spanning out at approximately thirteen or fourteen feet at most. This is most probably because the submissive Dracken is smaller and lighter than a dominant and also because the submissive does not need her wings to entice a dominant mate to her.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens can use their wings for flight and can travel for long distances and at great heights without the need to stop for rest or without the worry of altitude sickness.



Both dominant and submissive Drackens have fangs and claws, though these will be considerably bigger on the dominant Dracken. The fangs and claws are usually kept sheathed until needed for killing, hunting or protecting. Both are large and deadly, but a submissive Dracken’s claws are very acidic. This acid is secreted in the nail beds and can coat the claws in seconds; the acid is so corrosive just a few swipes can burn a medium sized hole through a human body.


Breeding Cycles:

Submissive Drackens go into heat several times a year, but despite this it is believed that there are only two periods of time in a single year in which a Dracken can be impregnated.

Breeding cycles vary with each submissive, but the most common time for a Dracken to become pregnant is in the winter. The average range of days for a submissive Dracken to be in heat is ten days in which a dominant Dracken will breed his submissive almost continually to ensure the largest possible number of offspring. Neither the dominant nor submissive will feed during this time of continuous mating.



The gestation period of a submissive Dracken is approximately seven months, during this time the dominant Dracken will be so severely protective of his submissive that he will rarely let her out of his sight and he will not let anyone near her, not even family members, the only exception to this is if the submissive Dracken has more than one dominant mate, in which case, only the other Dracken will be allowed near her.

 It is believed that in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing strongly the dominant Dracken will need to share his fluids with his submissive. He will do this by kissing his mate to share his saliva, touching to share his sweat, ejaculating into his mate to give his semen and feeding his blood to his mate and child.

Symptoms of Dracken pregnancy include; Nausea, irritability, dizziness, sensitivity to cold, craving raw meat and accidental magical outbursts. When close to birthing the submissive Dracken will feel a need for high, dark places. Once the submissive finds/makes a suitable 'nest' they will stay there until after the birth.



A submissive Dracken will give birth alone. The dominant(s) will not be permitted entry to the nest until after the birthing is over. A submissive will give birth to between one and seven or eight young or 'chicks' as they have been labelled by the Ministry. Once the birth is over and the new mother has nursed the chicks, the Father(s) will be allowed to enter the nest. The chicks will nurse for twelve weeks before becoming mature enough to be weaned if the Mother so wishes it.


Harry closed the book, having read the small section through several times. He swallowed heavily and placed the book down with his quivering hands. He now had so many questions and absolutely no way to find out the answers and no one that he could ask about it.


‘I'm a submissive Dracken.’ He thought detachedly, willing his hands to keep still as they shook continually. ‘I’m going to have a dominant Dracken as a mate; I’ll be expected to give birth to Dracken young.’


Harry breathed evenly and deeply to dispel the raising bout of panic that was causing him to hyperventilate. He had gone to sleep as a human; he had woken up as a submissive Dracken. A male submissive Dracken, which were thought to be mere legends and not actually real.


‘It's okay. I can handle this. It's not completely horrible.’ He coached himself, trying not to make any noise as he walked to his window to watch the world in the early morning light.


‘I think I could enjoy being a Dracken. Of course, I’ll never be able to tell anyone what I am. There's no one I'd trust with something as life altering as this. Except maybe Remus. Do Drackens and werewolves get along with each other or are they like werewolves and vampires. They must do, after all Remus was friends with Mum and Dad and they had to have been Drackens to have made me. I wonder if anyone knew about them being Drackens. Probably not. Well if my parents didn't tell Remus then maybe I shouldn't either.’


Harry sighed at the prospect of keeping this from Remus, the man who had been his rock these past few months following Sirius’ death. Thinking of Sirius made Harry wonder if his Godfather had known about his Mum and Dad being Drackens. Sirius was his Godfather for fuck sake! He had been his Dad’s best friend and the Dracken transformation had to have happened when his parents were sixteen as well, surely someone as close to his Dad as Sirius would have noticed the changes? That made him think about his parents getting together; they hadn’t done so until they were seventeen, but if the Dracken genes came out at sixteen, what had happened during that gap year? They had been in school together; Sirius had said his Dad had fallen in love with his Mum from the moment he had laid eyes upon her, so why had it taken a year for them to get together after their inheritances. He doubted that he would ever find out now.

Thinking about his parents, got him to thinking about himself. He didn’t like anyone, he hadn’t fallen in love with anyone at first sight, he hadn’t even had time to sexually explore anything, let alone practice like he knew his year mates had. What if his dominant didn’t like him? The section he had read hadn’t said anything about that, but it did explain why he couldn’t force himself to ogle girls like Ron and it probably explained why he didn’t drool over Fleur in forth year like all the other boys.


‘I guess it does explain why I have no interest in women at all, I'm not meant to be with one. A man would be able to protect me better anyway. And if he’s strong and powerful he can help me to protect our children. My mate will have to be powerful and handsome. A strong mate will give me stronger children.’  


The thought made him purr deeply in delight before Harry came to his sense and bolted away from the window. Where the hell did that train of thought come from? Babies at sixteen?! His mind had to be playing tricks on him.


‘Relax. Relax and calm down.’ Harry soothed himself, wrapping his arms around himself for comfort. ‘This is your natural instinct. The Dracken populace is dwindling; your instincts are going to be screaming at you to have children to boost numbers. You'd better get used to it. Fighting will only bring more pain and I've had enough pain to last a lifetime. Try to let yourself be happy. This could turn out to be all right in the end, just wait and see.’


Harry sighed again. He was tired of fighting, he was sick of the pain. He wanted to be happy. He wanted a strong, powerful man to call his own and he definitely wanted children to love, protect and care for. He’d have a family, a real family of his own. Children to rely on him, who would depend on him and love him and he’d also have a mate to protect him, to love and care for him. He needed this and he thanked his parents for being Drackens so that he could have this chance at happiness.

Harry turned from the window and put the book back into his trunk before he sat down on the bed. He couldn’t let anyone but his mate see him in his true form; he would have to practice at controlling his appearance.

First he stripped off his shirt again and willed his wings to appear. The process was less painful this time around, but the wings were still accompanied by blood and Harry took the time to clean his wings and to stroke his scales, he shivered and let go, just touching his wings was a thousand times more pleasurable than stroking himself the few times that he had masturbated.

Calming down and deciding not to touch his wings again like that, Harry concentrated on getting his claws and fangs to appear. It took a bit more concentration and will power to get them both to come at the same time, but they did. His claws were an inch long and razor sharp. He wondered how much acid he could produce, but no amount of willing made the acid come, Harry reasoned that he must be in danger before the acid was secreted. Just running his claws lightly over his bedspread, slashed it into ribbons, his claws would be able tear through flesh like a hot knife through butter.

His fangs were equally sharp, though not quite as long as his claws, there were four of them, two on the top, two on the bottom. The upper fangs rested comfortably on his bottom lip without piercing it when his mouth was closed.

Next Harry concentrated on willing them away. First his fangs and his claws, then the beautiful white wings, then finally he used all of his concentration to hide his scales away; this had the unforeseen reaction of his hair receding rapidly into his scalp until it was its usual messy mop. Once it was over Harry looked at himself in the reflection of the window, everything was exactly the same as it was when he had gone to sleep the night before.

The only thing Harry didn’t concentrate on removing was his new eyesight, he had been blind for so many years that now that he had the freedom of not wearing glasses, he wasn’t going to. If anyone asked him about it he’d simply tell them that he had gotten laser eye surgery during the summer, but he doubted anyone would notice let alone comment on it, no one ever saw past the scar anyway. Not even Ron or Hermione apparently.

He had had no word from anyone the entire summer he had been here in number four. Not that he had really been expecting any, not after his fall out with Ron during the last term of school. Hermione, not wanting to jeopardise her shiny new, budding relationship with the redhead, had not made contact with Harry either. He was sure that they would get over their idiocy eventually, but he was not so sure that he would be willing to forgive them this time. Hermione maybe, because this was the first time that she had ever turned her back on him, but Ron? How could he possibly stay friends with someone who had proven that he would turn on him time and time again?


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


He had been whisked away to Grimmauld Place, the one place that Harry had never wanted to see again. The memories and the pain were so acute that he found he had no appetite for Mrs Weasley’s cooking, which made her worry and fuss over him even more, and he found that he couldn’t sleep at night. Though that might have been because of the fact that he was still sharing a room with Ron, who hadn’t spoken a word to him all summer and hadn’t even looked at him past a few withering glares and sneers.

Harry kept mostly to himself as Ron and Hermione whispered together and snogged in the corners of the rooms to Grimmauld Place.

He heard the adults worry over him, some less than polite comments that he was deranged and unhinged after Sirius’ death, some saying that he had never been right in the head to begin with, that he was being antisocial, moody and sullen. He always smiled when Remus and the elder Weasleys defended him viciously and often violently and one Order member had even fled the house with a saucepan over his head after pushing Mrs Weasley too far.

He assured everyone who asked that he was fine, and really he was. He didn’t too much like being in Grimmauld Place again, but he was mostly beating himself up with his own thoughts on being a Dracken. He worried about everyone he met being dominant Drackens, he had nightmares about getting pregnant as a male and he sometimes had little panic fits over becoming a creature, but he was truly fine, he felt liberated, free. Harry supposed that that had something to do with the wings attached to his back, he loved flying, the wonderful, freeing sensation of the wind through his hair, to know that he could up and fly away whenever he wanted to, it relaxed him, eased the tension in his shoulders, calmed him, but no one believed him.

Ginny stayed close to him and so did Fred and George, making him laugh and smile and peek out of his shell a bit, which eased a few of the adults worries over him as they watched him play a game of tag with Ginny around the kitchen, ducking under the table, weaving around chairs and knocking people over. Fred and George joined in and even Charlie forgot he was an adult as he was tagged by Fred, which was more of a head slap. Though Charlie did only go for Fred, so Harry reasoned that maybe he wasn’t actually playing with them but attempting to murder his brother instead. The game was only called to a stop when dinner was ready and Harry ate minimally, but nonetheless more than he had had so far at Grimmauld Place which made Mrs Weasley much happier.

August was really uneventful as Harry caught up with the homework that he hadn’t been able to do at the Dursleys with the help of Remus and Bill. He moped about a bit, played silly games with Ginny and helped Fred and George with their joke shop creations whilst avoiding Ron and Hermione like the plague, several times Hermione had made to come and talk to him, but Ron either recaptured her interest or Harry darted away before she could open her mouth. He didn’t want to speak to them.

When the morning of September first rolled around Harry was sitting in the kitchen waiting for everyone to be ready so they could set off for Kings Cross Station and then on to Hogwarts. He had been packed and ready for days as he hadn’t seen the point in emptying his trunk just to pack it back up a few weeks later.


“How are you feeling, Harry?” Remus asked him softly as he sat with him in the kitchen listening to the herd of elephants charging up and down the stairs, Walburga Black screaming with all her might about Mudbloods and traitors.


“Fine. A bit excited, but nothing like how I was when I was younger.” Harry answered calmly.


Remus looked at him strangely. “You seem to have simultaneously gotten more childish and more mature this summer. You played those childish games with Ginny to keep her from being bored, yet you seem to have become an adult before your time.”


Harry smiled as he looked to Remus, his sole surviving Father figure. Several times over the month he had wanted to tell Remus about his Dracken inheritance, but every time he bottled out. What was he supposed to say? What if Remus reacted badly and told everyone else and he became an outlaw? Where would he go then? What would he do? He couldn’t take the risk.


“HARRY! REMUS! WE NEED TO GO!” Mrs Weasley shouted from the hall, her voice just a smidge louder than Walburga Black.


Harry jumped up and hugged Remus tightly, not that it made a blind bit of difference to the werewolf, who held him back.


“Come on, cub. Are you sure you’re all ready to go?”


Harry nodded his head. “Everything's packed, I have my new books and school supplies and I made doubly sure that I packed my socks and boxers, let’s go. I can't wait to get out of here.”


Remus looked at him sadly, knowing what he meant; it was hard for him to be here too, where he had fond memories of an adult Sirius before he had been taken once again from his life. He had stayed mainly for Harry, to a lesser extent to say goodbye to his old friend, because he hadn’t had the chance to before he died.


“Is Hedwig on her way to Hogwarts?” He asked as he saw Harry carting around an empty owl cage.


“Yes, I let her go yesterday so she’d be there waiting for me.”


“Alright then, let's get going before Molly shouts again.”


Harry grinned as he claimed one more hug before heading into the hallway with a flustered Mrs Weasley and a troupe of people and trunks.


“How are we getting to the platform?” He asked curiously.


“Ministry cars again.” Mr Weasley told him as he caught Harry’s question over the din of noise.


Harry sighed but climbed into the car that didn’t have Ron and Hermione in it as he reached the curb and the dark green cars on the road, even if he did end up in the ‘adult’ car, at least it meant he had a bit more time with Remus.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Eleven hours later found a sleepy and very hungry Harry taking a seat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. He sat down at the end, having no wish to sit near his friends. Ex-friends, he reminded himself bitterly. He got a few curious looks from his classmates but ignored them. It was none of their business anyway.

The hall went quiet when Professor McGonagall brought out the sorting hat. The tattered old hat sung its usual song of the houses, but also gave a cheerfully cryptic message about the rival houses soon being united. The new first years were sorted into their houses, the last student, a tiny blond boy, took a seat at the Ravenclaw table and finally, after the Headmaster had made his usual announcements, they were free to eat.

Harry had to be very careful not to pile his plate solely with meat as in the past he had eaten mainly fruits and vegetables due to his almost non-existent diet at the Dursleys, he had found that fruits and vegetables had lined his stomach better than meat and stopped the hunger pains for longer, but lately he had been craving meat more and more, ever since his birthday and subsequent inheritance actually, it must have been part of being a Dracken.

The bloodier the meat the better in his opinion, so he placed a large piece of blue rare steak on his plate along with his vegetables and chips. Once or twice Harry had caught himself thinking of how delicious it would taste to find something fresh to sink his teeth into. The thought made him shudder and it was not with disgust.

As he was about to take a bite of his steak he was suddenly aware of a pair of eyes drilling into him. Discreetly looking around for the source he found no one until he glanced up at the head table. It was Snape. Of course it was Snape. The Potions Professor’s black eyes bore into him. Harry could not discern what that look was nor what he had done to gain himself such a look. He’d only been here for an hour.

Harry met the man’s eyes for a moment before he quickly lowered them, his new found instincts telling him that without a dominant mate to protect him it was unwise to pick a fight with someone who could harm him. Glancing cautiously at the man from beneath his lashes he saw Snape’s eyes narrow in suspicion at him.

Harry looked away from the man and kept his head down for the rest of dinner. He couldn’t afford anyone, least of all Snape, finding out about his secret.

A delicate scent reached his nose and all at once his body started quivering and he tingled, as if his scales were trying to make an unwanted appearance. He pushed the feeling back ruthlessly. He couldn’t afford to let them appear, not now, not in front of the entire student body. It would only spell utter disaster for him…and if he’d read that excerpt right, then it might even spell his death.

Dessert had come and gone and the Headmaster finally sent the children off to bed. Harry waited until the hall emptied out a bit before heading up to Gryffindor tower. Once he entered his dorm room he ignored Ron, said goodnight to Seamus, Dean and Neville, before he tugged closed his bed hangings and stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. Despite being worried that Snape would find out about his secret, he fell asleep almost instantly.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


It was two weeks into term and that light scent was driving him crazy! It was constantly around him, as if the actual castle was the one making it. It was driving him to the brink of destruction and he had hourly battles with himself to force his Dracken side down. No one else noticed of course, but Harry counted this as a blessing, the last thing he needed right now was another round of newspaper articles on how crazy and unstable he was after he’d defeated Voldemort several months ago.

Snape was also watching him relentlessly. The man was absolutely unshakeable. No matter how much Harry tried to act invisible or divert his attention to something else those eyes were always there, watching him closely. Snape thought that he was up to something unsavoury and until Harry stopped being so jumpy and nervous, he was unlikely to stop, but Harry was just so worried that Snape would figure out that he was a Dracken that he couldn’t control it, he needed a dominant, he couldn’t face off against Snape on his own, not now that he had come into a submissive inheritance, not when he was concentrating so much on making sure his scales and wings wouldn’t just appear one day in class for everyone to see.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


It was Halloween night and Harry had no interest in attending the feast. Instead he was taking full advantage of everyone else being at the feast to let his Dracken side out for the first time in two months.

He was deep in the forbidden forest, the moon, though not quite full as it was waning, was very bright tonight and lit the way for the young Dracken as he weaved his way through the undergrowth. Not that he needed the light, as a Dracken he had excellent night vision, but the moon was so big and beautiful tonight, Harry was glad that it was there to light up the sky.

After walking steadily for over thirty minutes, Harry deduced that he was far enough away from the school and called his Dracken features forward. It had been so long since he’d been able to and now that he could finally do so he felt the instantaneous bliss of letting go. His hair, his scales, his wings, his claws and his fangs all made their appearance. The white scales that covered his wings and grew in patches on his face, neck and hands glowed dimly in the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight to see, not that anyone was there to appreciate it other than himself.

Now that the liquid relief of letting his Dracken appearance out had diminished, there was something else that he had been wanting to take care of for the past three months, tasting raw meat.

Opening his new enhanced senses wide he listened for a specific movement. He could hear squirrels in their nests, owls hunting for their breakfasts, rabbits nibbling on clovers, mice scurrying along in the underbrush and then he heard what he’d been listening for, hoof falls on the leafy ground.

About thirty yards ahead of him were four deer. In an instant Harry was off, running with lightning speed and before anything else registered he had sunk his fangs into the jugular vein of a small doe. He wasn’t strong, or experienced enough to go for a buck; he’d leave that to his dominant mate.

The three remaining deer had scarpered, bounding off into the forest. The deer that Harry had latched onto kicked in an effort to free itself and he swiftly sliced through its neck with his claws, silencing it for good.

The taste of blood was intoxicating and Harry could hardly keep himself from moaning aloud. Using his claws and fangs he tore off chunks of the still warm flesh and devoured it. It was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten and he couldn’t get enough. He crouched down and dug in, tearing away at the hide with his fangs and claws to reach the tender meat underneath.

Halfway through his meal though, Harry stilled instinctively. He cocked he head, listening, ignoring the rivulets of blood pouring down his neck from his chin as he tried to puzzle out what had disturbed him. There was something out there. His head snapped itself to the left and he growled menacingly.

The growl that answered him was a deep, earth rumbling growl that shook him to his core. Harry shrank back. The figure that stepped out from behind the group of trees at the edge of the clearing he had chosen to eat in was tall and slender, but that wasn’t what troubled Harry. No. He was a dominant Dracken. The first thing that Harry noticed about the Dominant was his wings. They spanned at least twenty feet and they easily dwarfed his own, which he pulled in tighter to cocoon himself, to protect himself.

The next thing that Harry noticed was the man himself. He was tall at approximately six foot three and was very muscled for such a slender body; he was not wearing a shirt. Scales done in bottomless obsidian and a deep dark amethyst were scattered over the man’s wings, olive scales picked out over his bare, tanned skin that Harry could barely make out. His hair was as black as his scales and was chopped into layers that just covered his ears. His face was smooth and strong, angular and exotic looking. His slanted indigo eyes were cold and hard, but filled with warming lust as they devoured as much of Harry’s skin as they could, lingering on his face and especially at his neck.

This man took the breath from Harry’s lungs, took the oxygen from the very air around him and as Harry took a deep, shuddering breath, the Dracken opposite him made his move.


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StarLight Massacre. X

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Chapter Two – Shifted Perspectives


Harry moved instinctually as he threw himself to the side to avoid the Dracken who had leapt at him. He kept moving and he dodged the trees and bushes with an almost feline grace. He could hear the other Dracken behind him, crashing through the same undergrowth as him, and god help him, but the other Dracken was much faster than he was.

Harry refused to slow down, even with the other Dracken gaining on him and growling like a thunder storm, he’d run until his legs gave out on him and even then he would crawl away from this man. He would not give in meekly without some sort of fight.

With his breath coming in short, painful bursts of air, Harry tried to lose his assailant by cutting to either side of himself randomly, but the Dracken following him just moved with him easily, keeping pace and following just a hairs breadth from his back and it was then that Harry got the sinking suspicion that the other Dracken was just playing with him, that he was enjoying the chase through the forest and he didn’t see any possible way in which he could lose Harry, so he wasn’t trying too hard.

Putting on a burst of speed, even though his chest already felt like it was on fire, he weaved through a tightknit group of trees, getting a slash to his cheek and numerous pricks from thorns in an unseen bush that he’d trampled through, Harry stumbled and tried to make up for his mistake by jinking left very quickly, avoiding a large boulder, skirting around a tree that was oozing a dark liquid before jumping over a large puddle, it was as he was doing the last that Harry was suddenly seized around the waist in mid-air and the added weight sent him crashing to the forest floor. A harsh growl and large hands squeezing around his throat kept him still and silent as the other Dracken sniffed around the back of his neck. The book that he’d read several times since his inheritance had not mentioned this at all!

A strong, muscled tongue licked a slow, sensual line up the spinal cord in his neck and almost instantaneously Harry’s mind set changed. His instincts were telling him that this Dracken wasn’t going to hurt him, that if he had meant him any harm he would have bitten into him and not merely licked him. The other Dracken was vying for his attention. This Dracken was a possible mate.

Harry didn’t know if this frightened him or aroused him, so he settled for being a terrifying mix of both. He had found out only three months ago that he was a Dracken; he couldn’t have a mate already! It was far too soon.

Harry quivered in fright as the Dracken continued to lick and lave his neck with his tongue, tasting him, marking him with the scent of his saliva.

Was this how his Mother had felt when she had first realised that his Father was also a Dracken and a possible mate? Had he pursued her immediately? Had her will been strong enough to hold him away for a whole year? Harry didn’t think his will was that strong, not when the only thing that he wanted in the world was lying on his back, licking at him gently.

Harry tried to roll over, he wanted to look into the eyes of the man who was doing such sinful things to his body, but the hands that had loosened to rest around the base of his neck tightened into a punishing grip.

Harry whined and stilled once more, but he shifted his body to try and convey to the other Dracken that he only wanted to turn over.


“Hush little one, I’ll take care of you. Just stay still.” The other Dracken purred. His voice was deep and smooth, like velvet honey. There was just a hint of an accent, but it was too light for Harry to pick up on exactly what it was.


The tongue came back to find a spot behind his ear that had Harry’s body jumping in excited surprise and a dark chuckle fell from the other Dracken’s lips.


“You’ve been driving me wild with your intoxicating scent for two months. I couldn’t find you; I would follow the scent only to meet dead ends or a class in session. I tried sniffing you out at meal times, but you have been avoiding me, Prezioso.”


Harry shook his head as much as he was able to and long fingers that tangled through his messy mop of black hair stopped him as they tugged harshly.


“Yes, you have. Why else would you run from me? I don’t like being avoided or run from, Prezioso.”


Harry had no clue what Prezioso meant, but he knew that tone of voice. The other Dracken was angry and annoyed with him. He shrunk in on himself and whimpered.


“Oh, no, I understand, Prezioso. You didn’t know what you were doing, but you will learn. There will be no more running from me, will there?”


Harry shook his head and he was rewarded with the hand that had clenched into his hair loosening and massaging his scalp instead. It felt amazing.


“Can I see you?” Harry asked bravely, hiding his fear and strengthening his voice so that the waver wouldn’t be heard.


“Of course you can, Prezioso. I would love nothing more than for you to gaze at me for hours on end.”


Harry cautiously turned onto his back so he was chest to chest with the Dracken on top of him. He looked deeply into those indigo eyes. They were so familiar, but the face was unlike anything he had ever seen before. It was hardly surprising; he didn’t look anything like Harry Potter when he was in his Dracken form, why would this person look the same as he did in his human form?


“You are so beautiful, Prezioso.” The other Dracken told him softly, running those long, elegant fingers over his cheek.


Harry really looked at the other male lying on him. He was so handsome it was unreal. High cheekbones, chiselled nose, strong jaw, those slanted indigo eyes and a sensual mouth that was curved over deadly looking fangs that were just a little longer than his own.


“Do you like what you see?” The indigo eyed Dracken asked him cockily, a smirk curving that mouth more.


“Yes.” Harry answered in a whisper.


A moment later his mouth was seized in a harsh, bruising kiss that left him speechless and unable to do anything other than to fully submit to his mate, because there was no doubt in his mind that this Dracken would now be his dominant mate. Harry was too desperate for love, too desperate for any sort of affection that he would only be hurting himself if he tried to hold himself away from this Dracken now, after what they had done here tonight.

He was not as strong willed as his Mother and his childhood and poor upbringing had left him craving for any sort of love or attention, this man could give him his dream of a family and Harry would take it with both hands.


“What is your name, Prezioso?”


“Harry.” He answered without pause. “What’s yours?”


“I’m Blaise; I shall assume that you came into your inheritance either this summer or in very early September as you were not here last year. Or should I say that you weren’t inherited last year?”


“That’s right.” Harry answered. “I came into my inheritance during the summer.”


“I have been a Dracken for a year already; I turned seventeen on October the twelfth.”


His mate was older than him by ten months; his mate had been a Dracken for over a year already. Any questions that Harry had, his mate would likely be able to answer them for him. He felt safe and comforted as his mate, Blaise, explored his neck and face with his fingertips, staring at him as if he were the most amazing thing that he’d ever seen in his life.


“You are very strong, Prezioso, there will likely be others vying for your attention. I will share you only with the minimum number of dominants that you need to impregnate you with our children, I will not allow you to have a harem of men. I will not be pushed aside nor be ignored because you have so many men around you that you do not have enough hours in a day to spend time with us all.”


Harry looked up into the enraged face of his new mate and he lay completely still as Blaise’s claws came dangerously close to his throat.


“I don’t want a harem.” Harry whispered out honestly, staring into Blaise’s eyes unwaveringly, willing him to see the truth in them. “I just want a family.”


A rough kiss to his lips answered Harry’s statement and Blaise’s hands slipped around his neck to lift his head for a better angle.


“That was the right answer, Bello.” Blaise exclaimed as Harry tried to regain his breathing. “I will not be disgraced by having a whore for a submissive mate.”


“I’m not a whore!” Harry bit out harshly.


Immediately Blaise’s claws dug into the back of his neck and Harry cried out in pain.


“You do not speak to me like that, Harry. As your dominant mate, as your protector and the future Father of your children, I will be respected.”


“Respect is earned and not freely given.” Harry answered strongly, but he kept his voice placid.


He would not be an inferior person to his mate just because he was a submissive Dracken. They would go into this as equals or Blaise could go away and leave him to find another dominant mate, one who would treat him as an equal and not just someone to order around. He’d had more than enough of that at the Dursleys.

Blaise smirked and licked his cheek slowly as he retracted his claws to leave his fingertips caressing his neck once more.


“I have a strong mate.” Blaise whispered, almost to himself. “So strong and so stubborn. You are perfect for me, Prezioso.”


Harry felt pleasure fill him as his mate praised him. He confidently lifted his arms to wrap them around Blaise’s broad shoulders and Blaise smirked down at him.


“Never be afraid to touch me, Harry. You will never be rejected from my body.”


Harry nuzzled into Blaise’s strong neck now that he had been given the go ahead to touch his new mate as much as he wanted, loving the silky skin under his nose and cheek.


“You are endearing, Bello. Are you still hungry? I interrupted your meal and I need to prove my worth to you as an adept hunter. I will catch us something.”


Blaise stood up and pulled Harry easily to his feet, dusting him off, letting his hands linger upon Harry’s body, before he gave Harry a sweet kiss to the lips.


“Stay right here, Prezioso. I will be back very soon; I am a very skilled hunter.”


Blaise was gone in a blink and even with his new eyesight, Harry only saw a streak of black and purple reflecting in the moonlight. Harry wanted to move into the hollow of the tree to his left, he didn’t feel comfortable out in the open where any predator could stalk and attack him, but his dominant had told him to stay still, he didn’t want Blaise’s claws back in his neck again and that book had said that dominants punished their submissives harshly for doing anything wrong.

Debating with himself, Harry weighed the pros and cons carefully, before deciding that his dominant would rather have an alive mate when he came back rather than an obedient dead one and he crawled into the hollowed out tree.

The rotten inside was warm and Harry snuggled down in the decaying leaves, wrapping his wings tightly around himself for warmth and protection. He found himself thinking idly that this would have been the perfect spot to nest if it was a bit higher up. As Harry realised the train of thought he was on, his eyes snapped open and though he couldn’t see it, his face had taken on a look of abject horror.

This was the hundredth time that he had caught himself thinking about nesting and having children since his inheritance three months ago, but it was the first time that he had pictured those children as a perfect blend of himself and Blaise. He swallowed. He didn’t know Blaise at all, only that he was a dominant Dracken and that Harry considered him a good, strong and capable mate. That was it, other than his mate went to the same school as him, was in the same year and his birthday was October the twelfth. He knew nothing else about him and Harry refused to have children with a stranger.


Prezioso? Where have you gone to, Harry?”


Harry crawled out of the hollow tree and found himself being crushed to a solid chest. Expecting punishment, Harry did not expect to be pushed in front of a huge, mouth-watering, stallion. Blaise sat behind him and Harry tensed up for discipline again, only for Blaise to start grooming him, gently pulling the leaves and twigs from his hair.


“Eat up, Prezioso, before your meal bleeds out and goes cold.” Blaise urged him.


Harry carefully cut a piece of flesh from the stallion and offered it to Blaise first, who chuckled and shook his head.


“This meal is for you, little Harry. I have eaten my fill.”


“I can’t eat all of this by myself.” Harry told him, not even thinking of mentioning that the reason for that was his summer starvation.


“I wouldn’t have expected you to. I caught the biggest animal that I could find to prove to you that I am more than capable of providing food for you and our future young.” Blaise told him with that damnable smirk, still picking bits of woodland out of Harry’s nest of hair.


Harry sunk his teeth into the bloody meat and moaned lightly, Blaise stiffening behind him. Large, muscled arms wrapped around Harry’s shoulders and he was yanked backwards and into a passionate kiss, Blaise licking and lapping at his bloodied lips and chin.

This time, Harry fought against Blaise, moving his mouth and tangling their tongues together. Blaise growled, but he didn’t punish him, so Harry took it that he wasn’t doing anything wrong and twisted in Blaise’s arms to press up closer to his dominant mate.

It was Blaise who broke their kiss and pushed him again towards the stallion, urging Harry to eat until he couldn’t anymore. With all the bits of twigs and leaves gone from his hair, Blaise settled for running his fingers through it and stroking the silky skin of Harry’s neck.

When most of the stallion was gone and Harry was so full that his stomach had distended and all he wanted to do was sleep, Blaise stopped playing with his skin and hair and instead he wrapped Harry gently in his arms, rocking him softly and cooing to him.


“We can’t sleep out here. People will notice that we aren’t in our dormitories.” He said sleepily.


“Relax, Prezioso, do not fret so much. I will take care of it. No one would dare ask me where I have been and those that do dare, are friends who know better than to ask in the first place.”


Blaise had inadvertently reminded him that he now had no friends to track his movements and he frowned, before he snuggled into Blaise’s warmth. Blaise was the only one he had now.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Blaise smiled softly down at his sleeping submissive. Harry was so beautiful, so fragile looking, but he had seen his mate take down that doe, his mate was deadly too; beautiful and dangerous. The way that he had used his claws to tear out the throat of the doe, how he had pounced on her as she had been grazing unexpectedly, how he had torn at her with his fangs, the noises he had made as he had devoured her flesh.

Blaise shivered and groaned lowly. Harry would be the end of him. He had only met one other submissive Dracken since coming into his inheritance last year, a spoilt girl who had believed that she was the only submissive Dracken in the world. Her parents had ruined her, all three of them believed that she should have the strongest, most powerful, handsome dominant with the largest wings; they had called all dominant Drackens to their manor house in Toulouse to meet their daughter.

Needless to say that whilst she was a very beautiful girl on the outside, her insides were rotten, she had treated the dominants that had come to greet her into the Dracken lifestyle like dogs that should bow down before her and beg for her attention.

Blaise wouldn’t forget Miette Amarante Solange for a long time. She had been so despicable that dominants, including himself, had just upped and left. She had ended up with a dominant so desperate for a mate that he would have taken just about anyone.

He fully believed that it was her karma coming back to punish her for being so spoilt and arrogant. He looked down as Harry’s breath hitched, but his submissive just turned his head further into his stomach and cuddled closer.

Blaise knew exactly who was in his arms, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. The moment he had seen those startlingly beautiful, emerald green eyes, he had known who was in front of him, because there was only one person in Hogwarts with eyes so stunningly green as the ones he was looking at. Harry Potter.

He knew he was going to have one hell of a war to overcome when the word got out that there was an unknown, unmated submissive among them, but he was willing to fight to the death for his mate. Harry was worth it, he would die a thousand times in agony for Harry and that was only after knowing him for a single night.

He knew that he was breaking the rules, knew that he would be punished for not informing the Dracken Counsel immediately that there was a submissive Dracken in his vicinity, but from the first lungful of Harry’s light, chestnut scent, he had wanted the Dracken for his own.

He didn’t want to give every unmated Dracken in the world a fair chance at winning Harry, he wanted Harry for himself and no one else would be getting him. At least, not until he had firmly established himself as Harry’s mate, then he would have to let Harry chose more dominants in order to get him pregnant. Though not one more than was needed to get a clutch of babies.

Harry snuffled in his sleep and Blaise smiled down at him again. Harry was so adorable and endearing. He was natural and sweet, unlike Miette. Blaise could already envision himself having several clutches of children with Harry, all of them sweet and just as endearing as their Mother, where with Miette all he had been able to think about was the spoilt spawn she would create. That was if she ever fell pregnant in the first place, there was a rumour travelling around the Dracken community that she had slept with human men before her inheritance just because she didn’t want to go through the body altering pregnancy nor the pain of labour.

Blaise looked to Harry’s flat belly. It would look gorgeous rounded and ripe with his children. He growled in pleasure and wrapped his arms more firmly around Harry. Submissive male Drackens were so rare that every dominant would come to see Harry, would try to get his attention and become his mate. Blaise couldn’t allow that, not when dominants outnumbered submissives by twenty to one, there weren’t enough submissives to go around and the longer a dominant Dracken was without a mate, the more vicious and desperate he got as his instincts screamed at him to breed a clutch of children to boost numbers.

Blaise didn’t want to end up like that, he wanted a large family. He wanted clutch after clutch of children with Harry, only with Harry.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up warm and comfortable in an unfamiliar bed. He blinked before he sat up and looked around, every muscle tensing and his senses on high alert. That is until he looked at where he was. He was obviously in the Slytherin dormitories, the copious amounts of green and silver and the excessive use of snakes attested to that, but what really made him calm down was the scent of the unfamiliar person lying in the bed with him. Blaise.

This must be what Blaise looked like without his Dracken features. He was just as handsome, still as strong and unshakable, still broad shouldered and he still had the powerful, yet slender body. But his scales were gone leaving behind flawless, olive toned skin. His wings were gone and Harry lamented the loss of such beautiful appendages.

Lying back down, Harry watched as Blaise slept. His dominant looked so strong, even as he slept, those broad shoulders raising and falling with each breath, his face just as unemotional when he was asleep as he was when he was awake. Blaise’s mouth just wasn’t made for smiles.

A bed creaking had Harry looking over his shoulder to a gap in the green hangings around the bed. A shock of white blond hair had Harry making the final connection his brain had been waiting for. His dominant mate was the best friend of Draco Malfoy. The Draco Malfoy who hated the very air he breathed.


“Blaise!” The sleep roughed voice of Malfoy cut through the morning silence. “Blaise, get up! We have to get to the library before the Gryffindor beaver steals all the good books again.”


Blaise’s face crinkled as he was pulled from sleep, but he was too slow in answering the blond, who ripped the bed hangings open, only to leap back in shock when he saw Harry cuddled into Blaise’s side.


“Potter? What the fuck are you doing down here?!”


Malfoy went to grab Harry’s arm, but he was intercepted by another hand that gripped his arm. Harry felt Blaise press against his back as he sat up in the bed.


“Quit your yelling. I’m up. I think we all are.” Blaise grumbled, looking around to see the face of Theodore Nott poking out of his own bed hangings.


“Fuck you being up, what the hell is Potter doing in your bed?”


Blaise wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him in close to his chest.


“Isn’t that obvious?” Blaise asked with a raised eyebrow. “Now leave him alone and go and get dressed, you take half an hour to get ready and I don’t.”


Draco opened his mouth, but a stern glare from Blaise had him grimacing and turning to go into the adjoining bathroom to get ready.


“I apologise for him, Harry, he is never at his best in the mornings.” Blaise told him softly.


“Did you carry me here?” Harry asked with a small blush.


Blaise’s sensual mouth curved into an irresistible smirk and he nodded once. “I did. I loved holding you close to me; you kept moving your head to place your ear over my heart.”


Harry blushed again trying to control himself, but all he managed to do was blush harder. Blaise chuckled and stood up from the bed, throwing his arms behind him and over his head to stretch, his back cracking.

Harry did the same and started looking for his robes, it was a Saturday and there were no lessons, but he didn’t have any other clothes.


“I will not permit you to wear the same outfit twice in a row, Prezioso.” Blaise’s voice whispered in his ear.


Harry turned around, his anger taking a place in his stomach. He was embarrassed enough to have been caught in bed with Blaise by Draco Malfoy of all people, but to be told that his clothes weren’t good enough was pushing a very fine line.


“I can wear what I like!” Harry hissed.


“No, you cannot.” Blaise answered sternly, his eyes turning to cold and harsh flint.


“Yes I can!”


Blaise’s hand shot out and gripped Harry around the neck, his large hand squeezing tightly in reprimand. Sharp, delicate points put pressure upon Harry’s skin as Blaise let his claws push through his fingers.


“You will wear a set of my clothing until you can get to your dorm room to change into a set of clothes that you didn’t wear and run around a forest in yesterday. I will not see you, my mate, wearing dirty clothing.” Blaise hissed.


Harry wanted to continue to defy Blaise, he didn’t want to be a doormat, he wanted to prove that he was defiant and that he wouldn’t quiver and give into Blaise’s demands, but this relationship, mateship, whatever it was, was brand new and Harry didn’t know how far Blaise was willing to go. He didn’t want to be in pain and Blaise had compromised. He sighed and nodded carefully, very aware of the claws at his neck.

Blaise let go of his throat and pulled him into a hug instead, placing a lingering kiss to Harry’s head. He pulled Harry over to the wardrobe beside his bed and took out a soft, navy jumper and a pair of designer jeans.

Blaise shrunk the clothes and, much to Harry’s embarrassment, tried dressing Harry himself.


“I’m not a baby!” Harry told him angrily.


“You are my mate and I will look after you.”


“But I don’t need you to dress me!” Harry stated. “That isn’t looking after me, Blaise. It’s humiliating.”


Blaise was confused. His understanding was that a submissive would relish having a mate dress them, it was seen as a dominant caring for his mate, but Harry was being defiant at every turn.

He sighed and held the clothes out to Harry, who snatched them with a glare. He had known having a mate would be hard work, what relationship wasn’t? But he had never in his wildest dreams thought that his mate would be so stubborn and hard willed.

He supposed it came with having Harry Potter, the only person in existence to have survived the killing curse, the sole person to have destroyed the Dark Lord, as a submissive mate. He needed to decide what he wanted more, Harry as a mate, or his sanity.

Chuckling softly as he watched Harry shyly and bashfully shimmy into the tight jeans, Blaise decided that his sanity could take a backseat for once, Harry would be a perfect mate for him and he was willing to compromise to keep Harry happy, at least on the less important things.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


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Chapter Three – Possessiveness and Jealousy


Harry had to admit that Blaise’s clothes were so much more comfortable than anything he had ever worn before. He loved the tight, dark blue jeans and the navy blue sweater. They fit him so perfectly and he deduced that he had been a fool to argue with Blaise about what he was wearing, though he wasn’t going to tell Blaise that.

Harry was all for sneaking out of the Slytherin dormitory under a cloak, but Blaise would hear nothing of the sort and they walked out to breakfast together, in full view of the other Slytherins, who glared at him as he walked through their common room under the heavy and protective arm of Blaise.

The girls in particular were very vicious in their heated glares and Harry felt not only uncertainty, but also an unfamiliar spike of possessiveness. Blaise was his dominant mate! They couldn’t have him and he would strip the flesh from their bones if they tried anything to get Blaise away from him.

The intensity of his possessiveness frightened him; he had had next to nothing to ever be possessive of. He had had nothing growing up as a child, no toy or game that was ever strictly his, hell even his clothes weren’t his. The only possessions he owned that he felt remotely possessive over were his invisibility cloak, the marauders map and his Firebolt and those were all for sentimental reasons. The cloak had been his Father’s, the map had been his Father’s, Sirius’ and Remus’ and the Firebolt had been given to him by his Godfather, his dead Godfather.

But those three things paled in the possessiveness he felt for Blaise. He would slice up anyone who dared try to steal his mate from him, which contradicted what the book he had read had told him about submissive Drackens. That book had stated that submissive Drackens wouldn’t fight for their dominant mate, but Harry would fight with every last breath in his body for Blaise.


“Do not worry, Bello.” Blaise murmured to him. “These pathetic human girls hold no comparison to your stunning beauty. They are glaring because they are jealous of your flawless features.”


“I think they are jealous of me for having you, actually.” Harry answered back. “They want you, not me.”


“Well they will have to remain jealous then as they will never have me.”


“I don’t understand. You could have one of them if you wanted, hell you could have all of them. The book said there were no repercussions for dominant Drackens taking humans.”


Blaise chuckled deeply and the arm around Harry’s shoulders squeezed him gently.


“Ah, Harry, how adorable you are. You should not believe everything that you read about our kind in books. Most of the information is either muddled up or downright wrong. True there are no repercussions for a dominant male to have a human, but a dominant will always want a submissive Dracken over any human. Submissive Drackens are becoming less and less common, Prezioso; dominant Drackens now outnumber the submissives by approximately twenty dominants to one single submissive. We would not go with humans through choice.”


Suddenly Harry understood a whole lot better and he felt secure enough to even glare back at the girls sneering at him, much to Blaise’s amusement.

When they reached the Great Hall, Harry automatically veered off towards the Gryffindor table, until a hand gripping his arm stopped him. Blaise raised a single eyebrow and began tugging him towards the Slytherin table.


“I don’t want to sit at the Slytherin table!” Harry argued, trying, and failing, to pry Blaise’s fingers from his arm. “Blaise!”


“You will sit with me.” Blaise told him firmly. “You will not be out of my sight, or out of my reach.”


“This is ridiculous!” Harry hissed. “I’ll only be across the hall!”


Blaise sat down and pulled Harry down next to him, he did not let go of his arm.


“Eat your breakfast.” Blaise ordered, but Harry glared at him poisonously. “Harry, eat your breakfast.”


“What if I don’t? Are you going to force me to do that as well?”


Blaise’s eyes flashed dangerously, but Harry didn’t care as he bared his teeth in a primal show of defiance.

Blaise cuffed the back of his head hard and Harry winced, every ounce of defiance leaving his body at once. He huddled down in his borrowed jumper and curled in on himself as much as possible on the bench.

He didn’t like being punished by his dominant, but it all felt like it was happening too fast. Three months since becoming a Dracken and he already had a mate and Blaise had said that books didn’t have all the answers and that the answers they did have were either wrong or partial truths. The information he knew about his own species would have filled an eggcup, probably half an eggcup if most of the information he did have was wrong.

He felt like he was losing himself. He was not a doormat; he would not grovel or crawl around after Blaise on his knees. He was not a weak person! He had relied on himself for so long, he had practically raised himself, had fended for himself, yet now his instincts were forcing him to forget all of that and rely on Blaise for everything.

He didn’t need anyone to protect him! He had been doing just fine on his own and that was even before he had gotten razor sharp fangs and acidic claws. It wasn’t like he was defenceless or incapable of protecting himself!

A pair of lips nuzzling his cheek had Harry melting into Blaise’s embrace, despite what felt like the entire hall watching them. He wanted to remain angry at Blaise, he wanted to defy him and show that he was not a weak, pathetic, little creature to be kicked around, but he couldn’t bring himself to hold onto his anger at Blaise, not even after he had hit him, had humiliated him, in front of the entire school.


“Just eat something, Mio Prezioso.” Blaise whispered to him and Harry found himself filling his plate before he had really registered what Blaise had said.


Was this some sort of power dominant Drackens had over their submissives? Could a dominant force a submissive to do what they wanted or was Harry just fed up of fighting? Was he really so desperate for any sort of love and affection that he would cave in to any and all of Blaise’s demands?

He had to admit though that having Blaise’s large, warm hand rubbing gently at his lower back was much better than receiving a cuff around the head from the same hand. But he couldn’t think like that! He would not lose his personality just for an easier life! Blaise would just have to get used to compromising and not having his own way all the time.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Albus Dumbledore was very concerned. Very, very concerned as he watched Harry enter the Great Hall with a sixth year Slytherin named Blaise Zabini. He watched as Harry made to go to the Gryffindor table, only to be pulled forcibly towards the Slytherin table instead.

The last straw however had been the very harsh smack to the back of the head that the Zabini Heir had administered. He would not stand for Harry being abused right under his very own nose. He would have to put a stop to this abusive relationship, if indeed that is what it turned out to be.

He rose from his place at the Head table and made his way over to the Slytherin table. He placed a wizened, wrinkled hand on Harry’s shoulder and was met with a gasp of surprise from his favoured student and a low growl from the young Zabini Heir, who was glaring a hole through his head.


“Kindly remove your hand from Harry’s person.” Blaise ordered him as politely as he was able to through gritted teeth and balled up fists.


“I was wondering if I might have a word with you, Harry.” Albus addressed the young Gryffindor, his eyes twinkling. “I do so miss our afternoon talks over tea and as today is a Saturday, I had been hoping that you would do me the pleasure of accompanying an old man for the day.”


“Of course, Professor.” Harry answered politely with that beautiful smile that reminded Albus so much of a young Lily Evans.


“Ah, Harry my boy, you spoil this old man too much.”


Harry chuckled sweetly as he stood up, ready to accompany his Headmaster. Blaise however had other plans as he stood up between Harry and his Headmaster.


“I was going to spend the day with Harry.” He hissed, not even pretending to be respectful anymore.


“Blaise! Stop it.” Harry chided.


Blaise’s hand shot out to grip the back of Harry’s neck, his claws digging in, safely hidden by Harry’s hair.


“I suggest, Mister Zabini that you let Harry go this instant and come with me to my office.” Albus thundered.


“I suggest that you stay out of things that don’t concern you!”


“Mister Zabini.” A silky voice interrupted. “I would hope that you will follow the Headmaster’s request, I would hate to see a member of my own house in detention and believe me I would make it an extremely…torturous experience.”


Harry looked into those deep black eyes and shivered. Snape knew. He knew exactly what he and Blaise were and he did not look happy with Blaise.


“Severus, perhaps you could accompany us to my office. This discussion should be held away from curious little eyes and ears.”


Snape nodded his head and with a force Harry would never have believed from the skinny man, he pried Blaise’s hand away from his neck and guided Blaise out of the Hall, Harry and Dumbledore following more sedately.

The trip was silent, but Harry could not help but rub his neck to ease the pain that was there. He didn’t notice Dumbledore’s keen eyesight pick up on the unconscious action.

Once inside the office, Dumbledore sat behind his desk and motioned for Harry to sit in the chair the furthest away from Blaise, who had been forced into the chair on the right by Snape.


“Now would any of you boys like some tea? I have always found it very relaxing.”


Both Snape and Blaise shook their heads mutely, but Harry smiled and nodded. Dumbledore knew Harry could never resist a cup of honey tea.

Albus chuckled in joy as he prepared Harry’s favoured tea and slid the white and yellow china cup to his favourite student, before sipping on his own peppermint tea. Sighing in pleasure he surveyed the angry and struggling Zabini Heir over the rim of his cup.


“Whatever is the matter, Mister Zabini? Surely you will not deny Harry a simple cup of tea?”


Blaise growled and Snape had to exert even more pressure upon Blaise’s shoulders to keep him in his chair. Harry would have though it impossible to keep Blaise down seeing as he was a dominant Dracken and could rip Snape’s arms from his sockets. Something seriously wasn’t right.


“Albus, there is something about Mister Zabini that you should know about.” Snape spoke over Blaise’s growls.


Harry gasped. So Snape did know. He truly did know that he and Blaise were Drackens.


“Which would be what, Severus my boy?”


“Blaise is a dominant Dracken, a species of humanoid dragons.”


“I am fully aware of what Drackens are, Severus. Several have passed through this fine school since my becoming Headmaster. However I am curious as to why this was kept a secret, it is the foundation rules of this school that all non-human students are to be made known to the Headmaster of the school upon their inheritance. If I remember rightly, then Drackens have their inheritance at sixteen. Why was I not informed of Mister Zabini’s creature inheritance last year?”


“It was decided between myself and Marianna, Blaise’s Mother, that Blaise’s inheritance should be kept a secret due to his position in the school. The war with the Dark Lord was still raging when Blaise came into his inheritance, his Mother did not want her only child to be used as a weapon by the Dark Lord.”


“Ah and of course, the more people who knew, the more danger of the secret getting out, naturally.”


Dumbledore stroked his beard and Harry huddled down in his seat. He wanted to know what would happen to Blaise, what would happen to him seeing as he was a Dracken as well and hadn’t informed the Headmaster upon his inheritance, regardless that he hadn’t actually known about his creature status, nor the foundation rule of the school about informing the Headmaster about it.


“What does all of this have to do with Mister Potter?” Dumbledore asked seriously. Steepling his fingers over his half empty tea cup and looking sternly over his half-moon spectacles.


“He’s mine!” Blaise burst out furiously.


“I came into an inheritance this summer, Sir, on the morning of my sixteenth birthday.” Harry put in quietly. “I’m a submissive Dracken.”


“Blaise, you know the laws!” Snape burst out furiously. “You could be killed over this!”


“Harry’s worth it.” Blaise answered defiantly.


“Think of your Mother!”


“Madre would agree with me!” Blaise hissed, his accent becoming more pronounced the angrier he got.


Snape took a deep breath and he sighed.


“You know that he cannot be kept a secret, Blaise. The laws are firm; all dominant Drackens need to prove themselves to a submissive.”


“What?” Harry exclaimed in shock.


All eyes moved to him and he quivered, but remained staring back at them.


“The laws on this are clear, Potter. You have to be announced as a submissive Dracken and all dominant Drackens who are in search of a mate must prove themselves to you.”


“But I don’t want them to! I don’t want another dominant! I want Blaise!”


Snape closed his eyes, a grimace taking over his face.


“You have already woven yourself into him, Blaise; I hope you are ready for the repercussions of this. You know the Counsel will punish you. Elder Getus’ grandson has recently come into his inheritance as a dominant Dracken; he has been searching for a submissive for him since.”


“Elder Getus’ grandson can shove his inheritance up his arse! Harry is mine! No one is going to take him away from me! Not even the Counsel.”


Snape swallowed as the look of pain on his face increased.


“You know that as a male submissive Potter will be highly sought after. That you did not immediately contact the Counsel upon finding him will be seen as a great injustice, Blaise.”


“I don’t care!” Blaise hissed.


“Why do they need to be informed that Mister Zabini has kept anything from them?” Dumbledore asked with a happy twinkle. “Wouldn’t it be easier all around if Mister Zabini was to plead ignorance in this matter and I will contact the Counsel today and inform them that I have recently discovered a submissive Dracken in my school?”


Snape blinked once before he nodded. “This idea has merit, it could work if both of you are careful. Potter, you must act as though you and Blaise are not already mates and Blaise, you cannot under any circumstances attack another dominant for touching Potter. You must act like he isn’t already your mate.”


“How did we even become mates?” Harry asked timidly. “We didn’t do anything.”


Snape sighed and looked to him as if he were the stupidest slug in the barrel, which he probably was.


“Drackens do not need intercourse to become mates, Potter. It can happen suddenly or gradually, over time. In your case it happened suddenly, which indicates that you are a very strong submissive and that you are drawing in mates to yourself to keep your power grounded so it does not lash out and inadvertently kill someone.”


“Our Drackens recognised each other as mates when I first licked you, Harry. We were mates from that first lick.”


“I do not need to hear such information, Blaise.” Snape cut in with a strong grimace. “What matters is that you are both mates and have to act like you are not, which is going to be monumentally difficult.”


“Not really. When all the other Drackens come here all I have to do is touch Blaise and say that he’s my mate.”


“You cannot be so stupid, Potter!” Snape groused. “It isn’t going to be that easy! All dominant Drackens have to congregate in one place before the process can even begin, you will have to put up with dominant Drackens trying to touch you and sweet talk you until then. They will say anything, will promise you everything to get you agree to be their mate. As the Dracken closest to you, Blaise will not be able to go near you until all other Drackens have arrived.”


“But I like having Blaise near me.”


“Do not whine, Potter. There is nothing that can be done about it.”


“Harry my boy; I will do anything and everything I can to make this experience more comfortable and less traumatic for you. I believe that the submissive Dracken chooses the place of meeting so as to be in a comfortable, familiar place.”


“Yes, that is correct.” Snape answered promptly.


“Harry, it might prove beneficial to use Hogwarts as your meeting place, this way you cannot be harmed and I will have the Professors, the ghosts and the portraits looking out for you.”


“Thank you, Professor, I wouldn’t know what other place to use.”


“If the submissive cannot come up with a meeting place then the congregation will be held at the Dracken Counsel Hall.” Snape cut in.


“Now, this meeting will be a waste of time, so we must hasten it along as much as possible.” Dumbledore stated. “We do not want the other students finding out, or the media getting a hold of the story.”


“How do we hide this?” Snape asked.


“I will put up a makeshift house on the other side of the lake and heavily ward it. We need to control this as much as we can, with Harry not having a guardian this will be much more difficult, but as Harry’s Headmaster and this being during the school year, I will be happy to act as your guardian Harry.”


Harry nodded immediately.


“Blaise said that I was going to need more than just him as my dominant, why would this meeting be a waste of time if I need more than one mate?”


“Because you won’t get all of the mates you need at once, Potter.” Snape told him. “You get your first dominant after your inheritance and then your breeding cycle will start. After your first period of heat has ended, you may gain a second mate. If you require another mate, you will need a third meeting again after your next period of heat and so on until you have the required number of dominant mates.”


“He will not have any more mates than necessary to impregnate him!” Blaise burst out, glaring at the Potions Professor.


“I’ve already told you I don’t want any more dominants than I need to get a clutch of children!” Harry shouted back.


Blaise’s glare switched to Harry and they stood there glaring at each other until Blaise growled so deeply that the sound reverberated through Harry’s lungs. Harry dropped his head, satisfied that Blaise had gotten the message, but before he pushed his dominant as far as punishing him. Who said that he was too stupid to learn anything?

Harry smiled and looked up through his eyelashes at the dour Potions Professor. He could learn new things just as well as the next person, regardless of what anyone else said.

Blaise opened his arms and Harry happily walked into the circle of his dominant’s arms. Those steel bands of muscle closed around him and immediately the feelings of peace, safety and protection washed over him, making all of his muscles relax and turned his body boneless. He had to admit that he loved the feeling of being cared for and protected, not that he’d tell Blaise that, at least, not so soon after they’d just met he wouldn’t.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Their tea with Dumbledore had taken them well past lunch and after assuring the concerned old man several times that he wasn’t actually being abused and that if Blaise even tried to take advantage of him or push him into something that he didn’t want then he’d have his balls lodged into his chest cavity, the two of them, him and Blaise, were free to go.

Blaise nuzzled and licked at him gently all the way down the spiral stairs and groped him through the borrowed clothing.


“Blaise! Please control yourself, I’m starving.”


That stopped Blaise in his tracks and his head shot up.


“You’re hungry? I will catch us something to eat, I will not have my mate go hungry.”


Harry shook his head and sighed. “Blaise, you can’t catch a deer for me at two in the afternoon, not with little first years happily exploring the forbidden forest and fourth years daring each other to see who can go the furthest in, you’ll be seen!”


“I will not have you going hungry, Prezioso. It goes against everything that I am as a dominant Dracken.”


“Yeah, so we’ll just go to the kitchens. Honestly, Blaise.”


“I don’t know where the kitchens are located, I know logically they are down near the Hufflepuff dormitories, it’s the only place that they can possibly be located, but Draco, Theo and I couldn’t find them when we went looking in our first and second years. We think that they might be warded to keep students out.”


Harry smiled secretively. “Lucky that you have me then, because I found the kitchens and how to get into them.”


“You are just full of surprises, Mio Prezioso.”


“I know nearly all of the secret passages in this school, Blaise. Didn’t Malfoy ever tell you about the time in Hogsmeade where my head suddenly appeared?”


“Yes he did. He ran straight to Professor Snape to tell him. It was never proven how you did that, or how you got past Filch.”


“I know two passageways out of the school and into Hogsmeade.” Harry told Blaise proudly.


“My clever little minx.” Blaise cooed, nuzzling at his neck again.


“What is with you and my neck?” Harry asked, even as he tilted it to the side to give Blaise more access to it.


“You have the most beautiful neck that I have ever seen.” Blaise answered, his lips a breath away from touching his skin.


Harry shivered and pressed closer to Blaise as those lips descended once again onto his neck, nibbling and licking.


“I want so badly to leave my mark upon you, but I can’t.” Blaise whispered. “The other Drackens would know immediately that you have been marked by someone else, it would ruin our entire plan.”


Harry moved away from Blaise, even though he really didn’t want to and he took his hand instead.


“We are almost at the kitchens.” Harry told him as the familiar picture of the bowl of fruit came into sight.”


“I have walked past here a thousand times and not once have I gotten a hint that the kitchens are near here.”


Harry grinned as he reached out to tickle the pear in the fruit bowl. It let out the familiar, high pitched squealing giggle before it turned into a doorknob. Harry twisted it and pushed open the portrait, which had now become a door, with a flourish.

The exclamations and greetings from the house elves made Harry grin as he praised them and then kindly asked for a late lunch, early dinner with lots of rare meat. They happily accepted and sat him and Blaise down at a cloth covered table in the corner, before placing mounded plates in front of them.


“This is incredible.” Blaise told him, looking around whilst eating the delicious meal in front of him.


“I felt the same way when I came here for the first time.”


“Are those the house tables?”


“Yep, how did you think the food got to the tables so quickly? It doesn’t just appear out of thin air at the feasts you know; the house-elves lay these tables with the food and then use their magic to make it pass up to the tables counterparts in the Great Hall which is directly above us.” Harry explained.


Blaise shook his head with a wondrous smile on his face. “I had always wondered how that happened, Draco and I believed that it happened by magic, of course, but we had previously believed that it was the Headmaster’s magic, not house-elves.”


“Speaking of your friends, won’t they miss you?”


“No. They are used to me going off on my own for a couple of hours every other day. What about Granger and Weasley, everyone in the school has noticed you have been separated from them, what happened, Harry?”


Harry sighed and stabbed his jacket potato with more force than was necessary.


“Ron got jealous after that newspaper article that wouldn’t stop gushing about how amazing I was for defeating the Dark Lord last April. He said some hateful and hurtful things and well, I shouted back and then he said that I could stay alone forever with my fame and glory. That I would die a miserable, lonely old man and after that I told him I never wanted to speak to him again. Hermione sided with Ron because they’re going out and she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise their relationship, she’s loved him for a long time. I haven’t spoken to either of them since May and they seem to be doing just fine without me.”


Harry shrugged, trying for nonchalance even though inside the breaking down of their friendship was tearing him apart at the seams. They had been friends since they were eleven, four years was a long time for everything to just disappear overnight.

Blaise slipped around the table and held him close, stroking his hair and rubbing his side gently.


“You have me now, Prezioso and nothing will split us apart. We will find you as many dominants as you need and then we will start having clutches of children. We will be a family, Prezioso, I will ensure it.”


“What if no other dominant wants me?” Harry asked insecurely.


Blaise laughed deeply and kissed Harry’s little nose.


“Oh Harry, of course they will want you, they will be fighting and killing each other just to get your attention. Submissive Drackens do not remain unmated for long after their inheritance, Prezioso. You could have been the ugliest, stupidest, most pathetic submissive in the world and you would still have dominant Drackens flocking to you. Unfortunately for me, you are the most beautiful, intelligent, fertile and powerful submissive in the world, I am going to have to have dominance battles daily to keep you mine.”


“I don’t want you to be hurt.”


“It is unavoidable, Harry. I will have to get into battles with the other Drackens to prove I am worthy of you, to prove that I can protect you and our young, it is inevitable that I will be hurt at some point, whether minor or majorly I cannot say for certain.”


Harry did not like that at all. In fact he didn’t like this entire situation at all. He didn’t want other dominant Drackens flocking around him, touching him, groping him, he could look after himself, but he could barely stand up to Blaise, what if there was a more powerful, cruel dominant Dracken out there? How would Harry cope if he became his mate?

He would just have to get this whole debacle done and out of the way quickly. He still wanted Blaise as a mate at the end of this and he wanted him alive.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Chapter Text

Chapter Four – An Influx of Dominant Drackens


Harry hated this. He hated it with a bloody vengeance. He wasn’t even allowed to go near Blaise. After Dumbledore had informed the Dracken Counsel that there was a submissive Dracken in Hogwarts a Counsel Elder had appeared almost instantly afterwards and he had been stuck to Harry ever since, like some sort of animated shadow, assuring him that he was never to be alone or unprotected, and that as Harry’s chaperone, the elderly Dracken had to accompany him everywhere.

Harry was at his wits end already, honestly at the end of his tether with the elderly Dracken, a man named Quintalus Trintus, who wouldn’t let anyone and he meant anyone near him.

The other students were talking, rumours were flying around and spreading like wildfire about him having some sort of deadly infectious disease which was why no one was allowed to go near him and he felt like screaming out his frustration for everyone to hear him.

As it turned out there were three dominant Drackens currently at Hogwarts. Blaise was one of them, which he’d already known. Very, very surprisingly Snape was another of the three and the third was unknown, but Elder Trintus, his chaperone, could smell his pheromones around the school. Harry begged to anyone who was listening that Snape didn’t start vying for his attention like a horny teenager too; he wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of it, nor get over the sight of his Potions Professor doing something as normal as offering him a bunch of flowers or trying to have a civil conversation with him.

Blaise was playing his part of unmated, dominant perfectly. He was testing the limits of Harry’s chaperone to the max, just like any other unmated dominant who was interested in a submissive would do, and then some. Harry would giggle and chuckle and laugh and sometimes even cry with mirth at some of the things that Blaise was doing to get his attention, even going so far as to send him several dozen ruby red roses, a huge bar of Honeydukes finest chocolate fudge because he knew that it was Harry’s favourite and he had given him a kitten for the day, which had really freaked Harry out seeing as the kitten had exploded into confetti after twelve hours. Elder Trintus had had to calm him down and explain that it wasn’t anything that Harry had done to the kitten, but it had just been a spell. There was a spell to turn parchment into an animal, but it only lasted for twelve hours before the animal reverted back to its previous paper state. It was a very advanced, impressive display of magic that should have been well beyond a student of any age. Blaise was well and truly showing off.

Nothing was said about Blaise having an unfair advantage because he had a head start on all of the other dominants, it seemed that if you were further away from the submissive then it was just tough luck and you had to work doubly hard to impress the submissive, in this case him, when they arrived.

It took only sixteen hours after the announcement was made for the first of the dominant Drackens to arrive and when they did, they had immediately started raining attention down on him. It was like feeding time at the zoo, every Dracken flooded him with attention that he didn’t actually want and Harry barely had time to say hello to Blaise, let alone get near him enough to cuddle. He was starting to feel lonely and trapped the longer he spent away from Blaise.

Harry had been moved to the makeshift house, which was more like a hotel than a house, where the only good thing to happen was that he was free to wander around with all of his Dracken attributes on show. He loved the freedom of walking around with his wings out, but unfortunately the dominant Drackens had taken being in a huge house all on their own with a submissive and only one chaperone as Harry wanting the privacy to have sex with them.

Harry had been groped more times in the past hour than all of the hours he had been alive. His chaperone was having a hell of a time keeping tabs on every Dracken that had turned up and it was to Harry’s understanding that the poor elderly Dracken had called for reinforcements within the first hour.

When he had gotten two minutes alone with Blaise, his chaperone yelling himself blue at one particular Dracken who had shoved his hand down the back of Harry’s trousers to fondle his bum, his mate had told him that the other Drackens were being so vicious because Harry was just so desirable to them as a prospective mate. He was gorgeous and had a personality to match which was drawing in every Dracken he met. Harry was just so glad that Snape wasn’t here; he really couldn’t imagine the humiliation and embarrassment of having one of his teachers grope at him like the other Drackens were doing.

Blaise had been shooed away like a bothersome cat when Elder Trintus had finally finished biting the head off of the other Dracken and he had left with a wink and a kiss to the back of Harry’s hand, which had made Harry chuckle.

His chaperone had leant against the wall and had panted, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and mopped his damp brow.


“You are something else, my dear.” He had told Harry softly. “I have never seen a meeting this ferocious in all my time of being a submissive chaperone. But then you are one of the more perfect catches.”


“Perfect catch?” Harry asked confusedly, wondering why he was being compared to a fish.


“Yes, my dear. You are stunning to look at, which alone would have gotten you a mate, but your outstanding personality really makes you shine a league above the other submissives, that you are so powerful and fertile just adds more bonuses on top of everything else.”


Harry hated being spoken about like he was some sort of pedigree animal, but he held his tongue. His chaperone was the only one who was keeping Harry from having his skin groped off. Blaise couldn’t help him seeing as they both had to pretend that they weren’t mates, if Blaise really wasn’t his mate then he’d be on the same side as the other dominant Drackens, trying to touch as much of him as possible, he wouldn’t be stopping the other Drackens.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


It had been two days and Harry was already bone tired. He had spoken to so many different men, had accepted so many gifts, some that he did actually like and some that were ridiculous, including a box of condoms, and had been told so many names, yet the only one he remembered was Blaise. Blaise giving him a single bracelet made of platinum, because he knew that Harry wouldn’t wear silver because of Remus. Blaise giving him a gorgeous grin and a small bow which had made Harry giggle. The other Drackens were just nameless, faceless people who were getting in Harry’s way of spending time with Blaise.


“Well, my dear, I think this meeting might be over sooner than I had believed.” Elder Trintus stated later that night when Harry was safely in his rooms, away from the other Drackens, but also away from Blaise.


“What do you mean?” Harry asked sweetly, sipping on his favoured honey tea.


“You seem awfully receptive to only the one Dracken out of the bunch that are here.”


“Oh. What does that mean?” Harry asked, playing ignorant.


The elderly Dracken chuckled. “Oh it is impossible not to be endeared by your sweetness, my dear. One can tell that you were not raised by other Drackens. You are so down to earth and not in the least bit spoilt or overindulged, that will surely change when you receive your mate, he or she will spoil you rotten and make sure that you want for nothing.”


“No, I wasn’t raised by other Drackens, my parents were killed when I was a baby and I was sent to live with my Mother’s Muggle sister.”


His chaperone shook his head sadly. “Had the Dracken world known of your existence you would have been given to a Counsel member. Such a shame. But back to you only being receptive to only one Dracken, it means that your Dracken side is being strongly drawn to him, your Dracken likes him very much, much more than the others, it will not take long before you are both mates.”


“Oh, but that’s good isn’t it?”


The elderly Dracken chuckled again. “Only a quarter of the dominant Drackens have arrived, the others will not be happy that they have missed out on a chance to win you.”


“It’s their fault for not getting here quicker. I’m glad it’s almost over; I can’t take so much attention. I’ve been kissed and touched so much in just two days. I’m not used to it. The first couple of hours of the first day really frightened me.”


“Do not fret, dear one, I will always be near you and these rooms are your sanctuary. If you feel overwhelmed then you only need to tell me and we will take a break here. But you are just so special that the other Drackens cannot get enough of you. Another point that makes you so endearing to the dominants is that you are so untouched; it excites them to know that they would be your first. Though they wouldn’t be your only, you are too powerful to have only one dominant.”


A sharp knock on the door preceded another elderly Dracken entering Harry’s private rooms, but what made Harry put his cup of tea down and stand up from his armchair, ready to run if the need arose, was the young dominant Dracken who had entered the room by the elderly Dracken’s side. An unmated dominant Dracken. An unmated dominant Dracken who stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he stepped into the room and inhaled the air deeply.

Deep brown eyes pinned Harry in place and a ferocious snarl was released from the other Dracken’s mouth, demanding Harry to submit.


“Elder Getus, you know that unmated dominants are not allowed in the submissive’s private rooms! This is a serious breach of protocol.” Harry’s chaperone, Elder Trintus, stated furiously, standing up himself and putting himself between Harry and this new dominant.


“I had only wished to introduce my grandson to the new submissive Dracken, Quintalus. We have only just gotten here and I thought that it would be nice to introduce them both to one another whilst you and I caught up with recent affairs.”


“Be that as it may, this is against the rules lain down for the safety of the submissive in question, these rooms are supposed to be a safe haven, a place to retreat to if it all gets too much. How can you expect the submissive to feel safe surrounded by so many dominants if his private sanctuary is invaded by an unmated Dracken?”


“We are hardly invading, Trintus.” The other Elder said, suddenly much less friendly than before. “I had just hoped that the little one might be feeling receptive to my grandson, I had only wished that they would get along.”


Before either Elder could speak again the dominant Dracken had leapt upon an unsubmitting Harry, who let out an undignified squeak and dropped to the floor to avoid the dominant, rolling under the coffee table and around the settee.


“Dominic! Stop this undignified display at once!” Elder Getus demanded.


His grandson, Dominic, obviously didn’t listen as he jumped onto the settee, trying to grab Harry over the back of it. Harry moved further away and edged around the room until he reached the door. He flung it open as Dominic ran at him and slammed it closed behind him as he set off running, his instincts telling him to get to Blaise, that he needed his dominant mate to protect him.

Harry was very lucky that Dominic did not appear to be as fast as Blaise was in the forest, or Harry would have been caught. It was severely unlucky though that he was in a hotel sized house full of unmated dominant Drackens, who were all in the same frame of mind as Dominic. To get him and grope him at any and all cost.

To Harry it seemed that there were more dominants than there had been when he had retired to his room for a break, but then he wouldn’t know any of them from Adam, the only Dracken he had been paying any attention to was Blaise and he wouldn’t have recognised anyone else if he had been introduced to them five minutes prior.

Harry made the heinous mistake of peeking over his shoulder to ascertain how far away the other Drackens were, the next thing he knew he had hit something so solid that he saw stars. He was hoisted up and he heard the belly rumbling growl above his head. It was an unfamiliar growl, but those arms were so protective, so strong and solid that Harry clung to the Dracken he had run into. The only thing that Harry could discern was that he was taller and thicker than Blaise and much more solidly muscled.

The Dracken holding him growled so ferociously that Harry ducked his head under the other male’s chin; he heard at least three answering growls and two hisses before he was lurched sideways as the Dracken holding him started running and then flying, his absolutely huge wings beating the air violently.

Flying was so much faster than running and Harry squeezed his eyes closed so he couldn’t see the carpeted floor passing by at such disorienting speeds when he wasn’t the one in control of anything, he kept his eyes closed right up until the Dracken carrying him was tackled in mid-flight, right over the banister of the stairs.

The Dracken landed heavily on his back and Harry landed on top of him, but before he could get his bearings back he was ripped from the dazed dominant’s grasp and he was again held tightly as the new Dracken ran with him. A door opened and then closed and Harry heard a very strong locking spell chanted in a voice he recognised so very well.


Prezioso, are you alright? Speak to me, Harry.” Blaise’s slightly breathless voice whispered into his ear. “Why did you leave the safety of your rooms?”


“One of the Elders brought his grandson into my rooms, Blaise. He was in my rooms! He tried to touch me, to grab me, so I had to run.”


“Oh Prezioso, Mio Prezioso.” Blaise exclaimed holding him tighter and wrapping his beautiful black and purple wings around him.


“Can I stay with you? My chaperone has already noticed that I’m more receptive to you than any of the other Drackens, he said that this meeting would be over soon because of it.”


“Of course you can, Harry, I would never turn you away, especially not when your rooms have been invaded.”


Harry smiled and snuggled in tighter to Blaise. This meeting had thrown him in at the deep end without armbands when he didn’t know how to swim. He was dreading when he had to have another meeting to find his second mate, why couldn’t Blaise be enough for him? He wasn’t greedy; he didn’t want more than one mate, so why did he have to have more than one mate just to get him pregnant?


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


The house was in uproar when the Elders and the dominants figured out that Harry was missing, but safely tucked up in bed with Blaise, Harry found that he didn’t care as his dominant stroked each of the sensitive, white scales on his pure white wings.

He was purring again, a deep, rumbling noise that came from deep within his chest as Blaise pressed his lips against his neck over and over whilst playing with his leathery wings.

Harry was not idle either as he explored the bare chest of his dominant for the first time. He had seen Blaise without a shirt on once, it had been that first time in the forest which seemed like so long ago now, but in reality it had only been a few days, but he hadn’t touched Blaise’s bare skin once. Until now that is.

Blaise was smooth and firm, there was a scattering of hair around his bellybutton and a soft line of hair that went below the waistband of his sleeping bottoms, but other than that, Blaise was smooth and hairless, deeply tanned and firmly muscled.

Harry run his fingers lightly over one dark brown nipple and then the other, loving the shiver that rolled down Blaise’s spine each time. He played with the darkly tanned skin, curiously comparing the olive tone to his own porcelain white with hints of pink.

Blaise chuckled and pulled Harry’s hands from his body, tucking them against his chest as he rolled over to trap them between both of their chests.


“If you carry on with that, Prezioso, then neither of us will be sleeping tonight.” Blaise whispered darkly.


“Is that such a bad thing? I’m done with this charade of a meeting. I want to announce you as my mate to the whole world, Blaise. I don’t want to be touched or kissed or groped by anyone other than you.”


“You will change your mind soon, after your first heat when your Dracken side realises that I alone will not be enough to impregnate you.”


“That’s later on, Blaise. I’m talking about now. I want just you for now. I don’t want them.”


Blaise sighed and buried his head into Harry’s long, black hair, he loved his mate’s hair, both long and silky when he was showing his Dracken features and short and messy when he was showing his human features. In both forms it smelt the same, like chestnuts.


“The other Drackens will call foul play if we announce it so soon, but then they always call foul play when they have not been chosen by a submissive, so it will not be looked into much, but the fact that you haven’t even compared wing sizes or spent a great deal of time with any Dracken will count against us, Bello.”


“I’ve had dominant Drackens flashing their wings at me for two whole days, Blaise! None of them entice me at all, I look at their brightly coloured wings being shoved into my face and I'm thinking, huh, another pair of wings, how nice, now get out of my way please. I don’t want to see green wings, blue wings, yellow ones or bloody red ones, the only wings I’m even remotely interested in are black and purple and I’m looking at them right now!”


Blaise silenced Harry with a ferocious kiss and Harry forgot about everything as those skilful lips teased his apart for a strong tongue to lay claim to his mouth.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up on his third morning in the Dracken hotel, as he had named it, well rested and relaxed for the first time in months, perhaps even years. The reason became apparent almost immediately as he found himself cuddled under Blaise’s heavy, yet comforting, arm. One black leathery, purple scaled wing pulled over the top of their sleeping bodies like an umbrella, protecting him, and Blaise, from the bright sunlight filtering through the un-curtained window.

Yawning and stretching, Harry made a small, soft noise, but Blaise was awake and alert within seconds, sitting up and scanning the room for danger, before retracting his claws and fangs when he came to the conclusion that there was no apparent danger.


“Morning, Prezioso.” Blaise murmured, lying back down next to Harry and stroking one pale, but sleep reddened, cheek.


“Morning, Blaise.” Harry answered, happily leaning into Blaise’s touch.


“Are you hungry? I can hunt for you.”


Harry shook his head fondly. Blaise sounded so excited at the prospect of going and killing an animal for Harry’s breakfast. Blaise was always offering to hunt for Harry; he had to wonder if it was in the dominant genes to hunt for every meal or if Blaise just liked hunting. Either way Harry was feeling more like having cereals for breakfast than meat, so regretfully he turned Blaise’s offer down with an explanation.


“You want cereals? You’re going into the first stages of heat, Prezioso. You need the grain for energy; soon you’ll want fruits and vegetables for slow release and energy storage.”


“Oh, but then the other Drackens will know that I already have a mate, the breeding cycle doesn’t start until I have a mate.”


Blaise nodded. “I know, Prezioso. We will announce our mateship later on, but first we have to be seen interacting with one another and you will have to watch some of the other dominants, then disregard them, if you really don’t like them, Harry, then simply reject their gifts and attentions. As the submissive the power is all yours, no one else’s. You have the right to reject or dismiss any Dracken that you want to, you can even send them away. Don’t let them bully you, Bello, they’re not allowed to.”


Harry smiled happily at this revelation and he hugged Blaise, mentally thanking him for giving him the strength and confidence he needed to get rid of the other dominants. If he was allowed to dismiss them and send them away from this hell hotel, then they couldn’t touch him, no more running from them, if they did something that he didn’t like then he’d damn well get rid of them. Unfortunately it would look too suspicious if he ordered all of them apart from Blaise out of the house like he wanted to.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry carefully slipped out of Blaise’s room and practically skipped down the corridor and into the breakfast room. Blaise was going to have a shower and take his time so it wouldn’t look in the least bit suspicious.

The massive hall that rivalled Hogwarts’ Great Hall fell silent as he entered and Harry had the odd thought that he was walking down death row as he confidently walked to the head of the table where his ‘special’ seat was located. Honestly it was more like a throne than a chair with a thick, soft, plush cushion for him to perch on with a padded back and arms.


“Oh, Harry, dear one. We have been searching all over for you.” His chaperone, Elder Trintus, stated with relief.


“I spent the night in the castle.” Harry lied smoothly. “I had to get away from this house, especially after my rooms were sullied.”


“Yes, about that, Harry, Dominic is very sorry for his behaviour.” The other Elder cut in, looking sorrowful. “He wishes to make it up to you.”


“He doesn’t have to, in fact I don’t want him to, what I want is for him to leave.”


“You don’t know what you’re saying, Harry.” Elder Getus told him firmly, chidingly.


“Yes I do. I will not stay here whilst he is here. I want him gone!”


“Get rid of him.” One dominant growled. “How can we properly interact with Harry if he is constantly running away from him?!”


“Let us not be hasty, all of you reacted the same to Harry when you first got here, Dominic is no different.”


“We didn’t act like him!” Another man, this one at least six foot eight with wide set shoulders to match, burst out harshly. “We respected the rules! None of us would have dared to enter the submissive’s room, only Dominic has been rude and disrespectful enough to do so! Harry’s rooms are supposed to be his own, no one is allowed in them because it is his space.”


“He’s right; no one else has barged into my rooms like that.” Harry answered, giving a smile to the huge man, who smirked back, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling, puffing his chest out under Harry’s attention like he had just been told he’d won gold in an Olympic event. “There are some of you here that I just can’t be around, we are completely incompatible and you’ll never be my mate, I can't concentrate on any of the others if you’re here.”


“Alright, dear one, you can come with me after your breakfast and we will interview each Dracken in turn, if you aren’t compatible with each other, you have the right to reject them.” Elder Trintus told him.


“I like that idea; it will give me a chance to spend some one on one time with all of you to find my prospective mate.”


The dominants all started murmuring to each other, but mostly they just growled at each other. They weren’t here to make friends after all; they were all in direct competition with each other. It was a shame; Harry thought sadly, none of them would be his mate, at least not this time around, but they all thought that they had a chance.

Harry happily ate his second bowl of cereal and then moved onto two pieces of wholemeal toast. He made sure to eat several pieces of nearly raw, cubed lamb because he was being watched closely, even though he didn’t really fancy eating meat and then it was time for the showdown. His one on one interviews with the dominant Drackens. He had a feeling that he just wasn’t going to enjoy this as much as he was supposed to.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was going to be reduced to cold blooded slaughter. Honestly if this kept up he would have no other choice, it would be them or him and Harry would much rather it be them. He had deduced, in just three hours, that dominant Drackens were pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied, egotistical bastards.

Harry had been under the false impression that this interview was to learn about his compatibility with his prospective mate. But apparently it was him sitting in an armchair listening to a bunch of dicks and egos telling him their accomplishments, their prowess’s and their achievements.

Even Elder Trintus was looking quite astonished at their level of rudeness and self-centredness, at least Harry wasn’t the only one. Honestly he hadn’t once been asked how he was or even what he was interested in, there had been one Dracken who had been very into a hobby called caving, which Harry had expressed a slight interest in, so the guy had explained everything about it to him, before going on to brag that he had a trophy in mountain biking, a subject that Harry wasn’t in the least bit interested in.


“I can’t take this anymore.” Harry complained to his chaperone as they took a little tea break. “None of them are right for me! What if I never get a mate?”


Which wasn’t likely seeing as he already had one, but Harry’s fear was more for his future clutch of children, which he’d never have unless he found a second, possibly third and fourth mate. He wanted Blaise, of course he did, but he also wanted his own children. Was he doomed to pick an ignorant berk to spend the rest of his life with, to spend time with, to mate with and to have sex with, just to have children? 


“Oh, Harry dearest, don’t be daft, of course you’ll find a mate. Really they can't all be this selfish! There must be one among the hundred or so that are here that you like.”


“What if I don’t like any of them? And you told me that I will need more than one mate to get pregnant, I can’t choose one, how can I pick two?! What if I need more than two? Oh god I can’t do this, why can’t I just have the one mate? Why can’t one mate be enough for me to have a clutch of children?”


Elder Trintus sighed and took a refreshing sip of tea, before he looked at the distressed young man across from him. Sixteen, this boy was just sixteen years old he thought sadly and the biggest age group of the dominants was in the late twenties, early thirties range. He wished that there were more submissive Drackens, then he wouldn’t have to watch time and time again as a submissive was paired with a dominant three times older than they were.


“Your Dracken instincts know what they are doing, Harry. You may have already subconsciously chosen, you have, after all, been inhaling the scents of all of the dominants here for the past two days. Just get through these interviews and if at the end you still haven’t chosen then we will think of something else, but for now, we still have about sixty more dominants to interview.”


“Three hours and we aren’t even halfway.” Harry mumbled, throwing back the last few gulps of his honey tea and swallowing hard. “Someone give me the strength to carry on.”


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Another hour and Harry wanted to slice up the next dominant Dracken that he saw. But unfortunately for his killing urges, but very fortunately for his sanity, it was Blaise who sauntered through the door next. His gorgeous, wonderful, amazing mate, Blaise.


“Good afternoon, I’m Blaise Mariano Zabini, seventeen.” Blaise greeted with a small smile that had just a hint of smirk in it. “I hope that you are well.”


“You know you are the first person to even ask me how I am. I’ve had an entire day of being bombarded with selfish remarks and comments and I'm just so glad that one of you isn’t too self-absorbed to actually ask me how I am!”


“How dull and utterly disgusting behaviour.” Blaise replied with a wink that was hidden from the chaperone. “I’ve brought you some more chocolate; you told me yesterday that you had none left so I went out this morning and bought you some more.”


Harry nearly pounced on the bar of chocolate that was offered to him and opened it immediately and bit into it.


“Thank you so much, I love chocolate fudge bars.”


“I know, I remember you telling me the first day we were in this house.” Which was a lie as Harry had told Blaise that he liked this particular chocolate bar a few days after their chase through the forest on Halloween, when he’d been eating the last bar that he had.


“You remember that? I didn’t think anyone was listening to me. That and I doubted anyone could hear me over the squawking of that huge Dracken, the one with orangey wings.”


“I was listening to you, Harry.”


Harry blushed lightly and coyly took a look at his chaperone, who was writing something on the clipboard that he had had all day during the interviews. The elderly Dracken had better not be putting anything other than praise down for Blaise or Harry would have his head on a plate.


“What are your interests, Blaise?” Harry asked, pretending to be politely interested. “What do you like doing during your spare time?”


“I spend most of my time studying; I am in the mind frame that my school years are for study. I wish to get a very good job, the very best that I can, in order to provide all the necessary and luxury items that my mate could possibly want. We would need a big house for us to share with our children, I will not see my family wearing rags and clothing costs money and also I would wish to feed my family the very finest foods to ensure the highest amount of nutrition.”


“Do you do anything else other than study?” Harry’s chaperone asked, surveying them.


Harry made sure to jump slightly, acting as if he had been so engrossed in his talk with Blaise that he had forgotten that the other Dracken was there. It worked as Elder Trintus made another note with a wide smile.


“I like walking.” Blaise answered. “If I had a mate, I would like to think that we could enjoy walks through the countryside together.”


“I like walking barefoot through grass.” Harry told him with a smile and a small blush. “I also like dipping my feet into the lake and walking through the forest and I’ve never actually told anyone that before.”


“Then I am honoured that you have told me about your secret wanderings.” Blaise answered with that gorgeous grin.


Harry laughed and broke a bit of his chocolate off, offering it to Blaise, who instead of taking it like Harry had expected, lowered his mouth to suck it from Harry’s fingers.

Blushing deeply, Harry smiled and moved from his armchair and over to sit next to Blaise on the settee opposite him. He cuddled into his side and subconsciously started purring.


“I think that this interview is over, Harry, my dear. You have obviously chosen a mate for yourself and a very fine mate as well. You get on really well with each other, Blaise you have obviously been very serious about your mate from the very beginning and you have been listening to Harry and what he says, which is more than some other dominants can say. We will be seeing each other again, Harry. As I have already said you are too powerful to only need one mate and I would be honoured to be your chaperone once again.”


“I’d love to have you as my chaperone again, but I really wish I didn’t have to go through all of this for a second time.”  


Elder Trintus chuckled at the cute little submissive, he honestly thought that Harry had no idea how beautiful he was, inside and out, if only he were unmated and fifty years younger, he thought wistfully.


“I think that your next meeting will go much more smoothly, Harry dearest, you will, after all, have Blaise with you for your second meeting and you would have already been mated and had your first heat. Blaise, as your first mate, will not accept any dominant touching you without your permission; he will likely fight them to encourage them to stop.”


“I don’t like violence.” Harry stated softly.


“Then I will make sure that you will see nothing, Mio Bello.” Blaise told him seriously, wrapping a huge wing around Harry.


“I always do love seeing a mateship form before my eyes; you are a very strong and powerful submissive, Harry, to bond with Blaise as quickly as you have.”


“I could feel a connection with him right away, from that first time when he introduced himself to me with a handshake.”


“Dear Merlin, you are much more powerful that I could possibly have believed, Harry. Mating over a simple handshake, it takes a submissive on average three days before they recognise a mate, but if you and Blaise mated together the first time that you shook hands, it would possibly explain why your Dracken has been rejecting all of the other dominants.”


“I don’t mean to hurt their feelings, I just really like Blaise.”


“That is quite alright, dearest, they are not going to be happy, but then the only way they would be happy was if you had chosen them as your mate, which you are not going to.”


“Can I go back to having a semi-normal life now? I’m sure the rumours in the school are terrible by now. When I left I was dying from an incurable, deadly disease. Merlin knows what the students have come up with now.”


“Of course, my little dear. You leave the clean-up to me, you just have to announce Blaise as your mate to the other dominants and then you are free to do as you please.”


Harry did not relish the thought of telling the hundred or so dominant Drackens that they had wasted a journey or that he already had a mate and it wasn’t any of them.

He stood in the huge common room, looking at all of their hopeful eyes and lustful gazes and tucked his white wings into his body, some of the white scales were getting a slight purple tint to them and Harry couldn’t wait until he finally, proudly, wore the colours of his mate.


“You spent longer with him!” One dominant burst out. “I want a longer interview as well.”


“None of you are going to get another minute of my time. I’m sorry, but it seems that I have already found my first mate. Elder Trintus believes that Blaise and I mated from our very first handshake, which is why I have been less receptive to any of your advances. I’m sorry, but I am no longer looking for a mate.”


There was uproar, yells of denial, screams of rage and deep growls that had the hair on the back of his neck standing up on end.

Harry was very glad for the strong presence of Blaise at his back, his arms around his shoulders and his wings flared out, ready to wrap around him if needed.


“You all know that you cannot seek retribution.” Elder Trintus spoke up loudly, his voice easily carrying over the shouts and growls of the dominants. “Against Harry or Blaise. But this isn’t over yet, Harry is a very powerful Dracken and will require another mate at least, possibly two or even three more, you all have the chance to try again.”


Harry hated that too, being offered up like a piece of meat or a raffle prize. He might not be human anymore, but he was still a living person and he deserved the basic respect for that. He still had feelings and thoughts and he was still the same person that he was before, he just had wings, claws and fangs. Oh and his scales, he couldn’t forget his glittery, white scales, which were turning a very light purple in patches. He couldn’t wait until they went the same dark amethyst as Blaise’s, he smiled and looked at his wing scales over his shoulder. He really, really couldn’t wait for them to reflect his bond with Blaise.

With most of the dominants calm now that they had been informed that they could possibly become his mate still, Harry felt secure enough to walk through them, with Blaise of course, and out into Hogwarts’ grounds.

He slipped his hand into Blaise’s much larger one and smiled to his mate. Now they had time to get to know one another and enjoy their relationship. At least until it was ruined by the introduction of a second mate, but that was way off, he had to go onto his first heat period before he had to pick another mate. Harry smiled at Blaise from under his eyelashes, first things first though; they had to get to know one another better and maybe get in some practice before he officially went onto his heat. It never hurt to practice after all, he thought with a salacious grin.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X



Chapter Text



Chapter Five – Blissful Days


Harry had come to the conclusion that Blaise was the only mate that he ever wanted. He didn’t want anyone else, fuck his genes or whatever it was that said he needed more than one person to become pregnant.

How ridiculous was that anyway? Girls got pregnant at the drop of a hat; it was why Hogwarts’ Medi-nurse was female, so that girls would feel more comfortable talking to her. Harry thought that that was a load of shit too. He wouldn’t feel any more or less embarrassed or humiliated talking to a woman about his sex life than he would a man. He’d be equally mortified either way.

As he lay on Blaise’s bed in the Slytherin dormitories, three days after the hotel from hell incident, Harry was contemplating when he would go into heat. He was still eating cereals and toast by the plateful and had recently added crackers and biscuits, but he wasn’t devouring bowl after bowl of fruits like Blaise had told him would be sign of the last stage of his breeding cycle before he went into heat.

The only thing that pointed to him progressing at all was that he couldn’t stand to be near meat of any sort, raw or cooked, which indicated that he was just over the crest of the middle period of his cycle. Blaise wasn’t worried at all, he said that breeding cycles could take weeks even months before the submissive went into heat, it was different for every submissive.

Harry didn’t know what he wanted his cycles to be, on the one hand, he really wanted to experience going into heat with Blaise, on the other hand, the minute he came off of heat, he would have to have a meeting to find his second mate.


“What’s floating around in that gorgeous head of yours, Mio Bello?” Blaise asked, coming from the bathroom fully dressed, much to Harry’s disappointment.


“I’m just wondering about going into heat.”


“The only thing that fills your head these days.” Blaise stated affectionately. “I’ve told you, Harry, it will happen when it happens. There is nothing to worry about.”


“I was thinking that maybe we should practice first, before I go onto heat.”


“Why?” Blaise asked, looking faintly offended. “I am a good lover, Harry. I don’t need to practice.”


“But I do, Blaise. This will be my first time; the heat is a primal act between Drackens that is rough and instinctual. I don’t want my first time to hurt, Blaise.”


“Oh Prezioso, come here.” Blaise cooed cuddling Harry tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were afraid? Of course if you want me to make love to you beforehand I will. I would be honoured to.”


Harry smiled and held Blaise against him. “Thank you, Blaise.” He whispered.


Blaise gave that sexy smirk and took Harry’s hand in his own. “Come or we will be late for breakfast, you need to eat.”


“Why are you always trying to feed me? I feel like a pudding.” Harry sighed, he was not used to eating so much, even when he was at Hogwarts and away from the poisonous influence of his relatives.


“It is in my instincts to feed my mate, just be lucky that I am already a year into my life as a Dracken, a Dracken who is new and is mated would not be able to control his instinct to feed you. He would drag a dead animal to you in the Great Hall, in front of everyone. Would you prefer that?”


Harry looked faintly horrified. He didn’t know what to settle on, absolute disgust or faint amusement.


“That’s gross.” He finally settled on saying as Blaise tugged him out of his dormitory and into the common room.


Blaise gave him a wicked smirk as he pulled Harry to cradle him under his arm, hugging him close.


“Gross or not, it is how our instincts dictate that we should act. It takes a while for us to get a hold of our instincts; it took me eight weeks of running around and trying to force my housemates to submit to me before I could control myself. I don’t know if you remember but I was being labelled as insane this time last year.”


“I remember a mention of it and that was only because you tried to get a Gryffindor seventh year to bow down to you.”


Blaise grinned then. “I remember him, he thought he was stronger than me, strutting around like he owned the place, my Dracken had to put him in his place. It was after that incident that Professor Snape got involved and started teaching me.”


“It’s strange thinking that Snape is a Dracken. He doesn’t look like the rest.”


Blaise sighed sadly and nodded. “His mate died, Harry. When a Dracken’s mate dies, we turn bitter and sour, especially as Professor Snape didn’t have time to have a clutch of children with his mate. Without a mate and without children, well we sort of lose ourselves and we waste away. Many decide to commit suicide, but Professor Snape is far too strong to ever sink to that level.”


“My god, I don’t know what would happen if you suddenly died.” Harry breathed in horror.


“Don’t think about it, Mio Bello. It is usually the submissive who dies anyway.”


“Oh thanks for that.” Harry laughed in mock outrage.


Blaise chuckled. “Not that I would ever let you die, Prezioso. Professor Snape was separated from his mate when they died, he couldn’t protect them.”


“That’s awful, I feel bad now for ever thinking ill of him.”


“Don’t worry about it, Harry, you didn’t know. He doesn’t want people to know.”


Harry nodded at the hint to not mention it or to bring it up as they entered the Great Hall. Being used to sitting at the Slytherin table, Harry didn’t even try to veer off towards the Gryffindor table anymore, not that Blaise would have let him. It wasn’t like there was anything over there for him anyway; he’d only be eating on his own.

The only new thing about this was that Malfoy was back. Harry had had the feeling that the huge blond had been avoiding him since he had found Harry in Blaise’s bed, but he didn’t know Malfoy all that well, for all he knew it could have been normal behaviour.

Blaise sat down next to a girl with long, yellow-blonde hair and opposite a boy with a pointed face and light brown hair. Harry recognised the boy as Blaise’s friend Theodore Nott. This seating arrangement unfortunately left Harry sitting opposite Malfoy, who was being mauled by a fourth year girl, with the same blonde hair as the girl next to Blaise. Malfoy calmly pushed her off of himself every now and then with one arm, without stopping the calm, measured bites of his breakfast.

Harry watched curiously and Malfoy, as if he could feel Harry’s gaze, lifted his head as he was chewing his bacon to lock eyes with him. Harry tilted his head questioningly as the girl once again tried to climb onto Malfoy’s lap and the blond man sighed.


“Daphne, could you please remove your sibling from my proximity.” Malfoy’s low, serious voice cut through all surrounding conversations and drew people’s attention onto himself.


The blonde girl next to Blaise peeked around his mate’s huge shoulders and looked embarrassed and faintly shocked.


“Astoria!” She exclaimed sharply. “Come here and leave Draco be, I’ve told you before that this behaviour is unacceptable and the continuance of it will see a letter finding its way to Mother and Father!”


“She obviously hasn’t been taught properly.” A pug faced girl that Harry knew as Pansy Parkinson sniffed over her glass of pumpkin juice. “No self-respecting Pureblood woman would act like a desperate whore.”


Daphne flushed a brilliant red and glared hatefully at Pansy as she stood up. She took a hold of her sister’s arm as she passed her and started dragging her away.


“There was no need for those comments.” Harry stated quietly, looking at Parkinson.


Blaise immediately stopped his conversation at the sound of his voice and turned to look at him, whether he was reprimanding him with his eyes or just giving him support Harry didn’t know. He didn’t care, it was wrong of Parkinson to say such things out loud, even if she did think them.


“Keep your nose out, Half-blood.” Parkinson sneered.


“Do not speak to him like that.” Blaise threatened lightly.


“What do you even see in him, Blaise?” Pansy asked snootily, looking at Harry critically. “He’s too short, too skinny, he doesn’t look after his awful hair, his face is disgusting, he can’t see further than his own nose and he’s stupid as well. His only redeeming qualities are a passing skill in Quidditch and his eyes, only since he lost those disgusting, plebeian glasses though.”


Harry would never admit how much those words hurt him. Hadn’t he heard something similar from Ron’s mouth not seven months ago? Blaise however was growling continuously under his breath. Harry took a hold of his hand and squeezed it reassuringly.


“You will apologise to Harry immediately.” Blaise demanded, giving a pointed look to Parkinson, who quelled under his glare.


“I apologise.” She stated huffily and turned away from them both, engaging Millicent Bulstrode in conversation.


Blaise wrapped an arm around Harry and the diminutive Dracken rather thought that if he had been able to Blaise would have wrapped a wing around him as well.


“Do not listen to her, Mio Bello.” Blaise whispered into his ear. “You are so beautiful and she is jealous because she will never be as stunning as you are. Not with that nose at any rate.”


Harry giggled lightly and snuggled in tighter. He felt glad that Blaise had defended him, he had been too stunned to do so himself, what with Parkinson sounding so much like Ron. The only difference had been that Ron had slighted him for his fame as well; it seemed that Slytherins had no problem with his apparent celebrity status, just his appearance and his blood status, or lack thereof.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry growled as yet another male student went past and smacked his bum. It seemed to be a new game that the Gryffindors had started. Seamus had done it first, but Harry could tolerate the flirty Irishman doing it, he had known Seamus for five years and they both knew it meant nothing serious, it was Seamus’ way of showing that they were still friends, well that and he liked Harry’s new look.

Dean Thomas had done it as a joke because Seamus had, then after that it was like a tidal wave had hit, he couldn’t go anywhere without having his arse smacked. Blaise didn’t know about it…yet, but Harry was sure he was going to blow up about it and probably kill someone if he ever found out about it. He had to put a stop to it himself and soon.

Walking into the library, Harry went into the potions section and scanned for the particular book that he wanted, which typically was right on the top shelf. He was five foot five, but you had to be over six foot to reach the top shelf of the library in any section.

Sighing and resigning himself to dragging a chair over to reach it, because not only could he not take out his wings to hover high enough to reach it, but he wasn’t allowed to use magic in the library anymore thanks to six, third year students who had had a duel in the study area last month. 


“You’re not going to be able to get it down by pouting at it.” A smooth, cultured voice told him.


Harry knew that voice before he even turned around to see the hulking figure of Draco Malfoy. Harry hated that the blond had seemingly shot up a foot during the summer, they had almost been the same size last year, he had been five foot three and a half and Draco had been five foot seven, now the blond was at least six foot five, six foot six in height.


“I was just about to get a chair.” Harry defended hotly.


Malfoy rolled those silver coloured eyes and stood up from the chair that he had been sat in. Harry hadn’t seen him when he’d come down this way to get the particular book that he wanted.


“Which book do you want?”


“The big blue one.”


“Well that’s helpful seeing as there are several big blue books that you can’t reach.”


“Extremely Advanced Potions: Of a Creature Kind. It’s on the top shelf.” Harry replied.


Harry wasn’t sure, but it looked like Draco went ten shades paler, which was quite a feat as he’d been look extra pale this term and slightly sick.


“Why do you want that book?” He asked, striving for nonchalance but only achieving Harry’s curiosity.


“Because I do.” Harry replied. “Now are you going to get it down for me or do I have to go and get a chair?”


Draco reached up and took down the book from the very top shelf; he didn’t even need to go on his tip toes to reach it. He handed it to Harry reluctantly and it made Harry so insanely curious. What was in this book that Malfoy didn’t want him to see?


“Thank you.” Harry stated, before scurrying away before Malfoy could change his mind and snatch the book back off of him.


Harry checked the book out and quickly left the library. He went out into the grounds and sighed as the fresh air hit him. His wings twitched under his skin and Harry had to concentrate doubly hard to keep them hidden. He wanted to bring them out and flex them.

He made his way over to the lake and sat down against the tree closest to the edge; he pulled his shoes and socks off of his feet and happily dipped them into the water. Blaise would probably kill him for doing it, what with it being the end of November, but Harry didn’t care, he had always loved the feeling of the icy water lapping at his toes.

He cracked open the book and started at chapter one. He had planned on just looking up Dracken pheromone suppressors, seeing as he didn’t like advertising himself to every Dracken within a fifty mile radius, but Malfoy had made him so itchingly curious, he had to find out why the huge blond hadn’t wanted him to read this book.

So he was being nosy, he really didn’t care, Blaise would have an eppy fit if he knew the reason he was scouring every page of this book, he valued privacy, but Harry was just too curious to let it drop. The truth was that Draco Malfoy had always fascinated him. He followed every move the blond made religiously and his eyes always found a way to follow his blond nemesis, only he wasn’t so much a nemesis anymore. Ever since they had come back to school things had changed, Malfoy wasn’t going out of his way to torment him, in fact he hadn’t even insulted him and had even helped him get the book from the too high shelves.


“Potter! Get your feet out of the water.” A sharp, icy voice demanded.


Harry automatically did as he was told, the voice of a dominant Dracken forcing his submissive will, but he looked over his shoulder at who had ordered him to do so, his emerald green eyes meeting and holding the jet black eyes of Severus Snape.


“Hello Professor.”


“I see Zabini hasn’t yet taught you enough. Drackens do not like the cold, Potter. Prolonged exposure to the cold will make you very, very ill.”


“Oh.” Harry frowned; he loved dipping his feet into water.


“I can see that Zabini is not going to teach you efficiently enough. I expect to see you in my quarters after dinner, Potter. This is not a request.”


With that the Potions Professor strode away, his black cloak billowing out behind him as per usual, but Harry was half expecting the sky to fall down. He was going to have private Dracken lessons with Snape! Of all people it had to be Snape.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Blaise was not happy at the idea of private lessons with Snape, a dominant Dracken at that, never mind that Snape wasn’t looking for anyone because he had already been mated, and he insisted on accompanying him.


“Honestly, Blaise this is ridiculous.” Harry grumbled.


Blaise’s hand curled around the back of his neck and squeezed lightly, warning him not to say another word, however Harry was incensed by the action. He was not some obedient little puppy!

Moving his shoulder to try and nudge Blaise’s hand away only made the hand squeeze tighter and Harry mewled in pain. He twisted in Blaise’s hold and tried to kick out, but Blaise moved his leg to block the attack.


“You can't be with me twenty-four seven, Blaise! No matter how much you fucking want to! What if I get a detention? Are you going to walk me there holding my hand?”


“Why do you want to be alone with Snape so much? Is it because he’s older than me? More experienced? He sure as hell isn’t better looking.” Blaise hissed.


“Would you listen to yourself? You’re being a jealous dick! I don’t know what experienced is! I don’t know what inexperienced is because I'm a virgin! I’ve told you that already so get the fuck off of me!”


Blaise let his claws come out to touch the skin of Harry’s neck and pulled him closer so their faces were as close as they could get.


“Do not speak to me like that.”


“I’ll speak to you how I damn well please!”


Harry gasped as Blaise’s claws dug into his skin, but he still threw his arms out to push at Blaise’s chest.


“Let the fuck go!”


“Oi!” A new voice joined their argument in the assumedly deserted corridor. “Let him go!”


Harry looked to the side and could have groaned as he saw Cormac McLaggen, a seventh year Gryffindor, standing by an open doorway just a few feet from them. He walked closer and Blaise started growling, a low sound which Cormac probably couldn’t even hear, but Harry could feel under his hands which were frozen against his mate’s chest.


“Do not stick your nose into other people business!” Blaise threatened.


“It is my business if you’re abusing a fellow lion.”


McLaggen was either stupid or crazy, probably both, Harry deduced. No one would willing walk towards an enraged dominant Dracken. Not that McLaggen knew that Blaise was a dominant Dracken, but the pheromones that Blaise was releasing into the air should have scared any human off by now.


“Back off!” Blaise snarled, pulling Harry behind his own body and keeping him there by hooking four claws into his robes. At least it wasn’t his skin.


But fucking hell, Blaise was seeing McLaggen as a threat. Harry needed to diffuse this situation immediately!


“McLaggen its fine. Just go away. I’ve got a detention with Snape now anyway.”


“I’ll walk you there.” Cormac stated confidently.


“No you won’t!” Blaise burst out. Harry could feel his mate’s wings pulsing under the skin of Blaise’s back, through his shirt and his robes. If McLaggen didn’t leave soon, he wasn’t going to walk ever again.


“I’m going to be late!” Harry shouted at them both. “I’m not being late for Snape, you two stay here and fight like barbarian cavemen, I’m leaving!”


With that he hurried down the corridor and further into the dungeons. He had gotten a short missive from Snape at dinner, which had told him that his private quarters were located around the corner and six doors down from the potions classroom.

Solid arms wrapped around his waist and lifted him from the floor. They were unfamiliar and too wide to be Blaise’s.


“Little submissives shouldn’t be wandering around on their own, especially when they haven’t consummated their mateship through a period of heat.”


Harry didn’t recognise the voice and he started struggling more viciously and lashing out to break himself free.


“Well you are a fiery one, good. I hate little obedient slaves; you’ll be that much more fun to be around.”


“Let go of me!”


“But you fit so well in my arms. I promise that you’ll come to love me after we have mated, you won’t be able to resist me when I have given you a baby.”


Harry felt his entire body tremble with rage and he didn’t care who was watching or who might see, he brought out all of his Dracken features and dug his claws deeply into his assailant’s arms. Not that he needed to seeing as his wings had almost taken the other Dracken’s head off.


“You little bitch! I’ll kill you!” The dominant Dracken screamed. Harry didn’t recognise him; he wasn’t a student here, had he been at the meetings a few days ago? Damn it, why hadn’t he paid more attention?!


“What is going on here?” Snape’s silky voice cut through the noise, just as Blaise ran around the corner.


“He attacked me!” The dominant Dracken stated. “I was just talking to him and the little psycho took a chunk out of each of my arms!”


Blaise snarled at the other dominant from his place cuddling Harry, who clung to Blaise like a lifeline. He didn’t want another dominant to take Blaise’s place. He didn’t want anyone other than Blaise’s babies. He had been shaken by the threats of forced mateship and a clutch of children with someone he didn’t love.


‘You won't be able to resist me when I have given you a baby.’ Harry shivered, was it true? Did a dominant Dracken only have to get him pregnant to get his love and affection? He needed answers.


“Mr Potter, is this true?” Snape addressed him, those jet black eyes warning him to not even think of lying.


“No. Well yes, I did attack him and I did gouge his arms with my claws, but he grabbed me from behind when I was walking to your rooms and he wouldn’t let me go. He said that I shouldn’t be walking alone when I haven’t consummated my mateship, that he would make me love him once he gave me a baby. I don’t want his baby!”


Harry flinched as Blaise damn near roared in his ear. Snape was there then, holding Blaise around the throat with both of his arms and trying to calm him down. Harry wanted to step away in fright, but he didn’t want to leave Blaise’s side in case the other dominant snatched him and forced him to mate with him. He didn’t want to mate with anyone other than Blaise!


“Potter, go to my rooms immediately.” Snape ordered, but Harry didn’t move. Blaise was the only one who could even try to order him around.


“Get a hold of yourself, Zabini and get your mate to safety before you go on a killing rampage.” Snape snarled.


Blaise’s head snapped around to look right at Harry, those gorgeous indigo eyes were furious, murderous and Harry did take a step back then, only for those eyes to soften and for Blaise to scoop him into his chest.


“Shh, Mio Amore, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m not angry with you. Please go to safety, I know you don’t like violence and I don’t want you to be harmed.”


Harry gave one last look to Blaise before he walked off to Snape’s rooms. He didn’t care what happened to the other dominant Dracken; he didn’t even want to think about it, so he gave in and left, because really, he just did not want to watch as Blaise tore him apart, which is what was going to happen and nothing could stop him, no person, no law, nothing. It was within Blaise’s rights as a dominant Dracken to grievously maim and kill any who touched, harmed or upset his mate and Blaise was right, Harry really didn’t want to stick around to watch it.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Snape’s private rooms calmed Harry instantaneously. They reminded him of a forest, of trees and leaves and woods and flying. Everything reminded him that he was a Dracken and he had had no want whatsoever to tuck his wings back in, or his claws or fangs or scales. He wanted them out, he wanted to feel the air against his leathery wings, he wanted to stretch them out to their fullest, which the extra wide, extra high ceilinged room actually allowed.

Yawning, his jaw stretching wide to accommodate his mouth full of sharp little teeth and four curving fangs, Harry automatically lay down in front of the near enough wall length fire, loving the wash of warmth it gave him, and he started purring deeply.

Snape was right, he would much rather be lying here in front of this huge fireplace than swimming his feet in icy water.

A hand stroking his hair had him bolting up right and snarling, before he realised that he was looking into the amused indigo eyes of his mate and he settled down again, purring even louder as Blaise pet him like an animal. It just felt so good.


“Did you kill him?” Harry asked in a quiet voice.


“Yes.” Blaise answered without hesitation. “I’d kill for you, Harry. You are my mate and I will not have anyone scaring you like that.”


“Won’t you get into trouble for killing him?” Harry asked quietly.


“No, Mio Bello. Not after what he threatened and tried to do to you. Forcing a submissive into a mateship by impregnating them is not just breaking a serious law, it’s obliterating it. It does not matter that he never tried to do it; just threatening to do it is enough for a death sentence that is how serious this law is. The Counsel would have executed him anyway for his threatened actions. It is better that I am seen to be protecting and honouring you than to be seen as weak by sending him to the Counsel just to be executed anyway.”


Harry nodded and silence filled the room, but Harry couldn’t keep silent for long, he had too many questions that he needed answers to.


“Could he really have made me love him just by getting me pregnant with his baby?” Harry asked, looking from Blaise to Snape, who had seated himself in a black armchair which looked to be made out of dragon hide.


“Yes.” Snape answered with a no nonsense tone. “It is a flaw in the submissive’s genetic make-up. A submissive, like yourself, will love any and all children that they give birth too and because you’ll love every single thing about your children, you will not be able to hate the one who gave them to you, because your children would be half you and half the dominant who gave them to you. In time you would be unable to hate the one who had given you your children, but because you feel such strong emotions for them, which used to be hate, it would transfer into love.”


“Why love?” Harry asked in a small voice.


“Because not only could you not hate them, but you wouldn’t be able to feel any negative emotions towards them either and love is the strongest positive emotion a person can feel.” Blaise told him gently, still stroking him.


“So all of the negative emotions I would have felt towards him would have built up and are then turned into the strongest positive emotion I could have possibly felt, all because of my child?”


Blaise nodded and brushed his fingers against his cheek, before he lay down next to him, their noses touching and they just stared at each other.


“Is this the reason that you didn’t want to leave me alone? Because I haven’t gone into heat yet and I could be attacked by another dominant?”


“Yes.” Blaise told him. “My instincts will calm down once we have consummated our mateship, but until then I will not want to risk leaving you.”


“Why was he even here?” Harry burst out. “He is too old to be a student here, why was he in the school?!”


Snape sighed and rubbed his eyes. “The other Drackens haven’t left yet, Potter. You need another mate and none of them want to risk losing you because they cannot get here in time. They are staying close by and many of them are holed up in the temporary house over on the other side of the lake.”


“They’re still on Hogwarts grounds?!” Harry asked, very upset by this revelation.


“Shh, Prezioso.” Blaise soothed. “I am not going to leave you alone. If you thought that I was bad before, it will be nothing compared to how I am going to be from now on, I cannot control myself now that they have made a move on what is mine, I cannot afford to leave you for even a moment.”


It should have bothered him, it really should have, as he valued his privacy and alone time above almost everything else, but it didn’t. He felt relieved, he felt safer now that he knew that Blaise wouldn’t let him be attacked or let any other dominant impregnate him to force him into loving them.

Maybe he would put a stop to it later, much later, after he had already fully mated with Blaise. But for now, he could live with Blaise constantly being at his side.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Two days later and what Harry had been waiting for finally happened. He started craving fruits and berries of all sorts. It happened quite literally overnight. One day he was still eating cereals and toast, the next morning, he saw a bowl of apples and he sat down eating one after the other like he was a starving man.

Blaise had looked at him and then plastered himself to his side, an arm firmly around his shoulders and back and he glared at everyone who came within a five foot distance of him.


“Could you at least pretend that you have some table manners, Potter?” Malfoy told him with a regal sniff.


Harry swallowed his bite of apple and cocked his head.


“No.” He answered before going right back to eating his apple.


Blaise had chuckled and happily handed him every fruit within reach, proudly watching as Harry ate them all.


“What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you?” Theodore Nott had asked.


Harry shrugged a slender shoulder and swallowed his blueberries. “I’m hungry, sue me.”


“There’s hungry, Potter and then there’s eating enough to feed a herd of Hippogriffs.”


“If Harry wants to eat everything off of every plate in this hall he can!” Blaise stated.


“Fine, whatever.” Theo stated morosely. “Whatever happened to us being best friends? What happened to friends coming before girlfriends, or boyfriends in this case?”


“We are still friends; I just need time to settle down with Harry first.”


“Blaise, you’re acting as if you’re going to marry him! This behaviour isn’t normal.”


“I am going to marry him, as soon as we are out of school.”


“That isn’t you!” Theo burst out. “You haven’t been with Potter for a month yet and you’re already talking about marriage!”


“Quit your whinging, Nott.” Malfoy drawled. “If Zabini wants to spend more time with Potter than with you then let him. You don’t need him to hold your hand, its Potter he’s marrying not you, so stop acting like a jealous lover.”


Theo went bright red and stood up from the table, moving to storm away.


“Theo!” Blaise called out. “Don’t bring this up again. I’ve told you several times I will never be with you. You are my best friend and that is how our relationship is going to stay.”


Harry watched this interaction with interest. He wasn’t at all threatened by Theodore Nott. He was a human and Blaise had told him that any Dracken would choose a submissive Dracken over a human, so he was secure in the knowledge that Blaise wouldn’t leave him for the other boy.


“We would be good together.” Theo whispered so quietly it was like listening to the wind.


“We will never be together. I am happily with Harry and we will be married.”


Harry watched Theo’s Adams apple bob as he swallowed heavily. He nodded once before he left the hall at a quick pace. No one from the other tables noticed him, no one ever noticed the Slytherins. They were discarded and disregarded when they shouldn’t have been.

Harry was now learning that labels and net stereotypes were dangerous. Not all Slytherins were bad where not all Gryffindors were good.

It was childish to think that every Gryffindor was a squeaky clean, goody two-shoes and that every Slytherin was a dark, evil, vile cretin that wanted to take over the world. There was so much more to a person than a stereotype and it was unfair to label someone and to group them with the few bad people who they shared a school house with.

Harry was a Gryffindor and he had killed several people. He had taken down Voldemort just seven months ago. He had killed Voldemort, it didn’t matter that he was a Dark Lord or a ruthless, merciless murderer. Harry had killed him, one moment was all it had taken and he was dead. He had killed some of the Death Eaters as well. All dead and nothing to bring them back. A good person didn’t kill anyone; a good Gryffindor didn’t kill another living thing, a good Gryffindor did not use the illegal Unforgivable Curses.




Harry blinked and turned his head to look at Blaise questioningly.


“Are you alright?”


Harry smiled and nodded. “I’m fine, just thinking too hard.”


“I hope you aren’t reading anything into what Theo was saying.” 


“No, I wasn’t. I’m not threatened by him.”


“Good, because nothing has ever happened nor will it ever.”


Harry smiled fully then and rested his head on Blaise’s shoulder, still popping blueberry after blueberry into his mouth. He wasn’t a good person, he had killed numerous people, but then Blaise had killed that other Dracken too, they had both killed others, so maybe they were meant for each other, they could be bad people together.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text

Chapter Six – Afternoon Tea Talks


Harry groaned as he rolled over and once again found an arm tugging him back into a solid chest. He wanted to get up, but his stubborn mate had other ideas.

Peering over his own shoulder, Harry sent a glare to a sleeping Blaise. He once again tried to wiggle out of Blaise’s hold, only to be rewarded with a tight squeeze.

Growling, Harry had had enough. He put his hands in a good position on Blaise’s forearm and he pushed as hard as he could. He managed it, but it truly said volumes on how strong Blaise was that it had taken all of Harry’s strength just to move an arm, an arm that was attached to a heavily sleeping body. He would never be able to fight off Blaise if his mate turned violent, not that Harry ever thought that he would, he was more worried about the other dominant Drackens going up against Blaise than his mate turning on him.

If Blaise had this much strength, then so did the other Drackens and if it varied with size and amount of muscle, then it was something to worry about as some of those dominants had been at least seven feet tall and thickly muscled to go with it. Some of them were so broad they had to turn sideways to fit through doorways, and okay maybe he was exaggerating just a bit, but that’s what it seemed like to him. They were huge, thick and broad men who could crush his puny head with one hand if he upset them.

Oh fuck, why did it have to be him? Why was there such a pathetic law that said every submissive that came into their inheritance had to meet every single unmated dominant in the world? It was preposterous! He hoped to fucking Merlin that he only needed one more dominant mate to get him pregnant. He only wanted children, one child would be absolutely fine with him, he just wanted his own child, was that such a bad thing?

Crawling out of the bed now that he was free of Blaise’s arm, Harry wandered into the Slytherin boys’ bathroom and turned on a shower. His childish, prejudice mind had once thought that the water down in the dungeons would be icy cold, but contrary to what he had previously thought the water was actually warmer than in Gryffindor tower, his logical mind supplying that of course the water was warmer here, it was colder in the dungeons than in the rest of the school and obviously Dumbledore didn’t want any of his students getting frost bite.

Harry had also noticed the permanent, expertly weaved, warming charms warded into every room of the Slytherin dormitories. The common room wasn’t warded, but there were twelve fireplaces strategically placed around the cavernous room compared to the one and only fireplace in Gryffindor tower. Harry realised that when he had broken into the Slytherin common room with Ron back in second year, only one of those fireplaces had been lit and the few occupants of the room had been grouped around it. Obviously there was no sense in lighting all of the fireplaces if only three students were in the common room anyway.

Washing his body and his short, messy mop of hair, Harry stepped out and towelled himself dry before realising that he had left his clothes in the dormitory. Sighing at his preoccupation with being angry at Blaise for not letting him go, Harry wrapped the towel around his naked self and padded back into the boys dormitory.


“Advertising yourself, Potter?” A silky voice asked him softly.


Turning around Harry met the silver eyes of Draco Malfoy, who was sitting up in bed with a book in hand. Harry had a biting comment on the tip of his tongue, but it got stuck somewhere in his throat when his eyes met the gloriously bare chest of one, Draco Malfoy.

It was smooth, broad, muscled and hairless, a delicate shade of porcelain white with two identical, light pink nipples, erect against the cold of the dungeon air. Draco’s abdomen was crunched up in his part sitting, part reclining position against the headboard and it showed off his abdominal muscles clearly, Harry hadn’t even known that Draco had a six pack, let alone one that was so defined.

There was a thin, very fine trail of white blond hair travelling from his bellybutton to under the thick duvet covering his lower half. Oh dear god, did Draco sleep naked? Since when had he become Draco, and not just plain old Malfoy, anyway? Harry swallowed and averted his eyes.

A low chuckle took his attention right back to the muscled, ivory god in front of him.


“You obviously like what you see, Potter. You can’t take your eyes off of me. What would Blaise think if I told him?”


‘He’d likely kill you in jealous outrage.’ Harry thought, but he didn’t say it outwardly.


“I’m just looking.” Harry replied as nonchalantly as he possibly could. “It’s not as if I’m caressing you.”


“I’d like you to.” Draco answered with such a devilish smirk that Harry’s knees went weak.


“I…I just…I…” Harry trailed off because he had absolutely no idea what he was trying to say. He needed to get back into control of this situation and quickly.


Draco chuckled deeply, sexily and it went straight down Harry’s spine and into his already partially erect cock. He swallowed heavily and wetted his bone dry lips with the tip of a raspberry pink tongue. What the hell was going on here?! How had he lost so much control of this situation in mere minutes?


“I need to get dressed.” He stated shakily more for his own benefit than Draco’s.


“By all means, I am not stopping you. It isn’t like you have anything that I haven’t seen before. Though I wouldn’t be averse to seeing what you have to offer.”


Those silver eyes were now a dark grey in colour and Harry was sure that there was a meaning in it, but he couldn’t for the life of him figure it out, he couldn’t think at all, his mind was being clouded. He could barely breathe through an intoxicating scent floating over to him on the air. He was too hot and the room was getting warmer.

A cool, solid arm wrapped around him and Harry jerked his head back to look into sleepy indigo eyes.


“Are you well, Prezioso? You are looking very flushed.”


“The water of my shower was too warm.” Harry replied quickly.


Blaise chuckled and pulled him back to sit on the bed and drew closed the bed hangings, blocking out those invading silver eyes. Harry could breathe easier and as he sat on Blaise’s bed in nothing but a towel that was slipping from his slack grasp, he couldn’t even think of his mate who was so gently laying kisses on his neck and throat.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


The day passed in a huge blur of motion and noise and Harry could honestly say that he didn’t remember a thing about it. Harry had deduced that Malfoy’s behaviour had something to do with the book he hadn’t wanted him to have, he was more than halfway through it already and he hadn’t found a thing, on either Drackens or anything that could possibly make Malfoy so afraid to see him with the book. Because that was what the huge blond was, Harry realised, he was afraid. Those silver coloured eyes wouldn’t leave the book in his hands when he read it at dinner, he would constantly search his face as if he was looking for some sign that Harry had found out whatever it was that Malfoy didn’t want him to find. It was creepy.

Harry happily sipped on his honey tea as he sat opposite the Headmaster in the Headmaster’s office, Fawkes happily crooning in his lap as Harry’s free hand stroked that gorgeous red and gold plumage.


“Are you settling down, Harry, my boy?”


Harry sighed and twirled his teacup.


“I thought I was. Things were great until that big lummox went and frightened me by telling me that he could make me love him by forcing me to have his children. Now I don’t want to leave Blaise’s side and I can’t go near any boy who is bigger than me.”


“Yes, I had the great delights of receiving the poor soul’s body. Brought here to this office by a near hysterical house-elf who had been ordered to bring it to me by Professor Snape.”


“I had wondered how they had gotten rid of the body so quickly; it was barely ten minutes before they joined me in Professor Snape’s office. I didn’t want to ask, I didn’t really want to know too many details.”


“Yes well, suffice to say that that boy regretted his actions towards you immensely, Harry.”


“Are all of the dominants still here?” Harry asked seemingly distractedly as he stroked Fawkes, but the Headmaster could see through the guise.


“Yes, Harry and more come still every day.”


“More?” Harry asked hysterically, his head shooting up and his eyes wide in alarm.


“You are one of the rarest treasures to a dominant Dracken, Harry, their potential mate and Mother of their children. Many of them are well past the point of ready to settle down and have children, but they can’t because they haven’t found a submissive mate.”


“Why don’t they go with humans? I know Blaise said that they prefer another Dracken, but if they outnumber a submissive twenty to one, then surely some of them would go with humans to settle down.”


Dumbledore sighed and with a wave of his wand he refilled Harry’s teacup.


“A dominant Dracken will not give up his search for a submissive, Harry. Even if he does settle down with a human and has children with them, he will not stop searching for a submissive. He will still be at each and every submissive meeting, regardless of his human family at home. He would disregard them all for a chance to be with a submissive Dracken. He won’t be able to help it.”


“So they don’t go with a human because they know there is still a chance that he might be chosen by a submissive and that that isn’t fair on the family that he’d be leaving behind.”


“Exactly right, my boy. But most of the dominants that have settled down with humans are over the age of fifty; they are past their supposed prime and know there is very little chance that they will be picked by a submissive because of their age alone. A submissive looking for a mate is only sixteen years old, Harry. Sixteen year olds do not generally want to be with fifty, or even thirty year old men.”


“That’s so sad. Age is just a number, if I found a man who I honestly loved, who was kind and gentle and patient, who took care of me and our children, I wouldn’t care how old he was, he could be a hundred and fifty for all I would care.”


Dumbledore smiled at him proudly.


“Of course you would, Harry and that is why you are getting so much attention from the other Drackens, they can sense that you will not be discriminant in your choosing of a mate. They can feel it in their very blood, you are giving the older dominant’s hope and that is something they have never felt before.”


“But why? Surely I can’t be the first one to have ever been indiscriminate?”


“No, you are not. But you are the first in a very, very long time.”


“But why, Professor? Why would a submissive discount an older Dracken as a mate?”


“It is a vanity thing, Harry, nothing more than that. A young, pretty submissive who has so much male attention from young and handsome dominants does not want to be saddled with an elderly gentleman as a mate, regardless of how kind he is to her.”


“That’s ridiculous!” Harry snapped. “I would much rather an older and kinder mate than a young, stuck up, cruel git!”


“That, my boy, is what makes you so special, you are ignoring your vanity instincts that say you should have the most handsome of Drackens as your mate, not that I'm saying young Mister Zabini is ugly mind you.”


Harry laughed at the little wink that Dumbledore gave him and he happily bit the head off of a ginger newt. He chewed slowly, savouring the flavour of the biscuit, before he swallowed.


“I don’t think I’ve ever had any vanity instincts, I just don’t care about looks or fashion and I wouldn’t care if my mate didn’t either, after all if I did then that would be very hypocritical of me.”


Dumbledore sighed. “I have seen this sort of thing before, Harry, a submissive Dracken came into her inheritance only a few years before you came to Hogwarts, she was a Ravenclaw student here and for a Ravenclaw she was very vain and not as interested in studying as she had once been in her younger years. She had a meeting here at Hogwarts, much like yourself, but when she saw who had turned up to greet her, she had been livid.”


“Why?” Harry asked curiously.


“All of the submissives thought the same way, Harry; they wanted a young, handsome dominant with the brightest, biggest wings.”


“All that was left were older dominants.” Harry answered, cottoning on.


“There were a few younger dominants too, Harry, but a decade ago the biggest age range was thirty-five to forty years. There were very few dominants under the age of thirty and next to none under the age of twenty. There wasn’t very much to pick from.”


“What did she do? She had to have picked a mate, the urge is far too strong to resist, Blaise and me, we were near strangers and I let him touch and lick me when before I would never have let anyone near enough to me to do as such.”


“Oh she did pick a mate, Harry. After she had ordered away everyone over the age of twenty-five.”


“My god, how many were left after that?” Harry asked incredulously.


“Four. A sixteen year old, a nineteen year old, a twenty year old and a twenty-four year old female dominant, who was ordered away immediately.”


“She didn’t even give the female dominant a chance?”


“No, Harry, just like she hadn’t given the dominants over twenty-five a chance. It is very rare to find a male submissive like yourself, so female dominants rarely get a look in and are often forced to act more submissive than they are to mate with another dominant Dracken.”


“I can’t see that ending well.”


“It rarely ever does.” The Headmaster sighed.


“Which of the three dominants left did the Ravenclaw choose?”


“Well my boy, see if you can answer that yourself. One dominant had the brightest blue wings I have ever seen, only they weren’t fully grown being only nineteen feet in length as he wasn’t fully grown. The second had twenty-two foot wings in a dull shade of yellow and the third had twenty foot wings in a brownish-green colour. Can you guess which one she chose?”


“I wouldn’t be able to pick on just size or colour of wings, but from what I heard the size of the wings is important, the bigger the better, so I assume she chose the dominant with the twenty-two foot, yellow wings regardless of personality.”


“Correct you are, Harry. She dismissed the very young, only recently inherited sixteen year old because his wings were only nineteen feet in length, I believe his wings are now a record twenty-eight feet in length and are still as brightly blue as they ever have been and she dismissed the twenty year old because his wings were smaller and a brown colour.”


“I wouldn’t mind a dominant with brown wings, it would remind me of the forest and you said his wings were a brownish-green. I would love his wings, they would calm me down a lot.”


The proud smile and twinkle in those pale blue eyes made Harry blush a bit.


“You are such a loving and caring person, Harry; I am amazed after everything that you have been through that this beautiful and selfless young man in front of me is the outcome.”


Harry did blush at that and ducked his head shyly. Dumbledore chuckled.


“But back to the point at hand. Submissive Drackens normally do not like older dominants, so all that is left are older dominants. The Ravenclaw was forced to pick between only three dominants and none of them were very compatible to her, all because she refused to have an open mind and was too vain to consider an older dominant.”


“I…I can’t see myself with anyone other than Blaise, but I know that I need another mate at least, so I am going to go into the next meeting and I will give everyone a fair chance, no matter their age. In fact, I think I’ll do things differently and start looking for an older mate, that will shock them all when I start from the oldest and work my way down.”


Dumbledore chuckled and patted Harry’s hand which was lying on his desk.


“Indeed it would, my boy. You would make the older dominants very, very happy if you did that, even if you don’t end up with one as a mate, they would likely be happy just to be considered. Perhaps you will set a new trend.”


“I hope so. I hate attention and everything, but those dominants deserve the fair chance of having a clutch of children and a mate!”


“Quite right, Harry, quite right.”


Silence fell upon the two, a very companionable silence in which each man sipped their cooling tea.


“What will happen if the Ministry finds out that I’m a Dracken?” Harry asked quietly, voicing the fear that had been on his mind for a while.


“If they try anything, Harry, we will get you away immediately, before they can take you. Australia does not recognise Drackens as dark creatures and neither does South Africa, but they are considered more of a neutral grey. If the worst comes to the worst, we will get Blaise and yourself, any other mates you may have and all children that you may have, out of the country and into either Australia or South Africa. You only need to seek asylum, Australia takes in a high number of Drackens and protects them from exportation and South Africa boasts a large Dracken culture, it is almost the perfect climate for a Dracken and many Drackens, if they do not live there already, holiday there often. South Africa is the central hub of Dracken society.”


“I would rather not leave Britain. This is my home. I was born here, my parents are buried here.”


“I know, Harry, but that is only the worst case scenario and they would have to find you first, but right now I wouldn’t worry about it, you are still being heralded as the Saviour, I doubt they would admit that you were a Dracken, they would rather just simply ignore it.”


“Until they become bored with singing my praises and turn on me like they always do.”


“I will do my utmost to protect you, Harry.”


Harry smiled and drained his cup of honey tea, before using both arms to cuddle Fawkes like a teddy bear.


“I shouldn’t need protecting. I should be allowed to stay in my country of birth! I’m going to change everyone’s views on Drackens. We aren’t soulless killing machines; we only kill to protect our own! That Dracken was threatening me and was going to use my children against me! Blaise had every right to remove him as a threat.”


“Of course he did.” Dumbledore nodded serenely. “It isn’t like you are killing humans, only other Drackens.”


“Exactly and if I was threatened by a human, I would only have to immobilise them and call for the Aurors.”


Dumbledore inclined his head and looked at his time piece on the desk.


“Oh dear, Harry, you have been here for five hours, I do believe that Mister Zabini will be beside himself with worry.”


“Oh! I always forget the time when talking to you, Professor.”


The elderly man chuckled. “You do like flattering this old man, my dear boy, now run along before Mister Zabini tears through the castle walls looking for you.”


Harry gave his trademark grin and bounced out of the room, going in search of his errant mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


After nearly an hour of having every inch of his body checked for injury, bruising or odd marks, of having every inch of him sniffed to make sure that no dominant had come near him, Harry had finally assured his mate that he had spent five hours safe and sound, talking to the Headmaster.

He was now lying on his stomach, on Blaise’s bed having his back and the back of his neck licked repeatedly. It was so soothing and calming, yet very arousing and erotic.


“Honestly, Blaise I’m fine.” Harry purred, loving the heavy weight of Blaise sitting on his bum.


“I know, I’m just getting my scent back onto you, you smell of ash and fire.”


“Oh, that was probably Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix; he stayed on my lap for the whole five hours.”


“I still can’t fathom what you spoke about for five hours.”


Harry chuckled then let out a slight moan as Blaise got him right on that one spot that made his skin tingle and his bones quiver, it just felt so amazingly good.

Blaise laughed deeply and stayed on that one spot, licking, nibbling and teasing it and Harry was panting for breath after only a few seconds of delicious torture.


“Keep it down!” An annoyed voice yelled at them from the other side of the room and Harry bolted upright and curled away from Blaise in mortification.


Blaise actively clenched and unclenched his fists, breathing deeply and heavily and Harry’s eyes widened. Nott had just interrupted them. They had been having sexual contact that could quite possibly have led to them mating for the first time and Blaise was seeing the disturbance as an interruption to their mating. Harry could not let Blaise kill his best friend when they were never going to have had sex at this time; Harry didn’t feel comfortable enough yet, despite his impending heat.


“Blaise?” He called, moving to straddle Blaise’s thighs. “Blaise, you know nothing was going to come of the licking. It was just to put your scent on me remember, we weren’t going to mate.” He whispered softly.


Blaise’s arms wrapped around him tightly and his mate buried his head into his neck, still breathing heavily, but his hands were now caressing the skin of Harry’s back.


“We will never be able to mate under these conditions. You deserve better than a quick fumble in a boys dormitory with four other men listening in.”


Harry smiled. “That’s part of why I went to talk with Dumbledore. I asked for us to have a set of private rooms. He agreed and said he could have them up and ready for us in a few hours.”


Blaise grinned naughtily and Harry went pink.


“My sweet, thoughtful, diletto. You are so clever.” Blaise cooed.


Harry preened under the praise from his mate and he snuggled in tighter. He loved being praised by his mate, it felt so different from being praised for a correct answer by the teacher, not that he had too many of those with Hermione in the class. He felt loved and cherished. He could slowly become addicted to praise from his mate, it was so much nicer than being punished by his dominant. Harry hadn’t been punished in days, not since that time when he had been going to Snape’s private rooms for his Dracken lessons. It felt amazing and made him feel elated and he wondered why he had ever fought against Blaise in the first place.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was reminded why he fought Blaise only four hours later as he dropped down onto his knees to avoid Blaise’s hand shooting out towards the back of his neck and he sunk his slender, curving fangs into the soft flesh of Blaise’s side in aggravation.

His dominant yelled and Harry rolled away to avoid Blaise, who had dropped down onto his arse, both hands pressed over the freely bleeding wound in his side.

Blaise snarled at him as his Dracken attributes burst free of his human appearance. Harry unsheathed his claws and let his wings burst free of his back.

Anyone watching them would have thought that their fight was over something major from the way that they were acting, but it wasn’t. The fight was over what colour their bedroom carpet was going to be.

They had been given their new private rooms on the seventh floor of the school, Dumbledore had pulled out all the stops and a lot of house-elves had volunteered to put the room together so it had taken less time than expected. The only problem had been that every room had been white and they were going around with their wands colouring in the walls, floors, ceilings and fabrics.

Harry wanted the bedroom carpet to be red, to convey romance and passion. Blaise wanted the bedroom carpet to be green, not because of his ties to Slytherin, but because of Harry’s eyes. Neither one was willing to compromise so Harry had yelled at Blaise and Blaise had tried to reign Harry back in. It had ended in a fight that Harry was currently winning by avoiding his dominant’s attempts to grab him.

Harry leapt onto Blaise and sunk his fangs into the back of Blaise’s neck, only to be pulled over a shoulder and held tight on a constricting grasp.


“Let go!” Harry screamed.


“Calm down now!” Blaise demanded.


“No! Get the fuck off of me!”


Blaise snarled and Harry suddenly found himself flat on the floor on his back with Blaise lying on top of him.


“Get off!” Harry screamed, his voice cracking with the volume of his shout.


Blaise, thoroughly fed up with his disobedient little mate, pressed his lips harshly to Harry’s stopping his ear splitting shouts, his heavy body stopping, or at least attempting to stop, Harry from bucking from the floor.

Blaise took his lips from Harry’s to breathe in some much needed oxygen before he peppered his unresisting mate’s face with kisses. He went back to Harry’s plush, pink lips and teased them apart before pressing his tongue into Harry’s delectable little mouth.

Harry tasted of pomegranate. Blaise smiled despite himself, in Greek Mythology Hades had lured Persephone into the Underworld with a pomegranate. He knew he would follow his little mate to the ends of the earth, perhaps that had been what Persephone had felt when Hades had offered her that ripe red fruit.

Harry lay passively under Blaise. He didn’t know what had just happened or why he was suddenly not angry anymore, he felt relaxed and calm, safe and secure. Despite the fact that five minutes ago Blaise had been trying to skin him.


Mio Amore. L'adoro, Harry, mio piccolo amante.” Blaise breathed a hair’s breadth away from his lips.


“What are you saying?” Harry asked breathlessly.


Blaise smiled lovingly down at him. “My love. I adore you, Harry, my little lover.”


Harry went pink, but smiled happily. “Where did you learn Italian? It is Italian isn’t it? I don’t think it’s French.”


Blaise let out a spontaneous burst of laughter and held Harry close to him.


“Oh Harry, you are so precious to me.”


“What did I say?” Harry asked in surprise.


“You are perhaps the only person in the entire of Hogwarts who does not know that I am part Italian. I have an Italian Father and a French Mother, yet I was born here in Britain.”


“That must be a strange feeling, where do you live?”


Blaise’s face went dark. “I live with my Mother in France, Mio Prezioso. My Father is dead.”


“Oh, I’m sorry!”


Blaise smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead.


“He died a long time ago, Harry, much like your own parents. I was only a few weeks old, but at least I still have Mother. She will adore you; she has been waiting for grandchildren since I hit puberty.”


“I…I’m not sure I’m ready yet.” Harry confided. “What if I’m a bad parent?”


Blaise smiled reassuringly at him and sat up, pulling Harry into his lap to cuddle.


“You will not be a bad parent, Mio Bello. Your inner instincts will guide you.”


“What is it like having a Mum?” Harry asked softly.


Blaise felt his heart crack just a little at that question and held Harry tighter.


“She has always loved me, but often displays it in harsh ways. She is a dominant Dracken too, Mio Bello, and my Father was a dominant Dracken. Long ago, before they were even born, they were betrothed to each other, one of the last ever Dracken betrothals, as it became an illegal practice shortly after their births to betroth any Dracken for the very reason that the male child could be a submissive or the female could be a dominant. They were set up to be married as soon as their parents knew for certain of their genders, but my Mother turned out to be a dominant Dracken, something that my Grandparents had not counted on. They did not know until Mother hit her inheritance of course, but by then it was too late to turn back, the betrothal papers were solid and locked with magic.”


“How horrible.”


“Do not get me wrong, Prezioso, they loved each other dearly, but you and I clash and we are dominant and submissive, could you imagine the fights for a dominant with another dominant? I was their only child and Mother only got worse in her pregnancy and then later when I came about, she was too protective and hardly let Father see me as she tried to be the caring submissive Mother and the protective, sturdy dominant Father by herself, as her instincts dictated that she should.”


“What happened?” Harry asked in a small voice, tilting his head to press a comforting kiss to the underside of Blaise’s chin.


“She killed him, Harry. It was an accident but it was destined to happen sooner or later. They were both too strong, both too controlling and dominant, neither would give an inch to the other, it wasn’t in their nature to do so. We fight, diletto, we draw blood, we bruise the other, can you imagine their fights? How bad they would have been. She didn’t mean to kill him, but she did kill him and she has never really recovered from losing her mate in such a tragic way. She tried to move on, though never with another Dracken, she has human men now, but they never seem to last long either.”


“Does she kill them?” Harry asked.


“Yes. It has gained her the name of a Black Widow, but she does not mean to kill, except for the one Husband who thought that it a good idea to slap me when I was just four years old, she killed him purposefully. All Drackens are insanely protective of their children and that I am my Mother’s one and only child, well perhaps she overreacted, but she would not survive the loss of me as well as my Father, her mate.”


“I don’t know which one of my parents was a Dracken, I didn’t even know that they or I was magical until I was eleven, let alone that we were some sort of magical creature.”


“There is a potion to determine which parent was the magical creature, Prezioso; I shall ask Severus if he is willing to brew it for you.”


Harry smiled beatifically and Blaise fell a little bit more in love as he held Harry in his lap. He could still scarcely believe that he had his mate already, what with the majority of the current dominant Drackens being in their early thirties and still being without mates, he had thought that he had a few years to wait yet, but he was so glad that he had Harry though, they would have beautiful and powerful children together.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Severus Snape sighed as he stirred the Jarvey eyes into the potion. Blaise had asked him if he could brew the creature inheritance potion for Potter. He remembered making this potion before, when he was seventeen, for his own mate, who wished to know where the Dracken genes had come from.

He had lost his mate, his beautiful submissive mate. They hadn’t had any children, he had suspected that his mate had been pregnant, only just, but he had been driven wild by his instincts to protect his mate, which pointed to his mate’s early pregnancy. How he wished he knew now for certain.

Dropping in a teaspoon of salamander ash, he stirred counter clockwise and waited. He had had no idea that Lily was a Dracken or the mate of one. She had never said. Potter had never shown signs of being a Dracken either, so maybe Potter junior’s Dracken genes came from further up the family tree, perhaps a grandfather or a great Aunt.


“How I wish that you were still here with me.” Severus whispered sadly, looking to the mantel piece where one of the only pictures of him and his mate together sat.


He missed his mate every single day and often wondered why he hadn’t just died and joined his mate yet, but he didn’t wish to kill himself, his Mother had always told him about strength and how one needed to remain strong in life to be strong in death.

He had learnt strength the hard way, his Father, Tobias, had not been the nicest of men and had beaten him and his Mother right up until his Dracken inheritance. Seeing his only son turn into a scaled, part dragon with wings had been the last straw for Muggle Tobias Snape and he had had a heart attack that had killed him outright.

His Mother had touched his face and had smiled at him, it was then that it had come out that his Mother’s dead brother had been a Dracken and a great-great Grandfather had been one also. He had inadvertently killed his own Father and freed himself and his Mother, who still lived in Prince Manor surrounded by kneazles and a few select house-elves.

Finishing up the potion, Severus allowed it to cool before he bottled it up and placed it to the side ready to give to Potter and Blaise. How had it come to this? He was like a Father to all of his Slytherins, many of whom came from either abusive or neglectful homes, he cared for them and so he was reluctant to see one of his closest Slytherins, his own godson, get involved with a submissive Dracken.

He knew Blaise was a Dracken himself and he was happy that he had found a mate already, but submissive Drackens were so easy to be killed. They died and sometimes it was for no apparent reason, his mate had died without reason. He still had not found his mate’s body, if there was even a body left to find in the first place. He had no idea where to start looking and he had given up scenting out his mate after two years, there wouldn’t have been a scent left to find now after so many years had passed.

Snarling and furiously swiping away the lone tear that made its way out of one of his onyx coloured eyes, Severus sat heavily in his dragon hide chair. He breathed in deeply and calmed his mind using his heavy knowledge of Occlumency; he doubted he would have lasted half as long as he had if he were not so proficient in the mind arts.

There wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t regret not going with his mate that fateful day. He had known that something was wrong, but they had just had a quarrel and he had ignored his mate’s worried and preoccupied state. He had let his own submissive mate leave their house in that state and his mate had never returned. He felt such overwhelming guilt and he bore it with a heavy heart and a mind of pain, if only he had stopped his mate that day, if only.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry actually giggled when Blaise poked his fingers deeply into his sides, tickling the hell out of him in their brand new, purple, bedroom.

Harry was lying on his back on the purple carpet having the breath tickled out of him as he used his knees to try and push Blaise off of him.


“Blaise! I can’t breathe.” He giggled.


“But that giggle is just too cute, Prezioso.”


“I do not giggle!” Harry stated churlishly during a breathing break.


“Oh no?” Blaise asked with a raised eyebrow. “Then what is that beautiful sound that comes from between your lips?”


“I’m laughing! Not giggling, I don’t giggle.”


“Oh really?” Blaise asked with a mischievous grin, before he started tickling Harry mercilessly.


 Harry giggled in forced delight as he thrashed and tried to get away from Blaise’s attack.


“You, Mio Bello, are giggling.”


Harry grinned as Blaise’s fingers stopped moving; he leant up and pecked Blaise’s lips with his own.


“I’m not giggling, Blaise.”


Blaise smiled softly down at Harry and Harry was amazed to see it, Blaise hardly ever smiled. He usually smirked or grinned, but never smiled.


“You look so handsome when you smile.” Harry told him.


Blaise let out a chuckle and pulled Harry up to rest against his chest, their faces touching as Blaise looked deeply into those green, green eyes.


“You are beautiful, Harry; no matter what you do you are always beautiful.”


Harry pushed at Blaise in embarrassment and shook his head.


“No I’m not.”


“Yes you are, Mio Amore.”


Harry rolled his eyes and yawned widely. Blaise stood up with Harry in his arms and walked up the solid set of stairs into the cavernous upper area of their bedroom. Dumbledore really did understand Drackens as he had placed their absolutely massive bed as high as he could manage underneath a huge glass skylight.

Blaise laid him down in the very centre of the bed before he crawled in next to him. They had already changed into their pyjamas, or Harry had seeing as Blaise slept commando in only a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Blaise covered Harry up in the purple duvet and pulled Harry to cuddle him gently. Pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek, Blaise placed his head on the pillow and held his mate tightly as Harry fell asleep in his arms. He smiled at the beautiful picture of serenity, calm and peace that Harry made in his sleep. He was so happy and he couldn’t wait for the heat that he could feel pressing ever closer, but first Harry wanted to ‘practice’. Blaise fell asleep with a very naughty smile on his face and wicked thoughts taking up his dreams.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Seven – The Practice Heat and the Real Deal


Harry had decided that tonight was the night that he wanted to lose his virginity to Blaise. He had talked it over with Blaise and his mate had smirked and his eyes had gotten a decidedly lustful quality to them as he grinned and nodded his agreement.


“You’re a demon.” Harry complained, rolling his eyes as Blaise leisurely roved his eyes over him.


“You love me this way.” Blaise answered, wrapping his arms around Harry’s svelte waist.


“I love you full stop.” Harry answered, loving how Blaise stiffened in shock at hearing Harry proclaim his love for him for the first time.


“I love you too, Harry.” Blaise answered huskily, seductively.


“You know we can’t have sex now.” Harry exclaimed in shock. “We have classes in half an hour.”


“You are right. Half an hour isn’t nearly long enough for me to completely ravish you.”


“Blaise!” Harry snapped, his face turning a bright pink.


Blaise chuckled, wrapping an arm around him and leading him out of their brand new rooms and all the way down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Harry was now eating so many fruits and vegetables that the house elves had started sending up extra bowls just for Harry. After all, who else would eat vegetables for breakfast?

He sat next to Blaise and avoided looking at Malfoy opposite him, who had gone from avoiding him like the plague to following his every step. 

Harry had found the Dracken section in the potions book and was amazed at how many potions there actually were. Awful, horrible potions that he couldn’t imagine any Dracken ever taking. The worst one in his opinion was the ‘Dissolvere Pullus’ potion, or roughly translated as The Chick Dissolver.

It was a damned abortion potion for Drackens, who the hell would abort their children?! He had shown it angrily to Blaise who had petted his head and kissed his forehead and explained calmly that it was for submissive Drackens who had been raped and had gotten pregnant by a dominant who was not their mate, to stop the dominant from taking advantage of the submissive using the child.

Harry had calmed down then as he realised that the potion was not used as a quick and convenient tool to kill off babies but a way to stop submissive Drackens from being forced to love a dominant that had raped and impregnated them with a baby.

He had also found out that a submissive would usually get only the one baby from their first ever clutch, their bodies not wanting to overwhelm them with a clutch of five babies on their first ever conception. It was a sort of easing in period where the submissive got used to their instincts and became more comfortable looking after a baby before they had their next clutch, which could produce anything from between one and five babies.

He had also learnt that even if he had six clutches with the maximum of five babies, there was no guarantee that any of them would be Drackens. There had been a dominant and submissive couple who had had fifty children over seventy years and not one of them had been a Dracken. It wasn’t any wonder that the Dracken population was declining.


“Do you have enough fruit, Mio Bello?”


Harry wordless pointed to the bowl of cubed kiwi and Blaise snatched it from the table as if someone else would get there before him and take the entire serving bowl.

Harry happily spooned a good sized portion of the ripe kiwi into his own bowl before letting Blaise take it away as he speared some with his fork before eating it happily.

Harry smiled around his fork as he looked at Blaise who was spooning fruit into little pots so Harry could snack on them during the day. Harry was coming to adore the little things Blaise did for him, he was such a thoughtful mate and he really was loving and kind, except when he was giving Harry a punishment, then he was hard and unyielding. Not that Harry took the punishments lying down, the deep bite mark on Blaise’s side attested to that.

Harry did feel bad though as he watched as Blaise stretched too far reaching for some cucumber sticks and pulled on the scabs. It had bruised horribly as well. He’d make it up to Blaise somehow, though he doubted that with their impending sex session that Blaise would care if he was missing a leg.


“Harry?” Blaise called out softly. “We have potions and we need to leave. Have you had enough to eat?”


Harry picked up a handful of white grapes and nodded as he took Blaise’s hand with one of his own whilst the other continuously popped the grapes into his mouth one by one, so that he didn’t actually choke.

Blaise carefully led Harry down into the dungeons with his friends all around. He glared as Draco got too close to Harry and he tugged his mate into the side of his body and wrapped an arm around Harry’s shoulders.

Harry looked up at him with such adorable confusion that Blaise pulled him up slightly to press their lips together. Harry’s lips tasted of the grapes he was eating and Blaise couldn’t help but flick his tongue out to have a quick taste.

Blaise pulled Harry in tighter when Harry made a small noise in the back of his throat against his mouth. A small growl had him holding Harry crushingly tight and raising his eyes to glare at Draco, who was glaring back. He didn’t know what the fuck had gotten into his friend, but he would not have anyone, and he meant anyone, encroaching upon what was his! Not a Dracken, not a human, not a damned bloody veela. Blaise remembered all too well the chaos those Beauxbatons girls had brought to the school. The veela Fleur had been very beautiful, she had kissed his little mate numerous times, she would not have him.


“Blaise! Too tight.” Harry muffled against his chest, pushing against him to try and release his face from his mate’s robes.


Blaise immediately loosened his hold and held Harry’s face in his hands, checking to make sure that he hadn’t accidentally done Harry any damage. He gave one last glare to Draco, before carrying on down the corridor.


“Having fun with your new posse?!” A shout from a voice that Harry knew very well echoed down the corridor.


Harry looked into the rage burning blue eyes of his once best friend and sighed lightly. He had been hoping to avoid this; he didn’t want to get into a fight with his ex-friends. They might not care for him any longer, but he couldn’t forget four years of friendship in a few months. They had been through so much together and how they could disregard him so easily hurt him deeply.


“I don’t have a posse.” Harry replied calmly, clenching his fist into Blaise’s robes to keep his anger, and his tears, in check.


“Whatever, Potter! Strutting around as if you own the castle!” Ron snapped.


“Potter could easily buy the castle if he wished.” Draco replied coolly. “But I suppose you wouldn’t know anything about that would you, Weasley? What with you not being able to afford the bare essentials?”


Ron went as red as his hair and that enraged, jealous glint came back to his eyes as he started towards Draco, unsheathing his wand as he did so. Hermione and Seamus held him back.


“Stop it.” Harry told Malfoy, glaring at the blond.


“As you wish.” Malfoy drawled boredly.


“Already taken over the Slytherins have you?!” Ron spat at him. “Got Malfoy to do your bidding haven’t you, you traitor!”


“Ron that’s enough.” Hermione spoke up from behind her boyfriend.


She placed one of her small hands onto Ron’s arm and tugged him back into the Gryffindor line. She didn’t once look up or make eye contact with him and that hurt Harry as well. The three of them had once been as thick as thieves, now Hermione couldn’t even look at him and Ron was spitting spiteful things at him from down the corridor.

Harry sighed. It wasn’t what he wanted, this wasn’t how he had envisioned his friendship ending up five years ago, he had thought that he had made some friends for life. He had been wrong, so very wrong and it hurt.

Dean sidled up to him, ignoring the warning growl from Blaise and patted Harry’s head like one would a dog.


“Don’t worry about it, Harry. Ron’s being a jackass and Hermione’s being a prude. You still have the rest of us to look out for your back, which reminds me; I overheard the loud mouth talking to his sister. I wouldn’t recommend the treacle tart tonight.”


“At least he remembered that it was my favourite.”


“Dobby did actually, they went down to the kitchens and he mentioned that you hadn’t eaten it in a while and wondered why. Hermione picked up on it and started to see if there was any truth to it.”


Harry startled at that. Hermione was watching him? Did that mean that she still wanted to be friends? Was she just torn because of her love for Ron? Or had she just taken an interest in passing as she was prone to do?

Harry deflated at that and Blaise, feeling the difference in his stance, brought his other arm around his front to give him a sort of sideways hug.


“Harry has been advised to eat more fruits and vegetables by Madam Pomfrey.” Blaise lied smoothly. “To build up his immune system, she seems to believe that he will come down with something again soon and we are trying to prevent it.”


“Madam Pomfrey seems to think it will be unavoidable no matter what I do.” Harry added, picking up on Blaise’s thought process immediately, they needed a ready-made excuse for when he went into heat, after all they couldn’t just disappear for ten days and then pop back up like nothing had happened.


“It isn’t contagious is it, Har?” Seamus’ Irish lilt asked as his head appeared over Dean’s shoulder.


“No, Seamus, just a viral infection, though it’ll probably keep me in the hospital wing for a month.”


“Nothing new there then.” Dean grinned, as Seamus threw his head back and laughed deeply.


Harry smiled and it felt good to laugh with his old friends, even if they weren’t his best friends, Seamus and Dean were his friends and he had missed them.


“Honestly, Harry, the year hasn’t started until you’ve spent at least a week in the infirmary.” Neville piped up, a bit nervously in front of all the Slytherin sixth years, but he smiled kindly all the same.


“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nev!” Harry grinned back before saying with exaggerated enthusiasm and excitement. “I’ll be sure to pass my illness onto you. We can spend the week in the infirmary together!”


“I think I’ll pass.” Neville stated.


“I won’t! A week off of lessons!” Seamus enthused.


“You mean a week in the hospital wing doing homework and catch up essays.” Dean told him.


Seamus’ face fell and Harry laughed at him from his place snuggled into Blaise, trying to lean away from Malfoy, who appeared to be inching closer.

All of them were stopped from saying anything else by the classroom door being thrown open and Snape’s head appearing around it.


“All of you get inside now and leave your insipid conversations out here!”


Harry gave a secret grin to Neville, Dean and Seamus and happily walked into the potions classroom with Blaise.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry chuckled under his breath as Blaise rushed to save their potion yet again. He must have done something wrong for it to have gone from a light shade of red to a violent, deep orange, but he had been sure he was following the instructions properly.

He looked at the chalkboard and wiped the sweat from his eyes; he squinted and tried to read the tiny, sharp, scrawling letters through the potion fumes of about twenty other cauldrons and Neville’s creation, which was spewing blue gas. Oh, no he had done it wrong; he hadn’t added the powdered moonstone before adding the beetle eyes.


“Dear Merlin, are you trying to kill us both?” Blaise hissed.


“Not purposefully, but I’m terrible at potions.”


“I can see that, Harry! Didn’t you know that you can't add pixie wings and beetle eyes one after the other into a potion without adding moonstone between them?!”


“Apparently I didn’t.” Harry grinned unrepentantly.


“Merlin, Harry! It’s in chapter seven of the potions textbook we were assigned for this year!”


“You mean I’m supposed to read that? I’m using it as a paperweight to stop my parchment from curling.”


Harry laughed at Blaise’s gobsmacked expression and went back to their potion. It was red again, a darker red than it had been before, but it was still red nonetheless, until Harry read the next line of instructions which clearly said ‘add the lacewing flies’ in Snape’s god awful writing and he tipped in the bowl of lacewing flies, then the potion went a poisonous yellow.


“I think I did something wrong again.” Harry told his mate seriously.


Blaise snapped out of it and looked at the potion, before he cursed and dived for the hellebore extract.


“Damn it, Harry! It meant several flies, not an entire bowl!” Blaise stated exasperatedly.


“Then why did we have an entire bowl laid out?!” Harry demanded.


“Because a handful of the lacewing flies need to be added to the potion every ten minutes after line twelve! The instructions clearly say that!”


Harry peered through the fumes and read the line twice over and then read a few lines down.


“Huh, so they do.”


Blaise sighed and picked up his hand before laying a chaste kiss to his knuckles.


“If we don’t come out of this lesson alive, Mio Amore, please know that I love you.”


“Oh stop being so overdramatic!” Harry demanded. “I’m not that bad!”


“It pains me to inform you that you are that bad, Mio Bello.”


Harry huffed and turned back to the chalkboard, reading through the next line of instructions twice and then once more to be sure before he picked up the tiny bottle of cobra snake blood and tipped exactly one drop into the potion.


“Harry, no!” Blaise cried.


The next thing Harry knew he was knocked to the floor with a heavy body on top of him, before he could ask Blaise what the hell he thought he was doing a massive explosion shook the very floor he was lying on.

He sat up and peered around at his fellow classmates, who were all staring wide eyed at the place where his and Blaise’s desk used to be. He touched Blaise when his mate didn’t move or make a sound and let out a relieved breath when one indigo eye opened to glare at him.

In the shocked silence that permeated the room, Harry shifted nervously and wiggled about on the stone floor.


“I don’t know what I did wrong.” He told his fellow students seriously. “I read the instructions three times.”


“Cobra blood reacts very violently with the hellebore extract that I used to stabilise the potion and with the amount of lacewing flies you added I'm surprised the floor is still intact.” Blaise told him.


“Oh. Well at least no one was hurt.” Harry replied meekly.


“Due to the containment ward that I hastily placed around your cauldron, Mister Potter.” Snape’s silky voice cut through the room like a knife. Harry had been wondering where the snarky git had been hiding.


“Thank you for saving us, Professor.” Harry simpered sarcastically. “But perhaps if your handwriting wasn’t so small and illegible this might never have happened.”


Harry’s eyes widened the moment he realised what had spewed out of his mouth. He could see Seamus and Dean out of the corner of one eye smothering their laughs into the sleeves of their robes and Blaise out of the corner of his other eye edging away from him like he had the plague. He’d be having words with his mate about loyalty if he survived this encounter.


“Detention with me tonight, Potter, seven o’clock, do not be late or I will be forced to make your life a misery.”


Harry was so tempted to tell his professor that he already made Harry’s life a misery, but he managed to control his wayward tongue. He needed to replace his brain to mouth filter because it was obviously broken.


“All of your potions will be ruined by now.” Snape told the rest of the class. “You all have Potter to thank for that, so let me see…I think five points from Gryffindor for every potion you ruined. That equates to fifty points from Gryffindor, Potter, because your feeble mind cannot even follow written instructions I highly doubt it can handle number equations.”


Only several people laughed at Snape’s barb. Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Crabbe and Goyle were to name a couple. Ron let out a snort, but he looked torn between amusement at Harry’s humiliation and anger at the prospect of losing so many points in early December.

Harry curled in on himself so he didn’t have to look at the sneers sent at him by the Slytherins nor the angered looks from the Gryffindors. If it had been any other situation he would have held his head high and glared right back at them, but with it emerging that he was a Dracken, not knowing where the genes came from, the whole losing his virginity tonight that was making him nervous and the entire situation with the dominant Drackens and the prospect of picking another million mates just so he could have a baby, well he wasn’t feeling very confident or much like himself.

Arms wrapped around him and a low growl rumbled through a large chest and vibrated through his body. Harry buried his head into Blaise’s neck and inhaled the soothing scent deeply. He clung to Blaise as Snape ordered everyone to leave due to the fact that the lesson had now ended because their potions were unsalvageable.

Ashamedly Harry felt tears well up in his eyes and he strove desperately to blink them away. The last thing he wanted was for Blaise or Snape to see him crying and thinking him weak minded and pathetic.


“Let yourself cry, Mio Prezioso.” Blaise cooed to him. “It’s part of the breeding cycle, your emotions are going to be out of your control until after the heat.”


“Does this mean I’m closer to going on heat?”


“Yes, you are now in the last stage of the breeding cycle, I’d say in about a week you will be on heat.” Blaise told him gently.


“Be thankful that your breeding cycle is two months long, Potter.” Snape told him. “I knew a Dracken who had a sixteen day breeding cycle. It drove both the submissive and the dominant mad.”


Snape got a faraway, thoughtful look on his face and Harry realised that he was most likely thinking of his own mate, though the thought of sex and Snape in the same sentence made him shiver in revulsion. Snape had always been and would always be a teacher to him.

He didn’t think he’d be able to handle having a heat every sixteen days that was a horrible thought. He could barely handle having a heat every two months, though this was his first one ever, he might change his mind after having sex with Blaise for the first time. He peeked at Blaise through his fringe; his mate was speaking with Snape about the Dracken gene potion to find out where Harry’s Dracken blood came from.

Blaise was so handsome and so powerfully alluring and that he had said that he didn’t need to practice for their heat indicated that he was a good lover. Harry grinned at the turn his thoughts had taken. He doubted he would want to go into heat every sixteen days, but every two months? He wouldn’t mind having a sex marathon with Blaise for ten days every two months.


“Wake up, Potter!” Snape snapped, waving a vial of a potion under his nose.


“This is the potion to tell you where your Dracken genes came from, Bello.” Blaise informed him, coming to stand close to him.


Harry nodded and looked to Snape for instructions.


“It was too much to ask for that you listened to a word I said ten minutes ago.” Snape sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Swallow the potion and then prick your thumb with this knife, press your blood onto this chart.”


Snape indicated the small knife and the blinding white, circular piece of paper. Harry nodded and threw back the entire potion, grimacing at the horrid taste. He picked up the knife and jammed it into his thumb and let it bleed for a bit to build up the blood before pressing it onto the chart.

He was not prepared for the sucking sensation or the zap that started at his thumb before spreading through his whole hand and then through rest of his body. He ripped his thumb away and glared accusingly at Snape.


“Did I forget to mention that it might be painful? What a shame.” Snape drawled as Blaise held Harry’s hand gently and kissed the bloodied thumb.


“How long do I have to wait?” Harry asked.


“It depends how far back your genes are.” Snape answered slowly, as if Harry were a particularly moronic idiot.


Slowly words started forming on the circular chart, blooming outwards like a flower opening to the sunlight.

Harry looked at the names on the chart and smiled. His name was in the very middle of the white chart, then the name Lily Evans was on one side of his and the name James Potter was on the other side. Two names came from his Mother’s name, Deidre Campbell and Jackson Evans. His grandparents. He grinned at finally learning their names; Aunt Petunia had always refused to tell him who they were or what they were like when he had asked when he was younger. The only thing she had ever told him was that they were decent, hardworking people who didn’t deserve to be bothered by loathsome freaks.

He looked at the two names branching off from his Father’s name and saw the names Dorea Black and Charlus Potter. Black, he was related to the Black family through his paternal Grandmother!

More names appeared on both sides and Harry looked quickly to see it was adding siblings. Petunia Evans appeared branching off from his maternal Grandparents names, attaching itself to his Mother’s name. On his Father’s name nothing appeared, but three names appeared next to his paternal Grandmother’s name. Pollux Black, Cassiopeia Black and Marius Black. His Grandmother had had two older brothers and an older sister. The next level of names appeared, but only on his Father’s side.


“Your genes come from your Father’s side of the family.” Snape told him, also looking with interest at the chart.


Harry looked up at his Professor and nodded distractedly before quickly looking back down to follow the two lines connecting the four Black siblings to two new names. Cygnus Black and Violetta Bulstrode. The name Cygnus Black was glowing a soft yellow.


“There you have it, Potter. You got your Dracken genes from your Great-Grandfather Cygnus Black. The genes skipped his children and even his Grandchildren and manifested in you.”


“Lucky me.” Harry sighed, his eyes not leaving the parchment.


“The Black family is well known for having Dracken blood within it and no, before you ask your godfather was not a Dracken.” Snape added.


“I wasn’t going to ask, but it would be just my luck that I am the only one in three generations to get the Dracken gene.”


Blaise put an arm around him and pressed a lingering kiss to his temple.


“It isn’t all bad, Mio amore.”


Harry looked up at Blaise and smiled.


“No, it isn’t all bad.” He agreed going up on his tiptoes to press their lips together in a sweet kiss.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry nervously squirmed on the bed as he watched the sliver of bathroom door that he could see from his position. It was late evening and Blaise was having his usual shower at his usual time, only it wasn’t a usual night and Harry was nervous enough as it was without waiting.

His heart started racing as the water turned off and he wiggled even more in the nest bed as he had taken to calling it. He looked up through the skylight and drew in a deep breath at the sight of the almost full moon. It looked so beautiful, tonight really had been the best choice to give himself fully to Blaise, he just wished that his mate would hurry the hell up before he changed his mind through sheer cowardice.

He had wanted to get undressed, anything to make the waiting less painful, but he had gotten shy and embarrassed just sitting on their bed naked, waiting for Blaise to return so he had pulled his boxer shorts back on.

He played with the little curls of hair on his legs, he rubbed his goose bumped arms (it was December after all and it was damned cold.) he curled his toes and played with his fingers, he bit at his finger nails and he rubbed circles onto his bubbling belly.

He couldn’t relax, he just couldn’t. He knew that Blaise was drying off and drying his hair, but it seemed like an eternity before he emerged from the bathroom. It was then that Harry started feeling sick.


Mio Prezioso, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, the heat leaves no room for fear or nervousness, just instinct.” Blaise told him calmly, giving him a readymade way out, but Harry didn’t want his first time with Blaise to be dictated by instinct.


He shook his head and reached out for Blaise, who was as naked as the day he was born. Blaise wrapped him up in his arms and gently stroked his back with light fingertips, causing sparks of pleasure to run down his spine.


“I want to do it now.” Harry stated. “I don’t want my first time to be fuelled by instinct. I want to do it myself, without the instincts to guide me and take away my free will.”


Blaise smiled at him and picked him up gently, only to lay him on his back against the cool bed sheets.


“Please don’t be afraid, Harry; there is nothing to be afraid of. I will not hurt you, I will prepare you properly and we will keep to foreplay all night if you feel you aren’t ready enough.”


Harry smiled up at Blaise and pulled him down for a sweet kiss, which turned more passionate when Blaise teased his mouth open and stroked his tongue over his own. 

Harry let his hands wander over Blaise’s well-muscled chest. Seventeen or not, Blaise had a nice body that was still growing and still gaining more muscle mass. Unfortunately Harry’s sixteen year old body seemed to have been stretched to its absolute limits with the Dracken inheritance and he was positive he was actually shrinking; Blaise chuckled and told him not to be so daft, that of course he wasn’t shrinking.

Blaise moved from his mouth, over his cheek and down to his neck, there he stayed and nibbled and licked in his skin, Harry let out a breathy sigh at the sensation of it and tilted his head to the side.

Blaise grinned against Harry’s neck and licked from the base of his neck, right up to his ear. Harry’s body jerked uncontrollably and Blaise happily stayed at the one spot behind Harry’s earlobe, right on the neck muscle that made his beautiful mate quiver.

Blaise slipped down Harry’s body and moved to get rid of the last shred of clothing that separated their bodies from being in full contact with the other. Harry however shot up and gripped the waistband of his boxers tightly, preventing Blaise from pulling them off.

Blaise looked questioningly at his mate and took note of the red blush on Harry’s cheeks.


“I…I…can we leave them on?” Harry asked timidly.


“How would that work, Prezioso? How can I make love to you through cotton?”


Harry blushed a brighter red and slumped down.


“What’s the matter, Harry?” Blaise asked, very concerned for his mate as he sidled up to him and wrapped a comforting arm around him.


“I…I’m not as big as you are.”


Blaise shook his head in exasperation and tucked a finger under Harry’s chin, pulling his head up for a kiss.


“It does not matter, Mio Bello, I am the dominant here. There is nothing wrong, nor shameful, about being smaller than I am. I am not a good indicator of average size, being well endowed even before my Dracken inheritance.”


“It got bigger with the inheritance?” Harry asked, his embarrassment forgotten in his curiosity.


“Yes, like I got taller and wider and you grew taller and lost your baby fat.”


“Mine didn’t get bigger or smaller.” Harry stated, his cheeks going a bright shade of red again.


“Because you are not a dominant, Mio Amore, only a dominant Dracken’s penis swells with his body.”




“Now am I allowed to see my mate in all of his stunning glory?” Blaise asked with a teasing grin, his hands moving to the waistband of Harry’s boxers again, but he waited for Harry to shyly nod his head before tugging them down his shapely legs.


Blaise took a nice long look at Harry, feasting his eyes on Harry’s naked body for the very first time. He found out quite quickly that he could stare at Harry uncovered for minutes at a time and not realise how much time had passed when Harry started squirming and embarrassedly covered himself with his hands.

Blaise chuckled and gently plucked Harry’s hands from his lap, holding them in his own as he looked at Harry’s small, but perfectly proportioned genitals before moving his head up to look lustfully into Harry’s eyes.


“You are so beautiful, Harry. So, so beautiful.”


Blaise laid a kiss to Harry’s inside thigh and revelled in the sharp intake of breath that he got in return. He nibbled on the flesh under his lips and Harry quivered, the skin between his teeth shaking in excitement, which made Blaise react.

His semi-erect cock pulsed and filled with even more blood, making it harder and hotter. He enclosed it with his hand and stroked it a few times to alleviate the pressure building before he moved the hand to hold Harry’s hip as his tongue did wicked things to Harry’s mouth.

He caressed Harry, teased him, played with him, stroked him, touched every inch of that gorgeous, silky smooth, body. He had Harry mewling under him and he was so excited his breathing came in harsh bursts.


“Harry, Mio amore. Sei talmente bello, così sexy.” Blaise whispered into his ear before he bit at it.


Harry had no idea what Blaise was saying. Bello and amore were familiar terms that Blaise said daily that he was beginning to see as endearments, he understood the word sexy that was thrown in there, but the rest were just pretty words. It didn’t stop his blood from pulsing faster through his veins nor his heart to thump harder in his chest though.


“Blaise. Please stop teasing.” He whispered out, hoping that Blaise put him out of his misery and stopped teasing his nerve endings.


Blaise grinned down at him and Harry had the distinct feeling that Blaise had been waiting for him to put a stop to the feather light touches.


“As you wish, Mio Diletto.”


Blaise kissed his way down Harry’s body and swiped his tongue around his beautiful mate’s navel, dipping his tongue into Harry’s bellybutton smirking as Harry made a small sound and wiggled on the sheets.

He moved further down and nuzzled the inner most part of Harry’s thigh, where it met the groin area. Harry gasped and squirmed, but Blaise held his hips in place as he let his tongue lick up Harry’s hard shaft for the first time, lingering around the head and getting his first taste of his beautiful mate.

Harry tasted delicious and Blaise lapped at him delicately as Harry shouted out his shock and pleasure. Moving his mouth further over Harry, Blaise sucked carefully at the head of Harry’s cock, trying not to overwhelm him with too many sensations at once, he had to keep reminding himself that this was all new for his mate.

Savage pride filled him as he thought about what he was doing, that this was the first time that Harry had ever been touched like this, that his mate was untouched except by him. He was the first, no matter that there would be at least one other dominant mate to join them, he had been Harry’s first and he would always have that over the other dominants.

Blaise moved his mouth smoothly down Harry’s shaft before pulling back up; keeping an even suction and watched as Harry almost completely lost himself in the pleasure. Blaise couldn’t help himself as he pushed his head down again and swallowed Harry in the back of his throat before pulling back up whilst his hands played with the silky skin of Harry’s perineum and the absolutely tiny, virginal rosebud that he had to somehow fit himself into.

Harry screamed his release silently, too shocked and overcome with pleasure to make a noise, his first ever non-self-induced orgasm robbing his voice as his hands clenched themselves into Blaise’s thick, layered hair and tugged mindlessly.


Dio Mio amore, vorrei che questa notte non finisse mai.” Blaise spoke to him breathlessly.


“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Harry panted out confusedly.


Blaise smiled at him as if he were the most precious thing on the earth and tucked a piece of his messy, flyaway hair behind his ear.


“God, my love, I wish that this night was never ending.” Blaise translated with a smirk.


Harry felt himself going pink in the cheeks, but he smiled up at Blaise nonetheless, reaching out to his mate who came to him willingly and laid a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. Blaise tasted musky and it was with a start that Harry realised that he was tasting himself in Blaise’s mouth.

Blaise moved himself to lie on his side facing Harry and pulled his mate onto his side to face him. He drew Harry into a deep, loving kiss as one of his hands fondled that gorgeous bum, a finger dipping in between those curved cheeks to delicately press against Harry’s entrance. Harry gasped and tried to move away, but he encountered Blaise’s chest before he could move away from the questing finger.


“Relax, Harry, it isn’t going to hurt.” Blaise soothed as he pressed a bit harder so his fingertip eased inside Harry’s body.


“Oh!” Harry exclaimed as Blaise pushed more of his finger inside and Harry’s arms and legs twitched lightly at the sparks of pleasure that were playing havoc with his body.


Blaise had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep control of himself as he moved his finger slowly in and out of Harry’s tight body, watching as Harry turned pink from arousal rather than embarrassment and observed through lust lidded eyes as Harry writhed against him, on his finger, his emerald eyes closed against the onslaught of pure pleasure.

Blaise carefully, slowly added a second finger and watched Harry’s face obsessively for one single sign of pain. There was a quick scrunching of Harry’s eyes and mouth, before it smoothed out again and those beautiful green eyes half opened to peer at him.


“How does it feel, Prezioso?”


“Strange and new, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite feelings.”


Blaise chuckled deeply and pressed his fingers in a bit faster, going in deeper, before pulling out and searching for that one place that would make Harry scream for him.

He knew exactly when he found the little circular gland of nerve endings when Harry suddenly arched against him, that pretty little mouth opened in amazement and his name was whispered on a broken plea.

Blaise tortured that little gland with firm fingers and very soon Harry choked out his second orgasm, his body jerking uncontrollably.

Blaise took advantage of the overwhelming amount of pleasure Harry was feeling to lube himself up and press into Harry delicately. He had promised not to hurt his little mate and the only way that that was possible was for Harry to be in the euphoric, coital bliss that was the direct afterglow of an orgasm.

The position was a bit awkward until Blaise rolled over Harry and pressed himself fully into his little mate. He kissed and teased those lips as Harry made small mewling sounds in the back of his throat.

Harry was so hot, so moist and so deliciously tight that Blaise had to stop and breathe for a moment before he lost himself completely. He pulled himself out carefully, pushing back in just as slowly, he sped up a bit when he heard no pained sounds from Harry.

Harry arched himself up to wrap his arms around Blaise’s neck, he couldn’t take this sort of slow, torturous ecstasy, it was killing him.


“Blaise, please. I can’t take much more.” He begged choppily as Blaise continued to push in and pull out of him at a snail’s pace.


Blaise smiled and pushed in a bit harder and was rewarded with a wail. He pulled out carefully before he pushed in faster and his smirk came back when he heard the scream that that got him. He had found the angle that he needed.

Using his arms he held Harry in the position that he wanted him in and with his legs as leverage, he thrusted into Harry as quickly as he could, having his neck squeezed tightly as Harry yelled out his shocked pleasure.

Once Blaise was assured that Harry really wasn’t feeling any pain, he started moving harder, aiming deeper and he almost lost it prematurely when Harry wrapped those lithely muscled legs around his waist and started thrusting up against him using his own body as a tool to slam their hips together.


“Harry! Dio! Fuck!” Blaise cursed out, his one hand holding his body up, the other caressing every inch of Harry’s smooth flesh it could reach.


“Blaise! Blaise! I don’t…tight feeling…don’t know…” Harry babbled choppily, not knowing what the new sensations he was feeling meant. He had never felt the near pleasure pain of the tightness building up in his gut.


Blaise growled when he realised that Harry was so close to his release. He pushed himself harder, faster, giving that one last extra burst of pleasure to tip them both over the edge of orgasm and over the edge they went, screaming and yelling out their shared gratification of their utter carnality.

Blaise kept himself elevated above Harry so as not to crush his little lover, but he could only manage to remain that way for a few moments before his arms gave way and he collapsed next to Harry, who was lying oh so still on the bed, his eyes closed. If it weren’t for the heavily heaving chest Blaise might have thought he had killed his mate.


“Are you alright, Mio amore?” Blaise asked after Harry made no movement or sound apart from his heavy breathing.


“That was amazing.” Harry answered through a screamed raw throat. Blaise took immense pride in that.


He grinned and kissed the red, pleasure flushed cheek, brushing away the completely disarrayed tufts of hair.


“I’m not going to be able to walk for a year.”


Blaise chuckled. “You stroke my ego so beautifully, Harry, but I think a year is a bit of an exaggeration. You will be sore tomorrow, but I have a cream to apply to help with that, you will be just fine.”


Harry smiled as he cracked open his eyes to see the sight of a completely sated Blaise Zabini.


“You’re so handsome.”


“And you, Mio caro, are the most beautifully alluring, stunning creature to have ever walking this planet.”


Harry fell into an exhausted sleep with a smile on his face, lying on his side with Blaise’s large body spooned up against his naked back. He had never thought he could be this happy, what with the rushed mateship, the fact that he had hardly knew Blaise before they had mated and the supposed animosity between the Slytherins and the Gryffindors, but he was so glad, so relieved that it had all worked out in the end, he was so happy in the here and now, it was a shame that it would all be ruined soon by the appearance of another, unknown, dominant Dracken.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up a week later, on the fourteenth of December, sweltering hot. It was too warm and he couldn’t breathe. He kicked the heavy duvet from himself and ripped his pyjamas from his body, but his skin was just so warm.

He twisted and rolled, but he couldn’t find a cool spot on the sheets and he was so uncomfortable that he mewled in distress, which woke up Blaise who had been sound asleep beside him.

The moment Blaise inhaled his eyes went wild and he grabbed Harry’s waist and pulled him to lie underneath his body.


“Do not worry, sweet one.” He whispered into his ear whilst simultaneously kicking off his sleeping bottoms. “I will take care of you. I will take away the heat, I will fix this.”


Blaise had become hard within moments of smelling the scent that Harry was exuding and he didn’t wait a moment longer before pushing himself into Harry, joining them together for only the second time in their relationship.

Blaise was warm too and Harry couldn’t take the heat, his instincts told him that his mate could take it all away, but Blaise was making him hotter! He writhed and moved with Blaise as his mate pulled out and pushed back in with a primal force that he hadn’t used the first time that they’d had sex.

Harry screamed and clung to Blaise, digging his claws into his mate’s shoulders, breaking skin and still digging deeper. Far from putting him off, it seemed to make his mate move faster above him and it was all Harry could do to keep himself from being pushed right over the side of the bed.

He hadn’t noticed that they had both shifted into Dracken form, he realised when he opened his eyes to see his dominant’s huge wings fluttered out to their fullest length and when he moved his hands over his mate’s shoulders to his chest and he saw his blood covered claws.

He couldn’t keep his eyes open for long under the onslaught of debauchery and he moaned and mewled and wrapped himself completely around his mate as the pleasure forced his eyes into the back of his head.

He had been wrong, the heat didn’t force him to do anything, it didn’t turn the sex into a foggy scene that he felt like an outsider to or couldn’t stop. He could stop this right now if he wanted, but he didn’t want to, he didn’t want Blaise to ever stop, he doubted very much that he had the strength or will power to stop this.


“Blaise!” Harry forced out of his constricted throat. He pushed himself at Blaise and Blaise growled at him, moving his hands from the bed to Harry’s shoulders, moving his legs from their stretched out position to come up into a kneeling position.


Suddenly Blaise was so deep inside his body that Harry had trouble breathing in enough oxygen, he gasped and wailed and there wasn’t anything that he could do! Blaise had his upper body pinned down by the shoulders and his legs were wrapped around Blaise’s hips to keep them connected together. He wailed again and Blaise snarled, moving his arms yet again to wrap them around Harry’s back, tugging him upwards until they were chest to chest and Blaise was still thrusting into him, only now gravity was forcing Harry to sink as deeply as he possibly could onto Blaise.

His breath was forced out of his lungs with every thrust; his body was spasaming in such absolute pleasure that Harry could barely control it. This was so different from the slow and sensual love making that their first time had been.

Harry made a small, indistinguishable noise in the back of his throat and his arms shot up to grip Blaise’s hair in two fists, he tugged and yanked on it and Blaise lurched forward and sunk his fangs deeply into Harry’s neck.

It was Harry’s undoing, he unravelled and screamed out his release for the world to hear, not that they could, and Blaise followed after a single mouthful of Harry’s blood.

They lay on their shared bed, panting and quivering in the afterglow of their passion, staring at each other’s lax and unguarded faces. It did not last long. Only what seemed like mere moments later, Harry felt his body surging with blood and excitement again, his nipples pinched together and became sensitised, his breath came in harsh gasps and his cock hardened and thickened.

Blaise’s pupils dilated as the scent of Harry’s heat pheromones reached his nose; he shivered in delight as his body became instantly ready for sex again. He rolled onto his back and dragged Harry on top of him, pushing right into his delectable mate and moving slower than before, but hitting deeper as he moved Harry’s hips down and onto himself with every thrust.

Harry balanced himself by moving to his knees and wrapping his arms around Blaise’s neck, using his elbows and forearms to keep himself steady as Blaise hit that spot deep inside of his body that had him seeing black and white dots.

Their bodies rubbed together, eased by the sweat that had formed, making it easier for Blaise to hit the right angle, making it easier for Harry to continuously push himself back onto Blaise.

Harry’s gut tightened in a new, but familiar sensation, he pressed his mouth to Blaise’s and got a few quick bites from sharp teeth and a silky tongue entwining with his own as Blaise stroked the soft skin on Harry’s sides.

A hand moved from his side to his nipple, which was rubbed gently between a finger and a thumb, before it was tugged harshly making Harry gasp and twitch as he released his pleasure onto Blaise’s belly. Blaise followed quickly after and Harry lay fully on his mate, resting for a few minutes, but he didn’t even have that little respite, his erection came back even quicker than it had the last time and before he could even draw in a breath, he found himself face down on the bed, Blaise’s large hands holding his slender hips, his prostate being tortured as Blaise moved within him harshly.


“Blaise!” Harry cried out once he found his voice.


“Mine.” Blaise snarled his hands roving all over Harry’s back and sides, his tongue poking out to lick at the back of Harry’s neck, before nibbling on his favourite spot.


Harry gasped and mewled, trying to squirm away from Blaise’s tongue, but his mate had a steel grip on his hips.

It was so swelteringly hot that Harry was finding it difficult to breathe, he was sweating and he was getting weaker where Blaise seemed to be getting stronger the longer they remained connected together. His blood had turned to fire and his skin felt like it was melting as he buried his face into the pillows of their bed, but even they were too warm.

He screamed as Blaise stopped moving within him and started doing something with his hips that left that huge cock inside of him, but nudging his prostate with every roll of his hips. He writhed and wiggled, mewled and screamed for Blaise as his orgasm hit. His mate crouched over him, Blaise’s chest to Harry’s back, but leaving his lower half enough room to move.


Ti voglio bene!” Blaise cried out as he released into Harry, lying flat on Harry’s back as he panted harshly.


Harry breathed deeply and evenly, not even able to move a muscle. He was bone-tired and completely exhausted. It was only a couple of hours into the heat; they had approximately ten days of continuous sex before the heat ended. How did Drackens even survive this?

Harry didn’t have much longer to contemplate it before he found himself on his back looking into wild indigo eyes as Blaise pushed himself back into his abused entrance. He cried out and wrapped his arms and legs back around Blaise’s body, holding him tightly. His mate was supposed to take away the burn, but instead he was burning more quickly, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull away from Blaise, a huge part of his brain stopped him from pulling away from his mate.

Blaise’s hands slipped down to cup his bum as he pushed himself harder, faster. His instincts telling him that he needed to conceive a clutch of children with his mate, though he knew quite logically, in a small part of his human mind which had been taken over by his Dracken instincts, that it was impossible at this time to make a clutch with Harry. Though he wanted to, he wanted it very much.

Harry released himself first and Blaise happily followed. Thankfully they were allowed a minute of rest and recovery before their bodies demanded that they copulate again. Harry couldn’t take much more of this, he couldn’t stand the heat, the sex was just making him burn all the more hotter, why did Drackens have to feel this level of burning pain? What was the purpose of it?

Harry didn’t have time to come to a realisation on his own before Blaise had once again moved him into a new position and entered his body with a harsh, fast thrust of his hips, driving away any and all thoughts that weren’t about his mate or sex from his mind.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text

Chapter Eight – Christmas Meetings


Harry woke up rather quickly with his eyes feeling gritty and it didn’t take long to realise that he’d been woken up so rapidly because he had one hell of a pounding headache. For several minutes he just lay there, in the bed, trying to remember where he was, why he was there or what the hell had even happened. Then it all came flooding back to him. He’d had his first heat period.

He had been on his heat period with Blaise for ten days! That meant that today was in actual fact Christmas Eve. Well it was the early hours of Christmas Eve, it being only five o’clock in the morning.

Unfortunately other things took higher precedent than the fact that it was Christmas Eve, like his swollen bladder and his gurgling, roaring stomach that was demanding something to eat. Harry was just glad that Blaise had already used that cream to heal him up because he was still feeling stiff and sore and that was after the cream had been applied to his body. He didn’t want to think on how much pain he would be in if Blaise hadn’t used the cream.

Harry didn’t notice that Blaise wasn’t in the room with him at first, not until after he had spent five minutes emptying his bladder and giving his face a wash to make him feel more alive. He looked around the bedroom, went back up the stairs to the landing that held their nest bed and then he went to check their sitting room, but Blaise really wasn’t there.

Collapsing into a heap on the carpet, Harry felt oddly numb and lost. He let out a high pitched, inhuman squealing roar that he was sure had echoed all throughout the school. It sounded a bit like a dragon’s roar only in a higher pitch. He remembered well the sounds a dragon made from the first task of the Tri-wizard tournament. He’d had an unrivalled front row and VIP experience of a dragon roaring in his face and he knew the sound they made deep in their chests just before they spewed forth their destructive fire.

Harry curled up on the floor. He felt detached from himself, like he was missing half of his body. He let out the squealing roar again and this time he felt about a hundred answering vibrations in his very bones.

The door to his rooms slammed opened and before he could turn around there was a loud thump and the sound of the door closing again, but Harry didn’t care as the moment his eyes clocked deep black, layered hair and indigo eyes he pounced on his mate and licked his cheek, hugging him tightly.


“Harry, why are you giving out a distress call?” Blaise asked seriously.




“You’re sending out a distress call to every dominant in the proximity, which I don’t know if you remember, is quite a few hundred.”


“I couldn’t find you.” Harry answered softly.


“Oh, Mio amore! I went hunting for you! I knew that you’d be hungry when you woke up.”


Harry looked over Blaise’s shoulder to see the half torn apart deer and his stomach rumbled loudly.


“Eat up, Harry; I have already eaten my fill.”


Harry near enough dived on the still warm corpse of the deer and happily tore chunks of meat from the bones to devour, getting blood everywhere and being watched by a very pleased, smug Blaise, who was watching his mate eat the meal that he had killed just for him.

Once he was full to bursting point, Harry leant back and groaned, patting his full belly.


“Do I even want to know how you dragged a fully grown buck up here without being seen?”


Blaise grinned. “It was easier with a concealment charm and it’s very early in the morning. It was only really the portraits and any wandering ghosts that I had to hide my kill from.”


Harry grinned back and reached out for Blaise. He felt so much better; his body was back to its normal temperature, he was no longer burning and he didn’t feel uncomfortable or pained anymore, with the ending of the heat, he had gone back to normal.


“Do you feel any better, Prezioso?”


“Yes, I was so uncomfortable at the beginning of the heat, I felt like I was being boiled alive.”


Blaise held Harry close and licked his mate’s neck.


“I’m sorry, Bello, it couldn’t be helped. Your body temperature had to reach one hundred and ten degrees.”


“Why?!” Harry asked stunned.


“Harry, why do you think Drackens call the mating period ‘heat’? Like our dragon ancestors we need to raise our body temperatures up to a certain degree in order to conceive a child. Drackens do not like the cold and we need heat and obviously sex in order to conceive a baby.”


“Our body temperatures have to be raised to a hundred and ten degrees to get children?” Harry asked astonished.


“Yes, and again when you are nesting and you are in labour, your body will raise its temperature to a hundred and ten degrees to keep the babies healthy and comfortable.”


“About that, how will I give birth, Blaise?”


“I’m not too sure, Mio amore. I’ll find out for you, I know that female submissives just birth their children naturally, but I’m not certain how you will give birth seeing as you are a male.”


Harry did not like being told that his mate didn’t know something so important as to how he would birth their children. It made him angry.


“What do you mean you don’t know?! You’ve been a Dracken for a year!”


“I can't know everything, Harry! A year isn’t all that long and male submissives are so very rare that I never thought that I would ever see one, let alone meet and mate with one!”


“But you’re my dominant mate! You’re supposed to know!” Harry screamed.


“I will find out for you, now calm down and stop yelling at me.” Blaise hissed.




Blaise was on him quicker than Harry’s eyes could keep up. Blaise had not been that fast before the heat.

A hand around the back of his neck forced him to his knees and kept pushing to get him onto his stomach, but the hell would Harry make it easy! He swiped a leg out and caught the back of Blaise’s knee, knocking it out from under his mate and letting him collapse next to him, before he leapt up and ran, or he tried to.

Blaise grabbed his ankle and yanked him back down before plastering himself to Harry’s back, pressing his considerable weight down onto his mate.


“Get off of me!”


“Not until you calm down.” Blaise told him, licking over the back of Harry’s neck, lightly nibbling the skin with his teeth.


“Oh! Blaise…no!” Harry moaned, caught between anger and pleasure.


“Yes, my love.” Blaise whispered, finding that one spot behind Harry’s ear that made his mate melt.


“Why am I so angry?” Harry asked miserably.


“Because your Dracken has realised that you are not pregnant. He is angry that he will not have young to carry and nurture.”


“But surely my Dracken knew I wouldn’t get pregnant, I need another mate before I can get pregnant.”


“We know that love, but both of our Dracken sides didn’t. Our Drackens run on instinct and not much else, love. The reason you have only me as a mate currently is because, though we knew otherwise, our Drackens fully believed that we would gain a clutch of children from mating. Your Dracken is angry that I couldn’t give you a child and my Dracken is feeling inferior and useless because I couldn’t give you a child.”


“Oh, Blaise! Please don’t feel like that, I’m sorry I need another mate, I don’t want one.”


Blaise smirked that gorgeous tilt of lips and kissed Harry gently as his mate rolled over so that they were face to face.


“I don’t feel like that, love, but my Dracken does. Again it is purely instinct, you knew we weren’t going to get children, I knew that you needed another mate to get a baby, but our Drackens have only just found out, so give them some time to settle down.”


“I feel like something is missing.” Harry confided softly. “Before this, you were enough, but now there is a small hole inside of me that is craving someone to fill it.”


“That is your Dracken telling you that you need another mate. You will start releasing pheromones to attract the dominants to you again and then you will start calling to them. To minimise the risk of damage or injury we should hold the meeting as soon as possible, in a few days at most.”


“After Christmas though. I want our first Christmas together to be just you and me.”


“Not Christmas, love, Winter solstice. Christmas is a Muggle thing.” Blaise chastised lightly.


“It will always be Christmas to me.” Harry stated stubbornly.


Blaise smiled and pecked Harry’s lips, standing up and pulling Harry into his arms. A bout of unexpected anger towards Blaise had Harry curling away from his mate.


“I’m sorry.” Harry whispered sadly.


“I know, Bello. It isn’t your fault.”


“I want a bath.” Harry decided, suddenly remembering that he hadn’t washed or bathed in ten days. “Join me?”


Blaise smiled lecherously and dragged Harry off to the bathroom wordlessly to ‘bathe’.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Blaise went hunting again for dinner and then again on Christmas morning, his instincts were too close to the surface for him not to hunt, which suited Harry just fine seeing as he had such an enormous craving for raw meat that it was all that he wanted to eat. Blaise said that it was to make up for the weeks of just grains, fruits and vegetables that he’d been eating recently.

Harry finished eating the mare that Blaise had dragged through the castle just for his breakfast and he smiled happily at Blaise. His emotions still hadn’t calmed down and he still had unexpected bouts of anger towards Blaise, his Dracken seeing his inability to give him children as a failure.

Unfortunately Blaise’s Dracken was moping about and was feeling like a failure and nothing Harry did could convince Blaise in Dracken form that he wasn’t a failure, as a result Christmas was spent in their human forms despite having the privacy to be in their Dracken forms.

Harry shyly handed Blaise a beautifully wrapped gift and watched as his mate carefully opened it and rustled the tissue paper inside before locating the gift.

Blaise pulled out a very thick, very heavy and very, very old book. He looked it over carefully noticing that it oddly did not have any title that he could see. It was covered in smooth, but age cracked, brown leather and the pages were very yellow, dry and musty with age.

Blaise carefully opened the top cover of the book and his heart almost stopped at the inscribed letters on the front page. Cægan Æðelræd Bealusearu.


“Harry? Where…where did you even get this?” Blaise whispered reverently.


“I had a hell of a time tracking it down for you. Remember I got you to write it down for me because I couldn’t pronounce it? Well I took that paper into every bookshop, and second hand junk shop, because you never know what you’ll find in those, and I hunted for it for you, because I remember that you said that you really wanted it and that you and your family had been looking for a copy for generations.”


“We agreed on no ridiculously expensive gifts, Harry! This must have cost you not only an arm and a leg, but both arms, both legs and all of your internal organs of yourself and all of your descendants for at least the next ten generations!”


Harry chuckled softly, bordering on a giggle. “It didn’t cost me anything, Blaise. I finally got fed up of hunting and getting nowhere, so I asked the goblins for help when I went to withdraw some money, I told them that I’d had no luck looking for it and they turned around and told me that a copy, this copy, had been sitting untouched in my bank vault for seven hundred years. I already owned it, so it didn’t cost me anything to get for you.”


Blaise mouthed wordlessly, unable to form how much this actually meant to him. “I…thank you, Harry, thank you so much!”


“Thank me by giving me my present before I go stir crazy!” Harry grinned bouncing a bit on the settee he was sitting on.


Blaise smiled so softly and tenderly at him Harry stopped all movement. Surely Blaise couldn’t feel the level of love he was displaying just for him, could he? Did he love Blaise as much as Blaise seemingly loved him?

His Dracken roared and clawed at his chest, saying a firm no. They should hate Blaise for not being strong enough to give them younglings, but that wasn’t Blaise’s fault. He needed more than one mate, he was too strong.


‘I am not too strong, he is too weak!’ A voice hissed in his head that sounded suspiciously like his own. Harry gasped, clutching at his head.


“Harry? Prezioso, are you alright, what is it?”


“My head hurts.”


Blaise held him so gently, run such soft fingers through his hair and pressed such light kisses against his temple that Harry started crying silent tears. Blaise deserved better than him. His own Dracken was rejecting Blaise! On Christmas day no less!


Innamorato, what is wrong? Why are you crying?” Blaise asked stunned.


“The anger is back.” Harry whispered through his tears.


“Hush now, mio Diletto. We knew this would happen, we knew our Drackens would not be happy that we hadn’t conceived children. It’s alright if you are angry.”


“But I don’t want to be angry with you, Blaise. I love you!”


Blaise smiled and gave him a sweet kiss. “Ti amo, Harry.”


Harry cuddled into Blaise and breathed deeply to calm himself, he didn’t want to hate Blaise or be angry with him. He truly meant it when he told Blaise that he loved him.

Blaise handed him a small, very intricately wrapped box and Harry looked at it, not wanting to open it and destroy the beautiful masterpiece it was.


“It isn’t my chocolate then.” Harry stated with a grin.


“I buy you your favourite chocolate twice a week, innamorato, this gift is special.” Blaise told him, bringing him in for a hug.


“I don’t want to open it.” Harry said softly, before hastening to explain when Blaise looked upset and offended. “It’s too pretty! I don’t want to destroy it.”


Blaise chuckled and did a little wave with his wand before he run it up, down, over and around the little present.


“What did you just do?” Harry asked curiously.


“I took a photo of it, Prezioso. A proper photo, not those silly flat muggle ones, but a moving wizarding one so you will always know what my first Winter solstice present to you looked like.”


Harry hugged Blaise tightly before he carefully opened his present. It was a little blue velvet box and Harry pried the hinges open gently and gasped at the contents.

Sitting nestled in a bed of crushed silk and velvet was the most beautiful bracelet that Harry had ever seen. It was an inch wide and looked more like half a cuff than a bracelet, it would fit snuggly against the base of his hand, but it would not cover his ulnar styloid. It was made of solid platinum and had a large emerald in the centre; an emerald that looked so much like his and his Mother’s eyes that it took his breath away. On either side of the emerald was a smaller, but no less beautiful amethyst. They were deep purple in colour, the same colour as Blaise’s wing scales.


“Oh, Blaise I love it!” Harry exclaimed, taking it out of the velvet and silk cushion and he flicked open the clasp. He wrapped it around his wrist and fastened the clasp again, loving how it was tight against his skin, but didn’t cut off his circulation.


There were small carvings on the bracelet, looking so delicate and flimsy that he didn’t want to touch them. They looked like vines wrapping around the bracelet with off-shooting spirals.


“It’s so beautiful, Blaise, but what the hell? You tell me not to give you an expensive gift and here you go giving me this?!”


Blaise grinned. “This is a family heirloom, mio caro. The only thing I spent money on was resizing it to fit your tiny, elfin wrists and changing the gems from diamonds and rubies to emeralds and amethysts.” 


Harry grinned as well and hugged Blaise tightly. Blaise unclasped the bracelet when Harry’s head was turned and took it off of his wrist and Harry gasped, pulling back and looking at Blaise with wide eyes.


“You missed the inscription on the inside band, Harry.” Blaise told him, pointing out the elegant, cursive letters on the bottom.


‘Ti penso moltissimo.’


“What does it mean?” Harry asked. He had a very warm feeling from the words.


“I think of you always.” Blaise answered with a smile.


Harry nearly melted as Blaise fastened the bracelet back onto his wrist and kissed the back of his hand gently.


Ti amo, Harry. Ti amo.”


“Tee ammo?” Harry questioned.


Blaise chuckled and pressed his lips to Harry’s temple. “Ti amo. I love you. I love you deeply, Harry.”


Harry smiled happily, ignoring the warmth in his cheeks as he pressed a kiss to Blaise’s soft lips.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Christmas day was turning out to be one of the happiest that Harry could ever remember. They went down for dinner in the Great Hall, where they found only a few students along with the Professors.


“Harry, my boy, it’s so nice to see that you are feeling better!” Dumbledore cried out jovially, sending him a wink.


“Yes, I felt better a few days ago, Professor, but I didn’t feel up to socialising much and yesterday was when I started to truly feel like myself again, but it being Christmas Eve, I wanted to spend the day with Blaise.”


“Of course you did, my boy. I am glad that you are feeling better, I hope you don’t have a relapse.”


“Madam Pomfrey said that if I did then it would be a small one a few days after I started feeling better, so I suppose if I'm going to relapse it will be any when from now to a couple of days away.”


Blaise sat Harry down before sitting down himself and serving Harry a plateful of food, knowing that Harry and himself had eaten purely raw meat for the past two days. He made sure to put a bit of turkey and chicken onto the plate, before he filled the rest with vegetables and side dishes.

Harry smiled at him and started eating with polite manners that he hadn’t had when he was tearing apart the mare that Blaise had hunted for him. Blaise would rather watch Harry eating the prey he had killed for him.


“Someone said that you had Dragon Pox!” An excitable second year Hufflepuff burst out.


Blaise glared at the little girl and she recoiled, but Harry sent his own glare to Blaise who sniffed and went back to his dinner.


“I didn’t have Dragon pox, but the illness that I did have is contagious through skin to skin contact, so I couldn’t leave my special rooms. Blaise had already caught it from me, so he stayed with me to keep me company.”


“But what about food!” The little girl asked, exuberant as usual now that Harry was talking to her.


“The house elves brought us our meals; they are a different species, so human illnesses don’t affect them.”


“Oh. What was it like?”


Harry went pink cheeked as he remembered the ten days of continuous sex and the pleasure it had brought, the smells and the sounds he and Blaise had made.


“It was pretty boring.” Harry stated lamely.


Blaise’s head snapped to glare at Harry. He leant in close and blew in Harry’s ear.


“I guess I’ll have to up my ante the next time, Prezioso, so that you are not so bored.”


Harry went a furious red in the cheeks and he pushed Blaise away from him. He didn’t need to defend his words. The little girl was twelve; she didn’t need to hear that they had been having non-stop sex for ten days. No one at this table, of age or not, needed to know that they had been having sex at all. It was bad enough that Snape and Dumbledore already knew.


“I hope that you do not relapse, Harry.” Dumbledore stated gravely.


“So do I. I’ve missed enough lessons as it is, but I just have a gut feeling that it’s going to happen.”


“If it happens it happens, Potter.” McGonagall stated. “Just make sure you catch up with all of your work.”


“Don’t worry, Professor, it’s all done and I’m even ahead in certain subjects! Blaise is trying to tutor me with Potions as well.”


“Do try not to blow out one of the castle walls, Potter.” Snape told him.


“I’ll try, Sir, but I can’t make any promises.”


“I think I am competent enough to stop him from blowing out a wall, Professor, but blowing off one of his own hands…” Blaise trailed off with a sigh and Harry nudged him as Dumbledore chuckled merrily.


Harry shook his head and popped a Brussels sprout into his mouth, chewing moodily. He stabbed at his peas and carrots before placing a forkful of mashed potatoes into his mouth and swallowing. He glared at Blaise as his mate laughed at his sulky behaviour.

The dinner passed by amicably and Harry found himself laughing and joking with Blaise and the younger students. Blaise pressed a kiss to his ear and licked it.


“You would make a wonderful Mother, Mio Bello.” Blaise whispered.


Harry smiled happily and snuggled in with Blaise, still spooning Christmas pudding and extra thick double cream into his mouth, giving the odd spoonful to Blaise.

Students began trickling away at eight and Harry yawned against Blaise for the third time in five minutes.


“Come on, Mio amore, let’s get you into bed. You still need to take it easy after your illness.” Blaise told him, standing up and pulling Harry to his feet.


Harry leant heavily on Blaise until they were out of the Great Hall and away from the curious eyes of all those who were left in the Hall. Blaise swept Harry’s legs out and caught him easily, carrying him cautiously up the stairs.


“I can walk!” Harry tried to sound angry, but a huge yawn that almost unhinged his jaw ruined the effect.


“I know.” Blaise soothed gently. “But I want to carry you.”


Harry didn’t have the energy to fight Blaise. He just gave in and let his body relax as he was carried up to their rooms and into their bedroom. Blaise carefully climbed the narrow set of stairs leading up to the ledge that their bed was on and placed him down on it.

Blaise happily undressed Harry, quelling any arguments with a soft, ‘I want to do this for you.’ Leaving Harry undressed, Blaise undressed himself and climbed in next to his ethereal mate, covering them both up and wrapping his arms around Harry’s waist.


Sogni d’oro, mio amore.” Blaise whispered, kissing Harry’s cheek before settling down to sleep.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was back in his private rooms in the hell hotel. Only this time it was more bearable with Blaise firmly by his side and his chaperone not too far behind them.

There were approximately one hundred and twenty dominants living here, there had been four deaths already from fighting and another several were injured. To be honest Harry was astounded that there wasn’t more than that, but apparently word had gotten around that he didn’t like violence and the dominants were trying to curb themselves, which he was actually grateful for.


“So, Harry.” Elder Trintus stated happily. “Here we are again.”


“Yes, I have no idea how I’m going to choose another dominant from all of these!”


“One submissive once held a gladiator like challenge.” Trintus told him reflectively. “Yes, she made all of the dominants fight each other. The one left standing at the end became her mate.”


Harry was horrified that anyone could be so cruel and heartless.


“So all the others just died?” He asked in absolute disgust.


“Oh no, dear boy! No, we placed up safety measures, a rarity as normally we would let the submissive gain their mate by any means that they see fit, but obviously we couldn’t just cull all the dominants down to one. No, we made a single rule that if you were knocked down for more than three seconds then you were automatically disqualified. It saved many dominants, but there were more than a few casualties and quite a fair few deaths too, despite the safety measures in place.”


“Can I just spend some time with each one?” Harry asked.


“You want to do the interviews again?” Trintus asked.


“Not exactly. I want to be able to walk around with them; I want to see what they are like when they are relaxed and comfortable, not crammed into an overstuffed armchair opposite me. I think some of them were nervous and hid it behind inane nattering.”


“Alright, my dear, let’s get started, after all you cannot be ill for too long or your classmates will get suspicious.”


Harry walked hand in hand with Blaise, who had his wings stretched out to their max, making them seem longer than they were, but he still got dirty looks from the other Drackens, who were flaunting their twenty-five foot wings, clearly telling Blaise that theirs were bigger.

Harry was dismayed to see that Dominic, the presumptuous twat who had burst into his rooms during his last meeting, was standing right in the front with his grandfather.


“Harry, sweet one.” Elder Getus greeted. “I hope you are well.”


“I am, thank you.” Harry replied politely.


“You remember my grandson Dominic.”


The big dominant held his hand out, but Harry didn’t take it. There was a gleam in both of their eyes that he didn’t like. Perhaps they remembered that he had mated with Blaise over a simple handshake and believed that it would work twice in a row. The only problem was that he hadn’t mated with Blaise over a handshake, but a single lick to the back of the neck.


“Yes, I do. I seem to remember telling him to leave and to not come back.” Harry answered coolly.


“I have seen the error of my ways.” Dominic told him, his voice very pompous and insincere.


“Good, but you will still never be my mate. I don’t want you as my mate!”


“Now Harry, it isn’t a choice as such but a need to have the strongest mate possible. Dominic might be the best suited mate for you.”


“He’s not.” Harry replied stubbornly and loudly. There were a few snorts, laughs and titters from the crowd of dominants.


“If we could calm this down a bit.” Elder Trintus boomed. “Harry wishes to get to know all of you in turn; he wishes to see you when you are relaxed and comfortable. You will not be permitted to take Harry away from this house or its grounds, you will not be permitted to be alone with Harry without myself and his first mate, Blaise, present and you are not permitted to touch him at any time.”


“Dominic will be going first.” Elder Getus stated as if it was his god given right and hell did Harry’s temper raise another few notches at that.


It was as if he wasn’t even a person capable of intelligent speech or thought patterns. His white wings, now with their shiny, deep purple scales flared out and he bared his fangs to the elder man and hissed deeply.


“He won’t!” Harry declared harshly. “He won’t even get a fucking turn because I don’t want him anywhere near me!”


“All dominants deserve a fair chance at becoming your mate, Harry.”


“Then why are you pushing your grandson at me? Why does he have to go first for everything? That isn’t fair to the others! What, is he so undesirable and so vile as a person that he needs your help getting him a mate because he can’t get one on his own?”


There were gasps, laughs and surprised snorts after his outburst. Elder Getus and his grandson were not included. They looked angry and offended and Harry did not care in the slightest.

Blaise placed a single hand on the back of his neck, he didn’t squeeze or apply any pressure, it was a warning to calm himself down lest he get himself into trouble.

Harry let his body relax and let his temper cool. He wouldn’t achieve anything by yelling. He knew he didn’t have to go anywhere near Dominic and the Elder knew that as well. Shouting was just giving him a headache and making him grumpy, it would be better if he turned and ignored them both, but ignoring something like that was never Harry’s strongest personality trait.


“I want a list of all the names and ages of the dominants.” Harry told Elder Trintus, before taking Blaise’s hand and storming away to cool down.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry estimated that it would take at least an hour, maybe more to get the names and ages of the dominants, enough time for him to work out his frustrations with Blaise, who was very happy to help him.

They were tangled on the carpet of his private rooms before the door had fully closed, kissing and biting at the other’s mouths. Harry’s breath hitched when Blaise moved his mouth down his chin to nibble on his neck.

Blaise squeezed Harry’s sides, moving his hands down to grip at his mate’s hips, before moving them up again to divest Harry of his shirt. Licking a sugar pink nipple, Blaise smirked as Harry yelled out in surprise.


“Blaise, no teasing, please. I just need to get my anger out.” Harry whined.


“As you wish.” Blaise answered, ripping Harry’s trousers from his legs, taking those bright grass green boxer shorts with them.


A knock on the door had Blaise roaring in rage and Harry scrambling to cover himself with something before Elder Trintus cautiously peeked around the door frame.


“I am so sorry!” He gasped as he caught sight of Blaise lying over a near enough naked Harry, who had only just managed to get his boxer shorts over his private bits in time.


“It’s okay.” Harry assured, throwing his arms around Blaise’s neck to stop him from pouncing on the poor elderly Dracken. “Did you want something?”


“I…the list is complete. We took a register at the very first meeting; we have been updating it with every new arrival.”


“Oh. Alright. We’ll be there in a minute.” Harry answered, pretending that he wasn’t laying in his boxer shorts underneath Blaise.


The Elder nodded and left very quickly as Blaise snarled angrily.


“We’ll continue this later, Blaise.” Harry assured him. “Nothing will stop us tonight.”


Blaise sighed and held Harry tightly, running his hands over Harry’s bare skin, squeezing those beautiful thighs possessively, before moving up over Harry’s covered arse and stopping on his lower back.


Ti amo, Harry.” He stated seriously.


Harry grinned impishly. “Ti amo, Blaise.” He stated back, pronouncing the words carefully and a bit heavily, watching as Blaise smirked in happiness.


“You are learning.”


“I am. You’ll have to teach me more Italian, Blaise. I need to know what you’re saying to me.”


“Anything for you, little love, anything for you.”


Harry chuckled happily and shimmied back into his trousers and buttoned up his shirt.


“Let’s get this over with. I don’t want to be here any longer than necessary.”


Blaise nodded and he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “Remember that I’ll be with you every step of the way this time, mio amore. If you don’t like one of them, just hide behind me and I’ll protect you with my life.”


Harry shook his head at the declaration, but he didn’t say anything as he walked out of his private rooms and back down to the Dracken common room. There wasn’t anything that he could say and he couldn’t argue either, Blaise would only tell him that he was his dominant and that was how it was supposed to be. Harry sighed silently and he walked, hand in hand with Blaise, to try and find his second, and hopefully last, dominant mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text


Chapter Nine – Choosing The Second Mate


Harry sat in a small, cosy room off of the Dracken common room and he held the thick plastic folder he had been given in his hands and just gawped at the amount of names on the pieces of parchment that it contained.

Name after name was listed, some names he couldn’t even pronounce, some names were so long that they took up three lines of the parchments and others were so common that there were two or three of them reoccurring throughout the list.

The ages next to the names ranged from Drackens in their seventies all the way down to just turned sixteen year olds and Harry couldn’t believe that several sixteen year olds had made their way here from all over the world, most of them alone.

Next to the ages were a colour, or colours, and another number that he had been told were the dominant’s wing colours and sizes, so that he could further identify the more commonly named Drackens so that he didn’t accidentally scratch off the wrong person.

Harry took a quill to Dominic’s name immediately, who was listed under the section for the sixteen year olds, scratching it out with excessive force, much to the amusement of Blaise.


“Calm down, Harry, wait until you see his face and do the same with your claws.” Blaise advised him.


Harry giggled lightly and a bit hysterically and scooted over to cuddle into Blaise. Everything felt so out of his control, he felt like a passenger in his own body, on a rollercoaster with nowhere to go but down.


“My dear, are you well?” Elder Trintus asked concernedly as he saw Harry’s face crumple as if he were about to cry.


“I just…I…why couldn’t Blaise be enough? I don’t want anyone else in my life. I want a family! Not a group of men accosting me and groping me every time I walk into a room. How many is it going to take?”


“I would think that one more dominant will see you with a child, sweet one.” Trintus told him thoughtfully. “But you might need one, maybe two more on top of that to ground your magic and to see to the needs of your Dracken.”


“I only want as many as I need to have a clutch of children!” Harry stated sharply.


“I wouldn’t advise it, my dear. Without an extra dominant to ground you, you may have bouts of irrationality or even very well go insane. I remember one submissive who fancied herself so in love with her first mate that she refused her grounding mate. Then six years down the line she ended up killing all of her children and then, when her lucidity came back to her, she killed herself in the grief of what she had done, leaving her dominant mate to suffer for years before he decided to join them.”


“That’s horrible.” Harry declared, feeling faintly sick at the thought of a Mother killing her children.


Blaise swallowed bitterly and held Harry tightly. He didn’t want to share his mate with anyone, but he didn’t want Harry to kill their children and then himself even more. Nothing else mattered when it came to Harry and his health, even if that did mean that they would have yet another dominant male, or even a female, who would push him out of the frame and claim all of Harry’s attention.


“It is horrible, yes, but that is the fate of a Dracken who refuses their grounding mate.” Trintus said simply.


“Blaise?” Harry questioned timidly.


He remembered very vividly that first meeting in the forest with his first mate, of how vehement Blaise was that he would not be permitted to have a harem or any more dominants than strictly necessary to get him pregnant.


“Discount my harsh words of before, Mio amore.” Blaise said softly, brushing Harry’s cheek with the back of his knuckles. “I did not know before what the Elder has just told us. I would rather add as many dominants as you need than to suffer the loss of you and our children a few years into the future.”


Harry smiled beatifically at him and Blaise felt his heart jolt. He had come to love Harry so very much. How was it possible to fall this deeply in love with someone in just two months?

He was truly amazed that it had only been two months that had passed when it felt like he’d known and loved Harry for an eternity already. A very good, loving eternity that he would live over again and again.

He felt like he knew Harry, really knew him, in the same way that decades old lovers knew the other like the backs of their hands. He wished to spend every minute of every day with Harry, which was probably why he was so jealous of adding in more Drackens to their relationship. It was needed to get the full family that they both wanted and craved, but Blaise still did not like the thought of sharing Harry with anyone.

It wasn’t even a Dracken thing; Blaise thought sourly, he would have been exactly the same had he been born a human. He would not have wanted to share Harry at all, not with anyone. Blaise believed fully that he was taking the news so well because he wasn’t human, because he was a Dracken and it was common for a submissive to have at least two mates, one to get them pregnant and then another one to ground their magic. It was rare to find a submissive that was weak enough to only need the one dominant to impregnate and ground them or a dominant strong enough over the submissive to do both. He would not have coped very well had he and Harry been human and Harry had informed him that he wanted more than one lover.


“Perhaps it would be best, dearest, if you got this over and done with?” Elder Trintus suggested carefully.


He had never seen a submissive so reluctant to take a second mate before, in his decades of experience all submissives craved children, their bodies demanded them, yet here this young, sixteen year old boy sat, looking so miserable that Quintalus just wanted to hold him, rock him and coo at him as if he were his own child.


“I suppose you’re right.” Harry sighed, making no move to untangle himself from Blaise’s lap.


Blaise smiled at the picture of misery that his mate made. He hated that Harry was upset and loathed himself for feeling so smug at Harry’s misery, but he couldn’t stop the pleasure or pride he felt knowing that Harry really didn’t want any more mates. He knew that Harry would get used to them in time and that he would come to love them all, but at this moment in time, Harry wanted him and only him.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry stood once again in the absolutely huge common room that held over a hundred unmated, dominant Drackens who were all vying for his attention. Well most of them were anyway and they all seemed to be under the age of thirty. The older dominants were standing in the back, as if they instinctually knew that they had already been discounted, as if they were only here because their instincts demanded that they had to be present for his meeting.

It broke Harry’s heart to see the hopeless and lost expressions that they all tried to hide. They were acting as if they had absolutely no shot whatsoever and Harry swallowed. He hadn’t talked his plan out with Blaise. He didn’t want his mate getting jealous or feel any more inadequate because Harry went looking through the older dominants first, but he had to give them hope that not all submissives were arrogant, stuck up pricks that wouldn’t touch them with a four foot stick just merely because of their age.


“Harry has reviewed all of your names and ages and has now decided that he would like to begin his search for his second mate.” Elder Trintus called out loudly, ensuring that all the dominants in the room heard him. “Harry, are there any deciding factors which would make you completely discount one of these dominants as your mate?”


Harry had known that this question was coming and he looked to Blaise, who didn’t smile, didn’t move his facial muscles, but wrapped him up in his arms comfortably, silently telling him that the floor was all his and that Blaise was behind him one hundred percent in anything that he decided to do.


“Just get on with it!” One of the younger dominants shouted out impatiently. “Get rid of the granddads and start the process already, the waiting is killing me!”


“Who are you?” Harry asked.


“Serif Ribbin. Twenty-three.” The dominant with lush heather coloured, twenty-four foot wings answered proudly.


Harry went down the list of parchments and found Serif on the list, glad that he was the only one so that he didn’t have to spend any more time on him looking for wing colour; Harry took his quill and exaggeratedly scratched out the name.


“Thank you, Serif, you can leave now.”


“What?” He demanded.


“You can leave now. I don’t want a cruel or spiteful man as a mate. Bye bye.”


Blaise smothered a chuckle by pressing his mouth into Harry’s hair. Serif was dragged out forcibly by the reinforcements that had come to protect Harry. The ‘security’ was made up of about eight to ten mated dominants who had agreed to be Harry’s protection for his meetings.


“Right, let’s start looking for my next mate.” Harry stated lackadaisically. “But first things first, if any of you are currently married or have a significant other at home, then you can leave as well, I don’t want to be labelled as a home wrecker, thanks.”


“How do you want to do this?” An older dominant asked from the back.


He looked like a hard man, with slate grey scales and charcoal coloured eyes. His hair was black, but it was thinning and lightening at the temples. He had a few facial scars, the most prominent of which looked like a claw scratch going down his left cheek, most likely put there by a right handed submissive; Harry felt such burning curiosity to ask.


“Who are you?” Harry asked instead and the dominant’s eyes hardened.


“Arsenio Demetrius. Forty-two.” The man answered stonily.


Harry had noticed that all the dominants answered with their name and age, like it was a raffle number or a military identity. He held a small pale hand out and smiled softly at the man, who blinked and looked faintly stunned.


“I think I’d like to get to know you first, Arsenio.”


“He’s forty-two, Harry.” Blaise ducked down to whisper in his ear.


“I know, I heard him perfectly well thank you and I don’t care much for ages, Blaise. I love a person for who they are, not for the number of years that they’ve been alive.” Harry whispered back as Arsenio slowly picked his way through the crowd of silent Drackens.


He still looked stunned when he reached the small dais where Harry and Blaise were standing with Elder Trintus, though he tried to hide it. He looked like Harry was about to suddenly call out that he had been joking and that he wanted to get to know a young eighteen year old instead.


“You can’t be serious!” Dominic Getus had found his voice at last. Harry had noticed him mouthing wordlessly for about a minute now.


“I thought that I told you to leave?” Harry stated harshly, looking dispassionately at Dominic.


They were the same age near enough, Dominic was only two weeks older than him, but the difference in their maturity levels was astounding. Harry didn’t know if it was his upbringing, his personality or the knowledge that he would be a parent as soon as he went onto his next heat period with Blaise and his new dominant that made him more mature, but whatever it was that had matured him so much at such a young age, it was missing in Dominic. Dominic who had been spoilt, like so many other Drackens, by his family, most likely from his very birth when his scent would have declared him a Dracken to any other Dracken standing near him. 

It was the only time when a Dracken could be identified by their scent before their sixteenth birthday. The scent of a Dracken child was very strong at birth, but it dissipated very quickly thereafter. The scent would be rapidly diluted by the smells of the outside world as quickly as one to three hours after the baby had been born, not to return again until the child’s sixteenth birthday when the genes awoke in the child’s bloodstream and brought out all dormant traits and attributes. 

Arsenio reached them on the dais and he gently picked up Harry’s hand, laying one of the softest kisses that Harry had ever felt to the face up, curled palm. Which brought out more questions in Harry’s mind, were older dominants more gentle? Had they learnt to be softer and gentler over time? Was it only the younger dominants who were harsh because they hadn’t fully learnt to control their instincts? Or was this purely something that Arsenio did? So many questions, no answers yet, but Harry found that he would really, really like to find out.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Arsenio really was a kind man, despite his harsh demeanour and appearance. He held Harry’s hand like it was made from spun glass; he didn’t tread on Blaise’s feet and backed off immediately if Blaise growled or hissed at something he did.

They were walking around the Dracken hell hotel, Harry taking advantage of being able to actually explore it this time around now that he had a lot more protection and all the dominants were stuck in the common room. Blaise was on one side of him and Arsenio was on the other, telling him all about Greece, his homeland. Harry found himself wanting to visit the country one day, even if Arsenio didn’t turn out to be his mate.


“How did you get this?” Harry asked, running his fingers lightly over the scar on Arsenio’s cheek, his curiosity finally bubbling over.


Arsenio smirked slightly as he reached up to touch the scar with rough fingers.


“A female submissive who did not like hearing some home truths.” Arsenio answered reminiscently.


“Did it hurt?” Harry asked, fingering the scar delicately, running his fingertips over the healed, but tight, puckered skin.


“It hurt a hell of a lot.” Arsenio answered, standing still and slightly slumped so that Harry could touch his face. “But I have met a lot of submissives like her and you are nothing like the others.”


“So I’ve been told.” Harry answered wryly.


“What did you say to her?” Blaise asked interestedly.


Harry looked over sharply; this was the first time that Blaise had actually taken any interest in another dominant. Did this mean that Blaise liked Arsenio? Or was he just being civil for his sake?


“I just told her the truth, that she was a pampered babyish airhead who would never get a real mate because of the way that she acted. I might have thrown in a few vulgar words here and there, but then I was only twenty-two at the time.”


Blaise chuckled. “I did the same thing with the only other submissive apart from Harry I have met. Miette.”


“Oh, you were there for the Solange meeting in Toulouse then?” Arsenio asked. “I didn’t even have words to say to her, I just left…quickly.”


Blaise chuckled again. “I couldn’t help shouting a few choice words at her, but there were so many other dominants yelling different variants of the same thing that I doubt she heard any of it.”


“Was she really so bad that dominants just left?” Harry asked, looking between the two.


“Oh yes.” Arsenio answered. “She was a real piece of work.”


“I’m almost certain she believed herself to be a Queen or something from the way she was acting.” Blaise added. “She ended up with a sixty-two year old dominant, the only one desperate enough to stay.”


“The rumours that have been circulating are now proving to be true, eleven months in and they still do not have a child.”


“Maybe she needs more than one dominant.” Harry pointed out logically. “If only one was desperate enough to stay…”


“We would have been called back regardless of our feelings towards Miette.” Arsenio answered with a shake of his head. “If she had needed a second dominant, we would have had to have gone to her home again because we left of our own free will; she did not order us away.”


“We’d go back just to leave again.” Blaise muttered darkly.


“How could any Dracken not want a child?” Harry asked. “I can’t wait for my children, I want as many as I’m physically able to produce.”


Blaise chuckled and kissed his temple. “You are adorable, Prezioso. Ti amo.”


Harry grinned happily at Blaise, before giving his attention back to Arsenio, whose giant hand was cradling his own tiny appendage carefully, as if the delicate bird bones in Harry’s hand would snap if he exerted too much pressure, it made Harry feel so very cherished.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X  


The rest of the day passed in a similar fashion. Some of the older dominants weren’t nearly as lovely as Arsenio had been, some were kinder, but harsher with their touches, some were strongly outspoken, but treated him like a little doll. There were some who were so set in their ways that they believed that Harry should be kept locked up in a house with a chain and ball. Harry made sure to put a small X next to their names on the list of names that he was carrying around.

He was making notes next to names and on some he put a little tick, if it got that far then he would go to a second round sort of thing and see if he liked them anymore after a second interview with them and hopefully he would choose a mate from those who were left.

Dominic was being a very spoilt brat, but he wasn’t the only one. Many of the younger dominants were beside themselves in anger that Harry was only paying attention to the older dominants, the so called ‘granddads’ of the Drackens who had come to see him.


“When do we get a turn?” One of the young ones burst out impatiently, but not unkindly, he was bouncing slightly and reminded Harry of a little puppy, a puppy on either a sugar rush or on crack.


Harry smiled kindly and took his hand and pulled him off into the gardens, Blaise following behind at a sedate pace with Elder Trintus. He wasn’t insecure anymore. Harry fully believed that Blaise was now too used to Harry walking around with other dominants to care, but he did feel better knowing that Blaise’s indigo eyes never left his back.


“I’m Henley.” The boy burst out, because really that was all he was, just a boy. “Oh shit, right. I’m supposed to say my age as well right? I’m sixteen. Sorry, I’m new to all of this, this is my very first meeting, I only came into my inheritance just before Christmas, my birthday is the seventeenth of December. My dad rushed me here the minute after I had finished turning into a Dracken and it was confirmed that I was a dominant, he and my Mum thought that I might be a submissive, but they were wrong. My Dad didn’t want me to miss you, but he needn’t have bothered, Elder Trintus told us that you were in the middle of your heat period and wouldn’t be around for a while, but I stayed anyway.”


Harry didn’t know whether to laugh or coo at Henley. He was one of only two dominants who were actually younger than himself. The other one was only just younger though, being born on the fourth of August. Henley was his youngest dominant suitor and Harry just wanted to bundle him up and mother him, which probably was a very bad thing seeing as Henley was supposed to be vying to be an equal lover of his with Blaise. He doubted it would work when all he had the urge to do was sit down and read Henley a fairytale story in front of a fire, underneath a thick blanket, perhaps with a mug of hot chocolate and fuck it, that was a really strange urge.  


“I hope I’m not boring you.” Henley suddenly said and Harry blinked before he smiled softly.


“You’re not boring me, please carry on.”


“Well my sister’s dominant mate, Georgio, is really tough and he’s really big. He’s huge and he can be scary at times, and I know I’m not big or tough or scary, I really hope you aren’t embarrassed by me being here.”


“Oh, don’t feel like that!” Harry cried out, reaching out to hug Henley, who despite being younger than him, he was taller than him, though he wasn’t nearly as tall as some of the other’s. Harry estimated that he was about five foot ten inches, with a lot of room to grow in the next couple of years, after all Blaise was still growing too.


Henley’s arms wrapped around him and they just held each other. It felt nice, like how you would hold a brother or a son. Harry found he liked it and he cuddled in closer.


“I’m not at all embarrassed about you being here. Dominic however, him I am ashamed to have propositioning me.”


“But he’s the grandson of one of the Elders!” Henley cried. “It’s supposed to be a huge honour to be mated to a family member of an Elder.”


“I don’t care if he’s the Prince of Salem, I’ve told him to leave several times and he’s still here! I don’t want him at all, but he’s ignoring me and won’t leave.”


 Henley giggled but then covered his mouth as if he shouldn’t have; Harry smiled encouragingly and took Henley’s hand into his own. It was bigger than his own hand, but not by much, their hands fit together like puzzle pieces.


“So what do you like doing, Henley?”


“I’m still in school so most of my time is taken up with school stuff, but I like playing Quidditch and I like swimming, our school has an indoor hot spring. The school was built over the hot spring so it’s on the ground floor. We don’t have dungeons like Hogwarts does, but I suppose they get really cold in the winter, don’t they? The hot spring keeps the entire ground floor and most of the first floor of our school warm no matter what the season. I guess it’s difficult for you to swim in the lake, it must be icy cold, even in the summer time.”


“I like dipping my feet into it and I like walking around barefoot.” Harry stated hastily as Henley stopped to draw breath.


“I’ve never walked around barefoot outside before, I mean I suppose I did as a little kid, but mum doesn’t like me going out without proper seasonal wear on, I have to have a scarf and gloves, a hat and a jumper in winter, I have to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream in summer, that sort of thing. I’m not even allowed to go barefoot on the beach, I have to wear sandals or flip flops. She’s very protective.”


Harry mentally cooed at Henley’s pouted, put out expression. Henley would make an amazing dominant later in life, when he was in his twenties, but for now, he was just a little boy whose dad had dragged him here and whose mum smothered him. Harry supposed it made for good life experience; this was, after all, Henley’s first ever meeting. Then it was Harry’s first meeting as well and he took it as a huge compliment that none of the dominants who had come to vie for him had stormed out on him like Blaise and Arsenio had with Miette.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry looked at the man opposite him with a tilted head. He knew his face from somewhere, he wracked his brains and prodded his mind to remember because it was killing him. Then it came to him as the man fluttered his bright blue wings, those matching, absolutely gorgeous, deep blue eyes glinting mischievously at him from under brown eyebrows. He was the man who had defended him in the fake first meeting.


“Hi.” Harry greeted shyly.


The man grinned easily and shook his hand, before laying two gentle kisses to it.


“Hello. I’m Maximilius Diadesen Maddison. Thirty-one, with the mental age of a twelve year old.”


Harry chuckled at the man and happily accepted the hand that was held out to him.


“I must say congratulations to you for getting under the skin of that little snot Dominic. He hasn’t stopped bragging to everyone whether they’ll listen or not about how he’s going to have you for a mate just because his grandfather is an Elder.”


Harry’s fist clenched before he breathed and smiled.


“He needs to take a serious rain check.” Harry answered seriously. “If he thinks I’ll let him be my mate just because his grandfather is an Elder he needs to open his eyes, and ears, a bit more. I’ve told him to leave several times now and the little fucker is still here!”


Maximilius chuckled deeply and the sound went straight to Harry’s cock via his clenching gut, which made him turn pink cheeked.


“I…um…what do you like doing?” Harry stammered, his face going red as he heard Blaise chuckle from behind him.


“Eating and cooking. I eat a lot of food, so you can guarantee if you accept me as a mate that we’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen. I really like cooking and I’d be so happy to cook for you and Blaise every day and though it might not seem like it at first glance, I do have a quiet side…a small part of my personality it might be, but it is still there.” Maximilius shrugged a massive shoulder and grinned down at Harry, who was probably just the right height to lick and suck at a nipple.


He blushed deeply and cursed his raunchy thoughts, blaming Elder Trintus for interrupting him and Blaise that morning.


“I like reading in front of fires. I’m not a huge fan of the cold and I’m more reclusive in the winter months.” Maximilius carried on.


“I like sleeping or lying down in front of fires, Blaise is the one who reads in front of them, personally I don’t see how you can read in front of a fire because all it does it make me sleepy.”


“His favourite thing to do is to lay on me as I read, we have a bear fur in front of our fire and if I can’t find Harry, I go looking on the bear fur, because nine times out of ten that’s where he is, sleeping peacefully.” Blaise cut in.


Maximilius threw his head back and laughed. That laugh again went straight to Harry’s cock and he subtly readjusted himself as the two dominants laughed together. He didn’t know what was happening, why did Maximilius’ laugh affect him so much?


“So Maximilius, do you have a job?” He asked, trying to take his mind off of his throbbing erection.


“Oh, fuck no, call me Max, you sound like my Mother.” Max stated with a roguish grin. “I do have a job, I work for a potions company that makes and sells potions to stock hospitals and small chemists all over Britain.”


“You’re a Potions Master?” Harry asked impressed.


“Damn right I am. I worked hard to get my Mastery in potions too, I finally achieved it when I was twenty-six, it isn’t the record, but I'm still one of the youngest to ever do it so young.”


“That’s impressive.” Blaise stated. “It might not be the record but doing a ten year mastery in six years is still an accomplishment.”


“How do you know he started his Mastery at twenty?” Harry asked, fretting that he might have missed something that was said.


Blaise chuckled along with Max, but pressed a reassuring kiss to his cheek.


“I know because a witch or wizard is not allowed to start a Potions Mastery until they are twenty years of age.”


“Oh.” Harry blushed a bit again, but didn’t duck away, he wasn’t ashamed that he didn’t know little titbits like that about the wizarding world, he hated the Dursleys but he wouldn’t be ashamed of how he’d grown up because if he started doing that now then he’d probably break down and go mental, he’d be sharing a room with Lockhart in St Mungos before the end of the week.


“You’re adorable.” Max told him sincerely, bending down to kiss his hair.


Harry was surprised that Blaise actually let him, but his mate was grinning at him and moved over to them to throw an arm over his shoulder, his and Max’s arms crossing on his back.

Harry found hope, perhaps it wouldn’t be so difficult to find a mate that Blaise got on with after all. He seemed to really, really like Max and Harry really, really wasn’t opposed to him. Perhaps things wouldn’t be as bad as he had first thought.




Harry was exhausted at the end of the first day. The dominants had wanted to carry on the meeting throughout the night, but Harry could barely walk through exhaustion, so Blaise had cut through all the dominants arguments and using his authority of being Harry’s first mate, he had taken Harry to bed where he had curled up and snuggled into his pillow.

Blaise had clambered in next to him and had wrapped him up in his arms, holding Harry as he fell into an exhausted sleep.

Blaise stayed awake, thinking about the last day. He had watched Harry interact with all of those dominants; the majority of them men, a handful were women or boys. He saw how Harry acted and it wasn’t what he had expected. Harry didn’t seem interested in them as mates, but more as friends or in the case of the youngest dominant he had even acted parental, dashing Harry’s fears of not being good Mother material. The only two he had been at all receptive to had been Arsenio and Maximilius.

Despite what he had previously been feeling this wasn’t really a good sign. He didn’t want Harry to have another mate, he didn’t want competition to contend with for Harry’s attention, but he wanted children with Harry and that would be impossible without at least one other dominant Dracken. Compromises compromises.

Blaise sighed lightly so that he wouldn’t wake Harry before he settled down to get some sleep, maybe tomorrow would prove more eventful. Harry deserved to have more of a selection for his second mate than just two dominants, because if he did need a grounding mate after this, then he would only have Arsenio and Max to choose from and out of them both, only Max was a good enough fit.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up to Blaise nibbling on his collar bone, he laughed softly and run his fingers through Blaise’s thick, soft hair, tugging on it lightly.


“Morning, Mio amore.”


“Morning, Blaise. What time is it?”


“Seven.” Blaise answered distractedly as he licked over the hollow of Harry’s throat.


“Should we get up?” Harry asked before Blaise found a particularly sensitive spot which made him moan.


“Do you want to?”


“Not really.”


Blaise chuckled and stroked firm, yet gentle, fingers down Harry’s sides. Harry giggled, though he would deny it vehemently if ever asked, and he leant up to kiss at Blaise’s lips and chin.


“Are we going to finish what was interrupted yesterday?” Harry asked with a wicked grin, readjusting himself on the bed to make himself as open and sexually alluring as possible.


Not that Harry needed to, Blaise thought to himself with a smirk. Harry had the ability to get him hard with just a look.

Blaise covered Harry with his body and kissed Harry with every ounce of passion and love he held for his mate. He had already gone to tell Elder Trintus that he would be being intimate with his mate this morning and that if he interrupted them this time that he wouldn’t be walking away again.

Grinning as Harry mewed under him, Blaise unbuttoned Harry’s shirt loving the small flush of colour spreading down Harry’s body from his cheeks.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


He couldn’t stand it anymore. He just needed a small peak in at the submissive. He wasn’t going to do anything; he just wanted to see him again. He was so beautiful, so delicate looking and his smell was inebriating.

He had cast spells upon himself to keep him from being heard or scented out, he just had to avoid being seen, it wouldn’t be that difficult, he only wanted a small peek after all.

He heard the noises before he came even close to the submissive’s private rooms and he snarled lowly at the sounds of moaning and growling, of skin hitting skin. He hated that another Dracken had gotten to the submissive first. Harry had smelt so pure, so fresh at that first ever meeting. Virginal. Now he wasn’t, the other Dracken had deflowered him, had stripped that pure scent from Harry’s skin.

He reached the door where the sounds were originating from and he pushed it open carefully, for all the notice it got him he could have kicked it in because the two entwined on the bed didn’t notice the door opening or him framed on the threshold.

Sweet, beautiful Harry was laid out on the bed, his long black hair was spread out on the white and gold embroidered bed covers. His white wings, which were now blemished with a deep amethyst colour, were cushioning his back. His long pale legs were wrapped around the other Dracken’s waist and his hands were holding on tightly to the headboard.
The other Dracken, Blair or something as equally unmemorable, was drenched with sweat, vile sweat that was dripping onto sweet Harry’s soft and pale chest. He was leaning over Harry; his hands were placed on either side of Harry’s head so he wouldn’t lose his balance.
The both of them were covered in sweat, Blair pounded into the boy under him steadily, never losing his pace. Sweet, lovable Harry threw back his head screaming the name of the other Dracken, Blaise, as he hit that sweet spot deep inside of him that made him see little white dots dancing in front of his eyes.
He almost snarled when he watched that atrocity Blaise lean down to kiss sweet Harry lovingly. Harry returned Blaise’s kiss in the same loving way, before a loud moan and a gasp broke them apart as Blaise did something with his hips that had Harry tugging on the bars of the headboard.

“More…harder…Blaise…please…oh god…more” Harry breathed out, his legs squeezing around Blaise’s waist tightly, urging him to go faster and deeper.


The vile dark haired Dracken said nothing but he started to thrust even harder than before into delectable little Harry, who looked so beautiful and tantalising stretched out on the bed of white silk.

Harry screamed and arched his back, pressing his chest into Blaise’s who was kissing along Harry’s neck and shoulders, placing small bites and long licks to the ivory white skin, marring it with bright red marks. How dare he bruise and mark Harry!
He was going to step forward, he was going to put an end to this vile display, but he stopped when Blaise wrapped his arms around Harry’s shoulders and shifted into a different position before he pulled Harry off of the bed to sit in his lap. His cock still buried deeply inside little Harry, who shuddered when Blaise’s cock went even deeper inside of him.

Blaise started thrusting into Harry again, but not as forcefully, Harry writhed and mewled and it stopped him dead. Those noises, Merlin those noises would be enough for him to get off on. He made sure not to move, not to make a sound; he didn’t even dare to breathe as he watched Harry experimentally lift himself onto his knees before sliding back down onto the piece of trash that had stolen his innocence.
Harry gasped so loudly, wrapped his arms tightly around Blaise’s neck, how he wished Harry would squeeze tighter and not let go until the other Dracken was dead. Harry repeated his previous actions and then started getting faster and dropping quicker, that vile Dracken’s breath hitched and Harry screamed in pleasure, the sound vibrating down his spine. How he wished that it was him who was causing Harry to scream like that.

“Keep going, Mio Bello.” The thief encouraged as he kissed Harry again, cupping one of Harry’s absolutely gorgeously round, plump bum cheeks in a large hand and he actually had the gall to squeeze it!


He was mesmerised by the sight of that beautiful bum raising and falling onto a cock that wasn’t his own. How he would give his very life to be in the position of the other Dracken right now.

The Dracken, Blaise, leant back with Harry until he was flat on his back on the bedspread, his knees bent and his feet flat on the duvet, his toes touching the pillows where Harry’s little head had previously lain. Sweet Harry was now kneeling on top of the other Dracken, looking a bit unsure and Merlin how he wished he could have that beautiful boy sat astride him.
Harry placed his small, delicate hands on Blaise’s chest and smiled beautifully as he lifted himself up carefully and slowly pushed back down onto Blaise’s cock. He was forced to watch, entranced, as Harry gained more confidence under the sure hands of Blaise, encouraging him with light strokes and soft words of love.
The noises the both of them were making was causing his body to arch in pleasure, his eyes never left Harry’s pleasure flushed face, or that supple, soft looking body moulded with lithe muscles and gorgeous curves.
Blaise moved his own hand and placed it over Harry’s small, but perfectly proportioned cock and he started to stroke it gently, softly, as if playing with something easily broken.
Harry threw his head back and wailed, the gorgeous length of his neck stretched and arched as he continued to fuck himself on Blaise’s cock. Those sinful pink lips let out a loud scream as he came undone, releasing himself onto the other Dracken’s chest and arms.
Growling, Blaise twisted around so that he once again had sweet little Harry pinned to the mattress underneath him and he was on top. He pulled himself out of Harry’s clenching channel before he thrusted back into sweet, delectable Harry with a force that had Harry’s tired body arching from the bed, ripping a scream from his raw throat.

The other Dracken continued to brutalise his Harry and it took all of his will power not to pounce and rip the other Dracken off before showing him exactly how delicate submissives should be treated.

He almost screamed in rage when the other Dracken let out a choked moan and started thrusting erratically into Harry, leaning down to seal their lips together in a primal kiss before cumming inside of the exhausted, deliciously sated boy pinned underneath his body.
Blaise carefully pulled himself out of Harry and collapsed on top of him, turning his head to the side and nuzzled the side of Harry’s face, trailing his hand down to the heaving chest. He reached his hand back up to brush back a strand of wild hair that was in his lover’s face.


Ti amo, Harry. Li amerò per sempre.”

Ti amo, Blaise.” Harry whispered out softly, his throat sore and his body still not being recovered enough.


The next thing Harry knew, Blaise had disappeared from his side in a flash of orange. The sounds of snarling and ripping had him tiredly propping himself up on an elbow to see Blaise and another Dracken wrestling on the floor.

He yelled out in shock before he snatched up his wand before remembering that Drackens scales reflected offensive spells. Unsure what to do or what he could possibly do in this situation, Harry picked up the pillow lying beside him and he had thrown it before he had even thought things through.


“Stop it right now!” He screamed, his voice cracking twice with the pain it caused his already screamed raw throat.


The other Dracken, who had to have been six foot four and about thirty-eight years old, stopped immediately upon hearing his voice, Blaise however didn’t and with the other Dracken’s attention being on Harry, it was very easy for him to reach over and slice deeply into his exposed, vulnerable throat with four of his claws, digging the fifth claw, the one attached to his thumb, into the other side of the neck to get a cleaner swipe.

Blood spurted everywhere and Harry just sat there with his wide green eyes, blood covering him and everything around him.


“Bl…Blaise.” He called out, his voice quivering.


Blaise was there then, sweeping him up and carrying him off to the bathroom, running the water and submerging the both of them in the pool sized bath which was filling very rapidly.

Blaise washed and caressed him, scrubbing off the blood and Harry let him do so, huddling in Blaise’s arms. Someone had watched them making love, someone had seen them together, had watched one of their most intimate moments, it didn’t matter that he was now dead. It could have easily been the other way around, Blaise could be dead and Harry could have been being raped by an unknown dominant Dracken.

Harry clung to Blaise as if he would fall from the face of the earth if he didn’t. He let Blaise dry him off, let Blaise dress him gently before he was carried carefully in Blaise’s arms, facing the way they were walking because Blaise had taken hold of the dead Dracken and had started dragging him through the hell hotel, the body making a loud, wet thump after every step of the stairs and then they reached their destination. The dining hall which was full of dominant Drackens whose heads snapped up at the heavy scent of blood.


“What is the meaning of this?” Elder Getus demanded, standing up on the other side of the room.


“If anyone, and I mean anyone, tries to take Harry from me, this is what you’ll get.” Blaise hissed threateningly, hauling the dead man up with a show of absolute strength before slamming him onto the dining table, knocking food, plates, bowls and glasses everywhere.


“Harry, are you well dear one?” Elder Trintus asked, scurrying over.


“I’m fine, just a bit shaken up. He…he attacked us as we…as we were…” Harry trailed off with a pink blush and held tighter to Blaise, who was glaring at everyone.


“Well one more off the list is what I say. When are you going to pay me any attention?”


Harry turned his head to stare incredulously at Dominic, who for all the acknowledgement he showed, was acting like there wasn’t a dead body on the table in front of him.

Harry unwrapped his legs from Blaise and stood on the floor, Blaise stooping down to make sure he was actually on the floor before he let go. Harry stalked up to Dominic and stood in front of him, leaning into him.


“What did you just say?” He hissed in a deadly tone.


“When am I going to get my turn?!” Dominic answered back, stressing his words as if he thought Harry was stupid.


Harry reacted purely on instinct and jammed his clenched fist into Dominic’s nose, listening to the satisfying crack as it broke under the pressure.

Letting all of his frustrations out, Harry launched his knee into Dominic’s gut and brought an elbow down on his back, before kicking him repeatedly as he lay curled up on the floor.

Arms wrapped around him and Harry turned immediately, arm up, claws out, ready to swipe out the person’s eyes, only the eyes were a familiar shade of indigo.

Blaise held Harry’s head into the juncture between his neck and shoulder, forcing him to breathe in his scent, which calmed him immediately. Blaise pulled him away from the whimpering Dominic who was being fawned over by his grandfather.


“No one demands anything from me.” Harry told Blaise, but in the stunned silence nearly every Dracken there heard him. “I told him several times that I didn’t want him here and that he was never going to be my mate, I told him and he didn’t leave.”


Harry could see Henley from his position looking over Blaise’s shoulder, his young face was pale and a bit wary, but he grinned to Harry and gave him the double thumbs up, Harry smiled and laughed a bit at him. Henley really was too cute for words.


“I know, mio amore. You can do what you please in this house. He refused to leave even after being rejected, it was within your rights to attack him for his insensitive outburst.”


“Come along, dearest. You need some privacy and some rest while your rooms are cleaned up.” Elder Trintus chided, appearing at his elbow and shooing them into the little room off of the common room, which was opposite the dining hall.


“Am I in trouble?” Harry asked worriedly.


“No dear, no. Your mate has explained that you were within your rights to attack Dominic, just as Blaise was within his rights to attack the Dracken who attacked you. I’m afraid Elder Getus will not see it this way however, he is very fond of Dominic, he is the only one of his grandchildren who inherited his Dracken genes, his own children having been skipped.”


“What will he do?”


“Nothing!” Blaise snarled.


“He can’t do anything, Harry dear, now you just stay here and calm down a bit before we resume the search for your second mate.”


Harry nodded and he cuddled into Blaise, breathing deeply and evenly to calm his racing heart. He could hardly believe what he had just done. He had been so angry that he had just reacted, apparently when he didn’t think things through his Dracken took over and he became violent.


“Harry, are you feeling better?” Elder Trintus came back in to ask a few minutes later.


“Yes, thank you.”


“Alright, dear one. The first dominant off of the remainder of the list wishes to see you.”


Harry stood up with a sigh and taking hold of Blaise’s hand he tugged him out of the room to meet a tall, statuesque woman with jade and teal coloured wings.


“Hello Harry, I am Keeley. Thirty years old.”


“Hi Keeley, this is Blaise.”


Harry watched as Blaise and Keeley shook hands a bit stiffly before the day carried on pretty much the same as yesterday, only Blaise was far less receptive and was very cold towards the other dominants and very possessive of Harry. He hardly let anyone touch him or get close to him and he put himself between Harry and his prospective dominant. These meetings had now taken a turn for the worse because Harry refused to take a dominant mate who Blaise didn’t also like, but Blaise wasn’t giving any of them a chance anymore.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry wasn’t getting anywhere, Blaise wasn’t letting any of the other dominants touch him, some he wouldn’t even let near him and it was making everything more stressful and tense.


“Blaise, love, please.” Harry begged as his mate scared away yet another dominant by wrestling with them and with a quick jab to the temple, he had knocked the poor nineteen year old unconscious.


“Perhaps it would benefit you both if we stopped for today.” Elder Trintus sighed.


“It will take too long.” Harry complained. “People will talk and I’ll have to have another heat in two months and I’ll be away for ten days, the longer this takes the more people will become suspicious, I’m just glad that it’s still Christmas break and there are minimal students at Hogwarts to poke around in my business.”


The Elder Dracken sighed and nodded, before going out of the room to see if there were any other Drackens brave enough to come forward. Between Harry’s display of beating up an Elder’s grandson that morning, Blaise presenting the dining hall with a dead body and his continued bad mood it was any wonder that there were any Drackens left to choose from.

Harry heard Blaise suck in a breath and he looked first to his mate and then to where he was looking and his heart stopped and he leant away from the Dracken who was coming towards them in a reaction of pure shock. He was gorgeous with pale alabaster skin, bulky muscles and beautiful silver and pale blue wings. He was blond haired and had silver coloured eyes. Sitting opposite them was none other than Draco Malfoy himself.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Ten – The Ultimate Choice.


Harry was sure that he must have been seeing things, he even rubbed his eyes to make sure, but no, Draco Malfoy was still sitting there. Those silver eyes were still staring at him, those silver and blue wings did not disappear and neither did the matching scales.


“Good afternoon.” Draco greeted politely, but all Harry could do was gawk like an idiot.


“Draco?” Blaise asked questioningly. “I…I didn’t even suspect that you were a Dracken, your smell, the way you acted.”


Draco sighed heavily and ran a hand through that sun kissed white-blond hair.


“I tried to hide what I am.” He said simply and honestly. “I didn’t want to be a Dracken, I still don’t. I was hiding what I am with suppression potions, but I don’t know what happened, they stopped working and the Dracken inside of me demanded that I release it. I refused but it clawed its way out anyway.”


“It would have been Harry’s appearance. Nothing can keep a dominant Dracken away from a submissive.” Blaise explained. “Harry calling for a dominant and releasing pheromones would have overridden anything that you were taking to supress your Dracken if you were in close contact with him and with Harry sleeping in the Slytherin dormitories every night…” Blaise trailed off with a shrug.


“Why would you hide yourself?” Harry asked, his eyes on that shirt covered chest, remembering it when it had been bare to his perusal with bunched up muscles and pale, silky skin.


“My parents, Potter. Neither of them are Drackens, I have no inkling as to where my genes came from, but my parents will not be happy about this at all. My Father speaks of little else other than the pure blood of his Heir. If it emerged that I was a creature, not a human, he would disown me at best.”


“You got your genes from your Mother; the Black family is overflowing with Dracken blood.” Blaise informed his blond friend.


“I got my genes from the Black family, my Great-Grandfather Cygnus Black.”


“Cygnus Black is my Great-Great Grandfather. His oldest son, Pollux was my Great-Grandfather.” Draco said a bit awestruck at the revelation.


“Your Great-Grandfather and my Grandmother were brother and sister.” Harry whispered out, he was actually related to Malfoy, it was distant and diluted, but it was still there. “Will that mess with the mating or any children?”


“No.” Blaise told him simply. “Magic is a powerful entity, Harry, as long as Draco isn’t your brother, Father, son, first cousin, Uncle or Nephew there won’t be any problems or repercussions.”


“You boys are talking as if you have already mated.” Elder Trintus pointed out from his seat in the armchair to the side of them.


Harry cocked his head and surveyed Draco. He looked different without the cruel sneer or the harsh lines to his face.


“I need to be sure.” Harry told the Elder. “I won't have my children put in danger of illness or deformity because of my choice in a mate. If anyone poses a risk to my babies, they will be gone before they can blink.”


“You will make a wonderful, yet formidable, Mother, Harry dear.” Trintus told him with a smile. “You are protective of them before you even have enough mates to become pregnant, a very promising sign.”


Harry went pink but he tried as best as he could to ignore the comment that the Elder had just made.


“Is it likely that Draco got his genes from Cygnus Black?”


“It is possibly very likely.” Draco answered. “My parents aren’t Drackens, my Grandfather Cygnus Black wasn’t a Dracken and neither was my Grandmother Druella Rosier. I’m not sure about anything after that.”


“The chart I did to find out where my genes came from named any and all Drackens in my line.” Harry stated. “Only Cygnus Black was a Dracken apart from me, his children Pollux, Cassiopeia, Marius and my Grandmother Dorea weren’t Drackens.


“My Great-Grandfather, Pollux, married Irma Crabbe; the Crabbe’s have absolutely no Dracken blood in them at all.” Draco sighed. “So we must have gotten our Dracken genes from the same place, Harry. May I call you Harry?”


“Sure, as long as I can call you Draco.”


Harry grinned then and chuckled. “Draco the Dracken. Maybe your parents knew all along, Draco is Latin for Dragon right? And Drackens are a race of humanoid dragons.”


“Except I was named after the constellation Draco, like all of the Black family. My Mother wished to honour her roots.”


“Why Draco? Why not another constellation like Vega or Vulpecula?”


Draco’s nose scrunched up in disgust at the names and that pointed chin rose defensively.


“I fully believe that my parents chose my name because it was one of the better sounding constellations that hasn’t been used before in the Black family, not because they thought that I was a humanoid dragon.”


“Why don’t you just ask them? If you become my mate I won’t let you hide who you are.” Harry told him seriously.


“To be honest, Potter I don’t even want to be here. My instincts are screaming at me, I find myself searching for you in a crowd, my eyes are drawn to you, your scent intoxicates me, my Dracken took over my body to bring me here for this meeting and the one before it…”


“You were here for the first meeting? I didn’t see you.” Harry interrupted.


“Because you are blind, Potter. You ran right into me, I just had to hold you after that first contact. I saw the other Drackens running after you, I couldn’t let them get you, you were MINE! I ran with you, then I started flying and you felt so good in my arms, all wrapped around my body. Then I was tackled in mid-air and thrown over the banister of the stairs, my only thought was to protect you, not myself, but you. I landed hard on my back and had all of the air knocked out of my lungs, someone ripped you from my arms but I could barely breathe let alone attempt to protect you.”


“That was me taking what was mine from you.” Blaise answered. “Only I didn’t see it was you, all I saw was someone holding my Harry. I saw a bit of blond hair, a flash of pale blue wing and that was it, I grabbed Harry and ran.”


“Then I escaped from you too and ran to the castle.” Harry lied fluidly giving Blaise a pointed look, reminding him that Elder Trintus was in the room.


“You’re a slippery little bugger when you want to be.” Blaise said affectionately.


Harry blushed twelve shades of red and smacked a hand against Blaise’s thigh. “There is no need for that!”


Blaise chuckled deeply and Harry smiled. He adored Blaise’s laugh.


“I didn’t see your face.” Harry answered Draco. “I felt your body, I remember thinking that you were wider and thicker than Blaise, and taller, but I didn’t bother looking up at your face, I tucked my head under your chin and let you carry me to safety, you were so safe, I knew you wouldn’t hurt me like them.”


“I would not dream of harming you.” Draco told him, sounding a bit put out because of that fact. “My Dracken won’t even allow me to tease you anymore.”


Harry laughed and sent a cheeky wink to Draco. “Blame it all on the Dracken; we all know you love me really. We’re too obsessed with each other not to be.”


“Speak for yourself, Potter!” Draco spat. “I am not obsessed with you!”


“By your own admission your eyes automatically search for me, my scent appeals to you, you can't leave me alone, even before our inheritances we would intentionally seek the other out. You are obsessed with me.”


Draco went pink with anger and his fists clenched with the need to punish his cheeky submissive. Only Harry wasn’t his…not yet. But he would be, oh most certainly he would be, then he’d be taking the palm of his hand to that pert little bottom and turning its soft paleness into furious red.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was still awake at three in the morning that night. He couldn’t stop thinking about Malfoy. Draco was the third Dracken at Hogwarts, he had told them that he had been forced to tell the Headmaster due to the founding rules of the school and he didn’t want to risk being expelled, but he hadn’t told anyone else.

Harry thought that it was sad that a young man of sixteen couldn’t confide in his own parents for fear of being cast out of the family. He would like to think that if he still had his parents that he would tell them everything from his deepest fears, his highest dreams and his widest aspirations. That Draco couldn’t even tell his parents that he was a Dracken for fear of rejection and disownment, it was sad and for the first time, Harry felt bad for his once school boy nemesis.

Rolling onto his belly and cuddling further into a heavily sleeping Blaise, Harry’s thoughts went a mile a minute. He wanted to help Draco, but how could he? It was for the blond to decide in the end, they were his parents and it was his life, but how Harry wanted to take a stick and beat some sense into the older Malfoys. Draco was their son, their only child, they should love him for who he was and what he aspired to become, not get rid of him the minute that he did something that they didn’t like or approve of, it wasn’t like Draco had chosen to become a Dracken either, it wasn’t like it was a lifestyle choice, it was something completely out of their control. They were born this way and they couldn’t change themselves just to suit other people’s wants or wishes. They were Drackens now for the rest of their lives, the least other people could do was be happy for them and support them as they needed it.


“Harry?” Blaise’s sleepy voice cut through his internal monologuing and Harry turned to look at his drowsy mate.


“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Harry said softly, tucking a piece of Blaise’s sleep tousled hair out of his mate’s eyes, smiling at the adorable sight Blaise made, not that he’d ever insult his dominant by telling him that he looked adorable when he had just woken up.


“Why are you still awake? What’s wrong?” Blaise voice got steadier and deeper as he came into full awareness; his eyes darting around for danger as he pulled Harry into his arms to protect him from the shadows.


“Nothing’s here, Blaise. I can’t sleep because I’m thinking too hard.”


“About what, mio Bello?”


“Draco. I…I can't believe that anyone’s parents would disown their only son just because he came into an inheritance that he couldn’t control.”


Blaise smoothed Harry’s hair away from his face and kissed that rounded cheek gently. Harry was so thoughtful and caring towards others, he just wished that it didn’t keep his little mate up all night.


“Draco will be fine, love. He’ll work out what’s best for him and he’ll do it. He’s always been the same, we don’t always see eye to eye, but he is one of my friends and I’ve known him for a long time. His birthday is on June the fifth, so he’s had a long time to think about things and he’ll ultimately decide what he wants to do. What Draco Malfoy wants, Draco Malfoy gets, its always been the same.”


“What if his parents do disown him, Blaise?”


“They won't, but Draco is afraid because there is always the possibility that they could, that his Father could hold his inheritance and his legacy over his head for the rest of his life, that he could use it to get Draco to do as he wishes with the threat of cutting him out of the family if he refuses. Draco will not stand to be manipulated or controlled and it is that that is making him so leery of telling his parents.”


“I could never treat my children that badly, Blaise. Please let us never treat them so badly.”


Blaise leant over and kissed Harry lingeringly. “Of course we will never treat our children so poorly, mio amore. We are Drackens, mates and children are everything to us. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are humans; their only thought is to themselves, they have no obligation except those that they choose to have. They do not have instinct screaming in their heads and hearts that they can’t do something they want to, if Narcissa Malfoy wished to stab Draco, she could, if Lucius Malfoy wished to disown his only son, he could, we as Drackens could not, our Dracken sides would not allow us to.”


Harry nodded and his heart squeezed tightly for Draco, who was set up to lose everything if his Father wished it. Could he put a potential mate through that? Could he force them to choose between everything they had ever known and himself? Which would be the better choice, a companion for life or your parents and their legacy?

Harry himself would give up his entire legacy to have his parents back with him, but he knew it was impossible so he would choose a life companion and children, a family of his own, but Draco still had his parents, they were alive and well. How could he possibly make a choice? Would Harry have made a choice if he had been in that position? Would he still have chosen Blaise as a mate if his parents were threatening to cut all ties with him?


“Go to sleep, Bello.” Blaise murmured softly, pulling him down to tuck under his chin. “You are thinking too hard and for no good reason.”


Harry sighed and snuggled into Blaise, wrapping himself completely around his mate, revelling in the love and protection that such an action garnered him. He closed his eyes and evened out his breathing, he needed to get some sleep. He had a second mate to choose and he needed every ounce of brain power he possessed to choose the right one, for himself, for Blaise and most of all, for his second mate too.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry sat in the cavernous dining room with Blaise at his side and Elder Trintus sitting near them. Harry was picking at bits of raw meat, having already eaten his fill, but dominants took in more food than a submissive, so he was patiently waiting for the hundred or so dominants to finish devouring their meat.

Henley had gotten the pride of place sitting the closest to Harry and he was nattering at a mile a minute, Harry listening to him with a wide smile on his face. Henley was just too cute for words sometimes. The way he would constantly swap his cutlery into different hands when he was eating as if even when doing something as normal as eating he couldn’t keep still, how his legs were bouncing against the stone floor, the way his copper brown hair kept dipping into his left eye, causing him to brush it away irritated and with a scowl on that pretty boyish mouth.

Harry was resting his hand on Henley’s arm on the table top, something that the other dominants had picked up on and were not happy about. Harry didn’t care though, Henley needed protection, he needed love and care and confidence. Harry was hoping that having a submissive pay him one-on-one attention with a room full of older, bigger, buffer, stronger dominants would give the little slender sixteen year old the boost that he sorely needed.


“…So can we please?” Henley turned to him; fork stuck in one side of his mouth and those puppy dog eyes, large, wide and imploring. Hell Henley would have made a killer submissive if he wasn’t so bloody tall and likely to get bigger. He had that willowy, gangly, awkward look a teenager gets when they are nowhere near finished growing, both upwards and outwards. Harry didn’t know what it was but Henley looked unfinished, like a painting put down, just waiting for the artist to come back and put in those few final touches to turn it into a masterpiece.


“Sorry Henley, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you over the noise.” Harry told him softly and politely.


“It’s cool if you don’t want to, I’ll understand, but can we remain friends even if you don’t pick me as a mate? Please? I like you.”


Harry smiled widely and pulled Henley into a huge, tight, hug. He heard growls and snarls and an answering roar from Blaise, who knew exactly what was going on as he was close enough to hear their conversation and was warning the other dominants off.


“Of course we can, Henley; I’d love nothing more than to keep in touch with you.”


Henley gave that cheeky, tooth filled smile and Harry had the mental urge to coo at him and pet those copper brown waves. He managed to restrain himself, just, but he really wanted to cuddle Henley up under a blanket in front of a nice warm fire.


“You should avoid the baby dominant.” A voice growled from behind him. “He can’t give you what you need. You need a proper man, one who can make you scream in ecstasy and actually has the balls to get you pregnant.”


Harry glared up at the twenty something dominant who was standing behind him. Henley looked crushed and Harry slid over from his chair until he was sitting on Henley’s lap. Blaise had stood up and was standing between the new dominant and Harry and Henley.

The dominant was tall, not as tall as Maximilius, who at six foot eight was one of, if not the tallest person there, but he was at least six foot four and his burgundy red wings were twenty-four foot long. He was bulky as well, to go with those huge shoulders. He was a thick set man and had a nice body, a very nice body in fact, but that ugly sneer slashed a potentially pretty mouth into something twisted and bitter.


“I would much, much rather have Henley as a mate than you.” Harry snarled, throwing his arms around Henley’s neck and pressing a light kiss to those plump and pouty lips to get his point across.


He had never kissed a potential mate before and he heard the outraged snarls and gasps from the other dominants.

Henley pushed a hand through his hair and gripped the back of his head and pulled Harry’s lips against his own again. This time the kiss changed into something more passionate and with the introduction of Henley’s tongue, Harry melted into that slender, but muscled body.

It wasn’t a bad kiss, Henley was surprisingly a good kisser, not that Harry had much to compare to, but it just couldn’t ignite his blood like a single kiss from Blaise could. Harry had worried for a few seconds before he had leant forward that kissing Henley would be like kissing a son or a brother, but it wasn’t.

Henley wasn’t his son or a brother and his Dracken recognised that now. He didn’t need to Mother Henley, Henley didn’t want another Mother, he wanted a lover, a mate and children of his own. It was something that Harry couldn’t give him, but he could give him confidence, it was the least that he could do for the sweet boy whose Father had dragged him here, away from the rest of his family, just before Christmas.


“Harry dearest? Have you chosen your second mate?” Elder Trintus asked carefully, wary of interrupting two Drackens mating.


“No. I’m not his mate.” Henley answered sadly, though he was smiling that toothy smile. “I don’t think I was ever meant to be with Harry, but I hope that there will be other submissives just like him in the future.”


“You’re such a lovely person, Henley.” Harry answered, cupping that boyishly rounded cheek in his hand. “Don’t ever let anyone change who you are. Not every submissive wants the biggest, buffest or the most violent Dracken as a mate. In fact that last one is a major turn off for me and I’m very likely to run in the opposite direction.”


“I won’t, I don’t want to change anymore. My Dad said I should become whatever the submissive wants me to be, but I’d just be setting myself up to fall won't I? If the submissive picks me through a lie, then how can they love the real me?”


Harry smiled, he was so proud of Henley, a just turned sixteen year old who had made a discovery that half of the dominants in this room, who were older than he was by years, decades even, hadn’t made in their lifetimes. A submissive didn’t want a false dominant who was only pretending to be something for that particular submissive, Harry himself was holding these interviews and meetings so that he could dig through their masks and find out the people that they really were under the guise that they thought that he wanted to see. He wanted an honest mate, one who didn’t try to hide themselves or didn’t lie to him and fucking hell, he wanted Draco Malfoy, needed him like he needed the blood rushing through his veins, but could he do it? Could he put Draco through hell with his parents just because he wanted the blond as a mate? Did he even have the right to?


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry endured another four hours of being ‘wooed’ by nameless faceless dominants before he ran into someone who he could actually stand to be near. He was six foot six with jet black wings and deep, yellowish gold scales. His hair was pitch black and his eyes were hazel, but had a curious goldish-green shade to them when the light hit his eyes just right. He wasn’t as obviously muscled as some of the other dominants, he looked more like his muscles came from manual labour rather than weight lifting twenty times his own body weight several times a day but the muscles he did have were solid and compacted until every time he moved those muscles strained under his clothing, like they wanted to break free of their confines, it was an added bonus that he was a nice man as well, if a bit quiet and misunderstood at times.


“Hi, Nasta.” Harry called out.


“Harry.” He greeted with that low, deep rumble.


Nasta Tabrien Delericey was one of the older dominants; he was thirty-six years old and was a man of very few words. At first Harry had thought that perhaps Nasta had a problem with English, but after getting to know the man a bit better and poking and prodding relentlessly he had found out that the man had been born and raised in West Wales and had no problem speaking, writing and reading in several different languages, let alone English. He just didn’t say very much.


“Would you like to sit with me?” Harry asked, indicating the patch of grass next to him by the lake side. True it was the end of December, coming up to January, but Harry couldn’t keep away, the water kept calling him back.


Instead of verbally answering him Nasta took him up on his offer and eased himself down onto the patch of grass that Harry had defrosted with a spell and had warmed up with another.

He reclined back on those solid forearms and gently tugged Harry to lean against him. Nasta was really warm and Harry buried his frosty, red coloured nose into Nasta’s chest and he did the same with his frozen fingers, only he slipped those under Nasta’s shirt and held onto the warm skin of his sides.

A thick, heavy arm draped around his back and tugged him impossibly closer, a large hand moving up and down his back quickly and with a heavy pressure, giving him some friction to warm up his cold body. He hadn’t noticed how cold he actually was before now.


“You will freeze to death one of these days if you aren’t more careful.” Nasta grunted at him, sitting upright and removing his thick, woollen coat before wrapping Harry up in it in a manner that left no room for arguments or protests.


The coat came to Nasta’s calves, but it covered Harry’s feet, but it was so warm and cosy and it smelt like fire and musk, just like Nasta did and Harry inhaled deeply.

He didn’t bother asking Nasta if he was cold wearing just a jumper as Harry had taken his warm coat. The man probably wouldn’t answer or would just give him a look that told him not to be stupid, that of course he wasn’t cold and if he was he wouldn’t care nor accept the coat back.

Harry smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to Nasta’s stubbled cheek. Nasta’s arm tightened around him and pressed the full length of their bodies together. Harry grinned when he thought that if Elder Trintus were here he’d have a heart attack at the position they were in, Nasta reclining back on just one forearm, the other still wrapped around Harry’s back and Harry sat straddling the older dominant’s lap, cuddling close to keep warm.

As it was, Elder Trintus and Elder Getus were trying to control the situation in the common room involving several dominants; it was why Harry was taking a small break outside so he wouldn’t be accidentally hurt in the ‘fray’ going on inside.

Blaise was around though, he had gone to stretch out his muscles, but Harry knew that he wouldn’t have let him out of his sight, wherever Blaise was, he could see them both perfectly and had possibly moved close enough to hear them and react immediately if it was needed, not that it would be needed, but instincts were instincts after all.


“Do you have a job, Nasta?” Harry asked curiously, sometime later as he realised that this was the perfect opportunity to get to know the other man a little better.


“Yes.” Was the deep, immediate reply, but Nasta did not elaborate, Harry wondered if Nasta had a phobia of speaking too much.


“Can I know what it is?” Harry peeked up at the dominant to find those gorgeous hazel eyes, that had taken on a golden hint to match his scales in the weak winter sunlight, were looking down at him with something akin to adoration.


“I work on a dragon reserve back home in Wales.”


Again no more information that what Harry had asked for. Getting information, hell, getting any words from Nasta was like squeezing blood from a stone.


“What sort of dragons do you keep?” Harry tried to keep the man talking.


“Mostly Welsh greens, we can’t have many of the exotic or tropical dragons, they can’t adjust to the unpredictable, fluctuating climate or the wet and windy weather of Wales.”


Nasta’s hand slowed the up and down motion on Harry’s back, but did not stop, turning the movement more into a caress that was both relaxing him and warming his skin under the borrowed coat.


“Do you find it, I don’t know…strange that you’re a humanoid dragon working on a dragon reserve?”


“No. The dragons like me more than the ordinary humans. They listen to me and they never try to hurt me purposefully. I’m less of a threat to them because they understand my instincts and motives better than the unreadable, complex humans.”


That was probably the most that Nasta had ever said in one sentence to him before and Harry rewarded him with another kiss to the cheek, again Nasta’s arm squeezed impossibly tighter and expelled the air from Harry’s lungs, making him laugh huffily.


“I love the way you laugh.” Nasta told him quietly.


“You don’t have to try and crush me to get me to laugh.” Harry replied with a cheeky grin.


The one side of Nasta’s mouth lifted in a smile slash smirk. It’s appearance made Harry’s knees go weak and he was incredibly grateful that he was already sitting down.

They lapsed into the familiar silence that seemed to always be around Nasta, it was a very welcomed change from the noisy, headache inducing dominants that were always squawking and shouting at him or each other in the hell hotel.

Harry must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew he was being rudely awoken by shouting and growling. He was being held carefully and gently in someone’s arms, both his head and body being protected by a large hand and a thick arm respectively.

Harry looked through the fingers of the hand protecting his head and he sighed as he saw the familiar form of Dominic. That twat just could not take a hint! He was still wearing the plaster on his broken nose and the black eye that Harry had given him was still a dark contrast to his otherwise pale skin.


“Give him to me!” Dominic yelled.


Nasta raised a black eyebrow incredulously and moved to walk around the annoying little bug in front of him, but the boy leapt in front of him.


“I am the grandson of an Elder of our kind! I order you to give him to me!”


“You cannot even protect yourself from a submissive, how do you think you will fare against me, boy?”


“I don’t need to fight you! My grandfather will get rid of you; he has been getting rid of all the dominant threats like you since these meetings started! He is barring every dominant who Harry is showing the slightest bit of interest in from these meetings! They won’t be able to get him as a mate and you’re going to be next!”


Harry held in a gasp of horror as he heard that outburst. He hadn’t seen Arsenio or Maximilius since he had had his one-on-one meeting with them yesterday. They hadn’t shown up for dinner last night either, or breakfast or lunch today. He had thought that maybe they were sleeping or off doing something else, but if they had been barred from entering the hell hotel or the grounds of Hogwarts…oh fuck, Elder Getus was screwing with his mate meetings! It wasn’t any wonder that he couldn’t find a second mate if every dominant he showed the slightest bit of interest in was barred from his meetings!


“That is interfering with a mateship, you and your grandfather, Elder or not, will be killed for this indiscretion. It is one of the most harshly punishable crimes to interfere with a submissive’s mate meetings.”


“A new law has been passed, haven’t you heard? It is now against our laws to kill a mated dominant!” Dominic stated proudly. “Our kind cannot risk the submissive killing herself, or himself in this case, because of the lost chance of more children to boost our numbers.”


“Your grandfather may be mated, but you are not.” Nasta stated coldly.


“I will be. I will be mated to Harry once every other threat has been disposed of!”


“Harry told you last night that he would rather be mateless than be with you.”


“No submissive ever wants to be on their own! That was all talk and bluster, he’ll change his mind in a moment when faced with the reality of a life alone.”


“He will not be alone.” Nasta said with a cruel smile. “He already has his first mate and of course because of the new law, no mated dominant can be killed, we can’t risk Harry killing himself now can we? It might drop our numbers.”


Harry grinned up at Nasta, who saw it and smiled back, but didn’t take his eyes from Dominic. Harry mouthed the word Henley and Nasta’s eyes narrowed.


“What about the baby dominant, Henley? If you are getting rid of all threats, then why is he still here? Harry has shown a real interest in him.”


Dominic snarled. “He wasn’t a real threat until this morning! After that kiss they shared at breakfast. We wanted to get rid of him too, but the kid’s Father is here and when that boy isn’t with Harry he’s with his Father, we can’t get to him, but we will! There will come a time when he’s alone and he’ll be barred too.”


Harry felt his body sag with relief. He didn’t want little Henley hurt just for being friendly. They would never be mates and the both of them knew and understood that now, even more so after the kiss at breakfast.


“You’re despicable. You won’t get away with it. Don’t you think that Harry will notice when all of those he is interested in just disappear? He’s not stupid.”


“Oh he will notice and he will be crushed that all of those that he is interested in have left him for a submissive meeting in Finland, a petite little dark haired girl with impossibly wide brown eyes. Irresistible to all dominants.”


“There isn’t a submissive meeting in Finland; we would have all felt the call.”


“We would have yes, but a submissive wouldn’t feel another submissive calling for dominants.”


“You heinous bastard! You will tear Harry apart with this! You’ll hurt him for no reason, making him think that he’s undesirable and that all those who previously liked him have left him for another submissive!”


“I don’t care as long as I get him as a mate!”


“You don’t care about him at all!” Nasta growled, his black and gold wings vibrating with angry energy.


“He is too powerful to pass up! He is powerful and fertile and his children will be a force to be reckoned with.”


“You loathsome little worm!” Nasta snarled. “How could you think to use a child in such a way?”


“I guess my instincts are broken!” Dominic snarled back and Nasta reared back like he had been hit.


“You’re taking a potion to supress your instincts, you little fool! Do you know how dangerous that potion is?!”


“My grandfather is controlling my dosage, I will have Harry and our children will be the most sought after in the entire world. Think of it, the child of an Elder of the Drackens and The-Boy-Who-Lived. How much do you think one child would auction off for? Five hundred thousand Galleons?”


Both Harry and Nasta were stunned with horror and shock. Harry felt sick right down to his stomach and he could feel the bile trying to force its way out of his throat.


“It will never happen.” Nasta snarled, recovering quickly. “Harry knows your plan.”


“You won’t tell him!” Dominic stated confidently. “You won’t have the time to explain it to him or get him to believe you before my grandfather gets here to bar you from seeing him.”


“I don’t need to tell him.” Nasta stated with a smug smile. “You already have.”


Nasta moved his hand to Harry’s forehead to show Dominic Harry’s wide open, horrified eyes and the sixteen year old dominant screamed in rage. Harry let out the inhuman, high pitched, screeching roar that Blaise had told him was his distress call.

He immediately felt a hundred answering roars from all over the house and Nasta held him tightly, placing his back to the wall as the ante-room they were in before they reached the main part of the house was filled up with dominants in full Dracken form, all of them ready to fight to protect the submissive who had called out for help.

The two Elder’s waded through the sea of dominants to get to the front, Elder Trintus trying to get as close as possible to Harry and Elder Getus standing next to Dominic, a hand on his grandson’s shoulder.

Blaise was there then, snarling at Nasta, flashing his fangs and claws, his eyes brimming with deep anger, betrayal and behind that anger was panic and fear.


“I trusted you with him!” Blaise snarled venomously.


“What is the meaning of this?” Elder Getus yelled over Blaise. “Did you think that you could kidnap the submissive for yourself?! This is unacceptable.”


Harry knew exactly what the man was doing and he wanted to stop it now.


“Blaise!” He cried out, trying to get his dominant on his side, but he just made Blaise even more frantic as his wings twitched and he swayed from side to side, trying to find an opening to kill Nasta and get Harry back.


“I am not trying to kidnap…” Nasta started harshly, but he was cut off.


“Do not speak!” Elder Getus commanded and Harry felt a weight of power with the command.


Nasta’s mouth slammed closed with a hard crack that had to have hurt his teeth, but Harry could check on Nasta once this situation was diffused, preferably immediately.


“You’ll be up to face the Dracken Counsel for this crime! You’ll be put on trial and executed as the Elders see fit! For this heinous indiscretion you, Nasta Tabrien Delericey, are hereby banished from seeing and speaking with the submissive in question, Harry James…”


“NO!” Harry screamed out over the Elder, cutting him off and drowning out his words with his own. “Blaise! No! It’s not Nasta! It’s him!”


Harry pointed to Dominic and Blaise’s entire focus changed immediately. Blaise trusted him implicitly and it made Harry melt a bit inside, but he would savour that trust that his dominant had in him when he had the time to. He could not let Elder Getus banish Nasta like he had Arsenio and Max.


“What is this?” Elder Trintus demanded harshly, his friendly, approachable demeanour changed into something deadly and powerful. This was the reason that he was one of only five Elders chosen to become a submissive chaperone.


“He told us everything!” Harry yelled to make sure that everyone heard him in the quiet room. “He is getting his grandfather to banish everyone that I am showing an interest in! I liked Arsenio, he’s gone! I liked Maximilius, he’s gone! I liked Jensen, he’s disappeared without a trace! I liked Henley, but the only reason he is still here is because he stays with his Father! I really like Nasta; he was next on the list to be barred! He just tried to banish him in front of you all! He isn’t trying to kidnap me at all! He’s trying to save me from that putrid slug who wants to sell my children on the black market to the highest bidder!”


Harry panted for breath in the silence that followed his furious outburst.


“It’s all true.” Nasta said quietly. “Harry and I heard every word, but Getus didn’t realise that Harry was awake and listening, he thought he was just telling me and that I would be gone before I could reveal his plan.”


There was more silence, the kind where people just didn’t know what to say or what to do, before there was an earth shattering roar and Blaise moved quicker than Harry had ever seen him move before. He had leapt upon Dominic, taking them both to the stone floor, and his mate began smashing the back of Dominic’s head into the unyielding stone beneath, shouting at him and snarling.


“How dare you think you can try and sell my children! Even if you somehow mated with Harry do you think that I would just vanish?! That I would agree to let you sell our babies?! Did you?!”


“You wouldn’t have lived long enough to give Harry children!” Dominic spluttered out and Blaise roared again, slamming Dominic’s head into the stone even harder.


“I am no fool! You wouldn’t have been able to kill me if you had hired help!” Blaise spat. Harry had never seen him so upset or enraged before.


“Dominic, how could you have done such a thing?” Elder Getus stated making his voice go low and saddened, Harry saw red.


“Don’t act like you weren’t in on it!” He yelled. “You’re the one who has banished the only dominants that I saw fit as mates and all for nothing! I wouldn’t have picked your grandson if he was the only dominant here! I’d have stayed with Blaise no matter how much it hurt not to have children! I’d rather be on my own for eternity than have your grandson as a mate!”


“You’re making a mistake!” Dominic yelled ignoring the snarl Blaise gave him. “You’re choosing wrong! You’re supposed to go for the young, handsome Drackens with the largest, most colourful wings! Not ugly men old enough to be your Great-Grandfather!”


“They are going to be my mates for life! I can choose whoever the hell I please! Forgive me for wanting a nice, kind dominant who treats me well and will help me raise our children right! Not some pompous, stuck-up jackass who is cruel and harsh and would sell our children for a lousy five hundred thousand Galleons! My children are priceless and they won’t be leaving my nest!”


“Anyone who thinks differently is not a Dracken at all.” The smooth cultured voice of Draco Malfoy cut through the silence.


Harry held his arms out to Draco and Nasta reluctantly, very, very reluctantly, let Harry pass into Draco’s arms. Harry just needed to feel that measure of safety again, like he had when he had been running from the dominants the last time that he had been in this house for a mate meeting.

Harry sniffed a few times before raising his face to Draco’s, who was looking down at him with grey coloured eyes. They had gone the same colour as they had that day in the Slytherin dormitories. They had darkened with something that Harry could now identify, having watched Blaise’s indigo eyes darken in the same way. Lust. Draco was looking at him with eyes that had darkened with lust and arousal.

Lust for him, for his body and it was that which kept his head tilted towards Draco as the huge blond bent down and captured his lips in a searing kiss, making the ultimate choice between his parents and his legacy or having Harry as a life mate. He had chosen Harry.

Harry gasped and wrapped both arms around Draco’s shoulders as Draco’s arms shifted his body until he was plastered to Draco’s front with those large hands holding his thighs in place around a trim waist.

Harry whimpered and flared his white and amethyst wings out, before he wrapped them around Draco to hide their furious, passionate kisses from onlookers. He heard a scream of rage from Dominic, before an answering roar from Blaise cut it off in the middle. He heard Blaise go back to pounding Dominic into the floor, he heard Elder Getus yelling at Blaise to get off of his grandson, he heard Elder Trintus screaming at Elder Getus about misuse of power, corruption and sabotage of a submissive’s mating rites and he heard the hundred or so dominants scream out their displeasure at having missed their chance to get Harry for themselves yet again, but none of it mattered to Harry, who had just claimed his second dominant mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Eleven – One was Bliss. Two is Murder.


Harry had been steadfastly assured by Elder Trintus that, former Elder, Justo Getus would be severely punished by the other Elders of the Dracken Counsel, but unfortunately the brand new law that he’d passed couldn’t be reversed because all of the other Elders agreed that it was still a good law to have in effect. So Justo Getus, as a mated dominant, could not be legally executed without the permission of his submissive, who was a truly horrible woman who thought that her Husband had done the exact right thing and that her grandson deserved to have Harry as a mate just for being alive and born the grandson of a, former, Elder. But Justo Getus had suffered the humiliation of being stripped of his Elder title, a very serious, and dishonourable, punishment that was both embarrassing, humiliating and disgracing. It was nothing less than that monster deserved in Harry’s honest opinion.

Dominic was a moot point seeing as the Elders had all agreed to take him back to the Elder Hall and execute him; Blaise however did not like that one bit. He had other plans for the thing that had stated so crassly that he would sell his children on the black market and he had taken Dominic hostage in the dungeons. He had assured Harry that he wouldn’t be in any trouble and would in fact be saving the other Elders the trouble of having to kill Dominic themselves; the Elders didn’t like killing other Drackens if they didn’t have to, like nearly all politicians they didn’t like getting their hands dirty.

Harry was currently buried in a bed that was so filled with pillows and blankets that he barely had room to lay in it. Blaise had made sure that he was comfortable and cosy and warm because he and Draco were going to do some ‘dominant bonding’ by killing Dominic together…slowly.

Harry supposed that he should be happy that his two dominants were seemingly getting along alright; he just wished that they didn’t need to kill a sixteen year old in order to do it.

Sighing Harry snuggled down further in the bed, resting his head on a pillow so soft it had to have been made with cotton wool. He yawned and tried not to think of what Blaise and Draco were doing in the dungeons with Dominic. He shouldn’t care about him anyway after what he and his grandfather had done to him, and what they had been planning on doing with his children. Dominic was going to be executed either way, it didn’t really matter if it was by the Elders’ hands or by Blaise and Draco’s, he was still going to end up dead for what he had tried to do.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Blaise stood in the middle of the dungeon room and he calmly, calculatingly observed the little worm wriggling on the floor. Draco had tied him up with a spell that had conjured silk scarves from his wand tip. Blaise had no doubts that this particular spell was not meant to be used in this way or for this purpose, but it kept the cocky dick from trying to escape from them.

Draco was stalking around the outside of the room, making sure that everything had been covered by the silencing spell and that there were no weapons with which the little twat could hurt them with in the unlikely event that he actually escaped from his silk bonds and tried to defend himself.


“We’re ready.” Draco informed Blaise, sending a sideways glare at the filth as it screamed behind the scarf that they’d stuffed into his mouth.


“I’m wondering now if we should keep it down here overnight. We do have a gorgeous submissive waiting for us upstairs in a bed big enough for three.” Blaise answered, looking to his blond friend, fiercely stabbing out his jealousy. He didn’t want Draco in the bed with him and Harry, but he had no other choice, besides the look on the worm’s face was worth bragging about being in bed with Harry, he could brag as much as he liked down here in present company, as the filth would die soon anyway.


“I would rather get it over with now and not have to bother with him again. He is already cutting into the settling period, you know from experience that Harry will not be able to sleep unless I am near him. It was the same when you first mated with him.” Draco answered carefully, trying not to scream at Zabini that he didn’t want him in the bed with him and Harry. He had to keep reminding himself forcibly that Blaise had mated to Harry first, that Blaise had had first rights to Harry and that he was the intruder. It didn’t do anything to help settle the spoilt little boy inside of himself. He wanted Harry all to himself and that had been impossible right from the start of things.


“True.” Blaise nodded, looking back to the little worm on the floor. “How do we do this then, Draco? Slow and painful or quick and painful.”


“I would say quick and painful, so that I can get to Harry quicker, but he deserves to be punished slowly for daring to think that he could sell a child. Harry’s child.”


“Slow and painful it is then.” Blaise snarled as he imagined Harry’s devastated face if anything had happened to their children.


Dominic screamed again through the scarf and tried to rip apart the bonds; however conjured items were made with magic, so they didn’t break as easily as the normal, store bought product would have done.


“Be quiet you little rat!” Blaise snarled lashing out with a hard kick. “I’m going to enjoy ripping you limb from limb. How dare you think that you could get away with force mating to Harry and then selling our children to some scummy lowlife like you!”


Draco unsheathed his claws and he dug them deeply into Dominic’s calf muscles, stretching them and wiggling them around to cause the maximum amount of pain, ripping through the muscles and tearing the skin without needing to pull his claws out of his legs.

Dominic screamed and screamed through his scarf gag and Draco growled with dissatisfaction.


“Take the gag from his mouth; I want to hear how much pain I’m causing him! I want to hear him screaming and pleading.”


Blaise glared at the bigger blond and he waited a handful of seconds before he did as was asked of him, he was not a submissive, he was not beneath Draco bloody Malfoy.

Dominic screamed continuously when the gag came out of his mouth and Draco grinned, twisting his claws and shoving them in even deeper, the tips of his fingers brushing against the skin on the filth’s leg.


“Don’t make him pass out; I want him awake until he dies.” Blaise snarled.


Draco nodded silently, his jaw clenched to restrain himself from snarling back at being ordered to do anything. Harry came first and he always would, closely followed by any children that he had, for that purpose he had to get along with Zabini, not matter how much he wanted to kill him and be alone with Harry. He already knew that Harry would not appreciate him killing Blaise, or his other prospective mates, no matter how much he actually wanted to. Harry would not want to be with someone who killed everyone he tried to speak to.

The screams that Dominic rewarded their hard work with riled their Drackens up even further as they systematically tortured him, causing the most nerve wracking of pain whilst keeping him conscious and alive.


“I wonder what the tender meat of his belly would taste like.” Draco mused aloud, staring pointedly at the tanned, hairless expanse of pale skin.


“I would bet that he tastes disgusting, after all his insides are black.” Blaise warned from his place stripping the skin from Dominic’s left shin.


Draco hummed in agreement before he took the rat’s right arm and snapped it back at the elbow. The scream was beautiful and it echoed off of the dungeon walls sending shivers up both of their spines.

Dominic vomited through a combination of shock and pain, his body sweating profusely as tears ran down his cheeks.


“That almost went on my two hundred Galleon shoes!” Draco growled as he slammed Dominic’s head into the vomit and used it as an impromptu mop.


“Please! No more!” Dominic croaked out.


“I’m sorry, what was that?!” Blaise demanded. “Real dominants do not beg for their lives! They take their punishment with dignity! Didn’t your Grandfather teach you that or was he too busy filling your head with ways to rape innocent submissives?!”


“How could you even think to sell a defenceless baby?!” Draco carried on. “Do you know what people who buy Dracken babies do to them? They keep them in a tiny cage until they are sixteen. Can you imagine that? Sixteen years in a little cage, being fed just enough to keep you alive!”


“Then once the Dracken comes into their inheritance, they take them out their cage and strap them down onto a table.” Blaise took over. “On their backs first of course, the inside wing scales are much more sensitive than the outside wing scales after all, then they pin the wings down with metal stakes right through the wing bones, can't have the Dracken retracting their wings now can they?”


“Do you know what they do next?” Draco stage whispered, tugging on one of Dominic’s lime green wings. “They scrape off every single, individual scale with a chisel.”


“The only thing that is sharp enough and thin enough to remove our scales.” Blaise added in, conjuring a plain chisel and placing it against one of the slightly raised, jade green scales.


He let Dominic feel the cool metal, the sharp edge, before using the palm of his hand he slammed it into the flat bottom of the chisel and he prised off the one scale.

Dominic screamed so loudly that he lost his voice, screaming silently as pain tore itself through his body originating from the point where his scale had once been.


“Do you know why it hurts so much?” Blaise asked conversationally. “It’s because of two reasons. Reason one is that our wings are one of the most sensitive pieces of anatomy that we possess, the inside scales more so, that’s why we get aroused when they’re touched and why we can reach orgasm if they’re stroked just right.”


“Reason two is because each and every scale has at least two to twelve nerve endings inside it, depending on where the scale is located.” Draco cut in, conjuring his own chisel to place on another scale, this one turquoise blue. “Not to mention the amount of blood vessels in them, which is why you are bleeding so heavily from just one missing scale.”


“Which brings us back to what happens to our proverbial Dracken tied down on a table. They will let him or her bleed to death. Can you imagine the slow, painful agony this Dracken would be in? Having each and every scale removed, growing weaker and weaker, screams becoming harsh sobs of pain and choked gasps for air before finally, sweet blackness claims them. They will never wake again. They will bleed to death on this table, surrounded by people who neither care nor lose sleep over it, content that every scale they collect will get them sixteen Galleons, mere pocket change to some.”


“Could you live with that, knowing that that Dracken could have been your own child? Your own flesh and blood! The baby that you sold to them so that they could treat it like a fucking animal and then kill it sixteen years later?!” Draco snarled.


Dominic was snivelling into the floor, not caring that the side of his face was still lying in the pool of his own vomit.

Draco let out an inarticulate roar of rage before slamming the chisel into that bright, turquoise blue scale and tearing it off.

Dominic screeched with utmost pain and threw up again, tears falling faster and mucus dribbling down over his lips, bile trickling from his throat. How he wished for death’s embrace, anything to stop this terrible pain.


“Did you know that our wings are never more sensitive than in the first year of our Dracken lives?” Blaise told the cowering boy on the floor. “You’re still sixteen aren’t you? Not much older than Harry and just slightly younger than Draco here. You are feeling everything that your future children would have felt had we let you live long enough to have them and sell them.”


Blaise pressed the chisel against a pretty teal coloured scale and dug the chisel in slowly, going deeply into the wing before levering it so that the handle went down and the blade of the chisel came up, tearing off another scale as it did so.


“How many scales do you think he has?” Draco asked, putting up a façade of cool, disinterest even as his silver eyes gleamed with excitement. “A hundred thousand maybe? You know if we strip him of his scales we could get one point six million Galleons and if we haggle a bit we could get even more.”


Blaise chuckled darkly and ripped off another scale. “Did you know that the brighter and more pretty the scale the more Galleons we can get? There are some potions that need a certain colour of scale; I can think of three off of the top of my head and two of them need blue scales, something that you are in possession of, worm.”


“It’s something to do with the hormones needed to make the colour.” Draco informed his friend conversationally. “Different chemical hormones in our bodies make different colours that react differently to certain ingredients. I know for certain that orange scales react violently if used in a shrinking solution, the chemicals that make the orange pigment reacts to the bat saliva and turns it into a corrosive acid which then reacts with the foundation ingredients to cause one hell of an explosion.”


“I know yellow and green scales are used in healing potions and look, our vile ‘friend’ here has green scales too. St Mungos will pay through the teeth to get their hands on those.”


“Please, no more! I’ll do anything.” Dominic sobbed.


“Don’t you think that your children would have begged for their lives as well as they were strapped down and put through the same hell that you are now going through? Only you’ve been a pampered prick for sixteen years, not starved, abused and kept in a cage!” Blaise yelled tearing off a green scale at the same time that Draco sawed off a blue one.


“PLEASE!” Dominic screeched.


“No!” Draco hissed. “You would have seen Harry killed for taking his children from him! It would have DESTROYED HIM! All for your selfish gain! He would have begged and pleaded for his babies back, but you would have already sold them to be reared and slaughtered like pigs! You wouldn’t have been able to get them back for him even if you had wanted to!”


Blaise yelled in rage as he heard Draco say that, he had been trying not to think on how Harry would have reacted to learning that his own mate had sold his children and he dreaded the day that Harry found out what would have happened to his defenceless babies had Dominic managed to get his hands on them. How crushed he would be, how sick it would make him to learn the abominable truth.

Seeing red, Blaise ripped off four scales in quick succession, hearing, but not caring, about the screams and pleads that Dominic was emitting. Harry was his sweet, but fiery submissive mate, this thing would have betrayed sweet little Harry in one of the worst possible ways, he would have watched as Harry retreated and withdrew into himself before finally not being able to take the slow, mournful suffering anymore and he would have watched as Harry had killed himself from his overwhelming grief.

This bastard would have caused Harry this unbearable, slow suffering, would have watched and not batted an eyelid over it! All for five hundred thousand Galleons a child.

Roaring again, Blaise stabbed off several scales before throwing away the chisel and sinking his claws into the tender belly of the other dominant, ripping and tearing.

Huge arms encircled his shoulders and just held him as silent tears made wet tracks down his face. Harry was the most important person in the world to him; just thinking about what Harry would have gone through if this spineless prick’s plan had succeeded caused the blinding rage to set in again and he used both fists to cave in the gurgling Dominic’s rib cage, finally killing the worthless mass of flesh.

Those arms held him tighter and a face pressed against the back of his neck, soft soothing noises coming from the strong throat. Blaise turned around and let himself be emotionally weak, just this once, accepting the comfort from the other dominant that he would be sharing Harry with, that he would share the rest of his life with and share all those precious moments with. He let out all of the pain and anger and sorrow that he felt, the images of a little girl looking just like Harry, but with his wing colouring strapped to a table and screaming and pleading with her captors as they peeled her deep amethyst wing scales off one by one, of Harry sitting in the corner of a dark room, tears marring his beautiful face, a picture of the little girl in his hands and a little pink teddy in the other held closely to his chest, rocking slowly backwards and forwards before picking up the silver knife sitting next to him and plunging it deeply into his own broken heart.


“It will never happen.” Draco assured Blaise, knowing exactly what he was thinking as he was picturing something very similar; only the child that he was seeing looked just like him, with Harry’s stunning emerald eyes.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was sitting up in bed when Draco and Blaise finally made it into the bedroom, jogging up the winding stairs to reach the platform that the bed was kept on. They had both stopped off at the Slytherin boys’ dormitory first, so that they could have a quick shower and grab a change of clothes so that they didn’t subject Harry to any unpleasantness unnecessarily.

Harry just looked at them blankly for a moment, before gesturing that they join him in the bed, which they do so after stripping down to their boxer shorts, or in Draco’s case, boxer briefs. Harry snuggled in with a dominant on either side of him, holding him close. He knew what they had done, that their hands were now blood stained with torture, but he found that he didn’t actually care.

He had found out quickly that he hadn’t been able to sleep; he had thought that it might be his conscience beating seven levels of hell out of him for letting his two dominants kill a sixteen year old, but he found that sleep was misting his eyes the moment that he came into contact with his two dominants.

He didn’t care about Dominic, didn’t care that he was dead; in fact he was actually quite glad that he was dead, all he cared about were his two dominants who were holding him so close in the bed that they would now share. At least for a little while because if he really did need a third mate then he was going to need a much bigger bed.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


All three of them got to sleep in the next day, it still being the Christmas holidays there were no lessons to get up early to prepare for and with Harry knowing the location of the kitchens they didn’t even need to get up for breakfast as they could just go to the kitchens when they wanted to.

Draco was the first one awake and he remained perfectly still as he looked to the flawless face that was turned towards him. Harry truly was beautiful and he felt so privileged to be able to wake up next to him and he hoped to wake up next to him for the rest of their lives.

It was strange, he hadn’t wanted to be a Dracken, he had fought every single step of the way, but now, looking into the finely boned, delicate face of Harry ‘Scar head’ Potter, he realised that he didn’t want to fight anymore. He was perfectly content to lie here and never move if it made the young man sleeping next to him happy.

Unfortunately he couldn’t continue lying next to his little mate for much longer as nature called him urgently to the bathroom, where after he finished his morning business, his vanity called him to bathe and primp himself. He had been bad before, but with the Dracken inheritance and the proud, vanity instincts, he became almost manic with his morning routine and Merlin help anyone who even dared to slight his appearance or clothing.


“Are you going to take all day?” An annoyed sleep slurred voice demanded. “The rest of us mere mortals need the bathroom as well you know!”


Draco’s hand itched to smack his submissive’s arse red raw, but he controlled the urge and instead he unlocked the bathroom door to let Harry shuffle inside and take care of his own business. Draco’s annoyance lessened as he realised just how badly his submissive had needed to take a piss. He wouldn’t be a good dominant if he had made Harry wait for another five minutes. Making him hold in all that urine would have been cruel.


“Come on, Harry; piss for Britain why don’t you.” Blaise teased from the doorway.


“I was going to ask if you wanted to join me in the shower, but now I think I’ll share it with my flannel instead.”


“Oh don’t be like that, Prezioso. You know I was only teasing.” Blaise backtracked.


“Nope. You can have a shower all on your own.” Harry stated as he flushed the toilet, washed his hands before stripping off his boxers and climbing into the shower cubicle.


It was the first time that Draco had seen Harry completely naked and his mouth was bone dry and his muscles twitched to move and go and join him himself, his blood filled cock tenting his black trousers fully agreed with his muscles, if only his brain would regain function so that he would be able to remember how to move his tension filled limbs.

All of that beautiful, silky looking soft skin layered over firm, lithe muscles and such a delectable looking bum, he had to taste it.


“Don’t even think about it.” Blaise growled softly so that Harry wouldn’t hear him over the running water. “If Harry says no, then he means no, got it?!”


“He said no to your company not mine!” Draco growled back.


“He’ll react badly to you, I’m trying to help you here! Harry is very shy and he will not welcome your sudden advances, give him some time to adjust to you first!”


Draco snarled, trying to work out if Zabini was doing this on purpose to block any intimacy that he might have had with his submissive and thus make sure that he had less one-on-one time with Harry or if he actually was trying to help.

Growling angrily Draco stalked towards the bathroom door, but stopped as he reached Blaise.


“If you are lying to me, I will maim you whilst you sleep.”


“Duly noted.” Blaise spat back, watching as Draco walked through the doorway back into the bedroom.


Harry never took very long in the shower and he was in and out within ten minutes. He came out wearing a fluffy white towel and looked so adorable with his messy hair, dripping wet and falling all over his face and neck that Blaise chuckled and kissed a delicate cheek.


“Where did Blondie go?”


“I believe he went back into the bedroom to primp in the mirror we keep beside the wardrobes.”


“I am not primping in the bedroom mirror!” A harsh snarl came from the next room.


“Of course you’re not.” Blaise answered soothingly, whilst rolling his eyes to Harry, who stifled a giggle with his hand.


“If it’s a fight you want, you’ll get it!” Draco stormed into the bathroom and shoved Blaise’s shoulders.


“Stop it!” Harry cried out in horror. The last thing in the world that he wanted was his two dominant mates fighting with each other and over such a little thing as a teasing remark too.


The both of them ignored Harry as they faced off with one another, Blaise furious that Draco had physically manhandled him and Draco’s instincts telling him that he needed to both impress his new submissive and show the other dominant just who was bigger and stronger.


“Stop it now or I swear to god I’ll walk out!” Harry threatened, holding his towel closer.


When neither Draco nor Blaise took any notice of him and continued wrestling around the bathroom floor Harry got angry.


“I’m going to slice up all your clothes and books!” He threatened.


When this still got him no reaction he took a pair of scissors from the bathroom cabinet to cut up their clothes with and walked to the bathroom door. Half way there his Dracken side came out, coaxed out by the fighting dominants and his own anger. As his hair rapidly grew to tumble down his back he got a better idea and he fingered the silky tresses. He wouldn’t miss the hair, it was a pain to brush and keep tidy and it was always in the way. He honestly didn’t know how girls, and some men, could keep their hair this long, but then he supposed that that was why girls were always wearing ponytails, buns, plaits, braids and the like, to keep it from getting in the damned way so much.

The million Galleon question, however, was how much did Draco and Blaise like his long, shiny hair and would they even care if he cut it all off in rebellion?


“I’m going to cut all of my hair off!” He shouted over their snarls and roars and it was then that both of their heads snapped towards him, taking in the long, silky wave of jet black hair and the pair of scissors he had in his hand.


Harry ran and put as many obstacles between them as possible, clenching his hand around the end of the pair of scissors so that even if he fell they wouldn’t hurt him.

He backed into a corner of the common room slash living room and gripped all of his hair in his hand and placed the hair between the blades of the scissors.

Draco and Blaise found him like that, glaring at the both of them with his hair in his hand held tightly to his head and the scissors poised, ready to snip away that beautiful fall of hair.


“Harry, mio diletto, please don’t.” Blaise begged. “I am sorry. I let my instincts take over and I couldn’t pull myself away from them when I heard you shouting, please don’t do this.”


“Your hair is part of your Dracken appeal.” Draco told him and Harry turned his glare onto the blond. “All submissive Drackens have long hair in Dracken form, Harry.”


“I don’t care! I won’t have you fighting! We’re supposed to be a family! How can we be a family if you are always at each other’s throats?! How can I bring a child into this world when you two quarrel and bicker over the smallest things?! What example would that set for our children?!”


“What are you saying?” Blaise asked fearfully.


“You stop acting like kids and learn to love one another! We will be a family or we will never have children! I would never bring a child in this world with you two fighting and shedding blood all over my newborn baby!”


Harry’s rage grew and his hands tightened, cutting into a few strands of hair which fell over his closed fist like wilted flowers.


“Alright, Harry, whatever you want, but please put the scissors down. I’ll try to get on better with Draco, I promise.”


“No! You won’t try at all; you will get on better with each other! You were friends before all of this happened, you can at least be civil to one another in the beginning, but you will love one another before I will bring a baby into this world!”


Both dominants nodded, they just wanted Harry to put the scissors down and Draco, who was unused to Harry’s bouts of rebellion, was growing angry with his submissive. They shouldn’t be having this discussion, they had told him to put the scissors down and he should have damn well listened to them!


“It’s alright, Harry. I promise that Draco and I will work things out, we just need a settling in period to get out all of our bad feelings and then we’ll be fine. It’ll be alright.”


“Just put the damn scissors down already.” Draco snapped, being glared at by both Harry and Blaise for his impatient outburst. “What? Harry is a submissive he should do as he’s told!”


“I am not a doormat!” Harry yelled, his anger flooding his body once more, making him feel shaky as Blaise had been calming him down and edging him away from any drastic actions, but Draco was riling him right back up again. “I will not jump the minute you tell me to! I will not bow to your every command nor crawl around after you like a love sick dog! I’m a submissive Dracken, Draco, I can’t help that I was born a submissive, but all that means to me is that I get to carry our family’s children, other than that there is no difference between us in my eyes! If you carry on like this then you won’t be fucking me and you won’t be getting children until the moon turns neon green! Do you understand me?!”


“I am your dominant mate…!”


“And so is Blaise! You have to learn to put up with each other because I will not put one of you before the other! I already love you both the same! I want children with you, but not if every hour of every day is a fucking power struggle between you! I won’t have it!”


“We understand, Harry.” Blaise soothed him gently. “Please put the scissors down.”


Harry sniffed and moved to take the scissors from his hair.


“You’d look awful with short hair in Dracken form anyway.” Draco huffed and just like that Harry saw red.


Putting the scissors back against the base of his skull, Harry let out a small yell of utter frustration and he closed his hand tight, the blades of the scissors easily cutting through his thick fall of hair. He threw the mound of hair onto the carpet and the scissors after them, glaring at Draco who looked a bit shell shocked, staring at the pile of hair, as if he’d never seriously thought that Harry would actually do as he’s threatened to do.

Harry’s head immediately felt lighter without the mass of hair and he fluffed up the remaining hair. It felt nice, he felt more like himself as his hair bounced back into messy tufts of uneven patches as the weight that was holding it straight and neat was taken away. He would have to visit a proper barber to have it evened out and cut neater, but he felt elated.

It didn’t last for long as Draco leapt at him and grabbed him into his arms, dragging him to the settee and sitting on it. He tugged the knot out of the towel that was the only thing that Harry was wearing, the only thing covering his naked body and Harry yelled out, trying to cover himself as the towel came free.

Before he could even scream, shout, cover himself or punch Draco in the nose, he was flipped over Draco’s knee and a hard slap landed on his left bum cheek. Harry found his voice then.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” He yelled out.


His only answer was an even harder slap to his other bum cheek.


“Stop it!” He screamed, trying to wiggle his hands free, but they were clasped tightly together in one of Draco’s huge hands. He tried rolling off of Draco’s lap, but the hand that continued spanking him just quickly and effectively tugged him back before carrying on with the slaps.


“You are never to disobey your dominant!” Draco breathed harshly bringing his hand down continuously onto Harry’s now flaming red bum. He had been right; it looked even more delicious stained red and covered in his handprints.


It took twelve hard slaps before Harry started crying, twenty slaps before Harry stopped yelling abuse at Draco, twenty-five before he stopped trying to get away, twenty-eight before he started pleading for Draco to stop and thirty-four before he started begging for Blaise.


“I am sorry, Prezioso; it is against the Dracken laws to interfere with a dominant punishing his submissive. It is Draco’s right to punish misbehaviour in any manner in which he chooses.”


“It’s just your luck that I prefer spanking to punish unruly little subs.” Draco growled. “That I love seeing my hand turning your pale, peachy little bottom flame red.”


“Please stop, I’m sorry.” Harry whispered as the continuous, stinging smacks to his arse caused it to throb painfully and the humiliation of being in this position made tears of shame clog his throat.


Draco ignored the soft pleads to stop until Harry stopped begging and just lay on his lap passively, sobbing his heart out.

He petted the beacon red bum and soothed it, feeling the heat radiating from it from at least two inches away from Harry’s skin.

Draco moved Harry until he lay over the arm of the settee, his little sub too docile to move, too humiliated to do anything other than what Draco did for him.

Blaise moved to Harry’s head as soon as the punishment was over, smoothing the butchered hair out of Harry’s red rimmed eyes, brushing the still falling tears off of his cheeks and kissing those red raw lips, from where Harry had bitten into them at the start of the punishment to keep from crying out.

Draco leant down and pressed a loving kiss to one bum cheek before kissing the other, letting his tongue come out to sooth the heated skin, loving the tiny little speckles of pale flesh coloured scales that covered Harry’s skin.

Harry let out a broken sob and just lay there like a weak little kitten and let his dominants do whatever they pleased. He had lost the battle, but he had won the war. He might have a red bum and wouldn’t be able to sit down comfortably for a few hours, but his hair was gone and that was a permanent change. He had cut it and it would take years before it grew back to the length that it had been before and if he had any say in it, he would keep his hair short in both his human and Dracken forms, in his opinion short hair was just better suited to him and regarding his appearance, his opinion was the only one that mattered. No matter how many punishments he had to endure, no matter how many times he had to do this, he would not take any demands or orders that his dominants gave to him lying down. He would stand up for himself and he would fight against them every single time if he had to, until they understood that he was not an animal to be trained and ordered about. He was a person and he demanded the same common decency that all people deserved.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text

Chapter Twelve - Retribution.


“Come on, Harry, let’s get you to bed.” Blaise said softly, glaring at Draco over Harry’s body.


“I just woke up.” Harry mourned.


“I know, it’ll just be until I can get some salve for you.” Blaise promised him. “Then you can do as you please.”


Blaise gently carried Harry back into their bedroom and up the stairs that were attached to the outside wall and he placed Harry gently into the bed. The sunlight that was coming through the skylight above made Harry’s naked body glow with the harsh light, his scales reflected that light and they looked like little mirrors. Blaise touched a group of them and smiled mirthlessly.


“You just stay here, mio amore. I’ll be back soon.”


Blaise kissed Harry gently and he let his mate stretch out on top of the duvet, basking in the warm sunlight that encased their whole bed, trying not to be distracted by the sight of Harry’s beautiful body.

Harry turned onto his stomach to get more comfortable and Blaise was reminded exactly why he had put Harry to bed at ten in the morning. He held his hand over the burning red bum and he clenched his fists tightly. Draco seriously needed his mind checked by a professional if he thought that he could hit Harry so hard and for so long without any repercussions.

Blaise kissed Harry’s cheek, which was lying on his folded arms on the bed, before he turned and jumped right from the platform, ignoring the stairs, and he landed in a crouch.


“Blaise, are you okay?” Harry’s soft voice called from up on the platform.


“Perfectly fine, Prezioso. Go to sleep or just bask in the sun for a little while. I’ll be back soon.”


It was very fortunate for Harry that he couldn’t see the look on Blaise’s face, or he would never have slept again.

Blaise walked out of the bedroom and softly closed the bedroom door behind him, placing up a hasty silencing charm before storming into the common room and yanking Draco out of his seat, the blond had still sitting where he had cruelly punished Harry for such a small, trivial offence.


“What the hell was that?” Blaise hissed, lashing out and catching Draco’s chin with an uppercut as hard as he could possibly manage. It hurt his knuckles, but damn did that bright red mark look good on Malfoy’s chin.


“I was punishing an unruly submissive!” Draco hissed back defensively. “He shouldn’t have cut his hair! He should have listened to us!”


“He would have listened if you hadn’t opened your huge mouth and shoved your whole foot and half of your leg into it! Harry looks gorgeous no matter what length his hair is! He’d look just as good covered in muck and dressed in a sack with a shaved head! How could you have hit him so hard?! He’s going to be bruised for a week!”


“I didn’t hit him hard!” Draco snapped back.


“His arse is already bruising, Malfoy! Why the hell did you give him forty spanks? That’s an outrageous, excessive number of hits just because he cut his fucking hair!”


“How many do you give him then?! Two or three? That’s not enough to even chastise him!”


“I don’t hit him at all!” Blaise spat. “I squeeze the back of his neck; if he carries on I either squeeze tighter or dig in claws.”


“So digging your claws into his neck is better than spanking him? At least I can’t paralyse him!”


“Yes it is better because I have never so much as bruised him, Draco! My claws have never pierced his skin! The closest I have ever come to hurting him was when I broke his virginity! It isn’t a dominant’s place to hurt any submissive let alone their own!”


Draco looked confused and Blaise sighed and dug his fingernails into the palms of his hands to keep from punching that strong, flawless face again.


“Punishment is fine, Draco, but only if the punishment fits the crime. Harry cutting his hair was a minor offence. Harry has a temper, it won’t be beaten out of him, it’s part of who he is. He also has a very high level of justice and morals, that is just Harry. If you take those things away from him, he wouldn’t be Harry anymore; you cannot punish him so severely for such a small thing as an act of rebellion. He can do what he wants with himself, Draco. He’s still a person!”


“We have to punish the small offences or he won’t learn to obey us when it comes to something serious.”


“He would listen. Harry is not some stupid little pet, Draco, he has a brain and he has his own set of instincts that tell him to listen to us.”


“Then why didn’t those instincts work this morning?”


“Because Harry’s anger over took his natural instincts!” Blaise cried, hoping to Merlin that Draco got this through his skull before he damaged Harry irreparably. “I don’t want a broken submissive for the rest of my life, Draco. I want Harry to remain exactly as he is! If you can’t accept that then I’m going to have to eliminate the threat you pose to my submissive.”


“He’s my submissive as well!”


“But I don’t want to kill his personality or his soul! You need to learn what is acceptable and what isn’t, Draco and quickly. What you did to Harry this morning was not acceptable and if you ever do it again, I’ll step in to stop you. Fuck the laws that prevent it, I’ll take my chances with the Elders!”


Blaise took hold of Draco’s arm and dragged him out of the room.


“What the fuck are you doing?!” Draco yelled.


“I don’t trust you alone with Harry and you need someone else to talk some sense into you, we’re going to Snape, me to get some salve for Harry and you to learn exactly how much is really too much!”


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Severus was slowly going insane, he was sure of it. Being surrounded by all of these Drackens was bringing back all sorts of memories, instincts and thoughts that he would have rathered remained buried.

Thoughts about his own submissive and his life before he had lost his little mate. He remembered his submissive perfectly, despite there being very few pictures left. That soft black hair and laughing grey eyes, the slight and slender body and that beautiful, confident smile.

Eighteen, his mate had died at just eighteen years of age, two years after becoming a Dracken and only nineteen months after they had mated for the first time. Why?

He asked himself that question every single day, why had his mate died? Why had his mate left their house that day? Why had it been his mate who had died and for what purpose? He had no answers, no one had any answers and it was for that reason that he remained behind. He refused to move on until he knew exactly how his beloved had died and why.

A hammering on the door to his private quarters had him sighing in exasperation, if this was that infernal Ravenclaw with more questions on the essay that he had set for the winter holidays he would throttle her.

He carefully placed the photograph that he had been holding and staring at back onto his mantel piece and scrubbed his face with long, thin, pale hands, before fixing a harsh scowl onto his face and striding towards the door of his rooms.

He had been all set to yell at whoever was on the other side, but he had not expected who was standing on his threshold. The newly mated Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy. They were glaring and snarling at each other and Severus sighed, ushering the two boys into his living room and gesturing for them to sit on opposite chairs.


“What is the meaning of this?”


“I need some salve for Harry, Sir.” Blaise told him, his voice tight with anger.


Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose with a forefinger and thumb.


“What for and what happened to the boy?”


“Bruising and because Malfoy hit him too hard!”


That made Severus’ head snap up. He knew the boy had had a second meeting for a second mate, but he had had no idea who had been chosen.


“Why was Mister Malfoy hitting Potter at all?”


“I’m his second mate.” Draco grumbled.


“I had no idea you were a Dracken, Draco. Your Father didn’t mention it to me at all.”


“Because he doesn’t know.” Draco answered, raising his head to send icy eyes at his mentor.


“How could he not know he had an adolescent Dracken in his house all summer?”


“I took the suppression potion for six months; I’d still be taking it if it hadn’t started becoming ineffective.”


Severus blanched and went even paler, making his skin seem grey in colouring.


“You took a suppression potion for six months?” He asked softly, dangerously quietly. “Which one?”


“The one that covers everything, instinct, appearance, actions, I didn’t want to be a Dracken! I thought that if I just kept taking it then everything would be fine.”


“Idiot boy!” Snape snapped, standing up and looming over the form of the boy he saw as a second Godson, whipping out his wand and performing diagnostic checks.


“You should not even be allowed near a submissive!” Snape hissed which perked up Blaise’s interest and got him listening intently to his Godfather. “That potion was designed for temporary use only! It is supposed to be used to hide us from those wishing our kind harm, it isn’t designed to be used for longer than two months, three months at the absolute maximum, you could have killed yourself!”


“Instead he almost killed Harry.”


“What did you do to the boy?” Snape asked, almost dreading the answer.


“I just spanked him.”


“For twenty minutes!” Blaise burst out. “Forty hits and all of them were way too hard!”


Snape closed his eyes and run a hand down his face. “Blaise, the top shelf of the cabinet furthest from the door, the green paste in the round tub. It’ll sooth the skin and heal the bruising. Draco and I need to have a little…chat.”


Blaise nodded and he went to retrieve the paste, sending one last glare to Draco before he left to go and tend to Harry. He wasn’t finished with the blond yet, not by a long shot, after Professor Snape was finished, he’d take his revenge on what was left for his little mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry couldn’t sleep. He hated the settling in period because no matter how much he didn’t want Draco near him at the moment, he needed the brute to be able to sleep.

Sighing and sitting up, making sure to use his knees and not his burning bum, Harry got up and got dressed. Blaise had told him to stay, but to be honest he didn’t feel like doing anything his dominants told him to do today.

The suddenness of Draco just grabbing him and dragging him around had startled him for those few crucial seconds in which he could have gotten away from the blond; he wouldn’t be taken by surprise again now that he knew how the big brute liked to punish his submissive. Spanking though, really? He never would have thought the blond would lower himself to do something so undignified as to spank anyone.

But now that he knew otherwise and he would damn well make sure that he was ready to fight the next time Draco decided to humiliate him. Punishment he could deal with, being spanked like a naughty toddler he could not, his cheeks burnt as much as his bum every time he thought about it.

Making his way down to the lake, Harry spun around in a circle, loving the frosty air and the clean, pure whiteness of the freshly fallen, crisp snow. Everything seemed muted when snow had fallen, like the blanket muffled out every other noise. It was so quiet and peaceful, especially before lunchtime, which would be when the few occupants left in the castle would converge upon the grounds, building snowmen, making snow angels and the always epic snowball fights.

He grinned as he remembered last year, when he, Fred and George had taken on Ron, Hermione, Seamus and Dean. He, Fred and George had won, mainly because they had cheated by putting one of Fred and George’s inventions, stunning gel, inside the snowballs. They had wrapped the snow around the gel and when it hit bare skin, namely the faces of their poor victims; the unlucky victim was stunned for thirty seconds, allowing them to be pelted with a dozen more snowballs.

Harry sat on a high rock at the edge of the lake, crouched on his feet so his sore bum wouldn’t touch the cold stone, and he looked out over the frozen mass of water. This time last year had been a happy time for him. He had still had his two best friends, he wasn’t a creature whom the Ministry hated and his life had been happy. Yet now he may not have had his two best friends, but Voldemort was gone, he had a mate whom adored him and whom he adored back, he had another mate who he loved, but at the moment disliked, and he was content with his life and he was so much happier now than he ever had been before. He actually had a future, that future may have only been having mates and children, but really, that was all he needed, it was what he wanted. A family.

Arms wrapped around him and a nose nuzzled into his hair. Harry started and looked up at the person touching him, only to relax as he realised that it was only Nasta.


“You scared me.” Harry told the dominant Dracken.


“Sorry.” Nasta replied shortly, but sincerely as he rubbed his nose against Harry’s cheek.


Nasta tried to pull Harry back gently, so that he was sitting down properly, but Harry went down on his knees instead, not willing to let his bum hurt more than it already did. Maybe he should have stayed in bed until Blaise got back with that salve after all.


“You are in pain.” Nasta told him, not asking, knowing.


Harry stayed quiet, but so did Nasta and the older Dracken had a lot more practice at being silent than Harry did and he finally broke after fifteen minutes of straight, oppressing silence.


“My new dominant, Draco, punished me because I cut my hair when he told me not to.”


“He should not have punished you so much that you feel any pain. It is not a dominant’s place to hurt their submissive, not even through punishment.” Nasta told him seriously, those hazel eyes flecked with a light, sage green in the dim, weak winter sunlight. There wasn’t enough light for those eyes to go golden like the scales on his wings, but Harry would bet that those eyes looked gorgeous in the summer sunlight.


“But I cut my hair when he said not to.”


Nasta snorted softly in amusement. “All submissives push their new dominants, it is a way to test their boundaries and find out what they can do and what will cause them to be punished. For example if you were to dance around naked I would find it terribly amusing, yet I know certain dominants would punish you for it, they would see your body as being theirs, not for anyone else’s eyes. It is usually younger dominants who would cover you up in jealousy and possessiveness and punish you for bearing all, most of us older dominants would laugh. We are more secure in ourselves, more secure in our mateships and in the knowledge that our submissive is ours and will not stray from us. Each dominant will see your actions differently; there were many who believed that you should have been punished for what you did to Dominic in the dining room as they are of the belief that you should have let your dominant mate handle the defence of yourself, to them a submissive fighting for themselves is a turn off to them. I however thought that you looked just as sexy beating the shit out of him as you always do.”


Harry grinned at Nasta, who was opening up to him more and saying more to him. That last bout of speech was more than Harry had ever heard him say put together.


“I don’t know what to comment on.” Harry answered with a naughty grin. “That you think me beating the hell out of someone is a turn on or that you want to watch me dance around naked.”


“I…that is not what I meant.” Nasta told him, his cheeks turning a telling shade of red.


Harry laughed and forgot for one moment that his bum had been slapped raw. He turned around to face Nasta and sat heavily on the rock on his bum.

Harry yelped and scrambled to get off his bum, slipping and sliding over the rock as pain danced through his lower body.

Nasta lifted him up easily with an arm around his back and his other hand hovered over his arse.


“I can feel the heat from here, through your clothes, how hard did he actually hit you?” Nasta demanded furiously.


Harry had never seen the calm, reserved, near silent man this angry before, not even when he had faced Dominic saying all of those disgusting things about what he wanted to do to Harry and his future children.


“It…it wasn’t that hard!” Harry defended poorly. “It’s nothing.”


“Harry, are your dominants abusing you?” Nasta asked him seriously, his deep voice dropping down to a low, growling bass.


“No!” Harry replied quickly and sharply, remembering how the Dursleys used to treat him. That was abuse. Starving him, beating him until he could barely breathe and keeping him in a cupboard for eleven years. That was abuse, not a bloody spanking, not matter how sore his arse was at the moment.


Nasta just looked at him before lifting one of those muscled arms to his mouth and biting down, he pressed the bloody part of his arm to Harry’s mouth and Harry looked at him horrified.


“Such a look.” Nasta told him with a hint of wry amusement. “Dracken blood has healing properties, just take a bit and you won’t feel the pain anymore, the bruising will remain however as I am not your dominant mate. Your mate’s blood would work much better, but any Dracken blood will do in a pinch.”


“Why didn’t Blaise know of this?” Harry asked suspiciously.


“He is still a young dominant, Harry, he is only a year old. I have been a Dracken for twenty-one years this February.”


“You’re birthday is in February?”


“Yes, the third. I’ll be thirty-seven.”


Harry smiled and he carefully flicked his tongue out to taste the blood dribbling down Nasta’s arm. It tasted like blood at first, nothing special. Coppery and metallic, like sucking on pennies, but there was a very subtle hint of power in the blood, was it to do with magic or the Dracken? He didn’t know, he hardly went up to people and asked to taste their blood.

Harry licked gently against the teeth marks and smiled as his bum started to go numb and the almost forgotten pain in his fist (left over from battering Dominic.) began to fade away too. He felt so much better and overall stronger and healthier now.


“The next time you are injured or hurt, just ask your dominant for a bit of blood, you don’t even need a lot, just a few mouthfuls. They need to get used to it anyway, you will be biting holes in them with your fangs when you are pregnant.”


“Why?” Harry asked slightly alarmed at hearing that.


“When pregnant you will need to feed from your dominants bodily liquids to keep your growing babies healthy and strong, this includes blood, saliva, semen and sweat.” Nasta told him.


Harry’s mind jolted back to the book that he had read when he had first found out that he was a Dracken.


It is believed that in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing strongly the dominant Dracken will need to share his liquids with his submissive. He will do this by kissing his mate to share his saliva, touching to share his sweat, ejaculating into his mate to give his semen and feeding his blood to his mate and child.’


Holy fuck was this pregnancy going to be complicated! It was then that Harry thought to ask Nasta about how he would give birth, surely after over twenty years of being a Dracken Nasta would know?




The older Dracken just looked at him, not saying anything, but giving him his full, undivided attention to prompt him on.


“Do you know how I’ll give birth? Blaise doesn’t know and Draco doesn’t even want to be a Dracken, so I doubt he’ll know.”


“With male submissives it is harder. It will take all of your strength and energy, Harry and your mates need to be ready to get to you as soon as possible.”


“But you know how?”


“Yes.” Nasta remained silent for so long that Harry was about to prod him to tell him when he started speaking again. “You will essentially give yourself a caesarean section, Harry. You will be in Dracken form and you will use your claws to slit open your abdomen and the walls of your womb and you will pull your baby out. You will need to have a flask of some sort with one, or all, of your dominants’ blood in it because as soon as the baby is out, the cord is cut and the placenta is removed, you need to drain it before you bleed to death or get an infection.”


Harry gaped at Nasta and silently begged him to tell him that he had been joking.


“I…I can’t do that!” He squeaked, coughing to cover up the fact that he had squeaked, but the amused smirk told him that Nasta had heard it.


“You can do it. It’s a natural instinct mixed with a lot of common sense.”


“There! I can’t do it; I’ve been told a million times that I have no common sense to speak of!”


Nasta shook his head at how adorable the little submissive was and took him into his arms.


“You can do it. The common sense bit is just drinking every drop of your dominants’ blood, making sure the baby is actually breathing and safe in the nest and pulling out the placenta.”


“Ergh, I have to pull bits out of me, that just doesn’t seem right.”


Nasta chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to Harry’s forehead. “I am sure you will do just fine, every submissive has misgivings about their first pregnancy, it gets easier the more clutches you have.”


“I’m going to be scarred something terrible if I have to keep slicing myself open.”


Nasta shook his head. “Dracken blood will get rid of all scar tissue if you take it quickly enough. Now little Harry, tell me which dominant bruised you, I would assume that it is your new one, your first dominant did not seem the type to hurt you so.”


“It was Draco, but he only spanked me.” Harry assured, then realised what he had admitted to and went red with embarrassment.


“Some dominants prefer spanking; personally I have never found it appealing.”


“How would you punish me?” Harry asked, before blushing a brighter red.


Nasta’s hazel eyes sparkled and he run gentle fingertips over Harry’s cheek. “It would depend on what you had done little submissive, but I am a biting sort of guy. I would press my teeth against the inside of your wrist, then if you carried on I would bite down, not enough to break the skin, but enough for a brief spark of pain, if you still carried on after that, then I would bring out my fangs and they would pinch your skin. No dominant, not a single one, has the right to make his submissive bleed or feel excessive pain, there are strict laws against it.”


“What do you mean laws against it? Could Draco get into trouble? I don’t think he knows of the laws.”


“Then he needs to be taught by someone who does know the laws. He could get into very serious trouble had he made you bleed. Submissive blood is even more precious than dominant blood. That he has hit you hard enough to bruise is also an offence. It is against the laws lain down to protect the submissive mate from abusive dominant mates.”


“It wasn’t really abuse, Nasta, he just hit me a bit too hard.” Harry replied softly. “Blaise thinks it’s because he was taking a suppression potion.”


“He was taking a suppression potion?” Nasta asked seriously. “For how long?”


“I…about six months.”


“He should not be near you.” Nasta stated furiously. “It will take him a while to come back into himself after being under a suppression potion for so long. No wonder he hit you so hard, he most likely does not know how hard he hit you or how much it was hurting you. His instincts will be skewed and he will be unable to judge his actions, or yours, properly.”


“So it was an accident?” Harry asked a slight hope in his heart.


“If it is true that he has been under that suppression potion for so long then most likely yes, it was an accident, but that is no excuse! He should never have hit you in the first place!”


“It’s alright. If it was a onetime thing, then I can deal with it. If he starts doing it regularly or hitting me any other way, I’ll skin him alive.”


Nasta smiled at him, those perfectly white teeth glinting. No wonder he had a teeth fetish. If Harry had teeth as white as that then he’d be biting everything in sight as well. Alas he drank far too much tea to ever have teeth so white without bleaching them and he wasn’t that vain.


“At least I know you don’t drink coffee.” Harry mumbled, bringing up a little finger to push Nasta’s top lip away from his teeth so that he could glare at their pearly whiteness.


Nasta laughed and pulled him into a hug. “I drink pure fruit juices or green tea, I always have. My Father would have locked me in my bedroom if he even thought that I had drank coffee when I was a teenager and now, I just don’t like the taste of it, it’s too bitter for my tongue.”


Harry smiled a bit sadly. “I’ve never really had anyone to care whether I drank it or not.”


Nasta’s eyes narrowed at that comment, but he said nothing. It wasn’t his place, Harry didn’t even know him all that well, but he would keep an eye, and an ear, out for Harry and if he found out that anyone was abusing the little submissive, he’d kill them, quickly and simply. It would be an elimination job only.


“Are all the other dominants back yet?” Harry asked curiously. “The ones that Elder Getus sent away.”


“Many of them believed that their chance was gone so they went home to wallow, it will take them a while to get back depending on where they are coming from, but some have come back.”


Harry smiled. “I’m glad. They deserve just as much of a chance as everyone else!”


Nasta cupped Harry’s small face in his large hands and he pressed their lips together gently. “You are too kind, Harry. Many of those dominants do not deserve you and would not treat you properly.”


“I’ll weed them out.” Harry told him surely. “I don’t go into these things half-cocked and Blaise is happy to help me and I’m sure with how jealous Draco is showing that he is that more than half of them will scatter or be beaten to a pulp.”


“You don’t like violence.” Nasta stated, playing with Harry’s messy tufts of black hair.


“I know I don’t, but Draco does. He seems to be channelling the violence and vanity instincts more than any other, I’m not sure if that’s the fault of the suppression potion or not.”


“It is. His instincts will be all over the place until the potion is completely out of his system. That he has been taking it for so long is a cause for concern, it could have lain down deposits in his soft tissues.”


Harry sighed and leant into Nasta, letting the older man hold him and calm him. He wished that Blaise was there, Blaise’s cuddles were the best, he had just the right amount of muscle, just the right height and knew just how much pressure Harry liked, squeezy tight, but not enough to make him feel crushed or suffocated. No one else seemed to be able to hug him like Blaise.




Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Harry thought wryly as he looked to see Blaise charging through the snowy grounds towards him.


“Harry, why did you leave our rooms?” Blaise demanded as he reached them, swiping him from the rock and from Nasta’s arms to hold him.


“I needed to get away to clear my head.” Harry answered.


Blaise sighed but he nodded, holding Harry tightly. Merlin, how much fear and panic had he been in when he had realised that Harry wasn’t in their rooms? He had thought that his heart had stopped beating, thoughts and horrific scenarios going through his mind as he thought what could have happened to his little mate.


“I was so worried about you, Mio Bello! Please don’t do that to me again.”


“Where is Draco?” Harry asked more than a little bit wary.


“He is with Professor Snape, learning exactly how a dominant should treat a submissive, what he did to you this morning was unacceptable, Prezioso, never let anyone treat you like that, ever.”


“Oh don’t worry, Draco’s going to get payback for what he did to me, no one spanks me like that and gets away with it! I was thinking about turning that cologne he likes so much into skunk liquid, that and I was hoping to have sex with you with him lying next to us. That will teach him not to mess with me!”


Blaise shook his head as Nasta chuckled beside them.


“The latter is very evil, Harry, besides I think between myself and Professor Snape, Draco will be sufficiently punished.”


“You don’t understand, Blaise! He humiliated me! I am not a naughty toddler! I deserve the same amount of respect as any adult! I am not pranking him because he hurt me; I’m doing it to make myself feel better about being humiliated by him.”


Blaise nodded. “That is fair enough, Bello, if you need any help, just ask for it. Now let’s get you back inside, you are freezing cold and I have the salve for you.”


Harry nodded his acceptance and waved goodbye to Nasta, who smiled at him and jumped up onto the rock he had been sitting on and waved to him, before turning to face the lake so that he could brood in perfect silence.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was once again lying on his huge bed having his bum smoothed by Blaise’s hand, applying the green paste to the bruised parts of his bum. He had told Blaise about Nasta giving him his blood and Blaise had smacked his head with a hand.


“I should have remembered that! Hell I was told enough times! I’m so sorry, Harry.”


“That’s alright. I also found out from Nasta how I’m going to give birth. I’ll cut myself open with my claws and pull the baby free.”


Blaise went white under his tanned skin and he kissed the base of Harry’s spine.


“I think that would be unbearable to hear.” Blaise whispered into the skin of his back. “I am glad I will not be allowed near you enough to see it. I would likely lose my mind.”


“I’ll need a flask of your blood as well, to heal the split once the baby is out.”


“I’ll make sure to make one up every day for you, just in case you go into labour early.”


Harry smiled and turned to look over his shoulder at Blaise, who leant forward and kissed him deeply, lovingly, passionately.


“No sex for a few days, Harry, not with your bottom so injured. Professor Snape’s orders.”


Harry sighed and nodded unhappily. “I’m going to go change Draco’s cologne. No one will want to go near him then.”


Blaise chuckled. “He can’t even punish you for it, Bello. He won’t know for definite it was you and this isn’t even worth a punishment.”


Harry grinned wider and he hugged Blaise before scooping up his wand and jogging naked to the bathroom, where Draco’s cologne had been placed in the wall cabinet over the sink. He opened it and sniffed deeply. It really was a nice cologne, spices and slightly musky with a hint of sandalwood. He grinned; Draco loved this cologne and put it on every morning. He waved his wand over the bottle and inhaled again. He almost vomited and quickly screwed the lid back on, casting a mild scent disperser on it that would wear off after eighteen hours, enough time for Draco to put it on before it started smelling foul. The wonderful thing about skunk liquid was that it was so terribly difficult to get rid of it, no matter how much Draco scrubbed, he wouldn’t get rid of the smell. It was perfect.


“You are too pleased with yourself.” Blaise told him as he waltzed back into the bedroom.


“I feel elated!” Harry replied. “I’ve got my own back on a dick who humiliated me and now I can humiliate him in return.”


Blaise shook his head and went back to reading the book that Harry had given him for Christmas. It was a bitch translating it, but it was everything that he had been expecting and more.


“I’m going to go and visit Dumbledore. I’ll be back in time for dinner!”


It spoke volumes on how much their relationship had grown and how comfortable their Dracken’s were with each other now that they were settled that Blaise just waved him off with a warning to be careful.

Harry rushed to get himself dressed and happily made his way through the school, not having to go up or down any stairs because the Headmaster’s office and Harry’s rooms were on the same floor and he chirpily spoke the password (Toffee Tails) to the gargoyle.

He knocked on the door and was told to enter. Dumbledore was rustling through a pile of parchment when Harry entered and he closed the door behind him, but when the elderly man looked up he cried out in joy at seeing him.


“Ah! Harry my boy, come in and sit down! Tea?”


“Yes please.” Harry smiled, sitting down opposite his Headmaster, gratefully accepting the china cup full of his honey tea.


“What brings you here, my boy?”


“Can’t I just come and have a chat and a cup of tea?”


“Of course you can, which reminds me.”


Dumbledore stood up and swept around his office like a small hurricane, obviously looking for something.


“Now where did I put it? Ah, here we are.”


He handed Harry several colourful boxes and a pile of letters.


“Christmas presents I believe, Harry. I hope you don’t mind that I intercepted them and kept them here for you, I didn’t think it a good idea to interrupt your mate meetings with these given the senders of a few of them, so I kept them here, I had meant to give them to you sooner, but it must have slipped  my mind.”


Harry chuckled, but grew sombre as he realised what Dumbledore had meant by who had sent them, some of the packages were from the Weasleys.

Harry opened the letters first and smiled at the Christmas cards from Remus, Hagrid, members of the Order of the Phoenix and one from the Weasley family.

He almost cried when he read the hurtful words in the letter Ron had sent him, Hermione hadn’t sent him anything, but he hadn’t been expecting her to.


“Who has upset you, dear boy?”


“Ron being stupid again.” Harry replied swiping away the moisture from his eyes angrily. “Calling me names and saying I'm a traitor to Godric Gryffindor for fraternising with the enemy.”  


“Meaning Misters Zabini and Malfoy.”


Harry nodded and put Ron’s letter to the back of the pile.


“Well I can certainly say that Godric Gryffindor would have been proud to have you as one of his lions.”


Harry smiled and opened his present from Hagrid. It was a bundle of bright and colourful feathers.


“Ah, I see Hagrid has been preening the Hippogriffs again. Hippogriff feathers are very valuable.”


“He sent me a box full of unicorn tail hairs last year.” Harry grinned. “I don’t think Hagrid knows the value of the things he sends me and if he does, then he obviously doesn’t care.”


“I believe it is the latter, dear boy. Hagrid has never been a materialistic person and as long as his pets are healthy and well, he is happy.”


“Good old Hagrid.”


Dumbledore chuckled and Harry put aside the bundle of feathers to open the next parcel. It contained books from everyone’s favourite werewolf teacher. Lupin had given him Defence books and a book entitled Pranking Potions for Morons with a small note that Sirius had seen it in his Snuffles form and had bought it for him last March and had been planning on giving it to him for Christmas.

That made Harry a bit sad but he held the book close and tried fruitlessly to absorb the presence of his Godfather from it, knowing that Sirius must have touched this book, had handled it and had bought it especially for him. He missed Sirius and it was so unfair that he was gone, but he was and he needed to come to grips with it because his slight obsession with the veil in the Department of Mysteries was becoming just a tad unhealthy.

Harry opened the next present which didn’t have a label on it and then looked at his Headmaster, who put a finger to his lips.


“I can’t be seen as showing you any special treatment, Harry, but I’m sure a couple pairs of nice socks can be inconspicuous enough.”


Harry laughed and pulled out the ‘inconspicuous’ socks, one pair which were bright red with little gold snakes slithering over them and the other pair emerald green with silver lions roaring.


“I had those custom made for you, my boy; a dear friend of mine owns a sock shop.”


Harry didn’t know whether to laugh or not at that, what were the chances of this friend only being the Headmaster’s friend because of how many Galleons the man spent in the sock shop.

He loved the theme of the socks though, one pair with Gryffindor colours but the little snakes to represent the Slytherin house, because of his mates and the other pair the opposite, with Slytherin colours and lions for his house.


“Thank you so much, Sir! I love them.”


Dumbledore beamed at him and urged him to open the last of his presents. Harry did cry when he opened the biggest one to find a soft, dark green knitted jumper with a blue H in the middle. A Weasley jumper. He picked up the letter that came with it and read it with shaking hands.


‘Harry dear,


                   I’ve been told that you are very ill; I do hope you feel better soon, but you make sure that you stay in bed and rest young man! If you must get up wear something on your feet and your new jumper to keep warm, do you hear me? Take in lots of fluids, I’ve sent you some chicken broth in a thermos flask, it is under a stasis charm so it won’t spoil, just send a mild heating charm at it before you drink it and make sure that you do drink it, all of it! It has nutrient potions in it to help you regain your strength quicker.

I was very upset that this illness meant that you couldn’t come to us for Christmas dear, so I’ve sent you some homemade mince pies and some treacle tart as I know it’s your favourite, and also some sweets and fudge, just don’t over do it with the treats, wait until you are better or I will come down to Hogwarts and give you such a telling off!

Have a happy Christmas and I hope to hear that you are better soon dear; Arthur and I are so worried about you,


                                                    All my love, Molly Weasley.


Harry wiped his eyes and looked through the large box of treats. There was a paper plate of fudge wrapped in Clingfilm, a foil package that was obviously a large slice of treacle tart, a tin that contained the minced pies, a box of Bertie Botts every flavour beans, a box of iced cauldron cakes and a huge thermos flask with the aforementioned broth.


“I see Molly is trying to feed you to death, I believe I made the mistake of telling her that you were too unwell to visit for Christmas when she fire called me to demand why you had not been on the train.”


Harry chuckled wetly and rubbed his eyes. He had been so afraid that Mrs Weasley would hate him because Ron was being a prat; it was amazing to know that she still cared for him, even though he and Ron were fighting.

Harry opened his last present to stop himself from thinking about Mrs Weasley so he wouldn’t start bawling his eyes out. It was a prank parcel from the twins, who wished him well because they had heard that he was actually ill and not just overeating their puking pastilles and wished him happy pranking of their ‘idiot brother, Ronnikins’ and anyone else who decided to pick on ‘their little brother’ and their financial backer.

Harry grinned and went picking through the box, finding new material and some things that would definitely come in handy for getting back at not only Ron, but Draco as well.

Harry put all of his presents into the one big box, all except his new jumper, which he pulled on over his tee shirt. He didn’t have any decent jumpers and the Weasley jumper he had received last year was much too tight around the armpits and about four inches too short in the stomach area after the growth spurt brought on by his Dracken inheritance.

Harry happily finished off his tea and his talk with the Headmaster, before he picked up his box of presents and left to go back to Blaise and Draco, if the blond wasn’t still being chewed out by Professor Snape that was, to get ready to go to dinner, he was more than a bit hungry. He just wished that Blaise would go hunting for him; he was sort of craving raw meat again.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry met Blaise in the common room, where the indigo eyed man had migrated with his book, only now he had a pad of parchment and a quill and he was making notes and difficult translations and it gave Harry a migraine just looking at them.


“Are you ready for dinner, Blaise?” Harry asked softly, leaning over the back of the settee to wrap his arms around Blaise’s shoulders.


“Just about. This book is giving me a headache.”


“Perhaps I shouldn’t have given it to you then.” Harry teased.


Blaise looked to him with startled eyes. “No matter how many headaches I get, I love this book, Harry, thank you for giving it to me. Ti amo.”


Harry smiled happily and took Blaise’s hand. Tugging him out of their private rooms and towards the Great Hall. He was ravenous and he realised the reason why was because he hadn’t eaten anything today.


“Where is Draco?” Harry asked.


“Still with Professor Snape, you can’t learn how to be a better dominant Dracken in one day, Harry; he’ll be staying with Professor Snape until he knows how to treat you properly.”


“Good, I don’t want to be around him at the moment, even if it means I won't be able to sleep for a few days.”


“Professor Snape gave me a sleeping potion for you to take, it isn’t as strong or as addictive as the Dreamless Sleep potion, but it should help you get some sleep without Draco being near you.”


Harry smiled happily and took Blaise’s hand, it was then that he noticed the bruised and skinned knuckles; he pulled the hand up to his eyelevel and gasped at how sore it looked. He pressed a kiss to them and looked to Blaise, silently demanding an explanation.


“I punched Draco. He had no right to treat you like he did.”


“Nasta said that Draco could be pulled up before the Elders for what he did.”


“Professor Snape said something similar. It is a serious crime to hurt a submissive.”


“I don’t want him to be punished; I just don’t want him to do it again.”


“Which is why he is being taught by Professor Snape instead of standing in a Counsel room full of Elders.”


“I’m going to get my own back though.” Harry stated determinedly.


Blaise smirked proudly and pulled Harry into a one armed, sideways hug as they walked into the Great Hall.


“I know you are, Mio Prezioso and I am behind you one hundred percent.”


Harry smiled and cuddled into Blaise more fully. Hopefully soon, everything would work out for the best. He wanted a family, but only if Draco could learn how to treat him with the respect he deserved, otherwise he would never let the blond near him, or any children he had in the future.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text


Chapter Thirteen – Realisations


Harry didn’t see Draco for the next six days, but he saw an awful lot of Nasta, who was always in the school grounds whenever Harry ventured outside, which was quite a bit.

His bum was perfectly pale and non-bruised again, he could sit on it in comfort and he could have sex with Blaise again, something he had been taking full advantage of.

The students had come back off of the Christmas holidays and lessons were set to resume the next day. Harry was dreading it, not only because it meant school work and lessons and homework, but because it marked Draco’s return to civilisation and back to their private rooms.

Blaise, who had been ‘visiting’ the blond in Professor Snape’s quarters, had assured him that Draco had been learning some very heavy lessons with Professor Snape, Harry believed that, but were those lessons enough to make the great Draco Malfoy change his ways? Harry guessed that he would find out soon enough.

He was having an internal crisis, however, he hated how skewed his decision had been in choosing his second mate. Draco had felt so safe and so warm and protective to him, but he had turned out to be the opposite. Draco had hurt him not only physically, but he had hurt his pride and his trust as well and it would take a lot for the blond to earn those things back. Harry believed that his hurt pride would take the longest to heal but it would be a very close call between his pride and his trust, but he hoped that his trust returned when Draco had been thoroughly pranked, there was not going to be a family, a mateship, while he didn’t trust one of his dominant mates.

The skunk liquid in the cologne had been a massive success, in more ways than one. Draco had collected his things whilst Harry and Blaise had been at dinner, as per Snape’s request, he had put the cologne on at the start of the day that marked the return to normal school activities, like he always did, and he had gone to breakfast as always, well away from Harry and Blaise, again per Snape’s request, and had been mauled again by Daphne’s younger sister, Astoria. The scent disperser had worn off halfway through breakfast and the little girl, who had gotten a large mouthful of the smell, had been physically sick, all over Malfoy’s lap.

Harry had laughed so hard that he had almost passed out through a lack of a sufficient oxygen supply. There had been no way that Malfoy didn’t know that it had been him who had organised and carried out the prank, but as he passed by their part of the table he had just swallowed heavily, nodded his head to the both of them and had simply said that he, Harry, had the right to do anything that he wanted as revenge for his previous abominable actions, before he carried on walking to get changed and to possibly have a shower. Draco had stunk for the rest of the day and everyone had given him a very wide berth.

Harry had been quite stunned by what Draco had said, but what really got him were the little gifts that Draco had begun sending him. Blaise had explained to him that Snape had ordered Draco to make it up to him in any way that he saw fit and Blaise had told him that because Draco had been brought up as an old fashioned Englishman, he was sending wooing gifts to Harry to help make up for his harsh actions.

They weren’t big gifts or lavish things, one had been a handwritten apology card, another had been a box of chocolate frogs and Draco had even given him his own, real snitch, not one of those practice ones, which reminded Harry that he actually was the Gryffindor Seeker still.

Quidditch season had started just as he had found Blaise and he just hadn’t cared enough about anything other than the indigo eyed man that he loved so very much. He had been ignoring his team, but his absence had been explained away as his ‘illness’ and Ginny, who had taken over temporary team captaincy and his Seeker position, had welcomed him back with open arms, exclaiming that they had a match in two weeks’ time against Ravenclaw and that if they didn’t win it then they were out of the running for the cup due to their heavy defeat to Slytherin in November.

Harry was all too happy to take up the captaincy and his Seeker position once more and the entire team was very glad to see him back, but he had a hell of a time catching up on the team building exercises, he didn’t even know the names of the rest of the team…well he knew two, Ginny, who went back to her original position of Chaser once he took over the Seeker position once more and Dean Thomas, another Chaser, who was ecstatic that Harry was back to being fit enough to play.

Harry was so excited that he could hardly contain it, he told Blaise who sighed and looked up at the ceiling with a frown, which made Harry frown.


“Good bye Quidditch cup.”


Harry snorted and smacked Blaise’s shoulder, who then proceeded to pull him down into a kiss, right in the middle of the Great Hall, in front of everyone.

The rumours had been flying like wildfire throughout Hogwarts about the relationship of Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. There were even rumours now that Harry’s illness had been a sexual disease, which wasn’t strictly true as the heat period, whilst being a purely sexual desire, wasn’t a disease, more of a condition than anything else.

Blaise verbally attacked anyone who dared to say that they had had a sexual disease within earshot of him. Harry just laughed it off; he was too used to people saying shit about him to care about yet another rumour. He had grown thick enough skin during his childhood, which had only layered up to protect him even more as he got older and the wizarding world had started on him too.

It was only a day later that Harry heard that Draco was facing expulsion for physically attacking a seventh year student. He and Blaise had been called out of their lessons to go to Dumbledore’s office, where they met Dumbledore, Snape, Draco and a Hufflepuff seventh year student who was badly bruised and cut.


“Draco, what did you do?!” Harry demanded as he looked at the Hufflepuff. “You promised me that you were changed! That the potion was all gone!”


“It is all gone.” Draco answered softly. “I did this with full knowledge of what I was doing.”


“Why?!” Harry cried out. “Why would you try and ruin our mat…relationship by doing this!” Harry gave a quick glance to the Hufflepuff, who didn’t seem to have noticed his little slip of words. He looked far too dazed and out of things…Harry wondered just how hard Draco had hit him. It went back to his overly harsh punishment again, had Draco even known how hard he was hitting the Hufflepuff?


“He called you a slut!” Draco hissed. “He was bragging to his little friends about how easy you were and how quickly he could get you into his bed. I had to defend you!”


Harry opened his mouth but a soft continuous growl had him looking next to him, to Blaise, who was glaring so hard at the guy in the chair that it was a wonder that it hadn’t actually exploded. Blaise’s claws were out and he was flexing them carefully, as if he was fantasising about and thinking of the best way to slice into the Hufflepuff in the chair.

Harry flung himself around Blaise, who carefully caught him and held him, but did not take his eyes from the seventh year, nor re-sheath his claws.


“I told you that you had to control yourself!” Snape snarled. “This is not controlling yourself!”


“He was dishonouring Harry!” Draco spat back. “I couldn’t let him do it! I had to set him straight, away from his deluded fantasies.”


Harry sighed and blocked out the two dominant Drackens arguing. He didn’t care who had called him what or said anything about him, yet he understood that both of his mates wouldn’t stand for his ‘honour’ to be tarnished in such a way.

Harry just hoped that Draco hadn’t defended his honour in such an obvious manner as to tip off the Hufflepuff that the blond wasn’t human. That would be a disaster waiting to happen.


“Boys please!” Dumbledore called out before looking to the poor Hufflepuff opposite him. “Mister Roberts, will you agree to not press charges or will you face the law knowing that Mister Malfoy was within his rights as the lover of the person in question that you allegedly dishonoured.”


“I don’t understand.” The Hufflepuff groaned. “All I did was have a joke with my friends about how easy Potter’s become. I mean he’s a Gryffindor and rumour has it he has several Slytherin lovers. If he’ll let a Slytherin near him then obviously he’s desperate enough to have anyone.”


“That isn’t true!” Harry burst out, the Hufflepuff jumping in his seat at the harsh sound. “I only have Blaise and Draco as my lovers! It’s my business why or who I have in my bed! If I wanted a hundred men in my bed I damn well would have and I wouldn’t give a flying fuck what you or your little friends thought of me!”


Blaise wrapped his arms around him and soothed him, licking the side of his neck and releasing calming pheromones.

Harry huffed out an annoyed breath, his body relaxing even though he wanted to remain angry. Stupid dominant pheromones.


“I think everyone would just like this situation to disappear.” Dumbledore stated, his pale blue eyes twinkling.


The Hufflepuff nodded and Dumbledore dismissed him with a wave of his hand. The seventh year was up and gone, leaving faster as Blaise snarled at him as he went past.

Blaise took up the seat that the Hufflepuff had vacated and drew Harry down onto his lap, Harry did not relax. Draco was sitting right behind him and he could hear the blond’s breathing. He hadn’t forgotten the pain nor the humiliation and despite the week of pranking; he still didn’t feel any better.


“Now, Harry, Mister Malfoy has been thoroughly cleansed of the potion he had been taking and Professor Snape has assured me that he no longer poses a risk to you, are you willing to have him back in your rooms or would you wish for a bit more time?”


“He can come back into the rooms, but he can't sleep with me and Blaise. He hasn’t earned that right yet.” Harry answered. “I had Dobby come around a few days ago and he turned the unused storage cupboard into a bedroom for Draco to sleep in.”


“You wish for me to sleep in a cupboard?” Draco asked incredulously.


Harry swallowed as that sentence brought up images of his tattered childhood. He had examined the new room that Dobby had made himself and it in no way resembled a cupboard, having been enlarged to fit a proper bed and even a wardrobe and side tables, it was more the knowledge that the room had once been a cupboard that would rub Draco up the wrong way rather than a lack of comfort.

Not like Harry had once suffered with, lying on a small camping cot with a ratty blanket and no pillow, stuffed into a space that in the end had hardly contained him and he was sure that had he not had magic to help protect his body, then he would have gotten asthma or some other respiratory condition from all the dust and cobwebs that he had been forced to live with from such a young age.


“It’s a bedroom now.” Harry dismissed. “You can join Blaise and me in our bed once you have proven to me that you can refrain from hurting me. I don’t trust you, Draco. I chose you as a mate out of hundreds of others and the first thing you did was hurt me, it doesn’t make for a very good first impression.”


“How many times do I have to say that I’m sorry?”


“You only need to say it once, Draco, but only say it if you really mean it.”


“Harry, I am sorry, I swear it to you.”


“I accept your apology, Draco, now you have to prove to me that you’re truly sorry, that I shouldn’t just give up on you, that the relationship between you and I is still worth the time and effort it needs to grow.”


Draco nodded and sat up straighter, determination stiffening his body. He was ready to grow up and prove that he deserved a second chance, that he was worthy of Harry’s love.


“Be warned, Draco that I give second chances, but you’ll never get a third.” Harry told the blond seriously as he slipped from Blaise’s lap and left the office to go wander around the frozen school grounds, like he usually did these days when he wanted to think on his own.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


January had well and truly settled in and it was turning out to be a blisteringly cold month, not that Harry much cared as he wrapped himself up tightly and encased himself in warming charms.

He went down to his place by the lake and hopped up onto the large rock that he favoured sitting on. The lake had long since been frozen and it was even now covered in a few inches of snow. The teachers had marked its outline with bright yellow tape that was hovering in mid-air so that no student accidentally started walking on the lake, only to get to the thinner middle and fall to their icy death.

Harry sighed as large arms wrapped around him from behind. How Nasta always knew that Harry was out here he didn’t know and he didn’t think Nasta would answer him if he asked.

Something picked at his brain however and he shifted uncomfortably. Nasta didn’t breathe as loudly as the male behind him was, nor did he squeeze him quite so tightly, when the man gruffly said hello to him, Harry knew it definitely wasn’t Nasta behind him, but he did recognise the voice and he grinned as he turned his body around to see those gorgeous deep blue eyes that he had missed so much.


“Maxi…” Harry cut himself off short when the absolutely huge Dracken gave him a playful glare for trying to use his full name. “Fine, I’ll just call you Maxie from now on.”


“My Granddad calls me Maxie.” Maximilius grumbled.


“Well now I do too!” Harry said stubbornly as he threw his arms around Maximilius’ neck and hugged him tightly. “I missed you! How are you? How have you been? How could you possibly think that I’d send you away?! I wouldn’t have! I…”


A large hand covered his mouth and prevented the smaller Dracken from speaking.


“Take a breath, Harry.” Max grinned. “I knew exactly what the Elder was doing, it isn’t the first time that an Elder has abused his power and it won't be the last. I had no choice but to leave, an Elder’s word is absolute. They have the power to control dominant Drackens to a certain extent during mate meetings. I was ordered away, so I had to leave, I was ordered not to see, speak or contact you in any way and I had to comply. I loathed myself for letting it happen, but there was nothing that I could do about it.”


Harry snuggled in close to Maximilius and he relished in the feeling of the man that he really liked being back here. Maximilius had come back. He could have just refused to come back like some of the other Drackens that had been sent away had, claiming that it was just too much trouble to try and court him. He could have stayed home, but he hadn’t, he had come back on the slim chance that Harry would pick him as a third mate. Harry liked him just a little bit more for that.


“As for how I’ve been, well truthfully I haven’t really been doing much since I was forced to leave. Wallowing would probably be the best way to describe it. I just sat at home all day, I didn’t talk very much and cursed myself for such a missed opportunity to have an absolutely amazing, kind, gentle and gorgeous little Dracken as a mate.”


Harry chuckled, trying to ignore the blush on his cheeks as he twisted his legs out from underneath him and placed them on either side of Max’s hips, which were about level with the top of the large rock. Fucking hell Maximilius was tall.

Harry shyly played with the decorative buttons of Max’s outer robe, finding the shiny black buttons with a swirl of red captivating as his twisted them around in his little fingers.


“How have you been, Harry?” Max asked his voice noticeably deeper.


“I’ve been through hell and back and then went back to hell.” Harry sighed, getting ready for the outburst when he told the other Dracken the reason why he had been sent away and what Elder Getus and his despicable Grandson, Dominic, had had planned for him and his children.


Nasta had gone ballistic once he’d been alone and had the privacy that he needed to get out his anger and frustrations and he had toppled a tree in his rage. Harry looked to the stump that was all that remained of Nasta’s fury after the Professors had cleaned it up and he sighed again. Nasta had kept hitting the tree well after it had splintered and he had only stopped once the tree had cracked under his onslaught and had finally fallen.

It wasn’t something that Harry liked seeing, such a huge display of violence and rage, but he understood that as a very reserved and quiet man, that Nasta sometimes needed a more physical release for his anger. Harry grinned as he remembered suggesting to Nasta that if he partook in more sexual activities then he wouldn’t need to release his anger and frustration in such a violent way. Nasta had gone red and coughed a bit before apologising for his actions and sitting down behind Harry to play with his hair. Harry loved how Nasta played silently with his hair; it was so relaxing that he often fell asleep under the ministrations.


“Are you still in hell?” Max asked him seriously.


“I think I’m climbing the limbo ladder one rung at a time.”


Max chuckled at his comparison and held him so tight the air was expelled from Harry’s lungs.


“What’s been happening since I’ve been away?”


Harry told the whole gruesome story and he watched as with every word Max’s muscles contracted until the veins popped out, his teeth clenched together until Harry was sure that they would crack and those beautiful, deep sapphire blue eyes darkened in rage to a midnight blue.

Max managed to control himself until Harry had finished speaking about what Dominic had wanted to do with him and went onto what Draco, his supposedly brand new mate, had done to him the very first morning after they had mated.

After hearing how Draco had treated him, Max lost control, just like Nasta had, and he exploded in rage, only instead of taking out his anger with his fists, he screamed long and loud, deep and guttural like an animal. The harsh sound echoed for miles and reverberated through Harry’s spine, giving him bone deep chills. He would not like to ever be on Max’s bad side.

Harry frowned sadly and waited until Max had finished screaming himself breathless. Max held him so tightly Harry thought that his bones would break as Max sniffed and touched every inch of him to determine if he had any injuries. Nasta had done it as well so Harry had come to realise that it had to be a dominant instinct.


“That they even dare!” Max hissed deeply.


“It isn’t that bad, Maxie.” Harry assured with a smile. “Draco was beaten by Blaise and Professor Snape and Blaise and Draco killed Dominic, I think they ripped his scales off of his wings and after gifting some to Professor Snape, they sold the rest to an apothecary, though I don’t know why.”


“Because that’s what the little shit would have seen done to your children.” Max told him, his breath coming in harsh pants.


“What?” Harry whispered in horror, his breath leaving him, his body going an icy cold that had nothing to do with the harsh January wind pinking up his exposed skin.


“When those disgusting poachers find a Dracken they strap them down and hack off every single wing scale we have. They’d steal our body scales as well if they weren’t completely smooth and flat so that no tool can gouge them out. They drain the blood into buckets and cut out the heart, liver, tongue, sex organs and eyes. All are very valuable and are used in all sorts of rare and obscure potions and rituals; the scales can even be used in jewellery.”


“He wanted to do that to my babies?” Harry asked, feeling as though someone had a hold of his heart and they were squeezing tighter and not letting go. He couldn’t breathe.


“He would have scented them out at birth and handed the Dracken babies over to the smugglers, who would have kept the baby in a cage or a small prison cell, keeping the baby alive, but barely, then when the Dracken comes into their inheritance, they start the harvesting process.”


Harry felt his stomach clench and then roil and before he could stop himself he had leant over the side of the rock and he vomited everything that he had eaten.

Max rubbed his back firmly, but his body was shaking in anger and horror. He was disgusted that anyone could even think to hand their own child off to one of those people. If they could even be called people. His mind slipped to his Mother and a white hot wash of rage seared his insides, that little shit had died far too quickly.


“Oh god, no one told me. I just thought my baby would have been killed instantly, that was excruciating enough. I thought everyone hated Drackens and would kill one on sight. This…that’s too much to bear! I can't…I can't think about it! My babies! Tortured, suffering, harvested for potions ingredients.”


Harry was sick again as tears fell down his cheeks. He held tightly onto Maximilius and let the large man sooth him.

Max nosed around Harry’s cheek and licked at the tears that fell from those stunning eyes. He kissed each closed eyelid as Harry sobbed and cried. It tugged at his heart to see Harry so upset, he felt he had to do something to help, he had caused Harry these tears by telling him what would happen to his babies, this was his problem to rectify.

He moved his nose down Harry’s cheek until his mouth hovered over Harry’s. He lightly pressed against those petal soft, plump lips and he held Harry tightly, hoping to convey safety and love.

Harry gasped in surprise and Max flicked his tongue into Harry’s mouth, ignoring the slight sour taste that Harry’s vomiting had left behind. Harry clenched his hands into his hair and tugged lightly, wrapping his legs around Max’s thick waist.

Max kissed more deeply when Harry didn’t push him away, running his tongue over every inch of that delectable mouth. Under the sour taste of bile was a sweeter taste, chocolate and fudge, Harry had been eating chocolate and a hell of a lot of it by the taste of it.

They broke apart for air, Harry heaving in lungfuls and Max breathing deeply and evenly trying to calm his racing heart. He inhaled deeply, his eyes widening before he inhaled again. He pulled Harry to him and kissed him for all that he was worth.

Harry made a small noise when he needed air again and Max broke their lips apart so that they could both breathe.


“You’re releasing mating pheromones.” He panted breathlessly. “You are looking for a mate.”


“But I haven’t had my second heat with Draco.” Harry protested thickly.


“Harry, you don’t understand, your Dracken is rejecting Draco because of his treatment of you, your Dracken is sending out pheromones to attract a different mate.”


Harry’s eyes went wide and his stomach clenched awfully. His Dracken was rejecting Draco? But he had chosen to give the blond Dracken a second chance! It had been the potion’s fault that Draco’s instincts were so messed up, not Draco’s! He didn’t want to reject Draco!

Max kissed him again and this time Harry struggled. Max let him go immediately, but still held him around the waist.


“I have to get to Draco; I have to make this right, Max! I know what he did to me was wrong, but it wasn’t his fault! He was under the effects of that suppressant potion; I don’t want to lose him! Not when he still has a chance to prove to me that he can be a good mate!”


Harry shimmied off of the rock and landed with slightly bended knees ready to run off to the school to find his two mates. Max caught his arm and pulled him into one last kiss, before giving him a smile and a light shove towards the school, before he turned and trekked off towards the hell hotel.

Harry watched him go before he snapped out of his thoughts and took off running back to the castle. Draco had risked everything just to be his mate, his family, his reputation, his legacy…everything! Harry couldn’t repay that by rejecting the blond now, he would not let his stupid Dracken dictate that to him! His Dracken side would not ruin everything for them! He would not allow that part of himself to reject Draco when he still wanted the blond; he didn’t care what his Dracken thought, Draco was HIS!


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text

Chapter Fourteen – To Forgive and Let Die


Harry ran through the castle until his lungs burnt with the lack of oxygen and even then he didn’t stop, he didn’t even slow down as he charged past other students and he even knocked them over, but still he didn’t care. He burst into his and his mates’ room, sweating and panting and he startled Blaise into overprotective mate mode.

Before Harry could even get his breath back he was wrapped up in black wings and had solid arms around him holding him close as Blaise dragged him across their living room until they reached the bedroom.

Blaise slammed the door closed and physically pushed a chest of drawers in front of it as if it would stop anything that came through the door. Blaise always, always, forgot that he was a wizard when he fully let his Dracken out, it was cute, but from a safety angle it was a very bad thing. It meant that instead of putting up wards to protect his family, Blaise would remain primal, instinctual, purely physical and against a wizard, sometimes being physical just wasn’t enough. It was one of the biggest downfalls Harry had found about Drackens.


“Blaise!” Harry shouted, pushing at his mate’s chest to try and get him to release him.


“Must protect you.” Blaise growled giving a final shove to the chest of drawers with his back and turning around to keep his own back to the door, hunching over Harry.


“Nothing is coming through the door!” Harry insisted. “I was running because I need to ask you something!”


“You smell like an unmated dominant Dracken.”


“I was with Max, you remember Maximilius don’t you? The one that was sent away?”


“Why? Why were you with another man?”


“Oh god, Blaise! You know that I love you, I love you dearly.”


“You don’t go near other men!” Blaise snarled wrapping that large hand around the back of Harry’s neck and squeezing.


Harry hated it when Blaise went into overprotective mate mode. It made everything more tortuous and it was incredibly difficult to argue sense into a creature that was being purely primitive and acting on instinct.


“Alright, Blaise, I won’t go near any other men, forgetting that I need to be near Draco, we’ll forget that we are in a school that has about two hundred and fifty male students and that the majority of the staff here are males, oh and of course that I may need even more mates, or that I might have male children. Yeah, I won’t go near any other male but you.” Harry stated sarcastically, getting his neck squeezed tighter as reprimand.


“Stop that!” Harry hissed, wiggling his neck about to try and dislodge Blaise’s hand.


“You are MINE!” Blaise snarled. “You stay with ME! No one else is allowed to touch you!”


“How is that going to work?!” Harry hissed angrily, his Dracken coming to the forefront of his mind. “I need another mate to fuck me to get pregnant because you aren’t even strong enough to give me a baby!”


Immediately after Harry said those words, he wished with his life that he could take them back as Blaise’s face fell into a crestfallen expression, both of their Dracken’s receding, leaving their human minds at the forefront. He felt like such a bastard at that moment and he wrapped his arms tightly around Blaise.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “I was so angry, I couldn’t stop the words from coming out.”


“It’s okay, Harry.” Blaise stated back, his voice falsely strong and calm, but Harry could hear the slight waver underneath. “I know that your Dracken is still angry at me for not getting you pregnant, that won't change until you are actually pregnant.”


Blaise pushed at Harry’s shoulders and gently sat him on the bed whilst he stood a few paces away.


“Blaise, please.” Harry begged as he scooted over and wrapped his arms around Blaise’s waist.


Harry desperately tried to hold his tears back, but one after the other they fell from his eyes. His Dracken was already rejecting Draco; he couldn’t lose Blaise as well. His entire world was crashing and burning right in front of him and it was all his fault. Such a freak, he couldn’t even keep hold of the men that he loved. Always a freak, freaks were always alone and they died alone too.


“Oh, Harry, Mio Prezioso, don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry.” Blaise crooned, gently combing his fingers through his hair and brushing the tears from his face with his other hand. “I know you need other mates, I was just being a little jealous and possessive. I’m the one who’s sorry, amore.”


Harry pushed his head into the front of Blaise’s robes and he cried even harder, words came tumbling from his mouth before he could stop them, he wasn’t even thinking as he came dangerously close to revealing his most guarded secret.


“I’m sorry! Please, Blaise! I’m so sorry. I promise not to be bad anymore! I promise to stop being a little freak, please don’t leave me.”


Dio, Harry. No, I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere; I won’t leave you, Mio Bello. Please stop crying, please don’t call yourself names, I love you, Harry, I’m not mad at you.”


Blaise sat on their bed and he held Harry tightly. Harry breaking down like this scared him. He didn’t know what to do, Harry was so precious to him, to see him like this caused him great pain.


“I can’t lose you too.” Harry whispered into his robe and Blaise shushed him gently.


“You won’t lose me, Harry. I’m not going anywhere.”


“I’m already losing Draco, I can’t lose you too!” Harry continued and Blaise’s head shot down to look at Harry’s screwed up face. What the hell had Draco done now?


“Harry, Mio amore, what has Draco done now?”


“My Dracken is rejecting him!” Harry cried out, looking up at him with such a heart-breaking expression that Blaise’s words froze in his chest. “Max said that I’m releasing mating pheromones, I’m looking for another mate to replace Draco with! I don’t want another mate! I’m sure Draco is better now that the potion is gone, Blaise, I don’t want to reject him.”


“We must go and see Severus, now.” Blaise stated as he stood up, placing Harry on his feet and wrapping an arm around him.


Blaise used his magic to move the chest of drawers out of the way of the door and led Harry down to the dungeons before he knocked on Snape’s door, he could smell Draco inside the room as well, which would kill two owls with one spell, he wouldn’t have to repeat any of this to the blond at a later date.

Snape opened the door with his usual scowl, but ushered him in once he saw who was on his threshold.


“What’s the matter now?” He growled to them after he had indicated for them to sit on the settee.


“Harry’s upset because another Dracken told him that he is releasing mating pheromones. The other Dracken told him that Harry is subconsciously rejecting Draco as a mate and is looking for a new one.”


Draco’s face cracked in shock and misery. He could hardly blame Harry for rejecting him after his actions, but he had sincerely hoped that Harry would find it within himself to forgive him, even though he didn’t truly deserve it.

Snape looked at the submissive Dracken and he inhaled deeply, noticing the very slight change in scent. He knew both Draco and Blaise would be unable to detect the change, they were already mated to the boy and would be unaffected by the pheromones that he was releasing to attract a new mate to him.


“The other Dracken was correct, Harry is releasing pheromones to attract another dominant mate to him, however the pheromone is not very strong, only those within a small distance of him would be able to smell it. This is good news because Potter will not yet be hounded by every dominant in the vicinity and also because there is still time to rectify this.”


“How?!” Harry asked desperately. “How can I fix this?”


“You need to spend more time with Draco.” Snape said, trying to keep the sneer from his face as he looked to the son of his once best friend and his once enemy. “You need to accept him and it wouldn’t hurt to be intimate together.”


“I don’t want to force Harry to do anything with me that he doesn’t want to.” Draco cut in immediately.


“I know what you did to me was wrong and if you ever hit me like that again, Draco, then I’ll beat you myself, but I never wanted to lose you as a mate. I’ll do anything to fix this.”


Snape hid a smirk from the three young boys in front of him. Perhaps having Potter as a submissive mate wouldn’t be the end of their lives after all.

He watched with a bleeding heart as Potter crawled from Blaise to embrace Draco, kissing the blond quickly and chastely on the mouth before snuggling into him.


“You still have to sleep in the cupboard room though.” Harry told Draco seriously. “You can’t come back into our bed just yet. My trust won’t stretch that far just yet.”


“I don’t mind waiting for as long as you wish, as long as I can hold you like this.” Draco answered, his arms wrapped tightly around the smaller boy in his lap.


Perhaps Draco had learnt his lesson after all, Snape thought consideringly as he watched the boy cuddle like a lovesick fool. He remembered when that was him and his mate. How young he had acted, how foolish they both were. He gave a small smirk remembering how his mate used to whine for his attention like a puppy and how he always used to give it to the little brat, no matter what he was doing or how important it was, he dropped everything just to spend time with his beautiful mate and now he was gone. He could feel it in his heart that his mate was no longer a part of this world, but he would not stop until he found out why and who was responsible.

He glanced quickly at the framed photograph on his mantelpiece, risking a quick smile at the picture of his younger self and the beautiful young man who was sat on his lap. He wouldn’t rest in peace until he found out what had happened to his beautiful submissive mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


It had been two days and Harry had been down to Snape’s private quarters more times in those forty-eight hours than he had ever been before, either willingly or, in the case of his numerous detentions, unwillingly.

Every time he came down he asked the same question as soon as he saw Snape. ‘Am I still producing the pheromones?’ and he knew that Snape’s limited patience was being stretched to the extreme by the way that he had started to growl out a short, clipped ‘yes’ before slamming the door in his face.  

Harry had spent every single free minute with Draco, talking, doing homework and even though they still argued and fought a bit, Harry thought that their relationship had started to strengthen, but he was still calling for another mate and Snape had told him that far from lessening, the smell was only getting stronger.

What made everything more difficult and made Harry panic was that he had started craving fruits and vegetables. He was in the first phase of his heat cycle and his Dracken still wasn’t recognising Draco as a mate.

Draco had complained and bitched about the cupboard room, as Harry had known that he would, but the blond still slept in there every night. Harry was so conflicted. He wanted to punish Draco for what he had said and done to him, but he didn’t want to lose the blond as a mate, he was unsure what he could do that wouldn’t be seen by his Dracken as him rejecting Draco further.

Harry had talked it over with Blaise and they had agreed that if Draco could behave himself, he could move into their bedroom and their bed at the end of the week, but only if he was on his best behaviour.

Nothing could have stopped the both of them from partaking in their more carnal instincts and desires, Harry just prayed that his Dracken didn’t see him having sex with just Blaise, whilst Draco was well within earshot, as him rejecting Draco further.

He knew it must have been torture for Draco to listen as he and Blaise had sex right in the next room, but it couldn’t be helped. He wasn’t ready to have sex with Draco yet, or god forbid, have sex with both Draco and Blaise at the same time, not yet at least, but he knew that he had to get used to the idea of the both of them being together in bed with him before he went onto his next period of heat. That is if he could reverse the whole rejection thing before then.

He sighed as he soared over the bleachers on his Firebolt. He was practising with the Gryffindor team and it just his luck that Ron, who was the Keeper for the team, had not grown-up over the Christmas holidays. The redhead kept yelling out that Harry shouldn’t be allowed on the team because he would purposefully hand the cup to the Slytherins.

Harry had finally had enough, his emotions were already highly strung and his anger was slowly climbing higher due to the situation he found himself in with Draco. He had yelled back that he was the Gryffindor Captain and that if Ron didn’t shut his mouth and stop at least one Quaffle from going through his hoops then he was going to replace him and he, rather cruelly, went on to say that they didn’t need him, Harry, on the team in order to sabotage the games so that Slytherin could win the cup because they were doing a bang up job all by themselves if they didn’t even have a Keeper who could stop a Quaffle.

Ron had not liked that at all and his face had turned so red that it had matched his Quidditch robes. Needless to say he hadn’t been able to stop a single Quaffle from going through the goal hoops during that practice session. Harry had pulled Ginny aside after the match and had asked her what was going on and why she had allowed Ron onto the team; he prayed to god that it wasn’t purely because that Ron was her brother.


“He was so much better at the try-outs, Harry, I swear. He didn’t miss a single Quaffle and his competitors were so much worse, all except for McLaggen, but he missed one and Ron didn’t, it seemed clear cut to me.”


Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “We won’t be able to win anything, Gin if we haven’t got a decent Keeper. He hasn’t saved a single shot all practice; you said he was the same in the match against Slytherin?”


“No, he was worse. It was actually painful to watch that match, Harry. He’s my brother, but it was my first game ever being Captain and my face was filled with so much blood from flushing in embarrassment that I could hardly concentrate. It had been my decision to put Ron in the team and he showed all of us up, the entire school is laughing at us, not only the Slytherins. Ravenclaw now think that this next match is going to be a dawdle…they don’t know that you’re fit enough to play yet and we should keep it that way for as long as possible so they underestimate us and don’t have enough time to prepare.”


“To be honest, Ginny it probably is going to be a cake walk for them if Ron can’t even catch a Quaffle. We need to hold Keeper try outs again, what do you think?”


“You’re the Captain, Harry.”


“You’re my sort of Deputy Captain, you will take over the team next year as I’ll probably be unable to play due to my N.E.W.Ts, so your opinion matters, Gin. Should we hold try-outs or do we let ourselves be crushed by Ravenclaw and lose the cup for the first time in two years?”


Ginny sighed and scrubbed her freckled forehead. “We need to hold try-outs, Harry, but we only have a little over a week to integrate the new Keeper before the match against Ravenclaw, can we catch them up in time?”


“It’s the Keepers job to stop the Quaffle going into the hoop, even I can understand that, Ginny. No fancy shit, just stop the Quaffle and stay focused.”


“Maybe you should take over the Keeper position then?” She said slyly.


Harry snorted. “You kidding me, Gin? I can’t keep still for an entire match; I have to be zooming through the air! I need dangerous manoeuvres and near Bludger misses.”


“You need to try and break your neck in every match.” Ginny grinned.


“That too.” Harry stated with a grin of his own. “Blaise is going to have a heart attack.”


“Ooo, speaking of your new little love interest, I’ve been meaning to ask you, is he good in bed? There are rumours that he’s got a ten inch cock, is it true? Come on spill!”


“Ginny!” Harry choked out, his face going redder than red.


“Ooo, it is true isn’t it?! Damn, Harry, did you luck out or what? Does he let you ride him or is he the ‘I’m on top and I’m staying on top’ type, I don’t like those kinds of men, I like using my legs to sink onto a nice cock.”


“Fucking hell, Ginny stop it!” Harry cried in despair as he covered his ears and screwed his eyes shut.


Ginny chuckled and patted Harry’s hair like he was a puppy. “There there, the images will go away soon.”


“You’re fifteen! You’re not legal to have sex.”


Ginny actually looked at him like he had lost his mind before she burst out laughing.


“You are so innocent, Harry it’s actually endearing. So do you and the gorgeous Mister Zabini do role playing? Have you ever played innocent virgin and predatory pervert? Or is disciplinarian teacher and naughty school boy more your thing? How about doctors and patients? You could have him give you a prostate exam with his cock.”


“Stop it, Ginny! Please, I’m begging you, just stop talking!”


Ginny chuckled again before kissing his cheek lightly. “I can give you some of my toys if you want them.”


“What are you talking about now? What toys?”


“You and Blaise don’t play with toys? I know what to get you for a late Christmas present slash Easter present. I wonder if Luna will help me.”


“I…what, Luna? I…no! Stop talking about mine and Blaise’s sex life!”


“Okay.” Ginny relented with a smile. “Can I talk about yours and Malfoy’s sex life? Is he good in bed?”


“Draco and I haven’t had sex so I don’t know.”


“Harry! You have been with him now for how long and you haven’t had sex with that gorgeous man yet? Shame on you!”


“I… he’s being punished!” Harry flustered out.


“Ooo, what for?”


“He spanked me, Ginny!”


Ginny’s grin ate up most of her face as she looked to him as if he had actually impressed her.


“Spanking, really? Harry, you naughty boy, I never took you for the sort to like corporal punishment during sex.”


“No!” Harry exclaimed, trying to gain back control of the situation. “He hit me too hard, Ginny. I couldn’t sit down for three days and that was with a bruise salve!”


“I remember when I had that gorgeous Ravenclaw, you know the one, the tall one with those big hands, I just had to have him spank me with those. I refused the bruise salve and I couldn’t sit right for a week!” Ginny sighed and got a glossy look on her face.


“You liked it?” Harry asked in an incredulous, slightly curious tone.


“Oh Harry, Harry, Harry. Spanking is one of the most erotic things during sex.”


“But it wasn’t during sex, Ginny.” Harry confided softly. “He did it to punish me for cutting my hair; it’s why I’ve been pranking him.”


“You cut your hair?” Ginny asked looking him over with a critical eye. “I didn’t notice. Well spanking for punishment is alright in moderation I guess, just thrust and rub against his legs the next time and get yourself hard, turn it into something sexual and then you barely notice the small stinging slaps.”


Harry scrunched up his face in thought before he nodded. “Alright, I’ll try it.”


“Don’t forget to tell me all about it!” Ginny stated lecherously.


Harry blushed and lightly shoved Ginny’s shoulder. “How did we get to this from Quidditch try-outs?” He demanded.


“We’re just sexual creatures.” Ginny sighed as if put upon. “We need nice, large strong men to fuck us unconscious.”


“Ginny!” Harry cried.


“Oh come on, Harry, I’m not an innocent little girl anymore. Charlie ruined that when he brought his girlfriend home and fucked her without using silencing charms this summer, Mum almost beat him to death with a wooden spoon.”


Harry chuckled and swung an arm around Ginny’s shoulders, they were almost the same height, Ginny being five foot four and a half and him being five foot five. Just half an inch between them, at sixteen Harry should have reached at least five foot eight by now and by seventeen he should have been at least six foot if he were following his parents genes, because Remus and Sirius had told him that neither of his parents had been short, but now he would forever remain at five foot five thanks to his Dracken inheritance.

He sighed, perhaps Ginny was right and he needed to have Draco spank him again to get over his fear of it, to prove that Draco really had changed and of course to practice turning the spanking into something sexual so that he could escape the pain. It wasn’t a true punishment so Blaise would be able to intervene if Draco got too heavy handed. The question now was, did he want to do this tonight or put it off until he gained more confidence. Would he gain more confidence the longer he waited or would waiting make him lose his nerve? Damn it he was coming towards a huge hurdle and he wasn’t sure if he could leap over it or if he’d fall flat on his face.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was snuggled up with Blaise on the settee. He hadn’t told the brunet about his plan to ask Draco to spank him again; he wasn’t sure how he would react to it.

Draco walked into the room and sat down opposite them, he still wasn’t confident enough to sit near the both of them, he was afraid that every small move would get him kicked out of their rooms permanently. It wasn’t anyway to live.

After sitting in a tense silence for ten minutes with no one saying a damn word and the air getting thicker with tension, Harry snapped.


“Right, I can’t put up with this any longer!” He burst out suddenly.


Draco looked alarmed, more than likely thinking that he had done something wrong and was going to be rejected for it.


“We can’t live like this!” Harry told them, standing between them and looking from one to the other. “I want this sorted out, NOW!”


“What do you suggest, Harry?” Blaise asked.


“I need to get over my fear of Draco unexpectedly touching me and you need to prove that you can touch me without hurting me, Draco and we all need to forget that this happened!”


“How?” Draco asked.


“You need to spank me again.” Harry rushed out with a burning face. “You have to control yourself enough not to hurt me, to not go overboard.”


“You…you want me to spank you?” Draco asked as if he hadn’t quite heard right. “I thought you never wanted me to do it again.”


“I’ve been enlightened that every dominant has a punishment technique that is instinctual, Blaise’s is squeezing, yours is spanking, you can’t change that, Draco, it would be like asking me to change my scale colour to orange.”


“Harry, are you sure about this?” Blaise asked seriously.


“Yes and if he gets out of hand you can intervene this time, Blaise, it isn’t a real punishment because I’ve asked him to do it.”


Blaise nodded and he moved to sit right next to Draco, who tensed up slightly at the proximity of the other dominant.

Harry breathed to calm himself as he slipped his trousers off of his legs, leaving him standing in front of both of his dominant mates in only his over large boxer shorts and his white school button up shirt. He was regretting this idea already. He felt like a tiny child standing in front of his parents waiting for a huge telling off and a cuff around the ear. Only he had never had parents to ‘cuff him around the ear’ he just got a harsh beating before he was thrown into his cupboard, or was locked in his room when he was older, and that was his punishment done with.


“Come here, Harry.” Draco coaxed him. Fuck, his voice had gone sexily gruff; the bastard was getting aroused from this.


Harry swallowed heavily, his pride going down as well, yet he kept a very tight hold onto his dignity, he would not lose that, this was his idea after all, Draco was HIS and no one, not even his Dracken was taking his blond brute from him.

Harry positioned himself over Draco’s lap, his head in Blaise’s lap, his oldest mate combing slender fingers through his hair, tugging on it soothingly as Draco slowly and hesitantly pulled down Harry’s boxers and bared his bum.

Harry’s face was almost purple red with his embarrassment as Draco’s hand caressed his bum cheeks; he was finding it difficult to breathe.

The first slap had Harry jumping, but it was nowhere near as hard as Draco had hit him the first time, but still Blaise held onto Draco’s shoulder with one hand whilst the other caressed Harry’s cheek.


“How was that, Harry?” Blaise asked him.


“Better than the first time. I just wasn’t expecting it.”


Draco smacked him again and Harry felt the sting, the brief burning pain in his bum, before Draco smacked his other bum cheek. Harry tried to think of having sex with Blaise, but as Draco’s hand came down it ruined the fantasy and he couldn’t think of anything but Draco’s strong hand smacking against his skin.

Harry resorted to the last thing he possibly could to turn this experience sexual, jabbing himself against Draco’s hip. He wasn’t really expecting it to work, so when he started to get hard he let out a surprised moan, which stopped both of his dominants dead.


“Are you getting off on this?” Blaise asked nearly silently, shocked and a little bit incredulous.


“Maybe.” Harry answered as he thrusted against Draco’s hip again.


Draco shifted and Harry was no longer bumping his hip but rubbing over his thigh, which was so much more pleasurable. He let out a small whimper, which turned into a moan when Draco’s hand came down on his bum again.

Seven more slaps and Harry barely noticed as he rubbed against Draco like a shameless whore, he did notice however when he was suddenly hoisted up and his mouth was attacked with lips, tongue and teeth. His lower body was straddling Draco’s lap, a lap with a very, very hard piece of anatomy pressing against him.

A body moved to the side of him as a mouth attached itself to his neck and suckled, Harry let out a small whimper into the mouth that was attacking his own, a strong tongue mapping out the inside of his mouth.

His mouth was released as Draco moved to nibble along his neck, but Harry didn’t have time to pout as his mouth was taken once more by the very familiar tongue and teeth of Blaise, who tried to suffocate Harry by trying to crawl down his throat.

Draco tore his mouth from his neck and let out a deep growling moan as Harry started rocking his hips in his lap, seeking release. Large hands cupped his bum and moved his body faster, pushed him down harder and a whimper was forced from his throat.

A breeze on his shoulder had his head moving so he could see Blaise undoing the buttons on his shirt, leaving him dressed only in a pair of boxers. Harry turned back to face those lustful silver eyes, moving his hands to tug off the silver and green tie. Oh hell, he was going to have sex with Draco for the first time on their living room settee.

Harry’s mouth was claimed with Draco’s tongue and he rocked more firmly on the blond’s lap as a coiling pressure built up in his gut. He was close to orgasm now and he wanted it, he wanted to feel that blinding white release.

A naked chest pressing against his naked back had Harry wrenching his mouth from Draco and looking over his shoulder to Blaise, who was completely naked and not a damn bit ashamed about it.

Blaise grinned lecherously at him and moved to take over the inside of his mouth again. Harry felt a small pressure on his bottom lip and realised that Blaise’s fangs were out, opening his eyes, which had closed in pleasure and passion, he saw those black wings with their glinting amethyst scales.

Another set of fangs, bigger than Blaise’s went through his skin around his nipple and Harry arched as his nipple was sucked and flicked and licked with a strong tongue.


“How far do you want to go, Harry?” Blaise asked against his lips, detaching himself to speak and to breathe.


“All the way.” Harry replied breathlessly, holding Draco’s head to his nipple by those silky blond locks.


Blaise didn’t ask him if he was sure, didn’t advise him that maybe waiting would be better, instead he just nodded his head and went right back to pleasuring Harry. Harry loved that about Blaise that he trusted him to know what he wanted and didn’t second guess him.

Blaise lifted him from Draco’s lap and sat down on the settee with him on his own lap, for a moment Harry had believed that he would have to smack him for not sharing and for taking him from Draco, but then he realised that Draco had indicated to Blaise to take Harry from his lap and it was obvious why as Draco started stripping himself from his clothes.

Harry watched entranced as pale, pale skin was revealed, his jaw ached to bite red marks onto that unblemished skin. As if thinking the same thing, Blaise moved Harry back in his lap, bending him backwards, until Harry’s mouth was level with one of those hugely muscled thighs. Harry sank his teeth, and the fangs that he hadn’t known were present, into that thick thigh covered in delicate, almost invisible, silvery blond hairs. The muscle jumped under his mouth, but Harry let go with his teeth and laved his mark with an apologetic tongue, licking and lapping before Draco wrenched his mouth away and bent down to claim it with his own.

Kisses and small nips to his belly had Harry writhing and wriggling on Blaise’s lap, making small noises that were devoured by Draco.

Harry was hefted upwards and his neck almost snapped with the unexpected movement, but Draco’s hands quickly cradled the back of his head as Blaise pulled him back up to lean against his front.

His two dominants growled at each other, but Harry couldn’t for the life of him figure out why, not that he cared as he smacked the both of them upside the head.


“You have a choice, you can either both fuck me, or you can both fight each other, you can’t do both.”


Blaise pulled Harry until he was on his knees pressed against Blaise’s body, he was held there by a strong arm wrapped around his waist. Nothing happened.

Harry wriggled and was about to ask what the hell was going on when a smooth, lubricated finger pressed into his body. His head fell back with a breathy moan, he tried to move on that finger as it caressed his inner walls, but Blaise’s arm wouldn’t move.

A second set of hands holding his upper body up had Harry moving restlessly as one finger became two and he moved more insistently to get those fingers deeper in his body.


“Please.” He begged.


“You need to be properly prepared.” Blaise told him stiffly, his voice strained.


Harry let out a frustrated little groan, but he forgot about his frustration as his head was pulled back by his hair and Draco’s tongue took up residence in his mouth.

Harry was jolted as his hips were gripped and he was pulled down on top of Blaise’s hard, blunt shaft, the cock slipping inside of him slowly as his insides gripped at it tightly.

Blaise clenched his teeth and cursed in Italian as he lowered Harry down until there wasn’t enough space between them to fit a piece of parchment. Harry wriggled and twisted, trying to get Blaise to move within him, but those hands didn’t leave his hips.

Draco lightly bit the back of his neck and Harry gasped, rocking in Blaise’s lap, which caused Blaise to let out a muffled shout of surprised pleasure.

Blaise lifted him slowly and carefully from his lap, before letting him slip back down, Harry cried out at the blissful sensation and placed his hands on Blaise’s shoulders and moved himself quicker and let himself drop back down. Blaise’s hands on his hips still controlled the majority of his movements, but Harry didn’t care as Blaise finally found his prostate and jabbed it.


“Blaise!” Harry moaned as he shifted his knees deeper into the settee cushions to help elevate himself better.


Blaise growled lowly as he bucked under his little mate, pushing himself into Harry as much as he could as his submissive dropped down onto him.

They set a fast and furious pace ready to bring their release as quickly as possible, unable to stand the gut clenching coiling much longer.

Harry released first, helped on by Draco, who had reverently started stroking his hard cock between his and Blaise’s bodies. The alternating speed of Blaise thrusting into him hard and fast and Draco softly, gently caressing him in slow movements had Harry screaming his pleasure to the ceiling.

Hot liquid spilt into his body and Harry let out a soft moan as Blaise slowed down his movements before stopping completely holding Harry to him with almost crushing pressure, before loosening his hold and softly rubbing Harry’s back.

Harry yawned sleepily, but before he could fall asleep in Blaise’s comforting embrace, he was passed off to another warm, muscled body, one that was still hard and in dire need of release.

Draco kissed him almost desperately and Harry kissed him back, arching his body as a hand slid between his legs and cupped his balls and the base of his rapidly hardening cock. The tip of a thumb was pressed into his stretched and leaking entrance and Harry gasped in pleasure and slight shock.

His body quivered as Draco moved him to sit straddling him, in almost exactly the same position as Blaise had had him, only his legs were wrapped around Draco’s waist and not bent and pressing into the settee cushions. He had no control in this position and his head fell back when Draco cupped his bum and pulled him up before carefully lowering him onto his cock.

Harry couldn’t help but compare the feeling of Draco being inside of him to Blaise. Blaise was longer but Draco was definitely thicker, it made his blood feel thicker as Draco wrapped muscled arms around him to keep him in place as he started bucking his hips to move that cock inside of him.

Harry let out a keening mewl as he wrapped his arms around Draco’s shoulders and let himself be moved, there wasn’t much else that he could do in this position except to feel and occasionally tighten his muscles around Draco, which got him a primal growl and a harsh thrust.

Harry felt Draco’s thrusts get harder and deeper, more rushed and Harry knew now, after much practice with Blaise, that the blond was getting close to orgasm. Harry clenched his muscles around Draco as often as his pleasured brain could handle. A smooth, dry hand wrapped around his cock and Harry looked into deep, lust filled indigo eyes before a mouth claiming his had his fully attention again.

Harry quivered and arched as the tightening sensation in his gut came to its peak, he could feel the blood rushing around his body as he locked eyes with stunning silver before his orgasm took him over.


“Draco!” Harry managed to scream before his mouth was seized once again by the blond, who gave out a muffled groan and emptied himself into Harry, his release joining Blaise’s. 


Harry must have blacked out; either that or he had fallen unconscious because the next he knew he was lying in a soft bed with two warm, sleeping bodies on either side of him and no way to tell how much time had passed.

Groaning Harry started to move into a more comfortable position, but as pain speared through his lower body, he decided against it and lay back down in the soft warm bed, cuddling into the body he was facing and dragging the arm of the body at his back closer so that he could wrap himself in it like a cocoon.

Neither of his mates had thought it a good idea to pull the duvet over them and he was going to beat the both of them for their lack of foresight. No matter, he’d use their body parts as his heater and if they complained, well it wasn’t him who had forgotten to cover them all up after all, he had been fucked unconscious.

Yawning Harry snuggled into someone’s back and cuddled the arm in his grasp tighter and he slipped off to sleep again, before he had to get up and get ready for lessons in the morning.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


A/N: Have a nose at the descriptions of the Drackens that are either in the story or that are suitors of Harry’s. Feel free to ask questions, but just so you know these descriptions are very basic guidelines only and some of them you have never even heard of before and some might not even appear in the story at all.


Arsenio Demetrius


42 years old with cropped black hair that is thinning and greying at the temples. He is Greek and lives in his homeland of Athens in Greece. He has charcoal eyes and black wings with slate grey scales. He has a few scars on his face, the most prominent of which is a claw scar running the length of his left cheek which he got from insulting a submissive when he was 22.

Arsenio is kind and gentle with Harry despite his harsh appearance and demeanour and holds Harry’s hand like it is made of spun glass. He is courteous and polite, respecting not only Harry’s wishes but Blaise’s as well.

Arsenio is 6 foot 3 inches tall with a slender frame. He enjoys politics and debating and has a Ministry job back in his home of Greece.


Maximilius Diadesen Maddox? (Maddison)


31 years old but has a self-admitted mental age of 12. He is 6 foot 8 inches tall and has thick brown hair and gorgeous, deep blue, sapphire coloured eyes. He has bright blue, 28 foot wings with cobalt blue and coal black scales.

He enjoys cooking and eating as well as reading in front of fires. He dislikes the cold and becomes reclusive in the winter months. He is a Potions Master having gotten his mastery at 26, one of the youngest to ever do so. He currently works for a potions company that makes and sells potions to stock hospitals chemists and small clinics all over Britain.

Max’s laugh is deep and alluring, it sexually arouses Harry who is at the right height to lick Max’s nipples.

Max is very muscled and very fit. Harry can only just about wrap his legs around his waist.


Nasta Tabrien Delericey


36 years old, nearly 37 his birthday being on the 3rd of February. He is 6 foot 6 inches tall with jet black, 26 foot wings and yellowish-gold scales. He always has a small growth of stubble on his face. He has pitch black hair that is ear length and floppy. He has soft hazel eyes that have a goldish-green tint to them; in different light settings they can appear fully green or fully gold.

He isn’t as obviously muscled as most of the other Dracken’s whom Harry compares to bodybuilders; the muscles Nasta has are solid and compacted from manual labour and Harry notes that they strain his clothing every time he moves ‘like they want to break free of their confines.’

Nasta is a nice man, but misunderstood at times due to the fact that he doesn’t speak much. He was born and raised in West Wales and works as a Dragon handler on the Welsh Dragon Reserve.

Nasta can write, read and speak fluently in several different languages and can convey what he means with just a look. He smells like musk and fire and his presence soothes Harry to the point where he can relax so much he falls asleep.

Nasta is not a jealous or possessive lover and would punish his mate by laying his teeth against the submissive’s inner wrist and biting down just enough to hurt. He finds the idea of Harry standing up for himself sexy and is a very confident man.

Nasta finds the idea of a dominant abusing a submissive repulsive and becomes very angry if it is mentioned near him.

Nasta drinks pure fruit juices, his Father having not allowed him to drink any coffee or carbonated drinks as a child or teenager.


Henley Jackson


Sixteen years old, birthday on the 17th of December. He is 5 foot 10 inches tall with a slender, only slightly muscled, willowy, gangly body that has the typical still growing teenage awkwardness and he has wavy copper brown hair which keeps flopping into his left eye causing him to constantly swipe it away and milk chocolate coloured eyes. He has a pretty, boyish mouth, rounded cheeks and a cheeky, toothy smile. His wings are 19 feet in length and are beige coloured with lemon yellow and light brown scales the colour of Demerara sugar.

He is quite naïve due to his age and reminds Harry of a crack addicted puppy. Henley loves Quidditch and swimming. He talks a lot and needs a bit more confidence.

He has an older sister who is also a Dracken, who is mated and a very over protective Mother and a Father who is pushing him to be mated.


Elder Quintalus Trintus


67 years old with short silvery grey hair. He is 6 foot exactly and gives the impression of a once fit and strong man grown frail with age. His eyes are a deep brown and are very kind.

Trintus is now an Elder of the Dracken counsel and has earned the title of submissive chaperone. He has a female submissive whom he married several years after their mateship; they have had eight clutches of chicks and have twenty-seven children. None of them were Drackens.


Elder Justo Getus


63 years old with longish, slicked back iron grey hair turned black in places with oil. He has brown eyes that have the appearance of ice. He is mated to a female submissive and has never seen the need to marry her. They had twelve clutches of chicks and have thirty-nine children, none of them were Drackens.

He has twelve grandchildren and only one of them was a Dracken, Dominic. Elder Getus is a determined and stern man who stops at nothing to get what he wants. This determination comes across as obsession.


Jensen Cian Kyron


33 years old with dark blonde almost brown hair and brown eyes. He has 25 foot, forest green wings and ocean blue and mint green scales. He is very adventurous and enjoys all outdoor activities, though he admits that rock climbing is by far is favourite.

Jensen is 6 foot 1 inches tall and is athletically built. He has gained muscles from the many different sports he partakes in. Jensen is energetic and strongly motivated to keep himself in shape which he has confessed to stemming from a childhood fear of becoming overweight.

He is nearly obsessed with his health and watches everything he eats; he proudly boasts that he has never had a tooth cavity and states that his family has not had any degenerative inherited diseases in four decades.


Elijah ‘Eli’ Waterstone


28 years old. Birthday is March 10th. Eli has dark red hair and light blue eyes he is a fierce and loyal man who would stop at nothing to protect those he loves and believes that family is the most important thing in the world. He is just shy of 6 foot and his wings are 24 and a half foot long. They are a deep garnet colour with Heliotrope and cerise coloured scales.

Eli works very hard in the bookshop that his Mother owns and spends every spare minute with his family. He often babysits his Nieces and Nephews for his two sisters and his brother, none of which are Drackens.


Declan Yates


26 years old. Light brown hair and grey eyes. He has 22 foot wings that are cornflower blue. He has pearl white and dove grey scales.

Declan is a lawyer as well as owning his own law firm. He is very devoted to his job and it is because of this that submissives do not pick him as a mate.

He isn’t interested is sports or physical games, preferring his job over everything else. He often eats out after confessing that he does not know how to cook past making himself a sandwich.

Declan spends his evenings doing paperwork and if he has time before he falls asleep he will read an interesting murder mystery book.


Bartholomew Nasri


50 years old. Very pale blonde hair that is nearly completely grey and black eyes. Amber coloured 23 foot wings and champagne coloured scales.

Bartholomew has been married twice, but has no children from his marriages. Both of his ex-wives (Humans) left him because he could not stop himself from reacting to the call of a submissive and forcing him to attend submissive meetings.

He believes himself to be too old to find a mate and laments that he may never settle down and have a family due to his inability to find a human mate who will put up with him constantly rushing all over the world to find a submissive.



StarLight Massacre. X

Chapter Text



Chapter Fifteen – Quidditch


After that one night spent together, Harry moved Draco into the bedroom immediately and permanently. It was a tight squeeze in their platform bed meant for two, but it could fit the three of them if they all snuggled together.

Harry had chewed out both Draco and Blaise for not bothering to pull the duvet over them all and both had promised that the next time they would make sure to tuck him in.

Harry happily waltzed down to the Great Hall and sat in between Blaise and Draco, the blond sitting so close to him that their legs were squished from hip to knee, whereas before Draco had opted to sit on the opposite side of the table. Blaise automatically filled Harry’s plate with all of his favourite fruits and a few slices of wholemeal toast.

Harry reached for the jar of jam and happily spread the apricot flavoured preserve thickly onto his toast. He finished it off and then went onto his slices of banana.

Draco watched avidly as he had been doing for the last couple of months, observing Harry’s routine and learning his favourite foods and what were just passing fancies. When Harry reached out to grab the jug of pure, freshly squeezed, apple juice, Draco beat him to it and poured him a glass of the chilled juice with a small smile.

Harry lent over and kissed him happily on the lips in thanks. A loud squeal and the sound of flesh hitting solid wood made the two look over and down the table to little, fourteen year old Astoria Greengrass, who by the looks of it had pounded her small fists into the table, a scowl taking over her reddening face.


“What do you think you’re doing?!” She demanded. “He’s my fiancé!”


“We were loosely betrothed, Astoria, a betrothal that I have already written to my Father about breaking, you should be receiving the news either this morning or tomorrow morning depending on how important my Father deems you to be. I would expect it tomorrow at the earliest.” Draco replied coldly as he held Harry’s hand tightly on top of the table.


Harry sighed. He had heard all of this directly from Draco and he hadn’t been happy about it, until Draco had assured him that it was a fall back plan. The terms of the betrothal were that if Draco and Astoria were not married to anyone else before Draco was twenty-five and Astoria twenty-three, then they would marry each other to carry on the name of Malfoy.

With Draco now near enough mated to Harry for life the terms of the contract were broken and the betrothal would never be fulfilled. Harry took satisfaction in that small victory, Draco didn’t even like Astoria Greengrass, it would have been unfair to have married the two together and then force them to have sex to create an Heir to the Malfoy name.

Harry glared at the young girl, feeling very possessive and slightly jealous that this…girl could have been married to his mate. He situated himself in Draco’s lap and he snuggled in, enjoying both the feel of Draco’s arms coming up around him, holding him tightly and the look on Astoria’s face.

Blaise scooted over to the seat that Harry had vacated and hooked an arm under Draco’s and held Harry’s hand.

Harry revelled in the jealous looks he received. His mates would never leave him and he would never leave them, people could look all they wanted, but if they dared to touch what was his, then he’d carve them up like so much meat.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry saw other Drackens floating around the school like ghosts as he went from class to class, it had unsettled him and he didn’t like them being so close to him when he hadn’t actually had his bonding heat with Draco yet. He had gone to Dumbledore when he next had a spare moment to see what was going on and the Headmaster had assured him that if any one of them so much as touched him then they would be restricted back to the Dracken compound, but they had become so restless stuck in the same building, no matter how big, with over a hundred other Drackens that it was becoming borderline cruel and there had been so many fights breaking out that the Elders were finding it difficult to keep control of the situation.

So Dumbledore had graciously allowed them to wander around the school and the extensive grounds and even allowed them to hunt the non-magical animals in the Forbidden Forest. Their presence was explained away as them being foreign students, and their supervisors in the case of the older dominants, doing a research trip to find out how magical England educated their young witches and wizards. Max hadn’t been able to stop laughing when Harry had told him this excuse and he had vowed to put on a false accent and ask every Hogwarts student that he met insanely difficult questions, calling them stupid as they inevitably got the answers wrong. Harry just shook his head having a little laugh about it.

Nasta had given a small smile and held him closer on their rock by the lake. He stated that he had been sneaking onto the grounds to see him for weeks, so he didn’t need the new freedom to see him. When Harry had told him about what Max was planning to do he let out a soft snort and a muttered ‘he always was childish’ before going back to nuzzle Harry’s hair, whilst simultaneously playing with the small fingers of his left hand.

As soon as the Drackens had permission to be on the grounds, Harry saw Arsenio for the first time since their walk through the Dracken house; Harry grinned at him and accepted the light kiss to the cheek. Draco had growled lowly and Arsenio had looked to him coldly.


“This is Draco, my second mate.” Harry explained.


“I see. I did not think you would enjoy the attentions and…limitations, of such a jealously natured mate.”


“I have every right to be jealous with you laying your hands on my mate!” Draco hissed.


“Hmm, I liked your first mate better, Harry. At least Blaise wasn’t as puerile and could actually control himself.”


Harry could see the friction and the tension rising and he sighed. Draco was not making the prospect of finding a third mate appealing. He absolutely refused to let Harry be near any potential mate that was older than twenty-five and he was downright hostile to anyone over the age of thirty, which included Max, Nasta, Jensen and especially to Arsenio, who at forty-two, was near the same age as Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s Father.


“Draco, please.” Harry pleaded gently, laying a small hand on Draco’s arm.


“He’s old enough to be our Father!” Draco bit out.


“My Father is dead, Draco.” Harry said firmly. “I don’t remember a thing about him! Being with an older mate doesn’t bother me, I’ve never really had a Father to compare ages to, so having a lover that is however old doesn’t register to me as being inappropriate.”


“It should.”


“But it doesn’t, so stop acting like this and let me do what I need to do to get all of my mates so I can have a family of my own.”


Draco growled and crossed his arms over his chest. He was still feeling unsettled and very possessive and he would continue to feel as such until Harry had gone through the final stage of his heat with him present. Then he would either return to near enough normal or Harry would get pregnant and his possessive and protective instincts would fly through the roof.

He watched sulkily as Harry laughed and strutted around with that Greek granddad and he felt his Dracken curl in anger inside of him. That man had no right to touch what was his!


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry sighed as he curled into Blaise later that afternoon. Draco had made his morning nigh on impossible to enjoy. He was so jealous it was unreal. How could he find his third mate if Draco acted like an arsehole every time he spoke to someone?

Popping a cherry into his mouth, Harry nibbled all of the juicy red flesh from it and poked the stone back out with his tongue, placing it in a small rubbish bag that was by his hand that he was using for the stalks and stones.

Blaise watched him indulgently; a small smile across those sensuous lips as he tried once again to translate the book that Harry had given to him for Christmas.

Draco was on his other side of Blaise finishing his Potions essay, which was at least three foot longer than what was asked for, but as Draco had explained, where Granger just threw in every fact that she could find from the books that she read, he genuinely had a lot to say on the subject and found it difficult to curb himself to just a few feet of parchment. Draco actually enjoyed Potions, and he didn’t just love them, he adored them. It had nothing to do with him being a Slytherin, or that Snape was practically his Godfather in all but official documents, Draco got straight Os in Potions because he damn well worked for them.

Harry hadn’t known that you could go over the stated length for an essay, he’d thought that Hermione did just because she was Hermione, but in actuality the length of an essay given was the minimal amount that the Professor would accept, true he had trouble writing the required length in most of his subjects, but all of the time he had spent editing and cutting bits out of his Defence essays to make it exactly the length that was required, wasted. He could have handed in his essay as it was, gotten much higher marks and been credited for it on top.

No more, now his Defence essays were nearly as long as Draco’s Potions essays and with both Blaise and Draco helping and tutoring him in all of his classes so he could actually do the work himself now, who needed to copy Hermione’s fact riddled homework?

Harry startled as the cherry he had reached for was picked up by a large pale hand before he could grab it, Draco held it to his mouth with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Harry chuckled and he sucked the cherry, and Draco’s fingers, into his mouth. He gave the fingers a little flick with his tongue before letting them pull out from his mouth.

Blaise snorted softly beside him in amusement and lent forward to press a soft kiss to Harry’s cheek as he chewed up the cherry flesh and poked out the stone.


“Why didn’t you just ask for pitted cherries?” Draco asked wrinkling his nose as Harry put the nibbled clean stone into his rubbish bag.


“Because they lose their juices and I find them dryer.” Harry replied simply. “They taste better this way, fresher.”


Draco rolled his eyes and went back to his Potions essay. The room went back to near silence, the only sounds were the scratching of Draco’s quill and the rustling of Blaise’s parchment as Harry finished off his large bowl of cherries and settled down to take a short nap, pillowing his head on Blaise’s thigh.

Harry was shaken awake after what seemed like only a few minutes. He groaned and pushed at the hand that was rubbing his back firmly to wake him up.


“Go ‘way.” He mumbled sleepily.


Prezioso, it’s dinner time.” Blaise murmured to him softly.


Harry groaned as he forced himself upright, Blaise’s hands on his back helping him up. Harry stretched and yawned and still he felt so tired that he would rather just curl up and go back to sleep rather than go down to the Great Hall to eat.


“I think we might have to carry him.” Draco’s smooth voice sounded close by, the blond was amused.


“Fine, just don’t drop me.” Harry answered, holding his arms out to where he had heard Draco’s voice.


“You’re serious?”


“You offered.” Harry countered.


Harry had only been partly joking, but arms wrapped around his waist and hoisted him up before he could swing his feet off of the settee and stand up on his own. He was held closely and securely on Draco’s hip and Harry blushed a light pink.


“I was only joking!”


Draco smirked. “It’s alright if you want to be carried.” The blond stated. “I don’t mind carrying you from place to place.”


Harry rolled his eyes, but he didn’t make a fuss. Blaise had carried him around when they had first mated as well, true it had been from the Great Hall back to their rooms so no one saw them, but he just didn’t care what people thought anymore.

He was a fucking submissive male Dracken! Why should such pathetic, human nattering bother him? All that mattered was his mates and his children, nothing else mattered, nothing else even came close to gaining his attention. Let the humans say what they wanted, as long as he had his mates and his future children, everything in his life was perfect.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


People stared, people pointed, First years gasped and all students of all ages whispered that the evil Draco Malfoy, son of the ex-Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, had hurt the wizarding world’s Saviour, the Defeater of Voldemort and his horde of vile Death Eaters.

Harry rolled his eyes to Blaise, who was walking behind Draco, keeping eye contact with Harry, who had his head pillowed on Draco’s wide shoulder. Honestly if Draco had hurt him why the hell would he carry his injured body into the Great Hall where there were twenty adult witches and wizards sitting at the Head table?

Harry was pulled from his resting place and he let out a small squawk at the sudden action. Draco sat down on the bench at the Slytherin table and sat Harry comfortably on his lap, holding him loosely around the waist.

Harry didn’t even try to move from where Draco had placed him, he knew the minute he moved to get off of Draco’s lap, those arms would tighten and tense and become unmovable steel bands or at least Blaise’s always did when he tried to move and his mate didn’t want him to, he didn’t see why Draco would be any different.

He scanned the table and nothing really took his fancy as Draco and Blaise both served themselves gracefully with all the manners that had been beaten into their young, impressionable minds. He tried not to notice the piles of meat they had served themselves nor the dishes and plates of the foul smelling animal bits up and down the table.

He was in the final stages of his heat now, only about a week to go before he was dragged off for ten days to have his body so pleasurably abused by his two dominants. He wondered how it would work. There were two of them now, what was going to happen? How would the both of them handle the heat? Would they take it in turns like they had during that night on the settee? Would they fight each other with their Drackens in charge of their mind and bodies? He wanted to ask one of the older Drackens, but he was too embarrassed.


“Aren’t you hungry, Bello?” Blaise asked.


Harry sighed. “Not really.”


Harry scooped a spoonful of vegetable rice onto his plate and added a couple of spoons of assorted steamed vegetables and picked at the small amount of food he had with his fork.


“Are you unwell again, Harry?”


Harry, and most of the Slytherin’s around them, looked to see Ginny Weasley confidently standing behind them. She placed the back of her hand against Harry’s forehead, ignoring the growls from both Blaise and Draco.


“You feel a bit heated. You better not be sick again, you hear me. The crucial game is tomorrow! Can’t you hold your illness at bay for another day? No, make that two days, we need you at the after party when we win.” 


“Potter’s playing tomorrow?” The Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Roger Davis, asked with horror written on his face. He had overheard Ginny talking, not surprising seeing as he was sat almost directly behind where she was standing.


“He sure is, Roger-boy.” Ginny answered with a grin. “If he can hold his sickness off until tomorrow that is.”


“I’m sure I can play tomorrow, Gin.” Harry answered. “But I can feel the sickness creeping up on me again. This sucks.”


“Damn right it does, as long as you’re better for when we play Hufflepuff.”


Harry rolled his eyes and took a nibble of some steamed broccoli. Roger Davis was rushing up and down the Ravenclaw table rounding up his team. They were whining and complaining about being dragged from their dinners, until he shut them up with a curt “Potter is fit enough to play tomorrow! He’s back on the Gryffindor team and we have been practising for Weasley being the Seeker! Get your arses on the pitch.”


Harry chuckled lightly. “Think they’ll get in enough practice to beat lil old me by tomorrow?”


“Not a chance.” Ginny stated happily. “You heard Davis, they’ve been practising for me being the Seeker and I’m nowhere near your league, you could go pro if you wanted to.”


“You just have a head on your shoulders, Gin. Me, I don’t care what it takes as long as that snitch is in my hand at the end of the match.”


“Or in your mouth.” Ginny added slyly.


Harry grinned as he remembered his first ever match and nodded. “I don’t care where it ends up as long as I still get the points for catching it.”


“You might regret saying that if you read One Hundred Awkward Snitch Captures. One poor guy got one lodged right up his arse after a bludger hit the snitch and propelled it through the seam stitching of his leggings and right up into his rectum, poor guy had to have a Healer shove his hand up after it to yank it out because a snitch repels magic to stop the Seeker from summoning it during a match. He got the one hundred and fifty points though.”


Harry burst out laughing and almost choked on a baby carrot.


“That is a vile discussion to have whilst we are dining, Weasley. Are you so uncouth that you cannot restrain yourself whilst others are eating?” Parkinson sniffed pompously, delicately dabbing her mouth with a napkin before folding her knife over her fork and pushing her half eaten plate away from her body.


“Well everyone else dining has to put up with your vile face, Parkinson, I’m sure they can handle the conversation.” Ginny scathed back.


“Why you disgusting little blood traitor!”


“Don’t you speak to her like that!” Harry hissed, flicking a spoonful of buttered peas at the rude Slytherin.


“Don’t play with your food, Harry.” Draco admonished lightly, but otherwise ignored that his mate had just thrown a spoonful of peas and butter at his housemate, who was squawking and shrieking at her butter stained robes.


“These robes are made from crushed velvet, Potter! Velvet!”


“Then maybe you should have worn plain cotton ones like everyone else.” Harry stated simply, scooping up some rice to nibble on.


Ginny was roaring with laughter behind him and leant forward to rest against Draco’s back, who stiffened and opened his mouth to demand her to get the hell off of him, but Harry pushed a baby corn into his mouth and pecked his lips with a smile.

He reached over and tugged on Ginny’s flaming red hair and grinned at her, laughing lightly at her obvious, and infectious, laughter.

Ginny wrapped her arms around Malfoy and squeezed him.


“Damn Harry, why do you get all the good ones? Just feel these shoulders!”


“Stop molesting my ma…boyfriend please, Ginny.”


“What were you going to say before boyfriend hmm, Harry?” Ginny asked with a salacious grin. “Have you given Malfoy here a cute nickname? Suppose anything’s better than pale, pointy ferret.”


“That does it, get off of me, Weasley! Now!”


“Tetchy tetchy. So what is his nickname, Harry?” Ginny asked again as she straightened up before she fell flat on her face because Draco had twisted his shoulder out from under her.


“I was going to say man, but they don’t like me calling them my man, says it sounds too plebeian.” Harry said to cover himself.


“It is plebeian.” Draco sniffed, puffing himself up like a peacock. 


Ginny giggled girlishly at Draco’s actions and Harry gave her a look which clearly stated that she was losing it. It made her giggle harder.


“I’ll be fighting fit for tomorrow, Ginny, have you told Ron that he isn’t playing?”


“Umm, well…no. Not yet.”


“Ginny! The match is tomorrow morning!”


“You’re the Captain!”


“You’re the Captain that let him onto the team!”


“You kicked Weasley off the team?” Blaise asked.


“Of course I did. He’s atrocious.”


“He wasn’t in try-outs!” Ginny defended.


“Well he is during the games and every practice we’ve had thus far. Put McLaggen on, brute can't be any worse than Ron.”


“Oh Harry! He’s awful! He thinks I’m the Captain still and he won't stop bombarding me with tips and advice, I swear he thinks he’s the Captain!”


“Then I’ll cut him down to size and if he refuses to reform we’ll use Pauley Hendix.”


“Right, okay, we’ve practised with both. Hendix is young, but he’s a damn good Keeper.”


“It’s because he was the Keeper when he used to play Football when he was a kid, got right into the under elevens league, could have gone pro if he hadn’t have given it up to come to Hogwarts. I mean being on a broom is different to being on the ground and of course in Football you don’t have balls being thrown at you or Bludgers and snitches, but it’s essentially the same thing, stop the ball from going in the hoop or rather the net in Football.”


“You lost me, but I’ll just nod and pretend that you aren’t crazy.” Ginny stated, patting his head and leaving them for her Gryffindor friends.


Harry smiled as he watched her bounce away, her hair swinging wildly. He snuggled into Draco and yawned.


“Have you finished, Harry?” His blond pillow asked. “You’ve barely touched a thing.”


“I’m done; I think I’m just tired.”


“Weasley said that you were heated.”


“Of course I am, my next heat period is in approximately a week, I got flushed the last time I neared my heat as well.”


Draco nodded and he stood up, this time with Harry in his arms, one arm under the bend in his knees and the other wrapped around his middle and his hand holding the top of Harry’s leg. Harry’s arms went around Draco’s neck and he yawned more deeply as he placed his head on Draco’s shoulder.

Blaise walked beside them this time and Harry noticed that there were only a couple of inches between their heights, but Draco was obviously taller and broader. Blaise was more slender, but hell if that man couldn’t pack a punch.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up the next day draped over Blaise. He blinked and looked blearily around his bedroom and yawned widely.

He was lying on his stomach, on top of Blaise, who was lying on his back, the Italian’s left arm was wrapped around Harry’s back, the other was under Draco’s neck, who was sleeping on his side, pressed against both Harry and Blaise. The blond was sleeping on his left arm; the other was wrapped over Harry’s hip and was fisting the waistband of Blaise’s boxer shorts.

One thing Harry knew for certain, he was not getting out of the bed without waking the both of them up. He groaned and tried to extract himself from the pile of bodies, but he failed spectacularly when he slipped in his groggy state of mind and accidentally kneed Blaise between the legs.

His part Italian, part French lover woke up with a scream that had Draco shooting up in the bed, his silver and pale blue wings bursting from his back in a spray of blood and wrapping tightly around Harry.


“What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you?!” Draco demanded as he realised that they were in no imminent danger and that the scream had come from Blaise.


“It was my fault.” Harry answered. “I tried to get out of the bed without waking the both of you up and I might have accidentally kneed Blaise in the groin.”


Draco chuckled gruffly, his voice still sleep roughened. Harry shivered as he heard it.


“I have to get ready, I have a match today.”


“Can’t you get ready without crushing my balls?” Blaise asked in a shaky voice.


“I’m sorry, Blaise; want me to kiss them better?” Harry teased.


Blaise grinned naughtily. “Yes actually, I do.”


Harry snorted and pushed his mates away to go stumble down the winding stairs that attached to the wall. He stumbled his way into the bathroom and stumbled into the shower. He’d be taking another one after the match, but he needed one now just to wake himself up.

Draco was outside the shower cubicle washing his face, Harry saw Blaise walk in with a pile of scarlet robes. His Quidditch robes. Blaise laid them on the bench outside the shower and went to wrestle with Draco for the mirror so that he could brush his teeth.


“You two are like a bunch of girls.” Harry told them as he stepped out of the shower wearing a fluffy towel.


He patted himself dry and jumped into his pale yellow Quidditch leggings. It was unfortunate that they were so skin tight that there was no room to wear any underwear; he doubted that even the girls could fit a thong underneath them.

He towelled his hair roughly and when he deemed it dry enough he threw the towel into the hamper for the house-elves. He pulled on his skin tight Quidditch vest, also in pale yellow, before sitting down to pull on the bright scarlet socks with two yellow stripes on the tops.


“You look gorgeous just like that.” Blaise told him, leering at him through the mirror.


“Doesn’t leave much to the imagination.” Harry grinned back, cupping himself through the stretchy leggings.


Draco chuckled. “You should have shared a locker room with Flint then, his bulge was the size of a Quaffle.”


“You actually checked him out?” Harry asked incredulously.


“Sure.” Blaise answered. “It’s only normal to check out the opposition and damn did he have the biggest package I’ve ever seen.”


“Probably the part troll in him.” Harry stated seriously.


Draco almost swallowed his toothpaste as he choked out a laugh. “The Flint’s don’t have troll blood. Flint’s Mother slept with a mountain Fae, it reacted badly to the Drow blood already in their genes and Marcus was the product, though his younger brother looks worse.”


“I didn’t know that he had a brother.”


“Yeah, the Flints were so ashamed of how he turned out that they are home educating him, hardly surprising, he looks grotesque.”


Harry was silently fretting inside. He had never once looked at his team-mates ‘packages’ he had never even been curious about it, not even as the starry-eyed eleven year old taking an after practice shower with the fourteen to sixteen year olds. It had never bothered him, but what if they had looked at him? He wasn’t very big, not at all and his face grew warm and pink.


“What’s the matter, Harry?” Blaise asked, noticing immediately.


“I’ve never checked anyone out in the locker rooms.” He admitted.




Harry shook his head and Draco grinned. “You mean the only ‘packages’ you’ve seen besides your own are mine and Blaise’s?”


Harry nodded a bit shyly.


“There’s no shame in that, mio amore.” Blaise told him lightly.


“What if they looked at me though? I’ve never thought about it before, but if it’s normal to look, then they’ve been looking at me!”


“You have nothing to be ashamed of.” Draco told him, wrapping arms around him and holding him tightly. “You have an absolutely gorgeous body.”


“I’m not as big as everyone else.”


“You’ve never looked so how do you know?” Blaise asked him. “You are about average, Harry, I told you that Draco and I are not going to be good indicators of size, we swelled with our inheritance.”


Harry pouted but he nodded his head. It had never bothered him before so he wasn’t going to let it bother him now, not when he had two mates who loved him for who he was. He was just put out that the other boys might have been looking at him showering.

He broke the two way hug he was getting and shrugged on his scarlet robes, tying them up with the dragon hide strings. He sat down and tugged on the dragon hide boots, lacing them up and then standing.


“How do I look?” He asked.


“Like the end of Slytherin’s dream of winning the Quidditch cup.” Draco grumbled.


Harry grinned widely and gave him a kiss.


“I can't help that I’m just so obviously talented on a broomstick.”


“Yeah you are.” Blaise stated, but the way he said it made Harry blush.


Harry pushed him. “I didn’t mean it like that!” He cried out.


Draco grinned cottoning on. “I don’t think it matters which way you meant it, you’re amazing at both ways.”


“You’re both perverts.” Harry huffed, walking to the sink to brush his teeth.


Blaise hopped into the shower and was out within five minutes, letting Draco hop in after him. Harry was in the living room polishing his Firebolt when they both came out.


“Merlin, between you two I’m surprised the entire morning hasn’t flown by, I’ve pampered this broom twice waiting for you to get out of the bathroom.”


“I can’t believe that you’re a Dracken and only take fifteen minutes to get ready.” Draco told him. “Ten minutes of that is showering, how can you go out in public without doing your hair?!”


Harry snorted. “If you hadn’t noticed I did comb it and then I brushed it, this is just the way it lays! I can’t do anything with it!”


“I’ll shave it for you if you’d like.” Draco stated seriously. “It might look better if you had no hair.”


“You come near my hair and I’ll gut you.” Harry snarled.


Blaise chuckled and wrapped an arm around Harry and led him out, Draco followed behind them still laughing.

They made it to the Great Hall and Harry spotted the exhausted looking Ravenclaw team dressed in bright blue. They all looked like they had been practising all night.

Draco huffed and shook his head.


“All the practice in the world won't help them if they’re too tired to even play. Idiots.”


Harry grinned at Draco as the blond regally sat down on the bench and he happily sat next to him, in between the blond and Blaise. He perused the table and selected some cut up galia melon, cut up honeydew melon and cut up watermelon. He put a bit of each in his bowl and threw a spoonful of grapes on top of them.


“Is that all you want, Harry? No toast?”


Harry shook his head then cocked it as Blaise grinned. Oh hell, he was onto purely fruits; his heat was coming ever closer. He looked at Draco who smirked and he swallowed nervously. But what was he supposed to do? He would go on heat whether he wanted to or not and Draco and Blaise would both be there, he just prayed that they didn’t damn well kill each other as he whined beneath them for sex.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry stood in the middle of the Quidditch pitch with his team in the pouring rain and the harsh winds, Ginny had told Ron at breakfast, just before they had come outside for the match, that he had been dropped from the team and had been replaced by McLaggen.

He had shouted and yelled and raged, but the team had just left the hall to his profanities and Professor McGonagall’s shrieks about his foul language and unacceptable behaviour.

Harry was sure he was going to be looking over his shoulder for the next week at least for retaliation attacks from Ron. Not that he didn’t think he could handle the hot tempered redhead, but he really didn’t want to think on how Blaise and Draco would react to someone intent on harming their submissive mate.

Thinking about Draco and Blaise automatically drew his eyes to them, they were right in the front of the Slytherin bleachers, but what touched Harry the most were the little Gryffindor flags that they had. It made him laugh and caused the rest of the team to look at him. He nodded to the crush of silver and green Slytherin students and the two flecks of bright red and gold.

Ginny grinned and looked to him with a naughty look.


“Your men are behind you, Harry, are you going to give them a present for supporting you so much?” She asked with a wink.


Harry blushed but was saved by Madam Hooch, who gestured for both of the Captains to come forward. Harry smiled at Roger Davis, who looked like he had swallowed an entire case of Fred and George’s puking pastilles. He had the air of a man who was already defeated before the battle had even begun; it made Harry’s self-confidence soar sky high.

Harry shook Davis’ hand amicably and he mounted his broom, the minute that Madam Hooch blew the whistle he was in the air, the superiority of the Firebolt ensuring that he was in the air before anyone else and he immediately zoomed off looking for the little golden ball that would win him the game.

Cho, the Ravenclaw Seeker, tailed him, Harry hated tailers, they were right up there in his list of things that he hated most in Quidditch, along with cheaters, illegal bludger moves and Professors jinxing his broom.

The reason he hated them was because instead of attempting to find the snitch, they just followed him everywhere he went, getting in his way and distracting him from looking for the snitch himself. He was aware that she was there and he clenched his broom handle with his hands and knees tightly. He was tempted to force her to crash, but it was too early in the game to give his mates heart attacks with a sudden nose dive.

Shooting off to the opposite end of the pitch, the acceleration of the Firebolt meaning that it took several moments for Cho to catch up to him on her Comet Two Sixty, allowing Harry to actually have a bit of time to search for the snitch. He didn’t see it, but what he did see were Drackens, a lot of them, in the bleachers and dotted around the stands. They called to him like homing beacons, his eyes were drawn to them and he swallowed heavily. That wasn’t right, he shouldn’t have been drawn to them, he had found his second mate! He would not accept any other person as his mate; He had already had sex with Draco that was near enough marriage for him.

Swallowing and breathing calmly, Harry zoomed right down to the other end of the pitch, just as Cho had reached him. He swooped upwards and hung in mid-air as his eyes scanned for the tiny golden ball with his new superior eyesight.


“Gryffindor Chaser, Katie Bell, scores another ten points! Gryffindor lead the match forty points to ten.”


Harry looked up at that and over to McLaggen who was hovering in front of his central hoop. He was a damn good Keeper so why the hell had Ravenclaw been able to score?

Harry watched as McLaggen saved a hard toss from Luke Bradley before throwing the Quaffle to Ginny, who sped off towards the Ravenclaw side of the pitch.


“What is Gryffindor Keeper, Cormac McLaggen, doing?” The commentator, a Hufflepuff fourth year, asked incredulously.


Harry, who had been watching Ginny, turned back to his Keeper and he sent a glare to McLaggen who was wrestling the Beater’s bat from Jimmy Peakes. Harry darted towards them and very, very narrowly dodged a bat to the head, it hit his shoulder instead, very fucking hard and he growled lowly, snatching the bat from McLaggen.


“McLaggen, you are a fucking Keeper, not a Beater, get back to the fucking goal hoops and stay there or I’ll call time and replace you with Hendix!”


“I was just showing him…”


“I don’t care what the fuck you were doing, get back to the hoops and stay there! Oh, and the next time you fucking hit me with a bat, make sure it’s not my most dominant arm that you aim for! How do you expect me to catch the snitch with my arm throbbing like it is?!”


“I just…”


“STOP TALKING AND GET TO THE HOOPS!” Harry yelled. He could almost feel his throat tearing at the volume.


McLaggen flew off to the hoops and Harry handed the Beater’s bat back to Jimmy and clapped him on the back.


“The next time he tries to take it off you, hit him with it.” Harry advised.


Jimmy nodded trustingly and Harry grinned before flying off again, he growled as Cho sidled up to him and began shadowing him again. He had to get rid of her; he wasn’t in the bloody mood for this!


“Now after that bit of inner-match drama involving Gryffindor Captain and Seeker, Harry Potter, yelling at his Keeper, who hit his own player with a Beater’s bat that he shouldn’t have had, Keeper Cormac McLaggen has gone back to where he is needed, but not before Ravenclaw stole another twenty points making the score forty points to thirty in favour of Gryffindor.”


Harry cursed violently and bashed his hand against his broom handle. He breathed deeply and scanned the air for the snitch, hoping to god that he actually caught it and he hadn’t been disabled by his own team member.

He curled the fingers of his right hand and pain speared through his shoulder. A bone was either fractured or he was bruised bone deep, he didn’t think anything was broken because he could still move everything.

He saw a sparkle of gold and quickly darted towards it, but it wasn’t the snitch, it was Nasta’s golden wing scales. Harry’s eyes widened in fear for the other Dracken. He was sitting in the stands surrounded by humans and he was displaying his Dracken attributes proudly for anyone to see, yet no one seemed to care or even notice…the rain seriously wasn’t coming down hard enough for those around Nasta to not see the giant freaking wings he was sporting.

Nasta saw him looking and smiled; he pulled a long, slender piece of wood from under his raincoat and he winked. Harry sighed, Nasta had spelled himself so that only other Drackens could see him, Harry should have remembered, it had been in the book that Max had given to him.

Going into a sudden and perfectly vertical nose dive from over a hundred feet up had everyone on their feet, yelling and cheering, shouting and jeering. Harry’s heart was in his throat, adrenaline pumping through his body, his muscles loose and limber. He pulled up at the very last possible second and he was exhilarated as he felt his knees scrape along the sand near the Gryffindor goal hoops.

Cho wasn’t so lucky and she plummeted straight into the sand and rolled off of her broom, unmoving. Harry should have felt bad, but he didn’t. He grinned and laughed. This match was Gryffindors; Ravenclaw no longer had a Seeker.

Harry’s smile hurt his face it was that wide. He did a couple of tight twirls to let out his joy, before he happily went back to surveying the pitch for the tiny golden ball that would get him off of his uncomfortable broom, out of his soaking wet robes and into the arms of his mates, hopefully in front of that wonderful, wood burning fire they had in their rooms.

Madam Hooch’s whistle cut through the howling wind and the lashing rain and Harry looked to see her calling for a time out. Harry sighed and he landed under the erected covering for the Gryffindor team.


“Who called time?” He asked as soon as his team were gathered around him.


“Davis.” Ginny told him. “He wants to bring on his substitute Seeker since you took out Chang. Great job on that by the way.”


Harry grinned. “I got her good. I can’t stand tailers and she was practically my shadow, I had to do something.”


Harry looked to his sopping wet team and nodded to each of them.


“We are doing great, sixty points to thirty is good, but not great. McLaggen, stay at the goal hoops, you got it, I am the Captain so you listen to me or you’ll be axed! Jimmy, Ritchie, you’re doing amazing, aim to take out the Chasers and keep the bludgers away from our own, you got it?”


The two young boys nodded and clashed their bats together with grins and Harry laughed at their antics.


“Ginny, Katie, Demelza, you’re doing great, watch out for those Bludgers and don’t forget that passing is the key to a goal!”


“That speech was worthy of Oliver.” Katie told him with a grin that made Harry blush.


“Are you ready to remount?” Madam Hooch asked as she fought her way through the wind and rain to speak to them.


“Yeh, yeh we are.” Harry answered and sent his team ahead of him.


“And here come the Gryffindors! Now that the little break is over we welcome substitute Ravenclaw Seeker, Heath Brodwick! Will this small, inexperienced fourth year stand up to the clear class and absolute might of the Harry Potter? The most amazing, most sensational Seeker and broomstick flier this school has seen in decades!”


Harry grinned as he caught sight of the quaking fourth year. He had fought a dragon on a broom when he was the age of Heath, no one else here could claim to have done that.

Harry set to finding the snitch as quickly as he could; he wanted to get out of this rain before he became sick for real, which would be a disaster with his impending heat. What would happen if he was sick when he went on a heat period? What if he was injured or unconscious? Would his mates still fuck him if he wasn’t aware of what was going on or if he was injured or sick? Damn, he really needed answers to these rather important questions!

Harry could have cursed Brodwick as it seemed he was mimicking his predecessor. The fourth year was following him everywhere on his Cleansweep Six. Harry sped off to the opposite end of the pitch and let his gaze wander for the snitch, a little tip he had learnt was that the snitch never showed up in your direct line of vision, he had always caught it out of the corner of his eye, so looking around leisurely always worked better for him.   

A bludger came about an inch from the tip of his nose and he leant back to stop it from crushing his face. He glared at the Ravenclaw Beater, Duncan Inglebee, who had hit it towards him. It seemed that Davis had told his Beaters to aim for him during the time out.

Harry chanced a look at his mates, who were physically vibrating from the power of their deep growls. He swallowed, poor Inglebee, he’d probably end up with nightmares for the rest of his life for that little stunt after his mates got through with him. They wouldn’t kill or injure him; Inglebee hadn’t hurt him after all, but the possibility had been there.


“Gryffindor Chaser Demelza Robins scores! Ten points to Gryffindor who lead this game ninety points to forty!”


Harry let out a relieved breath, Ravenclaw hadn’t been able to score past McLaggen, at least his Keeper was staying where he damn well needed to be. Harry gave a light glare to his Keeper, who had just saved a spectacular shot from Davis.

Harry floated higher and higher and he unintentionally took the little fourth year, Brodwick, with him. It was pathetic; Brodwick should have been looking for the snitch on his own! He wasn’t going to find it looking at the tail end of his Firebolt!

At a hundred and fifty foot Harry sighed and gave a grin as he bent down on the handle of his broom and once again went into a vertical nosedive. He pushed the broom faster and the ground was suddenly right on top of him, but he kept his cool and went down into the maintenance trenches around the entire outside of the pitch. They were used to drain off the rain water so that the pitch didn’t get flooded. He dodged beams and skimmed his feet in the moat of water that had already formed and was steadily getting higher as the rain came down harder. Harry really hated February games. It was always either raining, or if it was cold enough then he had even played when it was snowing before, being frozen to his broom in the process.

He came out of the trench and looked around. He couldn’t even see Brodwick anymore; he prayed that the fourth year hadn’t followed him into the trenches because if he had then the boy wouldn’t be coming back up.


“And Harry Potter resurfaces after that spectacular and hair raising dive that left him travelling through the trenches! The Gryffindor Seeker is without the snitch, so we must assume that either he lost it in the wooden maze of beams or he hadn’t seen it in the first place and was looking to disable yet another of Ravenclaw’s Seekers!”


Harry snorted to himself, it had been neither reasons, he had dived because he liked the thrill of it, the wind in his hair, even if his hair was plastered to his skin by the downpour of icy rain.

He scanned the pitch and prayed that he found the snitch, this game had already passed the hour mark, he wouldn’t be able to go another hour, not in this weather.


“Ravenclaw score! It is now one hundred and thirty points to fifty to Gryffindor!”


Harry swivelled to glare at McLaggen, only he wasn’t at the goal hoops that Ravenclaw had just scored through, he was heckling Demelza.


“Fucking retarded ogre!” Harry cursed violently.


He gestured to Madam Hooch and called for timeout. He landed angrily and he waited for the rest of his team to join him.


“McLaggen you moronic monkey! What the fuck are you doing?!”


“She wasn’t flying properly I was just telling her…”


“I don’t care if she was flying backwards with her damned eyes closed as long as she scores points! You are going to lose us this match!”


“If you just caught the snitch…”


“Don’t you dare blame Harry for this!” Katie raged. “He is trying his hardest, he always does! How many times has he almost died trying to catch the snitch? How many times has he been in the hospital wing due to a Quidditch injury?!”


“I will not lose this game, McLaggen.” Harry growled seriously. “We’ll lose the cup for this year if we lose this match and that is unacceptable. You’re benched. Where’s Hendix?”


“He didn’t think he would be playing, he’s in the stands.” Richie answered. “He’s in his Quidditch gear though.” He added quickly as it looked like Harry would burst a blood vessel. “I’ll just go and get him.”


Ritchie ran off to go and fetch the wayward substitute Keeper and Harry turned to McLaggen’s angry shouts.


“You can’t cut me from the team! I’m the best Keeper you have!”


“I can cut you from the team and I have as I’m the Captain, you may be the best at saving goals, but if you’re never at the fucking hoops then even the best Keeper in the world would cause his team to lose! I will not lose this game, McLaggen!”


“I’ll try harder.”


“Tough, you’re already off the team, I gave you fair warning and still you didn’t listen, now fuck off!”


“I’m so cold.” Demelza chattered through her teeth.


“I’m trying, but I haven’t seen the snitch once. I can hardly see anything in this weather.”


“We can’t even blame your poor eyesight for it anymore.” Ginny teased.


Harry touched the place where his glasses used to rest against his face and grinned widely. He loved not having to wear them anymore.


“I’ll up the ante, I promise, this match will be over soon and we will be victorious.”


“You always lead us to victory.” Ginny told him with a smile.


Ritchie and Pauley came jogging into the little open fronted tent and Harry had to silence McLaggen before he burst his eardrums at his shouts of how unfair it was that he was being replaced by a third year.


“Sorry, Captain, I really didn’t think I’d get to see pitch time.” Hendix told him.


“Warm up, Hendix, we haven’t got too much longer.” Harry told him.


Hendix nodded and began stretching as quickly as he could. Madam Hooch came over to ask if they were ready to get back in the air. Harry nodded and sent his team out before him. He placed a hand on Pauley’s arm.


“Don’t panic, Pauley.” He said soothingly. “Do your best and no one will hold it against you. You’re a damn good Keeper and we know it. Just keep your eye on the Quaffle and watch out for deceptive throws.”


Harry clapped his shoulder and mounted his broom. Both he and Hendix took to the air and Harry waited for Madam Hooch’s whistle before he zoomed off looking for the snitch.


“And Gryffindor have replaced Keeper Cormac McLaggen with their substitute, third year Pauley Hendix. We have to ask ourselves is this so their inexperienced Keeper can get some action or is Captain Harry Potter really that fed up with McLaggen?”


Harry grinned. His reason was most definitely the latter. He had put McLaggen on because he wanted to win, but he realised now that there was no way they were going to win if McLaggen remained on the pitch.


“Gryffindor Keeper Hendix has just proven why he has been brought on, what a spectacular save!”


Harry gave a double thumbs up to Pauley as he flew past, holding onto his broom with his knees. The rain was coming down harder and faster, he was soaked through and he was starting to get chilled. This game needed to end!

He redoubled his efforts and they finally paid off when he caught a glimmer of gold out of the corner of his eye. He shot after it like a bullet and poor Brodwick, who had been saved from the moat of water during the time out, had his work cut out for him just trying to keep up with Harry and the Firebolt.

His hand outstretched Harry felt the flutter of tiny wings against the tips of his fingers, two bludgers almost tore his body apart with pain as one smashed into his knee and the other, in a hit that was reminiscent of his second year, hit his elbow, shattering his arm in two.

Growling with the pain that made his stomach lurch with nausea, Harry cradled his arm to his chest and used his other arm, the problem with this was that his right leg was searing with pain originating from the place where the bludger had connected with his knee. He was holding onto his broom with just one knee and as the snitch suddenly went down, Harry followed it and his body fell forward. He quickly gripped the broom with his broken arm and felt bile rise up his throat at the pain that he felt. Brodwick bumped into him, his knee digging into Harry’s bad one, almost crippling him with the pain and Harry fell back as the blinding pain encompassed his entire leg.

Pushing the Firebolt forward in absolute determination, he easily overtook Brodwick again and stretched his hand as far as he was able to, his hand closed around the little fluttering ball and as the Gryffindors were screaming up a storm at their victory over Ravenclaw, a bludger crashed into Harry’s back, sending him forwards and off of his broom as his one uninjured knee was unable to keep him seated.

He wasn’t very far from the ground, only ten, maybe fifteen feet at the most, not like the hundred foot fall in his third year thanks to the Dementors, but he was already injured from the game and he blacked out as soon as he hit the water soaked ground with a sickening thud, landing on his already injured arm and knee.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text


Chapter Sixteen – Recuperation.


Harry blinked open his eyes and he murmured unhappily at the bright sunlight that seared his eyeballs. He breathed inward deeply and then let it out again in a gust of air. He felt fine, his body wasn’t aching, his bones felt strong and whole again, he could move both his arm and his leg without pain and his back felt perfectly fine and normal.

Looking around him it looked to be the day after the match, proving how fickle the weather was that bright sunlight showed through the windows where yesterday, it had been pouring down with rain.

He smelt flowers and turned his head to the side to peer curiously at the array of colourful plants and blossoms that took over the small beside table and most of the floor around his bed. A moveable tray at the end of his bed held a wide selection of sweets, chocolate, cards and treats, there was even a teddy bear poking its way out of a basket of fruit, half stuck under a pile of chocolate frogs.

He hadn’t thought that he had been here long enough to have so many get well soon gifts, but he wouldn’t knock being given free sweets and chocolate. The two bars of Honeydukes finest chocolate fudge that Blaise gifted him with every week had seemed to be insufficient in the last few weeks, now if it had been four chocolate fudge bars, then maybe the sight of so much chocolate would have made him feel sick instead, but then he had always had a major sweet tooth thanks to a childhood that had been deprived of even the slightest sugary treat, so maybe not.

Easing himself up, Harry perused his get well soon cards, noticing that most of them were from Gryffindors. Ginny had seemingly drawn him a card with a folded up piece of parchment, it depicted a badly drawn picture of a nameless monster eating the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, it was his most favourite card.

There were no less than eighteen bars of his most favoured chocolate fudge bars and Harry immediately snatched one up, tore off the paper and took a huge, borderline indecent, bite and chewed it with a happy moan as the flavour flooded his mouth.

He took bite after bite as he looked over his other gifts and found some more cards buried at the back, he picked the teddy up and grinned when he realised that it was from Henley, the cute little baby dominant. He hadn’t spoken to him in a while and he made a mental note to go check up on him, he always had the strange urge to Mother Henley, even though his Dracken now knew that Henley was a dominant Dracken, not a child after the kiss that they had shared.

He held the little blue teddy on his lap and he took the last piece of chocolate and scrunched up the wrapper and dropped it into the bin beside his bed. He looked over the collection of sweets he had and rather thought that he now owned his own private sweetshop. He picked out a jar of what looked like sugar coated jelly snakes, they were wriggling around in the jar and hissing disjointed letters, obviously the person who had charmed them was not a Parselmouth. He grinned at his own little inside joke, letting out a few bubbly laughs that he couldn’t stop from escaping his mouth.

The little label on the lid of the jar urged him to get better soon, from Draco. Harry didn’t begrudge the blond for not putting love from Draco on the label, his blond mate was a very, very private person and saying the word love in public was a problem for him, writing it down and leaving it, where anyone could see it, was almost a sin.

However loving actions of endearment, those Draco had down to a tee. He didn’t mind showing the world that he loved Harry Potter, he just had a problem with verbally confirming it.

Blaise however had gifted him with four of the eighteen, now seventeen, bars of chocolate fudge, had written him such a loving missive that Harry’s eyes misted over. He had signed it: Ti amo, Harry, come back to us soon.

Harry dug through his treasure until he found a jar of strange looking, colourful round balls, the label was written in a language that he couldn’t read, but the tag told him that they were flavoured hard candies from Greece, courtesy of Arsenio.

Max had given him a box of Ice Mice and a few Peppermint Toads with a small note that he was eagerly awaiting his awakening.

Nasta had given him a big box of cookies, only they weren’t your usual bog standard biscuit. They were nearly the size of his face and had four types of chocolate in them. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and to his everlasting joy, fudge chocolate. Nasta had had them custom made just for him, because apparently he was the only person Nasta knew who mainlined fudge flavoured chocolate. Nasta’s note also included how much Harry was being missed and how the big softie was missing their daily talk on ‘their rock’ beside the lake and that he missed holding Harry in his arms.

Harry almost melted under all the attention that he was getting from his prospective mates; Jensen had given him a strange, but wonderful gift. A photograph of the very moment he had caught the snitch, and dear god did he look fucking terrible! His arm was clutched to his chest but there was a distinctive bulge under the elbow part of his Quidditch robes, his knee was dangling uselessly from the broom and his face was streaked with mud and blades of grass clung to his face and neck like his hair did to his head. Not to mention the moving photo was ruined by the appearance of a Bludger that went right into the middle of photo Harry’s back, knocking him flying forwards off of the broom and out of the photo frame.

It couldn’t have happened that fast either, it had felt slower when he had experienced it, as if he had had all the time in the world to close his hand around the snitch and then to curl into a ball as he fell, it had seemed to have taken an age for him to hit the ground. This photo must have been speeded up with magic, it couldn’t have all happened so quickly! The photo showed that he had barely caught the snitch at all, a fraction of a second or so more and his hand would have grabbed at thin air instead.


“Mister Potter!”


Harry startled and looked to Madam Pomfrey as she bustled to his bedside and shimmied him back under the covers.


“Thank the heavens that you are awake!”


Harry thought that this was a very odd thing to say. He had been out for the count for longer than one night before, true it had never been for a Quidditch injury but there was a first time for everything and he had felt sure that Madam Pomfrey had come to expect such injuries from him.


“How are you feeling?” She asked as she waved her wand around him.


“Alright I guess, nothing hurts, nothing aches, I can move all of my limbs.”


Madam Pomfrey nodded at what he was saying before consulting her diagnostic results.


“Yes, everything is in order, Potter.” She sighed. “Your mates have been very, very worried about you.”


“Ma…mates?” Harry questioned shakily. How did she know?!


“Your secret is safe between the Headmaster and I, he had to inform me of your creature status so that I was better able to heal your injuries.”


Harry let out a breath and relaxed. Dumbledore wouldn’t have told his secret without asking first for a vow of silence. He was safe still, his mates were safe.


“Your prospective mates have been stampeding around as well; I don’t believe anyone in this school has ever had so many visitors to the hospital wing before. They have all left gifts and cards. I have noticed that you have eaten chocolate, shame on you! You know I would prefer you to eat a decent meal before sweets.”


“It was the only thing here and I was hungry.” Harry tried, knowing full well that it wouldn’t wash with the elderly Matron.


“Harry James Potter, you forget that I know you too well! You would have eaten that chocolate bar regardless of if there had been a full steak dinner beside you!” 


Harry blushed and ducked his head, hiding his sheepish smile. Madam Pomfrey was of course right, chocolate fudge bars just called to him, he would have eaten it if there had been a whole treacle tart next to it. Well, he would have eaten the chocolate first and then eaten the tart, but the chocolate still would have gone down first.


“Now, have you filled up on chocolate or do you think you can handle some porridge?”


The look on Madam Pomfrey’s face told him that it didn’t matter if he was so full he was bloated, he would still be eating the porridge, so he nodded and let the Matron bustle about getting a small bowl of oats and mixing it with warm milk for him.

He clumsily fed himself with his left arm, his right arm was still stiff from the rapid, intensive healing that it had been though overnight. He looked out at the bright sunshine and realised that this would be a perfect day to visit Nasta on their rock, yet he didn’t want to be far from Draco or Blaise, so he’d drag them with him.

Finishing his porridge and letting Madam Pomfrey fuss over him, he was declared fit to leave, and he did just that, shrinking down all his sweets and presents whilst carrying his cards and the small blue bear that Henley had given him.

He made his way to his private rooms on the seventh floor of the castle and using his wand he poked the keyhole of the portrait of a solid wooden door. The portrait clicked as if it had unlocked and it swung inwards, allowing him to pass.

He carefully placed all of his gifts on the coffee table, being mindful of Blaise’s research work neatly placed on the one side, before he kicked his shoes off and went into the bedroom to find his mates.

He grinned when he found them on the platform bed. They were curled up together, their legs entwined, their arms wrapped around the other and Blaise’s head was tucked under Draco’s chin. They looked so adorable that Harry silently made his way back down the stairs and over to the side cupboard where he had left his camera. He made a mental note to ask little Colin Creevey for some development potion so that he could get a moving photo, not that his mates were moving much, but the soft even breaths and the slow rise and fall of their chests would prove that they were real people, and not just mannequins as the two would probably try to claim later on.

He snapped a couple of photos, because he was no photographer and he actually wanted one decent picture, before putting the camera in his bedside cupboard before worming his way under the duvet and snuggling up behind Blaise.

Blaise made a small noise in the back of his throat and Draco answered with his own, Harry’s eyebrows lowered as he peeked at his mates from over Blaise’s shoulder. They were still fast asleep, but if he didn’t know any better then he would have thought that the two were communicating with each other in their sleep. Did dominant Drackens do that? Did they subconsciously speak to the other dominants to…what? Reassure the other that they were still there? That they weren’t a strange dominant coming in to take their mate? Why would they speak to each other when asleep? He made a note to ask them as Blaise once again let out a soft noise from the back of his throat and Draco answered it with a deep rumble from within his chest.

Harry lay back down and snuggled right up to Blaise’s back. Draco’s hand, which was holding Blaise close, flexed and slipped under Harry’s tee shirt, touching skin.

Harry giggled and squirmed as Draco’s fingers hit a ticklish spot. Movement and then Draco’s face peering sleepily over Blaise’s body had Harry smiling happily. Those silver eyes widened before the blond almost shoved poor Blaise out of the bed to reach Harry.


“Harry! How are you?” Draco asked, sniffing along every inch of his skin, touching every part of his body as if to affirm that he was actually there and he wasn’t a dream.


Blaise, who had been jolted awake, did the same. Harry squirmed between them and giggled as he was sniffed and licked.


“I’m fine!” He burst out as he got fed up of being stroked and touched.


“We were so worried about you, Mio Amore.” Blaise whispered to him.


“It’s been one night!” Harry cried out exasperatedly.


“Two nights.” Draco corrected.


Harry cocked his head to the side; he had been out of it for two nights?


“Still, I’ve been unconscious longer than that before.”


“Never with us as your mates.” Blaise told him seriously. “The entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team has been put into protective custody, as well as that moron McLaggen.”


Draco growled lowly at the mention of McLaggen and Harry lowered his eyebrows again. “Why?”


“They hurt you, they all hurt you.” Draco hissed as if it were obvious.


“Well yeah, that’s the point of the game, though I admit I wasn’t expecting to be hit with a Beaters bat by my own team mate who wasn’t even a Beater.” Harry stated, rubbing his shoulder in remembered pain.


Blaise and Draco were immediately all over his shoulder, sniffing and licking it.


“Stop that!” Harry demanded. “Why do you do it?”


“A dominant mate can scent out an injury on their submissive and if scenting doesn’t work, usually in the case of muscle damage, we use our tongues to feel if everything is alright underneath the skin.” Blaise told him.


“Yeah, right, that’s not creepy or weird at all.” Harry grumbled as Draco gave a final lick before kissing his shoulder. “Speaking of creepy things why do you talk to each other when you’re sleeping?”


“We don’t.” Draco told him confusedly.


“Yes, you do.” Harry stated. “You were doing it when I got into bed.”


“What were we saying?” Blaise asked.


“You weren’t using words, more soft noises and growls to communicate with each other.”


“Oh, that.” Blaise smiled. “Dominant Drackens do it to confirm to each other that our submissive mate and our children are safe and that we feel no danger. Our bodies subconsciously seek for danger around our nest so that we will be able to react at a moment’s notice if something that would harm our family pops up.”


“I didn’t know that.” Draco groused.


“You still have a lot to learn.” Blaise answered with a smile.


“So do you want to tell me anything?” Harry teased lightly after a pregnant pause.


His mates both turned to him and raised eyebrows.


“You’re sure you haven’t been holding out on me? Because if you’re both fucking each other behind my back without asking me to watch I’ll be very, very angry.”


The both of them spluttered and coughed and choked and both denied it vehemently and Harry clutched his stomach laughing.


“Yeah? Are you sure you’re not? Because you looked pretty damn close to me when I got here, I couldn’t even get between you, you were cuddled that close, you can’t even say it’s cold because it’s not.”


“We were not ‘cuddled close’, Harry.” Draco denied viciously.


“I have photographic evidence that proves that you were.” Harry teased in a sing-song voice.


“If you ever have that photo developed I will tie you to the bed and you will stay there for a year!” Draco threatened.


“Promises promises.” Harry chuckled.


“I mean it!”


“But I want it in my mate album.”


“Your what?” Blaise asked.


“My mate album. I’ve been taking pictures to document our lives together.”


“I don’t know whether to be horrified or think that’s cute and adorable.” Draco said.


“Well I have to have something to show the children when I tell them exactly why they aren’t allowed to have mates until they’re thirty.”


Blaise looked amused and Draco looked dumbstruck and incredulous.


“You can't be serious. You can't stop our children from mating.”


“Watch me!” Harry hissed.


Blaise chuckled and pulled Harry into his lap to cuddle. He pressed a loving kiss to Harry’s forehead and held him tightly. His Mother was becoming more and more demanding to meet Harry. She had wanted to meet him the moment he had informed her that he had found a submissive mate, when that was impossible because of school, she demanded that he bring his mate home for Christmas, when that became impossible because of the heat period, she became desperate to meet the person her son would spend the rest of his life with.

The moment she had learnt that he had mated, the very next owl she had sent to him asked when he was going to give her Grandchildren. He wondered if he had been as good a son to her as he had thought he had been if his Mother wanted Grandchildren and he had made a note to ask her in person when he next saw her.


“You’re thinking too hard.” Harry informed him softly, raising a small hand to rub against his cheek.


Blaise placed a hand over Harry’s and held that little hand to his face.


“I am thinking of my Mother, Bello. She is very eager to meet you.”


“Your Mother is frightening.” Draco informed the British born, part Italian, part French Dracken.


“No she is not.” Blaise replied tightly, the last thing he wanted was for Harry to become frightened of his Mother before he even met her.


“Blaise, she is six foot two and those shoes she wears makes her up to my height!”


Blaise sniffed and held Harry tighter. “My Mother is a dominant Dracken; you cannot expect her to be some small, willowy woman like your Mother.”


“Before June I didn’t even know you or she were Drackens, I was always terrified when Father informed me that I was to have a playdate with you at your house.”


“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Harry stated.


“I thought she would squash me.” Draco defended. “She’s more muscled than I am now! Imagine meeting her when you were five!”


Blaise growled lowly “That’s enough about my Mother!” He snarled.


“Can we have a picnic?” Harry cut in, looking from one to the other.


“You have only just gotten out of the hospital wing; I do not think it a good idea to go a sit outside for any length of time.” Blaise told him seriously.


“But the sun is out!”


“It is still February and it is still only three degrees outside.”


“Honestly are you wizards or not? That’s what heating charms are for, love! Really, I could do with the fresh air.”


“Didn’t you get enough fresh air free falling from fifteen feet?” Draco asked.


Harry gave the blond a vicious glare. Which made Draco growl lowly in his throat. Blaise’s arms tightened around him and he gave his own snarl to Draco.


“Do not even think about punishing him.” Blaise hissed to the blond. “Do I need to reiterate that he has only just gotten out of the hospital wing this morning after being unconscious for two days?”


Draco huffed, but he looked away, his tightly clenched body slowly relaxing.


“I just realised that I haven’t actually been punished since Draco took things too far.”


Both of his dominants looked at each other and then looked away.


“Ah, so it isn’t that I’ve been good, it’s that you are unwilling to punish me. I wonder how long that will last now that I know.”


“You are going to deliberately push us aren’t you?” Blaise asked with a sigh.


“You know I can't just leave things alone. So picnic, yes?”


“Fine, but you wrap up warm.” Blaise conceded.


Harry grinned and went to stand up to get ready, only to be pulled back down.


“You can get some sleep first.”


“I don’t need sleep; I’ve only just woken up.”


“Have you eaten?”


“Yes, Madam Pomfrey made me eat a bowl of porridge before I was allowed to leave.”


Blaise nodded and let him up again, before stretching and following him to get ready. Harry called Dobby, who excitably got together everything that Harry would need for a picnic, whilst Harry, Draco and Blaise got themselves ready.

When Harry was bundled up worse than a toddler with an overprotective Mother, he took both of his mates hands and led them down to the lake and the boulder which he and Nasta had claimed as theirs and was the very same place where Max had snogged him senseless.

It took only half an hour before Nasta made his way over to them and Harry grinned in greeting, pulling Nasta down to join them, much to Draco’s ire.

Max wandered over an hour later as Harry was laughing at Draco and Blaise’s fake wrestling match. He was so happy that the both of them were getting on, now he just needed to wait for his heat and then find a third and final mate who would fit in with himself and with the two mates that he already had.

Harry looked up and then leapt up and ran to the young sixteen year old who was approaching. He laughed as Henley swept him into a hug, actually picking him up, though Harry shouldn’t have been surprised at that, Henley might have been young and slender, but he was still a fully inherited dominant Dracken.


“Henley! How are you?” Harry asked with a smile.


“Great! I watched your match and I was so scared that you would die that I had to come and see you. My Father says you fly like a pro, but even the pros can be permanently injured by Bludgers and you got hit by three! I went to see you in the hospital wing; my Mum said that I should give you a healing Teddy to make you feel better, I managed to find you a blue one, it was the only one left in a bin full of pink and yellow bears, but I found it and I hope you like it, it’s supposed to draw out all your bad karma, I’m not sure if it works or not, but I hope you like him all the same.”


Harry pressed his lips chastely to Henley’s to stop him from talking and chuckled lightly.


“I loved the little bear, Henley, thank you.”


He had missed Henley so much, he may not have been mate material, but he was definitely friend material.

Henley beamed at him and Harry tugged him over to their picnic blanket, sitting down with his mates, Nasta and Max. Draco took an almost unhealthy interest in Henley and they began talking, however when Henley continued talking without stopping for breath, Draco got a look of irritation and annoyance on his face. At this rate Draco wouldn’t like any other dominant and it upset Harry more than he was willing to show.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Max had been more than a bit pushy at the picnic, he had even growled when Nasta had started playing with Harry’s hair.

It wasn’t too long after that that Harry had claimed to be tired and Blaise had immediately called an end to the picnic to take Harry back to bed, saying that it wasn’t wise to push him too hard due to the accident.

Harry said goodbye to Henley, Nasta and Max and let Draco carry him back to their bedroom. He fell asleep before they even reached the castle, safely snuggled in Draco’s arms.

He woke up a few hours later in bed, in his pyjamas. He smiled at the care his mates must have shown him as he hadn’t woken up at all through having his clothes pulled off or having his pyjamas pulled on and he was actually tucked in, his mates hadn’t once forgotten that he liked to be covered up since that night on the settee.

Stretching happily and ignoring the grumble in his belly in favour of the press of his bladder, he made his way down the stairs and went into the bathroom to relieve himself. He felt infinitely better once that was done and his hands and face were washed.

He listened closely to the sounds around him and he just felt that something was off. He couldn’t hear Draco or Blaise. Everything was quiet and it gave him a funny feeling. He cautiously went into the living room of his and his mates private rooms and his jaw dropped.

Draco and Blaise were standing next to a table that was laden down with a romantic meal for three, wearing dress robes and they were both sipping on red wine.


“Did I miss something?” He asked weakly as he looked down to his pyjamas and his bare feet, feeling very underdressed next to his two mates.


“You were asleep for Valentine’s Day, mio amore.” Blaise told him.


“It was yesterday when you were in the hospital wing, so we thought that we would celebrate it today instead.” Draco added.


Harry blushed a bright pink and shyly nodded his head in understanding. His first Valentine’s Day with his mates and he was unconscious in the hospital wing, but then he had completely forgotten that Valentine’s Day was even close by. His only real memories of Valentine’s Day were all bad…Ginny giving him that singing dwarf, Romilda Vane and her spiked chocolates, gangs of giggling girls all waving cards and pink balloons and teddy bears. It was enough to make him feel sick.

This, he decided as Blaise kissed his hand softly and handed him to Draco to be seated, was much better and was more of his thing.


“I feel so underdressed, can I go and change?” He asked.


“You look absolutely fine, Harry.” Draco told him.


“I have said a hundred times that you look beautiful in anything that you wear, it is only us here to see you and we have seen you wearing much less.” Blaise told him with a naughty grin.


Harry blushed again but he smiled as Draco picked up a fork and speared a piece of asparagus onto it and held it out for Harry to eat. He took it into his mouth with a big smile and he chewed it up, so happy as Blaise had laced together their fingers on top of the table.

Blaise and Draco had a piece of steamed salmon on their plates with their vegetables, but Harry’s plate was filled with just vegetables drizzled with an absolutely gorgeous olive-oil based sauce.

Harry smiled as he realised that he would be looking forward to next year’s Valentine’s Day instead of dreading it as he had for all the previous years. Even in primary school when the teacher had told them to make cards and give them to their classmates, he had hated it, he had never gotten a single stupid, badly made card covered in dried glue, glitter and sequins, all the other kids were too afraid of Dudley to ever give him a card.

But no more, now he had two absolutely wonderful men to celebrate with, men whom he loved dearly and who he was sure loved him back. This time next year he would have all of his chosen mates and maybe he would even have children, would he be pregnant? He looked down at his very flat stomach and placed his hand over it, he couldn’t even imagine his body swollen with a baby. He had never had a stomach; it had always been very flat, concave at times, due to starvation at the hands of his relatives. Only in the last year had he been able to stomach an average amount of food for a teenager, before anything more than a third of a plate had made him feel very ill.

He had watched Ron as he devoured second and even third helpings of a heaped plate of food and it had made his stomach roil in disgust. When he thought to how much he actually ate these days it held no comparison to what he had used to be fed. At the Dursleys he was lucky if what he ate in a week made up what a normal person ate in one day.


“Do you have a stomach ache, Prezioso?” Blaise asked concernedly.


Harry looked up at both of his mates, the both of them with dual looks of concern and worry, and he smiled.


“No, I was actually thinking that this time next year I might be pregnant.”


The near identical salacious looks made Harry shiver right down to his toes.


“You’ll be pregnant before then; you only need the two of us to get you impregnated.” Draco informed him slowly and seductively. “Three days until you go onto your heat period and you can conceive at any point during the heat, we could have our first baby in several months.”


Harry smiled softly and rubbed his belly again.


“If everything works according to clockwork, you would be four months pregnant this time next year and we would already have our first clutch.” Blaise told them looking thoughtful.


“Since when does everything go according to plan?” Harry asked. “What if I don’t get pregnant on this heat?”


“You will.” Blaise told him surely. “You are too fertile not to, Harry.”


“I don’t think you worked it out right.” Draco stated looking deeply in thought. “I make Harry out to be six months pregnant after our first clutch this time next year.”


“If Harry carries our first child to term, seven months from now is September, he will give birth and then his breeding cycle will start again, so it will be two months before he goes on to heat again, so this time next year Harry will be four months pregnant with our second clutch, if he conceives. He could be two months pregnant this time next year if it takes a second heat to get him pregnant again.”


“Ah, so I dock off two months because I need to go through another breeding cycle before a heat period.” Harry nodded. “I think that’s going to be a good thing, I don’t think I’d like to be pregnant again right after giving birth. I actually want to spend some time with my newborn baby before I start popping out others.”


“Like I said, mio amore, you may not even get pregnant on your next heat or even the one after; it could take a few heat periods for your hormones to settle down enough for your womb to allow sperm to access it again.”


“Right, stop speaking now before I lose my appetite.” Harry groused. “I don’t want to hear about my male body having a womb, it sounds wrong and weird.”


Blaise smiled indulgently and kissed the palm of his hand lovingly, keeping a hold of it as he nodded his understanding of a topic change.


Harry enjoyed the rest of his night with his mates and was surprised when dessert showed up. He had stuffed himself with the main course; he hadn’t thought that there would be dessert seeing as there hadn’t been a starter.

It wasn’t much, just profiteroles and melted chocolate to dip them in, but they were so rich and filling that Harry mainly used them to feed Blaise and Draco, who were both big men that needed feeding, like hippos. Harry grinned as he mentally called his mates various large mammals whilst feeding them more and more of the fresh cream filled choux pastry balls.

The clock in their living room struck one in the morning and Harry looked at it in surprise, all of a sudden feeling the weariness of the day take over him. He yawned widely behind his hand, yet before he could voice out loud that perhaps it was time for bed, Blaise had gently scooped him up like a child and was carrying him to the bedroom.

Harry smiled happily and as he snuggled into bed, Blaise on one side of him and Draco on the other, he wondered when everything was going to be blown to hell.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Seventeen – Everything Burns in Hell


Harry had been anxious for the last few days that remained before his heat period. Blaise and Draco had tried everything to make him relax, from baths, massages, hugs and talking, but Harry still had a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong. He had a feeling that something was missing.

He couldn’t put his finger on it, but all of the hair on the back of his neck stood up on end the closer his heat came. He got irritable and snappy and he didn’t know why, his Dracken side was rebelling and it was all Harry could do to keep his scales, fangs, claws and wings sheathed during lessons.


“Are you going down with that sickness again, Harry?” Dean Thomas asked during Potions on the Thursday, the day before he was supposed to go on heat.


Harry was shaking and sweating, he could barely sit still let alone concentrate on his potion and his fingers were digging into the desk edge.


“I think I might be.” Harry replied tightly, his voice strained and little more than a whisper, yet Snape heard them, of course he did, he was a Dracken. It wasn’t any wonder to him now that no student got to hold a conversation in lessons with Snape within a ten foot radius.


“Something to share with the class, Potter?” He asked silkily.


“No, Sir, I just…I think I’m unwell.”


“Again? Surely this is milking your illness for everything it’s worth, Potter. Don’t you think that you have taken it just a tad too far?”


Harry didn’t take anything the Professor said to heart, he knew that the man had to remain in character so no one realised that they were all illegal creatures, but it was so difficult today and he would have snapped had it not been for his courageous Gryffindor friends. His stupid, foolish, Gryffindor friends, jumping in before he could do so himself.


“Harry is not milking his illness!” Dean shouted, enraged on Harry’s behalf.


“He’s really ill!” Seamus added. “All you have to do is look at him to know that!”


“I think you’re being unfair, Professor, Harry does look unwell and he has been suffering lately, I heard Madam Pomfrey say so!” Parvati joined in, Lavender nodding seriously beside her.


Harry smiled. He was so, so happy that he had friends in Gryffindor still, friends who could hardly care less that he was in love and going out with two Slytherins, in fact Lavender and Parvati constantly begged him for little titbits of his personal life, asking him all sorts of questions that made his face light up like a flame. Them and Ginny too, who was still trying to grill him for details on his sex life with Blaise and Draco.


“Silence!” Snape hissed. “Twenty points from Gryffindor. Zabini, Malfoy, take Potter to the hospital wing as he obviously wishes for more people to fawn over him.”


Blaise was immediately by his side, helping him gently to his feet as Draco wrapped an arm around his back to support him on his jelly like legs.


“Attention seeking prat.” Ron said loudly enough for Harry to hear him, as well as half the class and a certain dominant Dracken.


“Ten more points from Gryffindor and a detention tonight, Weasley for disrupting my class further! What will it take for you to learn to keep your abnormally large mouth closed?!” Snape snapped.


Harry giggled, but hid it under a hacking cough, draping himself over Blaise, who half dragged; half carried him out of the Potions classroom.

Harry was sweating profusely by the time that Draco and Blaise had led him to the seventh floor from the dungeons and he was out of breath when they finally reached their rooms. He collapsed onto their settee and just lay there whining deeply in the back of his throat.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with you, diletto. I’m sorry.” Blaise apologised as he caressed his cheek, looking so apologetic that it was borderline pathetic.


Harry smiled and turned to lay a kiss to the hand on his face. “You can’t know everything, Blaise. Maybe this is what a second heat is supposed to be like.”


“We’ll wait for Severus.” Draco told him worriedly. “He’ll know what’s wrong. He’s older than all of us, he can help.”


Harry nodded slowly as he settled down more into the soft cushions. He couldn’t control the continuous whine, he couldn’t stop it and it made it very difficult to fall asleep, but somehow he managed it.

He woke up to a rough hand on his forehead and he hissed pitifully at it rolling away to stop the dominant Dracken from touching him.


“Kindly keep still, Mister Potter.” Snape’s silky drawl cut through his sleepy hissing and Harry frowned a bit, but he remained still as that hand clamped down over his forehead again. “You’re temperature shouldn’t have risen this high.”


“He is on his heat tomorrow.” Draco pointed out, his voice coming from the chair behind Snape.


“It still shouldn’t be this high. Harry, have you accepted Draco? This sort of occurrence only happens when you don’t have all of your mates around you in the week commencing your heat.”


“Yes.” Harry answered immediately with no preamble or hesitance.


“Perhaps the rejection messed with the breeding cycle.” Snape hedged looking thoughtful. “No submissive has ever partly rejected a dominant and then taken the same dominant as a mate.”


“What are you saying?” Harry asked worriedly, he had come to love Draco, he couldn’t lose him now.


“That perhaps your Dracken hasn’t fully accepted Draco back.”


“Well that will be sorted by the heat won’t it? I love Draco, I don’t care what my Dracken wants, he’s mine!”


“You may not have a choice in that, Mister Potter.”


“Damn well watch me have a choice!” Harry snarled.


He couldn’t believe that after everything he might still lose Draco. It wasn’t a bloody option!


“We will ultimately find out tomorrow.” Snape said, before rising to his feet from his knelt down position by the settee.


“There is nothing you can do?” Blaise asked.


“I cannot do anything, Mister Zabini, because I do not know what the problem is.”


Blaise nodded and the three of them watched as Snape left their rooms and shut the door behind him. Harry looked at his two mates and bit his lip. Come tomorrow everything could be blissfully wonderful, or everything would be utterly ruined.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X  


Harry’s eyes snapped open and he breathed in deeply, wide awake in a matter of seconds. He rolled on the bed between his mates; sweat beading on his body which felt constrained by his clothing.

He kicked off his boxer shorts and yanked off his sleep shirt. He rolled around and pulled in another deep breath. He remembered this part of the heat all too well and he wasn’t happy to have to go through the burning again, he hated the feeling of being burnt alive.

He mewled and whined in distress and both Blaise and Draco were awake within moments, both touching him, both kissing every inch of his body, both ripping off the minimal clothing they had gone to bed in.

Blaise took over his mouth as Draco latched onto a nipple, sucking it viciously. Harry arched from the bed and twisted his hands into Blaise’s hair, tugging on it and pulling him closer.

Draco’s mouth slid from his nipple and down to his side, nipping gently on the soft flesh of his belly, his hand cupping his bum and squeezing it, making Harry moan into Blaise’s mouth.

Blaise pulled Harry’s body under his own and Harry felt the hardness that pressed against him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he had thought that Draco would be the one to take him first, but the thought was driven from his mind by a single forward thrust of Blaise’s hips as his mate imbedded himself inside of his body.

Harry mewled as he jerked in response to Blaise’s movements, feeling only a small burn in his lower back at the sudden completion caused by his mate’s body joining his through his tiny entrance. The small burn couldn’t ever hope to achieve the level of pure heat and searing discomfort that his body already felt and was very quickly forgotten as Blaise started to move within him as Draco moved his mouth down to nibble and lick his hips.

Harry screamed and instinctually moved his body to encase Blaise within him, his claws keeping his chest pressed to Blaise’s, even as Draco came between their lower bodies, stopping them from being completely together as one. It didn’t matter, Draco was a part of them, Draco was a mate, but he wasn’t the only one. Harry needed all of his mates to get him pregnant and he wanted so desperately to become so.

He threw his head back and let out a very loud, high pitched wail. He wanted to be pregnant, he wanted a child, he didn’t care if it would be his only baby, but he wanted one, just the one. He begged through his continuous whine that his mates give him just one baby. He would be content then.

Blaise stilled within him and Harry felt the flood of hot wetness within him, but before he could bask in the feel of his mate’s fertile seed within him, he was filled once more by a thicker cock that belonged to Draco.

Harry screamed again and hooked his legs around Draco’s hips pulling his mate into his body, desperate to get rid of the pulsing heat that was destroying his body piece by piece, desperate to have just one child to love and care for.

Blaise slid behind him and Harry’s hands, including his claws, were pulled off of Draco’s shoulders and he was pulled backwards to lay on Blaise’s lap, his hard cock jutting out beside Harry’s cheek.

Harry knew what his mate wanted and he twisted his upper body as much as he could and wrapped his mouth lovingly around the hard flesh that he had grown to love. He moaned and screamed around it as Draco viciously thrust into his body, striking his prostate and turning his body boneless in unending pleasure.

Harry sucked and licked at Blaise, despite two of his mate’s fingers in his mouth, caught between his upper and lower jaw, Harry didn’t know why Blaise did it, but he soon found out when Draco unexpectedly caught his prostate and released inside of him. Harry’s own orgasm took over him and his jaw automatically clenched shut over Blaise’s fingers, which were the only things stopping Harry from biting a very delicate part of Blaise clean off.  

His mates didn’t give him a moment to rest and Harry soon found himself settling over Blaise, who was still lying against the pillows from when Harry had sucked him off. He bounced on his mate and gasped a bit at the feeling of being completely filled in a different way as Blaise reached further into his body than before.


Bello. Ti amo. This may hurt just slightly more, Mio amore.” Blaise told him in a raw and guttural voice that Harry barely recognised but knew on an instinctual level.


Ti amo, Blaise. I love you, Draco.” Harry whispered right before Draco pushed himself in along with Blaise.


Harry screamed but it wasn’t entirely from pleasure as the slight burn in his lower back and bum turned into a flare of white hot pain. He convulsed on his mates and they held him and stroked him, kissing, licking, laving, touching, caressing, anything to take his mind off of the pain.

Draco licked an erogenous patch of skin just behind his ear and Harry moaned as Draco manipulated it to his will, sucking on it and lightly nibbling it.

Blaise rolled his hips slowly and Harry whined as Blaise rubbed against his prostate. Blaise repeated his previous movements and steadily got faster. The pain was forgotten as the heat washed away all inhibitions and Harry gurgled as Draco drew himself fully out before pushing back in.

Soon Blaise started thrusting in and out as well and Harry couldn’t keep up, he lay down on Blaise’s chest and succumbed to the slow insanity of being taken by both of his mates simultaneously. He gasped and moaned as his body was taken well beyond its threshold of pleasure, he screamed out his orgasm as his body clenched around Draco and Blaise, making the space they were occupying smaller, causing him to feel filled beyond anything he had ever felt before.

Draco and Blaise rode out his orgasm and kept themselves hard through sheer stubborn will power, bringing Harry to full hardness once more and continuing to thrust into his body to sate their instincts and the heat period.

Everything seemed wrong on this heat period, his mind wasn’t slipping off fully, he felt wrong…this felt wrong and he didn’t know why and the pain of being burnt by his heat was steadily growing, it wasn’t being washed away by his mates’ attentions, it was just growing and growing and he called out again, this time slipping in a distress call as the pain and the confusion panicked him.

It was sometime through his fourth orgasm that Harry became aware that something else wasn’t quite right. There were too many hands touching him now, too many mouths. He had the momentary thought that he had been driven insane by the sensations caused by his dual mates and the wrong feeling heat period, but then he opened to eyes to count three heads, not two, six hands, not four, three mouths, not two. There was another person here with them, another person disrupting their heat, but then Harry realised that no…this person, this man, was not interrupting their heat at all, he was joining in, he was touching and caressing him, kissing and licking, but Harry felt completely at ease.

Draco and Blaise were including this new man, they weren’t fighting him, they were at ease with him, they were sharing with him and Harry was frightened. Who was this man and why was he joining in on their mating, their heat, the heat he was on to fully bond with Draco, his second mate?


“Hush, little love.” The man whispered seductively into his ear. “I felt your call and I answered, you wish for babies, I can give them to you.”


Harry’s back bowed as the man pressed into him, hell he was longer and thicker than both Blaise and Draco! His body had never been stretched so far and he cried out, immediately being soothed by Blaise as Draco lowered his mouth over his cock and sucked.

This man was brutal with him, but gentle enough so that he didn’t hurt him, as he thrust hard and fast into him, but taking care not to rip his insides, nor to hit places that were already bruised from Draco and Blaise.

Harry writhed under him as Draco licked at his hard cock and Blaise pushed his tongue down his throat. Harry’s scream of pleasure as the new Dracken found and hit his over sensitised prostate was swallowed by Blaise as he slipped his fingers through Harry’s hair and clenched them at the back of his skull, lifting his head to get a better angle for a deeper, more passionate kiss.

Harry shrieked his release for anyone to hear but the other Dracken just kept on going, not in the least bit affected by Harry’s body clenching so tightly around him through his orgasm.

Harry was soon teased into hardness again as Blaise shoved Draco away from his aching cock and took to playing with his nipples as Draco started touching the skin of Blaise’s back.

Harry watched them through lust blown eyes as Draco lowered his mouth to kiss Blaise’s muscled back as his first mate lowered his head to breathe a kiss over Harry’s left nipple. He was forced to close his eyes with a gasp as the new Dracken that he didn’t even know the name of struck deep inside his body, holding his hips in an almost punishing grip.

A set of teeth he didn’t know caught his shoulder in a quick, but hard bite and Harry’s hips jerked upwards reflexively. He whined deep in his throat, he wanted his mate’s seed.

Harry’s eyes snapped open again at that thought, something was going on here, he was only on his second heat period, he only needed two mates, was this third Dracken using magic to make him, and Blaise and Draco, think that he needed a third mate. Was this third Dracken trying to coerce Harry into being his mate by getting him pregnant with his baby?

Another powerful thrust and all though was driven from Harry’s mind as he clung to the third Dracken and whined for his seed again. Harry looked into those dark eyes and couldn’t find a colour to them.

Then he could barely make out Draco and Blaise beside him in the dark, it seemed that his heat had stolen over him in the middle of the night and through the pitch blackness, it was only his superior sight that allowed him to see silhouettes and make out the bodies and faces of his mates, he couldn’t discern colour from the dim lighting of the room, he wished dearly that there was light so he could see the face of the one who was fucking him so thoroughly. How he wished it wasn’t a moonless night, maybe the light of the moon would have let him see the face of the new Dracken.

Harry was covered in a cocktail of liquids as he lay resting for a moment with all three of his mates. He couldn’t believe it, there were three of them! He had been hoping that two would be more than enough, even as the Elder had told him might need one, maybe two more to ground him to stop him from going insane and killing his own children, but hell this wasn’t what he had been expecting! He’d have to talk to the Elder and work out what the hell had happened here tonight, because from what he had been told he couldn’t accept two mates at once, so why had he tonight?

Unfortunately for him his new third mate seemed to recover quicker than any of them and he was lovingly rearranging Harry before pushing into him once more as Harry tiredly cried out, his screamed raw throat stealing his voice. At least the horrid confusion had disappeared now and the burning of his heat was slowly lowering as it had during his first ever heat.


“Please! Please!” He cried out desperately, not sure if he was crying for the heat to stop already or if he was begging for more. 


The third Dracken didn’t answer, he just grunted and upped his thrusts, hitting deeper inside of him and wringing another orgasm from his tired and spent body. He’d sleep for a week after these ten days were over, he was sure of it.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up slowly and lethargically. His body was dead tired and as his stomach grumbled loudly in the silence of the bedroom, Harry contemplated ignoring it and his bladder in favour of falling back to sleep.

His bladder won out as it threatened to burst in the bed where he lay and he crawled out of the warm cocoon and bum shuffled his way down the stairs because he didn’t trust his legs to carry him down safely, this had the repercussion of making his bum ache after every step until, when he reached the bottom, he was nearly in tears, but he had reached the bottom without falling down them, an accomplishment by his standards.

He relieved himself and washed his hands, using the sink to stay on his feet. Harry contemplated falling asleep in the pool sized, empty bath, but came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

Harry crawled out of the bathroom on his hands and knees, his bum too sore to sit on and his body too tired, too hungry to get up and use energy to walk. The sight of all the stairs back up to the warm, comfortable bed made him feel like crying. For the first time he felt like cursing Dumbledore for giving them a bed on a ledge that was only accessible by a set of stairs that was looking like a mountain right about now.

Harry whined in the back of his throat, only lightly. He was distressed, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t deal with himself. However he was up in someone’s arms before he had finished his first whine.


“You should have called.” Draco’s smooth, aristocratic voice sounded, deep and guttural, like the skin was missing from his voice box.


“I didn’t think anyone was here.” Harry answered snuggling up tightly to Draco, laying a kiss to the underside of his chin.


Harry felt very, very affectionate towards Draco and he basked in the feeling of the full bond. His Dracken was not even close to thinking about rejecting Draco now. In fact the merest whisper of rejecting Draco caused his Dracken to hiss deeply in displeasure.


“I’m here, my love, Blaise has gone hunting. I wanted to go as well but he rationalised that one of us had to stay with you because you got upset if you were on your own. He decided to hunt because he knew what you liked best; not that staying here is any hardship on me, just that I wish to prove myself capable of providing for you.”


“You don’t need to do that.” Harry said even as his Dracken stated firmly that yes Draco did need to do that at some point.


“I’m going hunting for dinner, seeing as it’s near enough lunch time now.”


Harry smiled and allowed Draco to carry him into the living room and settle him on the settee, before lifting his head and sitting down, replacing Harry’s head in his lap where he proceeded to comb his fingers through Harry’s untameable hair, tugging out the knots and tangles that had formed during his ten days of continuous sex, massaging his scalp and settling Harry down.

Harry fell asleep quickly under the ministrations and only woke up when a large thump made him nearly jump out of his skin.


“Be quiet!” Draco hissed, but it was too late, Harry was already awake.


He peered over the back of the settee, using the cushions to pull himself up enough to see what was going on. Blaise had laid a still twitching buck on the floor of their living room and Draco was now in his face hissing at him for waking him up.


“Stop it!” Harry demanded sleepily. “It doesn’t matter that the thump woke me up, the smell coming off of that would have woken me up anyway. I’m too hungry to ignore it.”


Harry’s stomach backed him up by clenching and rumbling loudly, making Harry almost double over in hunger pains.


“Eat Harry, Prezioso.” Blaise encouraged, gently leading him to sit in front of the still spasaming animal.


Harry unsheathed his claws and skinned an area of the animal’s side before he cut out a lump of fresh, skinned meat, his fangs sliding from his gums as he tore into the tough meat, sucking the still warm blood from it before happily diving back down to strip flesh from bone with his teeth.

Harry ate until the ache left his belly and then he offered Blaise and Draco some of his food. Neither of them declined his invitation as they both sat and began feeding him lumps of warm meat, before gulping down their own.

Harry lay back against Blaise when he could no longer eat another bite. Blaise had also stopped eating, but as the bigger dominant who needed more food than the both of them, Draco was still happily foraging in the skeleton of the buck, stripping lone bits of meat from the remaining bones.


“Do you feel better, Mio amore?”


“Yes thank you, love. I feel so much better, though I am sore. Did you use the cream again?”


Blaise smiled and pecked his forehead gently. “Of course, I wouldn’t leave you in pain.”


“But I am still in pain. Why did you and Draco have to take me at the same time?”


Draco and Blaise shared a look that set his teeth on edge; he looked between them and then frowned.


“What? Did I say something wrong?”


“No. Harry, how much do you remember of the last ten days?” Draco asked cautiously.


“I didn’t remember everything right away last time; it took an hour or so for my mind to catch up and even then the memories are still fuzzy and I’ve obviously got some missing somewhere. Why, what happened? What did I do?”


“It is not what you did, Innamorato, it is what happened during your heat.” Blaise told him softly.


“What happened?” Harry asked a clenching in his gut that told him he wouldn’t like it.


“There is someone who we have locked up in the wardrobe, love.”


“Excuse me, what?” Harry asked. “Who have you locked in the wardrobe and why?!”


“It seems that…well, Mio Amore, it seems that…”


Blaise seemed unable to form the words that he needed and Harry took a deep breath to stop himself from snapping, something told him that it wouldn’t help anything.


“What Blaise is trying, and failing very spectacularly to do, is to say is that a Dracken joined us during our heat period. Neither I nor Blaise attacked him or felt the need to attack him; we were at ease with him, as if he was supposed to be there. We have no idea how he came to join our heat and until we can determine what happened and that he is not a danger to you, he will remain in the wardrobe.”


Harry had a sudden remembered moment of a huge, thick set man ramming his equally large and thick cock into his body and his stomach clenched as his blood seared with pleasure which ended with his cock giving a feeble twitch, too spent from the ten day sex-a-thon to do much more.


“I mated with him.” Harry realised with a jolt. He had three mates. Three not two.


“We want to make sure that he is actually a mate and hasn’t coerced you into mating with him.” Blaise stated, wrapping an arm around him.


“Does it matter if he coerced me or not? He’s still my mate.”


“We can kill him if he coerced you.” Draco put in lightly as if he were talking about clothes shopping and not killing another man.


“Won't that have an effect on me?”


“No.” Blaise put in carefully. “If he were your only mate I would worry for you, but he isn’t, you have Draco and I also.”


“The fact that you might not have even needed him as a mate also counts in favour of killing him.” Draco added just as easily and lightly as before. “It means that your Dracken won't miss him if we eliminate him.”


“Right can we stop talking about killing him like he’s nothing more than a pesky mosquito, please?!” Harry stated suddenly. “And we can’t leave him locked in the bloody wardrobe! Not only does he need to eat and more than likely needs the bathroom, I actually need to get to my clothes!”




“Why what?!” Harry snapped back at Draco.


“Why do you need to wear clothes? I am very much enjoying the view.”


Harry threw a rib bone at Draco, who caught it and snapped it like a twig. Harry crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. Blaise kissed him and pulled him into his arms.


“Professor Snape is coming up to take the Dracken away to question him along with Elder Trintus, and they will find out one way or the other what happened, Mio Amore. Veritaserum does work on Drackens after all.”


Harry chuckled a bit at that remembering his fourth year when Snape had threatened him with the same potion. He snuggled into Blaise and he didn’t so much as twitch when Draco cuddled up against his back, sandwiching him between the two of them. He felt safe and loved and protected. He could get used to this. Now if only he didn’t have an unknown dominant Dracken, who he was somehow mated with, locked in his wardrobe then everything would be perfect.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Eighteen – Survival


Harry groaned as he lounged on the settee later that night. It was seven at night and Harry had just finished eating the soft tender doe that Draco had hunted for their dinner.

He felt so full that every slight movement that he made caused his belly to feel like it would rupture.

Harry groaned again and rolled over into a more comfortable position for his belly. Perhaps he had eaten just a tad too much meat, but he hadn’t wanted to hurt Draco’s feelings by only eating a bit of the doe that the blond had so proudly displayed to him.

Harry had been asleep when Snape had come to take away the dominant who had somehow become his third mate. He was a bit put out because Draco and Blaise seemed to know who it was, but they weren’t telling him anything. He knew that he would find out sooner or later, because the man was his third dominant mate, but he would much rather it was the former over the latter.

Snape had come to take Blaise away for ‘questioning’ over an hour ago now and Harry was left to wrap around Draco, who was sitting on the floor beside the settee, rubbing soothing circles onto his back.

The portrait door opened and Blaise walked back in looking disgruntled. Harry peered at him and asked softly. “What happened?”


“Not a lot, Mio Amore. Draco, Professor Snape wishes for your presence.”


Draco nodded. “Take over for me here, Harry has a stomach ache.”


Blaise settled beside Draco and those smaller hands took over the soothing pattern. Harry sighed softly; he had such amazing mates who were so good to him. His Uncle had been wrong after all, he had found, not one, but two, absolutely wonderful men to settle down with, men who loved everything from his messy hair to his little toes.


“Is it looking bad?” Harry mumbled a while later, his eyes closed in pure bliss as Blaise rubbed his back and sides gently, lovingly.


“It depends on what you think is bad, Bello. It is looking like the Dracken did not use any coercion to become your mate and that you called out to him and he answered your call. It is looking like he is a legitimate mate of ours, though how it is possible; we are still trying to work that out.”


“Is he at least nice?” Harry asked, wondering how he’d deal with this new man if he was nasty and cruel.


“Nice looking or nice mannerisms?” Blaise asked.


Harry opened his mouth to answer nice as in kind, but stopped himself; he instead considered the question seriously before deciding that he wanted an answer for both.




“He is very handsome and very strong.” Blaise answered. “From what I know of him he is a nice person and would make a good mate.”


“So there is no reason to kill him?”


“None at all at the moment, Prezioso.”


“Good because I think that even if I wouldn’t go insane or anything from losing a mate, I think it would hurt something deep inside of me if we had to kill him.”


Blaise sighed and stilled his hands for a moment before resuming his slow circles.


“A Dracken never really gets over the loss of a mate, innamorato. Professor Snape is proof enough of that. He could have taken another mate by now if he had wished, but when we have lost the ones we love so dearly, it is always hard to think of replacing them with someone different. You would likely feel the death of this new mate for years to come, even after being mated for such a small amount of time, but you would get over it eventually, with Draco and I with you and the children we would give you, that would be sufficient in distracting you from his loss.”


“Can we please not talk like we have already set the execution date please?” Harry asked as his stomach bubbled a bit in disgust.


“Of course, Prezioso.”


They fell into a comfortable silence, Blaise’s hands still rubbing his back and sides and Harry thinking about how everything had changed, wondering how things could have gone so terribly wrong even when the entire heat period had been planned out and prepared for.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry had been taken down to the dungeons by both of his mates when Draco was finished with his questioning; apparently it was his turn now.

Harry sat opposite Elder Trintus and Professor Snape and allowed three drops of clear liquid to be placed carefully onto his tongue. He swallowed and looked at the two men in front of him, waiting for their questions.


“Alright, Harry dear, do you remember what happened during your heat period?” Elder Trintus asked gently.


“Yes.” He replied monotonously, aware of what he was saying, but he had absolutely no control over what he said, it was a frightening feeling, it was like his mind had gone blank and the answers to the questions that he was asked just fell from his mouth of their own accord.


“Do you remember sending out a call during your heat?”




“Can you tell us why you sent out this call?” Snape asked.


“I wanted my mates to give me children.”


“So you let out a call to your mates demanding to give you children?”




“When did you first notice that another dominant had joined you in your heat?”


“I didn’t know the time during the heat period, but it was early on, some when during the first night. It was definitely within the first few hours of me being on my heat.”


“Did you feel at all uncomfortable or upset with him present?”




“Did you feel like pushing him away or getting away from him at any point?”


“No. It felt like he should have been there, like I wouldn’t have been complete had he not been there. I was confused and distressed before he arrived.”


“Now this question is very serious, Harry, did you kiss or touch any unmated Dracken in the time frame of you accepting Draco Malfoy as your second mate and then going onto your heat period with him?”




“Do you remember who these Drackens are and what you did with them?”




“Would you care to tell us, please, sweet one?”


“Henley and I kissed and hugged. Nasta and I cuddled and I used to kiss his cheek and he used to kiss my hair or hand. Arsenio kissed my hand. Jensen licked the back of my ear. Declan kissed my temple. Maximilius and I snogged out by the lake just before he told me that I was emitting mating pheromones…”


“Stop there for me, Harry. You and Maximilius shared a passionate kiss together just before he informed you that your Dracken was rejecting Draco?”




The two older Drackens shared a look that Harry didn’t like and something clicked in his mind.


“My third mate is Max, isn’t it?”


“I’m afraid so, Harry dear.” Elder Trintus informed him gravely. “Do you remember at any time after the kiss with Maximilius if he ever acted differently around you? Possessive, jealous? Perhaps he didn’t like anyone touching you or if he wanted all of your attention on himself?”


“Yes. We shared a picnic the day I got out of the hospital wing to celebrate, he was acting possessive then, he didn’t like Nasta, or anyone else, touching me and he growled a bit when they did touch me.”


“Dear oh dear.”


“It isn’t all that bad.” Harry reasoned. “I like Max and he would make a good dominant.”


“You have accepted him completely, as you have Draco.”


“Yes, I believe so.”


“Harry is Blaise your mate?”




“Is Draco your mate?”




“Is Maximilius your mate?”




“All three of them completely? Not half, all of them.”




“You don’t feel like rejecting them?”




“Remarkable.” Elder Trintus said in awe. “Your Dracken accepted Maximilius as your mate through the passionate kiss that you shared when you rejected Draco, then you overpowered your Dracken and took Draco back as a mate, the result is you have essentially mated with them both when you should have only mated with Maximilius. Drackens do not ever take back dominants that they have rejected, usually because the reason they rejected the dominant in the first place is something that they could never forgive.”


“They are both my mates aren’t they?” Harry asked as he pulled a face at the bitter tasting antidote that Snape had dripped onto his tongue.


“Yes, Harry my dear. After questioning all four of you it is very clear that all four of you are mates.”


“Does that mean that I don’t need to search for another mate now?” He asked with hope in his eyes. He saw the answer in the way that Elder Trintus’ eyes and face softened in sympathy. “I still need another mate? Are you kidding me?!”


“You have only partially mated with Draco and Maximilius, together they make up one mate, you will still need a grounding mate.”


“How is it possible that two people only make up one? That doesn’t even make any sense!”


“You rejected Draco, Potter. Then you accepted another mate to yourself in the time where Draco was no longer your mate. You then ignored your new mate in favour of fighting your Dracken to seal Draco to you once more. They are your mates and you are their submissive, no one can break you apart or take them away from you now, but their bonds were messed with during the time from their acceptance to the heat period that you just experienced. You accepted them both as mates and you mated with them both during the same heat period, your Dracken sees them as only one mate, so you need a fourth mate now or your Dracken side will be unstable.” Snape explained as simply as he possibly could.


“But this fourth mate will definitely be the last one now, yes?” Harry asked desperately.


“If you don’t have any more dramas like you have displayed in the last two months then yes. This mate will be your last one.”


“Thank god.” Harry sighed in relief. “Where is Max by the way?”


“Explaining to the Headmaster why he was passionately kissing one of his students on the grounds of the school without a chaperone present.” Elder Trintus answered.


Harry went pale. The Headmaster could be very protective of his students and of himself especially. Harry saw the man as more than a school Headmaster and he was sure that the Headmaster saw him as more than a favourite student. Their meeting could turn ugly.


“I would suggest, Mister Potter, that you return to your rooms and allow the Headmaster to speak to Mister Maddison about his improper actions.” Snape drawled in his most silkiest voice, the one that warned Harry not to disobey or his body bits would end up pickled and floating in jars.


Harry nodded uncertainly and he hoped that Max even wanted to speak to him after the Headmaster was through with tearing him a new arsehole.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry was nervously pacing at ten o’clock that night. Max still hadn’t come to their rooms, even though he had been assured that the older Dracken did know where his rooms were located.

The Headmaster had lost him his third mate! It had been two hours; surely the Headmaster would have been finished with Max by now! What was he going to do if his mate rejected him?


“Calm down, Harry love.” Draco told him calmly. “I’m sure he’ll be here.”


“You want him here?” Harry asked looking to Draco hopefully. “You don’t mind him? I mean he did practically almost ruin your bond.”


“He’s your mate now, Harry, there is nothing that I can do or say to change that.” Draco replied diplomatically.


“But do you hold it against him? Are you going to snub him or give him the cold shoulder? I can't live with a bunch of mates who can't even stay in the same room as one another!”


Blaise wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down onto his lap. “Hush, Mio Prezioso. Neither of us are going to snub Maximilius. Your Dracken chose him and we have no say in who you mate to or how many mates you actually end up having, it must be your decision. We are going to live with whatever you decide, Innamorato. We love you.”


Harry smiled and looked for confirmation from Draco who nodded his head seriously.


“We don’t have to like it, Harry, but we will live with it. I don’t mind that he interrupted what was supposed to be my bonding heat; I got more than enough turns with you without him or Blaise. I just don’t like how all of this has happened. He came to us when we were at our most vulnerable.”


“Most vulnerable?” Harry questioned.


“Harry, during heat is when a Dracken is in his, or her, most vulnerable state. We are almost completely unaware of everything that happens around us, we are powerless to stop anything that might happen because we are so focused on you and your pleasure, there is only one thing on our minds when we are on heat, you and your pleasure and conceiving children with our submissive, everything else is meaningless.” Blaise explained.


“Are you saying that…that a gang of hostile people could come in and we wouldn’t be able to do anything?” Harry asked horrified.


“That is exactly what I am saying, Bello. There have been many cases of Drackens being injured or killed whilst they have been on a heat period, one submissive and her three dominants burnt to death when their house caught fire and they were caught in a period of heat, they just burnt to death because none of them could break the focus of the heat, I doubt they even knew the house was on fire in the first place.”


“That’s horrible!” Harry exclaimed.


“Such is the weakness of a Dracken. The second and last time a Dracken is at their most vulnerable is when a submissive is giving birth. If the dominants aren’t near the submissive, or they are taken out, then the submissive is helpless against the opposing force.”


“God help us.” Harry whispered out as he turned to cuddle into Blaise.


“Perhaps it is time we went to bed, we need to recover our energy for when we return to classes tomorrow and we have done little sleeping in the past ten days.”


“But Max…”


“Knows where we are, Prezioso. He will find us when he is ready.”


Harry didn’t like it, but he couldn’t deny that he was bone tired as a yawn almost dislocated his jaw. He nodded sullenly and let Draco and Blaise lead him to their platform bed. It was bigger than the last time he had seen it, much bigger.


“I enlarged it so that Max could actually fit into it with us.” Draco told him. “I had to extend the end of it as well, honestly how a man grows to be six foot eight I’ll never know, he’s almost too big to be natural.”


“He’s a Dracken, he grew with his inheritance.” Harry told Draco.


“We don’t grow much in height, Mio Amore. Otherwise we would all be near enough the same height and we are not.” Blaise told him with a smile. “We swell with muscle and we gain a few inches maybe, but for Max to have become six foot eight, he must have already been six foot five or six in height at fifteen, before he had his inheritance. He was always destined to be very large.”


Harry frowned as he crawled into the bed. He closed his eyes, but he was still awake long after Draco and Blaise had fallen asleep. They had forgotten one very important fact of new bonds. He wouldn’t be able to sleep without Max near him.

Sighing softly, Harry rolled out of the bed and padded down the stairs. He was going to be exhausted come tomorrow, but no matter how tired he was, he couldn’t fall asleep and he didn’t have any more Dreamless Sleep potions left over from when he had needed to sleep near Draco and couldn’t because he didn’t trust him.

He could have gone to ask Professor Snape for some more, but Harry doubted that the man would want to be woken up at two in the morning just for him to ask for a potion. Madam Pomfrey could also give him a sleeping potion, but again Harry didn’t want to pad all the way down to the hospital wing, wake her up just to ask for a potion, there was no reason two of them needed to have disturbed sleep after all.

Sitting on the settee, Harry curled himself up and sunk deep into his thoughts. Everything had turned upside down. Just seven months ago he had been a human boy looking forward to going back to school for his sixth year. Then on his sixteenth birthday everything had changed, he had changed. He had turned into a labelled dark creature, a Dracken and not just any Dracken, a bloody rare male submissive Dracken.

Then he had come to school, concealing his new and alarming species status and almost two months later he had mated to someone that previously he had never even spoken to. Everything had happened so fast, too quick, not enough time for anything to sink in.

Before he could even get used to Blaise, he had been separated from him, which had hurt him deeply inside, to parade around a damned house with a hundred other dominant Drackens all intent on groping the skin off of him whilst his actual mate looked on, neither of them able to do anything about it.  

Then he had learnt that he needed to do it all over again just to get pregnant, something which he still hadn’t been sure he wanted. Hell he was sixteen years old! He remembered what his Aunt had used to say about teenaged pregnancy, only she had been slagging off Mrs number forty-eight’s granddaughter, who had gotten pregnant at fifteen. The scandal it had caused the entire of little whinging had been enough to drive poor Mrs Huddson and her Husband to move house. But Harry remembered the awful things that people had spat at Mrs Huddson, calling her a bad Mother for not raising her daughter up properly enough to teach her granddaughter, calling the little granddaughter a slut and a whore. Aunt Petunia had been on her high horse for months and months, saying that she had waited until she had married before partaking in sexual activities. Harry had valued his life back then so he hadn’t voiced aloud his opinion that she had had to wait until she was married because no one other than Vernon Dursley was that desperate.

Now all he wanted was a baby, but he would still be a teenaged Mother, his baby’s Father would still be a teenager, Harry’s back straightened then, unless the baby’s Father was Max, then he would be a sixteen year old Mother whose baby would have a thirty-one year old Father. Oh hell.

There had to be a rule or something against that somewhere. Did he even want a baby right now? It would interfere with his school work, he still needed to complete another year of schooling before he graduated, hell how many kids did Blaise say he could have? He’d be overrun with them and the school definitely wouldn’t be the best place to raise kids, how the hell did other Drackens manage? He couldn’t be the only one that was overwhelmed. But then he remembered that nearly all Drackens were scented out at birth and they were raised knowing what would happen, they had sixteen years to get used to the idea, he had had literally overnight to come to terms with being mated and then he had had a second mate thrown on top, then there was that drama of his Dracken rejecting Draco, then he had apparently accepted Max as a mate and then forced Draco back into being his mate and now he had three of them and there was a high possibility that he was already pregnant with one of their babies and fucking hell he needed a break.

This wasn’t how he saw his life. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! His life should have been calm now, blissful now that Voldemort was dead and all his Death Eaters were either dead or in Azkaban. He may have lost Sirius in the Department of Mysteries, but he had also gotten rid of Voldemort there too.

He didn’t know what that beast had hoped to accomplish by possessing him but it really hadn’t gone his way when Harry had forced his love for his friends upon him. Harry could still hear the screams of agony, of rage and pain. Voldemort had been seared to death by Harry’s intense love for his friends, for Sirius and Remus as his parental figures, his love for Dumbledore as a mentor and perhaps as an eccentric Uncle or Grandfather.

Voldemort had curled up as his flesh had flayed around him, the remaining parts of his soul hidden all over Britain burning and turning to ash through the love that they just couldn’t understand, that they had never been shown nor felt before.

It was sad really that a grown man had never known an ounce of love from anyone in his life, it was even sadder that that lack of understanding for such a simple yet complex emotion such as love had killed such a terrible man. Harry hated knowing that it was the strength of his love for those around him that had ultimately killed the one who had taken so much from him.

It was fitting really though when he thought about it. His Mother had stood in front of him, had given her life to save him through her absolute and heart deep love for him and Voldemort had killed her regardless of her pleas. Fifteen years later he had killed the one who had taken her life so mercilessly, so emotionlessly with the burning love that he held for her and his Father and for everyone around him. Maybe it was fates way of redeeming to him everything that he had lost, by giving him X amount of men to love and be loved in return as well as cared for and cherished and allowing him to have babies so that he could have the family that had been so cruelly ripped away from him at such a young and tender age. He had been struggling to survive all his life and now that he had actually survived against all the odds, he was at a loss as to what to do.




Harry startled badly and looked to the portrait door where the huge, formidable form of Maximilius Diadesen Maddison stood, filling the stone archway completely.

The large man rushed forward and fell hard onto his knees in front of Harry, who was frozen on the settee.


“I am so sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean for it to happen, I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t stop even though I knew what I was doing would frighten and confuse you. I felt you go onto heat and I knew I had to be there, but I barricaded myself in my room to keep from running to you and scaring you, but when you started calling to me, I had to answer your call, you were my mate, I had to answer you when you called.”


Harry had never heard the fun loving Max in such distress, he was holding Harry’s hands in both of his own, looking imploringly into his eyes and he was on his knees begging to be forgiven, but Harry didn’t know what needed to be forgiven, Max hadn’t done anything wrong in his opinion. Their Drackens had acted on instinct, like they were supposed to, that wasn’t Max’s fault.

Harry leant forward and smiled as his Dracken practically made him purr at the contact with his third mate. Max wrapped those huge arms around him and Harry could hardly believe that he had thought that Draco’s arms were huge. Max’s had to have been twice the size.


“Max.” Harry sighed happily. “You couldn’t stop yourself, I know that. I couldn’t stop myself from calling out. I wanted a baby, I wanted my mates, so I started calling and I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t blame you, you are my mate and I'm glad that you joined us on our heat period. You needed to be there…we wanted you to be there.”


Max was, for once, speechless and he just held Harry in the curve of his body lowering his head to smell the soft scent that came from Harry’s tufty hair.

He suspected that Harry was pregnant. There had been an eighty percent chance that he had conceived during the last ten days and the affectionate way that Harry was behaving towards him seemed to be a big indication that he had conceived. He had heard that a Dracken who didn’t have any children and had not conceived whilst being on a fertile heat turned violent and aggressive towards their mates. This would never happen again once they’d given birth to their first child as the Dracken only wanted a child, the submissive would only get aggressive if they didn’t have any children from their mates, once they got what they wanted, they would calm right down.

Harry had fallen asleep in his arms and Max didn’t know what to do. He had never imagined that he would be mated to this beautiful, kind and unique boy in front of him. He barely knew Blaise and he knew even less about Draco. Would they accept him into their bed? It would be disconcerting to go to sleep and then wake up in the morning and he was suddenly in their bed with them.

Biting his bottom lip, Max slid Harry into his lap and pushed his arms underneath the tiny body; he lifted Harry up into his arms and carefully slid onto the settee and lay down, his legs hung off the end of the settee at the knees, leaving his lower legs to dangle in the air.

Max carefully, slowly, gently moved Harry to lay lengthways down his body and cuddled him on his chest. It was uncomfortable for him, very uncomfortable and nigh on painful, but as Harry snuffled in his sleep and cuddled in closer to him, he realised that he didn’t give a flying fuck that he was going to be stiff and have cramps and pins and needles all through his legs tomorrow, he was very happy right where he was.

He was a mated man now, a mated man with a submissive and two other dominants and a possible clutch of children on the way. It was complicated and this…relationship needed work, it needed a lot of work and effort and it would be so hard, but Max couldn’t for one minute think of a time in his adult life that he had ever been happier than he was at the moment. He had a submissive mate of his own at last, he was actually mated and not just to any old submissive either, he had somehow managed to get the most amazing, beautiful and kind submissive that he had ever had the good fortune to meet to choose him as his dominant mate. He had never been as in love as he was right now with anyone before. He held Harry closer and he placed a kiss to his smooth forehead. He was the luckiest man in the world. He was mated and he was mated to sweet Harry, the boy who had been so kind to him and everyone else, the boy who had eaten the biscuits that he’d made and gifted to him with obvious enjoyment, the boy who had chosen him to become his dominant no matter how messed up the process had actually been. They were mated now and nothing could break them apart now.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

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Chapter Nineteen – Repetitive Renditions


Harry woke up to very feral, hostile growling. He blinked and found his vision obscured by the most beautiful, bright blue wings that he had even laid eyes on. He touched the stunning equally bright blue scales and the owner of said wings and scales shivered.

Harry peeked over the top of those wings, standing up to do so as they were so large and he looked between the juncture of Max’s neck and his wing. Draco and Blaise were standing opposite, Blaise looked tired and exasperated, Draco was the source of the hostile growling.


“W’as going on?” Harry slurred sleepily.


“Draco believes that Max stole you from our bed last night so that he could turn you against us.” Blaise explained with a small shake of the head.


“I would never turn against you!” Harry stated sharply. “I love each and every one of you exactly the same, Draco. How could you accuse me of something like that?”


“He is just jealous and feeling a bit insecure so he is lashing out.” Max told him, his eyes never leaving Draco. “My presence interrupted what was supposed to be his bonding; his Dracken is looking for reassurance that I am not replacing him.”


It was in that moment that Harry truly realised that Max was, in actual fact, thirty-one years old. He was older and knew a hell of a lot more than him, Blaise and Draco put together. It reassured him and he draped his arms around Max’s neck and nuzzled the skin and strong muscle there with his nose.


“Max is not replacing you, Draco, but you have to understand that he is my mate as well. I have three mates that all need my time and attention and it will be much easier on all of us if we can all get along, it means I don’t have to separate you all. It wouldn’t be fair if I was sitting here in the living room with Max and Blaise and you had to be placed in the bedroom because you can't behave when around the other mates, Draco.”


Max was practically melting under Harry’s ministrations to his neck. Such affection and love, he had been missing out on so much. He had never realised that being with a mate could be like this.

Harry climbed out from behind Max and went to Draco, standing on his tiptoes to press a kiss to Draco’s forehead, his arms going around his neck.


“I love you, Draco and I always will. The nightmare of me rejecting you is over and it will not ever happen again. We are bonded now until death do us part. Though don’t you go dying on me either.”


Harry gave a small smile and dropped back down on his feet to press a kiss to Draco’s pale pink lips. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry’s waist and dropped his nose into Harry’s hair.


“Max didn’t steal me from the bedroom either. I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t have Max with me and I didn’t have any more sleeping potions left over, so I came out here so I wouldn’t wake either you or Blaise up with my restlessness. Max came in about an hour later. I must have fallen asleep then.”


“You did.” Max reassured him with a smile. “I fell asleep under you.”


“He didn’t even want to use magic to expand the settee.” Blaise smirked. “He thought that wiggling his wand out of his pocket and waving it around would wake you up.”


Max went a very faint pink, but he did nothing else to show his embarrassment as he waved Blaise off with a grin.

Harry chuckled as he hopped up to wrap his legs around Draco, whose arm almost automatically slid under his bum to support him.


“Do we have lessons today? Actually what day is it?” Harry asked.


“It’s Tuesday today, we should really have gone back to lessons yesterday, but due to the drama it was probably for the best that we didn’t.” Blaise answered.


“So we do have lessons?”


“Yes, in an hour or so, but breakfast first yes?”


Harry looked to Max then, his face scrunched up as he tried to figure out what the thirty-one year old man was going to do all day.


“I’ll be going to work, Harry. I’ve been flooing to and from the Dracken compound from my workplace for these last couple of months. I get off at four.”


“Last lesson ends at five and then we have dinner.”


Max grinned as he moved to kiss Harry’s cheek and, grinning even more, he kissed Draco’s forehead. Draco who growled threateningly, but couldn’t do anything else because he was holding onto Harry.


“I’ll meet you back here after your dinner.” Max told him.


Harry leant forward and gave Max a hug and a more passionate kiss on the lips before Max left for work.

Harry wiggled to be put down and he bounced off to have a shower and to get dressed. He was ready in twenty minutes much to Draco’s ever growing disdain.


“I’m not going to spend an hour getting ready, Draco.” Harry insisted. “We don’t have the time and I have nothing else I need to do.”


“Not an hour then but half an hour at least.”


“I already spent twenty minutes getting ready, I won't spend another half an hour getting ready, I wouldn’t know what to do!”


“Let me do it for you then.”  




Harry scowled as he held both Draco’s and Blaise’s hands walking into the Great Hall. People stared, people pointed and whispered, but Harry didn’t care. For the first time in his life, he didn’t care that people were pointing and whispering about him. He had Blaise and Draco and Max, why should he care what other people thought of him when he had his three mates?

Harry sat down and ignored the glare that he received from Theodore Nott, who had not given up on getting his hands on Blaise. Harry would have skinned him alive if he had thought for a moment that the human was a threat.

Harry loaded his plate full of meat and happily ate until his heart’s content. Though he was glad that both Blaise and Draco had hunted the night previous, this meat was just a tad too cooked for his current tastes, but thanks to the two raw meals he had devoured with his mates, he could handle the cooked meat, even though he didn’t really want it.


“Please tell me that you aren’t dying.” A voice demanded.


Harry peeked over his shoulder and grinned at Ginny, whose joyful, child-like face tried to take attention away from the concerned eyes that belied her expression.


“I’m not dying.” Harry answered with a smile. “Madam Pomfrey has contained the illness and I should be fine soon enough.”


“She did say he might have one more really bad bout of it before it was all out of his system though.” Blaise answered quickly and Harry looked at him confusedly.


Harry could have slapped himself as he remembered that he still needed another mate. He didn’t feel like he needed one, in fact he felt so content with the three that he had that he had actually forgotten that he needed a fourth mate, but Elder Trintus had explained before he had gotten Draco as a mate that he would feel like he wouldn’t need another mate, even when he did need one because his Dracken side would only recognise the amount of mates he needed to get him a clutch of children, not how many he needed to be completely healthy.


“I can hope can't I?” Harry answered, only Draco and Blaise understanding the double meaning to his words.


He didn’t want a fourth mate, hell he hadn’t wanted a second mate! Now he was stuck with three and soon to get a fourth, yet he didn’t see it as a hardship. He saw his three gorgeous mates and felt like the luckiest person alive, he didn’t want a fourth mate but as soon as he had them, he would love them so much that he wouldn’t be able to think of living without them.

It really was a terrible part of being a Dracken, yet if it gave him the unconditional love of four men and a horde of children who he would love until his dying breath; he wasn’t going to bitch about it…too much at least.


“Do you think you’ll be fit for our match against Hufflepuff?” Ginny asked.


“No idea. Maybe, maybe not.” Harry answered, knowing that there was a huge chance that he would be pregnant for the Hufflepuff match and unable to play. It was why he had thrown himself wholly and completely into the match against Ravenclaw, because he knew that it was very likely that it would be his last ever match.


He sighed and placed a hand over his belly, imagining a child growing there.


“Oh dear Merlin.” Ginny breathed, she grabbed his arm and tugged him out of the Great Hall and away from Draco and Blaise.


“Harry, are you having protected sex?” She asked seriously.


Harry blushed to the roots of his hair. “I…that is…don’t think it’s any of your business, Ginny.”


“This isn’t the time for virgin cuteness, Harry! It’s just occurred to me that you’ve grown up in the Muggle world, you wouldn’t know!”


“Know what, Ginny?”


“Wizards can get pregnant, Harry.” Ginny told him. “If you’ve been having unprotected sex with other wizards you could be pregnant, you have to get yourself checked over by Madam Pomfrey, right now!”


Harry let himself be dragged to the hospital wing, knowing all the while that Madam Pomfrey would use the extra sensitive spell used for detecting very early Dracken pregnancies. He didn’t know what he wanted the results to be. He knew that there was an incredibly high chance that he was already pregnant, he only needed two mates to get pregnant and even though his Dracken only saw Max and Draco as one, he in actual fact had three mates. Yet he didn’t want to be pregnant at just sixteen! He was too young to properly care for a baby! He didn’t even have a full education yet! He didn’t have a house for his baby to live in; he didn’t have the skills he needed to look after a baby and he didn’t have a job!


“What have you been doing this time?” Madam Pomfrey asked with a long suffering sigh.


“He’s been having unprotected sex, Madam Pomfrey. He didn’t know about male pregnancies so he didn’t think he needed to use protection spells.” Ginny stated matter of factly whilst Harry blushed beside her.


Madam Pomfrey knew immediately what the problem was. She gave a long look to Harry before bustling around and getting him to hop onto a bed. She handed him a large red coloured book and Harry stared at the title. ‘Your Baby and You: What you can expect from a Male Pregnancy.’


“I don’t know if I'm pregnant yet!” Harry gasped out indignantly.


“That book contains the incantations for contraceptive charms and the names and ingredients for different potions that you can use to help you. It also has all the information you will need on looking after yourself during pregnancy and how to properly care for a newborn baby if it turns out that you are pregnant.”


“Can we please get on with it?” Harry begged.


Madam Pomfrey nodded her head curtly and waved her wand over his belly gently and then more vigorously. Harry felt her magic seep through his skin and touch something within him, something that made his gums and fingertips ache as his fangs and claws tingled to be released.

It took nearly all of his will power to keep his wings and scales from bursting out from his control. He clenched his hands to stop his claws from coming out and he breathed deeply against the urge to attack Madam Pomfrey, to protect his baby. He knew the results of the test before Madam Pomfrey had even read the results of her diagnostic charm…he knew before anyone had to say anything. He was pregnant.


“Well you are already pregnant, Mister Potter. Take that book and read it thoroughly and come back for a check-up in exactly two weeks.”


“When did I get pregnant?” Harry asked. “I mean, exactly when?”


“It is impossible to tell you exactly when, but I can tell you that you are only eleven days pregnant.”


Harry quickly worked it out. He had gotten pregnant on his second day of the heat, after Max had joined them. Oh hell, he was screwed. Three potential Fathers, three potential Fathers who would love nothing more than to sit him in a soft chair and never let him get up again.


“So which of your men did you have sexual relations with eleven days ago, Harry?” Ginny asked innocently, but her eyes gleamed as she put emphasis on the word sexual relations, implying explicitly that she meant which of your men thoroughly fucked you eleven days ago.


Harry blushed and went slightly light headed from the rush of blood to his head. He looked from Ginny’s eager, salacious face to Madam Pomfrey’s sympathetic, yet expectant look.


“All of them.”


Ginny giggled. “Harry you dirty, naughty boy.”


“Please read the book carefully, Mister Potter.” Madam Pomfrey told him. “And please come back to see me if you have questions, if you feel like you need to talk or if anything feels amiss. If I don’t see you before then, I want to see you in two weeks’ time for a check-up.”


Harry nodded his understanding and he let Ginny lead him out of the hospital wing.


“Merlin, Harry! You’re pregnant, you’re going to have a baby! You have to tell Mum! She’ll be so excited, we all know that she sees you as her youngest son; she’ll be getting her first grandchild from you! She’s been on at Bill and Charlie for years now, it drives them nuts, you can take the pressure off of them, they’ll love you forever.”


“I…I don’t know, Ginny. When the papers get a hold of the story I won't be able to move a foot without being hounded.”


“But what happens if the papers get a hold of the story and Mum still doesn’t know.”


Harry went white and nodded, changing direction up to the Owlery. He called Hedwig down who nuzzled the side of his face and his hair with her beak and tongue.

Ginny handed him a piece of parchment whilst Harry dug out one of his self-inking quills. Then he was stuck, he didn’t know what to write.


“Hurry, Harry, we don’t have much time before lessons start.” Ginny urged him.


“Alright alright.” Harry conceded, putting quill to parchment and writing a quick but informative letter to Mrs Weasley.


“Hedwig, take this to Mrs Weasley and only Mrs Weasley.” Harry told her. She nipped his ear affectionately before flying out of the Owlery and leaving Ginny and Harry to near enough run to their lessons.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry didn’t see Blaise or Draco for the next three hours, but that was fine, he stayed with Neville, Dean and Seamus.

At lunch Harry made his way to where he saw a shock of platinum blond hair and he wrapped his arms around Draco’s shoulders, kissing the back of his neck.

Draco pulled Harry around his body and sat him in his lap. Blaise leant forward and gave him a soft, lingering kiss and Harry sighed.


“So, Potter, was what Weasley shrieking about this morning true? Are you pregnant?” Pansy Parkinson asked conversationally. 


“I had hoped to tell my lovers first, before anyone else but as that is shot to hell now, yes it’s true.” Harry answered, ignoring Blaise’s hand clenching on his and Draco’s arms squeezing around his middle.


“Well I suppose this is an impromptu ‘welcome to the circle’ meeting.” Pansy answered.


“A what?” Harry asked.


“You are a Half-blood, Potter, yet you have a Pureblood Father, this mistake of your Father’s can be forgiven only once, because his Pureblood runs through your veins. If it was diluted anymore, you would not be accepted into the Pureblood circles and neither would your children. The only way for the Potter line to be seen as Pureblooded again is if you marry into a Pureblood line and produce a child. The hardest part for you would have been finding a respectable Pureblood who was willing to impregnate you.”


Harry was about to tell Pansy to shove her welcome meeting up her bony arse, that his Father hadn’t made any sort of mistake by marrying his Mother, when Draco clamped a hand over his mouth.


“We accept your welcome and look forward to socialising with you in the future.” Draco answered formally.


Pansy nodded and turned away. Draco took his hand away from Harry’s mouth, who glared at him furiously.


“I know you don’t care about the Pureblood social circles, Harry, I know your Father didn’t make a mistake by marrying your Mother, because then we wouldn’t have you here now, but if I have any hope of my parents accepting you, it’s easier if you can be claimed as a Pureblood.”


Harry let out all the breath he had been holding and he sighed instead. He smiled and patted Draco’s cheek.


“If it makes you happy I can put up with it.”


Draco smiled, truly smiled then and Harry’s heart missed a beat. He pressed his lips to Draco’s and wrapped his arms around him.


“I feel left out.” Blaise told them with a small smile.


Harry chuckled and reached forward to kiss and hug him as well.


“Why did you have to be so greedy?!” A scream yelled from a few seats down.


Harry looked to the screwed up face of Astoria Greengrass and blew out a breath in a huff.


“If you had stuck to Zabini and not been so greedy as to steal Draco away from me I’d still be betrothed to him!”


“Stop screaming, Astoria. You’re making a scene.” Draco told her coolly.


“No! You should have been mine! Because of you I’m now betrothed to some idiot from Spain!”


“We were lightly betrothed and it is very likely that I would have found someone to marry before I ever hit twenty-five. If it hadn’t have been Harry, it would have been someone else. If you didn’t want to be betrothed to the gentleman from Spain that your Father picked out for you then you shouldn’t have signed the contract with him.”


“It was either sign the contract or be disowned!”


“You made the decision for yourself, Astoria.”


Harry shook his head and turned away from the spectacle of a fourteen year old girl throwing a full blown tantrum and began eating his, very thick, steak. It had been very quickly flash fried and was bloody and red in the middle, but it was cooked and to Harry it took away all pleasure that he could have taken in a raw piece of meat.

His unhealthy side orders of seasoned potato wedges and a thick peppercorn sauce had people looking at him curiously. It was hard not to notice someone who made it a point to carry little cucumber sticks around in a plastic tub and ate nearly every fruit and vegetable in the vicinity suddenly tear into a steak with not even a salad in sight.

Harry didn’t care though; the crisp lettuce leaves and the ripe cherry tomatoes just weren’t appetising to him at the moment and he couldn’t bring himself to even try to eat them. He didn’t even want them on his plate.

Blaise’s hand did not leave his stomach and Draco growled almost inaudibly every time he moved to get out of his lap. The overprotectiveness had started and it would be several months, and a birth, before it abated. He was going to kill all of his mates out of frustration before several months passed, he was sure of it. He could already feel his killing urges heighten and it hadn’t even been an hour since his mates had found out. This was going to be a seriously stressful time for all of them, but especially for him.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty – Overprotective Prats.


Harry growled as he was carried up the stairs by Blaise, who had snatched him from Draco’s lap and had refused to put him down on his own two feet.


“You know, I’m no expert on pregnancy, but isn’t the baby in my stomach and not my feet? What can walking possibly do to the baby?” He demanded.


“What if you fell over, mio amore?”


“Really? Tell me when was the last time that I’ve fallen over walking? Oh wait, it’s never happened!”


“Pregnancy will skew your sense of balance.” Draco told him, walking a little in front to ‘make sure no boisterous first year knocked into him’.


“Forgive me, but doesn’t pregnancy only affect the sense of balance in the last trimester? I’m eleven days pregnant! Not even two fucking weeks!”


Blaise suddenly stopped and Harry turned to look in front only to have his vision blocked by a very well defined chest. Looking up he smiled as he came face to face with a dripping wet, half naked Maximilius.


“My, is this treat all for me?” Harry asked salaciously, exaggeratedly roving his eyes over Max’s exposed body.


“I heard you shouting in distress from the rooms, are you alright?” Max asked him, concern and worry glinting in his blue, blue eyes.


“Yes, only I wish to actually walk for myself and I’m being denied!” Harry growled testily.


Max carefully picked him out of Blaise’s arms and held him to his own chest, the front of Harry’s robes getting damp from the water still clinging to Max’s chest.

Harry blushed an incredible shade of red when Max started sniffing all over his body.


“What are you doing?!”


“Blaise and Draco are being protective of you, it is logical to assume that you have been injured in some way.”


“We should take this into our rooms before someone sees us and we let our biggest secret out of the bag.” Draco told them.


Max carried him easily and it made Harry frown. He had been gaining a lot of weight due to his new diet, but it couldn’t be seen at all in how his mates carried him like a rag doll. He knew Drackens didn’t gain super human strength, they kept their own strength but it was amplified tenfold in their Dracken forms and a sudden burst of adrenaline could give them the appearance of super human strength, but Harry was a very nice, rounded weight of seven stone ten pounds. It wasn’t the average for his age, but he wasn’t starving or wasting away either.

Max sat on their settee and he held Harry in his nearly naked lap, still sniffing around his shoulders, moving steadily lower. Harry wondered if he’d be able to smell the pregnancy. Would he be able to smell the baby growing inside of him?

Max made it to Harry’s side before a new scent had him pausing and sniffing about for injuries. What he was doing would look vaguely stupid, or sexual, to outsiders, yet he had always been a man who cared very little for other’s thoughts or gossip mongering.

The new scent didn’t smell sharp like an injury would; it was sweet and a little bit cloying when it reached the back of his throat. Was this an illness? Was Harry sick? He had smelt injuries before, on himself and on others, but never sickness.

He travelled in a line across Harry’s belly to the other side, following the sickly sweet smell. It smelt a little too sweet, like rotting rubbish, or death. Max swallowed heavily. Was Harry dying?

He moved down lower, to Harry’s abdomen and the smell was stronger here. So strong that it left a faint taste on his tongue. He sniffed deeply and his eyes widened as he realised what it was that he was actually smelling. A baby. Harry was pregnant with a youngling.

His arms closed automatically around Harry’s tiny body, holding him carefully, gently yet solidly to protect him from the outside world. Draco and Blaise’s actions became more understood, they had been protecting their little mate from losing the baby. The very thought of losing one of his children made him feel like vomiting as a growl tore its way out of his throat.


“Don’t you start too!” Harry snapped, bopping him on the head with the ends of his fingers.


“You’re pregnant.” Max stated obviously, but he wanted verbal confirmation of what he had just discovered through scent alone.


“Eleven days pregnant, not even two weeks! The baby isn’t even the size of a haricot bean yet! So let me go!”


Max let him go and he let Harry slide happily from his lap to sit beside him. He then stopped both Draco and Blaise from rushing to take his place in holding and protecting him.


“Harry is right. We need to curb our desires to coddle him, we will only end up smothering him, or possibly dead if he gets frustrated enough to lash out. It is very common for submissives to kill one or more of their dominants during pregnancy. We must be careful, though this does not mean that we won't still punish unacceptable behaviour, Harry.” Max warned him, giving Harry a sharp look.


“I wasn’t expecting anything less.” Harry intoned innocently.


Max gave him a look and Harry laughed happily. He stood up and stretched, a smile coming to his face as one of Max’s large hands cupped his flat belly.


“There’s nothing there to feel yet!” Harry complained, but there was no heat to his words.


“It doesn’t matter if the child isn’t physically seen yet, it’s just the knowledge that our first baby together is here, growing under my hand.”


“Who says it’s your baby?” Draco cut in arrogantly.


Max looked at him with a single raised, chestnut eyebrow. “This child is from our submissive, from our shared love. It doesn’t matter who fathered the baby, I speak for myself and the majority of all dominant Drackens when I say that I will love this baby as my own, regardless of who actually fathered it.”


Harry hugged Max gratefully, so happy to know that his children wouldn’t be ignored or shunned by his mates just because they were from another man. He didn’t want any of his children to have even a fraction of the pain and loneliness that he had felt from his own childhood.

Draco growled and Harry looked at him with a cocked head. Draco was glaring at Max and Harry sighed. He had hoped that Draco would be gracious enough to accept any mate that he chose, despite their age. True he hadn’t really chosen Max like he had his first two mates, but it didn’t matter, Max was now a mate and Harry loved him.

Harry broke away from Max and gave him a loving kiss to those gorgeous lips before walking up to Draco and dragging him into their bedroom. He stood under the platform that held their now absolutely massive bed and hopped up on the low chest of drawers there. Draco’s hands automatically jumped to support him or catch him if he somehow fell. It made him growl lowly and bat those hands away from him.


“What’s wrong, Draco?” He asked, pulling Draco into a hug with his legs.


“I don’t know.” Draco replied looking apologetic. It didn’t suit that aristocratic face. “I’m a naturally jealous and selfish person. I’ve had everything I’ve ever wanted handed to me on a silver platter. I really have grown up with a silver spoon in my mouth, Harry. My parents, they tried for years to have a baby, they had lost hope of ever having one when only a couple of months later my Mother was diagnosed as pregnant by the family Healer.”


“They spoilt you.” Harry put in; nodding at the sort of logic that he could see there. The elder Malfoy’s had thought that they would never have a child; it was only natural that the only child they did manage to have was given everything that he had asked for and then some. He could understand that.


“Spoilt doesn’t even cover it, Harry, not really. I would have been spoilt if my parents had conceived me on their wedding night. It took them five years and help from all sorts of fertility and conception potions to get me. Even I can see that they ruined me, but they didn’t care, Harry. My Mother was perhaps the worst, but Father wasn’t too far behind. They love me dearly.”


“So why are you so worried that they’ll disown you, Draco?” Harry asked gently. “They love you so much; they had to try for five years just to get you, why would they disown you for this?”


“Because I'm not human anymore!” Draco told him desperately. “I’m not human, I’m not a Pureblood. I’m a half-breed now and I’ve grown up listening to their comments about Muggleborns and squibs and half-breeds, the contempt in their voices, the things they said…”


“But they love you, Draco.” Harry told him. “You might not be human anymore, but you aren’t a half-breed. Half-breeds are classed as a baby born of a witch or wizard who has had sex with a magical creature. Neither of your parents slept with a magical creature to conceive you. Dracken blood is in the family lines. It seems to me that it’s a hereditary inheritance. The Dracken blood ‘chooses’ who it wants to be manifested in. It chose you, Draco; out of the entire Black family it chose you and me. How many Purebloods in this school have a link to the Black family? How many have Black blood in their veins and haven’t been chosen to be Drackens. Your parents should be proud.”


Draco looked shifty and more than a bit guilty.


“You still haven’t told them.” Harry stated quietly, feeling a bit hurt that his mate was ashamed of him.


“It isn’t you, Harry.” Draco assured, picking his chin up and kissing him lovingly. “I love you and I could never be ashamed of you, but it would be too hard to tell them that I’m in a permanent relationship with Harry Potter without explaining everything else. That I'm sharing my Husband-to-be with two other men is also going to rake up their curiosity, like I’ve said I'm a jealous person, they won't understand.”


Harry nodded and smiled. He put his arms around Draco and held him close.


“You need to tell them some when, Draco. We have a baby on the way. A baby that could very possibly be yours. How upset will they be if a Malfoy Heir was born and they hadn’t even known that you were seeing someone?”


“Mother would be devastated. A new child into a family is a gloating step for the old lines. It means that our family would be secured for another generation, that our family has grown in both prestige and power. She would love to rub the other ladies’ faces in her new grandchild.”


“Come on, love.” Harry coaxed. “Let’s get back to Blaise and Max. I understand where you are coming from, but you can’t deprive your Mother of her chance to gloat over her grandchild and please, please try to get on with the others, for me?”


Draco sighed and picked him up from the chest of drawers, carrying him back into the living room despite Harry batting at him and demanding to be put down.

Harry’s voice stopped short when he saw Max and Blaise cuddling on the settee, Max’s mouth over Blaise’s throat.


“Did I miss something?” Harry asked a little worriedly, looking from the cuddling couple to Draco, who didn’t look surprised.


Max moved his mouth to show the purple-red mark he had made on Blaise’s neck.


“Dominant Drackens need to establish a ranking order, Harry.” He explained calmly. “We fight to find out who is the most dominant within the family group as the most dominant of us will have added duties to the mateship and will make any and all hard decisions if it’s needed.”


“You are dominant to Blaise.” Harry stated, bobbing his head a bit to show his understanding of what was being said. “How do you know about this when I don’t?” Harry asked Draco.


“About a month ago, after the first time I had sex with you, I had the obsessively strong urge to mount Blaise and show him that his place is below me. I tried to ignore it, but when he started attacking me, I let out my instincts and fought back. My teeth automatically went to his throat and I bit down enough to bruise him. We went back to normal after that.” Draco shrugged. “Blaise explained what had happened afterwards and that was that.”


“So, you and Max are more dominant that Blaise, what does that mean for Blaise?”


“Nothing, Prezioso. It is just the order of your dominants; the most dominant of your mates will make most of the decisions needed for the mateship and he will keep all the other dominants in line if it’s needed. He will also always take you first during the heat period. It is mainly used to stop dominants from killing each other during the heat period to get to you.”


“Oh. I didn’t think about that.” Harry admitted.


“You didn’t need to before now.” Max told him. “You only ever had Blaise and then just Blaise and Draco, and as your previous mate it was always going to be Blaise that took you first. By the time I had gotten to you from my rooms in the grounds, both Blaise and Draco had already taken you, so it didn’t really matter.”


“So if you’re both more dominant that Blaise, who is the more dominant out of you two?” Harry asked, looking between Max and Draco.


“We haven’t had the urge to prove who is more dominant yet, so we haven’t yet fought for the order position, but it will be some when before your next heat.”


“Can I watch?” Harry asked with a naughty grin. “You and Blaise together looks sexy and hot.”


Max and Blaise looked at each other and then kissed and Harry swallowed, his cock giving a small twitch.


“I didn’t think that my dominants could be together as well.” He stated through a dry mouth when they broke apart after a lengthy snog.


“Oh we can be together, Harry.” Max told him with a wink. “We are, after all, still hot blooded males.”


“It’s also another reason for the order.” Blaise told him a bit breathless, but otherwise still his composed self. “The most dominant mate is dominant to the other mates. If Max and I were to have sex, he would automatically top me, it stops squabbling during the heat.”


“You will have sex during the heat? When I am literally too blind to see you?” Harry demanded.


“Only one, maybe two people can take you at one time, Harry.” Max explained. “There are three of us, soon to be four. The heat affects us too, we feel like we are dying unless we are having sexual intercourse with someone. It’s why we are so furious and frantic with you, because if we aren’t, we feel like we will die. Four of us can't have you at once, so we will take each other to stave off the pain of the heat.”


“You won't actually die will you?” Harry asked.


Max chuckled. “No. The heat just makes us feel like we are dying. It’s a completely mental thing. Like when you’re on heat it feels like you are burning, am I right?”


“Yes.” Harry answered rubbing his chest in the remembered pain of feeling like he was being burnt alive.


Draco immediately sniffed at his skin, pushing apart his shirt to lick at the skin of his chest.


“I’m alright. It’s remembered pain of our heat together.” Harry told him.


Max looked at him. “Is it really that bad? I’ve never known a submissive who would talk about it.”


“I thought it was like having a fever.” Blaise confessed.


“It’s much worse than that. It feels like I'm actually being burnt alive, like the bed has been set on fire and I’m burning with it, and it feels like only the touch of my mate will help cool me, but it’s a lie. Your touches make me feel hotter, like I'm being roasted from the inside out. My head and chest always feel worse than anywhere else. I can't think, can't breathe, I can barely see…I can only feel and pray that it will end. I always feel so weak, so drained the longer the heat goes on.”


“I knew that was true.” Max stated. “That a submissive gets weaker the longer the heat goes on. It’s why we, as dominants, are always up before you and have showered, dressed, cleaned up and hunted for ourselves and for you by the time you have woken up.”


“How do you get stronger during the heat when I get weaker? I mean you don’t eat, you don’t drink, the same as me, so what makes you stronger?”


“We feed from you, Harry.” Blaise told him. “We feed from your sexual energy; we drink from your skin, from your release, from your mouth. You keep us strong so that we have enough energy, enough strength, so that we can give you children.”


Harry went pink, but refused to otherwise let those words and their meaning bother him. Instead he wormed his way onto the settee, in between Max and Blaise, compacting himself until he fit in the tiny gap between their bodies.


“Comfortable?” Max asked him with a grin when Harry finally stopped moving after wiggling his bum to find a solid place to sit.


“Almost.” Harry answered, gesturing for Draco to come and sit beside Blaise.


“Now I’m comfortable.” He answered once he finally had all of his mates around him, touching them in some way.


Harry fell asleep like that, only to wake up when Max moved his thigh from under him and stood up. Harry made a small, disgruntled noise and he was hushed and cuddled by who he assumed was Blaise from the smell under his nose.

Another thigh, not as bulky or big as Max’s, slid under him and he was resting again against two mates, but his third was no longer stroking his arm, but he was missing completely.

He let a small whine trickle from his throat and he was shushed again, soft, soothing noises lulling him back to sleep. He snuggled down and pressed his nose against a soft shirt, inhaling the soothing scent of his mate before he lost himself to sleep.

The next time he woke up was to the smell of fresh meat and blood. His eyes snapped open as his stomach grumbled…very loudly. He was starving and he let out a jaw-breaking yawn before slipping to his knees and falling onto the already skinned carcass of a large mammal. Because it had already been skinned for him, he didn’t need to waste time cutting the skin off of it, he could just lower his mouth to the animal and let his fangs come forward and tear into the tough meat.

It was a new animal that he had never tasted before. It was richer, earthier than a deer, which was quite sweet due to the berries and fruit in its diet, but it was tougher than a stallion, which was quite tender. He really had to chew on this animal, but the taste alone made up for it as he got a warm chunk of meat and a mouth of warm, musky blood.

A hand stroking through his hair had him looking up to Max, whose mouth was smeared with the blood of his kill. Harry leant up and kissed him furiously, full of tongue, teeth and fangs. He tasted older blood under the blood of the new animal, Max had already fed on something before bringing this animal back for him and Draco and Blaise.


“Eat.” Max demanded his voice deeper and more feral.


Harry let out a little mew of agreement, before lowering his face to the animal and tearing off a strip of meat.

Harry was forced to eat for longer than he normally did by an observing Max, who nudged him twice to go back to eating after he had sat back away from the animal. His stomach had distended until he really did look pregnant and he burped, falling backwards, feeling sick.


“Eat.” Max encouraged him, pushing his shoulder to roll him towards the skeleton of the animal.


“Can't.” Harry gasped back. “Too full. Going to be sick!”


Max eased him up gently and held him on his lap, cooing towards him and rubbing gentle circles on his stomach.

Harry burped again and coughed a bit as bile burnt his throat. He had eaten far too much. He buried himself in Max’s shirt and nuzzled it, pulling the fabric with his teeth and rubbing against it until he laid still and let his body go boneless. Max only just caught his body and his head before pulling him up and making a sound between a growl and a coo. Harry responded instinctually and mewed back, letting his head flop to the side to offer his nose and cheek to Max, who licked over both with a sure swipe of his tongue.

Harry let Max cuddle and touch him, licking over his face before nipping the tip of his nose. Harry yawned and before he could finish the action, Max was up and walking him to the bedroom. He was tucked up in bed and with a soft kiss to the head he was left alone whilst Max went to assumedly pick up the bones and remaining organs of his kill.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Twenty-One – Violence and Baby Blues.


Daily life for Harry had turned into a waking hell of being carried and escorted everywhere. His mates refused point blank to leave him alone and as February melted into March, winter moved into spring and then, as April bloomed from March, it took all of his control and concentration to keep from unleashing his claws and fangs and ripping all three of his dominant mates to pieces.

He was going through a very bad stage of any pregnancy. Morning sickness. Though why it was called that was beyond him as he was sick from morning to the afternoon, then it abated only to come back with a vengeance in the evening. He was eating mainly light soups, dry toast and dry crackers. Ignoring that the crackers and wholegrain toast were his grain intake, signalling that he had gone into the second stage of his breeding cycle, which was coming around very late due to his different dietary needs caused by his pregnancy.

He wasn’t even thinking of his heat as he had grown a slight protrusion around his belly area, making Ginny scream and begin to rest her hand and ear on his belly whenever she saw him. This led to whispers and talk of his pregnancy and his ‘controversial’ relationship with three men, one of which was the ‘foreign student’ who was only here to observe the British and their education.

Harry didn’t deny that he was pregnant when he was asked, but he did snarl and fling himself bodily at those who dared to ask him such a thing to his face, only to be held back by one of his mates. The students of Hogwarts never knew how close they came to having their eyes scratched out by his claws.

Mrs Weasley had sent him a very long letter that included how happy she was, how proud she was and how she wanted to hold her first grandchild, because naturally he was one of her seven sons. She had included useful hints on what foods she had found were better to be avoided during her six pregnancies, useful potions to help him and spells to make him more comfortable when sleeping. She had also told him that she had immediately started knitting for the baby and not to bother wasting his money on buying blankets, shawls, cardigans, jumpers, socks or wraps because she had everything covered. He had also been made to verbally swear to a letter that he would tell her the gender of the baby as soon as he knew, so that she could start using colours rather than neutral whites and yellows.

Ron had become relentless now that he perceived that he had ‘ammo’ over him. He would shout out nasty names and call his baby a bastard because Harry wasn’t married to any of the potential Fathers, which was like a cardinal sin to Purebloods. But Draco had scathingly remarked that Ron had no right to quote Pureblood rules as he was a born blood traitor. Ron had gone scarlet and had started whistling through his teeth in anger like a boiled teapot.

Hermione had dragged him away but not before giving Harry a curious look that he knew all too well. It was her, ‘I know that you are hiding something and I will find out what it is’ look. It frightened him. If she did manage to find out that he was a Dracken, then his life in Britain could be over. His life could be over period if he couldn’t get himself, his children and his mates out of the country in time, it caused an icy pit to form in his stomach and he found himself looking for Hermione more often than normal, checking to see what she was reading, making sure that she didn’t know his secret. When he spotted her in the library on the Marauders Map, which Blaise and Draco found pretty damn awesome, he sent one of them to go and check what she was reading, which was very often as was normal with Hermione because she was always in the library.

They had tried to complain, but as he had shouted at them, it wasn’t only his secret, if Hermione found out about him, then all of their lives were pretty much ruined and they would have to claim asylum in Australia, a country that none of them had ever been to, or in South Africa, a country that Max had only visited once with his family whilst on holiday for two weeks. They all had a substantial amount of money, but if Hermione went to any of the authority figures in the Ministry before the four of them knew about it, then their accounts would be instantly frozen and they would be forced to leave the country and enter another one illegally and knutless.

This put undue stress on Harry and his baby, which was developing faster than a human baby and as a result it was absorbing more of his stress which was directly affecting the baby’s development.

When he had been told that he was potentially harming his baby, he had tried to chill out and relax, but the fear that they would be caught and the icy pit in his stomach only grew the more time that passed.

Max had even suggested that they just kill Hermione and make it look like an accident to try and help alleviate Harry’ stress and worry but Harry had shot the idea down before any of them had had a chance to properly explore it. Not only would Dumbledore know, but Drackens killing humans had been what the Ministry had black listed their species for in the first place, killing Hermione would only be proving them right and Harry refused to do it, no matter how much peace of mind and comfort it would bring him.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Blaise walked into the living room with his arms laden down with perhaps twelve books of varying sizes, Harry thought that maybe they were to help him decipher the book that he had given him for Christmas and turned back to snuggling with Max, until Blaise dumped every single book straight into the fire and let them burn, Harry watching on in curiosity and a bit of wonder that maybe his mate had finally gone insane.


“Were those library books?” Draco asked from his place doing his homework at the kitchenette table, which had been expanded to a six seater table complete with chairs after it was confirmed that there would be five of them all together living here.


“Yes, that was every single library book that contained even a mention of Drackens.” Blaise answered happily. “Granger hasn’t looked at them nor has she checked any of them out.”


Harry grinned. “Madam Pince is going to hunt you down, skin you alive, eat your fleshy bits and then wear your skin as a cape to warn off other students when she finds out what you’ve done to her babies.”


Blaise and Max laughed at the mental image whilst Draco rolled his eyes and went back to his essay.


“She won't know, I kind of asked her for every book on Drackens, for reference reasons of course, asked if her prized pupil Granger had checked any of them out, then when she had answered in the negative and had given me every single book, I sort of Obliviated her.”


Harry started roaring with laughter and clutched at his rapidly swelling belly through his pyjama top. It got bigger daily and the students were noticing. There was a lot of debate whether or not it was what happened normally with a male pregnancy or if it was just something purely Potter, the defeater of Voldemort and breaker of the rules of the impossible.


“Did you do it correctly?” Max asked with a look of seriousness, which was a rarity.


“Of course, she displayed light confusion and I told her that she had been docking points off of a couple of Gryffindor second years for being too noisy.”


“Thanks for that last bit.” Harry told him dryly, stretching out his pyjama covered legs.


“She only took ten points from them, Harry. Well ten points each and it turned out there were five of them and not the two that I had originally thought, but one of those was a Hufflepuff.”


“You do know that Gryffindor will get those points back in Quidditch don’t you?” Harry boated proudly.


“You’re not playing.” Draco growled from across the room.


“I know I'm not playing, Draco. But I have been training my team still.”


“You still have the captaincy?” Max asked interestedly.


“Yep, due to unforeseen complications, i.e. my pregnancy, I'm unable to play for my team, but I am allowed to coach and captain my team from the side-lines, which I’ve been doing happily. My team is unstoppable!”


“You haven’t played against Slytherin, oh wait, you did and you lost! I caught the snitch half an hour into the game.” Draco smirked from the kitchenette.


“I wasn’t there then nor was I coaching my team.” Harry replied snootily. “I still think Blaise’s timing had something to do with Quidditch.”


“Because I obviously knew that the submissive that had been driving me mad for nearly two months was you, Potter.” Blaise put in with a gentle nudge.


“You knew him before the first meeting?” Max asked curiously and with a mischievous glint in his eyes that informed them that he already knew the answer.


Harry sighed. “Well we did promise to never keep secrets from each other so, yes. I didn’t even know the law, Blaise had been a Dracken for a little over a year, so he knew, but he couldn’t find me and my scent drove him mad.”


“An understatement if ever I heard one.” Blaise cut in. “I would follow the scent only to hit dead ends and I was getting more and more frustrated, I felt like I was losing my mind.”


“So in the end you didn’t even care about the law?” Max guessed. “I can understand that.”


“When I found him on Halloween night, I had to have him; he was so beautiful, in his full glory and eating from a doe that he had just killed himself, suckling on her blood and tear chunks from her. He was so sexy and exuded such power that nothing else mattered, I advanced on him and he ran. I followed and finally caught and claimed him. It was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever felt.”


Max sighed and looked wistful. “It used to be like all the time.” He told them. “None of these rules and regulations, no waiting and no meetings to showcase us. It was all just pure instinct. The nearest dominant to the submissive lucked out, for everyone else it was just tough. If two or more dominants were near a submissive then it was a free for all, the submissive’s instincts would tell them to run and the dominants would give chase, fighting each other off in the process. But now submissive numbers have fallen so dramatically that the Counsel just decided to rip apart our instincts and give us these ‘meetings’ instead. I envy you, Blaise for getting the chance to experience a proper claiming.”


“Good for him.” Harry pouted. “I thought he was going to kill me, I was terrified out of my mind.”


“The submissives usually are.”  Max told him, pulling him in closer for a cuddle. “The instincts turn a dominant feral and that usually means aggressive and violent. A submissive would feel the aggressive energy and would assume that the dominant means to harm or kill them and it triggers the flight reflex and starts the chase as the submissive tries to get away.”


“Speaking of flight, I want to go somewhere where I can use my wings without the fear of being seen. I haven’t flown with them once! I want to try it.”


“After the baby is born…”


“Why do I have to wait until the baby is born?” Harry demanded.


“I won't risk having you fall from any height; you stay firmly on the ground.”


Harry growled in anger and frustration and stuck his suddenly there claws into Max’s thigh. The reaction was instantaneous as Max’s hand slipped into his hair and yanked his head back at an unnatural angle, keeping pressure on it to keep him from moving.

Max held his neck there by his hair as he struggled and cried, never doing anything else, not even touching him anywhere else, Harry struggled, tried to pry Max’s fist from his hair and threw an absolute fit, but in the end he stopped and just remained with his head back with tears streaming down his face. After a few minutes of his silence and acceptance of the punishment Max’s face appeared in his sight.


“Say you’re sorry, Harry.” Max encouraged him gently.


“I’m sor...sorry.” He sniffled sincerely.


Max carefully released the pressure on his neck bit by bit, unclenching his hand and bringing his head up slowly so it wouldn’t crick or stiffen up from the movement and then he was being cuddled and kissed again.

Harry let the punishment stand without a word, he had deserved it. Max had only been looking out for him and the baby and he had sunk his claws as deeply into his leg as he possibly could out of anger and frustration. He looked down to the four holes in Max’s trousers, which were soaked in blood. He felt wretched for doing it now, but he had felt so angry before, they had been stopping him from doing anything, he couldn’t even walk! He had been frustrated for days now and it had finally bubbled over and he hated himself for not being able to keep control.

He stood up and Max tried to pull him back down, but Harry just tugged at Max until he stood up. Harry led them to the bedroom and pulled Max up the stairs to their bed and popped the button on Max’s trousers, pushing at them. Max’s hands covered his and pulled them away.


“If you’re about to offer yourself to me as an apology then you can stop where you are. I didn’t punish you to get sex from you, Harry.” He said softly.


“I’m not.” Harry answered, pulling his hands away and pushing Max’s trousers fully from his body, displaying the four very deep puncture marks in his upper thigh.


He used as much strength as he could muster to tackle Max onto the bed. Max fell back against the pillows startled, but caught Harry before he could land on top of him and sniffed around his belly to make sure that the baby was unharmed.

Harry let him and when Max was assured the baby was fine, Harry moved his mouth down to the four wounds and started licking at them. The taste of Max’s blood tingled on his tongue, tasting strongly of iron and the musk of magic.


“Oh you wanted to tend to my cuts.” Max sighed in relief and understanding. “I should have thought of that first, but most dominants do punish their submissives just to get sex from them, I think it’s a vile way to treat the one you’re supposed to love.”


“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Harry stated almost inaudibly. “I was so angry; I didn’t even know that my claws were out. I'm sorry.”


Max run his fingers through Harry’s hair, twitching every now and then as Harry’s little tongue lapped at his leg like a little kitten, tickling his leg hair and dipping into the punctures that he had made to clean them. Hell, it was so erotic and felt so amazing that he was having a hard time supressing his growing erection.

This wasn’t supposed to be sexual; he had to enforce his rules. No sex immediately after a punishment, he would not punish his submissive to get sex from him. He was better than that, he had been raised better!

But damn if it wasn’t hard, damn if Harry didn’t look so sexy and cute licking at his leg, cleaning and healing the wounds that he had made through anger.

He needn’t have bothered worrying so much as Harry soon stopped moving with his head pillowed on his thigh instead, it took Max a few moments to realise that Harry had fallen asleep cleaning his cuts. He smiled lovingly as he carefully scooped Harry up, pulling back the covers of the bed and laying Harry down in the cool, clean sheets. He tucked Harry in and laid a kiss to the plush, pink lips of his mate, making sure the duvet was firmly around his little submissive before pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms and going back out with Blaise and Draco to finish his paperwork for the evening.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry woke up surrounded by his mates, all of them holding him and cuddling him close. But he was going to be sick and he was going to be sick now. He scrambled up to try and get to the bathroom, but he didn’t even make it out of the bed before the first wave of vomit shot up his throat and flooded his mouth, he retched over the side of the bed and kept retching as his stomach clenched repeatedly until he couldn’t breathe.

A hand on his back rubbed up and down, another hand on his stomach rubbed in circles as his hair was brushed out of his eyes and pulled back and away from his mouth. He heard the tap in the bathroom turn on, as his third mate got a glass of water for him to sip on and a damp wash cloth to clean up his mouth and chin.


“It’s alright, Harry love.” Draco soothed, coming from his left.


“Just breathe.” Max coaxed from his right.


Harry took in a gasp of air as the retching stopped for a moment before it started again and he dry heaved a dribble of yellow bile onto the sharp, sweet smelling pile he had already made. He did so again before he finally calmed enough to take a sip of water from the glass that Blaise was offering to him.

He dry heaved a final time, bringing up another dribble of bile before he coughed and let his body collapse onto the bed and calm down. He took in deep breaths, his recent inability to draw in breath making him greedy with the air. He sipped at the water until a warning roil in his belly told him that anymore and he would be vomiting again.


“I hate being pregnant.” He warbled pathetically as he was soothed and touched by his mates. Lying against Draco passively as Blaise gently and attentively washed his face free from sweat, tears and lingering flecks of vomit with the warm washcloth.


“It could be worse.” Max told him.


“How?” Harry asked bitingly.


“You could be pregnant for nine months like humans are, at least this pregnancy will only last seven if you carry to full term.”


Harry sighed. “Thank whoever’s up there for small mercies.”


Harry let himself be carried down the stairs and into the living room, being settled at the kitchenette table as Max happily started cooking breakfast as he had done every morning since he had become a mate.

Harry loved his cooking and so did Blaise and Draco, so it became part of their routine that they would eat breakfast in their rooms before they went to lessons and Max flooed out to work. It had the added bonus of giving them more time together before they had to separate without the gawkers that going to the Great Hall offered to them.

On the menu for the morning were omelettes. Fully loaded omelettes that Harry couldn’t touch, much to his ire, as Blaise and Draco moaned around mouthfuls of fluffy eggs, cheese and bacon. Harry was given dry toast and lightly seasoned scrambled eggs with a side dish of sliced banana.

He smiled gratefully at Max who didn’t take that Harry couldn’t eat his usual breakfasts to heart and happily gave Harry what he needed.

Harry ate as much as he could and sipped on his raspberry leaf tea, which just didn’t come up to par with his favoured honey tea, but settled his stomach better.

He had double Potions first thing and Blaise had finally managed to get him to understand some of the basics, with copious input from Max and Draco, who formed a sort of Potions pact and always talked shop when Draco had Potions homework or Max had a particularly complex recipe to work out before he started mass brewing it.

Draco found Max’s work interesting and fascinating, anything to do with Potions made Harry feel lost and confused, so he happily sidled away to find something else to occupy him, unless it was the both of them ‘watching him’ because Blaise wasn’t around, then no matter how hard he tried to leave them to their talks, they followed him.

The two of them were talking shop at the moment. Draco asking about Max’s next mass project, which was a very strong sunburn salve. The chemists around Britain were asking for the salve ready for the onslaught of people who went out in the sun and forgot their suntan lotion. Max explained that the busiest time for this particular potion was actually May and June, when people thought that because it wasn’t super-hot and that it wasn’t properly summer yet, that they could forgo wearing it.

At ten to nine Harry kissed Max goodbye, who also kissed Blaise and got Draco into a headlock to kiss his forehead, before he moved over to their fireplace, which Dumbledore had had connected to the floo for this very purpose, so that Max could floo off to work and he did so today in tears of laughter to the growls, snarls and death threats from Draco who was scrubbing his forehead and painstakingly putting his hair back into place.

Harry held Blaise’s hand on the way down to the dungeons, Blaise walking twice as slow as normal, which made Harry clench his teeth in agitation, but he bit his tongue on this instance, it could always be worse, he could be being carried down to the dungeons instead.

Harry filed into the dungeon classroom and Draco snatched him away with a smirk sitting him on a stool and sitting next to him. Harry had a little giggle at the look on Blaise’s face when he realised he would have to partner with Theodore Nott. His once best friend who had apparently had a huge crush on him and was trying to force him out of seeing Harry. His latest argument was that he, Harry, was obviously just a common whore because he had three men on the go at once. Blaise had been so furious, but Harry had just laughed and told an anger reddened Theo in absolute seriousness that he was thinking of getting another man to join his growing harem.

Theo had gone a blistering shade of red, as both Blaise and Draco had laughed and promised him anything he wanted, even if it was another man.

Professor Snape charged into the room as he always did, his robes billowing out behind him like a cape and the most sour expression he had ever seen gracing his face. Harry felt a bit of fear from the man in that instance. Now that he knew a bit more about the man as a Dracken he had to wonder if this was the time of year that his mate had gone missing.


“Mister Potter, due to your inappropriate actions in your spare time, you are excused from this lesson as the potion fumes that will be created today will likely mutate the child that you carry. You will go next door into my office and write a ten thousand word essay on why school children should not indulge their carnal desires and disrupt my lessons with the by-product.”


Harry stood up and stooped to pick up his backpack. He kissed Draco’s lips lovingly because everyone was looking at him and turned behind him to give Blaise a full on snog with an obscene amount of visible tongue because he liked the colour Nott’s face and neck went when he did so.


“Today, Potter!” Snape snapped at him.


Harry happily walked into the Professor’s office, though he felt more than heard the growls and tension that emanated from Draco and Blaise as he went out of their sight.

He looked around at the cosy room and sighed. It was just like the Professor’s personal rooms, warm, earthy and relaxing. Done in natural, forest colours and tasteful furniture. There wasn’t a piece of parchment waiting for him to write his mega long essay, instead there was a note over a book with Professor Snape’s spiky writing on it.


‘Potter – Read this book during lesson time, I will quiz you after the lesson.’


Harry sighed and briefly wondered if he could get away with pretending that he hadn’t seen it, before he discarded the idea and picked the book up and made himself comfortable on the brown leather settee, it wasn’t like he had anything else to do for the two hour double period.

The book turned out to be very interesting, it wasn’t very thick, but it was a male submissive Dracken’s detailed account of his pregnancies and the subsequent births. The book was over three hundred years old as the date claimed that the book had been written in sixteen-eighty-three.

The submissive, Robert, and his three mates, Alfred, Harvey and Gretchen, had had twenty-two children, seventeen had been from Robert and Gretchen had had five, but Robert had explained that even though Gretchen was a woman, she was still a dominant and still didn’t feel very comfortable being pregnant and that all times after the first had been accidents, but he firmly mentioned that he loved all of his children.

Only three of their children had been Drackens, two dominant boys and a submissive girl. Eighteen had been magical and only one had been a squib, their youngest, conceived when they were very elderly and nearing the end of their fertility. Robert debated in the book whether or not this had some part to play in his youngest child’s lack of magic or not, but he had never found out.

Robert noted key moments in the baby’s development in the womb and Harry was startled to realise that he had already missed five key moments and that four of those times when his baby was taking in the most from him, he had been stressed and anxious.

He dived into his bag to get out a quill and some parchment and noted down the rest of the key development periods in case Professor Snape didn’t let him take the book away with him. He was determined not to damage his baby further by messing up the development areas of his baby.

Robert had then gone on to describe, in all its gory detail, the births of his children and how he had done it safely. He wrote of how panicked he had been on his first birth, how he had been so nervous he had been sick, but as he was sitting in his nest, safely away from everyone, including his mates, he mentioned how instinct took over when it was time for the birth, how he just knew what to do.

His claws had stabbed into his own side and ripped apart his stomach, before he had plunged both hands into himself and pulled his firstborn free. He had clamped the cord with the ties he had brought with him, sliced it with his claws and wrapped the baby in a fur that one of his mates had given to him. He had then ripped out the placenta, taking a moment to notice if all of the fingers were attached, before picking up the two litre bottle filled with all three of his mates’ blood and he had drained it. The slice in his stomach had been gone when he had looked back down, leaving him to focus completely on cleaning and feeding his child with the bottle of milk that he had also brought with him.

Robert had made a list of must haves for a male submissive birth and Harry quickly noted the things listed down. Things including umbilical cord clamps, a large bottle of the blood of ALL bonded mates, bottles and milk, nappies, wipes and then optional things like sleepsuits for the baby.

Robert had been just as nervous on the birth of his second clutch, because he had been carrying the full five children that a Dracken pregnancy could give. He had noted that his previously thirty-three inch waist had expanded to fifty-six inches, he had been unable to walk since his fourth month and by the sixth month he had been unable to go to the bathroom on his own and needed help doing almost everything. He had been unable to find the highest, safest spot to make his nest so he had instead, through desperation, made the nest in the bed that he was confined to and he had banned his mates from coming near it.

Harry grinned as he tried to picture himself banning Blaise, Max and Draco from their bedroom as he made a nest out of the duvet, pillows and odd socks within his reach. He laughed and went back to the book, desperately hoping that he never had five in one go.

The birth had gone near enough the same as the first, only Robert had had to take more time to pull out all five babies, clamp and cut their cords, wrap them up and then pull the placentas from his body. He had drained the two litre bottle of blood his mates had given him and when he looked back down he had noted a thin, pink scar where his claws had opened his womb up. He had taken too long to drink the blood to heal himself, but Robert had also wrote down that he didn’t care that he had one measly scar, the operation couldn’t have been rushed and if it had been, he might have inadvertently hurt one of his children or himself even further.

Harry enjoyed reading of Robert’s difficulty in looking after his now six children as his mates went out to work to feed him and his babies. Joanne, his first and oldest child was two years old and he had five newborns. Harry admired how Robert handled everything, how he juggled feeding, cleaning and changing all of his children and still found time to play with and teach Joanne and to get a decent meal on the table ready for his mates return from a hard day at work. Robert confessed that he cut corners by staying up late or by waking up a bit earlier to prepare the meal by cutting up a few vegetables or marinating some meat, by dusting and wiping down the kitchen counters in the night so he didn’t wake his children or his mates and didn’t have to do it the next day.

Harry was awed at how dedicated Robert was to his family and to how things were done three hundred years ago. Robert didn’t just want to clean his house and look after his children and get all the cooking done on time for his mates, he was expected to do it and that he had been punished by his most dominant mate for not getting dinner on the table on time because he had lost track of time playing with Joanne made Harry appreciate his mates all the more and made the few punishments that he had gotten so far seem like petulant arguments.

Harry continued reading the book, through the birth of every child Robert had had, the birth of Gretchen’s children which was more like a human birth than a Dracken one, in the sense that Gretchen had let all of her mates surround her, even letting Robert lie with her in the bed with a Healer present to oversee everything. Then came the tear stained page that documented Robert’s youngest child’s death through old age, as he had aged human quick and had no magic to expand his lifespan, the heart rendering news of the one-by-one death of his mates, through the ups and downs of Robert’s life until the very last page, where one of Robert’s children had left a moving message about her love for her Mother and how all of them would dearly miss him and their Fathers. Robert’s death day had been a hundred years previous. He had lived well passed two hundred.

Harry placed the book down and checked the time. The double period would be over in ten minutes. He carefully organised his notes and read through them again, making sure that he was prepared and ready for the quiz that he was about to get from Professor Snape.

Draco rushed into the room before the bell and concentrated immensely on sniffing every inch of his body, from his armpits to his toes, from his intimate places to the nape of his neck. Blaise joined them halfway through and started his own sniffing and licking. They both stayed kneeling in front of him hands on his bulging belly, licking over and around his bellybutton.


“If you are quite finished.” Professor Snape intoned dryly.


Harry went pink cheeked that the Professor had witnessed his mates searching him for injuries. It seemed such a private thing for him to have witnessed, invasive, Harry felt violated and he clung to Draco as Blaise stepped in front of him and hissed at the Professor, who raised an eyebrow, but said nothing and made no move towards them.

Blaise stepped away and Draco let him go and Harry was embarrassed by his actions, but refused to otherwise acknowledge what he had just done.


“Are you going to quiz me now?” Harry asked.


“No, Potter. I told you that I would quiz you to ensure that you actually read what I had left for you, I knew that once you looked at that first page and realised what it was you were actually reading that you wouldn’t stop reading.”


“I finished the book. I even took notes.” Harry stated proudly as he thrust his fist full of parchment at Professor Snape, who took them off of him and checked over them.


“All of the important facts are noted, well done, Potter, you have proved that you can actually follow instructions.”


Harry beamed, refusing to take the compliment as the criticism that it was meant to be.


“Thank you, Professor and thank you for letting me read the book.”


“You need all the help that you can get your hands on to help you through your upcoming birth, your mates can only help you so far as none of them thus far have any knowledge on a male submissive birth and they won't be able to help you during the actual birth because you won't let them near you during it.”


“Nasta told me the basics, but this book just went into so much detail.”


“Harry, we have to get to Ancient Runes or we’ll be late.” Blaise told him gently.


“I have a free period next.” Harry answered softly.


Blaise blinked and Harry saw the panic creep into his eyes. Both he and Draco had Ancient Runes, but Harry had a free period, where he had used to go with the both of them and sit in on their Ancient Runes lesson and the Professor had let him, he didn’t actually have to go.


“I will watch over him. I also have a free period and I can use it to see how much of this book Potter has taken in.” Professor Snape told them both. “I will get him to you at lunch.”


It took a bit more prodding and some convincing but both Blaise and Draco ran from the dungeons to their Ancient Runes lesson with a note as to why they were late, signed by Professor Snape.

This left Harry alone with the sour and lonely older Dracken who had tragically lost his mate so long ago and it seemed that it was close to the anniversary of their death. Harry prepared himself to ask about the older Dracken’s mate, even though every bone that held an ounce of self-preservation was screaming at him to not say a word. Harry had always ignored that instinct anyway.


“Sir? Can I ask you something…?”


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty-Two – Snape’s Story and a Side Order of Blood


“What is it, Potter?” Snape answered tightly looking at him from his place in the armchair adjacent to Harry.


“I think you know what I’m going to ask you, Sir.”


“Then why don’t you just spit it out, Potter and stop bumbling about.”


“What happened to your submissive, Sir?”


Harry watched as his Professor clenched his hands so tightly that the knuckles went bone white. He was afraid for a moment that Snape might charge at him and hit him.


“My ‘submissive’ went missing and subsequently died, Potter, not that it’s any of your business.”


“What happened, Sir? Was it Dracken poachers?” Harry asked rubbing his belly as a little flutter made him feel like he had swallowed a live butterfly.


Snape sighed sounding worn out and exasperated. “It’s not any of your business.”


“I know, I just wanted to know if there was any danger that I might do the same thing and leave Draco, Max and Blaise. I don’t want to, but with the way I feel now, I don’t think your submissive would have left you lightly.”


“He didn’t want to leave, but he felt that it was his duty to.” Snape replied after a long stretch of silence in which Harry thought that he was going to have his head hexed off.


“A mate’s duty is to look after their dominants and their children!” Harry stated suddenly, harshly.


Harry covered his mouth with his hands and ducked his head. “I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from.”


“That was your inner Dracken, Potter.” Snape told him. “It knows that you can't leave your dominants because of the baby you carry. You need your dominants to keep the baby healthy; you should have at least taken blood from them by now.”


“I haven’t.” Harry admitted, before a burst of remembered flavour on his tongue reminded him that that wasn’t strictly true. He had tasted Max’s blood, true he had been cleaning the wounds he had made, but he had still licked and then swallowed Max’s blood.


“Your face says a different story.”


“I stuck my claws into Max’s leg. I was punished for it, but afterwards I felt such a need to clean his wounds myself that I licked them.”


“Taking in blood at the same time.”




“You likely struck him out of desperation for blood for your baby.”


“But I’d eaten a bear only a few days before.”


“A bear?” Snape asked incredulously, Harry had never really seen Snape so dumbstruck before.


“Max’s favourite prey animal. When he hunts he Disapparates, to Canada I think, and then he brings back a bear for me; he even skins it for me first so I can just start eating right away, without having to skin my meal first. I’ve had three bears now since he became my mate.”


“Well, needless to say, you need your mate’s blood to keep your child healthy, not animal blood, not even human or another Dracken’s blood, though the latter will keep you sustained for a short while until you can get to your mates.”


“Oh. Maybe I should go about it better than just digging my claws into them.”


“That would be advisable, Potter. Most submissives take blood during intercourse.”


Harry went pink and coughed to try and drown out the word intercourse that came from his Professor’s mouth.


“I…we haven’t…”


“You are pregnant, Potter; do not try to tell me that you and your mates haven’t had sex.”


“Not recently!” Harry squeaked out. “Not since my last heat when the baby was conceived, they won't even hear of having sex, they think it will kill the baby.”


Snape sighed and rubbed his temple. “How could I have forgotten the firstborn protectiveness?” He asked rhetorically.  


Harry just sat on the settee and swung his legs a bit, avoiding looking at his teacher, who he was actually having a conversation with about his sex life.


“You will likely find yourself going celibate until your next heat. Your mates will be very reluctant to copulate with you when pregnant until maybe your second or third clutch. They will be stubborn and pigheaded and will likely listen to nothing you say, so I suggest that you bite one of them and then start suckling, if they try to punish you, tell them that they are being bad dominant mates and that they’re abusing you. That will at least get them listening to you, then you can explain that the baby needs their blood. They will then try to force you to drink every drop of blood in their bodies, take as much as you need, but not a drop more as too much blood at one time can damage the baby. I would think that three large mouthfuls from each of them would suffice, though if you only have one of them to hand, then six or seven mouthfuls will do.”


“Why didn’t the book explain this?” Harry asked, blushing more. Robert had needed to feed off of something a hell of a lot more personal than blood.


“Different submissives are drawn to different needs. Where Robert needed his mates sexual ejaculate, you need blood more during the first few months. You will likely move on from this when you hit the second trimester.”


“That’s at the end of this month!” Harry croaked.


“Then you had better start filling up on blood before your mates wonder for you sanity when you start sucking on them like straws.”


Harry almost swallowed his tongue and it took several harsh coughs to get his breathing back and even then he could no longer meet his Professor’s eyes.


“I…we…can we talk about something else?!”


Snape actually let out a chuckle and stood up from his place in his armchair. He went to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled something out and then came back and sat in his armchair. He looked at the piece of metal that he had pulled out of the drawer before handing it to Harry.

Harry took it and realised that it was an oval photo frame. In the photo was a very beautiful man with soft, curly black hair and glowing grey eyes. He was still in school and was wearing Slytherin robes, opened to show his white button down shirt, silver and green tie and black trousers. He was a slender boy and looked quite fit, like he played Quidditch or another sport. He was laughing and then waved happily to whoever was taking the picture.


“Is this your mate?” He asked. “He’s beautiful.”


“Yes, that photo was taken in his sixth year, my seventh. We had just mated.”


“He looks so happy.”


“He was, until your Godfather got involved.”


“Sirius?” Harry asked, brushing aside the painful lump in his throat.


“Yes, that’s his younger brother, Regulus Black. Sirius was very protective of him, even though they were in different houses; he didn’t like that Regulus was seeing me.”


Harry had a horrible feeling that he knew what was going on and he didn’t like the picture that was being painted.


“Your Father, of course, got involved once Sirius did. They believed that it was their mission in life to get me and Regulus away from each other. Regulus finally had enough and attacked his brother, told him to leave him alone and to never contact him again. Sirius blamed it all on me and the pranks they pulled on me turned more sinister, the worst of which was when Sirius sent me down the tunnel after Lupin on the full moon after Regulus told him to never come near him again. Your Father did save my life, but I am not foolish enough to believe that he did it for my benefit, he knew that Lupin would have been executed like an animal if he had managed to kill me and Sirius’ life would have been over as he would have been expelled and his wand snapped as an accessory to murder, your Father was set to lose his two very best friends if he stood by and did nothing.”


“I'm sorry for what they did.”


“You shouldn’t have to apologise for your Father’s or your Godfather’s mistakes, Potter, you weren’t even a glint in your Father’s eye when he chose to get involved in something that didn’t concern him.”


“What happened to Regulus? Why was it his duty to leave you? Please say that that wasn’t Sirius’ fault too.”


“No. Regulus was far too stubborn and strong willed to ever let something someone said influence him or his decisions; he was a Slytherin through and through. He died in nineteen-seventy-nine, when he was just nineteen. I have no idea why he died, only that I feel it in my heart that he is dead. On the day that he died, we had fought the night before, I was angry at him so I ignored his concern and worry. He left that day and he never came back. Half an hour after he had left, I realised my mistake, realised that as his dominant he shouldn’t be somewhere that I didn’t know about. I tried to find him, I looked for years for a hint of where he went that day, but I found nothing. No one saw him, no one had heard from him. Sirius was apoplectic with rage that his brother had died and that I had let him die. He tracked me down and cast the killing curse on me, but thankfully he was tackled by Lupin and his shot missed. The way I felt then I would have just stood there and let that curse hit me. Now I feel that it is the least that I can do for my mate to find out what happened to him, to find out why he died, to perhaps find his body and bury him in the empty grave that I had bought for him.”


“You didn’t…didn’t even find his body, Sir?” Harry asked softly.


“No. I have had no closure for more than twenty years. Regulus’ death is still a mystery to me and I have sworn that I will find out what happened to Regulus before I join him in death.”


“If I died, I wouldn’t want my mates to join me.” Harry said softly. “I’d want them to carry on and live their lives. I’d want them to be happy even if I couldn’t join in with their laughter and joy. I wouldn’t want them to waste their lives grieving for me, Sir, because I just want them to always be happy, even if that meant they took another mate in my place and forgot about me.”


“You are too selfless for your own good, Potter.” Snape told him with a gruffer voice. “You and Regulus were much alike in that aspect. He tried to keep himself and Sirius happy, but he realised that his brother would never even try to get on with his chosen mate. I had felt like the biggest, bestest man on the planet when Regulus chose me from a hundred of other Drackens, but if he was still alive today, I would have rathered he’d chosen another.”


“He loved you, that’s why he chose you. I loved Blaise, even before I realised that I did. I had subconsciously chosen him as my mate before I even knew I had a choice, then I chose Draco and even though he hurt me and humiliated me, I still loved him. Max came to me during my heat, but I loved him and had for a while. Just like I love…oh hell! I think I just figured out who my fourth mate is…hell!”


“Your grounding mate?” Snape asked.


 “Yes. Damn, well at least this time it was bloody easy.”


“Language!” Snape chastised him and Harry rolled his eyes.


“I have to go tell the others!” Harry got up, placing a steadying hand on his belly as he did so.


Snape grabbed his elbow and began escorting him out of the room. Harry rolled his eyes again, but more exaggeratedly.


“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Potter! Don’t you remember what happened the last time you wandered the dungeons alone? You are more vulnerable now.”


Harry had a flashback of steel arms around him and a mouth against his ear whispering ‘You won't be able to resist me when I have given you a baby.’


“You make an excellent point. Can we go now?”


“Yes, it is almost lunch time, but speaking from a dominant’s point of view I would keep the knowledge that you love another man that you are not mated to, to yourself. They will not appreciate your epiphany of your fourth mate and they will likely try to kill him.”


“Who said anything about it being another man, Professor?”


“Please, Potter, do not insult my intelligence. Anyone who has half a brain cell can see that you love your own gender and hold no flame to the fairer sexes.”


Harry pouted and followed by his Professor’s side until he reached the Great Hall, where Professor Snape dropped him off at the empty Slytherin table and made his way up to the Head table.

Harry was still pouting when Blaise and Draco rushed into see him unharmed and nibbling on a piece of unbuttered bread. They held him and kissed him and when he snapped at them to let him eat; they finally sat down and served themselves some beef stew.

Harry unhappily ate his bread and tried to eat a bit of vegetable soup, but when it threatened to make a reappearance, he stopped and pushed his bowl away. He instead listened as Blaise recounted what had happened during Ancient Runes.

When lunch was over he went with Blaise to Transfiguration as Draco went off for Arithmancy. As the day passed he was beginning to feel more irritable and snappy. Twice at dinner he went to bite Blaise’s fingers and twice he had the back of his neck squeezed.

He had forced down some steamed rice and stir-fry vegetables, before he made Blaise and Draco take him back to their rooms. They were unhappy with him and it showed. Blaise walked with his hand clamped over the back of his neck and Draco was carrying him, holding him tightly to his chest, not the comforting embrace that he usually used.

Max took one look at their faces and put down his quill and paperwork.


“What happened?”


“Harry’s in a bitchy mood.” Draco stated and went to the kitchenette after placing Harry down on the settee to make himself and Blaise something to eat.


Harry’s tenuous self-control snapped and his wings burst from his back as he unsheathed his claws and fangs, hissing deeply at Draco, who turned around and growled back, his voice so deep it settled like a stone in Harry’s stomach.

It was the first time that he had let his wings come out in some months and his once pure white wings that had first speckled with amethyst, had now gained silver scales, deep black scales and bright blue ones, they looked gorgeous and distracted Harry enough to coo and pet over them.

Max laughed at his actions and pulled him over to cuddle with him, nuzzling the scales that had taken on his deep blue and black colour.

Harry took one look at Max’s strong neck and sank his sharp teeth and curving fangs deeply into the muscle. Max gripped his hair and forced his head back, using a finger to guide his four fangs out of his neck so that he wouldn’t accidentally tear a chunk from him.

Harry screamed and thrashed, but Max just held his hair tighter and bent his neck back further. Harry relaxed and huddled down, curling in on himself.


“Say you are sorry.” Max coaxed gently.


“No!” Harry screamed deciding to take Professor Snape’s advice. “You’re bad dominants! All of you are bad, abusive dominants! You don’t deserve me or the baby!”


All three of them stopped like Harry had spoken some secret dominant freezing word. They looked like statues and Max had let go of his hair so fast that Harry had toppled from the settee.


“We are not bad dominants for punishing you when you deserve it.” Max spoke slowly, like he was assuring himself as well as the other two dominants of that more than he was telling Harry what was fact.


“You’re punishing me for taking what I need!” Harry yelled at them. “I need my dominants’ blood to feed the baby! Do you want my baby to die?! Is that it?”


Harry was momentarily blinded by colour when all three rushed to him at once, sniffing and petting, licking and gently sucking at his skin, spending time gently tonguing his elbow that had bruised when he had fallen from the settee and nuzzling his stomach to ensure that the baby was alright.


“Get off! I don’t want you near me!” Harry yelled, batting at them, though not very hard, he just wanted them to fully understand that he was upset that they hadn’t let him explain himself before punishing him, assuming that he had bitten Max and gone for their fingers just for the sake of hurting them, not the actual reason of keeping his baby alive.


Max pulled him into his lap gently and placed his mouth to the freely bleeding marks on his neck, making encouraging noises.


“I don’t want your blood now!” Harry hissed, pushing him away and twisting away from Max, whose blue eyes flashed his hurt before a steel resolve took them over.


“You will drink blood from one of us.” He stated sternly.


“I want Blaise’s blood.” Harry answered stubbornly.


Blaise immediately slit his own wrist with his claws and held the bleeding arm to him; Harry reluctantly lapped at the excess blood before he sealed his mouth over the slice and suckled. He listened to Professor Snape and decided that he wanted all of their blood tonight. He took three mouthfuls from Blaise, before digging his claws into his own arm and offering it to Blaise.

Blaise took a quick mouthful before the cut was gone completely and his own wrist started closing. Harry turned to Draco next, who willingly offered his arm for Harry to bite. Harry did so and swallowed three mouthfuls. He repeated his actions of digging his claws into his own arm and offered it to Draco. Harry giggled a bit as Draco’s tongue tickled more than Blaise’s had.

Harry lastly turned to Max, whose neck was plastered in blood as he hadn’t bothered to staunch the bleeding. Harry’s tongue lapped at his neck like a kitten and he wrapped his arms around Max, who didn’t respond.

When Harry offered his bleeding hand to his oldest dominant, Max didn’t take it.


“I deserve to bleed for not realising what you were doing, for not understanding what you really wanted and for punishing you without hearing why you bit me.”


“You don’t deserve to bleed to death for a simple mistake.” Harry told him softly. “You realise now why I did what I did, why I sunk my claws into your leg before, why I snapped at Blaise’s fingers and why I bit your neck. I didn’t realise until today that I was subconsciously trying to get blood from you all for the baby. None of us realised what it meant, none of us realised that I needed blood. We all made that oversight, not just you.”


Harry dug his claws into his hand again and held it up to Max, who licked so gently at him that Harry had to smile. Both of their wounds closed and they were left hold each other and cuddling close.

Harry fell asleep in the middle of the pile of bodies, warm and cosy and feeling so loved and happy that he glowed. When he woke up the next morning, he was naked, wrapped up in Draco’s arms, Max cuddled close on the left side and Blaise cuddled under Draco’s arm on the right. All of them were naked.

It gave Harry the chance to see his mates in all their naked glory with the sunlight filtering down from the skylight, his mind not clouded with lust or the fire of the heat, his gaze not obscured by the darkness of the night. He liked what he saw.

Blaise was still an olive skinned French-Italian god, covered in sinewy muscles and lean flesh, his light brown nipples erect to the cold air as he shifted closer to Draco for warmth in his sleep.

Draco was as white as the sheets on the bed, with broad shoulders, sculpted muscles and two light pink nipples. Where Blaise had a spattering of dark hair over his chest and belly, Draco was completely hairless and smooth. His defined six pack drew Harry’s attention next and he kissed it. Draco was muscled all the way down to his calf muscles.

Max was a new and unseen treasure. Broader than Draco, so muscled that he looked bulky and a gorgeous layer of tan skin covered everything. Max was again hairless until Harry reached his arms and legs. His chest was bare leaving his two dark pink nipples stranded on his pectorals.

All three of his mates had a soft, thin trail of hair from their bellybuttons to their groins where the trail met up with their pubic hair. Each one was a different colour. Draco’s was, of course, white blond like the rest of his hair, Max’s was chestnut brown, like the thick hair on his head and Blaise’s was black.

Harry traced his fingers through those lines of hair and each one of his mates snuffled, groaned or shifted in their sleep. Harry chuckled and got up from his place on the bed. He went to the bathroom and emptied his bladder, washed his hands before jumping in the shower.

His stomach started grumbling loudly and it was with a sudden realisation that he wasn’t feeling nauseous this morning. He was ravenous and he quickly finished up and got out of the shower, drying himself off and thanking god that today was now a Saturday and he didn’t have any lessons to go to.

His reflection in the mirror stopped his hunt for food as he checked his bump in the mirror. He had never stood in front of a mirror naked whilst he was pregnant and he turned to the side to see his bump better. It was bigger this morning, much bigger than it had been last night. The skin moved and he let out a shocked yell.

Thumps, a crash and a lot of growling preceded all three of his naked mates barging into the bathroom. Harry sniggered at their dishevelled appearances’ and sleep tousled hair.


“Please tell me that you didn’t yell just to get us up, Prezioso?” Blaise said around a yawn.


Reminded as to why he had yelled he looked back to his reflection and rubbed his belly.


“You are much bigger than you were yesterday.” Draco observed.


“I know. It moved.”


“The baby?”


“I saw my skin move, like a ripple but obviously it was caused by the baby.”


Max came and cupped his belly with both hands. Harry looked into the mirror and felt his throat clog with emotion as he looked to the two naked reflections, he saw his own wide eyed, misted face and then he saw Max’s looking at the baby bulge cupped in his hands with such adoration and love.

Harry wanted to remember this moment forever as he leant backwards and kissed the underside of Max’s jaw. All of the violence and temper from yesterday forgotten and forgiven and in this moment Harry was happy.

A camera flashed and Harry turned around with a snarl on his face to glare at Draco who held the camera that Harry had taught all three of his mates to use the week before ‘ready for when the babies arrived.’


“It made a good picture.” He told Harry.


“I’m naked!” Harry shouted lunging for the camera.


Draco held it out of reach and ran from the bathroom laughing. Harry growled and stomped after him, not even trying to run after him with the added swelling of the baby.


“Give me that camera!”


Max laughed and he and Draco played keep away, tossing his camera between each other as Harry stomped and sulked. Blaise pulled him into a kiss and held him gently.


“Let them have their fun, Mio amore. They don’t mean any harm.”


“But I'm naked.” Harry pouted.


“No one else will ever see it. We won't let them see you so vulnerable, but you two did make a good picture.”


Harry sighed but the debate was ultimately ended when his stomach roared loudly. Max, still grinning, moved to the kitchen and began boiling the kettle to make their morning teas, and a coffee for Blaise, who didn’t understand how they could drink watery leaves.


“Can I have a proper breakfast please?” Harry asked. “I wasn’t sick this morning and I feel fine. That blood last night really is a miracle cure.”


Max grinned and pulled Harry’s head forward to lay a kiss on his forehead. Max liked kissing a lot, no matter if it was a passionate one, a quick peck or a lingering kiss on a random body part.


“Of course you can, if you feel you can eat it, I’d be happy to make it.”


Harry smiled happily and sat down on Blaise, who was closest to him. Blaise wrapped his arms around his waist and laid his head on Harry’s shoulder, ignoring that they were all still naked.


Ti amo.” He whispered.


Harry grinned and twisted his head to give Blaise a kiss.


“I love you too.”


Harry leant over and gave a kiss to Draco without letting him ask for one. Draco didn’t need to beg for his affection like a kicked dog.

Max happily served them their teas and coffee. Harry grimaced at the red tea he was being forced to drink for the baby. It wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t his honey tea.

Max sipped on his plain old white tea, whilst Draco took his black, neither took their tea with sugar. Blaise and Draco talked together with an occasional comment from Max as he expertly cooked them breakfast. Harry remained quiet and just observed them all, talking and interacting like best friends, like the family that they were going to become.

Last night seemed to have done them wonders for tolerance with each other, they were all dominants, but if they gave enough effort, they could love one another, Harry was sure of it and he couldn’t wait until they all loved one another like a large, but real family. A family that loved unconditionally, a family that loved without judgement, a family who loved with, not only their hearts, but their bodies and souls as well. That would be completely perfect.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty-Three – The Fourth and Final


Harry was dreading his heat as it dawned so very close. His mates wouldn’t even touch him; he was going to be so sore as he hadn’t had sex at all in the past two months. Not since his February heat.

He had continued to grow steadily until it looked like he had swallowed a Quaffle. His mates had taken to sleeping with at least one, if not both of their hands on his bump.

He still hadn’t told them that he had a very large idea of who his fourth mate was, after what Snape had told him, he was slightly afraid to just announce that he loved another man, at least if he went through a sort of mating process then they had a better chance of accepting it.

He was going to have to have his meeting soon though; Elder Trintus had warned him that if he didn’t have all of his mates with him by his next heat period then he wouldn’t be able to claim anymore mates. He would be doomed to live his life without his grounding mate and later on in life, when he’d had a few clutches of children, his wild magic caused by his Dracken inheritance would turn him insane and he would slaughter his own children.

Ginny had started to channel her Mother. She came up to him at odd times during the day to give him a sandwich or a pasty, telling him that he needed to eat more for the baby. In fact everyone seemed to be doing that, even Dean Thomas did it once, until Harry had been sick on his robes because he had overeaten, then he had never offered him another morsel.

School work was becoming more taxing on him as he grew and he became so tired that he was barely making it through each day. The baby was growing too quickly and was sapping so much energy from him that sometimes he didn’t feel like getting out of bed. It was his price to pay for having a pregnancy that only lasted seven months; his baby had a hell of a lot of growing and developing to do in such a short amount of time. Two months less than a human pregnancy hadn’t seemed like anything to him before, but he was beginning to understand that those two extra months would have let him have an easier time of his pregnancy, it would have let his baby grow at a more reasonable rate instead of ballooning every other day.

Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil and Parvati’s twin sister from Ravenclaw, Padma had come up to him when he, Blaise and Draco were in the library and worriedly asked about his illness. Harry had forgotten that he had claimed he had a very deadly reoccurring disease that would explain why he disappeared for ten days every two months when he was on heat and why he disappeared for X amount of time when he went to find himself another mate.

The three girls were worried about the illness’ effect on his growing baby and Harry sadly claimed that he had been told that there was a high possibility that his baby would be born early.


“Oh not premature!” Lavender gasped. “You’ll have a little prem baby! Oh they’re tiny, my baby brother was a prem baby but he died in hospital.”


Harry wrapped his arms around Lavender and held her as she cried about her baby brother’s death from some years ago, telling him that she didn’t want him to go through what her parents had when they had lost the baby.


“I’m sure my baby will survive, Lavender, it’ll be a magical baby after all and it will have the best magical treatment that money can buy.”


“Oh. I know, but it was so sad that he died, I always wanted a brother and I was so excited, he would be eight now if he had lived.”


“I’m sorry for your loss, Lavender, I am, but I won't let that happen to my baby, illness or not.”


“Okay enough with the heavy talk.” Parvati nudged them with a grin. “Tell us what it’s like to have three absolutely gorgeous men sleep with you every night.”


“You know what, Parvati? I’ve never been happier. I love them. I know there are people that are saying that I can't possibly love them all, that there must be one that I like more than the others or that there’s one that I pay more attention to, but that just isn’t true. I love all of them, each and every one of them, I have so much love to give that I'm thinking of getting one more.”


Harry nudged them with an excessive wink. They giggled and they started a running tally on a piece of parchment about who would be good for him.


“Don’t forget that we have visitors this year.” He encouraged. “I’ve had my eye on a few of those tall, strapping men, I think Blaise and Draco are all I can manage from my own age group or from Hogwarts, I want someone a bit more mature.”


“Ooo! He want’s older, Lav.” Parvati giggled.


“What about Professor Drios?” Padma asked, looking dreamily into space, obviously fantasising about their Defence teacher for that year.


“I am not going to ask a teacher out.” Harry stated firmly. “No teachers.”


“You spoil all our fun.”


Harry chuckled and left them to their list before he went and found Blaise down the next isle of the library.


“They like Professor Drios?” He asked, looking absolutely disgusted.


“They also loved Lockhart and would lick Professor Trelawney’s shoes, but they are my friends, so watch your mouth.” Harry grinned, kissing said mouth.


“Why should I watch it when I have you to watch it for me?” Blaise smirked.


Harry rolled his eyes and waddled off, going to the table where Draco was sitting looking over his essay critically.


“I’m sure it’s perfect, love.” Harry told him, easing into a chair, smiling as Draco’s hands immediately jumped to help him even as his eyes didn’t leave his parchment.


“I’m just making sure that it is befitting of a Malfoy to submit.”


Harry snorted delicately and nudged Draco, who nudged him back, looking over at him with a smirk.


“Speaking of Malfoys, have you told your parents yet?”


The guilty look on Draco’s face gave Harry the answer. He sighed.


“You know, you’ll really want to tell them soon, love, before someone else does. It’s only a matter of time before the media gets hold of the story that I'm pregnant from a harem of men that includes my once school-boy rival, the prestigious Pureblood Draco Malfoy. Don’t you think your parents would rather hear the truth from you rather than half-truths and speculation from the morning paper?”


Draco sighed and pulled a fresh piece of parchment towards him and dipped his quill into his ink pot. Harry lent over and as soon as he saw the Dear Mother and Father at the top, he kissed Draco’s cheek in pride and eased himself to his feet again to go and bother Blaise. Draco’s letter was too important to be disturbed.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Later that day Harry was lying on his back in front of their fireplace. He was trying, and failing very spectacularly, to track the last footsteps of one Regulus Black, which was harder than anything he had ever had to do before and he was getting nowhere fast, where was Hermione when he actually needed her?

He wanted to help Professor Snape find closure, if one of his mates had died and he had had no idea why or how, or if they had suffered or not, then he would have liked someone to help him.

Though Professor Snape didn’t seem the type to ask for help, nor to accept it if it was offered, so he was doing this on his own, though it was very frustrating. After another half an hour he let out a frustrated yell which brought his mates attention to him from their places around the room as he threw the book that he had been carefully studying at the opposite wall.

He lay back on the rug and scowled as he had gotten nowhere. He knew now why Professor Snape was always so sour and angry. He would be too if he had to feel this level of frustration every day and it wasn’t even his mate that had gone missing!


“Are you alright, Diletto?” Blaise asked.


“No. Stupid books.”


“If your homework is giving you trouble maybe I could help.” Max told him, putting his quill down and pushing his paperwork away to make a space for Harry.


Harry rolled onto his hands and knees and crawled with his scowl to Max and flumped down at the coffee table, by Max’s legs.


“That would have been sexy if that scowl hadn’t been on your face.” Draco informed him.


Harry stuck his middle finger up to his blond mate who chuckled amusedly in answer. Max stroked his fingers through Harry’s hair and tugged gently; tilting Harry’s head back so he could lean down and give him a kiss.


“What were you stuck on love?” He asked.


“It wasn’t homework, though I do need help on my History of Magic essay. I don’t know how people can find enough knowledge in what Binns says to actually write an essay on it. It’s not like he can read them anyway, he’s a ghost! He can’t pick up a piece of parchment, so it’s just a stupid waste of time! I’d rather be sleeping.” Harry grumbled under his breath as he dug in his backpack for the half-heartedly attempted essay.


“Are you tired love?”


“Yes.” He admitted.


“Would you rather take a nap? You can if you want to. No one is going to stop you; in fact I’d encourage it.”


Harry hefted himself onto the settee, with Max supporting him, and he lay down with his head in his oldest mate’s lap by a way of answering Max’s question.

Max smiled down at Harry adoringly and started combing through Harry’s hair. It took minutes for him to slip off into sleep and Max pulled his paperwork back towards him and remained aware at all times of the precious person sleeping in his lap, who was pregnant with his child. Regardless of whether or not that child was his by blood, the baby would be partly raised by him; he would consider the baby his no matter who had fathered it.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


It was two days later when Harry and all three of his mates were back in the Hell Hotel. They were amused at his nickname for the house, but as Harry pointed out it had been hell on earth for him to put up with the hundred odd dominants that were living in it.

Only there weren’t a hundred dominants there this time, no. There were less than fifty sitting or standing in front of him in the main room.


“Please tell me that they didn’t all kill each other off.” Harry said to Elder Trintus, who chuckled amusedly and patted Harry’s expanding belly with such a look of joy on his face that Harry couldn’t bring himself to tell the man not to touch his baby, though he wanted to and subtly moved away and into Blaise.


“No, dear boy, no. A new submissive has been revealed in New Zealand, many of the dominants left to see her. They believed that you were too much of a hassle.”


Harry chuckled weakly, but inside he was quite put out that they had left just because they found him a hassle, if they had wanted some ditzy airhead, who would obey their every command then he was glad that they had gone, but it was quite a big blow to his confidence to know that there were people who thought that he was too much of an irritation to stick around for him. He didn’t think that he was that bad really or maybe he was and he just didn’t realise it.

He turned to look at his three mates and found himself wondering if they thought that he was too much of a bother, did they regret mating with him. He bit his lip and placed a hand over his swelling belly. Did they regret having him and the baby?


“We don’t think you’re a hassle, Prezioso.” Blaise told him softly.


“Of course you’re not. Those others probably know that they have absolutely no chance at you because you deserve so much better than them, that’s why they left.” Max assured him.


Draco came forward and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him lovingly.


“We love you; we don’t care if you’re occasionally bitchy because we know that we can be too and that at the end of our bitch fits you’ll still love us. No relationship is perfect, if we actually look at ours we have four, soon to be five men, one of whom is pregnant, and we’re living together in close proximity, we are bound to get on each other’s nerves at times because we’re all different and have different likes and dislikes, it isn’t something to hate or see as bothersome, we should love our faults as much as our perfections. None of us are perfect, though I do admit that I come pretty damn close.”


Harry chuckled and kissed Draco deeply.


“Thanks, Draco.”


Draco just flashed him a quick up tilt of the lips and held him gently.


“Now Harry, have you thought how you want to do this dear?”


“No, not a clue. I’ve been too busy with the baby to even think of anything else.”


“Well we don’t have too much time, you go on heat in a few days am I correct?”


“Yes.” Harry admitted.


“Well then, let’s get going with this meeting, you need your mate before your next heat and this is the only mate that you can fully choose, my dear. No overwhelming instinct from your Dracken side, no input, just you.”


Harry smiled at that. He already knew who he was going to choose. He had probably loved him from the get go. He didn’t really want to drag this meeting out. He was tired of this house, tired of all the pushy dominants, tired of being here and putting up with everything. He wanted to be back in his rooms sleeping with all of his mates around him, doing their own thing. Blaise working on his translations, Max doing his paperwork for the clinic and Draco holding him as he slept whilst the blond read a book.

It was his idea of bliss at the moment and he really didn’t appreciate any sort of interruption into his quality time spent with his mates. His schoolwork and lessons, and Max’s work, already cut into the precious time that they had together without these infernal meetings as well.

But it couldn’t be helped, not really. He needed to get this mate before his next heat or he put his entire family at risk. This was his last ever meeting, his last ever mate, he would only ever have four of them now, to be sealed off one heat after his next one. Just two months and a couple of days and he would never have to have another mate meeting in his life. Unless all of his mates died that is, but he wasn’t going to even think about that.


“Do you have any sort of indication of which person you’d like?” Elder Trintus asked. “Most submissives just know which Dracken they’d like when picking a grounding mate.”


“I have a very good idea.”


“Well then, let’s start there. Who do you want?”


“I don’t think he’s here.” Harry answered as he once again scanned the hall for the man that he loved, ignoring how Elder Trintus made it sound as though he was picking a raffle prize. “He might have gone to see the submissive in New Zealand, which means that he doesn’t want me and thinks I'm too much of a bother.”


The thought caused him a sharp pain in his heart as he bit his lip and turned away from the other dominants, hiding from their heated gazes in Draco’s shirt. He didn’t want them undressing his pregnant body with their eyes.


“We can call him back from New Zealand, Harry dear. Who was he?”


“No.” Harry shook his head for emphasis. “If he left then he didn’t love me enough to stay, I don’t want him resenting me for dragging him back when he doesn’t want to be here.”


“Many of those who left only did so because they thought they didn’t have a chance with you, dear.” Elder Trintus tried gently.


“Then he should have had more faith in me.”


His mates looked at him with sadness and just a hint of anger in their eyes. They didn’t like seeing him so upset, especially not with the baby growing inside of him. That someone had caused Harry this sadness caused their anger to rise. A person could be hurt, could be made to pay, where if a situation had upset him, well you couldn’t really hurt a situation or an inanimate object, not that Blaise hadn’t tried when Harry had bumped into a plinth holding the bust of some long forgotten witch called Felda the Fortuitous, she wasn’t very fortuitous when Blaise smashed her and her plinth into smithereens.


“I hope I'm not too late.” A strong voice asked.


Harry looked up at the sound of his voice. The voice he loved but scarcely ever heard. He ran from the top platform ignoring his other three mates shouting at him not to run and to be mindful of the baby and he flung himself into his arms, their mouths met in an explosive kiss before they broke apart and Harry held him tightly.


“Oh god, Nasta. I didn’t think you were here.”


“I would never have given up on you.” Nasta whispered back to him. “My brother has been ill these past few days; I have taken to visiting him after work. I am sorry if you thought I had left.”


“Is he okay?”


“He is fine. Just a bit unwell, but my Dad is out of the country on work business and I didn’t like to leave him alone.”


“Will you accept me as your submissive mate? Three other mates, baby and all?” Harry asked a bit bashfully.


Nasta smiled and held him to his chest strongly. “I’d have accepted you a hundred other mates, baby and all.” Nasta answered.


“Well this meeting was very straight forward.” Elder Trintus explained with a smile as the other dominants screamed and shouted in rage at not being picked.


Henley ran up to him and pulled him into a hug.


“I’m happy for you, Harry. Look at you! You’re going to be a Mommy!”


“Mummy Henley, Mummy.” Harry corrected through a beaming smile at the younger boy.


Henley batted the air as if he could bat away Harry’s words. “Who cares about difference in spelling and pronunciation? They both mean the same thing, you have a baby! Congratulations!”


“Henley!” An older man yelled over the roars of the other dominants.


“My Dad.” Henley answered the unasked question. “He wanted to drag me straight off to New Zealand three days ago when the new submissive was made known, but I had to see you one last time, Harry. To remind you that we are still friends and that we both have owls! Write to me sometime and maybe one day, when I’m all grown up with a submissive and children of my own we can meet up again.”


Harry smiled through his tears. “I’d like that, Henley. I’d like that a lot.”


They embraced for a long time and Henley gave him a peck to the lips before he ran off with a wave as his Dad yelled his name again, even louder that before.


“I’m really going to miss him.” Harry said to no one in particular.


Nasta wrapped an arm around him and led him back over to the platform where his three other mates presided over everyone, watching from the high ground so that they could see him better and have a better vantage point should anyone try to hurt him.

Harry accepted the hug from Blaise as he reached the dais and he let his mates meet Nasta, though they already knew of him and had met him as well during the picnic to celebrate his release from the hospital wing, this was the first time they were meeting him as a fellow mate.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry had thought that maybe it would be awkward being in such a small, closed space with four other men, but it wasn’t. Nasta was so silent that it was almost as if he was part of the furniture.

He lounged on the settee with Harry laying on him, his back to Nasta’s chest and Max sitting next to them doing his paperwork. Blaise sat down on the floor doing his translations, with help from Nasta, who knew more languages than Harry had known existed.

Draco was lounging on the second settee that had been expanded from the armchair that it had originally been because really, one three seater settee and an armchair wasn’t enough for all of them to sit on. So now they had two three seater settees and all of them were happy and comfortable, especially Harry as Nasta’s hands on his belly familiarised themselves with the baby that he would have a hand in raising.

Draco and Max were talking quietly to each other as Blaise’s quill made soft scratching noises against the parchment as he took notes from the book Harry had gifted to him for Christmas. It was so peaceful that Harry wanted to stay in the here and now forever.

Nasta moved one of his hands from his belly to play with his hair as the other one stroked the skin of his bare belly with fingertips. Harry purred under the attention, which made all of his mates look at him with amusement for a moment before going back to what they were doing.

Harry had thought that he was sleepy, but he wasn’t, he was damn well aching for his mates, he wanted sex, but he knew Max, Blaise or especially Draco wouldn’t give it to him. He looked up at Nasta who had his eyes closed, but was still rubbing his belly and playing with his hair. Nasta was his best bet, but how did he get Nasta to have sex with him, without the other three barging in on them? The bedroom was under a strong silencing charm in case their ‘activities’ were overheard by someone walking passed their rooms. It would cause awkward questions if the sounds of sex and screaming were heard when he was supposed to be severely sick. Plus having sex with Nasta would not only let him see Nasta in his full glory for the first time, but would help loosen him up for his heat which was due any day now. He needed this.


“Nasta?” Harry asked softly.


Nasta’s eyes opened immediately and looked down at him, his gorgeous hazel eyes questioning him.


“I’m sleepy; can you take me to the bedroom?” He asked around a huge, faked yawn.


“Of course.” He answered and slid from the settee, taking Harry with him.


“Night lovers!” Harry called out to the other three, who either snorted in amusement or in Draco’s case, rolled their eyes.


Nasta carried him into the bedroom, and Harry made him shut the door behind him. Harry grinned as he was carried up the stairs and placed on the bed, Nasta pulled his clothes from him to dress him in pyjamas, but Harry had no intention of letting himself be redressed once he was naked.


“I’m too warm for pyjamas.” Harry protested, rolling onto his stomach on the bed and refusing to cooperate. He made himself look as winsomely sexy as possible. He knew he had succeeded when Nasta swallowed heavily.


“At least put your boxers on.” Nasta tried with a thick voice.


Harry shivered and he just knew his pupils had blown wide in lust, his mouth parted on a small sigh.


“Give me a back rub and I’ll wear them.” Harry compromised, having no intention of wearing his boxers before he got what he wanted. “The baby is lying heavily on my spine.”


Nasta climbed gingerly onto the bed and sat away from him, using just his fingertips to rub the centre of his back, never going too low and not going any higher.


“You’ve never given a back rub before have you?” Harry asked.


“No.” Nasta answered after a lengthy pause.


Harry looked behind him and smirked as he saw Nasta’s eyes pinned to his bum. He was really going to get what he wanted tonight.


“I’ll show you how, come here.”


Harry sat up and pulled Nasta to lie where he had just vacated. Harry tugged his shirt off, much to Nasta’s protest.


“How do you expect me to give you a back rub if you’re wearing a shirt?” Harry demanded as he straddled Nasta’s thighs. “It doesn’t work properly through clothes!”


Harry began to give the most sensual, provocative back rub he ever given before. With Draco or Blaise or Max he gave them purely to make them feel better, to ease the tension in their backs and shoulders, now, not only was he putting more tension into Nasta, he was doing it purposefully to get sex.

He ghosted his fingertips over Nasta’s sides as the heels of his hands cracked the vertebrae in Nasta’s spine, loosening the skeleton and making the man underneath him go boneless. He dipped his fingers as low down Nasta’s back as he could without completely shoving his hand down the back of Nasta’s trousers and he loved what he felt and what he saw. Nasta was well muscled, the muscles under his skin were solid; it was like touching rock through a sheet of silk. Max was big and bulkily muscled, but he still had a squishy layer between his skin and muscles that made him great to cuddle with and even though Max was taller by two inches Harry would put money on Nasta coming out top in a fight between them.

Harry grinned and scooted up to straddle Nasta’s bum. Nasta had an amazing bum. Nasta let out a low moan and Harry knew that he was so close to getting what he wanted. He had to work fast if he didn’t want to be interrupted. It was just gone nine o’clock in the night. It was Sunday night; they all needed to be up in the morning. Max was in work, Harry, Blaise and Draco had lessons and Harry didn’t know about Nasta, but he didn’t matter as he wasn’t going to interrupt them having sex, he was going to be participating. He had about two and a half hours at most to get Nasta to fuck him.


“I think I feel better now, Harry, why don’t you go off to sleep?” Nasta was breathless and his voice had gone so deep Harry barely recognised it.


“I’m not done.” Harry protested.


Nasta rolled from under him and pinned him to the bed. It seemed accidental as the look on Nasta’s face as he realised their new position and Harry’s lack of clothes was priceless.


“I…I think it would be best if you put on your boxers now, Harry.”


“I said I’d put them on if you gave me a back rub. I ended up giving you one, so no boxers.”


Nasta looked as if Harry had shoved an entire lemon down his throat whole as he swallowed so painfully that Harry could hear it. Nasta licked his lips and Harry smiled salaciously.


“I suppose it wouldn’t work to add please onto the end of the sentence?”


“No.” Harry whispered as he pushed himself up to kiss Nasta full on the mouth. Nasta responded immediately, wrapping his arms around Harry and pulling him up higher to get a better angle.


Nasta broke the kiss with a strangled sound as he turned his head away. “I can’t. You’re pregnant, the others will kill me.”


“Having sex won't kill the baby and they’ll have to go through me first. Nasta I need to feed the baby on sex, on my mates ‘sexual ejaculate’, the baby will die if you don’t feed me.”


Nasta nodded understandingly. Harry knew that as his oldest mate at thirty-seven Nasta knew a lot about Drackens and Dracken pregnancy. Nasta knew that the baby needed blood and semen and saliva to live.

Nasta smashed his mouth against his lips and kissed him desperately, trying to climb down Harry’s throat with his kisses. Harry moaned and clung to Nasta’s muscled body. How long had it been since Nasta had last had sex? From his actions Harry was guessing that it had been a while.

Nasta pulled Harry forward until he was straddling his lap, letting him feel the hardness that pressed against the fly of his trousers. Harry let out a little gasp and clung tighter to Nasta.


“You have teased me beyond what I can handle.” Nasta told him seriously. “I’m going to ruin you tonight. You will beg for hours before the end.”


His mate gently tipped him backwards until he was once more lying on his back on the bed. Nasta expertly shoved down both his trousers and boxers before kicking them off after unbuttoning them. He had definitely done that before.

Harry looked down and swallowed. Nasta was solid and the tip of him was curling up to reach just below his belly button. He wasn’t as long as Max or even Blaise, but he was thick. Harry amended his previous thought of doing this so he wouldn’t be so sore when he was on heat. He wasn’t going to be able to walk for a week. Nasta could be charged with carrying a lethal weapon.

Nasta licked along his side and Harry giggled and squirmed a bit as it tickled him. Nasta moved up to lick and suck gently on his ear and Harry let out a breathy moan. He hated how his ears were so sensitive. Nasta chuckled and tongued his ear which earned him a louder groan.

Nasta moved his mouth in a soft line to Harry’s jaw, nibbling on his chin, which Harry had never had done to him before, but he found out that he liked when he gasped and pressed his hips up into Nasta’s stomach on reflex.

Nasta breathed heavily for a moment and Harry wondered if he was still having doubts on what he was about to do, but he said nothing as Nasta’s mouth dipped to suck on his Adam’s apple.


“Nas!” Harry moaned out in surprise at the pleasurable jolt that gave him.


The look on Nasta’s face was alien. Harry could see pride, determination, ego, love, adoration, lust, pleasure and something darker that he didn’t recognise but made things low down tighten and made a shiver tingle up his spine and raise the hairs on the back of his neck. Harry rather thought that a lion would look at an injured gazelle with that dark look.

Nasta lowered his mouth to Harry’s and the kiss was so gentle, so loving that Harry believed that he had imagined that dark look in Nasta’s hazel eyes, until he pulled back and that look was still there.

Nasta touched, caressed, played with and kissed every single inch of his body and Harry was a moaning, writhing mess at the end. He didn’t care if the others came in. He would be fucked today or he’d kill them all. He writhed as Nasta’s tongue dipped into the indentation in his ankle, tonging it, before sucking on his ankle bone. Several places that Harry would never have thought would be a sexual turn on had turned out to be very, very sensitive places. Nasta had found them all. Every single erogenous patch of skin, Nasta had worked like a musical instrument, making Harry beg for him several times over.


“Please, Nas! Please!” Harry begged. It hadn’t worked the first several times, he didn’t believe it would work for the next several, but he had to try, his body was dripping with sweat, he was so hard it felt like his cock was being crushed, his balls were so tight they felt like they would split, his hair was a complete mess where he had rubbed it back and forth along the pillows, he had thought his usual messy hair was bad, but he could feel it now, sticking up in odd clumps, sweat slicked and stuck to the back of his neck and his forehead and cheeks.

Nasta moved his mouth back up his leg, sucking a bruise onto his inner thigh. Harry moaned and writhed and Nasta still ignored him. Harry didn’t think he had spoken two words since they had started, but Harry hadn’t really expected anything different, he was near silent in everything he did, why would he suddenly be a noisy bed partner?

Nasta’s mouth moved to lick the skin between his balls and entrance and Harry screamed, moving his hands from the crumpled bed sheets and clenching them in Nasta’s black hair, tugging and twisting as tears fell from his eyes in pleasure and frustration.

Nasta moved his mouth slowly upwards and caught one of his balls into his mouth and sucked on it, his hand fisting tightly on the base of his cock to stop his orgasm. Harry yelled and his legs twitched as his back arched from the bed in a dry orgasm, but it wasn’t the same, he felt no relief and he sobbed.

Nasta released his abused ball from his mouth and instead lapped at the tip of his cock, dipping into the tiny hole there, tonguing it, nibbling it, Nasta seriously had a tongue and teeth fetish.

He worked down his cock with his mouth until he reached his own hand before he licked a slow stripe back up to the tip and Harry’s entire body spasmed with another dry orgasm, still prevented from any real relief by that tightly gripping hand.


“Please!” Harry begged again.


Nasta’s mouth moved down again and Harry sobbed as he thought that he was going to take his balls back into his mouth, but Nasta bypassed them, his mouth going down further to lick around his entrance.

Harry screamed and writhed from just a few flicks of Nasta’s tongue against his skin. He thrashed his head from side to side, screaming wordlessly as Nasta pulled on his hips to reveal more of the skin that his tongue was teasing.

Nasta turned his head slightly and Harry stopped breathing at the first touch of teeth, he took in a deep gasping breath and let out a pleasured scream when Nasta started nibbling and tonging him.


“Please, please, please, please!” Harry chanted as he writhed and pulled and twisted and wriggled, unable to keep still under the onslaught of such overwhelming pleasure.


Nasta’s tongue pushed into his body and Harry’s eyes snapped closed, his neck arched backwards and his mouth opened on a breathy gasp. He didn’t have the thought to beg anymore; he could only feel and let out reflexive gasps as Nasta probed deeper and started flicking his tongue inside of him.

Nasta pulled back and started nibbling on his entrance again, nipping and then licking the spot to sooth the pain, but Harry barely felt any pain, he was too hyper aware of every single touch to his body. He tossed his head again and sobbed and tugged on Nasta’s hair, not caring that a few strands came off in his fists.

Lips against his had his eyes opening slowly to see the handsome face of his exquisite torturer. Nasta broke away to the side and a tongue came out to lick the trail that his frustrated tears had made. Lips and tongue against his eye forced Harry to close them and then that tongue and those lips were all over his eyelids, gently licking, softly kissing.

A thick finger probed at his entrance and Harry let out a soft moan as it pressed inside, stroking his insides and curling to run fingernails along his silky inner walls. Nasta pulled it out and then pushed it back inside in an imitation of something that Harry had been wanting for what seemed like years.

Nasta pulled his finger all the way out and when it pressed back in, it was accompanied by a second finger. A tear escaped from his closed eyes before he could squeeze it back and it ran down his cheek to fall off the side of his face.

Nasta licked the trail that the tear had made and he kissed his eyelid before moving down to kiss the length of his nose and he licked the tip before he kissed him full on the mouth, full of teeth and tongue and Harry barely noticed the third finger splitting him open as he pushed his hips down to encourage them to move within him.

Nasta spread his three fingers as wide as he could against Harry’s clenching walls and Harry arched from the bed, biting through Nasta’s lip and tasting blood. He lapped at the wound and sucked it very gently to sooth it.

Nasta pulled his fingers free and Harry opened his eyes to see Nasta’s hazel eyes centimetres from his, the loving look in them bringing a smile to Harry’s face.

Nasta rubbed his swollen belly, brushing fingertips over the growing baby within and he stroked it firmly.

It had been a distraction, Harry realised as the thick, blunt head of Nasta pressed against the place his fingers had been moments before. Harry swallowed as Nasta pressed into him slowly, carefully. Harry quivered and choked out a small sound partway between a sob and a moan.

There was a painful burn at the site of penetration, but it wasn’t unbearable, he could live with a slight burn after the endless teasing and torment that he had just endured.

When Nasta was fully seated, he just stopped. He did nothing but remain fully inside of him, arched over the baby bump, his cheek pressed against Harry’s as he panted into his ear like he had run a mile.


“Move, Nas! Please move, love!”


It was the first time that Harry had called Nasta ‘love’ and it caused the large man to thrust inside of him reflexively and groan when he heard it.

Harry gurgled as Nasta hit the small ‘O’ shaped bundle of nerves that caused his eyes to white out. Nasta kissed him gently and pulled out slowly.


“Please! No more teasing, Nasta. I can’t take any more teasing.” Harry begged.


Nasta pushed slowly into him again, but he did something with his hips that threw Harry’s head back in absolute pleasure and had his legs jumping around Nasta’s waist as if pulled by strings.

Nasta did it again and again and again, rolling his hips in such a way that Harry couldn’t get his breath back, his back arched fully from the bed and it stayed arched as he writhed and gasped and screamed. One of Nasta’s arms slipped around his back to support him, his large hand cupping a bum cheek and pressing their lower bodies together tighter as he continued to roll his hips as he thrusted into him, pounding into his prostate and turning his vision white.

Nasta was thrusting so slowly, so gently, but that little roll of the hips that he added had Harry’s orgasm building faster than if he had been thrusting into him as hard and as fast as he could. It wasn’t just sex, it certainly wasn’t fucking. It was lovemaking and Harry wrapped his arms around Nasta and kissed him with everything that he had left in him. His vision exploded into a mass of colour and his body jerked and clenched when his orgasm hit him, but Nasta kept thrusting slowly and lovingly, adding his little hip roll, looking like a belly dancer as he sort of sucked in his stomach and used the momentum to push his hips forward to thrust his cock into Harry’s prostate.

Harry pushed his hips back onto Nasta as his overly sensitised body began building another orgasm as Nasta continued to roll his hips into his body, gaining a bit more pace as it seemed that Nasta’s own orgasm was coming to a climax.

Harry let out a broken sob as he quivered and writhed in Nasta’s hold, his legs curling over Nasta’s back, trying to curl into his chest, but unable to due to Nasta’s body. He slipped his hands into Nasta’s hair and tugged mindlessly as his second orgasm in only ten minutes wound tighter and tighter in his gut.

Nasta let out a breath of air next to his ear and he started pushing harder, losing some of his finesse, becoming more fevered and desperate to reach the end goal of ultimate pleasure.


“Nas! Nas!” Harry cried out, moving his hips against Nasta desperately, tugging on his hair, digging his heels into his back and biting at his mouth.


Nasta did one more hip roll and Harry stiffened as his second orgasm ripped through him, tearing a scream from his throat as his hands went to grip Nasta’s shoulders, his nails biting into the skin and leaving little half crescent cuts that welled with drops of blood, but weren’t deep enough to spill over the skin.

Nasta stilled inside of him and a white-hot wash of fluid had Harry writhing and twisting, tears falling from his eyes as his body took the pleasure with a little sting of pain. His abused prostate hadn’t wanted that last hit.

Harry lay in Nasta’s arms relearning how to breathe, listening to Nasta suck in deep breaths, his chest heaving with the effort. It took them a long time to recover from their lovemaking session and as soon as he was able to move, Nasta moved down and sniffed and licked around the baby bump.

Harry was too used to this behaviour from his dominants that he didn’t even try to tell Nasta that he could feel the baby moving, that he knew that the baby was fine. He just let him sniff and lick to his heart’s content until he gave a parting kiss to the roundest part of his belly and came back up to kiss Harry gently, giving light, lingering kisses to his lips as Harry just lay on their bed using all of his concentration on breathing.

Nasta carefully, slowly, eased himself out of his body and even that small movement brought a round or writhing to Harry, who ended up cuddled tightly to Nasta’s chest as his oldest lover held him, back to chest and cupped his swollen belly.


“How did you do that roll thing with your hips?” Was the first thing that Harry asked when he had gotten his breathing right and gotten his brain to focus on anything else.


Nasta nuzzled the back of his head and licked the back of his neck. Harry thought that he wouldn’t answer the question, but he had learnt with Nasta that he could answer a question ten minutes after it was asked, even if the topic had moved on. Time was something that Nasta didn’t really care for, it seemed that he took everything slowly and nothing was rushed, not even sex. He took his time to think things through before he answered.


“Practice.” Nasta answered his voice tight and a bit defensive. “You didn’t expect me to be a virgin did you, Harry? I’m thirty-seven.”


Harry laughed; his voice was raw and a bit hoarse. “Of course not, I was just wondering if it was a learned talent or something you had always done.”


Nasta went back to nuzzling his hair with his face, inhaling deeply and Harry yawned. If he wasn’t tired before, then he bloody well was now. He held onto Nasta’s arms that were wrapped around him, holding them closer. He yawned again and closed his eyes, he was asleep within minutes.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty-Four – The Trouble Brews


Harry was woken up what seemed like only a few minutes later by a bellowed roar. He blinked languidly as a blast of wind ruffled his hair and his sluggish mind couldn’t put any pieces of the broken puzzle together.

The warmth at his back and sides was gone and Harry blinked again, something was telling him that this was important, but he was so tired and his pillow was so soft and comfy and the bed was warm and inviting.

A strangled yell had Harry looking about for the source of the noise, his befuddled mind becoming a bit clearer, a bit sharper. He climbed out of the bed with a bit of effort and he peered over the banister that was the only safety measure on the platform that held their bed.

Three of his mates were down on the bedroom floor. It looked like a free for all as they all seemed to be attacking Nasta. It was then that Harry realised that it looked like they were attacking Nasta because they were actually attacking him. He let out a yell of rage and knelt on the banister, keeping a death grip on the top in the unlikely event that he slipped.


“Oi!” He yelled. “Fucking stop it!”


The three on the floor looked up at him and they stilled like statues.


“Harry, get down slowly.” Max told him as he stood framed in the doorway, looking like he had run from the living room when he had heard the roar of rage, but now he was approaching under the platform, looking ready to catch Harry in the very unlikely event that he would fall.


“No!” Harry screamed as he saw that Nasta had a black eye and a busted lip. “Leave him alone! If you want to hit someone then hit me you big bullies!”


“He tried to kill the baby!” Draco hissed. “He was trying to kill the baby because he knows that there is no chance that he is the Father!”


“Don’t be so stupid! The baby is fine! I can feel the baby moving. Nasta was gentle and slow, he didn’t take me like some animal!” Harry yelled. “What do you think is going to happen when I go on heat in a few days? Do you think you can control yourselves? Do you think you won't completely rip me in half because I haven’t so much as been stretched in two months! Nasta was doing what I asked him to do. Help me in preparation of my heat. He was gentle with me! Now stop it or all of you are going to be kicked out of these rooms! I won't have bullies sleeping in bed with me!”


“Just climb down carefully, Harry and then we’ll talk.” Max coaxed, using his best soothing voice.


Harry huffed and slid his knees back until his feet touched the carpet and he stomped down the stairs. Blaise had come to meet him, probably to stop him from ‘falling down the stairs’ but Harry wasn’t having any of it as he twisted away from Blaise and went to Nasta, digging his magically appeared claws into his hand and offered his blood to Nasta, who licked his hand with slow, sure strokes of his tongue, looking like he was making love with his hand.

Draco growled, but stopped when Harry sent a nasty glare at him.


“How dare you do this!” Harry hissed at them. “What were you thinking?! We have only just reconciled the argument over the baby needing blood and now you want to start one over the baby needing semen as well?”


“What?!” Draco asked, surprise in those silver eyes. “The baby needs semen as well?”


Harry knew that Draco wasn’t pretending, not only because Malfoys never pretended at having a lack of knowledge, but because Draco had only been a Dracken for a month before he himself had become one and for five months out of that time Draco had been denying what he was where he had been trying to find out everything he could on his new species.


“The baby needs all bodily fluids that a dominant mate can give. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva and semen. Blood, saliva and semen are the top needs.” Nasta stated factually, dabbing the blood from his chin from his now healed lip. “The baby will wither and die like an unwatered flower if these needs are not met.”


“Then we owe you an apology.” Blaise stated, looking a bit sheepish, holding out his hand to help Nasta from the floor.


“It’s fine. I knew it would happen before Harry and I made love, the firstborn protection is too strong.”


“The what?”


“Snape mentioned something like that.” Harry remembered.


“It’s the level of overbearing protectiveness a dominant feels for his or her firstborn child. You three have no idea who is the Father of Harry’s baby, so you all feel it.”


“Draco seems to be feeling it the most, does that mean anything?” Harry asked.


“It isn’t likely that it means that he is the biological Father.” Nasta answered slowly, understanding what Harry had meant, a thoughtful look crossing his face. “It could be that he just feels more protective towards you and the baby or it could mean that he is a very jealous person and doesn’t like anyone excessively touching you or the baby.”


“Probably the latter.” Harry answered with a soft smile.


“How old are you?” Draco asked Nasta suddenly.


Harry sighed in exasperation. “Not this again, Draco! I thought that you had agreed to at least give the mate I chose a chance?”


“I’m thirty-seven.” Nasta answered as if Harry hadn’t spoken.


“He’s going to be forty in two, three years!”


“Three years.” Nasta stated. “My birthday was the third of February.”


“That submissive, Robert lived well into his two hundreds!” Harry snapped. “I don’t think a couple of years between all of us is going to matter when we’re two hundred, Draco!”


“We are more likely to reach three hundred and fifty now.” Nasta informed them. “With our improved diets, advanced medical research and our stronger genes we are living longer than ever.”


“Holy fuck, how many kids can we have in three hundred and fifty years?” Harry asked, looking down at the one baby he was currently growing and placing his hands on it.


“A moot point, Harry.” Max told him. “We lose fertility the older we get. You won't be able to get pregnant past the one hundred and fifty mark.”


“Fine. I’ll rephrase the question, how many kids can we have until I’m a hundred and fifty?”


“I suppose that would depend on how big the clutches are.” Max answered thoughtfully. “We could have anything from twenty to over fifty children.”


“My god, we’ll never survive!”


Max chuckled, but it was Nasta who answered his melodrama. “You won’t get pregnant directly after giving birth. It will take a while for your hormones to settle down again and for your body to repair itself enough to carry another clutch. It could be between one and five years before you conceive a second clutch, though some submissives do conceive again after only a couple of months’ recovery.”


“That sounds a bit better, but what if I’m not ready? What if I have this baby and then realise that I can't do it? What if I can't look after it? I’m sixteen; I don’t know how to look after a baby!”


“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Max soothed, but to Harry it seemed like he was brushing his worries under the carpet. “You’ll make a great Mum.”


“How about we all attend a Mother and Baby class?” Nasta compromised when it looked like Harry would explode. “None of us have any experience with children, unless any of you have younger siblings or a love child hidden away?”


When all three of them shook their heads Nasta looked back to Harry. “Do you think you’d like to go, Harry?”


Harry nodded immediately. “I don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end. Unlike Robert I am still in school, when he first got pregnant all he had to deal with was housework and cooking, I have to juggle the baby between school work and find a way to fit the baby between all of our schedules. This isn’t going to be fair on the baby! Being passed around from unfamiliar face to stranger and back again! Not one of us can spend more than a few hours with the baby during the day, it’s not right.”


“I haven’t taken a holiday from work in four years.” Nasta told him seriously. “I’m due perhaps a year and a half off from work. I’ll look after the baby during the day whilst you are in lessons if you so wish.”


“But there is no way it can possibly be your baby.” Draco pointed out, perhaps a bit harshly.


“Draco, if the baby turns out to be Blaise’s, what would you do?”


“What do you mean what would I do? Nothing.”


“So you would be unwilling to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby? You wouldn’t change the baby if it needed to be changed or you wouldn’t play with the baby during the day? Would you even acknowledge the baby?”


Draco went pink with anger and clenched his fist. “Of course I would! The baby comes from Harry! I would love that baby as if it were my own!”


“As would I.” Nasta answered. “It doesn’t matter if there is no way that the baby could be mine, I’ll see the baby as my own regardless, as would you. I am willing to take all of my holidays in one sabbatical if it helps ease the worry and stress from you all.”


“If the baby is mine then I can get eight months paternity leave.” Max spoke up. “You three can’t really take a break from school; you need the best possible results to get the best jobs and taking any amount of time out of your schooling is counterproductive. So if the baby is mine, I get eight months straight off, then Nasta can take his one and a half years off to take over when I have to go back to work, that way the baby will be over two years old at the end and you three would have graduated. We’d be settled down in a house and we could work out our hours to fit in with each other.”


“You…you aren’t going to stop me from working?” Harry asked a bit tentatively. “I mean, you won't make me stay at home to look after the children?”


“No. If you want to work, Harry, then we aren’t going to stop you, this isn’t the nineteen hundreds any more. We don’t expect you to throw away all of your schooling to sit at home and look after the children, not if it isn’t what you want to do.” Max told him seriously.


“I don’t think any of us would like the children to have hired help to look after them, but there are five of us, not all of us are going to be working exactly the same hours or work on the same days, I’m sure it will all work out for all of us to have a job and the children to have one of us at home with them at all times.” Blaise put in.


“I don’t want a full time job or a career or anything.” Harry added. “To be honest I never thought I’d live this long what with everything going on, so I never thought about what I’d like to do when I graduate. But a part time job sounds alright; I’ll just work a couple of hours a week, just something to get me out of the house once in a while.”


“What do you mean you never thought that you’d live this long?” Max demanded. Ignoring for the most part everything else Harry had said.


“Well I did have a madman after me, Max.”


“He’s dead. The papers said that you killed him last year.”


“Not all of his followers were caught.”


“Do you know something that we don’t?” Draco asked. “Have you been threatened? Have any of them made contact with you?”


Harry sighed and walked to the wardrobe to get out a dressing gown as he was getting cold standing around naked. He tugged it on and melted into the soft fluffy robe, he eased himself down onto the large square shaped settee that was a new addition to their rooms, added by Max, who knew charms that Harry hadn’t known existed, like conjuring a settee from thin air.

The settee was squishy and purple to match the rest of the room, when asked why they had chosen the colour purple for the bedroom Harry and Blaise had looked at each other and blushed deeply, refusing to answer, making the others think that something raunchy had happened. It was shaped like a square with one of the sides missing, three long seats attached by two corner seats and Harry loved every inch of it.

The others all sat around him, ignoring that they had room to actually sit with some semblance of personal space, preferring to sit grouped around Harry and the growing baby.


“Have you been threatened?” Draco reiterated, his patience running out.


“No. I haven’t heard from any of them, but just the knowledge that they are out in the wide world somewhere is enough.”


“We won't let anything happen to either of you.” Nasta swore sincerely, placing a hand on his bump.


It was then that Harry noticed that Nasta was still naked and didn’t seem to care at all. He was lounging around, ignoring the ‘subtle’ glances that he was getting from the other three dominants. Harry went a bit pink cheeked and let out a small giggle, smothering the rest of the laugh that wanted to slip out.

Nasta raised an eyebrow and smirked as the other three suddenly felt a bit more embarrassed that one of them was sitting naked between them. It should have been the other way around, Nasta should have felt embarrassed sitting naked in a group of dressed, or at least covered in Harry’s part, men, but he wasn’t, he was completely confident and relaxed.


“Find something funny?” Nasta inquired with his eyebrow still raised.


“No.” Harry answered even as his grin swallowed his face.


“A lesser man would take offence and insecurity from you laughing at their naked body.”


“But not you.” Harry tacked on the unsaid words.


“Not me. I am not an insecure man; I know you are laughing at the situation that I have inadvertently caused, not directly at me.”


Harry snuggled into as many of his mates as he could manage, lying down, face up, on Nasta’s lap to reach Max and stretching his legs out over Blaise and Draco. He pressed a hand against his bump and sighed.


“You need to put on some more weight.” Nasta complained. “Your arse is like a bony dagger.”


Harry huffed and wiggled around, getting a small gasp of pain from Nasta and a snort of laughter from Max.


“Next time you can carry a clutch around and see how you like it.” Harry whined. “Let’s see how much weight you can put on whilst puking up everything you’ve eaten.”


“I was only teasing, cariad.” Nasta told him with a smile.


Cariad?” Harry questioned the unfamiliar word.


“It’s Welsh for lover.” Nasta answered with a wink.


Harry rolled his eyes and lay back down, moving his bum until it was cradled in Nasta’s lap so his ‘bony arse’ wouldn’t cause his mate pain. He yawned as all the excitement and adrenaline poured out of him and his exhaustion came back tenfold.


“I think it’s best if we all just went to bed.” Harry told the others, they all looked at each other and Harry sighed. “Whoever has a bloody problem with sharing a bed with me and everyone else can sleep on the fucking settee, I’m going to bed.”


Harry hefted himself up and started climbing the stairs. Max swept his legs from under him and carried him up, nuzzling him with his chin as he went.

Harry was too tired now to complain and when he was placed on the bed he shrugged his dressing gown back off and he ignored the burning gazes that he could feel roving his naked body. He turned and glared at every single one of his mates, who were grouped around the bed waiting for him to settle before they climbed in with him.


“All of you keep your hands off.” He stated seriously. “I’m now too tired to do anything other than sleep, so the first person to try anything is going to be sleeping on the floor.”


Blaise chuckled as he stripped himself bare and climbed in with him, wrapping his arms loosely around him and burying his face in the back of his neck.

Harry could feel every inch of Blaise’s naked body pressed against his naked body. His tension grew, before he sighed and melted into the warmth of Blaise as his first mate didn’t move to touch him sexually.

Nasta, who was already naked as the day he was born, climbed in front of him and wrapped his arms around both Harry and Blaise, who made no move or noise against the action. Perhaps Blaise was the least dominant of all of his dominants and just didn’t care?

Max didn’t so much as climb into the bed as he rolled into it with a groan. He slipped an arm under Nasta and his other arm could reach all the way over to touch Blaise with room to spare. Harry was just drifting off when he realised that the bed hadn’t dipped for a fourth time.

He sat up as much as he could with three men wrapped around him and looked to Draco, who was stood at the end of the bed, watching them all.


“Draco, get in the bed now.”


“I don’t think I can.” The blond told him with a panicked look at the three other naked men.


Harry sighed and fought his way out of the mass of bodies and crawled to Draco, too tired to get up and walk.

Harry took Draco’s head into his hands and kissed him, pulling until Draco was pressed against his chest and Harry had the blond’s head cradled in his arms, his nose buried in Draco’s silky blond hair.


“It’s okay, Draco. No one is going to touch you in a way that you don’t expressly permit.”


“Before you I’d never even thought of being with another man and I have never let anyone penetrate my body. When you go on heat in a few days, if I'm not top dominant I could…could…”


“You could be penetrated by one of the others for the first time.” Harry answered softly, understanding exactly what the problem was now.


Draco nodded in his arms.


“Is it the thought of another man being inside you that’s the problem, or the pain you think it will cause?”




“Well, I can't really answer to the first as I’m a gay submissive, I love having another man inside of me, loving me, bringing me pleasure, but for the second, when on heat, there is no pain. The haze of the breeding cycle just washes away all inhibitions, all pain, all thought. I feel a slight sting, maybe a small burn and then nothing. It’s after the heat when the pain of the heat becomes apparent and as you aren’t going to be fucked continuously for ten days by four men all drastically different in length and girth I think it won't be as bad for you.”


“We can help you prepare if you are wary about it.” Max hedged cautiously.


Draco’s head snapped up and Harry turned around to see the other three looking at them from the pillows. Harry grinned at the sight they made, but as his arms were wrapped around Draco he could feel the blond stiffen up.


“You don’t have to answer that right away.” Harry told Draco quickly. “Just think about it, we have a day or two before the heat starts, but know that no one is going to think anything of you if you say yes, not me and not them.”


“It would be hypocritical of me if I did.” Blaise put in. “Seeing as I am going to be bottoming to all three of you.”


“Either Max or I are going to be bottoming to the other.” Nasta stated factually. “There can only be one top dominant as there can only be one submissive in one family unit. All mates in between have to be flexible switches.”


“Flexible switches?” Harry asked with a grin.


“Someone who ‘switches’ from the dominant to the submissive role and back again.” Nasta explained to him with a loving look. “A switch is never fully dominant and never fully submissive, but both.”


“That sounds like fun.” Harry stated lecherously. “I want to be a switch.”


Max laughed and gently pulled Harry to press a kiss to his forehead.


“You are too adorable, Harry.”


“No I'm serious; I want to be a switch.”


“Then who would be our submissive?” Nasta asked him. “Do you really want to add a woman to our family?”


“Another male submissive?”


“Harry you are the first male submissive in over a hundred years and you are the only one. Any other submissive would be female.”


“Erg.” Harry grimaced in distaste.


“That’s what I thought.”


“Would you let me try topping though?” Harry asked them all seriously.


“If you really wanted to try it and if it was only on the odd occasion, I would let you top me, Bello.” Blaise told him. “Just for you to try. I honestly don’t mind.”


Harry grinned widely and snuggled up to Blaise, kissing him before peeking over a shoulder to see Draco undressing before climbing in behind Blaise.  

Max stretched himself out again and slipped his arm back under Nasta and let his other arm wrap around all of them, Draco included. It spoke volumes on how far they had come when Draco did not moan, bitch, hiss, shout or even move away from Max’s hand.

Harry had a feeling that Max was the most dominant of his mates, but he didn’t say anything. Draco hadn’t fought Max for dominance, Nasta hadn’t fought Max for dominance and Nasta and Draco hadn’t fought for dominance, but then neither Nasta nor Blaise had fought each other yet, but Harry didn’t think it mattered as he rather thought that Blaise was submitting to the others on purpose and for a reason that had nothing to do with size or ability and had everything to do with sex and Blaise’s enjoyment of being topped.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


When Harry woke up he was in a completely different position to when he had fallen asleep. He had somehow rolled over Nasta to lie on Max’s chest and Blaise was now being held tightly to Draco’s chest, the blond’s large arms wrapped tightly around the smaller dominant’s stomach. Nasta was lying on his back, one arm under Blaise and Draco’s heads and his hand cupping Draco’s pale shoulder and his other hand was holding tightly to Harry’s thigh.

Harry smiled tiredly at his family and lowered a hand from Max’s hair to cup his growing belly. He was two months pregnant and looked like he was four. Though he had decided that being pregnant suited him well. He liked the added weight and loved how when he was pregnant none of his bones were visible through his skin. He couldn’t see his ribs or his collarbones and his hipbones weren’t as prominent as they once were.

A sudden lurch in his gut reminded him that he had awoken early for a reason and his eyes widened at the familiar sensation of vomit climbing his throat which got him moving. He scrambled from the bed, probably kicking and elbowing every mate he had in the process and darted down the stairs, actually jumping the last two and he collapsed halfway to the toilet on the cool marble floor of the bathroom and puked what seemed like everything he had eaten in the past week.

It took what seemed like hours, but could only have been moments before he felt arms wrap around him, supporting him and soothing him.

He was moved to the toilet bowl and held upright so that he could make good use of it by heaving again. He heard a cleaning spell, obviously one of his mates getting rid of the sick on the bathroom floor, and the bathroom tap running.

Tears streamed down his face as another violent wave of vomit forced its way out of his mouth. He coughed and spat out the remnants, taking in deep lungfuls of air and leaning back against whoever it was behind him.

His tears were brushed away, his face was gently wiped with a warm washcloth and his face was peppered with little kisses from all of his mates, who were surrounding him, comforting him, helping him as his stomach clenched again and his mouth was filled with yellow bile.

He choked and spat the bitter tasting liquid into the toilet and sobbed as his throat and stomach burnt. His mouth was wiped gently again and Harry opened his eyes to see concerned silver looking at him. Harry tried a weak smile, but it lost all of its effect when he dived for the toilet again to let another trickle of bile out of his mouth.

He heaved in as much air as he could, before attempting to control his breathing by slowly breathing in through his nose and then out through his mouth. He slumped, exhausted, into Nasta’s arms and snuggled himself in as tightly as possible.

Blaise had a blossoming red mark on his collarbone, obviously from where Harry had been scrambling to get out of the bed and had hit him with a flailing fist. Harry kissed it gently, even as his eyes were still streaming with tears. He sniffled and huffed in more air, trying to calm himself down.


“I won't insult you by asking how you feel, but I will ask if your stomach has settled down a bit.” Max said, crouching down on his haunches beside him.


Harry didn’t trust himself to speak so he just shook his head and leant forward to fold his arms on the toilet seat, his head hanging down into the bowl. His stomach clenched and he heaved again, a large hand rubbed him firmly on the back.

Harry once again collapsed bonelessly against Nasta and sobbed. If it was one thing that he absolutely hated about being pregnant it was the morning sickness.

Harry shivered as his body, soaked in a cold sweat, was stuck on the cold of the freezing marble bathroom. He became overly aware that he was curled up naked on the bathroom floor and the vomiting didn’t help him any either.

Blaise came into the bathroom with a pile of clothes and Harry smiled weakly, but gratefully at him as he was slowly and carefully dressed in the clothes which had been warmed with a charm.


“Do you feel ready to move now?” Max asked him softly.


Harry nodded and was manoeuvred into Max’s arms as Nasta stood up, unfolding his legs and rubbing out the pins and needles.


“Sorry.” Harry forced out of his raw and abused throat.


Nasta bopped him gently on the head and smiled.


“You have nothing to be sorry about, I chose to sit on my own leg, you didn’t make me.”


Harry smiled tiredly as he was carried into the living room where Draco was making a bed on the settee; he was placed down in the nest bed and covered up with a warm, thick blanket. Harry opened his mouth to complain, but he thought better of it. He felt better being in the little made up bed and the blanket was warm and cosy. Instead he nuzzled his face into it and relaxed back, letting the warmth of heating charms lull him back into a light doze.

He heard his mates go and have showers, get dressed and Max pottering around in the kitchenette preparing breakfast. It must have only been about five in the morning, anyone else would have been shouting and complaining about being woken up so early, but his mates were making sure that he was comfortable and going about their routines as if it was seven in the morning instead.

He remembered what waking his relatives up with his nightmare induced screams had meant. He winced as he remembered the meaty fist coming towards his face to shut him up.


“Are you alright, Diletto?”


Harry opened his eyes sluggishly to see concerned indigo eyes watching him from the other settee. He nodded and closed his eyes again. He opened them again and looked back at Blaise.


“I want ginger biscuits.” He said as carefully as he could through his throat.


Blaise nodded and made to stand up when a tin of ginger newts went flying through the air at Blaise. He caught them on reflex but only just before they connected with his nose. Blaise glared at Max who was whistling cheerfully, innocently in the kitchenette.

Harry let out a soft chuckle as Blaise snorted and pulled the lid off of the tin and handed it to Harry. Harry smiled in thanks and placed the tin on his lap and selected a ginger newt and bit into it. He chewed it twice as much as he normally would have so that it wouldn’t irritate his throat as he swallowed and just as he had finished his first biscuit and was picking out a second, Max appeared and passed him a cup of a cloudy, pale red liquid. Raspberry leaf tea with real raspberry juice.

He sipped at it and felt his belly settle down a bit more. He nibbled another biscuit and kept breathing and as all of his mates sat down at the kitchenette table to eat the large meal that Max had made for then, leaving him on the settee to rest with his tea and biscuits. He already felt much better.

He lay against the arm of the settee and closed his eyes. The next he knew, a loud crash had him shooting upright with a startled shout and caused all of his mates to appear from wherever they had been within moments. He looked on the floor and saw the upturned tin and the broken, scattered biscuits that it had once held. He had fallen asleep and the tin had slipped to the floor.


“I liked those biscuits.” He said with a small pout.


“I’ll get you some more on the way home from work.” Max told him, coming around the settee and started picking up the broken biscuits.


“How are you feeling?” Draco asked him.


“Better now. Those biscuits helped, I feel a bit wobbly though so maybe some blood a bit later on wouldn’t be a bad idea.”


All of them nodded as if he had said something more interesting than he had. He stretched and yawned before pushing the blanket from his body and sitting up. He pulled up the jumper that Blaise had dressed him in and rubbed his baby.


“Are you feeling sick again?” Blaise asked.


“No, just saying hello to my sweet baby.” Harry stated as he looked down on his belly with such a soft look.


Nasta smiled and leant over the back of the settee to lay a hand on his protruding belly. He brushed his fingers against the skin and leant right over to press a kiss just above his belly button.

Harry giggled a bit as Nasta’s hair tickled him, but he pulled Nasta’s head to kiss his temple, before swinging himself up off the settee and stretched until his back popped and his knees buckled a bit. Four sets of hands went to catch him, but Harry had straightened up again before they touched him.


“Are you alright?”


“The next person to ask if I’m alright is having my foot in their mouth. I’m fine now, thank you.”


Blaise chuckled and wrapped an arm around him, leading him out of the living room and back into the bedroom so that Harry could shower himself before lessons started.

It took Harry a bit longer than normal to shower himself and get ready for school with his knees still shaking and his entire body feeling tired and weak, but he managed it with just ten minutes to spare.

Max was fretting that Harry had only eaten two biscuits for breakfast and was refusing to leave for work, muttering about making Harry a good breakfast that Harry wasn’t even sure that he’d be able to eat without it making a reappearance.

Nasta finally dragged the larger man away, muttering about Mother Hens and overprotectiveness. Harry let Draco and Blaise pull him in the opposite direction before class started. They had Transfiguration and they were going to be late.

They finally made it and incurred the wrathful glare of Professor McGonagall from the front of the class.


“You gentlemen are five minutes late, I trust you have a valid excuse?”


“I’m sorry, Professor, it’s my fault.” Harry told her, not even having to fake the waver in his voice. “Morning sickness hit me hard this morning, Draco and Blaise refused to leave me until I stopped being sick.”


Professor McGonagall’s stern look softened slightly as her severe blue gaze slid to his protruding belly, before quickly coming back to his face.


“Take your seats.” She instructed them before turning back to her lesson.


Harry was helped into his chair by Blaise; unfortunately it was right behind Ron and Hermione’s desk. Draco was forced to sit three rows behind them, on the opposite side of the classroom. He wasn’t happy about it either.

Harry spent the lesson forcing himself to keep his eyes open as the exhaustion of being woken up so early caught up with him. It didn’t help that wayward spells from the table in front of them kept darting past his head either. Blaise blocked them all easily, but that wasn’t the point. Harry growled as another jet of magic sailed past his head.


“Stop it, Weasley!” Blaise hissed venomously.


“Or what?!” Ron burst out loudly, loudly enough to draw Professor McGonagall’s attention.


“Mister Weasley! Ten points from Gryffindor for disrupting my lesson! Any more disruptions and you will serve a detention with me tonight!”


Harry grinned and squeezed Blaise’s thigh under the table. He yawned and turned back to his toad that he was trying to turn into a clam shell. Blaise had turned his toad into a very pretty shell and back again, watched by Professor McGonagall before he transfigured the toad back into a shell and gifted it to Harry, who was wearing it like a brooch to pin his robes together.

Professor McGonagall saw this, but said nothing, her lips softening slightly into a rare smile as she tried to get Millicent Bulstrode to transfigure her toad into a shell without leaving the legs on it.

Harry finally managed to turn his toad into a shell, using the last of his energy to do so, he ignored that his shell was apparently covered in the toad’s skin still, at least it wasn’t breathing like Tracy Davis’ or croaking like Seamus’ shell.

The bell rang and after the homework assignment had been noted down, Harry stood to leave with Blaise and Draco.


“Mister Potter, may I see you for a moment.”


Harry waved Blaise and Draco off, helped along by a very stern glare from Professor McGonagall, before he approached her desk and forced himself to remain standing.


“I cannot help but notice your level of exhaustion today, Potter, are you quite well?”


“Like I said, Professor, I had a rough morning. I love being pregnant, but I hate morning sickness. I was up very early with my lovers, but I didn’t really eat anything so I'm running low on energy.”


“I believe it would be beneficial for you to take a day off, Potter. I will write a note for you and if you would, please go and see Madam Pomfrey.”


“But…” Harry knew it was futile by the glare he received. He sighed and he just couldn’t stop thinking about how his four mates would react knowing that he was in the hospital wing.


He exhaled and nodded his head. He trudged out of the Transfiguration classroom, ignoring the miserable second years grouped outside the doorway waiting for Professor McGonagall to allow them into her classroom.

Harry walked past their curious little faces and made his way up to the first floor where the hospital wing was located. He walked in and immediately saw the bloodied face of one Ron Weasley. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened and Harry sighed in exasperation, but at least Draco and Blaise hadn’t beat the shit out of Ron in front of him.


“Harry, dear. Are you alright?”


“Professor McGonagall sent me up here to get a check-up.” Harry answered softly, trying to keep his voice from carrying over to Ron.


“Alright dear, hop up on this bed whilst I finish up with Mister Weasley, then I’ll get to you. I take it Minerva has given you your next lesson off.”


“The whole day, Madam Pomfrey.”


The Matron nodded and walked into her office to find another potion or salve or something for Ron’s face, leaving Harry and Ron alone for the first time since they had broken off their friendship almost exactly a year ago.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X 

Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty-Five – Overload


Harry lay back comfortably on the bed that he had been instructed to sit on, relaxing his shoulders back so that they weren’t so tensed and he pretended as best as he could that Ron wasn’t in the same room as him.


“Just defeating the Dark Lord wasn’t enough for you then, was it?!” Ron demanded when he realised that Harry was ignoring him, pretending that the bed he was sitting on wasn’t occupied. “You had to try and get more fame by shacking up with as many people as would have you!”


“Just the men.” Harry answered stoically. “If I had ‘shacked up’ with the women who asked to have me as well there wouldn’t be any left for anyone else.”


Ron went a brilliant red. “Hermione and Ginny wouldn’t touch you! You’re just a slut, you’re dirty!”


“Oh Ginny would touch me.” Harry stated innocently enough, remembering the hug that she had given him just that morning. “Hermione just wishes she could touch me.”


Sure he was being more than a little mean and a tad cruel, but he had had it right up to his neck of Ron being a complete jackass to him, surely people couldn’t blame him for being a little mean after just being called a dirty slut by his once best friend.


“No she doesn’t! Neither of them like you!”


Harry made a noncommittal noise in the back of his throat, angering Ron further.


“Just look at you! Pregnant at sixteen? No one gets pregnant at sixteen unless they’re stupid sluts!”


“You have no argument to call anyone stupid. I heard Crabbe actually beat you on a History of Magic essay, how proud are you of that?”


Ron went from red to purple quicker than Harry could blink. He wondered where the hell Madam Pomfrey was and what was taking her so long.


“He obviously had help from that slimy, filthy ferret! He and that dirty immigrant are going to be thrown out of Hogwarts as soon as people find out what they did to me!”


“More like they’d be given a medal for what they did. It’s just too bad they couldn’t break your jaw too, to stop you from speaking.”


“You’re nothing but a traitor!” Ron hissed at him, so angry that he couldn’t get enough air to shout. “Fucking two Slytherins and two men old enough to be your Father!”


Harry had no answer to that. His Father, if he had still been alive, would have been thirty-six as of March, Nasta had turned thirty-seven in February.

Ron took his silence as more ammunition and carried on, hurting Harry more than he would ever let the redhead know.


“I mean if you had wanted a Father figure there are better ways to get them than going around shagging men that are the same age!”


“That wasn’t why I chose a relationship with them.” Harry said quietly. “They are so much more mature than boys my age. I mean, hell Ron, look at you? Who would want you as a boyfriend? Lazy, stupid, mean, untalented, you can't even fly a broom! I don’t know what a smart, pretty woman like Hermione sees in you, but you can be sure that as soon as we graduate and she gets an amazing job and starts meeting intellectual people of a like mind who she can actually hold a conversation with and respects her for her brilliant brain, she’ll leave you too!”


Harry was panting harshly when he finished and a sharp pain in his gut had him clutching his side. He was so angry that he was almost vibrating with energy.


“You lost all of your friends because you are so nasty, even Seamus and Dean are at least giving Draco and Blaise a chance! You are going to lose Hermione as soon as she realises that she doesn’t have to be stuck with you because you’re the only one who will pay attention to her. It’s you who is going to die the sad, lonely old man, not me! I have a family now, I have four loving men who are willing to do anything for me and I am having a baby! As soon as we graduate, we’re officially bonded, we’re getting married and we are going to have lots of children to come! I have a family now and you’re going to be left with nothing if you carry on being petty, prejudiced and mean!”


Ron charged at him and Harry threw his arms around his belly as Ron’s fist caught the bottom of his ribcage, knocking all of the air from his lungs, the second punch caught his fingers holding protectively over his bump, but the third hit his side very hard and a searing pain had him screaming. Ron stood back, blinking stupidly as if he hadn’t realised what he was doing. He just stared as Harry rolled around on the bed.

Another sharp pain in his side had Harry gasping and curling his legs over his stomach as the pains became worse.


“Get Madam Pomfrey!” He bit out between clenched teeth. He hadn’t actually expected Ron to do anything of the sort, but the redhead ran the full length of the hospital wing and charged into the Matron’s office.


“Mister Weasley! I know you are in a bit of pain but really, charging in here is ridiculous, I have only been gone for ten minutes as I flooed Severus for a potion for Mister Potter, surely you can wait another couple of minutes!”


“Something’s wrong with, Harry!” He screamed at her.


Poppy Pomfrey was taken aback for all of three seconds before she rushed out of her office to see Harry rolling around on the bed, clutching at his stomach.


“Oh heavens!” She gasped. “Weasley, go and get Professor Snape, he is in his office.”


Ron ran from the room as Poppy began trying to stabilise Harry as best as she could with her limited knowledge of Drackens.

Severus flooed directly into the hospital wing via her office not five minutes later and had not brought Weasley with him, assumedly so the boy wouldn’t overhear anything that he wasn’t supposed to.


“What happened?” He demanded as he cut his own wrist and forced Harry to latch onto the wound.


Once Harry had tasted the sweet blood, he sunk his teeth and fangs into the skin to hold on as he suckled like a newborn kitten.


“I don’t know, I left Misters Potter and Weasley alone whilst I flooed you for the Dracken health potion, I left them for ten minutes, the next I know Weasley comes bursting into my office and I came out to find Harry like this, what is going on, Severus?”


Severus didn’t answer; he just stared at Harry with pain in his black eyes, watching as Harry writhed in agony even as he continued sucking at his blood, making small noises of pain against his arm.


“I believe this must be Mister Weasley’s fault.” He finally answered. “Dracken pregnancies are very brittle and delicate; the slightest knock could cause a miscarriage. It’s why his mates are so protective of him and are very violent towards those who so much as brush up against their pregnant mate.”


“Severus, are you saying that Mister Potter is having a miscarriage?!”


“I am hopeful that the blood will help. You need to get Albus, Poppy. He needs his mates.”


Poppy rushed off and Harry looked up at Professor Snape with fearful, crushed emerald eyes. Severus looked away; he couldn’t stand to see those eyes looking at him with that expression. The same expression that Regulus had worn when it had been confirmed that their unborn baby was no more, that Regulus had had a full miscarriage. He had never forgiven James Potter to this day for bumping into Regulus and starting the miscarriage, accident or not.

James Potter had died before he had gotten any real retribution on the man for causing the death of his one and only child, he had contemplated killing Potter’s child to force him to feel the pain he had, but he couldn’t bring himself to do anything to harm Lily. Sweet, beautiful Lily who had been rounded with child, so happy, bright and exuberant. He had had the perfect chance and he had watched it pass him by.

Then Potter had come to Hogwarts and he had another chance, no matter how small or petty, to avenge Regulus and the child that they had lost. He had tormented Harry, had unfairly punished him, had bullied and belittled him at every opportunity and then it had turned out that the boy was a Dracken.

Severus believe that it was fate. Mere chance had taken Regulus and their unborn daughter from them, fate had made Harry Potter a Dracken and once again a Dracken was going to lose a baby because of another’s actions, because of their ignorance and cruelty.

Poppy came bustling back into the hospital wing, Albus a step behind her. The elderly man sat on the bed and wrapped an arm around Harry.


“What happened Harry, my Boy?” He asked sadly with a warm hint of anger.


Harry, who had stopped feeding so ferociously and had just been lapping at the oozing blood, pulled his blood stained mouth away.


“He hit me!” Harry cried. “He hit my bump. I tried to cover as much of it as I could but he found a gap.”


“Who hit you, Harry?”




Albus nodded and stood back up, urging Harry to go back to sucking Severus’ arm.


“I will inform Mister Zabini and Mister Malfoy at lunch after their lesson ends. Mister Maddison and Mister Delericey have already been informed that they are needed back here at the castle and should be here as soon as they are able.”


“You have to keep them away from Ron, Sir. I don’t like him, in fact I'm beginning to hate him, but I don’t want him dead and I don’t want my mates being in trouble for hurting or killing him either.”


Albus nodded and walked out of the hospital wing, heading in the direction for the Grand staircase, ready to meet Ron and head him off.

Severus took his arm away from Harry and handed him a vial of light grey potion. Harry dipped his tongue into it and screwed up his face and shuddered at the vile taste. Severus gave a tight smile.


“Down it in one go is the best.” He instructed and watched as Harry threw it all back and gagged. “That should give us a few more minutes, the sooner your mates are all here the better, you need a cocktail of sorts, of all their fluids.”


Harry looked horrified.


“It sounds unpleasant and it is, at least taste wise, but your baby has no chance without it.”


Harry started softly crying and he held onto his bump, which was jumping about under his hands. He couldn’t lose his baby, not because of Ron.

Max arrived first and he came charging into the hospital wing, sweat beading on his forehead and his massive chest heaving. His eyes went to Harry and before Harry could even say hello, Max was on him, holding him, petting him, licking him and sniffing him. When he reached his stomach he remained there, sniffing and licking for longer. He let out a rage filled roar, sounding more like a wounded rhino before he wrapped his arms around Harry’s waist and pillowed his head very lightly on his belly.

The bell rang signalling lunch time; it wasn’t even three minutes later when Blaise barged into the hospital wing, Draco following close behind him.

They took in Max wrapped around his belly, gently stroking it and the tears in both of their eyes. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out and they both screamed and roared.


“What happened?” Blaise, the more lucid out of the two, asked.


“I’m having a miscarriage.” Harry informed them. “Professor Snape and Madam Pomfrey are doing all they can to stop it and stabilise the baby again.”


“Is this his fault?” Draco asked his eyes wild and his voice very distorted.


Harry had no idea that Draco might have been referring to anyone other than Ron, so he nodded his head yes.


“I’ll kill him. That filthy, fucking mongrel knew that it would kill the baby! I told you that’s why he did it!”


“What happened?” Nasta asked as he jogged onto the ward, looking as if he had been rolling around in a pig pen he was so covered in dirt.


Draco threw a punch at him before anyone could do or say anything and Nasta flew backwards into the door. He growled wildly as his black and gold wings burst violently from his back.


“What the fuck was that for?!” He demanded.


It was the first time that Harry had ever heard Nasta cuss, it was also the angriest that Harry had ever seen him, including that time he had crippled the tree after hearing what Dominic and his Grandfather had planned to do with Harry and his child.


“You know what you’ve done!” Draco yelled back and before Harry could tell them to knock it off, Nasta had moved quicker than their eyes could follow.


Draco went sailing through the air and crashed into the bed on the other side of the room. Nasta had leapt on him before Draco could find his feet again and Nasta started hitting and he didn’t stop.

Max held tightly onto Harry and didn’t let him go. He shushed him and soothed him and tried to turn his head away so that he couldn’t watch, but he had to. For god’s sake two of his mates were killing each other on the floor of the damned hospital wing!


“They’re fighting for dominance.” Max whispered to him. “Let them work it out.”


“I didn’t realise those fights were so violent.” Harry quivered. “You and Blaise didn’t have a mark between you.”


“Blaise willingly submitted to me without us having to resort to violence, he did the same to Draco and the same to Nasta. Blaise really isn’t a fighter, though he has proven that he will kill to protect you. Draco is a fighter, so we must actually fight to prove who is more dominant to whom.”


“I don’t like it.”


“You don’t have to like it, Harry love.” Max told him softly, brushing his hair from his eyes, acting for all the world that two men weren’t beating each other to pulps behind him.


It was near enough a one-sided fight as Nasta threw Draco across the room again and stood breathing heavily, panting with bloody fists. Draco got up and screamed in rage and humiliation as he flew back at Nasta, who caught him and slammed him into the ground, lying on Draco’s legs, pinning his arms with his own and laying his teeth heavily over Draco’s throat.


“He knows how to fight.” Blaise commented as he edged around the two pinned men and sat down next to Harry, stroking his cheek.


Nasta stood from the ground and yanked Draco up with him. Draco’s head remained bent, blood running from the teeth marks in his neck, he didn’t look up and didn’t acknowledge anyone.


“Want to share with the rest of us what the hell that was about?” Nasta demanded.


Draco growled and Nasta seized his wrist and pulled it up to his mouth, laying his teeth over the vein in his wrist and biting down, not enough to break the skin, but enough to warn Draco not to test him.


“You caused Harry to have a miscarriage!” Draco snarled.


Harry blinked as he heard that and as pandemonium broke out around him, mainly consisting of all his mates shouting at one another, he screamed long and loud. The silence was deafening as he stopped when he ran out of breath, he glared at all of them.


“It wasn’t Nasta’s fault!” He shouted over them. “Just stop it! STOP IT! I’m here, lying in a bed, about to lose our first baby and all you idiots can do is squabble with one another! Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, I’d like some comfort!”


Max immediately pulled him up and onto his lap, wrapping his absolutely huge arms around him, burying Harry’s head in his soft shirt. Harry heard his mates cooing and crooning at him from outside Max’s arms and he lost it. He broke down and he started sobbing, then full out crying. He couldn’t lose his baby, he just couldn’t.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Lucius Malfoy sipped on his cup of tea as he perused the morning paper. It was a load of drivel like usual, but he was still expected to comment on certain articles or understand what was being said if someone else mentioned an article.

His Wife was sitting beside him in the family dining room, eating a half an orange with a tea spoon whilst occasionally sipping her own white tea.

An owl they both recognised swooped into the dining room and landed regally on the back of Narcissa’s chair, all Malfoy owls had been taught to never land on tables.


“I wonder if Draco has something more interesting to say than this waste of ink.” Lucius stated folding the newspaper in half as Narcissa untied the, unusually lengthy, letter.


“It seems that our Draco has more to say than most months.” Narcissa told her Husband as she cracked the wax seal and shook out the roll of parchment, which was a lot longer than usual. “I hope he is alright.”


“If it was anything serious he would have floo called us from Severus’ office, dear.” Lucius reminded her.


Narcissa nodded her head and silently read the letter. Her eyes widened, her mouth parted, her eyebrows rose into her hairline and all the while Lucius sat patiently and watched her facial expressions and body language.

When she was finished, she folded the letter in half sharply and kept hold of it, looking at him with a strange, maniacal glint in her eyes that was more common from her dead sister, Bellatrix Lestrange.


“What did Draco have to say?” Lucius asked.


“I think we are going to need a bigger family dining table, dear.” Was all she said, going back to her orange.


Lucius looked at the four seater, solid oak, square table and matching chairs critically. Narcissa loved this table; it was why he had bought it in the first place, why would they suddenly need a bigger table when it was just the two of them and Draco?


“May I ask why we need a bigger table, dear?”


“Our Draco has fallen in love. Hard by the sounds of it.”


Lucius blinked before regaining his composure. “Draco has fallen in love?” He repeated his Wife’s words. “That may explain his sudden desire to break the contract with the Greengrass’ did Draco mention who he had fallen in love with per chance?”


“No. He didn’t mention any names, but he wishes for us to meet them.” Narcissa stated casually.


Lucius Malfoy narrowed his eyes at his Wife’s games. “Them, Cissa?”


“Yes, them, Lucius. Draco has gone and fallen in love with three other men.”


Lucius Malfoy choked on the air he had breathed in and he coughed sharply to get his breathing back under his control.


“Let me see his letter.” He demanded when he could speak clearly, holding his hand out for it.


“One of the men is currently pregnant, possibly with Draco’s child.” Narcissa told him before handing over the letter and going back to her breakfast.


Lucius read his son’s words with an ever growing level of shock. The way that Draco spoke about his…partners, Cissa was right; he had fallen in love and he had fallen hard.

Draco explained about one of his partners being pregnant and that there was a one in three chance that the baby could be his and he made it a clear point that he would not be abandoning his partners nor his possible child.

Draco wanted them to come to Hogwarts at their first possible convenience, preferably during a weekend so that their visit didn’t disrupt his lessons. He was being so casual, so cavalier about being with three other men. It would have shocked him if Draco had announced he had been with one man, let alone three. He spoke of marriage and bonding after he graduated.

Draco had never shown any homosexual tendencies before, all the questions in the usual puberty talk he had had with Draco when his son had been thirteen had been asked about when a man loves a woman, what a man does with a woman, how a man loves a woman. Not even a passing curiosity about how a man loves another man.

He and Cissa had been preparing themselves for an eventual daughter-in-law after Draco had graduated; instead they had gotten three son-in-laws and a possible grandchild shoved onto them. Draco had only been in school for seven months, he had written the letter to dissolve the betrothal contract between the Greengrass’ only three months ago. How could everything have changed in such a short amount of time?

Lucius rubbed a hand over his face in weariness and sighed, he took a sip of his tea and finished the letter, folding it over and placing it on the table in front of him. He was going to have to pay a little visit to Draco to meet his son’s future spouses and his possible grandchild. He had to make sure that his son wasn’t making the biggest mistake of his life.


“It seems you are right, dear. We do need a bigger table.”


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


“So I just have to down it?” Harry asked his face scrunched up in absolute disgust.


“Surely it isn’t that bad?” Max tried placating him weakly.


“If it isn’t that bad then why don’t you drink it?” Harry demanded, holding out the glass beaker to Max.


It was filled to the brim with a thick, oddly coloured goop. It was a reddish purple colour and it was the knowledge of what it contained that had Harry very hesitant to drink it. It contained all four of his mates’ fluids. Spit, sweat, semen, tears and lots of blood. Snape had wanted them to give urine as well, but Harry adamantly refused to drink anything with anyone’s piss in it, his own mates or not.


“I…well…I…it won't have any benefits for me to drink it, will it?” Max told him, carefully pushing the beaker back at him.


All four of them had had to wank themselves off into a plastic cup and it had been a struggle to get themselves erect with the knowledge that their baby could be dying as they sat around pleasuring themselves, so they were all being very careful with the glass beaker. It had actually been easier to get their tears than their semen; usually it was the other way around.


“Potter, just down it now or your baby will die!” Snape snapped at him.


Harry’s face fell and his expression became crushed. It was the expression that he had been wearing for an hour now and it destroyed everyone who saw it. Harry took a huffing breath to gather his courage, if it would save his baby, he would have even drank his mates’ piss. He’d do anything for his baby.

He took another great breath and put the beaker to his lips and before he could think too much about it, he started drinking it down in large, hard gulps. He didn’t breathe in or out until he had swallowed the last drop of the thick concoction.

He took in a deep breath as he finished and he got a lingering taste on his tongue. It was not a pleasant taste and he gagged. His stomach clenched and he burped a bit and spat out what had come up from his stomach. He was thankful that it wasn’t a lot, he couldn’t drink that again. He just couldn’t.

He lay against the pillows and waited for something to happen, anything, but nothing did and tears welled up in his eyes.


“It didn’t work.” He warbled.


Nasta lowered his face to his belly and sniffed and licked gently. He touched lightly, ghosting his fingers over Harry’s skin.


“The baby is still there and the baby is still attached to you.” He stated.


“It worked?” Harry asked brightening up and trying to sit up only to be held down by Blaise.


“Don’t move just yet, Prezioso. It would be best if you kept as still as possible.”


Harry nodded, laying his hands over his belly and rubbing gently.


“I can't lose my baby.”


“We will do our utmost to keep our baby, love.” Max told him seriously.


“Do not move, Potter. I mean it. I will tie you down if I have to.” Snape stated sincerely, his dark eyes glinting.


“I’m not moving.” Harry stated laying more fully on the pillows and Draco’s thigh, who was sitting behind him.


Draco had several red marks on his inner thigh where Harry was ‘punishing him’ for attacking Nasta without asking for the full story first.

Harry pinched Draco’s white skin again, watching it flush and turn red, the muscle underneath jumping at the slight pain.

He had told his mates what had actually happened and that Ron had hit his stomach and it had nothing to do with Nasta having sex with him.

His mates had gone tearing through the castle looking for the redhead, but they hadn’t found him and Harry had screamed for them in distress as the pain in his stomach had hiked up beyond what he could handle. They had rushed back and apologised for turning feral and for leaving him and for not being able to find the person responsible for his condition. Harry had waved it away and sent them all to provide him with the fluids he needed.


“You’re responding well to the fluids.” Snape told him, waving his wand carefully over Harry’s abdomen, keeping his gaze on his mates at all times so that he wouldn’t be caught off guard if they suddenly attacked him for coming too close to Harry and the baby.


“How long before I can start moving again? I’m hungry.”


“Give it another hour.” Snape told him.


“I can go and hunt for you if you’d like.” Max told him softly.


“I don’t want meat and if I can’t move I can’t sit up. I’ll end up choking.”


“I have a potion brewing for you, Potter. It’ll postpone your heat for a few days, you can only take it twice in a row, so you have a week.”


“There’s a catch isn’t there?” Harry asked with a feeling of doom in his gut.


“You will still feel like you are on heat. You will still burn with the need for your mates, but I cannot guarantee your baby’s survival if you have sexual intercourse, especially not with the roughness of the heat period, within the next few days. You should be going on your heat tomorrow, correct?”


“Yes.” Harry answered in a small voice. It was bad enough that he felt like he was burning to death for ten days whilst on a heat period, but for him to feel like he was being roasted alive when he wasn’t going to have sexual gratification caused a spike of fear inside of him. He could be feeling like he was stuck in a furnace for seventeen days. It was too long; hell ten days was too long!


“Can I just take it the once?” He asked. “Until the baby is assuredly safe and not in imminent danger.”


“I am hopeful that yes you can.” Snape answered. “I am brewing a double dosage just in case the baby has not stabilised at the end of the first dose.”


Harry nodded and curled up carefully. He closed his eyes and let the voices of his mates lull him to sleep. He was exhausted after the overload of emotions and by everything that had happened. He just wanted to sleep and wake up to find all of this had been a terrible nightmare.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Chapter Text



Chapter Twenty-Six – Nightmare or Reality


Harry couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get enough air into his lungs as he gasped and choked. His beautiful baby had died. He had lost the baby.

He looked down to his stomach; it was flat again where he should have been round with child. He shivered in the warm air. He was cold, so cold.

Madam Pomfrey bustled around him, telling him that he had gone into shock and that he should try to breathe normally before he started to hyperventilate. He couldn’t. How could he calm down and breathe normally when his baby was lying dead next to him, wrapped in a white towel that was speckling red with blood. His blood, not the baby’s. His little baby had been covered in his blood when it had come out of him.

His baby was perfect. A tiny little body, small features, all ten fingers and ten toes, thick, dark hair that looked like it might have been inherited from the Potter side of the family. Pale white skin that was so soft it had no comparison. He had just had to touch his baby; he would never get the feel of that skin from his memories now, not ever.

His baby was perfect in every little way, except for one thing. His baby wasn’t breathing. No one had moved his baby from beside him. His baby was lying on a small table, wrapped tightly in the towel, right beside him. He could reach out and touch his dead baby if he wanted to. He didn’t. He wanted to be brave and hold his child, but he couldn’t.

A small giggle pushed its way up from his throat, he sat in the hospital bed giggling and then the tears came. He eased from giggling to sobbing and then full out crying as tears soaked the collar of his shirt in moments.

He reached out and touched the towel, it moved. It slipped sideways and the perfect head of his perfect baby was revealed to his horrified eyes. He sobbed some more, feeling as if his heart would rip itself to pieces in his chest as he touched that thick, dark hair. It looked coarse, but it was baby fine, silky, just like his own.

He screamed and buried his face in his hands, hands that were now covered in blood from the baby’s body. He cried out in distress, calling for his mates. Then he remembered. He remembered the anger, the pain, so much hurt and rage.

He looked down on the floor of the hospital. Legs poked around the bottom of the bed frame, Draco’s legs. A slack face stared up at him from just past those long, lean legs, eyes wide in shock, glassy in death. A large, powerful body with bright blue wings that was oozing thick blood into a large puddle on the floor.

Harry screamed and threw himself away from Max’s body. He jerked and shot up, tearing his mind away from the image of Max lying, bleeding and dead on the floor.

Arms wrapped around him and Harry gasped in huge lungfuls of air as he clung to the soothing, familiar scent of pine and disinfectant. He sobbed and buried himself even further into the tight hold, his head and back being stroked lovingly.


“Shh, Harry, it was just a dream.” Max’s voice whispered gently.


Harry huffed as he tried to breathe; he looked around him, to the three hospital beds that had been pushed together. To Blaise lying curled up on the other side of Max. To Nasta who was lying on his back, facing away from them and Draco, who was lying on Harry’s other side, one of Nasta’s arms pushed under his neck, their legs entwined, but no other part of their bodies touching.

Harry brought a hand to his belly, too scared to look just in case his bump was no longer there, that his baby was no longer there. He let out a great, shuddering breath and looked down at his bump when he felt his ballooned stomach. It was still there, exactly the same as it had been yesterday, though maybe just a tad bigger.


“You had a nightmare about the baby dying didn’t you?” Max asked him softly, his own, massive, hands coming down to hold his over the baby bump.


Harry nodded his head slowly as he looked to their hands placed protectively over the baby.


“The baby died. I killed you all in rage. I killed all of you and the baby was still just as dead, lying next to me on a table wrapped in a bloodied towel.”


Max pulled him in to a tight hug, holding his head tightly as if he could squeeze the dream out through his ears if he held on tight enough.


“I had a similar dream only both you and the baby had died and I killed all of the others. I’d bet that all of them are going to have a variant of the same nightmare tonight. Our Drackens are reminding us what is at stake, reminding us that we can't be careless and that the baby is fragile and the pregnancy is delicate. This can never happen again, Harry.”


Harry wrapped his arms around Max and held on. He couldn’t believe that it had been a dream; it felt so real, so life like. Even now he could believe that his dream had actually happened.

He let go of Max and let him lie down and sniff and lick at the bump. After the dream he had just had he wished that he could sniff and lick at himself as well, if only to assure himself that the baby really was alive and well in his belly.

Max stayed where he was, his tongue pressed very low down on his abdomen, like his tongue was a finger and he was checking a pulse. He found out that that wasn’t too far from the mark actually.


“The baby’s heartbeat is normal.” He told Harry, stroking the place where his tongue had been.


“Is that where the baby’s head is?” Harry asked, placing his hand next to Max’s.


“Yes. The baby fell asleep as you were lying down, it was flat then, you’ve sat up now so the baby is upside down.”


“Should I lie back down?” Harry asked a small frown on his face.


Max chuckled deeply and shook his head. “The baby doesn’t mind at all, Harry. If it was uncomfortable, it would move itself.”


Harry nodded a bit uncertainly, he couldn’t wait to start those parent and baby classes that Nasta had signed them all up for.

Harry’s stomach gave a small gurgle of hunger and Max moved as if it were a gunshot. Harry latched onto his arm.


“I don’t want you to go hunting. I’m too near my heat, even if I do have to delay it for a few days. I need fruit.”


“I’ll go up to our rooms and get you some from the kitchenette.”


Harry shook his head. “I don’t want you to leave.”


“You need to eat, Harry.”


“So I’ll just call a house elf.” Harry answered, rolling his eyes. “Dobby!”


A loud crack which had Harry darting to look at his three sleeping mates preceded an old and ugly house elf entering the hospital wing, grumbling and muttering darkly. Thankfully Blaise and Draco slept on, Nasta’s eyebrows scrunched up and he cautiously sniffed the air, making a low grumble in his chest before he rolled closer to Draco and slept on.


“Master Harry Potter called for Kreacher.” The poisonous, oily voice greeted.


Another, quieter pop and a little figure dressed in an overlarge jumper jumped onto the pillowcase clad Kreacher, yelling and scuffling.

Harry scooted until he was sat behind Max, who growled and tugged Harry behind him more firmly. The little squeaks and squeals were shrill, but not loud enough to wake up the three deeply sleeping men. Again Nasta sniffed the air and again he let out a deep rumble, which Blaise answered with a grunt and they slept on.


“Stop it now!” Harry hissed. “There are three people trying to sleep here!”


“Master Harry called for Kreacher.”


“No! Mister Harry Potter sir called for Dobby! Not Kreacher, you’s should be going back to the kitchens!”   


“Kreacher is Master’s house elf, you belong to no one!” Kreacher dug in hurtfully, making Dobby’s ears droop.


“Dobby is a free elf! Dobby likes being free and Dobby gets paying now.”


Harry rubbed at his eyes tiredly.


“Oi!” He called out a bit louder. “Stop arguing and keep it down!”


Max wrapped an arm around him and pulled him out from behind his back and onto his lap.


“Harry Potter called for Dobby?” Dobby asked bowing.


“Kreacher is Master Harry Potter’s elf!” Kreacher screamed out.


Harry looked behind him to see Nasta blinking his hazel eyes open slowly. He looked first to Draco who was wrapped in his arms and then further over to see Blaise lying on his own on the farthest bed and then he sat up, panicking lightly as his eyes darted around before settling on him and Max wrapped up in each other’s arms.


“I had a nightmare.” He told them and he crawled over to them and wrapped his arms around Harry’s head, pulling him forward to kiss his forehead, before lying on his stomach to lick and sniff at the baby belly.


“That I and the baby had died and you had killed the other three dominants.” Harry elaborated softly.


Nasta nodded against his stomach and rubbed the skin of his leg with gentle fingertips.


“Max had the same dream and I dreamed that the baby was dead and I had killed all of my dominants in a rage.”


“Our Drackens are reminding us what is at stake if we are reckless and careless with the baby.” Nasta said softly. “The baby is too vulnerable. We could have lost the baby, Harry; we could have lost you and the baby because we weren’t careful enough.”


“We’re going to resolve that, I promise.” Harry answered, running little fingers through Nasta’s hair.


Harry turned back to the two house-elves looking as though they wanted to beat themselves senseless.


“I need lots of fruit.” Harry told them. “I also want a mango and red berry smoothie, Dobby. Kreacher, lots of raw, red meat please. I don’t want it, but my mates certainly do want it, cook it lightly please, I don’t think I could handle it totally raw. Is that alright with you?”


Nasta nodded against his belly and Max pulled him forward to kiss him. “We can handle a bit of cooked meat, Harry, if you are going to be sick if it’s raw. That would be the bigger problem, you vomiting now could dislodge the placenta and kill the baby.”


Harry swallowed and held a hand over his belly. He had fallen asleep last night with the knowledge that his baby was still thriving in his womb. Then that nightmare had nearly ripped his heart to pieces and he had woken up afraid and hurting.

Dobby popped back into the room first with a huge basket full of fresh fruit and a tall glass full of a dull purplish coloured goo. It reminded Harry very forcefully of the concoction that he had had to drink yesterday, but the smell of mashed mangoes drew him to the glass regardless.

He gulped down the first quarter of the glass before slowing down a bit, before finally putting the glass on the side. He opened the basket and happily dove through the delights of fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and the more exotic papaya, passion fruit and dragon fruit.

Kreacher came just as Harry was devouring a whole kiwi laden down with what looked like a half cooked side of beef. It was much bigger than the poor house elf and Harry automatically reached forward to steady the half a cow.

Max took it from the both of them and conjured four plates and using his claws he cut large chunks of meat from the bones. Harry turned away.


“Thank you both.”


Dobby squealed and popped away. Kreacher said nothing as he left with a loud crack, Harry considered it a win that he hadn’t said anything about Mudbloods, traitors or mentioned Walburga Black.

Harry returned his attention to his mates when Blaise shot up with a gasp and scanned the surrounding area, his eyes resting on him and Harry crawled over to Blaise as he moved towards him so they could hug and start the process of assuring the recently awoken male that the baby was completely fine.


Ero così preoccupato, Prezioso.” Blaise murmured holding him tightly. “Ti amo, non posso perdere o il neonato.”

“Blaise, I can't understand you love.” Harry whispered.

“He’s saying that he was worried about you, that he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you or the baby.” Nasta translated.

“Does he always revert to Italian when he’s upset?” Max asked curiously.

Harry nodded. “And when he’s angry or scared as well. He seems to lose the language barrier in his panicked mind.”

Blaise held his head gently and pulled Harry into a deep, toe-curling kiss and sat on the bed stroking his hair, down his neck, all the way down and over his bump.

Harry lay against him and let him, also allowing Max to pop a blueberry or a grape into his mouth every so often. Nasta was the only one not eating and Max seemed to have come to a realisation as he tore into another cube of fresh meat. He didn’t look too happy about his sudden epiphany either.


“What is it?” Harry asked looking between the two of them worriedly.


“Nothing, love.” Max told him gently, passing him another handful of blueberries.


Harry looked at them both suspiciously through narrowed eyes, something was going on between them and he was going to find out what it was.

They were all distracted though when Draco started making deep noises and moving around in distress. Harry crawled over to him and lay down in his arms as he started twitching. Silver eyes snapped open and, with a gasp like a diver resurfacing from the water, Draco’s arms wrapped around him tight.


“It was just a nightmare, Draco. It wasn’t real. The baby and I are fine and Max, Nasta and Blaise are fine.” Harry soothed lovingly, petting Draco’s silky blond hair.


Draco heaved in another breath before slipping down the bed to nose at his stomach. Harry pulled his shirt out of the way so that Draco could have skin to skin contact with the baby bump and he let his blond mate do as he pleased.

When Draco had finished licking and sniffing, Nasta handed a plate full of meat to the blond and watched him eat a few pieces before he finally started eating himself. Harry wondered what the significance of it was as Draco and Blaise didn’t seem to notice or care, but Max was looking even more disgruntled.

Harry didn’t ask. Maybe their dominance instincts were awakening and they would have to have their dominance fight soon. He hoped that he wasn’t there to see it. Nasta beating Draco to a pulp yesterday had been about all he could stand. He loved all of them and the very last thing that he wanted to see was them fighting and hurting each other.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X

Marianna Lychorinda sighed as her body prepared itself to go onto heat. She had wanted to go and visit her son, Blaise, at his school for a while now, but she was very busy at the moment and her newest Husband, Josiah Lychorinda, was not too happy with the news that he would have to take six days off from work because she was going on heat.

Humans just didn’t understand Drackens; it was what Marianna had ended up killing most of them over, especially if they dared to lay a finger on her precious child. Only one of her previous Husbands had ever been stupid and suicidal enough to hit her darling Blaise and he had died a horrible, painful death. He had begged for days for her to kill him, but she had been so angry and seeing the handprint on her four year old son’s face had kept the anger and rage raw and growing. 

She didn’t regret killing Pasqual, but she did regret torturing him as she had. At the time instinct and rage had taken away her inhibitions, had stripped all rationality from her mind. Now, years later, she looked back upon Pasqual with regret, sorrow and shame. He had needed to die for smacking her baby, but he needn’t have died so painfully, nor so slowly. She should have just snapped his neck and been done with him, but at the time such a thought would never have passed through her mind, it would have been too easy a death for one who had touched her son.

She smiled fondly as she thought of her son, her one and only child. The only child that she would ever have now that she had taken to sleeping with humans after her beloved mate, Maximiliano Enzo Zabini had died. She had killed him whilst pregnant with their first child. It had been a terrible time for the both of them.

Her instincts had shrouded her normally quick and sharp mind, she didn’t need Maximiliano to help her with her pregnancy, she could do it all herself. Her child didn’t need anyone other than her to look after it.

They had shouted at each other, she had thrown things at Maximiliano and he had showed such amazing strength and patience with her. Most dominants in that situation would have punished their mate regardless of pregnancy; it just wouldn’t have been tolerated. The behaviour of the mate would have driven all thoughts of the pregnancy from the dominant’s mind.

Maximiliano had taken everything she had thrown at him, all of her harsh words and her takeover of his bed and bedroom, including the en suite bathroom. He hadn’t been allowed near her and she had gone through her pregnancy alone.

Then one day, when she was five months pregnant, Maximiliano had had enough, his patience had come to an end and he had barged into the bedroom and he had tried to force her to submit to him.

Tears came to Marianna’s eyes as she remembered perfectly how she had fought back, how she had fought him whilst protecting their growing child. She had wrapped her fingers around his neck and had snapped his spine in two. He had died before he knew what she was doing, he had died before he hit the ground, he had died before she could reconsider her actions, died before she could tell him how much she loved him, died before she could do anything to take it all back.

Blaise had been born only three weeks later, her early labour being offset by the death of her mate. He looked so much like Maximiliano. She had wanted to name him after his Father, but she couldn’t bear to call him Maximiliano, not when the memories were too raw and painful, the rage that her baby brought up in her would have overflowed if he had had the same name. How dare he look so much like her dead mate!

She couldn’t bear to name him at all; Blaise had spent the first month of his life nameless until she had finally found the courage to name him Blaise Mariano Zabini. Blaise because it was the name that Maximiliano had wanted for their first child, whether boy or girl and Mariano after herself, there had been no doubt in her mind that his last name would be Zabini.

She loved her son so dearly, her only living link to her mate Maximiliano. She would give Blaise anything and everything to see him happy, but the one thing she couldn’t give to him was a mate. He had to do that on his own and it frightened her. What if his mate wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t curvy enough, wasn’t kind enough. What if Blaise got stuck with some submissive slut that had already slept with a human, forever barring her Blaise from being a Father?

Then in October Blaise had sent her a letter, a letter that she had been dreading. He had found a mate. He was so young as well. Normally a submissive went for mates in the eighteen to twenty-five age range, true Blaise was seventeen, but he was only just seventeen, she had sent him a birthday card and four owls worth of shrunken presents on the twelfth of October, the letter she had gotten back had been the one telling her that her baby had a fully bonded mate.

She had thought, had hoped, that he would be out of school before he found a mate. Blaise was too intelligent to drop out of school for a mate.

She needed to pay him and his mate a visit. Ooh, what if they had already conceived? She could already be a Grandmother! Marianna patted her thick, dark brown hair and applied a little lipstick ready for when Josiah joined her in the bedroom. She couldn’t wait to be a Grandmother, but she could have waited a few more years for her son to finish his education first.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry wasn’t released from the hospital for two days. His mates all had to work or go to classes, but they worked in tandem with each other so that he was never left alone.

Blaise and Draco stayed with him on their free periods, Max came on his lunch break and Nasta took the graveyard shift at the Dragon Reserve so he could be there all day and go to work whilst the other three were sleeping next to him.

When he was finally released Harry felt like sighing in relief. He hated the hospital wing, nothing against Madam Pomfrey, but he really did hate Healers and all hospitals. It was likely the smell but then Max smelt of the disinfectant he used before he handled any ingredient when making potions and that smell didn’t bother him at all.

Draco carried him from the hospital wing and the others walked as if they were the royal guard. It annoyed Harry, but he would put up with anything to keep his baby safe, though he did suggest that they not be so obvious about what they were doing. They ignored him.

Draco sat on the settee in their living room and he held Harry on his lap as the other three scouted the room for ‘dangers’. Harry sat still and rolled his eyes and tutted.

Once the rooms were clear of dangers Harry was allowed to do as he pleased, as long as it didn’t involve leave the room that his dominants were in that was. He hoped that this behaviour didn’t last until the end of his pregnancy because he could quite easily see himself ripping his mates’ legs from their knee joints so that they couldn’t follow him everywhere.

At dinner time, Harry allowed Max to carry him down to the Great Hall. The entire student body knew that he had been in the hospital wing for the past three days because of problems with his baby and as all five of them walked into the Great Hall and sat at the Slytherin table, Harry was accosted by Lavender, Parvati, Padma and Ginny almost immediately after he’d sat himself down.


“Harry, are you alright?” Ginny asked.


“How’s your baby? Is the baby alright?”


“Did you have a miscarriage?”


“Girls!” Harry cried out. “Calm down. I’m fine, the baby is fine. There isn’t anything to worry about any more.”


Draco growled and the blond’s hand clamped around his thigh, Harry looked to Draco to reprimand him or ask what the hell he had done wrong when he saw all of his mates were growling and looking in the same direction.

Harry looked the same way, behind Ginny and Lavender was Hermione. Her head was down and she didn’t look at him as she timidly handed him an envelope and a small wrapped box that was flat, about the size of large book.


“What is this?” Harry asked as he opened the envelope. Inside was a get well soon card. His heart almost stopped.


Harry opened the wrapped present and inside, wrapped in tissue paper, was a beautiful hand knitted cosy-toes. It was white and hand embroidered with silver stitching that made up a beautiful vine and leaf design. There was lace carefully stitched onto the front to make a pocket for the baby’s hands and it was all fleece lined on the inside to keep the baby warm.


“I…I…this is amazing, Hermione.” Harry managed to stutter out. “Did you make it yourself? It’s beautiful, thank you.”


“Does this mean that you’ve finally come to your senses?” Ginny asked her in a harsh tone.


“I think it means that Hermione has gotten better at knitting.” Harry put in trying to lighten the mood.


Hermione gave a wry smile and shuffled a bit on her feet.


“I’ve been knitting that since I first heard that you were pregnant.” She told him softly.


“You’ve really put a lot of effort into this, Hermione, I love it and I’m sure the baby will as well.”


“I didn’t know if I should give it to you or not. Not after the rumours.”


“The baby is fine. It was touch and go for a day or so, but Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape finally managed to stabilise the baby.”


“What happened?” Parvati asked.


Harry looked to Ginny and Hermione and sighed. He shook his head and looked over to the end of the Gryffindor table when Ron was watching them all with a red face and a clenched fist. Obviously his bout of helping in the hospital wing had been about all his mentality could handle.


“What did he do?” Ginny asked through gritted teeth having looked to where Harry was and seeing her brother.


Harry had decided he wasn’t going to say anything, he didn’t want his mates getting upset again, but they had other ideas.


“He decided that it would be a good idea to punch Harry in the stomach when he was already in the hospital wing because of stomach cramps.” Blaise bit out forcefully. “Harry almost lost the baby twice because of that fool!”


Ginny went a red so spectacular that she put her robes and her hair to shame.


“I can't believe that he would do such a thing!” She hissed. “Just wait until Mum finds out!”


Ginny stomped off, presumably towards the Owlery to send a letter to Mrs Weasley. If he hadn’t of been so shocked he would have told her not to. Dumbledore had already sent a letter of warning to Mrs Weasley, this would be Ron’s second warning, if a student got a third, they were expelled.

There was no doubt in his mind though that if he had fully miscarried the baby then Ron’s wand would have been snapped right then and there, followed by his neck by his mates and possibly by himself. No one hurt his baby, much less killed them and get away with it.


“But…but you’re alright now?” Hermione asked hesitantly.


“Yes, just a few lingering bruises, the baby is completely fine. We’re all going to take a week or so off now to just relax and to let the baby reaffirm its place in my womb. I’ve got all of my homework assignments for the next week, so don’t worry about my school work.”


Hermione closed her mouth with a small click and she smiled a bit sheepishly.


“I’ll just go now. I just wanted to give you that and to make sure that the baby was alright. I can’t understand why Ron would hurt an innocent baby, but I’ll have a talk with him. We both know he has a temper.”


Harry nodded but said nothing else. It was true. Ron did have a temper, they both did which was why it had been a bad idea to put them in the hospital wing together and then leave them alone. Not that it was Madam Pomfrey’s fault, she hadn’t really understood how bad things had gotten, how much Ron and Harry had grown to dislike each other when last year they had been the bestest of friends.

Harry laid his face on the cosy toes and nuzzled it a bit. It was super soft and he could just imagine carrying his baby around in it from place to place. He smiled; he had found another item to bring with him into the nest when he went into labour.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Chapter Text


Chapter Twenty–Seven – Death’s Door


Harry grinned as he watched Max and Nasta act like little children. The thirty-one year old and the thirty-seven year old were wrestling each other around the living room floor like toddlers, but there was a reason in the childish madness.

They hadn’t had their dominance fight and Harry could feel the first touches of heat come upon him. Had he not taken the potion his heat would have come to him in the afternoon, which differed from all of his other heats which had taken place some when in the middle of the night.

Max and Nasta were rolling around the floor wrestling with one another to try and bring out their Drackens to fight for the top spot of the family. They had told Harry to go into the bedroom so he didn’t have to watch, but how the hell could he give up watching two grown, supposedly mature men, rolling around the floor with each other?

He chuckled again as Nasta pinned Max to the carpet and smirked down at the larger man gloatingly. Max brought a knee up to Nasta’s stomach and winded him, rolling until he was on top and was smirking gloatingly down at the older man.

Harry chuckled and moved Blaise’s hand more firmly over the baby bump which they were all delighted to see had grown. A growing bump meant a growing baby; a growing baby was an alive baby.

Draco was at their feet with his homework spread out on the table, he chuckled every now and then at a particularly rough move, but other than that his entire focus was on his homework and massaging Harry’s leg, which was draped over his shoulder.


“I don’t think it’s working.” Harry told them as Max came close to having his head cracked open on the corner of the coffee table.


“It should!” Max puffed as he gripped Nasta’s arm and tried to dislocate it.


“Any form of violence should be taken as a challenge.” Blaise told him.


“Maybe you’re both top dominant.” Harry hedged carefully.


“No such thing!” Max told him, panting as he got a good punch into Nasta’s gut.


“A single family cannot have more than one top dominant; it would ruin the balance of the family and fights would be an almost daily occurrence.” Nasta stated calmly as if he wasn’t rolling around on the floor. “The top dominant has the last say in every family related decision. It stops fights and squabbles among the other dominants.”


“Well you’re out of time; I can feel the heat coming on. If this isn’t resolved soon, then it will be too late. What will happen then?”


“No idea.” Max told him as he took his heavy work boot to Nasta’s shin.


Nasta growled and took a fistful of Max’s thick brown hair and yanked on it.


“You fight like girls.” Draco snorted. “At least my fight was bloody and violent; yours looks staged, like a cover picture for a dirty magazine.”


Harry giggled and rubbed his foot along Draco’s defined abdominal muscles.


“The instinct to fight just isn’t coming!” Max sighed in frustration.


“Maybe it would if you try to actually have sex with each other.” Harry put in slyly. “One of you has to top, maybe you’ll find out that way.”


“You dirty little boy; you just want to have a free show.”


Harry let out a fully belly laugh and sat grinning at the two men on the floor.


“Well it would work.” Harry told them. “You can't both fuck the other; one of you is going to have to be the top partner and the other the bottom partner.”


“As skewed as Harry’s logic is and no matter how lascivious his motives are, I believe he is right in a way with what he is saying.” Blaise stated. “One of you would have to dominate the other in order for you to have penetrative sex.”


“I should be the top dominant! I’m bigger.” Max growled as he shoved at Nasta.


“Please! That’s like me saying I’m the oldest so I should be top dominant.” Nasta answered wrapping his arms around Max and flipping him over onto his back.


“Older or not, it would be easier to have sex if I was the top!”


“It’s like they’ve reverted back to their five year old state of mind.” Harry giggled.


“I’m older so I should have that toy. But I’m bigger so it should be mine!” Blaise whispered bringing a round of laughter from Harry and an amused snort from Draco.


“Maybe you’ve already figured out whose top dominant but don’t realise it.” Draco told them.


The two older Drackens looked at each other and Nasta smirked and Max growled.


“That’s it isn’t it. You already know. So why the hell are you trying to force yourselves to fight?!” Harry demanded a touch of anger coming through in his voice.


“Maximilius won't accept that I am dominant to him without a fight.” Nasta stated with a grin.


“You are not dominant to me!” Max bellowed raising a fist to punch Nasta, who blocked with his forearm and rolled until he was on top of the other man yet again.


“I am dominant to all of you!” Nasta growled back, seemingly only just losing his patience.


“How did this happen?” Harry asked. “When did it happen?”


“In the hospital wing, when we woke up from those bloody nightmares.” Max scowled.


“When we were eating.” Nasta elaborated when Harry looked ready to explode. “We were all hungry, but my Dracken wouldn’t let me eat. A top dominant is not allowed to eat until all those subordinate to him have started eating. I have to provide for all of you, even though it isn’t really needed as you can all hunt for yourselves.”


“But, what moment made your Drackens realise that Nasta was top and Max wasn’t?”


Max gave an elegant, one shouldered shrug that could have meant anything and nothing.


“No idea, I certainly haven’t acted submissive to anyone.” He answered.


“Maybe it’s because you cook, which is typically a female, or in this case, submissive thing to do. Maybe it has nothing to do with how dominant you’re acting, but how submissive you are being by doing something that a hundred years ago would have been considered a submissive’s job.” Blaise put in disarmingly.


“So because Maxie cooks, Nasta’s Dracken saw him as submissive because of long forgotten domestic roles from centuries ago that have absolutely no bearing on current lifestyles or stereotypes?” Harry stated confusedly.


Blaise shrugged and flipped his head to one side that Harry took to mean ‘maybe’.


“Huh. Oh well, that settles that, now we just need Max and Draco to fight it out and then all the violence can stop.” Harry chirped happily, but his face fell when a sudden thought hit him. “Wait, if Nasta’s Dracken sees Max as subordinate because he cooks, won’t Draco’s Dracken do the same?”


“Oh no. No, no, no, I will not be subordinate to two other dominants!” Max hissed. “Not because I actually know how to cook and feed myself!”


“Maybe we should buy you a pink, frilly apron to wear as you cook.” Draco goaded.


“Stop it!” Harry growled. “I won’t have you kicking up a fuss or a fight near the baby, we almost lost this baby once, I won’t risk our baby again. Fine if you are play wrestling on the floor, but if it’s going to be real then you take it outside!”


All of them settled down at the reminder of how close they had come to losing their first baby. Harry placed a loving hand on his bump and rubbed it. He was coming up to three months pregnant, he was now in the second trimester, had he been pregnant as a human, he would only just be reaching the middle of the first trimester. But as his Dracken genes knocked off two months, every trimester only lasted two and a third months instead of three months per trimester.

Harry was moved onto Blaise’s lap as the three oldest of his mates tried to settle on the same settee, a difficult feat as neither Max nor Nasta were small men and Blaise was no stick.


“Why don’t you just enlarge the settee?” Harry asked as Max shifted around to try and fit his large thighs into the small gap that Nasta had left him.


“An item can only be enlarged so far.” Draco told him from the floor. “It has to do with the dimensions of the original size of the item.”


Harry shook his head looking puzzled. “But the bed has been enlarged three times.”


“The first time we enlarged it only a little bit, Harry.” Blaise told him indulgently, stroking his exposed belly where his shirt had ridden up the bump. “Just enough to fit Draco in with us. The second time we needed to enlarge it more as Max is a lot bigger than all of us, but it still wasn’t more than twice the bed’s original size. When Nasta joined us, we enlarged it to its maximum and it is a good thing that that bed was a super king size to begin with or we would never fit all of us inside it, one of us would be sleeping on the floor every night.”


“I was never any good at magical theory.” Harry sighed.


A tap at the window had Draco sighing at the distraction to his homework, he picked up his wand from beside him and gave it a casual, almost elegant flick and the living room window sprang open and admitted the brown feathered, black speckled owl into their rooms. It landed on Max’s arm and he greeted it like an old friend.


“This is Jasmine, she is a childhood friend.” He told them as he stroked her.


“Is she yours?” Harry asked, crawling from Blaise, over Nasta and onto Max’s lap to stroke the soft feathers on Jasmine’s breast.


“Yes, she was a present from my parents when I got into Salem’s Academy of Magic, I have another owl, Esmeralda, she was a graduation present. I sent a letter to my brother in America; I’ve been eagerly awaiting his reply. His Wife is expecting my first Niece.”


“You never said you had a brother.” Harry turned to speak to Max, but his attention was caught by a sharp nip on his finger and he soon went back to cooing and paying attention to Jasmine. 


“One brother and three sisters.” Max told him. “Caesar is twenty-nine, Julinda is twenty-seven, Talia is twenty-six and Alayla is twenty-three. I’m the oldest and only me and Caesar are Drackens.” 


“Do you only have the one Niece on the way?”


“Yep. Juda is married to a man named Laurel, they don’t have kids yet, I’m not even sure if they’re trying. Laurel is a businessman first and foremost; I don’t think Juda sees him more than twice a month.”


“I couldn’t cope with seeing you for only twice a month.”


“Lucky for you that I'm not a businessman then.” Max told him with a smile.


“I love you too, Maxie.”


“I told you only my granddad calls me that.”


“Your grandparents are still alive?” Draco asked interestedly.


“Yours aren’t?”


“No. On my Father’s side, my grandfather Abraxas died from Dragon Pox before I was born. My Grandmother Amorette died when I was five. My grandfather on my Mother’s side, Cygnus Black died the year before I was born. Grandmother Druella died when I was seven.”


“I have never met my paternal grandparents.” Blaise told them quietly. “They blamed me and my Mother for my Father’s death, they still do in fact. They refuse to have anything to do with me. I asked to see them when I was eight and they refused to even come and meet me to see what I looked like. I look a lot like my Father according to my Mother. I wrote them letters when I learned how to write, but they came back unopened. Their logic was that if I had never been conceived then my Father would still be alive.”


“So they blamed you? An innocent child!” Max asked outraged.


“Apparently so.” Blaise sniffed indifferently, if it bothered him that he had never met his Father’s side of the family, then it didn’t show, but still Nasta threw an arm around him and cuddled him in close.


Blaise fought for a moment until he realised that it was futile to fight against Nasta’s strength and muscle and he relaxed against him instead.


“I think everyone knows what happened to my family.” Harry said sadly. “I don’t know what happened to my paternal grandparents but I know from the potion I used to find out where my Dracken inheritance came from that my grandmother Dorea died in nineteen-seventy-seven, three years before I was born. If my maternal grandparents are still alive, then I’ve never met them and I didn’t even know what their names were before that potion.”


“Don’t you have Muggle relatives?” Max asked.


“Yeah, my aunt Petunia was my Mum’s sister, her Husband Vernon and my cousin Dudley.” Harry breathed in deeply to quell feelings of panic and quickly changed the subject. “What about your family, Nas?”


“My Mother died when I was born, she died giving birth to me. My Father brought me and my older brother, Sanex up. We had a sister, Angharad but she died from a spell gone wrong when she was twenty. She’d be forty now if she had lived.”


“You told me before that your Dad never let you drink coffee or carbonated drinks.” Harry said with a smile.


Nasta looked at him tenderly and kissed him.


“I can't believe you remember that.” He answered with a small shake of his head. “It’s true. My Dad always told us that if we wanted to drink something to the equivalent of acid then he would make it easier for us and just give us a bottle of bleach and a straw. He was very…protective after Mum died. He wouldn’t let us eat anything unhealthy, drink anything unhealthy, he made sure that we did at least an hour of exercise a day, pushed us at everything we did, encouraged us to be our best and our fittest.”


“He didn’t want his children to die.” Harry put in softly, touching Nasta’s cheek.


“No he didn’t. He’s a Dracken as well, family means everything to him. When Mum died giving birth to me, he could have so easily turned on me, blamed me for her death, his own submissive mate, but he did no such thing. Angharad told me that he had practically ignored Mum’s dead body as he rushed to me first, cleaning me off and wrapping me up.”


“He knew that his Wife was already dead.” Max said gently. “He didn’t want the son that she had died for leaving with her.”


Nasta shook his head and scrubbed his hands roughly over his face. “I’m the only one of my siblings who is a Dracken, Mum and Dad should have had more than three children, plenty more, but when Mum died, Dad refused to take another mate, even though the Counsel have offered numerous times to let him go back to the submissive meetings. He’s always refused.”


“I thought all dominants had to go.” Harry stated confusedly.


“After a dominant has gotten a mate, even if that mate dies, we lose the urge to go to submissive meetings.” Max told him. “If the dominant want’s another mate, they can petition the Counsel to be let back in on the submissive meetings or the Counsel can ask if the dominant wants to be let back in on the meetings.”


“I wouldn’t want another mate.” Harry said sadly. “If all of you died, I would never take another mate.”


“With submissives it’s different.” Nasta stated his tone conveying his disgust. “You might be forced to take another dominant as you are a submissive and there are too few to how many dominants there are.”


“I wouldn’t want one; I will not be forced to live my life with a man I feel nothing for.” Harry stated stubbornly.


“It’s a moot point as none of us are going to die.” Blaise told them surely.


“My Dad never wanted another mate either after Mum died. He told the Counsel to shove their meetings where the sun doesn’t shine and carried on raising me and my siblings.”


“Why does the Counsel petition some dominants, not all of them?” Harry asked.


“My Dad had three young children, one of which was a newborn Dracken. They were…concerned that a dominant male alone could not raise three babies and that he needed a submissive’s help, as if any sixteen year old would have accepted a twenty-six year old mate with three kids.”


“I might have if he was a kind and considerate mate.” Harry told him.


Nasta let out a startled laugh and pulled Harry into a kiss.


“Am I going to have to worry about introducing you to my Father this summer?” He asked teasingly.


“Oh no, I’d much rather have his youngest son.” Harry grinned. “Am I going to be in any trouble with him for stealing his youngest son from his overprotective hands?”


“No. My Dad will love you. He’s been…distressed lately because I hadn’t found a mate at thirty-seven.”


“He thought that it was too late for you to be happily mated.”


“He believes that if a dominant hasn’t been chosen by a mate by at least thirty then they’ll be stuck with unworthy mates, like Miette Solange.”


“I keep hearing that name.” Harry said with a smile looking to Blaise.


“You were old enough to go to the Solange meeting in Toulouse?” Max asked.


“Yes, it was my first and only meeting before Harry, I didn’t stay for long. I left just after she announced that her ideal mate would be forced onto his hands and knees to boost her onto her horse so that she could go riding every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.”


“I left before that, when she said that her mate was expected to wake up before her every day and serve her breakfast in bed.” Nasta growled. “I barely know how to cook and I will not be treated like a servant.”


“I left after that, breakfast in bed I could handle, but when she said that she would expect her dominant mate to be at her beck and call at every hour of the day. She expected us to give up our jobs.” Max shook his head. “I love my job too much to ever give it up completely.”


“How were you going to support her then?” Draco asked.


“Miette comes from old money, her family is filthy rich, the entire front garden path was made from gold nuggets.”


“She got what she deserved. A fifty-eight year old dominant and no children.” Blaise stated.


“It doesn’t seem common for a submissive to have more than one mate, why does Harry have four?” Draco asked.


“Because he is so powerful.” Nasta told the blond. “Only powerful submissives need more than two mates. That Harry need’s four is a testament to his power.”


“I am not powerful!” Harry sulked.


Max chuckled at him and kissed his pout away. “You are.” He said lovingly. “You’re just too modest to see it.”


“Why am I the one to get four mates? Not that I don’t love each and every one of you, but it’s not you lot that are going to be fucked raw in a few days’ time.”


“I might be.” Blaise told him casually. Harry turned to him questioningly. “I am the lowest dominant of the family group, just above you in the…‘hierarchy’ for lack of a better word. I am going to be fucked just as much as you are.”


Harry let out a soft giggle, before covering his mouth as if he had uttered a foul swear word. He removed his hand, opened his mouth and giggled again. He shook his head and grinned.


“I can’t wait to see that.” He managed to say through his large smile. “This is payback for the first two heats that I’ve barely survived thanks to your prowess.”


Blaise grinned back at him and bopped him on the head gently. Harry turned back to Jasmine when she squawked and began petting her again.


“Didn’t you have urgent news on your Niece?” Harry told Max, who blinked and then smiled, tearing open the letter and reading quickly.


“Amelle, Caesar’s Wife is about ready to give birth.” Max told them. “Before I mated I was going to go and stay with my brother, my entire family is going to be there for the birth, but I can't leave now, I don’t want to.” He added when Harry opened his mouth.


“She is going to be your first Niece.” Harry started angrily. “She…”


“She will still be there after your heat and after our baby is born.” Max stated firmly. “I won't leave you.”


“We can visit in the summer holidays.” Harry offered.


“At which point you will be five, six months pregnant.” Max deadpanned. “You won't be up to travelling longer than it takes to get from the bed to the bathroom.”


“I'm not lazy!”


“You will be when you are heavily pregnant.” Nasta soothed gently. “The baby will be siphoning off nearly all of your energy as it grows impossibly bigger and develops vastly quicker in a very short space of time. If you try to push yourself, you may collapse and lose the baby. I can tell you that it is a lot harder losing a baby when you are a month from giving birth than when you are only a month pregnant.”


Harry deflated and let all of his breath out. “I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted to go and see your Niece, Max, even if it was only for a day or two. I’m sure Nasta, Draco and Blaise can cope with looking after me for a few days. I’m not that hard to handle.”


Max still looked unsure so Harry kissed him and kept his hands on the back of his neck, playing with the thick, brown hair.


“What if I made a promise to stay in bed and not move a muscle until you came back?”


“Like any one of us would believe that.” Draco told him with a roll of his eyes. “Honestly Harry, you can’t stay in bed when you’re ill or injured, how are you going to manage it when you’re neither.”


Harry huffed and pouted, turning away from Draco and looking back up at Max.


“I don’t want to keep you from your family.”


“You are part of my family now and you carry my baby, Amelle carries my brother’s. I know where my loyalties lie and I know where I want to stay.”


Harry let it drop, but he made a mental note to pick it up when he was alone with Max and didn’t have the others to put in ‘helpful’ comments.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry threw another cushion at Blaise and screamed. His heat had hit him and he was in agony. He couldn’t keep still; he kept writhing and rolling on the floor in front of the fireplace. He called to his mates who were standing around him all of them utterly distraught at his tears.

A lick of fire curled up his spine and Harry screamed again, arching from the floor, writhing in utmost anguish feeling as if his skin was melting from his bones. How the hell did this help the baby any more than having sex?!


“Please try and stay still.” Max begged. Harry threw a cushion at him this time.


Harry had thought that his mates would go and have sex without him, but they hadn’t. They were all hard and ready for sex and they were all suffering as an hour passed and their erections weren’t relieved.

Harry was torn; on the one hand he didn’t want his mates to suffer, on the other hand he didn’t want to be the only one to have to suffer for something that hadn’t been his fault. He didn’t want to be left alone to deal with this pain as his mates went and fucked each other.

He screamed as fire tore through his belly, his own erection was as solid as rock, he had tried to relieve himself, but it didn’t work, the fire only got hotter the more he stroked and he had soon let go, still as hard as a rock and unrelieved.


“Please! Please!” He begged hoping one of them would help him.


None of them did. They couldn’t even touch him to sooth him as it made the flames within him sear his skin. He had to survive three days of this, perhaps more if the baby hadn’t stabilised enough at the end of those three days.

A sweet scent filled his nose and Harry turned his head towards it, his fangs bared as he saw Nasta had dug his claws into his forearm. His oldest, most dominant mate came towards him and knelt by his head, taking care of Harry’s wings spread out on the carpet and without touching him, he offered him the bleeding arm.

Harry latched onto it and his lips felt like they would blister where they touched Nasta’s arm, but the blood was cool going down his throat and into his stomach as he swallowed convulsively.

Snape had told them when he had delivered the potion that they would have to feed Harry blood as where Harry could go ten days without eating on his heat, the baby certainly couldn’t. However getting blood, sweat and semen for sustenance during a heat period was incredibly easy, but when he was stuck in this flaming inferno, not fully able to go onto heat and not able to leave it either, the last thing that he wanted was blood, sweat or semen. He wanted ice, lots and lots of ice.

Nasta tugged on his hair and Harry let go of his arm to hiss, fully intending to go back to his meal, but Nasta had already moved his arm away and the coolness of the blood in his stomach heated up until it felt like lava.


“Please! Help me, please! I can't take it anymore.” He sobbed.


The four men exchanged sad glances; it broke their hearts to see Harry this way. He was naked and flushed a delicate pink, but the sight didn’t arouse them at all, not when Harry was crying his heart out, wailing, screaming and sobbing at them to make it stop.


“Please Harry, it’ll be over soon.” Draco whispered, looking devastated, his usually pale face had gone a greyish colour.


“How long…long has it been?” Harry panted out, wiping imaginary sweat from his forehead.


Draco grimaced. “An hour and a half.”


Harry wailed sharply and rolled onto his side, his back to them, crying incessantly as the raging fire grew. He couldn’t take much more of this.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X


Harry hadn’t slept for three days. Nasta hadn’t either, as the top dominant he had remained by Harry’s side, though never touching him, at all times.

Max, Draco and Blaise got a couple of hours sleep every now and then so that when the actual heat started they wouldn’t be too tired to perform, thus causing Harry more agony in the long run.

Harry had a very, very thin blanket covering his lower body as Snape cautiously lowered himself next to him amid growls and snarls from the other four dominants, who did not like Snape being so close to their pregnant mate, their pregnant mate who was on a heat period no less.

Snape didn’t speak, he quickly cast spell after spell, careful not to touch any part of Harry’s body and he nodded tightly, his body aching with tension as he cast a final spell.


“The baby has stabilised enough.” He announced carefully, knowing that there was a possibility that the five feral Drackens might not even be able to understand what he was saying. “There is no need for you to take any more potion, as soon as this dose wears off you’ll be fine to follow your instincts.”


“Go away now.” Max growled harshly, threateningly. Showing no acknowledgement whatsoever that he had heard or understood a word that Severus had said.


All of their minds had been lost to their feral Drackens during the last three days and thought didn’t come easy to them anymore. All they saw was a widowed dominant near their pregnant mate and his presence would no longer be tolerated.

Snape eased up slowly and he backed away. He knew that if he had so much as brushed Potter, then he’d be dead. If Potter had so much as gasped or made a noise of distress when he was so close, he would have been held responsible and torn to pieces.


“Remember to keep feeding, Potter.” Snape commented, not entirely sure if the Drackens could hear or understand him, but he took Maximilius’ vocal threat as a sign that at least one of them wasn’t too far gone to understand him, before backing out of the portrait door, Blaise and Draco stalking him and hissing at him all the way. Severus slammed the portrait door shut tightly, trapping the feral Drackens inside their rooms and he cast a small ward, to prevent them from leaving for the next several hours…they’d lose interest in trying to reach him after a minute or two, but just in case he cast a relatively strong ward. He was grateful that the baby had stabilised so that he didn’t have to go back in another three day