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Keep quiet

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“Isn’t like I‘m looking forward to it either,” Spike grumbled as the vampire followed Xander. The boy seemed distracted and hadn’t snarked back once since they had left the watcher’s house. “Not like I’m gonna be staying at the Ritz, now am I.” Spike snarled. Still no answer from the boy.

They stopped outside a grey house. The front lawn was a sad patch of yellowish grass. The blond vampire snorted in obvious disgust.

“Look…Spike…” Xander began and then looked away, his eyes focused on the lights shining out from the living room and kitchen “When we get in you have to promise me that you’ll keep quiet, okay?”

Spike’s only reply was a snort.


The way the boy unlocked the door and quietly opened it, made Spike think of someone defusing a bomb. The keys didn’t hardly jingle and the door only squeaked once. Xander froze when the door protested but then, after waiting motionlessly a second or so, the boy sighed in relief and pushed the door open all the way.


Wasn’t much to brag about. The basement. Shite was standing all over the place. The whelp’s family must use it for storage as well as a laundry room. Xander was trying to find some clean sheets when Spike decided to rile him up a bit.

The vampire grabbed a glass, standing on the small table near the ugly couch, and flung it at the floor. The glass breaking against the concrete floor made a hell of a racket. Xander turned around so fast the sheets fell out of his hands. The scent of fear filled the small basement and Spike narrowed his eyes and watched as Xander’s entire attention was directed at the ceiling.

Footsteps were working their way to the basement door. The old hinges on the door leading to the house squealing when it was opened. Xander’s breathing sounded strangely loud and Spike couldn’t help feeling exposed and threatened. The light from the kitchen shone down the stairs and the shadow of a large man could be seen at the top of the stairs. Spike took a step back, making sure no one would be capable of seeing him from the stairs.

“Boy!” the man bellowed “You come up here right now!” Xander was shaking and he looked over at Spike for a split second before he started walking up the stairs. The door was shut behind the boy and Spike could hear the man, Xander’s father, yelling at the boy. Spike sat down on the couch and smirked.

A hard thud and Xander’s muffled groaning brought the vampire’s attention back to the stairs. The door opened and Xander slowly made his way down the stairs. Not once looking at Spike. The boy walked past the couch and over to the bathroom, where he closed the door behind him.


So the boy got slapped around …not like Harris was the first kid to experience that. Spike reached out for the remote. His hand hovered over it. He should turn the TV on and crank the volume up to its highest setting. Would piss off the slayer’s boy some.

Spike looked over at the bathroom door. Boy was crying…quietly. The blond vampire let the remote stay where it was.


When Xander came back out, Spike was sprawled on the couch. The blond vampire jumped up and leered at the boy.

“Well time the two of us got some sleep, yeah?” Spike smirked.

“There’s sheets and a blanket on the table,” was all Xander said as he gingerly crawled into bed and curled up under the covers.

“And Spike?” Xander said. Spike turned his attention back to the boy and put the folded sheets and the blanket back on the couch. “Don’t make any noise, okay?”

“Yeah,” Spike said and nodded, his eyes locked on the stairs and the door they lead to.