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Things You Said

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Prompt: things you said through your teeth

Pairing: KuroDai

Rating: G


               “Fancy seeing you here, Sawamura.” Daichi rolled his eyes and flipped the page in his magazine.


               “I live here, Kuroo,” he said without looking up. He could feel Kuroo smirking behind him and readied himself for whatever nonsense was coming next. But Kuroo just chuckled and went about his business.




               “Come here often, Sawamura?” Daichi continued scrubbing the pot in his hand.


               “I still live here, Kuroo.” Again, Kuroo gave a little chuckle and grabbed a protein shake from the fridge befoe leaving the kitchen.




               “Now what’s a boy like you doing in a place like this?”


               “Living here.”




               “Where would you be going on this fine day?”


               “To the living room.”




               “You’d look damn fine in my place.”


               “Kuroo, we live together.”




               “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had wandered into an art museum.”


               “Kuroo, what are you doing?” Kuroo started, looking at Daichi with wide eyes.


               “What do you mean, Sawamura?” he asked. Daichi sighed.


               “You’re hitting on me, right?” Kuroo was taken aback by the uncertain look on Daichi’s face. “Why?” he asked. “I don’t get what you’re getting out of it.” Kuroo blushed and curled his legs up to his chest.


               “I didn’t think you realized,” he murmured. It was Daichi’s turn to look at him, confused.


               “Realized what?” he asked,


               “Realized that I-“ Kuroo cut off and stared hard at Daichi. “Oh my god, you don’t,” he cried.


               “Don’t what?” Kuroo slapped a hand to his forehead.


               “God, how dense are you, Sawamura?” he moaned. He tilted his head to see Daichi regarding him with a look that was equal parts offended and concerned. “Why the fuck would I flirt with you for no reason?”


               “That’s what I’m asking you,” Daichi responded. Kuroo threw his hands up in the air and levered himself off the couch.


               “Ask Sugawara to explain it to you later,” he shouted, storming off to his bedroom.




               The knock that came a few hours later sounded much more timid than Kuroo would ever have expected. Daichi opened the door and poked his head in, looking away almost as soon as he found Kuroo in his spot on the floor by the window.


               “Mind if I come in?” he asked. Kuroo gave an affirmative grunt, and Daichi stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. He came and sat next to Kuroo, close enough that their entire sides pressed together in one long line. “So I’m an idiot,” he said, his tone light and conversational. Kuroo snorted.


               “Talked to Suga?” he asked. Daichi nodded.


               “Why wouldn’t you just say something?” he asked. Kuroo looked at him incredulously.


               “Because I was terrified,” he said. “It’s not like I actually expect anything in return from you, Sawamura.” Daichi furrowed his eyebrows at that.


               “Why not?” he asked. Kuroo snorted again.


               “What, are you saying I should’ve?” he asked, sarcasm all but dripping from his voice.


               “Well, yeah.”


               Kuroo’s brain stuttered to a stop.




               Daichi was laughing at him, his laughter shaking both of their bodies. “Yeah, you should’ve expected something in return,” he said.


               “Then why didn’t you say anything?!” Kuroo screeched.


               “Because I thought you knew,” Daichi answered, utterly calm. “I thought all that flirting was just you messing with me.” Kuroo groaned and flopped onto his back.


               “We are a mess,” he groaned. Daichi laughed and scooted down to lay next to him.