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Murphy's Laws of Combat

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There are some things which any sane commanding officer should not have to deal with. One of them, Sephiroth was fast coming to realise, was Second Lieutenant Zack Fair, and his rather unorthodox approach to combat. The boy would try anything at all, and very few of his rather... novel solutions were found in any military manual. It made reading his reports something of a nightmare.

In many ways, however, reading the reports was more satisfactory than interviewing the Lieutenant. The young man had some kind of ability to explain even the most unlikely schemes in a manner which made them sound perfectly logical, and completely obvious. He had been the subject of any number of charges of insubordination for just such a reason - mainly from officers who should never have been put in charge of SOLDIERs in the first place.

Now, if he could just puzzle out the significance of the chocobo in this current rigmarole...