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Police officer and the heart broken business man

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It was late the night, Jin Moo Hak was sitting in the nearby playground, drinking beer, his heart was hurt, Dali told him to break up, her reason was after everything was done, she was tired, and she wanted to be properly able to support herself, wanted to be independent, and she said that because she has a lot to work on herself, she has no time for dating.

Moo Hak was disappointed, hurt, sad, and angry, but he could understand her too, she really needed time, a girl who always focused on her studies was suddenly forced into such situations that not everyone can face, she was brave for sure but she has a lot to learn. So he let her go despite his heart hurting.

He took a big gulp of expensive beer he bought, but suddenly someone grabbed him by his shoulder, "What do you think you are doing?!" That person said. Moo Hak craned his neck, blinking his eyes a few times to focus and get a clear view of the person, seeing the owner of the hand, Moo Hak smiled, small dimples forming on his cheeks, "My Won Tak sshi~"

Seeing him like this, Won Tak sighed, he was not the type to meddle in someone's affair, but Moo Hak was different, at first, he had thought that Moo Hak was just a crazy person, he was a bit of a money-grubber but now his opinion has changed, he has risked his life for Dali, done everything for her, he was genuinely a good person. But now that Dali had left him, Won Tak felt bad for Moo Hak, he understood his friend, she needed time but somehow he was a bit disappointed in her.

"Mr. Jin, let me take you back." He said finally decided to help the drunk guy. However, Moo Hak didn't say anything, Won tak tried to help him stand up, but Moo hak stumbled and almost slammed his face on the ground. 

Suddenly Won Tak wanted to hit this guy, but he didn't, instead, he took the bottles in his hand, threw them into the dustbin before coming back towards him, he wrapped Moo Hak's hands around his neck and lifted him up on his back, "I'll carry you there, so stay still." Jin Moo Hak nodded obediently, which made Won Tak chuckle surprisingly.

Won Tak started to walk towards their place, as he noticed that Moo Hak wasn't that heavy, he frowned sightly thinking about thinking but his thoughts came to a sudden pause when Moo Hak's lips slightly brushed against his neck, Won Tak's neck started burning as if someone there was a fire on his neck, he coughed lightly as started to walk back again. 

They were now at the front of Moo Hak's door, Woo Tak placed him down, "Now Go in, change your clothes, and sleep. Can you do that?"

Moo Hak nodded again but Won tak doubted that he would change his clothes, and he was worried that Moo Hak would fall and hurt himself, not that he would admit it, Won Tak once again sighed as he asked, "Do you remember your password?"

Moo Hak didn't answer as he punched the password, Won Tak couldn't help but notice that the password was Dali's birthday, something stung in his heart, but before he can think about why, Moo Hak hugged him tightly, "Thank you Uri (My) Won Tak sshi~"

Won Tak froze and before he could hug him back, Moo Hak went inside, his legs were shaking which made Won Tak worried once again but he couldn't do anything about it, he thought to himself ' He is a grown man, he can take care of himself very well.'

After saying this sentence to himself many a time, Won Tak went to his own place. He quickly did his nighttime routine, before falling onto his bed, as he closed his eyes, he thought of how Moo Hak's lips brushed against his neck and the hug, the scene repeated itself again and again before Won Tak realized what he was thinking, he slapped his own self to stop his thought process and went to sleep.

The Next Day, Moo Hak woke up on the couch in his living room, memories of yesterday night flooded his mind and he mentally slapped himself, but then suddenly he thought of Won Tak's wide shoulders, and his gentle tone of talking, which made something in his heart itch. 

He didn't think much of it as his phone rang, he answered the call without looking, he knew it was none other than his secretary although he hoped it was someone else, "Hello."

"Mr. Jin, are you going to follow the plans today?"

"Obviously secretary Yoo, You know money comes from hard work."

Secretary Yoo noticed the strangeness in his voice and sighed lightly, she was very angry at Dali for breaking up with Mr. Jin, she warned her but Dali didn't listen to her at least and look at him now, he is heartbroken, She wonders if Dali has a conscience for breaking his heart, but yet she couldn't say anything as it was his personal matter.

"Yes, then I'll follow up with everything."


With this, the call ended.

Moo Hak got up from the couch, he was feeling nauseated, he went to the kitchen, took out a bottle from the refrigerator, and drank it, hoping to relieve his uneasiness. After that, he did his morning routine.

He went out of his house and was met with Won tak who too was going to his work, he gave him a nod as a greeting before saying, "Um...Thank you for yesterday." His voice was low due to embarrassment, Won Tak noticed this and smiled a bit, he asked, "Are you okay?"

Moo Hak is taken aback said, "Of course I am okay. Gosh, who do you think I am?! I am great Jin Moo Hak obviously I would be okay."

"Yeah, The GREAT Jin Moo Hak yesterday who was so drunk that he couldn't walk. Ah Yes the GREAT JIN MOO HAK~" Won Tak teased with a chuckle.

"Y-You!!" Moo Hak's ears turned red as he pointed at Won Tak in anger and embarrassment.

Won Tak continued laughing as he said, "Let's go." Seeing him like this Moo Hak too laughed.

They both walked down the stairs, Moo Hak after pondering for a while decided to ask, "What me to drop you at the station?"

Won Tak was obviously surprised, he didn't really expect this, but after thinking about it for a second he nodded, "Yes sure."

They both got into the car which was followed by awkward silence, Won Tak tried to turn on the navigation system while at the same time Moo Hak did the same, their fingers touched and they both felt a burning sensation, as they quickly pulled their hands back. 

"I-I was trying to turn on the navigation system." Won tak said with a slight cough,

"Me too." After that Moo hak quickly turned on the navigation system and started to drive. The car was stopped due to traffic, Won Tak seeing this as a chance decided to speak up, 'Dali-"

Hearing her name, Moo Hak's hands shook a little but still, he turned his neck and looked at Won Tak, for him to continue, Won Tak's gaze was on Moo Hak's hand and when he saw them shake, he internally cursed, he shouldn't have said her name nor talked about her when he clearly knew that Moo Hak was still suffering. Yet he continued now that Moo hak was looking at him, "Dali said she is going to Europe for a 2 months business trip."

Moo Hak nodded as he already knew about his, somehow a thought came into his mind, "Am I not dependable? Am I that untrustworthy?"

Won Tak paused, and the next second he spoke with confidence, "No you are not untrustworthy! I Trust you and you are very dependable, Dali too thought so." 

"Then why did she leave me?" Moo Hak countered.

"If she wanted to become independent, then I wouldn't have interfered in her affairs, if she wanted to learn she could and I wouldn't have said a word about it, I-" His words paused midway when Won Tak placed a hand on his shoulder, "You didn't do anything wrong. She just didn't know better." 

Moo Hak didn't say anything and started to drive. Won Tak had to force himself to pull his hand back. 

A few minutes later, they arrived at the station, Won Tak undid his seat belt as he said, "Don't forget to eat your meal."

Moo Hak nodded, "You too."

After that Won Tak got off the car and a thought came to his mind that Moo Hak was very obedient.

Moo Hak was sitting in his office when he thought of Won Tak who was actually a good person, although he was rough he was very kind to him, he even carried him on his back and took him home. After pondering for a while, Moo Hak decided to send Won Tak a message.

From: Jin Moo Hak

To: Joo Won Tak

Message: Thank you for taking him home last night, if you are free today I would like to take you out to drink.

HE kept the phone aside, not expecting a reply any time soon but then his phone vibrated.

From: Joo Won Tak

To: Jin Moo Hak

Message: Okay. Let's buy drinks and meet on the rooftop, nothing beats drinking on a rooftop and enjoying the scenery.

From: Jin Moo Hak

To: Joo Won Tak

Message: Okay Okay

It was around 9 pm when Won Tak came to the rooftop, where he found Moo Hak waiting for him, Moo Hak was wearing a black t-shirt with his hair down, and jeans. He looked very casual but very handsome and Won Tak's heart couldn't help but speed up. Won Tak gulped as he walked toward Moo Hak and sat opposite him.

"You are fully prepared." He said looking at the beer and soju bottles and some snacks to go along with them.

"Ah Yes." Moo Hak said with a smile.

Both men didn't converse and started to drink, soon three to four bottles of beer were emptied and they were drunk. They didn't know when but now they sitting very close to each other, their thighs touching, their face only inches away. 

Won Tak couldn't help but stare at Moo Hak who somehow looked very beautiful, he couldn't describe the feelings in his heart as he slightly leaned forward, Moo Hak raised his hand and lightly touched a small scar on Won tak's face which he had gotten when he fought with a thief, as Moo Hak touched the scar, Won Tak felt it burning, he pulled the other's hand away from his face but didn't let go of the hand. 

It was getting harder for him to control his impulse to kiss the man in front of him, Won Tak never knew he liked men, he never once thought about it but now the sudden surge made him think but he actually couldn't, the alcohol he consumed was making his brain dull, he never finished his thought process as he found himself leaning even more and his lips slightly touching Moo Hak's.

Moo Hak on the other hand froze when a pair of lips touched his lips, he didn't dislike the feelings, face his heart thumped hard, but he doesn't know why, however, he simply concluded that he liked it, or him, Moo hak was never the type to think so much about his feelings, if he liked it, he liked it, that's it. He didn't complicate his feelings further, the same thing happened when he was with Dali, now that thinking about it, He liked Dali just a few days ago how come his feelings changed so fast. But once again he dropped the thought. Not thinking much of it.

Moo Hak leaned forward and kissed back, they both could taste the alcohol but didn't pay any mind, Won Tak's hand started to move around Moo Hak's body, feeling it, caressing it, taking all the warmth coming from his body. Moo Hak too wrapped his arms around Won Tak's body, then moved it upwards and squeezed his shoulders, feeling the firm muscles.

After kissing for a while they moved away, panting because of lack of oxygen, Won Tak was now finally able to think, he wanted to kiss some more but rationality got to him, "It's late at night, we should go back in."

Moo Hak got up, his rationality too came back, he said, "I'll clean this tomorrow. " He said as he ran back to his house. 

Won Tak stared at his back for a while before going back to his house. His thoughts were filled with the kiss, the way Moo Hak's hand squeezed his muscle, and the way his body felt. After trying to stop thinking a few times yet failing, again and again, he fell asleep. 

The same situation was with Moo Hak too.

The Next morning, Won Tak left the house early and Moo Hak wasn't able to meet him and went to his office. Throughout the day, they both thought about each other, thinking about their feelings. Moo Hak was confused since he used to like Dali but now her friend, he didn't want to hurt someone, so after thinking the whole afternoon and confirming his feelings again and again he came to the conclusion that he indeed liked Won Tak.

So now here he was, driving to the police station, to meet the person he likes, he was the type of person to take action instead of sitting back and waiting. 

He was lucky as he saw Won Tak who was sitting at his desk, doing some paperwork.

He took big strides as he approached Won Tak, "Won Tak sshi~ Can you come with me for a second, I have something to say to you." Won Tak was startled as he jumped up from his chair, he turned to his superior who nodded to allow him to go for a few minutes.

Won Tak followed Moo Hak in his car.

Moo Hak didn't beat around the bush as he asked directly, "Do you remember what happened yesterday night?" 

Won Tak paused but nodded answering truthfully, "Yes."

"Then I'll say it directly, I think I like you- no wait- I like you. This is for sure. I thought about it for the whole afternoon and I like you." Moo Hak said straightforwardly. He looked at Won Tak who was stunned. But then leaned suddenly and slightly pecked his lips, "I was going to say this first but anyway, I like you too."

Hearing this Moo Hak smiled, his dimples showing, Won Tak's heart raced looking at the smile, he once again leaned forward and kissed him, this time deeply, their hands roamed around each other's body, Moo Hak internally had come to a conclusion that he liked Won Tak's muscles a lot and Won Tak too came to a conclusion that he likes Moo Hak's smile a lot.

They both parted their lips and Moo Hak said, "Now we are dating alright?"

Won Tak nodded, "Of course." And then once again captured Moo Hak's lips. Both of them were smiling as they kissed each other.