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A Good Girl Always Swallows

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I was down in Melbourne to see the comedy festival. It was a fantastic line up. Heaps of my favourite comedians were performing. Lee Mack, Greg Davies, Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, and Jack Whitehall to name a few. As I checked into the Grand Hyatt Hotel, I wondered where they all are staying… I doubt they’d be staying here. Now, that would be crazy…. I took the elevator up to the 30th floor and entered my room. I was treating myself, so I upgraded to a suite and my God it was amazing! Once I unpacked, I headed downstairs to the hotel bar…

“Hi, can I have a blood orange martini? Thanks.” I smile at the bartender. Hey, I was on holiday! I grab my cocktail and head over to a booth and sit down to relax. I suddenly hear a commotion at the door, I turn my head and see none other than Jimmy Carr and Greg Davies. Oh. My. God! I quickly turn back around and take a sip of my martini to steady my nerves. They walk past me and take up a table close by. I catch Greg’s eye and smile… He smiles back.

I attempt to get back to my book… But keep glancing up at them… After a while… They notice the woman sitting alone and looking at them. Jimmy suddenly waves at me then gestures me to come over. I nervously grab my things, walk over, and join them at the table.

Once introductions were out of the way, the three of us got chatting. I find it is very easy to talk to them and God, they make me laugh and that’s so fucking sexy in a man. I have no idea how many cocktails later… But I became more and more confident…. I turn to Jimmy and gently place a hand on his leg… I slowly slide my hand further up his thigh…. “So, Jimmy….” I say softly, “Do you have a rule in place about what happens on tour… stays on tour?”
Jimmy smirks, “Well, I’m sure I could be persuaded….” I bite my lip and turn to Greg. “And what about you Greg? Does the same apply?” I let my other hand trail up Greg’s leg… Greg grins. “Like Jimmy, I’m sure I can be persuaded.”
Jimmy smirks and whispers in my ear, “Well, well, well. Your true colours are now showing. And you’re one naughty girl aren’t you?”
“I am so very naughty….”
Jimmy leans even closer and whispers, “Would you like us to punish you?” A small moan of longing issues between my lips, “Yes, oh yes.” Jimmy’s eyes are sparkling mischievously. “God, I’d like to punish you. I know I’d really enjoy seeing you on your knees.”
I bite my lip… “Mmm. Yes!”

I suddenly feel Greg’s hand on my leg…. It trails up my thigh… before sneaking under my skirt…. I spread my legs slightly and welcome his touch… With the tip of a finger, he teases my inner thigh… Making gentle circles… “I think we need to get out of here.” He murmurs in my ear.
I nod. “Come to my room…. I’m 3008. I need you… I need you both…” I look at them each in turn before getting up and heading to my room.

Will they actually come? God, I need them to! I need them to satisfy this sexual deviant inside me… Give me toe curling… Body quivering pleasure… I undress to reveal my white lacy lingerie set underneath… I throw on my long sheer black gown… No sooner have I done so… There was a knock on the door… I have never felt so aroused in all my life… I open the door to reveal Greg, and Jimmy. Jimmy closes the door behind him and steps into the room.

“What do we have here?” Greg smirks as he lets his eyes trail over my body. “I thought it was going to be our job to undress you…”
“I’m not completely naked… Not yet anyway…” I say breathlessly. Greg walks behind me and slips the robe gently off my shoulders…. It falls to the floor… Greg lets his fingers trail along my shoulders… My collarbone… He gently pushes my long blonde hair aside and softly kisses my neck… With one hand, he unclips my bra… It falls also to the floor…. His strong manly hands make their way to my breasts…. Greg fondles them gently… Teasing my nipples… A low soft moan issues between my lips…

“What are we going to do with you love?” Jimmy murmurs stepping forwards and running his hands over my body… Letting them slide further down to my dripping wet panties…
“You can do anything to me… anything at all…” I whisper.
“Now, that’s what I like to hear. What should we do to this bad girl Jimmy?” Greg asks.
“Oh, I’ve got plenty of ideas… I’d very much like to hear her scream….”
I whimper with desire…. Jimmy slowly pulls down my panties… I step out of them… He gently strokes my pussy… I moan loudly… “Fuck, you’re wet….” He murmurs. He runs his fingers back and forth over my pussy… He watches his fingers tease me…. Before he slides them inside me… He starts slow… gently thrusting… I whimper and moan with pleasure… “You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into love.” Jimmy whispers softly as the speed changes… Faster… Harder… Deeper… I gasp… But fuck it feels amazing! Greg is still standing behind me and he lifts up one of my legs as Jimmy continues to finger fuck my pussy…. “Oh fuck.” I whimper.
“I want you to come sweetheart…” Jimmy said… His fingers speed up and slide in deeper. “Oh, fuuuuck!” I grip Greg’s arm…. He starts to kiss my neck again…. Greg lets his free hand fall to my pussy…. He starts to tease… rub my clit while Jimmy’s fingers are still so deep inside me… I feel the pressure building…. “FUCK!” I scream as I come….

“God, that was hot.” Jimmy says softly as his fingers slowly slide out of me. He steps back and unbuckles his pants…. “Get on your knees…” Jimmy demands. “I told you I wanted to see you on your knees.” I gasp when I see the size of his cock. How is it going to fit in my mouth!?

I crawl towards Jimmy and take his cock hungrily….. “That’s it sweetheart.” He whispers stroking my hair. Jimmy groans and gently thrusts, and his full length of his cock enters my mouth. I continue to suck greedily… hungrily… My tongue licks his shaft…. Swirls around his dripping head…. I lick up his juices… Jimmy’s member quivers slightly inside my mouth….

Jimmy grips my hair and his thrusts become harder… “Oh, fuck yes!” He groans. My licking… sucking… rubbing… gets faster… I know he’s close… How I need him to come hard in my mouth… I focus on licking and sucking the swollen head… It trembles and quivers…. “Jesus!” Jimmy moans as he comes… I lean back on my heals and gently wipe the corner of my mouth…. “Did you swallow?” He asks.
I nod. “A good girl always swallows.” I whisper. Jimmy grins and walks to the bedroom….

I turn to face Greg… “Are you coming?” He nods and follows me into the bedroom… Jimmy pulls me to him…. He fills his mouth with my breasts.. His tongue flicks over my erected nipples.. I moan and run my fingers through his black hair…. “I want to eat your pussy while you suck his cock…” He whispers in my ear. I turn to see that Greg is still dressed… But I can make out the large bulge in his pants… “Mmmm. I’ll happily suck his cock… But I want you both to degrade me… Use me…. It turns me on like fucking mad.” I say softly looking into Jimmy’s eyes. He grins. “Well then… that can be arranged.”

Jimmy lies me on the bed and spreads my legs…. Greg walks over and I unbuckle his pants…. I moan when I see it… and lick my lips…. Greg slides his cock inside my wet… warm mouth…. I tease the head and the shaft… Greg’s cock is slightly bigger than Jimmy’s, so I struggle a little with having it all inside my mouth….. My eyes water slightly once it’s all in…. But I continue to pleasure Greg the way I pleasured Jimmy…. I’m so hungry for his cock and I suck it so fucking greedily… Greg moans… and grabs a fistful of my hair and thrusts hard…

Jimmy is kissing along my inner thigh…. The tip of his tongue touches my pussy… My moan is stifled… He flicks his tongue over every inch of my cunt… Before it slides inside me… I continue to suck Greg’s swollen member… “Suck my cock you filthy fucking slut…” He groans as he fucks my face.

Jimmy’s tongue slides inside my pussy even more… All I want to do is fucking scream! But Greg’s cock is stifling all the noise… Greg makes one hard deep… final thrust as he comes in my mouth. I lick up the few drops of his quivering head….

Jimmy spreads my legs as wide as they can go… Penetrating me more deeply than I have ever been penetrated before…. “I’m getting you ready for my fucking cock you fucking slut.” He murmurs. He spreads me slightly open and fucks my hole with his tongue. I whimper and throw my head back as endless moans of pleasure leave my mouth…. I’m about to come again and because it’s so intense, I attempt to move away… Jimmy pulls me even closer and makes me take it… My toes curls and my legs begin to tremble… I scream as I come for the second time that night…. “Oh, fucking hell.” I groan.

“I’m not done with you.” Jimmy says softly stroking my face. “We’re both going to fuck you now… We’re going to use you… Use you how we see fit.”
“Get off the bed.” Greg demands. Both their cocks are so fucking hard.

Greg walks behind me and starts to rub his cock along my asshole… “Ever been fucked in the ass you filthy whore?” He whispers in my ear. “Doesn’t matter… You’re going to be now…” He groans as he slides his cock up my ass… “Oh, fuck!” I moan. Greg lifts my legs up as Jimmy slides his cock into my cunt… I wrap my arms around Jimmy’s neck as they both start fucking me so deep and so hard…. My throat is beginning to get sore from all the screaming…. I can feel both their dicks filling me up and my God! It feels amazing!

Jimmy fills his mouth with my breasts again as he continues to fuck me…. Greg moans in my ear… As he rhythmically fucks me up the ass…. The speed of their thrusts change… They get even faster and harder… I know they’re about to finish…. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I cry. I feel both their cocks tremble and shudder as they come…..

Greg lowers me gently to the floor…. I collapse onto the bed… My legs won’t hold me… “Oh fuck yes.” I moan. The sexual deviant inside me purrs with satisfaction. They climb onto the bed beside me… I lie my head onto Jimmy’s chest and Greg wraps his arms around my waist.

I wake the next morning so ready… So wet to do it all again… Jimmy Carr and Greg Davies don’t complain….