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Of course, Ryono likes the thrill of potentially getting caught.

This is a safe risk, relatively speaking; Fumiya isn't needed onstage for another... twelve minutes and Ryono has some time before his next scene. The members stop by Fumiya's dressing room sometimes, but it isn't like they frequent it, either. And it isn't like Fumiya dislikes these moments, either; as if he'd ever dislike the feeling of Ryono intertwining his fingers with Fumiya's own, kissing him gently and looking at Fumiya with such affection that he can't believe how lucky he is.

But it's still a risk. "They'll get mad at you — no, me — if — you mess up my makeup," Fumiya says, in between kisses. (He's kind of surprised that he can get the words out.)

Ryono pulls away with a chuckle — though he's still so close that his breath tickles Fumiya's lips. "I'm being careful," he teases. "My hands aren't in your hair, and I'm not leaving any marks —"

"Oh my god."

"Your lipstick's barely smudged, and I haven't made any effort to smudge it," Ryono finishes. His hand hovers over Fumiya's lips for just a second. "Though if I wanted to..."

"Oh my god," Fumiya repeats, the tips of his ears turning red. "I'll get mad at you if I get in trouble, for real."

"You're cute when you're mad, though."

"Kusachi Ryono, I swear."

"See? Cute." Ryono moves his hand back to Fumiya's and squeezes. "You're so cute..."

And just like that, all of Fumiya's resistance crumbles; he's the one who leans in this time, his lips meeting Ryono's with the intention of keeping him from talking. It's so easy to lose himself that he has to keep himself from tangling his fingers in Ryono's own hair — anything to get Ryono even closer.

(Maybe the thrill does a little something for Fumiya, himself, too.)

The moment, though, ends all too soon — there's a knock on Fumiya's door, and Kyo's voice. "Yo, Kumachan, they want you backstage!"

"Guess we have to part," Ryono says quietly.

Fumiya nods, and reluctantly separates himself from his boyfriend. "I'll be there in a minute," he calls. He then turns to Ryono. "Wait until after Kyo's gone to leave, okay?"

"I'm being careful, Kumachan," Ryono repeats, pressing one last soft kiss to Fumiya's cheek. "...Looks like your highlighter came off, a little..."

"You're the worst," Fumiya grumbles fondly.

"But you love me."

"You're the worst and I love you," Fumiya confirms, before leaving his dressing room in such a way that Kyo will likely not notice anything — or rather, anyone — that isn't where it (or he) is supposed to be. He closes the door behind him and nods at Kyo. "Cool. Let's go."

(He doesn't notice the way Kyo smirks when he hears the dressing room door creak open and close quietly for a second time.)


Tsubasa might be a kid, but he's a smart kid; he wouldn't be Enjin's leader if he wasn't sharp and quick to notice things. For that reason, precisely, Ryono's dropped the frequency of him hugging, poking, and otherwise teasing Fumiya during practice, sustained eye contact and hidden, tiny smiles aside.

But there's a flaw in his plan, as perfect as it is. Tsubasa corners him after practice one day, a small frown on his face. "Are you and Kumachan fighting?" he asks.

"Fighting?" Ryono repeats, quickly matching his leader's frown. "Of course not."

"And you're not lying."

"Definitely not lying — where did this come from?" Ryono asks.

"You've been acting weird," Tsubasa explains, crossing his arms. "Before, you used to flirt with him during practice all the time. To the point that your dancing suffered for it," he adds. "And now you barely touch him — so are you fighting?"

And, see, Ryono's a pretty good actor, if he does say so himself; that said, he hasn't exactly taken many classes on improv. "We — I mean, you said my dancing suffered, right? I don't want to be distracted. I want to... get better at performing, so I can't just be all over Kumachan all the time," he tries, his voice almost a facade of confidence.

Tsubasa's eyes narrow, suspicion blatantly obvious in them. "...Is that so," he says, voice so neutral that Ryono can tell he can see directly through his (admittedly transparent) lie.

"It's for the sake of being professional," Ryono adds, sounding just a little bit more sure of himself this time. "We want to be good idols — the both of us — but we aren't fighting. Nothing you'll have to resolve or anything, I promise. If it's the two of us... yeah, you don't have to worry." (Ryono isn't quite sure he could fight with Fumiya, as is — they've had arguments, sure, moments of miscommunication and confusion, but a full on fight is out of the question; he'd do everything he could to fix things, right away, if such an event ever occurred.)

Tsubasa is silent for a moment, still looking at Ryono like he can't quite suss out what's going on — and then, seemingly, something occurs to him. "...Oh, I understand," he says, suddenly grinning so widely that it's almost scary. "I get it! I get it."

"...That we..." Ryono says, even more unsure now, "that we're just trying to... be better at practice?"

"Oh, I get it," Tsubasa says. "You guys sure aren't fighting. Cool. Keep up the, um, professionalism, alright?"

"...Yes, we will do that," Ryono says, with a nod. He checks his phone, conspicuously trying to find some excuse to get out of this conversation fast. "Um, I should —"

"Yeah, it's late, we should get going," Tsubasa agrees. He's still smiling. "See you tomorrow, right?"

"See you... tomorrow, yeah," Ryono says, awkwardly waving goodbye to Tsubasa's retreating back. He takes advantage of the fact that his phone is out to text Fumiya: i just had the weirdest conversation with bassa.

think we're caught? >///< Fumiya texts back, a moment later.

nah, we're probably safe. "For now," Ryono adds to himself, shaking off any residual fear before exiting the practice room and heading home.


Jealousy is a silly thing. It's not like Fumiya is insecure in his relationship, or anything like that, because that would be ridiculous; maybe Ryono does a lot of fanservice and flirting, but there's really only one person who's actually in Ryono's heart.

So while he makes a TikTok with Sho in between recording a new video for YouTube, showing off their height difference to some popular K-pop song, Fumiya stares intently at his phone. He is not jealous, because that would be foolish, even though Fumiya and Ryono haven't posted a TikTok together in a few months. He is totally not jealous, because he's friends with Sho, anyway, and being mad at him would be ridiculous. He is absolutely not jealous, because that's an immature response to have, and anyway, Ryono and Sho's videos together always do well — and in the end, they're trying to gain more fans and succeed as idols, right?

Fumiya isn't jealous. And if he keeps telling himself that, while he scrolls past the same three tweets over and over again, maybe that sentiment will even come true.

"Aaaand... posted," Ryono finishes — Fumiya isn't looking at him, but he can definitely hear the grin in his voice. "The fans are gonna love it."

"I'm sure they will," Sho agrees. "I'm gonna go to the vending machine, you want anything?"

"OJ, if they have it!" Ryono calls. Fumiya hears the sound of Sho's footsteps leaving to grab drinks, and then of the chair across from his on the table he's sitting at being pulled out. "Kumachan."

"Ryono," Fumiya greets, his voice way more dry and flat than he intends for it to come out.

Ryono reaches across the table and pokes Fumiya's cheek. "Whatcha doin'?"

"I'm on Twitter."

"And what kind of things are you reading about on Twitter?"

"...Normal... Twitter things."

"Mm." Ryono pokes Fumiya's cheek again. "Is that why you're not looking at me? Because you're very obviously not looking at me."

"I... found something interesting —"

"Announcements from Showtitle are interesting?"

Fumiya sighs, defeated, and slumps his head onto the table. "...I didn't want to watch you and Sho... being all cute," he admits. "There's nothing wrong with it, I know it's stupid —"

"You're the one who's cute," Ryono mutters, reaching across the table once again — this time to squeeze Fumiya's hand. "I won't make any more with him if it makes you uncomfortable. I don't want my Kumachan to be sad."

"It shouldn't make me uncomfortable," Fumiya explains. "I know it doesn't mean anything, I'm just being... jealous for no reason."

"It's true that it's been a little bit since we posted a TikTok," Ryono muses. "It's just hard, y'know? With Arik, it's easier."

"What's hard about it? It's your phone and a few buttons."

"Trying to keep myself from doing things that'll get us in trouble, I mean," Ryono says, his voice dropping an octave, a smirk crossing his face. "I can't upload a video of us kissing... and you're so distracting that I always want to —"

"They didn't have juice, so I got... soda," Sho interrupts, suddenly, returning with a few cans of orange soda into the small room. Fumiya snaps up, yanking his hand from Ryono's, while Ryono leans back.

"Oh, great, yeah, soda's great," Ryono says, the picture of confidence as usual. He stands up a little too quickly and grabs the soda, smiling. "Thanks, Arik."

"What were you guys —"

"Nothing!" Fumiya says, forcing a smile. "Just, y'know, hanging out."

Sho looks at Fumiya, and then at Ryono, and then back to Fumiya. "...Right," he says. "Should I leave you guys to... do your hanging out?"

"No need," Ryono says. "Because we were just hanging out. Hey, actually, Kumachan was just showing me something on Twitter —"

"R-right!" Fumiya says, quickly finding some vaguely amusing video. "You gotta check this out."

"...Alright," Sho says, sitting next to Fumiya to look at his phone. The suspicion is, seemingly, dropped, after that.

(Ryono winks at Fumiya. Let's make a TikTok when we get home, he mouths.

Fumiya tries, unsuccessfully, to prevent himself from blushing.)


"...Cruise ship tickets sure are expensive..."

Tatsutoshi frowns. It's pretty late at night, and the two of them are in the car back from an audition for an upcoming stageplay, the both of them looking at their phones, too tired for much conversation... or so Ryono had assumed. "Cruise ship tickets?" Tatsutoshi asks, clearly confused.

Ryono looks up. "Sorry, talking to myself. Just... looking at cruise ship date— that is, day trip prices. For, ah, my next day off."

"That'd be kind of boring. Being alone on a boat is still just being alone, but on a boat."

Tatsutoshi blinks slowly, his features twisting into a smile that's somehow familiarly alarming. "Unless you would be taking someone, huh?"

"...Yeah, unless I was doing that!" Ryono says, forcing a laugh. The truth is, well — Fumiya's birthday is coming up, and now that they're together together, there's no way he isn't going to do something special. And a surprise cruise ship date would be fancy, and so romantic — the two of them, a nice dinner, the sea and the stars... imagining how happy Fumiya would be makes Ryono's chest squeeze.

"Pick a weekday," Tatsutoshi advises. "Those kinds of things are always more expensive on weekends."

"It's gotta be the 22nd, though," Ryono explains, with a frustrated sigh. "Which is a Friday. Does that qualify as a weekday?"

"...Why does it have to be the 22nd? We have work that day. And it's way too late to schedule a day off then."

"I, um, already asked for it off," Ryono quickly (and falsely) explains, cursing himself for being caught in a lie so easily.

"Something special on the 22nd, huh?" Tatsutoshi asks, waggling his eyebrows suspiciously.

"Of course, it's Kumachan's birthday," Ryono says, frowning, before he can stop himself. "Did you seriously forget... you totally knew that already, didn't you?"

"You can always take him!" Tatsutoshi cheerfully suggests, giving his groupmate a friendly shove on the shoulder. "I'm sure he'd love a date like that."

"It wouldn't be a date, just... a surprise," Ryono manages. "For his birthday, yeah. Not a date."

"Because you guys aren't dating."


"...Whatever you say," Tatsutoshi says, finally turning back to whatever he was doing on his own phone. "So Arik was right about you guys, huh..."

"Wait, what did Arik say? About me and Kumachan?" Ryono asks, trying not to sound absolutely panicked.

"Oh, nothing in particular," Tatsutoshi says, not even looking at Ryono. For the rest of the car ride, despite his prodding, Ryono never manages to find out what it is that Arik actually said.

(And Fumiya does end up loving the cruise ship date — some of the other passengers look at the two of them funny, but Ryono doesn't mind. They find a quiet spot to take a few pictures for their SNS pages, and kiss somewhere nobody can judge them for doing so, and anything Tatsutoshi might've figured out escapes Ryono's mind completely.)


Enjin's Valentine's Day video, this year, involves Fumiya in drag. Ryono isn't quite sure how he'd label himself, or if he'd give himself a label at all; he's liked girls for most of his life, and then Fumiya came into it and mixed up everything.

He feels a little more mixed up when they do their skit, but more sure, at the same time. It's Fumiya; it doesn't matter how he's dressed, or what role he's playing. Ryono loves him, after all.

Ryono's job is to stand there while Fumiya — or, well, Fumipoyo — gives her monologue: "It-it's not like I made this just for you, or anything! It's barely any more than a friend chocolate, so don't get it wrong!" And then Fumipoyo runs away, leaving him confused.

Ryono's an actor. He acts. So that's probably why he can quash his desire to grab Fumipoyo's wrist, like in a cheesy, cliché drama, and prevent her from leaving. But it's okay, because some things are simply brief comedy skits for TikTok and YouTube, and because Ryono has prepared for this.

He knocks on the door to the room Fumiya's waiting to film another segment in, hiding the box of chocolates he got for Fumiya behind his back. "Kumachan?"

"Huh? Oh, come in!" Fumiya says, smiling widely — his wig is off, but he's still wearing that damn cute skirt, and Ryono's heart skips a beat.

Ryono closes the door behind him and holds out his hand. "I got these just for you, and they aren't just a friend chocolate, so don't get it wrong," he says, grinning.

Fumiya gasps happily and takes the box of chocolates. "You didn't have to get me anything!"

"As if I would forget to get my boyfriend something on Valentine's Day," Ryono replies. "Did you expect me to not?"

"...I just figured it'd be, like..." Fumiya says, trying to find the words. "Like I'd make you chocolates, and you would get me something on White Day."

"...Did you make me chocolates?" Ryono asks.

"I was going to wait until we're done for the day, but here," Fumiya says, pulling a red and pink box out of his bag. "Homemade. With love. For you."

Ryono can't stop smiling — he isn't sure he knew it was possible to actually be this happy. "Kumachan... you're so cute." Ryono looks around, making sure nobody can see them, and presses a kiss to Fumiya's forehead. "I'll get you the best White Day present ever. I promise."

"You better," Fumiya says.

Ryono lingers for just a moment, toying with the box of chocolates now in his hand, a wicked idea crossing his mind. "...Feed me some."

"I have to record again soon, you know..."

"Yeah, but since I don't, it doesn't matter if any chocolate gets on my face, or anything, right?" Ryono tries, grinning.

"Please," Fumiya says, though it's clear by the way he's blushing that he doesn't mind the idea in the slightest. "Alright, you dork, open up."

Ryono does so, and Fumiya presses a piece of chocolate into his mouth. "Tasty," Ryono gets out, when he's halfway done chewing.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Fumiya scolds affectionately. "I should get back to the hall, Taiga and Hyuga are probably waiting..."

"Go. I have a box of homemade chocolates to eat," Ryono says. The two of them end up leaving the room at the same time, while Ryono goes to his bag to deposit the rest of the chocolates for later.

"...Ryono, you've got something on your face," a voice says, suddenly, while he's putting the box away. Taiga's standing there.

Ryono frowns. "I do?"

"Yeah, like, right on your mouth," Taiga says, smirking. "What, did you actually eat Fumipoyo's chocolates?"

And as much as Ryono knows he should make an excuse, he can't help himself. "...Something like that," he confirms, smiling fondly once again at the box of chocolates.

Taiga's eyebrows rise and then fall. "Make sure to wipe it off," he says, simply, before going off to shoot the next skit.


At this point, Ryono and Fumiya have had enough near-misses that they know Enjin's other members are becoming suspicious. It's Fumiya's idea to tell them, finally, after practice one day. "...Guys, wait a sec," he says, voice trembling. "Can we — can we hold on for a minute, before everyone goes home?"

"Huh? What's up?" Tsubasa asks.

Ryono looks over at Fumiya and nods. "We need to talk for a second. As a group. There's something we need to tell you."

Fumiya swallows hard, and then takes Ryono's hand in his; it's a simple gesture, but it gives him confidence nonetheless. "We... me and Ryono are dating."

There's a long, long silence after those words leave Fumiya's throat. The other seven members of Enjin look at each other, and for a moment, Fumiya expects the worst; they'll get chewed out, yelled at, kicked out of the group completely —

"...We know," Tatsutoshi says, finally.

"You... know," Fumiya repeats. Of all the reactions he was expecting —

"You guys didn't do a great job of hiding," Tsubasa says. "I mean, you started acting distant at practice on purpose, right?"

"And I caught Ryono leaving your dressing room," Kyo adds. "Plus, like, Kumachan's makeup was all messed up. It wasn't that hard putting two and two together."

"I told you to be careful," Fumiya mutters.

"I was being careful," Ryono insists.

"You gave Ryono Valentine's day chocolate two years in a row. You didn't even have to do it a second time," Hyuga recalls.

"There was that cruise ship date, too," Taiga adds. "That's what it was, right? A date?"

"They're always going on dates," Tatsutoshi confirms. "Sanrio-land. And that cat café, right?"

"Not to mention how jealous Kumachan gets when Ryono's doing fanservice with anyone who isn't him," Sho adds.

"Oh my god, we get it," Fumiya says. "We were very obviously dating! Okay!"

"...But if you guys all already knew," Ryono asks, confused, "why didn't you say anything?"

"I mean, coming out is really hard," Sho says, with a shrug. "Nobody wanted to say anything to your faces until you were ready."

"And it doesn't really hurt the group's dynamic," Tsubasa adds. "Aside from the practice thing, it was more of the same."

"You guys have liked each other for... a while, right?" Kyo asks. "If anything, I'm personally glad that you figured that out instead of... pining uselessly for ages."

"...Huh," Ryono says. He never thought he'd have to come out; the idea of everyone else not saying anything for their sake never occurred to him. "Well, I mean... thanks... for that. For real."

"We should probably leave you guys to it!" Tatsutoshi says, grinning. He herds the rest of Enjin out of the practice room with a wink.

Ryono turns to Fumiya; to his surprise, the elder of the two has tears in his eyes. "I thought that was going to go so much worse," he mumbles. "I was afraid..."

"I lucked out meeting you, and I think we lucked out having everyone else here, too," Ryono replies, wrapping Fumiya up into a tight hug. "Should we head home? I feel like a celebration of some kind is in order."

"...Yeah," Fumiya replies. He doesn't let go of Ryono's hand until they get to the train station, to head back to Ryono's place, but there's something new in his heart. He probably won't have to hide from everyone forever, and that's... strangely exciting.

But for now, just having the members support him — and having Ryono by his side — is so much more than enough.