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The Princess Diaries x readers

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Welcome to my The Princess Diaries characters x reader book/collection thing!!

These are all shorter pieces, but if I ever write oneshots for this fandom, they will be published as their own works. These are written in second person, mostly gender neutral readers with they/them but if the reader is a female, it's stated in the notes in the beginning of the piece.

I don't take requests on AO3, you can request on my Tumblr (swanimagines), which is accessible from both, mobile and desktop and you can also get there without the mobile app or any accounts.

I hope you enjoy these, and please leave kudos and feedback if you do!! You can also leave critique, but remember to be polite with it c:

Some rules to remember:

- I won't name the reader, they're always Y/N nor I will avoid using Y/N. If you're bothered, you can use the Interactive Fics addon which is available for Chrome and Firefox. It changes Y/N to any name you want, and I personally like it when writers use Y/N because of that addon. But I don't use e/c, h/c etc. (If you're looking at my older works, I used them in 2018 but I've stopped since)

- Don't pressure me to update, write a part 2 for something or write more for a certain character. You can ask if there is more content coming for a character soon but don't pressure me.

- I don't do smut. Period.

- I don't take requests here.

- I don't write for male readers/readers with he/him, gender neutral with they/them is as good as I can get. This is because last time I wrote for male readers and I made even one mistake with pronouns or someone didn't like something reader said, I was hunted down because people seemed to think I did it on purpose or want to ridicule male readers as "girly" and yeah, I don't want it to happen again.