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“daimon-san!” hiromi called while walking around the hospital. she heard that something happened to michiko’s patient and it worried her. she has been looking for her for the past 30 minutes and she was still nowhere to be found.

her last and only hope is on the rooftop. the rooftop is michiko’s favorite spot at the hospital so hiromi is confident that she would find her there. 

she made it there, almost out of breath. she looked around but nobody was there. she started to get nervous. how could she not be here? where else she could be?

she didn’t tell anyone about it. she didn’t tell anyone that she couldn’t find her, she didn’t ask anyone where they last saw her. she didn’t want it to be a big problem because she knows michiko would dislike it.

she already called akira-san and asked him if michiko already got home but he said she isn’t yet. akira-san asked her why did she ask, of course, she has to lie because she didn’t want him to worry. 

there are many places that she could be. maybe she went outside and got herself a meal to make her feel better. but hiromi’s instincts are telling her that she’s in the hospital, so she still searched for her. 

she searched all of the places in the hospital already and she is almost losing hope on finding her, but she couldn’t give up yet. she shouldn’t. this is michiko that she is looking for. someone who is very special to her.

many hours had already passed, hiromi was still searching for her. hiromi searched through every stock room at the hospital and she was still not anywhere. she opened the last door, wishing she could finally find her.

she looked around the room, it was freezing cold. she walked through every shelves and found a familiar pair of heels on the ground. her heart suddenly dropped.

there she was, sitting on the floor. she looked lifeless. her body was leaning on the piled boxes and her face was covered with her hair. hiromi quickly made her way to her and sat in front of her.

“d-daimon-san! are you okay?” hiromi held her cold cheeks but there was no response. she checked her pulse and luckily she still has. she was probably just sleeping.

hiromi looked around the place and noticed the air conditioner was turned on. she turned it off and unplugged it because the room was really freezing.

“daimon-san… what happened to you?” she asked her once again and michiko’s eyes finally opened. her eyes were emotionless. hiromi could always read her eyes every surgery, but now it’s blank. 

“jonou-sensei…?” michiko said with a very weak voice.

“daimon-san…” she pulled michiko into a hug. hiromi could almost cry seeing her like this. what happened to the happy michiko that she was?

michiko rested her face in hiromi’s shoulder. hiromi asked her a lot of questions but she couldn’t keep track of it. she only stayed silent, not even thinking of how she’ll respond to any questions.

hiromi held her tightly. she has not seen her like this before. her body was freezing cold and her face was very pale. if she stayed the entire night in this cold room with the air conditioner on, she would probably get sick, or worse she could die. 

while hiromi embraced michiko in her arms, she suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. she felt her arms hugging her waist tightly and bringing her body closer to hers. michiko started crying on her shoulders. 

“i.. feel so frustrated at myself. i’m a terrible doctor.” hiromi’s heart ached as she heard her words. she did not expect it to come from michiko. 

a patient of hers with cancer died due to the delay of the surgery. it was already michiko’s second time experience on losing a patient and she still hasn’t forgiven herself for the first one that happened almost 10 years ago.

“you are not, daimon-san.” she disagreed. she didn’t hear a reply from her. it was only her sniffles from her crying that she could hear.

“you are a doctor who saves patients no matter what sins they created and whether they are enemies or not. daimon-sensei saves those lives in front of her,” she tells her while caressing her hair.

“you are a doctor who doesn’t fail. how could a doctor like you be a terrible one?” hiromi continued. there was still no response from her, but her crying has stopped. 

“i heard what happened to your patient. i know it’s hard because i’ve been there, and you were there for me. remember that time on the rooftop? you made me feel so much better.” hiromi said with a smile and michiko listened to her.

“i was so frustrated. we were so close to operate on her, but i was too late. i could’ve saved her.. but that’s what fate led us.” hiromi said sadly. 

they sat on the cold floor for hours quietly. michiko’s bare legs was exposed and hiromi adjusted her dress so it could cover it. hiromi was about to fall asleep but michiko said something.

“hiromi..” she called her by her name. hiromi was caught off guard that she blushed.

“how did you find me here?“ she asked her and hiromi smiled.

“as soon as i heard what happened, i started to worry about you. i searched everywhere at the hospital to look for you and i found you here,” hiromi explained and michiko broke their eye contact, feeling embarrassed.

“my god.. i’m really sorry. this was stupid. this behavior was stupid and childish of me. i’m sorry you have to look for me like that.” she replied while looking at the floor and hiromi touched her chin to lift up her face. their eyes met again.

“hey, it’s alright. what matters is, i finally found you. you’re finally here with me and i am not worried anymore.” hiromi said while caressing her face softly and michiko smiled at her. her voice sounds soft and caring. michiko likes it.

their bodies were close to each other. michiko’s hands where placed on hiromi’s waist while hiromi’s hand was placed on michiko’s shoulders. they were both smiling at each other now.

“you are the only one who understands me like this,” michiko told her with her cheeks going red. hiromi laughed.

“hmm. i wonder why.” 

“i wonder too. tell me, jonou-sensei. tell me why.” michiko asked with a teasing smirk on her face. her eyes were looking back and forth to hiromi’s eyes and lips. 

“how about i show you, daimon-sensei?” hiromi said before connecting her lips to hers. she held her close as she kissed her. 

things were getting heated pretty fast. michiko pulled hirom even closer to her and hiromi climbed into her lap. they kissed each other even more and michiko starts to touch her. 

michiko’s hands roam around hiromi’s body under her uniform. she was still wearing her purple uniform which she finds adorable. she always wanted to touch her under these clothes. 

she reached to her chest. she unlocks her bra and starts to grab her breasts. she touched them like how she always wanted to. they broke their kiss as they lose their breaths and michiko leaves small kisses on her neck. 

“daimon-san…” michiko watched her as those mouthful moans comes out of her mouth. she touched her even more and hiromi grabbed her face to kiss her once again.

they shouldn’t be doing this. they knew this was a reckless thing to do because somebody could barge in the door. but no matter how they think this isn’t right, they couldn’t stop their selves.

when michiko was about to touch her even lower, they heard a sound of keys unlocking from the door. they looked at each other and quickly stood up to hide behind the big box. 

and the door opened. they peeked to see who was coming in and it was a security guard just checking the room. the guard turned off the lights and walked out of the room. they looked at each other once again and laughed.

“that was close.” michiko said in relief and hiromi giggled.

“we shouldn’t have done it here.” hiromi tells her.

“you made me feel so much better.” michiko interlocks their fingers and kisses hiromi’s hand. she smiled at her. 

“i didn’t notice it’s already this late.. we should probably go now. akira-san could be so worried about you.” michiko nodded. they both got up and hiromi was struggling to fix her unhooked bra.

“let me do it.” michiko offered and hiromi nodded. she pulls up her uniform and michiko fixed it.

“look what you did to me.” hiromi teased her and michiko rolled her eyes playfully. they were looking at each other with big smiles on their face. 

michiko wished that moments like these with hiromi lasts forever. moments where they are the only ones in the room that nobody could stop them at what they are doing. she touched her cheeks, admiring her small adorable face.

“i love you.” michiko whispered to her.

“i love you too.” hiromi replied. michiko grabbed her face to kiss her once again.

and with that.. they both end up on staying on the room overnight.