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Seduction of the Innocent

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Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb)

When Roy Lincoln's hands touched an object, that object would explode. While this enabled him to fight crime, it had sadly made other things impossible. Now, however, those hands were shackled and safely hoisted in the air, covered in their protective gloves. The rest of him was naked, she'd stripped him earlier, and now he was waiting in anticipation. He smelt her scent first, heard her footsteps as she walked back into the room, positioning herself behind him, out of his sight.

He felt her hot breath on the back of his neck, and then her nails running down his chest. He shuddered as she bit his earlobe, pressing herself against him, and then her hands moved lower, her finger tracing a line down from his navel, closely followed by a bead of his sweat. He gave a gasp as he felt her hands clasping him and then moving, first slowly, but then faster. The muscles in his legs tensed, as he remembered how it used to be, but this was so much better than he remembered.

She whispered in his ear, "My hands make things explode too."

Phantom Lady saw the look of disapproval on Tedium's face. "Don't be so judgmental," she said. "Surely poor frustrated Roy deserves some relief, even if it's only in his daydreams."

"Doesn't matter, we're all going to dieeeeee!" sang Trauma. "This earth's going to die, and we'll all be out of a job. So much for Quality Control. Even Earth-Prime'll die and this was all their crazy idea in the first place."

"Ignore her, after all, sanity does," said Tedium, turning to the final page...