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Seduction of the Innocent

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Once so very very long ago, in a time before retcons, there was a world called Earth-X, and one day, on this world, somewhere in the Land of Musings, the member of the Interminable known as Tedium had summoned one of the Freedom Fighters to his domain.

"I hope this is important," Phantom Lady said, looking into the dark eyes of her pale companion. "I can't spend all day in dreamland, what with this world overrun by Nazis."

"This won't take long," replied the pale lord, and beckoned her to follow him. Together the two walked, through Tedium's infinite library, until they reached that day's edition of the Book of Daydreams.

Carefully Tedium took the bulky Book of Daydreams and laid it on the floor. Then he and The Phantom Lady knelt down and began to take a look at its many, many, many pages. Adorning each page was a person's name and their daydreams, and at various pages Tedium had pre-inserted bookmarks. He turned to one of these pages.

Phantom Lady started to read the words, and, as she did so, her eyes widened and a smile crossed her face.