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Dark Dog

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I run from from my cell, from Deus, the moment he open my cell door I run. May have lost my powers but I’m still faster then Deus. I need to get out of they will kill me.

I hear someone coming I dash into near by bedroom and hid under the king-size bed I see their feet and stop at the front of the bed, my heart is beating fast. “Reader?” He spoke “Beryl?” I ask in a whisper Beryl who’s a human dog with ears and a tail like a dog. Beryl bent down to my eye level “are you ok?” I look down “no, no I’m not okay.” I crawl out from under the bed “please? Please help me!” I beg too loudly. Beryl help me up hugging me and I hug him back trying to hold back tears. Then I felt it “um” I said looking to see he got a hard on! Beryl held me tighter pushing me into his hard on. I try to pull back but he grab my wrist hard “stop!” I cry in pain. “I. I. Sorry! I really am but can’t help myself.” He said with anger “you don’t know how I wanted this moment.” His tail wag like mad, he’s very excited. His face is so turn on with desire.

He has me on the bed lick my ear I move my head to stop him but he bite my ear so I could turn my head away “if you do that again then I chew your ear off!” So I let him nibble and lick inside my ear. “Mmmph!” It felt good that I bite down my lips in shame of feeling good. He move down to my chest and licking my hard nipple “s-s-stop!” I moan out loud “you sound amazing” he mew as he start to nibble my nipple “shut up!” I say weaken but then he bite my nipple hard I moan ever so loud. “I love touching you all over” his hand went down to my pussy “so damp” he say sniffing and licking “get off!” I cried. Suddenly he got between my legs and start to eat me out and in seconds I came hard. “You taste great” and try to pull myself away “I fucking hate you!” I yell, Beryl grab my thighs and lift me “what are you doing?!” Then I see his dick line up to my pussy “wait!” But he stuffed it in and I scream in pain since it was so suddenly. “Please. Pull. It out. Its too much!” I beg “you are squeezing me so tightly!” He moan “its because its too fucking big!” I groan in pain “really!” Beryl say happily with his tail wagging. “Im so happy that I am inside you!” He’s kiss me on my neck “I’m not happy now pull out now!” But he just start humping fast and hard. “Please slow down!” I beg. He wouldn’t listen, moments later “I’m, coming!” Oh thank god this will end soon. He came inside me, hot stuff fulling my womb but his dick “why is your dick got bigger!?” I panic “oh it’s a dog knot but it will get smaller in 30 minutes to an hour.” Angry “let me go” start to pull away but as he said his penis is knotted and stuck in my pussy, we are now stuck together.