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Mashiro swung the practice sword he'd chosen a couple of times, getting a feel for it before making his way over to the row of freshly-stuffed practice dummies. He knew what he needed to work on, and he knew that this was the way to do it. Otherwise he'd just rely on--


Turning, he wasn't entirely surprised to see Siegfried waving to him and smiling. Mashiro waved back, though he certainly wasn't going to offer to spar. Without his special equipment, he'd just end up flat on the ground the first time he tried to parry. He knew this, and surely Siegfried knew this.

"Working on something in particular?"

Mashiro nodded. Of course Siegfried would know what he was up to. He explained where he was having trouble and how it was something that couldn't just be fixed with a magic sword and armor. Siegfried listened without comment, except for the occasional nod.

"Show me," she said once he'd finished.

And he did. Mashiro swung at the nearest practice dummy, already sure his form was off. It wasn't because Siegfried was watching him, either; her presence was almost reassuring because he knew she'd see what he meant.

"You see?"

Siegfried didn't say anything. Instead, she just stepped behind him, nudging his left leg with hers, reaching to adjust his arms just a bit.

"You're holding back," she said as she stepped away. "Try again."

Mashiro did, and the motion felt better, the swing and the strike. Something changed in his balance and suddenly it all felt a little closer to right.

"Again," Siegfried ordered.

Mashiro did it again, and again, until the posture and movement felt natural. And then he looked to Siegfried, who looked downright pleased.

"Good," she said. "Very good. You know..."

Mashiro did.

"We should spar."