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Drag Me To Hell

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“Well, demons devour humans at twilight is another way to put it.”

Shiroshi-san said that earlier, but Seiji paid it no mind considering that was the way he always talked. He was sure the human in question wasn’t him .

But being bound to the wall by someone way smaller and frailer than him, their faces so close, Shiroshi’s sweet breath touching his lips… Made Seiji understand he was wrong.

“Uhn Shiroshi-san?”


“What..” His mind derailed from the question when Shiroshi’s warm fingers touched his scar.

“I know what you are thinking, you are always such an open book.” Shiroshi giggled. “And yes I do want to kiss you now, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Seiji didn’t feel only his face burn up, but his entire body, and the realization that the proposal was pleasant to him also scared himself.

But what made him close the gap between their lips was Shiroshi asking for permission. They knew each other for a meager amount of time but Seiji was well aware that Shiroshi never really asked for anything. He usually just took whatever he wanted.

He felt his only still bound hand being released and rushed it to Shiroshi’s neck. Seiji always thought that being intimate with anyone would scare him too much, and with a man - a demon - no less, was out of question. But it felt just so natural and good.

Shiroshi’s lips tasted like tea - while his probably tasted like dirty cigarettes - and his skin felt soft. Way softer than what Seiji always imagined when looking at him. “He has perfect features, so his skin is bound to be perfect too” was a thought that often wandered his mind, nonetheless he never thought anything ill from that.

He never thought he would be caressing that same skin, reaching to the soft locks of black hair, when Shiroshi suddenly pushed him away.

“Well, aren’t you eager? I thought I would need to raise your allowance in order to make you comply.” Shiroshi wiped his lips, that smug expression never leaving his face.

And Seiji panicked. “Wait no. I…” He blurted without even knowing what he wanted to say. “I mean… I’m sorry! Yes that’s what I mean! I’m sorry!”

Shiroshi frowned a bit. “Sorry for doing what I told you to?”

“No! I mean yes!” Why was he always such a mess, but why was he even messier when the one talking to him was Shiroshi? “I mean if I was bad… Then yes I’m sorry?”

Shiroshi got closer again, cupping Seiji’s chin. “Do you know how adorable you look when you are flustered? It always made me want to do all kinds of things to you.”

‘He can’t possibly mean…’ Seiji thought for a second, but Shiroshi’s hand slowly pulling his shirt up gave him all the answers he needed. And the fear of going beyond washed over him.

“Shiroshi-san, are you sure… Isn’t this too much?” Now two hands robbed him of his shirt before stopping completely.

“I won’t force you into anything Seiji-san. But…” Shiroshi brought one of his hands against Seiji’s neck. “I can if I want. Do not forget who owns you.” Shiroshi was still smiling but this time it looked menacing.

Shiroshi did own Seiji, in almost all senses of the word he couldn’t go against the demon. Seiji owed him not only his money, new ‘house’ or new job. Seiji owed him not being thrown into hell.

“While I do own you, I am not too keen into forcing humans into doing my bidding.” Shiroshi turned around and sat on one of the beds. “And right now, what interests me more is what you want, Seiji-san.” For once Shiroshi’s smirk was gone, a truthful expression on his face.

Seiji could not answer that. Their kiss felt so good, but then again it was just his second kiss ever. Maybe any kiss could feel good like that, and of course it wasn’t because Shiroshi tasted, smelled and looked perfect.

Maybe Seiji wanted that perfection for him. An overwhelming thought which made his instinct of always running away come back. Part of him thought he wasn’t ready for anything, while the other half was already set into giving everything he had.

Seiji kept his silence. His fingers set out for his cigarettes - the only way to make him think - and he went to the window opposite to the bed to light it.

He kept fidgeting with his cigarette, staring into the nothingness of the ocean, trying to sort out intrusive thoughts apart from what he felt.

“I don’t know.” He finally broke the silence, his newfound courage trying to help put into words the mess inside his head. “I’m not good with people, and you think I would be good with you? With kissing someone? I’m…” He took a drag on his cigarette again and fell silent.

And Shiroshi kept the silence. He knew Seiji was not done talking.

"I've always ran away from everyone, everything. And that makes me miserable. I'm tired of being like this." Seiji threw his half cigarette over the window and finally faced Shiroshi again.

For the first time since they first met Shiroshi didn’t have that annoying - yet sweet - smirk of his. He left the bed and slightly approached Seiji.


“And I want you. Is that wrong? Can I never want anything for myself?!” Seiji spouted out, without even thinking. “Why can’t I feel like I deserved that kiss even though you asked me for it?”

When Shiroshi spoke his tone was soft, warm, almost like their previous kiss. “Because I never told you that you did deserve it. Because I asked for your permission but did not ask about your feelings.”

Seiji felt tears welling up his eyes but fought them back. His hand reached for Shiroshi’s face but was stopped by him. “And I am truly sorry for that. So I am going to ask again. What do you want?”

Seiji felt his head spinning and the understanding that he wanted that, that he wanted everything from Shiroshi flooded his mind. ‘Shit’

“I… Want you.” He didn’t wait for an answer, his hands grabbing Shiroshi by surprise and pulling his legs around his waist. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

Shiroshi responded with a fierce kiss, grabbing Seiji’s neck for all the support he could muster, the desperation so unlike him to Seiji. He felt like he was kissing a totally different person from before, and he loved it.

Shiroshi backed up and started nibbling at Seiji’s ear, and he instantly felt his legs buckle down a bit, but he was determined to not put Shiroshi down yet.

He wanted more, so much more of him and he thanked any god - or demon - for Shiroshi being so small, so he could keep holding him with just one hand, using the nearest wall to support his back. Once he felt secure enough his free hand touched Shiroshi’s collarbone and he felt the skin under his fingertips squirm.

Shiroshi didn’t only look frail now, he felt like the frailest thing in the entire word, - an exciting thing - even though Seiji knew that to be untrue.

Seiji’s hand invaded Shiroshi’s kimono and let itself explore for a bit - nipples, back to his collarbone, his ribcage, everything was new territory to Seiji in more ways than one. His reward was the softest and lowest moans he ever heard.

Until he heard a soft whisper. “Let’s… Let’s go to the bed, shall we?” Shiroshi clearly didn’t want to let go of his aloof attitude, but his words betrayed him with every new touch from Seiji.

Seiji took him to the well kept bed of the hotel and placed him on top of it gently. He could now admire a messy Shiroshi, who kept his hand over his lips, as a means to deprive Seiji of his tender moans. Seiji straddled him and placed a delicate kiss over his lips.

“You know I… I never… I have no idea what I’m doing…” What felt like drive before now scared Seiji, he knew they both wanted it, but he had just the basics from watching straight porn. And even he knew his taste in porn wasn’t of much help here.

And Shiroshi muffled a laugh. “That is what makes it more exciting, is it not?” Shiroshi took hold of one of Seiji’s hands and guided it to his obi, helping him loosen it and eventually taking it off. He held Seiji’s face and drew his lips to him again, before pushing him pushing him down and straddling him.

Like he could read Seiji’s inner machinations, Shiroshi held his hand once again - not to guide him, but to interlace their fingers together - “I could help you if that is what you want.” Seiji only nodded.

“Then first and foremost lose that scared face. And kiss me.”

Seiji obediently went in for another kiss, but Shiroshi stopped his lips with a finger and a wicked smile.

“My neck, Seiji-san.” Seiji changed direction immediately, slowly kissing Shiroshi’s neck with the gentleness he felt the other required.

“Harder.” He bit his own lips before sinking his teeth into the pale skin. “Good.” Seiji felt Shiroshi’s breathing faltering again and almost pulled off, before orders - one after the other - poured from a mix of panting and the most commanding tone he ever heard from Shiroshi.

Earlobe , shoulder , nipple , neck , wrist , fingers ,

Now the one gasping for air was Seiji, every command diligently followed by him. His trance of following every demand made by Shiroshi didn’t let him realize that he had disrobed him completely during their exchange, and now that vulnerable body was on display just for him .

Shiroshi was small and fragile looking alright, but something about him alluded to a kind of masculinity that Seiji wasn’t versed in.

He realized that he never saw anything from Shiroshi besides his charming face and elegant hands. His legs were in fact well toned as well as his thighs. A perfect abdomen with visible ribs, slowly rising and descending with every breath he took. Slim but muscled arms that… Suddenly grabbed Seiji’s pants, breaking his train of thought.

“I guarantee you will have plenty of time to admire.” Like clockwork Shiroshi sounded like he knew whatever went through Seiji’s mind. “I do want my share though, so finish undressing.”

Seiji took off his pants and underwear in a hurry, throwing them to the side, wobbling back to the bed, unsure about where and how to sit.

He never thought there would be anything about him to be admired - He wasn’t athletic or had a pretty face like Shiroshi, he even saw himself as a literal monster until a few weeks back - but the time Shiroshi took between looking at his body and slowly approaching him told him otherwise.

“You are gorgeous, Seiji-san.” In an instant he felt his entire body heat up. “It puzzles me as to  why I didn’t take you for myself before.” Before Seiji could try to speak, Shiroshi pulled him up to his lap, planting small kisses along his neck that gave him chills.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” He blurted - and Shiroshi retorted. “Why would I want to admire something unpleasant?” Shiroshi’s focus shifted back to Seiji’s eyes. It was an undeniably honest question.

“I will make you see yourself the same way I see you.”

Shiroshi snapped his fingers and something foggy appeared behind him. It slowly took the shape of a mirror, big enough to fit both of them in the reflection.

Seiji still hadn’t grown accustomed to mirrors, so he instinctively looked away from it. “Why…” Shiroshi held his hand again, in the same charming manner he did before.

“Because I want you to see everything.” He turned and sat behind Seiji and opposed to how he held Seiji’s hand before, grabbed his hair and held his head still. “Don’t you dare look away.”

Before Seiji could protest again Shiroshi grabbed his erection with his free hand. The gesture was enough to make Seiji’s entire body shudder. He obviously touched himself before, but having someone else do it was… Exhilarating. 

Seiji wanted to know how much better it would feel if Shiroshi stroked it, but he couldn’t ask for it, words faltering him just from that small touch.

Shiroshi acknowledged his plea anyway. His thumb stroked it from top to bottom once, slowly, and Seiji gave out a loud moan. “Charming.” He heard whispered against his ear and another moan left his lips. He felt he was going crazy before Shiroshi could even do anything to him.

His eyes felt heavier and he shut them to better relish in the sensation. Not for long though, Shiroshi’s voice once again grasped his ear. “I told you to not look away.” Shiroshi’s hand stopped. “Look at yourself. Already such a beautiful mess even though I hardly did anything.”

He was right. Seiji stared at himself - gasping for air, gripping the sheets and adorning the most lascivious face he had ever seen.

“Shiroshi-san… Please… More…” A pitiful request that bordered begging. And Shiroshi granted his wish again. This time faster, but still somewhat gentle.

And Seiji knew he wouldn’t be able to hold for much longer. Be it for all the pent up frustration or all the small touches, everything drove him to the edge way too fast. Shiroshi’s mischievous voice accompanying him with his loud moans and climax.

“I’m… I’m sorry Shiroshi-san.”

Shiroshi laughed. “For what? For coming way too fast?”

The words made him intuitively close his legs. Shiroshi’s face in the mirror looked unbothered. He left Seiji’s dick alone and licked his fingers clean.

“Well, we are not nearly done, so I do not mind.” Shiroshi made Seiji look at him with a crude movement against his head, locking their lips together.

Seiji recoiled a bit, sensing that the flavor would be disgusting at best. But the taste mingled so perfectly well with Shiroshi’s that his hands cupped his face, going for a deeper kiss. One that lasted way too short to his liking.

“I said before, you are too eager.” Shiroshi brushed his lips against his, nibbling at his lower lip. “Is this because this is the first time you are not avoiding someone else?”

Seiji simply nodded. He knew he would still be his awkward self when all of this was over, but didn’t want to dwell on it. He felt comfortable now - wanted to feel it even more - and Shiroshi was the only one he wanted that from.

Audacity filled him, his hands exploring Shiroshi’s body with more confidence, reaching his lower abdomen. But he still had to ask.

“Can I…” He trailed off, but Shiroshi understood all the same, moving to a better position - still allowing Seiji to watch everything through the mirror - grabbing Seiji’s hand and putting it around his dick.

Shiroshi smirked and Seiji’s hand started to move. Hesitant at the beginning, speeding up his pace along every ounce of courage Shiroshi’s lustful gaze poured into him.

Soon enough the one moaning and quivering was Shiroshi, and Seiji felt powerful . Having a demon at his mercy intoxicated him.

“Faster.” Seiji obeyed and rested his free hand against Shiroshi’s nape, tentatively scratching it until he reached his lower back.

This time the need to ask was gone, so Seiji went down and seized Shiroshi’s dick with his whole mouth. It felt a bit uncomfortable, and he didn’t know what to expect after doing that without a declared permission, but the loud moan coming from above told him he was on the right track.

Seiji started to move, mishandling his task but sure enough getting better at it. He didn’t imagine that doing that to someone else could feel so good to him, but his growing erection proved him wrong.

He kept pressing his hand at the base and moving as fast as he could. His head telling him he wanted Shiroshi to cum into his mouth. A thought that would feel absurd to him just a few hours ago.

And then Shiroshi held his hair, stopping him from going down. “It is enough, Seiji .” He couldn’t even see Shiroshi’s face, but his tone and the fact that he just called him that - Seiji - bubbled inside him.

His head went up again, his hands stroked his humid hair back. He thought about asking why, but it was obvious Shiroshi didn’t want to come. Not yet.

“You cannot look at yourself if you keep doing that.” Shiroshi brushed his lips and pointed to the mirror. Shiroshi moved again, this time back to Seiji’s lap and damn, Seiji knew what was coming next.

“Watch yourself. Watch yourself with me.” Shiroshi positioned himself and led Seiji inside with ease. His legs wrapped around Seiji’s back but he refused to move. Seiji presumed it was his job to start. He thrusted once, waiting for Shiroshi to welp, scrunch his eyes, tell him to wait for a moment, but none of that ever came. Shiroshi just accompanied him.

“Say…” Shiroshi embraced him, resting his head at Seiji’s shoulder - probably to give him full vision of his reflection. “What do you see, Seiji?”

“Uh… Myself?” He felt stupid as soon as the words left his mouth, that obviously wasn’t what Shiroshi meant, but he didn’t know either what he was supposed to see .

“Tell me more.” Shiroshi moved harder now, and Seiji gasped for air. “Tell me how incredible you look while fucking me.”

Seiji couldn’t.

He felt incredible but he looked like a mess - disheveled hair, sweat dripping down his face and… A smile. A weird one, one he knew came from feeling like he owned that moment, that he even owned Shiroshi’s body.

“Tell me how powerful you feel. I know you do feel it.” Shiroshi’s words never faltered, even with the surge of moans coming from his lips.

Shiroshi kept praising and asking, and Seiji finally understood the position the demon wanted him in - the dominant one. Until now he felt that Shiroshi's purpose was to dominate and own him, but it was quite the opposite.

Ultimately they both managed to synchronize their movements. Seiji didn’t think anything could feel this good - not only the sex, but to be connected with someone in the way they were.

Seiji felt his climax coming again and tried to tell Shiroshi, but all he could manage were moans and Shiroshi’s name, uninterrupted. Suddenly Shiroshi stopped moving and Seiji felt like he was going to break.

Nonetheless, Shiroshi didn’t move his lower half an inch. He licked Seiji’s earlobe and murmured. “Let me teach you one last thing.”

Shiroshi kissed him and Seiji felt his climax slowly fading, but when it was almost gone Shiroshi moved again. It felt even better than the last time. He was sure this time he would come but Shiroshi did the same thing, over and over again, and every time it felt superior than the previous one.

When Seiji knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it anymore Shiroshi finally let him go. It was the best sensation his entire body ever endured. He soon heard Shiroshi moan his name one last time, before also reaching his climax.

Seiji gripped against the sheets and threw his head back. He couldn’t explain to himself - and frankly, didn’t want to - the blend of emotions and sensations going through his body.

After a while of both of them panting and trying to recompose themselves Shiroshi left him and Seiji winced - it almost hurt.

Shiroshi on the other hand just grabbed a bathrobe, and sat by his side, resting his head against Seiji’s torax. “You were amazing, you know that, right?”

Seiji felt his face flush, and Shiroshi kept going on. “Do you understand now? I would never lend myself to someone unworthy.” Seiji smiled. “I guess I do.”

Maybe he wasn’t such a good for nothing after all.

When Shiroshi left, going into the direction of the bathroom, Seiji just went to rummage through his pants, looking for a cigarette.

“Are you really going to smoke before taking a shower?(bath?)” Shiroshi didn’t look pleased, but Seiji just nodded. “I need one.”

“If you come take a shower with me now I will raise your allowance.”

Seiji almost jumped at the words, leaving his pants and rushing to Shiroshi. He locked their lips for the last time before entering the already steamy shower.

‘He is a demon after all.’