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Brutal Bytes - A Rough Night

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Things were a bit shaky around the house recently, Maria having scolded Juan a few times over how he treated Nicolas whenever they saw him, not wanting to interact and even trying to ignore his advances at being friends. In her own words ‘You should try to make friends with him, he’s sweet~’ Though she wasn’t aware of how awful he really was.

Beyond the usual taunts that the other people took part in, he was particularly malicious, Jaun fearing that he would genuinely act on them if given the chance, but he wasn’t going to let him. Though alarm-bells rang in his head at the sight at his home.

It was already the worst-case scenario, Nicolas of all people was at his home, and he felt his heart twist at the sight of his own Mother clutching his hand, walking together to the front door. Seeing this, Juan hurries toward them, hoping to catch them before he gets inside and makes himself at home.

“Hi Sweetie~!”

His Mother had noticed him running up to them, waving innocently as Nicolas made a point to shuffle closer to her, a wide smirk on his face as Maria spoke.

“I’m glad you’re back so early! Nicolas’ parents are out on a trip, so he’ll be staying with us tonight~!”

Her cute, innocent tone only made what Juan knew that much more awful. Nicolas was a constant tease about his Mother, making awfully lewd comments about her whilst at school, even encouraging the other guys to whistle towards her each time she walked past. Of course, she was too innocent to realize what was going on, and accepted it as a friendly gesture.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me, loser!”

Maria giggles to herself at his rude comment, only emphasizing the sting it brought for Juan, watching as his Mother flatters his bully, guiding him into their home. Things were uncomfortable, but tolerable at first, Nicolas mostly acting normal enough, until the initial novelty had worn off on him, and he started his lecherous looks toward Juan’s Mother again.

“You know, something tells me your Mom’s a screamer…”

Juan barely reacts at first, the pure nonchalant manner he spoke made it seem like he had made a mistake, but he replays it back in his head and is sure of himself.

“What the fuck?!”

Nicolas seems genuinely offended at Juan’s outburst, waving his hands to gesture to him to calm down.

“What? I’m just saying, she’s got such a fat ass, she seems like the kind of bitch that screams when she cums…”

He could barely hold in his rage, about to speak up before Nicolas leans in, hushing his tone as he digs his taunt deeper.

“Especially on a thick, white cock~”

That was it, Jaun was determined to get him out of his house, he didn’t care if he had to sleep on the street, he didn’t want him around his Mother whilst saying things like this. About to unleash his anger, Maria comes into the room with a smile, instantly defusing Juan’s emotions and leaving him feeling somewhat awkward as Nicolas looked smugly up at him, both of them not wanting to cause a scene.

Juan had been disgruntled with how his Mother was interacting with Nicolas throughout the day, catching her smiling and laughing with him in unusual ways, the unpleasant feeling of jealousy taking root in his chest. Even more-so after how he spoke about her.

Why am I feeling jealous?! I’m just trying to look out for her… She’s my Mother!

Things were slowly becoming somewhat flirty between them, Juan feeling like a third wheel as his Mother became rather handsy, rubbing Nicolas’ shoulders and leaning on him every once in a while. Not wanting things to get out of control, he interjects in their little conversation, offering to shift things away from their idle groping.

“Hey, why don’t we play some video games?”

It was a reach, and Juan could tell that Nicholas wasn’t exactly enthusiastic at having his time with his Mother taken away, but unfortunately for him, Maria seems to be happy with the idea.

“That’s great! I’ll make you two some snacks~”

Her innocence is painful for Juan to have to manage, but a boon for Nicolas, openly staring at her backside as she rises from her seat next to him. Brushing past, Nicolas leans forward slightly, Maria’s ass grinding against his face for a moment as she shuffles by, giggling to herself when she looks down to see what he’s doing. They stay like that for an uncomfortable amount of time, Juan staring as his Mother practically jiggles her ass in his face, almost letting him bury himself between her cheeks before she pulls away, her breathing having increased somewhat, her face flushing red.

Juan and Nicolas descend into their games, battling back a decent score each, almost letting Juan forget about the subtle torment he was being subjected to, until his Mother returned with a warm waft of baked treats.

“Awh, look at you two getting along~!”

She scoots past Nicolas again, only this time staying there as she bends forward to place the bowl of cookies down, smiling to herself when she feels Nicolas take the hint, leaning forward and grinding his face between her spread cheeks. Juan watches on in disbelief, not even paying attention to the game, much like Nicolas as he presses deeper, likely feeling the warmth of his Mother’s pussy against his face. He was almost entirely smothered by her, his face disappearing as Juan glances over to his Mother, freezing when she notices how intently she wa sleeping eye-contact with him, absently smiling to herself as Nicolas caused her to flinch suddenly, jolting upright with a stoic expression before wordlessly excusing herself, disappearing into her room.

With her gone, the two of them focus on their game, taking a few cookies to pass the time, until Nicolas breaks the silence.

“Your Mom tasted better.”

Juan stopped in the middle of their match, pausing as he looked over in a disgusted disbelief, Nicolas grinning over to him as dread swelled in Juan’s chest. Yet again, before being given a chance to show his outrage, Maria returns, looking slightly disheveled and somewhat breathy as she speaks. Juan barely noticed, but Nicolas pointed out that she had changed.

“Fuck, you look good in those shorts! I’m surprised your fat ass doesn’t just burst out of them!”

What would usually be met with a curt reprimand, Maria simply blushes beneath his crude remark, coming closer whilst shaking her hips obscenely with each step, her waist giving way to her asscheeks straining in her outfit.

“So! How are you two getting along now? Make a little room for me~”

She interjects on their game, walking past Nicolas again, but met with a sensation that forces a squeal from her lips. Nicolas reeled his hand back and delivered a swift smack across her ass.

Whilst Juan moved to take out his anger, Maria pushed him back down into the sofa, smiling down at him before nestling herself between Juan and Nicolas, making an emphasized point of grinding her huge ass into the cushions, nudging slightly closer to Nicolas as she did. Minutes go by, and Juan doesn’t notice anything going on, and even finds himself gaining the upper-hand on Nicolas during their games. Another round being won, he looks over to see what changed all of a sudden, his heart dropping.


Nicolas only had one hand on his controller, his arm disappearing beneath Maria’s ass as he played. She didn’t seem to mind either, shuffling slightly, but not moving away, but then whatever he was doing under there caught her attention, Maria looking down at Juan as she bit her lip, grinding her ass back into her seat. All of a sudden, her glazed-over eyes return to clarity, and she quickly stands up.

“I can’t! Sorry boys, I need to be alone for a minute…”

When she stands up, Juan notices his Mother pulling her shorts back up her ass, struggling with hiding her cheeks after having them pulled halfway down her waist, causing it to lewdly shake as she tries to squeeze into them. Looking down, he saw Nicolas’ hand positioned in a way that hints at what he had done, teasing his Mother’s ass with his fingers, and even pushing them inside of her…

“Not so fast! I still want to play~”

Nicolas reaches up and grabs the hem of her shorts, pulling them down slightly before giving her another smack, making Maria panic and walk quickly down the hallway, still trying to hide away her plump ass within her shorts, clearly not unable to make them fit. He takes off after her, Nicolas wanting more, she looks back and sees him chasing her, and ducks into Juan’s room to try and avoid him.

“Hey, leave her alone!”

Juan had enough by this point, standing up and following them, he catches Nicolas diving into his room after his Mother, slamming the door behind him. He hurries down the hall, listening as he hears his Mother squealing for a moment, before a moan breaks past her lips, struggling to speak.

“N-no! Don’t come in~!”

There’s clear discomfort in her voice, but Juan can’t obey her, twisting the handle and stepping inside to see an awful sight. His Mother had been bent over his own bed, shorts pulled to her knees with Nicolas’ fingers sliding inside of her quiver asshole. The look on his Mother’s face was sickening, twisted in pleasure, her eyes had rolled up, left unable to make any sounds but lecherous moans, desperate for his touch. Nicolas seemed annoyed with the intrusion, and pulled out his fingers, spitting his words down to Maria as she whimpered to herself.

“I think you’d better show me to my room.”


Even after having degraded her in front of her own son, teaching her how it feels to be humiliated like this, he takes the effort to emphasize what’s about to happen to her. With a smug expression, he gives another slap across Maria’s ass, listening to her cry out in pleasure as both of them watch her cheeks jiggling with each strike, Nicolas finally letting her stand up. Like a young couple rushing towards privacy, she eagerly takes each step with him, awaiting that moment she can hear the door closing behind them, and finally seeing the lecherous beast within him take hold and claim her.

Not believing his eyes, Juan follows them out of his room and watches as Nicolas reels back his hand and gives his Mother’s ass a harsh smack. Expecting her to awaken from her trance and scold him, Jaun feels an overwhelming sense of dread as he watches her arch her back for him to spank her again. Nicolas looks back, locking eyes with Juan as he gives her what she wants, making him painfully listen to her squeal before the two of them disappear into the room. Dejected, disgusted and exhausted both mentally and physically, Juan follows their lead, walking back down the hallway to go into his own room, directly next to Nicolas’.

Slowly, he slumps down into his bed, knowing that just moments ago, his Mother was a squealing mess whilst bent over it.

Just on the other side of the wall, Nicolas had finally gotten Juan’s Mother alone, and took full advantage of it. Before she even turned around to face him, he smacked her plump ass, feeling his hand sink into it. What came out of her mouth could only be described as a whorish moan, something out of a porn movie, not a well-behaved Mother.

“Well well, looks like you’re mine now~”

Nicolas made things clear to Maria, letting her know that nothing was getting in his way now, and he was ready to claim her. With a moment to recover, she turns around, letting Nicolas see the drunk look on her face, completely lost to her overwhelming arousal.

Nicolas wastes no time, her top slowly gets pulled over her head, making her hair look wild and untamed as she frantically reaches behind her and unclips her bra. The sight of her toned body was one thing, but as her bra fell to the floor, a sly smirk across her face, he felt a surge of precum dribble down his dick. Her tits were firm and perky, bouncing as she turned around, running her fingers around the hem of her shorts before bending at the waist, giving him an eyeful of her ass as she dropped it to the floor. It was obscene, as if it had been blown up like a balloon, it was absurd how it jiggle with each motion, as if Maria was built solely to get spanked, then fucked senseless by his white cock.

All that was left were her panties, a tight black thong that covered her crotch, but was swallowed by her asscheeks, disappearing completely. As she straightened herself back out, running her hands down her body as she turned back to face him, Nicolas grabbed a fistful of her hair, bringing her face close, the words that were practically spat at her from his lips filled her mind.

“I’m going to make the fucking loser listening to us hear you scream as you cum on my fucking cock, understand, bitch?!”

Maria visibly throbbed with arousal, her body trembling as she felt like nothing more than his toy, shivering with anticipation at being used by him.

She shattered his illusion of breaking her to his will when she began groping her tits in front of his face, massaging them gently as precum continued dripping down his cock. There was nothing to break, Maria was too eager for his cock to deny him, and let Nicolas know.

Now putty in his hands, Maria pulled away and crawled across the bed, then roughly grabbed at his waist, pulling him in against her skin, grabbing the back of his head before forcing him into a kiss. Her lips sealed around his mouth, her tongue battling with him in a show of control, finally beating him down until he was lost in the pleasure. His legs were shaky, making it easy for her as she broke the kiss and pushed him back onto the bed.

“I’m going to make you pay me back for each time you jerked off whilst thinking of me~”

It was like she had read into his mind, all of the dirty thoughts of having her bent over and screaming for him laid bare, it was embarrassing to admit to her in this way. Despite his hesitations, those thoughts weren’t given much room to develop, Maria lets out a subtle giggle as she slides her panties down her thighs. She discarded the wet fabric to one side,

It was there before him, Nicolas’ fantasy shaking in front of his face, Maria’s bare pussy just begging to be filled. He practically tore his own clothes off, lunging forwards to grasp at her body, claiming it for himself. Maria could only let out a surprised whimper before being pushed onto all-fours, her ass pulled into the air as he began pounding into her quivering hole, still wet and dripping down her thigh from being teased on the sofa, her voice pathetically letting out a squeal with each thrust.

Her tight hole was eager to accept his cock, Nicolas looking down at Maria, watching his dick disappear between her cheeks. Her ridiculous ass cushioned every smack of his hips, making every thrust as pleasant as could be, and thought to himself that this is something he could get used to. With the thought of getting her addicted to his white cock, Nicolas picks up his pace, listening to her moans follow suit, becoming more desperate by the second.

Her surprised and loud moans quickly filled the room, each cry of pleasure in rhythm to his frantic poundings. Maria’s eyes were soon rolled up into her head, tongue lolling from her lips as she helplessly came on his white dick, stretching her pussy out so roughly that she couldn’t resist the pleasure, even if she wanted to. After only a few moments, she had forgotten about Juan, and let her night continue the way he wanted, as his bitch until they passed out from exhaustion.

“Scream for me, you fucking whore! Take my cum and beg for more!”

The rhythmic smacking of her ass echoed in the room, followed by her moans with each thrust, almost a hypnotic sound that coaxed them further into their depravity.

“Yes! Please, more! Fucking cum inside me you white stud!!”

On the other side of the wall, Juan sniffed back his tears, listening to his Mother devolve more by the second, her whimpers becoming moans, her moans becoming cries of pleasure, and as he heard Nicolas grunt, her screaming orgasm in response to being filled by him.

It was awful, being humiliated in front of his own Mother, watching her squirm on the sofa under his gaze, and now listening to her asscheeks smacking against Nicolas’ hips, no choice but to picture her there, bent over for him, letting his dick violate her pussy…

In his sea of self-hatred, Juan couldn’t stop himself from tensing up, the frantic, desperate moans of his Mother building his own arousal, and couldn’t stop himself tearing up as he became hard, Maria screaming out once again in orgasmic bliss.

A brief pause in her moaning gives him a moment to recover, listening to her labored breathing, noticing it becoming louder over a few seconds. Then, a loud thud comes from the wall behind him, and he hears his Mother’s voice.

“N-no, don’t make m- Ah~!”

Nicolas had grabbed her by the hair and shoved her up against the wall, knowing full well who was on the other side. The delicate squeal that broke past her lips was brought on by the stimulation of Nicolas’ cock pushing inside of her again, giving way to the same frantic, whorish moans she fell into a moment ago.

Juan sat there, wide-eyed whilst being forced to listen to his Mother get pumped full of Nicolas’ cum mere inches from him, her resistance shattered in a single motion, his own tension grows, and he realizes just how long of a night this is going to be.