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Bad blue girl

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“It’s her!”


“That girl, you know.”

“That leper?”

“Hey, she’s not like that!”

“How do you know? My mom said I should stay away from her!”


“Yes! We will not play with her! I heard she helped a monster once!”

“Ew! What a weirdo!”

“If you help a monster, you ain’t no better than them!”



Roxanne let out a long sigh as she messed up the knit again, her lips curled backward.


‘Why… why is it always like this?‘

Her fingers were weak, imprecise, and shaky, thus even the basics are proven to be difficult for her, and no amount of passion could change that. She tried to practice at home many times, but even there, the best outcome was always just mediocre.

Maybe she was too harsh on herself?

Well, the poor girl was born with a weak heart, which was the reason she spent most of her time indoors, despite that, she went to an all-girls school. She waged a war against her own body every day, as the sheer force of willpower was pretty much her biggest drive.

Looking around with jealousy in her heart, her biggest wish was to be a normal child like any other, but unfortunately, that couldn’t be the case. No doctor could help with her illness so far, and her future didn’t look bright either.

The classroom was full of girls her age, some of them looked nervous, some confident, and some unbothered. Roxy herself didn’t have any close friendship with them, most of them were neutral or hostile towards her, which fouled her mood further. The current class was about knitting, where the girls had to show what they have learned so far, in this all-girl school. They were educated to be the best housewives possible to support a man who could be a potential soldier for the Order.

Roxanne herself wished to be a good housewife, but she never really had contact with boys, both because of physical and mental reasons. She looked down at the purple knit cloth, which was supposed to look like a scarf. Sadness took over her, as she convinced herself that no man would love the lousy piece of cloth she made. While it wasn’t such a big deal for other girls, hence many of them made an even worse scarf than her, but she expected more out of herself as she was disappointed in herself. All that ambitious idea about being the perfect housewife faded away. She used her left hand to rub her eyes, trying to clear out the tears before anyone noticed.

Her teacher, a woman in her late sixties, walked next between girls, then she suddenly stopped. She carefully examined one of her classmate’s work, who was sitting in front of her and nodded with a small smile. This meant a lot to the student since the teacher was known for her perfectionism.

After this her eyes wandered toward Roxanne’s, the moments they met the poor girl’s sadness turned into anxiety. The teacher adjusted her glasses, then held up the scarf she made. She frowned as she held it in front of her, as if she was mocking her, then held it up so the whole class can see it, making the poor girl’s anxiety even worse.

‘Why did she have to show it to everyone?’ The girl didn’t understand why did she do this, as she could easily just say: it didn’t pass. Perhaps it was because she knew Roxy was an easy target, as most of the villagers weren’t fond of her, or something else. One thing was for sure: she didn’t have any good intentions.

The teacher shook her head.

“Dear, you’ll never find a husband like this... Girls, let this be an example of how not to do it! This is barely enough for a D. Get better, because next time I won’t be so merciful.”

“T-thank you, miss Margaret.” Roxanne bowed down so deep, that her shoulder-length blonde hair hid her entire face.

“Don’t thank me! You should be ashamed that you don’t know it after doing it numerous times! Besides, even this took you so long... a simple scarf! I’m sorry Roxanne, but in the long term, you don’t have a bright future ahead. If I’m honest, you should try a... how to put it in... less demanding school, or stay at home...”

The teacher’s words hurt her more than any physical pain she experienced so far, she didn’t know what emotion was the strongest in her right now. Was it anger, fear, sadness, hopelessness, shame? Maybe all of them mixed together. Her weak heart was really at her limit as she felt light-headed which made her nearly lose consciousness.

Luckily, she managed to not collapse, however she barely remembered the rest of the day as she was completely spaced out. Her head filled with the thoughts of her teacher’s words, they echoed in her mind over and over, even on her way to her home.

Somehow she managed to get home safely, as she finally arrived, she got greeted by her mother smiling at her.

“How was your day, dear?”

The woman asked while holding a cup of tea.

“It was... alright.” Roxy forced herself to smile, while sadness ate her up.

“You want some tea?”

“No, I’m fine.”

The girl said in a monotone way.

“Roxy, you know... I told you this before already, but you don’t need to go to school...”

“I-its fine mom, really, I’m just tired.” She put her shoes down and her backpack into her arm, which she had to hold with both hands, so it won’t slip away. That’s how feeble she was.

“Well, then please get some rest before the checkup, you know he’ll come today.”

“Yes, mom...”

“Rest well, sweety.”

Roxanne made a weak nod and let out a sigh as she slowly walked into her room, while trying to avoid eye contact with her.

The girl’s room was full of her drawings, pinned on walls next to various dried flowers were put behind a glass frame. From time to time she would go outside, before her fatigue kicked in, and collect various flowers, for her every moment she could go outdoors was a big deal. While now in her teenage years she was able to move more freely and not stay indoors all the time, deep down, she knew she will never be a normally functioning adult, let alone a normal teenage girl. She knew it… she knew it deep inside that she was not going to live up to adulthood.

She knew about one last option, which can lead a way for her out of misery.

As time passed she had fewer friends, girls became colder towards her, but still, she didn’t want to throw away the drawings and gifts they sent to her in their preteen years. These people pretty much disappeared from her life, and the older she got, the more lonesome and depressed she became.

She closed the door behind herself, and the tears she held back immediately started to flow, dribbling down on her chin, then ending on the wooden floor, while the pain she felt in her chest became more unbearable for her.

She nearly fell off, but quickly grabbed onto the doorknob to support her own weight.

Using her long-sleeved sweater, she cleared the tears out of her eyes and let the knob go to fall onto the bed. She hugged her pillow and buried her face in it.

‘If only... I was born into a normal body... Greta... you could always go wherever you wanted… Or even that beautiful paladin girl who once brought her squad to rest in our village... To be able to command so many people, while they look up to you. Having the respect of everyone, ah... I wonder… what it feels like. To be the exact opposite of me.’

She tried to doze off, but the moment she fell asleep, she heard a knock on her door.

‘It’s probably him again… Let's just get over with this.’

She pushed herself up and opened the door. Before the girl was the man in a long brown coat, with a grey mustache and a red face, holding a briefcase known as Doctor Norris. This was the man who did checkups on her every two weeks and also the head doctor of the village.

“Hello there Roxy, may I come in?”

The girl weakly nodded as her mind was still on the adventures she’ll never could have. She sat on the bed, gazing forward.

“How are you feeling?” The doctor put his hat, coat, and briefcase down and sat next to her with interlocked his fingers.


“I see… Ah, you went to school again, huh?” Norris looked at the girl with a painful expression, then he gazed forward just like her. He tried to find words but didn’t know what would be the appropriate way to address a girl who looked like a walking corpse.

“Look if you want to-“

“No... it is fine, I will manage, it’s just… hard to do it...”

“Ah... as you wish.”

The man opened his briefcase and searched in it for something.

“Does your chest hurt?”


“Can you describe the pain?”

“It feels like my heart is being squeezed. ”

“I see... the same as usual...”

The man pulled out a transparent jar with a strange red cream-like substance in it.

“Roxy, I’ll be honest with you... I don’t exactly know with what, or how can help you, so I ordered this mana-infused healing cream from the desert kingdom, which might, or might not help you... worst case, it can help you if you have trouble breathing.”

“Thank you...” The girl nodded as she expected this response, and took the jar. Her doctor tried various things on her from herbs, through drugs, but nothing helped so far.

The man looked at her one more time, as the entire atmosphere became heavy. He wanted to say something to her, but quickly closed his mouth while he looked at the girl with a sad expression.

“I... I wish you the best... please rest well until the next checkup. Good night, Roxy.”

“Good night, doctor.”

The man stood up with pain and regret written all over his face, he nodded, walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

There, Roxanne’s mother was already waiting for him.

“So… is she-”

“Let’s go somewhere more private, ma’am.”

Roxanne’s mother bit her lips as she looked down. This could only mean bad news, as the doctor didn’t want the girl to hear it.

She invited him into her bedroom and locked the door.

“Please have a seat, Norris...”

“Thank you Nicole... does she know that we?”

“No... I don’t intend to say her either...”

“I think she should know at least about us.”

“Norris, if I tell her, she would collapse... Since Carl left us, everything turned worse.”

“Nicole, I told you already, she doesn’t have much time lef-“

“I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT!’ The woman yelled angrily at the man.

“Not so loud, dammit! She’ll hear it.”

“To hell with all Norris! Not only I get left with a sick child, and you can’t help us either! Nobody can! For some damned reason, just because she once helped a damned monster? She was eight! She didn’t even know what that thing was, and... and-“

The woman sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands. The doctor sat down next to her, tapping her back.

“I tried everything, dear... the Order refuses to help because of that incident… it has been documented, but even if they did- her illness is a genetic disorder. I doubt even magic can heal it, since it is used for physical harm. It would require gene modifications which… we or at least I am not capable of.”

“How much she has left?” Nicole sniffed as she put her face back into her palms.

“One or two years, at best, with constant treatments, approximately.”

The woman broke out in tears as the man tried to comfort her.

From the other side of the door, Roxanne bit her lips and run back to her room, while crying.



Months passed as the girl’s condition visibly got worse. She persisted on going to school, but she knew that eventually, she won’t be able to attend it. Her social anxiety and depression worsened too, as she became a victim of bullying again. One day was especially dark for her, as she found her workbooks in the toilet. She just sat through the classes with a sad face.

“Hmm, you aren’t paying attention again? Oh, what the- by the Chief God go back home! You look sick!”

The teacher snarled at the girl, who didn’t even notice it, nor she didn’t hear her. Barely even realizing that the day was over, she didn’t even know how she got home, as she felt lightheaded. 

Her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen, greeting her, but she didn’t say a word back to her, just walked right into her room.

“Roxy... do you want to talk? Can I come in?” She knocked on her door, but no voice came out of the room. After waiting, she let out a sigh and left back to the kitchen, while wondering how to comfort her daughter.

‘I don’t know what to do… why did you have to leave us, Carl? You left a sick daughter and me with no support…’ She massaged her eyebrows and leaned on the table.

Meanwhile, Roxanne put her bag on the corner as she looked around the room. She walked next to the wall, touching the various drawings on it, remembering the story behind every single one.

Memory after memory, both good and bad, came to her mind. She stopped at one, which had two stick figures on it.

This one was different from the others. It had probably one of the biggest impact in her life, even if it was a long time ago.

She drew herself down on it, as a stick figure, while the other one was bigger, had two animal-like ears and a tail, and was colored with a black crayon.

A monster.

This one was the monster woman, which was chased away by the villagers after discovering Roxanne hid her from others. According to the monster girl named Greta, she was a hellhound, who was on a self-realizing journey at a young age. 

Roxanne was in awe at the hellhound girl, that was the exact opposite of her, yet still, they became friends quickly. Probably it contributed to their friendship as the hellhound and she were both outcasts.

While the monster girl loved to brag about her great clan, she hated being told what to do by others. She was wild, adventurous, brave, determined, and full of energy, as she could only listen to her great stories, which may or may not have been true, but she loved every single one.

Her friendship with the hellhound became to an end, as the villagers, including her mother, were against it. When they discovered, they chased the monster girl away, which left the girl alone again. From that day, she never heard of Greta again.

As she tried to support her own weight, leaning against the wall, she spotted the knife she used to cut flowers with.

‘What if…’

Her breath became heavy.

The temptation became great as she looked at it to just end it all. No matter how desperate she got, it never crossed her mind to end her life, but today was different. Very different. 

‘I can end it all... right here and right now...’ She grabbed the knife and put it next to her wrist.

‘I wonder if someone will miss me… I mean… life wasn’t so good anyway…’ The blade touched her skin, she could feel it entering her skin as a red blood droplet dribbled down her forearm, as the knife continued to travel upwards. 

‘It doesn’t even hurt that much... maybe I became too numb… but maybe... maybe mom would miss me, no? But... she has doctor Norris now, no?’ She hesitated to pull the blade further, as her breath slowed down.

“Maybe it’s for the best... I was only a burden to mom and dad too... that’s why he left…” The knife dropped down from her hands as she felt lightheaded.

“I... I can’t even end my own life... why... WHY AM I SO MISERABLE?!”

She got on all four to pick the knife up, but she couldn’t. Her strength faded as she started seeing double.

“Why do I feel so heavy?”

Roxanne didn’t even notice how big the cut was on her arm, as she was kneeling in a pool of red blood on the floor.

“Ah… mom...” She shut her eyes down, as she dropped to the floor.



Roxanne’s eyelids were heavy, but she managed to pry them open.

The environment seemed different from hers. Everything looked strange and unfamiliar. She was lying on a luxurious-looking bed in a room she couldn’t recognize. The entire room was dominated by gold and white color, even the curtains looked luxurious. She wore a white pajama she had never seen in her life. 

“Hello, there little girl! Did you sleep well?”

The girl’s eyes widened as she looked next to her left. The divine voice belonged to a woman who looked as if she was part of the room, smiling at the girl with her fingers interlocked. She wore elegant suit-like white clothes, her braided long white-silver hair which ended around her hips. The strangest parts of the smiling sharp-faced woman were the two wings coming out from her lower back, and the halo shining with a faint yellow glow above her head.

“You slept for a long time... which is not unusual for people who had an exhausting life. My name is Elanie, nice to meet you!” She bowed down.


“Yes, Roxanne.” She nodded. “It will be hard to process for you, but this is the place where souls go after they die.” 


“I will explain to you in detail.”

The angelic woman sat down on the corner of the bed, then she sighed.

“You took your life by your own hands... which makes your ascension to heaven a bit... complicated. Suicide is a sin after all…”

Roxanne just looked in front of her, as she bit her lips, then back at the angel. She couldn’t believe what the angelic woman said. 

“Did I... really do it?”

“Relax, dear, don’t need to be sad. You just need to take a few extra steps.”


“Roxanne, I know it’s hard to believe, but you have to accept the facts, and face judgment.”

A little book appeared in her hands with the name Roxanne Vale on it. Elanie flipped through the pages, while silently nodding to herself, then closed the book, which immediately disappeared.

“Your story was rather short... I’m sorry that you had to end your journey this way, however, I noticed something else too, that needs to be addressed. Despite you, and your family being devoted to our lord the Chief God, you also became pretty close to a monstrous creature...”

Roxy bit her lips. She knew something bad will come.

The angelic woman shut her eyes down, crossed her arms, and shook her head.

“This is no good young lady, thinking that you won’t be the burden to your own mother and taking your own life and being friends with an abomination... this is indeed no good... as you might not get access into heaven, as you made taboos.”

Roxanne gripped the sheets. What would she say in this horrid situation? The angel didn’t let her to heaven, which meant…

“Please tell me... is this real or I am dreaming?”

She did a faint hope that this is just a bad dream. After a miserable life, even in death, she couldn’t find peace.

“Ah, I see you still have doubts... I can assure you, you died as your frail body and mind couldn’t take it anymore. You bled out, Roxy.”

Roxanne unconsciously tapped her forearm where she made the cut, but she couldn’t feel the injury, nor she didn’t see any marks.

“Don’t worry about that, your body suffered damage, not your soul. Now let us focus on what matters... your afterlife!” Elanie put her hands on Roxanne’s, as she looked into the girl’s eyes. The girl slightly shook as she felt her warmth, but didn’t understand why this warmth felt strange. It was not bad, but she didn’t feel safe or soothed, as angels were described by books or those who actually saw them.

Maybe there was something else within her, a desire. A desire to live… She felt as if the angel was mocking her.

“You did a few... well... hiccups so you can’t ascend yet to heaven... Maybe within time, but now you need to enter the Purgatory, dear, where will face many hardships, and trust me-“

The angel continued her monologue, but Roxanne mind’s was wandering away. All she saw was the angel’s lips moving while she made slight movements with her hands.

She felt anger.

“Why can’t I just have peace?” She said in a low, sad voice as she looked in front of her, not even looking at the angel.

The angel paused her monologue as she looked at the girl with a shocked expression.

“Dear, this is something all of you humans have to face, before you can enter heaven. It might take a few months or years to attune for your sins, but it’s worth it!”

“But... I wanted to enjoy life...”

“Oh, dear...” The angel sighed. “Not everyone has an equal life... some have it more difficult than others. If everyone was the same, it would be boring, you know.”

“Then- why do I have to suffer? Even now?”

“It’s just a part of the cycle since ancient times. Look, dear, even your friends, family, and classmates have some struggles. Even if it looks like they have everything in order.”

“Classmates? Friends? Family?”

Roxanne’s whole body twitched, as her sadness got turned into anger. She remembered everything.

“Take it easy, dear. You need to accept your fate, and-”

“I... don’t want to... I wanted to have a good, fun life, as they had! Or what Greta, or that paladin lady! But... I... I don’t want to suffer more! I wanted a life… just to be an ordinary girl!” She looked at the angel with tearful eyes.

The angel didn’t say a word as she pat the girl’s head.

“Take your time... Life is unfair, I know it. You might feel frustrated, but this is the way it’s supposed to be- Some people just die with a lot of regrets as they didn’t live life to their fullest. Unfortunately, comfort and happiness are not an option for you right now.”

“NO!” Roxanne yelled at the angel, as she pushed her hand away. “DIDN’T I SUFFERED ENOUGH?! I JUST WANTED TO BE A NORMAL GIRL!” She burst out in tears.

“I’m sorry, Roxy, that’s not how life… and fate works...”

“If you let it, instead of you taking control!”

The angel’s eyes widened as she heard the voice echoing in the room, as Roxanne stopped crying out of shock.

In the middle of the room, a crack appeared, which quickly spread all over the room, the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Purple light shined through the gaps, as the cracks multiplied and became wider.

“N-no way! You can’t be here!” The angel visibly got frustrated as she frowned and grit her teeth.

A demonic entity was coming.

“Hmm- Why not?”

The angel felt as if someone stabbed her in the back as her whole body began to tremble.

She felt something very unpleasant. Someone breathed down on her neck.

She jumped away quickly, to look right into the crimson red eyes of a demonic woman. She twirled her long white hair with some light blue color in it, gazing at the angel with satisfaction. On her head two white, finely shaped, curvy horns were present. Her overly proportioned breasts jiggled while she continued to gaze at the angel with half-opened eyes. The creature had two bat-like wings and a tail too which ended in a heart shape, accompanied by a purple ribbon on it. 

Roxy was completely speechless, as she felt it in her bones: this woman is no ordinary monster.


The curvy, hourglass figured demonic woman in a frilly dark purple dress shrugged while smiling smugly at the angel.

“Being the daughter of the demon lord has its perks… I guess.”

Elanie became furious as the demonic creature taunted her.

“I don’t think that girl over here wants what YOU want, little angel.” She pointed at Roxanne with her long sharp nails, which made the girl gulp.

“D-don’t fuck with me!” The angel’s hands turned into fists. “You have no business in meddling with the afterlife!”

“Ho~ but we are not in the afterlife...”

“You know what I mean! Demon Princess Helena, your kind does not belong here!”

“No business, you say~” The demonic woman walked in her clacking purple high heels to the bed and sat on its corner, then crossed her legs. She turned her head towards the shaking girl.

“Don’t fear, girl... I won’t let her take you~ Ah~ I forgot to introduce myself... I always do, maybe it’s due to age… very well then: I am Helena Maria, a lilim, daughter of the demon lord. Nice to meet you, young Roxanne~” She winked at the girl.

“This is absurd! She doesn’t have your filthy taint, nor is she one of you! She’s a pureblood human, which means after death her soul to the Chief God as it’s supposed to be!” The angel yelled her last line, as her eyes were bloodshot. The mere thought of her seeing this lilim infuriated her, but she knew that attacking her right now would be an unwise choice. She wasn’t trained in combat, as she served as a guide to the afterlife, which meant the odds were stacked against her.

“Hmm~ Have you ever asked her what SHE wants?” The lilim raised an eyebrow, then turned away from her to Roxanne."I think it’s the perfect time to do so... Roxanne, do you want to go to heaven? Your spirit now is currently in a limbo between life and death, so... technically I can bring you back to life!"

She smiled at Roxanne, not even bothering to look at the angel.

“W-what? Really?” The girl gulped.

“Yes, but... there is a slight complication here. Unfortunately, I can’t bring you back as a human, after all, this cute angel is right.” She pointed at Elanie. “You indeed are a creature of light by default, which means even I don’t have the power to snatch you away from here... However, if you were a monster, a creature of darkness-“

“Then I could go back?”

Roxy felt strange. She wasn’t afraid of the woman, yet it was completely illogical for one to not try to run from a creature like this.

“Yes!” The lilim nodded gently.

“Stop screwing around, you hellspawn! I admit that you being able to show yourself here is a big feat, but pulling someone back to life through darkness?! That is ridiculous! Even you don’t have that kind of power!”

“Ha! You underestimate me, angel! If the girl’s will to live is strong, after monsterization it would be an easy job! Then I place her soul into her body! Or I suppose so... Time here is slower than down there, so in theory, it can work.” She shrugged. “Now listen closely Roxanne, do you have any idea why am I here? Before you?”

“No... not at all.” The girl shook her head.

“I will tell you then. You wanted to become a monster all along. Your heart desired to be one since you met a certain hellhound, but... you tried to suppress the urge.”

“Wait, no I... I don’t. It never crossed my mind!”

“Don’t lie to yourself, Roxy... I’m one of the daughters of the demon lord, trust me, we can feel it when a woman wants to become a monster really badly. After all, we specialize in turning women into one.” The lilim puffed her huge chest. “I can assure you I’m the third-best amongst my sisters when it comes to this! My best record is exactly nineteen seconds! No potion is that fast! Most of my siblings need at least twenty or more!”

The angel frowned upon this last statement.

“Hmph~ Perhaps it’s due to my motherly charm, and how much people like me! Ohoho~” The demonic woman let out a haughty laugh. “Come here, you cutie pie!” She suddenly hugged the startled girl, who could only blink as the curvy woman embraced her in her warmness and huge bosom.

“Worry not, I can give you the life you always desired... To be healthy, be an excellent housewife, have a nice family and a man who you can love... you only need to say a word! However...”

She released the girl as she caressed her chin while looking into the girl’s eyes.

“Your human body is a feeble one. Even if there was a way for me to bring you back to life, I don’t think you would want to go back to being sick and bedridden and wake up within a few years here again, so as I change your soul here your body will adapt and change too. This time I could help you, but I don’t think Miss Angel and her company would let such a thing happen again. You have to make your choice, Roxy... I understand that too if you just want to go to heaven, but... I don’t think my assumptions were wrong, as I can feel it inside you... you were filled with jealousy towards that hellhound especially, as you still want to enjoy life to the fullest. I can give you this pleasure, on one condition... you have to become a monster! I can even take you under my wings, and teach you a thing or two.”

The girl didn’t know what to say, just looked at the lilim, as she released her chin. 

“I would say to take your time, under normal circumstances, but as you see, Miss Angel over there is getting impatient, as she is really against my presence here… Not to mention they will sooner or later dispatch valkyries, and they are very capable of combat, which means I cannot proceed with you.”

She quickly turned towards the angel, who frowned at the lilim. “Elanie, was it? I think you already explained to her what happens to her if she remains as she is now, but I’m generous... If Roxanne wants to walk the path fate made for her, then so be it...”

“My whole life was miserable... I... don’t want any more of that!”

Roxanne’s whole life flashed before her. She wanted to go back really badly. Some part of her still desired after a long rest, but if what this woman said was right, she knew this was once in a lifetime chance. 

The lilim happily smiled at her as the angel sighed and shook her head. She despised the demon, but something within her told her she needs to respect the girl’s choice too.

“I knew it, it’ll end up like this... You are SO lucky, demonic princess, that I’m powerless against you.”

“Oh, please... just enjoy the show! I HIGHLY suggest you not to interfere...”

The angel clicked her tongue, but the lilim ignored her.

“Now then, let us begin! First, I must search in your mind, to see what monster race suits you the best, for maximum satisfaction with your new ‘you’.” The lilim sat close to the girl and put her right index and middle finger on Roxanne’s forehead. The girl felt a hot sensation where Helena touched her.

“Let’s see...Hmm... kindness and passivity, yet a lot of passion, hidden dreams, ideas, the desire to be strong too...” Helena scratched her jaw, while in deep thoughts. “You adored that hellhound girl before... but I don’t sense that savagery from you... no, you are more... elegant. Na-na, it definitely doesn’t suit you. Hmm~ what is this affinity for household chores... also knitting? It seems like you really wanted to be good at it, which means… How about this: an arachne! Yes! Half spider, half-human and- Oh... uh sorry.”

The girl shook in a cold sweat.

“Y-yes, that would be a bad idea... Sorry dear, I noticed you are not fond of spiders.” The lilim shuddered. “Let me tell you, me neither… Now let’s continue... you are fond of nature, too. Maybe an elf? Hmm... I sense here something else too... Yep, I was right... the desire to dominate!”

The lilim smiled smugly at the girl, who turned red.

“Ah, you don’t need to be shy about that. A lot of women want to take lead, you know. Don’t be afraid to be who you are! Hmm- but that is not very elf-like. So, if not an elf, how about a dark elf? But… you are not that sadistic yet, but you can be, you know! You want to pay back to your classmates and everyone who wronged you, no?

Roxanne bit her lips.

“Maybe it’s not suited for you… yeah, you might have a tendency to dominate, but not in a rough way, but in a different way, in a tender, gentler one. This can be… Oho, I think you would be a very cute succubus, and- “

The lilim stopped as her crimson red eyes dilated.

“Ohoho~ wait! There is something else here, not just domination, but also hidden ambition, in the darkest corner of your mind.”

Both Roxanne and Elanie gulped as the lilim smiled smugly.

“This is… more of a boyish trait. You know, every boy in his life dreams of being really strong or even the strongest, at least once? From you… this might be hidden deep down, yet it is still very potent in you... interesting indeed~ Especially after all those years of weakness. You want to taste true power! Which you will under my wings! It is settled, then. I know now exactly what species you will be!”

The angel didn’t like the lilim’s last sentence, as it sounded very sinister, how Roxanne wanted to taste true power.

“W-what are you going to do to her?!”

The lilim rolled her crimson eyes and snapped her fingers. To the angel’s horror, a purple tentacle emerged from the cracks in front of her. Before she could scream, the tentacle quickly coiled around her mouth to keep it shut. She wanted to remove it, trying to pull it off, but the tentacle didn’t budge.


“Please don’t interfere, or those tentacles can enter where not even your halo’s light can shine.” The lilim removed her hands from the girl’s head, then gave her a headpat. “I know exactly what species you will be! From the succubus family, you will become a beautiful demon! Now please open your mouth a little, I will fuse my power with you~” Helena put her own index and middle finger into her mouth, then pulled it out, leaving it fully covered with her saliva.

Roxanne hesitated a little, but eventually, she opened her mouth.

“Say aaah~” She put her fingers into the girl’s mouth who didn’t even have time to be surprised, how warm it was. Her whole body immediately got heated up as the sensation pulsated inside her mouth.

“Shh... relax. Mommy Helena will make you feel really good! Hmm, this will be my third time I make a spirit to feel good~”

The lilim’s tail coiled around Roxanne’s waist as she pulled out her warmth emitting gentle hands, and slid them on towards the girl’s chest. She squirmed and moaned as even the touch from her fingers felt phenomenally good. 

“HMM!” The angel fidgeted, while her eyes widened as she had to watch how the demonic creature played with the girl’s spirit. She couldn’t believe what she saw, the girl’s skin turned into an unnatural light blue color, as she squirmed with pleasure while Helena’s fingers were inside her vagina. 

Roxanne’s eyes rolled upwards. She never felt such sensation before in her entire life, even masturbation by herself felt nowhere near as good as the lilim’s skillful fingers, as if she knew her body better than Roxy herself.

Helena smirked as she pulled her fingers out.

“Now comes the best part!” Her heart-shaped tail took the finger’s place, as it immediately entered the girl’s vagina, making the poor girl squirt from pleasure as it massaged her inner walls.

The girl felt her canines growing inside her mouth, from her skull, two jagged black horns grew out, which ended with a red tip. Her sclera turned black as her eyes turned crimson red, while the clothes around her chest and hips became tighter. From her back two bat-like wings emerged, above her buttocks, a jet black tail came out, which ended with a heart shape, just the lilim’s. She lost count of how many times she came during the transformation as she breathed heavily, she never felt such strong multiple orgasms.

“Transformation complete! Sorry... I got a little carried away, so the transformation took longer, it was so much fun to play with you!” Helena kissed the girl’s forehead and pulled her tail out leaving a trail of body fluids. “Now take a look at yourself!” She snapped her fingers, making a mirror appear from a purple mist next to the girl. A demonic creature looked back at her.

“I-Is that...”

“Yes, that is you! A perfect demon, I hope you like it!”


She could have freaked out, yet the demon which looked back at her was really beautiful. Roxanne immediately put her hands on her chest, which was quite bigger than her original one. She squeezed her breasts to make sure they are real.

“Aaah!” She nearly came just from just a touch as her hands sunk into her bountiful bosom.

“Oho, easy girl, you are sensitive, you know! Especially right after transformation. I modeled you a bit after myself, so don’t be surprised if guys will call you mommy, tee-hee~” The lilim winked at Roxanne.

“I feel... incredible! Thank you, Miss Helena!” The girl hugged the lilim, as her tears immediately began to flow. For the first time in her life, she felt strong.

“Oh, my... Y-you are welcome...” She bit her lips to hold back her tears, and hugged the girl back, then released her. “It’s time for you to go back to life. The moment you enter your original body, it’ll turn into what you look like now.”

She released her too and happily nodded.

“Now what else… oh, I know! Some new attire. I will give you a glimpse of what awaits you.”

Helena snapped her fingers as the white pajamas disappeared to be replaced by a revealing demonic attire, which showed a lot of her blue skin. The clothes had gold lining on a black and red base squeezing her breast and hips, her shoulders and stomach remained bare as her arms were covered with gloves ending in red sharp tips. Her legs had a thigh high heeled boots out of the same material.

“Ehe… It’s- It’s so... lewd...”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. In time, you’ll be able to change your clothes with magic easily too!”

The lilim snapped her fingers, which made the mirror and the tentacles disappear, as the angel nearly dropped on all fours. Roxanne sighed as even if she was a demon now, she felt like needs to apologize to the withered angel. Was it still her human soul, or it was her nature to be polite? She didn’t know, but she stood up from the bed and bowed down in front of the angel.

“I’m sorry, Miss Elanie, I can’t go to the afterlife yet. I want to fulfill my wish, and restart my life from now.” She leaned back as she fidgeted, nearly losing her balance, as she wasn’t used to standing or walking in high heels, but the lilim quickly teleported behind her, catching the girl.

“Now I know what should I will teach you first: How to strut in high heels gracefully in a sexy way! This might seem like a minor thing, but it is very important to the demon race, not to mention boys get really mesmerized by it!” She leaned closer to the girl. “Also, don’t tell some I said this, but even the top monsters who can’t wear them get jealous. That’s how powerful it is.” She said it in a low voice, while she lolled out her tongue playfully.

The angel sighed hearing all these educations by Helena, but she felt like being angry with the girl wouldn’t be right. She hated to admit it, but seeing Roxanne being happy and smiling made her filled with warmth, just like how onlooking the scene of her being fingered and tail-fucked aroused her too.

“W-Whatever... just go. I can’t keep you here anyway. You made your choice, as from now on, the gates of heaven are closed forever for you… Be happy for the rest of your life. Hmph, now I also have to find a new one-”

“What?” The lilim looked at the angel, dumbfounded.

“Don’t act so surprised, demon princess. I let a girl to be corrupted in front of me. I will definitely face judgment, as my immortality will be taken, and I will be banished in the best case however that is not for me to judge. Now take your leave.” She said flatly, to hide her emotion.

“Thank you, Miss Elanie.” Roxanne bowed again.

“Thank you, angel Elanie, maybe your kind is not that bad after all… until we meet again.”

“Just… go. Farewell Roxanne Vale.”

The lilim nodded at her, as a dark black-purple portal opened behind them. The angel crossed her arms and watched how the two walked into it. The portal slowly closed behind them, as the cracks in the whole room closed up and disappeared as if they were never been there.

Elanie sat down on the bed, and with a heavy heart, she touched the place where Roxanne rested.

‘Maybe I care too much about humans and their happiness… Yes… Too much."‘

On her face, a weak smile appeared. She closed her eyes and waited for her judgment, while sitting in silence.

This was her last day as an angel. 



Only one faint candlelight shined through the darkness in front of the Vale family’s house. Everyone in the village was afraid to get close to the wooden house where the girl named Roxanne disappeared, leaving only a pool of blood behind. The villagers didn’t know what exactly happened to her, some speculated it was the hellhound from back then that ate her in whole. Since then, her mother’s mood changed for the worse, she fell into a deep depression, not doing anything, nor talking to anyone, including her lover. She was just sitting in a chair while leaning on the table the whole day while trying to cope with the fact: her daughter was probably dead. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, as the light burned out, leaving complete darkness outside.

“Please leave this mourning mother alone.” She massaged her eyes, as she pushed herself up.

“Mom, it’s me, Roxanne.”

The woman immediately stood up, nearly falling down, as she heard her daughter’s voice.

“R-Roxy?! Is that you?!”

“Yes, mom... but-“

She hurried towards the door, trying to open it, but she couldn’t as Roxy held it.

“What are you-“

“Mom, please... don’t try to open the door, just listen to me.”

“What are you doing?! Roxy?!”

“Please mom… listen to me... I changed, and I’m not sure you will like the new me.”

Roxanne’s mother released the knob.

“What are you talking about?”

“Mom, please be calm. I changed, as I was reborn as a new person, since I… I died there. I don’t think you’ll like what you will see, so I came to apologize for the mess I caused, and to bid farewell.”

“Don’t give me that, Roxy!”

She grabbed the knob again and tried her best to pull the door back, but it didn’t budge. It was strange for her to think her daughter was strong enough to hold it so firmly.


“Yes, mom?”

“If it’s really you, please release the door.”

“I can’t, mom. You will freak out- I changed a lot, as I was saved, by a really nice woman, who... well, she is a monster princess.”

The woman made a huge sigh, as she could barely stand on her legs.

“This princess made it possible for me to be reborn. I took my own life, but then she gave me another chance at life! I’m not that feeble human girl anymore!”

“Roxy, open the door.” She said with sadness in her voice.

“Mom… I… Fine.” The girl bit her lower lips as she released the knob with a heavy heart, and prepared for the worst.

Before the woman, a demon stood, her blue skin was illuminated by the light of candles and fireplace. This creature, which heavily resembled her daughter, had an otherworldly charm, she wasn’t that feeble-looking human girl anymore.

The woman knew it: this is not another entity impersonating her daughter: she really is Roxanne as her motherly instinct knew it the moment she saw it.

For a moment, Roxy hesitated to open her eyes even so her mother won’t see how otherworldly they are. She slowly opened them and looked at her mother with sadness.

“Well, this is the new me... I’m sorry, mom I-“

“Roxy!” her mother immediately hugged the girl. “Do you really think I care about your appearance? I’m so glad I got you back!” The woman’s tears dripped down her face, as she embraced her daughter’s warmness, as she hugged her back.

“Mom! I’m sorry! I thought you’ll hate me...”

“How could I hate my only daughter? Roxy... I’m the one who should apologize, I was so succumbed to my own sadness since your dad left I- I couldn’t help you. I failed as a mother. Please, Roxy, excuse me for my foolishness.”

“It’s okay mom... I love you...”

“Roxy! Thank you!”



“That was a very nice job Roxy, I’m proud of you!”

“Really?! I... I mean, naturally.” Roxanne flipped her long black hair.

“Heh, you look so cute when you try to be haughty. However, you’ll have a long way to go with learning magic... and to be sassy.” She gave the girl a headpat.

“Ugh, please not in public Miss Helena, it’s embarrassing, what if someone sees me? A strong and prideful demon being pampered…” The girl tried to dodge her, but the demonic woman was quick.

“No one escapes from my affection and care! Which reminds me... did you-?”

“Yes, I did come into terms with mom... she was against me leaving, but... now since I can teleport, it's easier to make contact with her, so she mellowed up, as I often visit her.”

“Ha! I told you it’ll come handy. So that’s where you disappear every day, although I thought you chase boys, or… still harbor hatred against the people who wronged you.”

“Ah well, I can’t forget them, in fact, I already plan to give my hometown a gift.” She said with confidence.

“Hmm- It was a good idea to change you into a demon after all! However, girl, remember that you can’t live solely on revenge, after all, spreading love is our priority!”

“Yes, I know. With my plan, I will kill two birds with one stone. I will make sure the villagers will spread the love after they meet me!”

“Hoho- the way you think is already demon-like. What about your mother?”

“Well... at first when I discussed this with her she freaked out, but she continue to oogle my… ehem... assets and how healthy I am, in the right places, so eventually I think she was not against it... in fact, I sensed jealousy from her.”

“You are really boosting my ego there girl, Ohoho~ I did a wonderful job! Now I will step back and see how creative you can get by turning your hometown into a mamono realm~ Now go and corrupt them all!”

“I will, Miss Helena!” Roxanne smirked. She didn’t even remember when was the last time she made a hearty smile.

“Oh, please Helena will suffice, but you can call me mom, stepmom, or even auntie too!”

“Thank you… eh- mom?”

“Ehehe, it was a bit awkward, but I take it.” The lilim chuckled.

“Miss Helena, Roxanne.”

A tall purple-skinned woman with braided silver hair with a black tunic appeared in front of the lilim. She spread her wings made of pure black feathers, as the glow from her purple halo illuminated Roxanne’s and Helena’s face.

“Can I accompany Roxanne on her mission? I would like to… learn.”

“Of course, I don’t see why not.” The lilim nodded.

“Ah well… I’m still new to this, but I would be happy if you accompanied me.” Roxanne smiled at the dark angel. “Thank you, Elanie. After I’m done with my village… I think I’ll go and find my father.”

The dark angel nodded, then they both disappeared into nothingness, leaving the lilim twirling her hair with satisfaction.