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Trick or Treating with the Avengers

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"Bucky?” Steve asked as he knocked on his door. “You ready?” “One second!” Bucky yelled back. A moment later the door opened and a grinning Bucky was right behind it. Steve’s jaw dropped and his heart stopped. Bucky was wearing his army suit from the forties. Steve had to force himself to close his mouth before drool started dripping out.

“You look.. uh gre- good. You look good.” He said nodding to himself. Bucky looked him up and down and grinned. “I certainly look better than you.” Steve cocked an eyebrow. “Excuse you..!” He replied cockily.

“Thanks!” Bucky replied with a smirk, before walking out of his room and through the tower. Steve quickly joined his side, too afraid that staying behind him would make him collapse. Bucky looked so great in his old uniform; his hair was still long and messy showing that they were in fact in 2015, but the suit fitted him just like it did back in the forties. Steve felt a strange sense of nostalgia, but at the same time he was overwhelmed by butterflies.

Steve himself was wearing a dinosaur onesie, ‘cause he hadn’t had time to find anything else. While walking next to Bucky he kept glancing at him and then quickly looking away again as he felt his knees give in.

When they arrived at the rest of the group they found their way to a subway and moved up town.

Steve walked behind the group the entire night, just simply staring at how great Bucky looked. Every now and then Bucky would look back at him and Steve’s heart would skip a beat, even worse if Bucky would smile at him.

It had been a very long time since Steve had last seen Bucky smile. It was a thing he would never forget. Most importantly it was a thing he would have given anything for to see again one more time, and he didn’t even have to give anything. He didn’t have to lose a single thing to get this wonderful, beautiful and most certainly remarkable thing back into his life.

It was one of those moments, where Steve would just daydream and stand still in the middle of the street, again. Bucky turned around, noticing he didn’t hear Steve anymore. He noticed him standing in the middle of the street about a hundred feet back. He smiled at him, softly laughing to himself; this was the fourth time he had done that.

Steve’s knees went weak as he caught Bucky’s smile. This was not how he wanted to feel. His heart was racing, he was slightly lightheaded and his knees were giving in on him. Bucky noticed and ran over to him, immediately wrapping his arms around him to hold him up.

“You okay there, Steve?” Bucky still wasn't completely Bucky, and he loved to say Steve's name to remind himself of who he is and who Steve is. Steve leant his head against Bucky’s shoulder for a second before he looked up. “Yeah I’m good… just got a little dizzy.”

Bucky moved his hands to Steve’s shoulders and moved backwards to take a good look at him. His eyes scanned his body head to toe and back to head. Their eyes met and Steve could feel his knees giving in again but he fought back. Bucky's arms slipped away from Steve's shoulders, down to his hands. His hands lingered in Steve's for a couple seconds, making Steve's heart speed up like crazy.

Suddenly Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve's neck and pulled him close. "We can go back if you want to?" Steve shook his head. "No. Bucky you're having fun, you can't stop that because of me." Bucky shook his head in response. "Steve, Steve, Steve... always putting other people's happiness before your own."

If there was one thing Bucky had learned from staying with the Avengers it was that Steve always puts everyone's needs and happiness before his own. He wasn't sure what to think about it.

"Bucky, I'm happy if you're happy." The truth in that sentence was astonishing. Steve wanted nothing more than to see Bucky happy and tonight he was, so Steve wasn't going to interfere with that. "Go. Go have fun. I'll follow." Steve demanded. Bucky checked Steve's face to see if he meant it and Steve put on his best smile. Bucky nodded and let go of Steve before he turned around and pretty much skipped away. Steve giggled softly and followed with a slight sigh.