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Looking Glass Blues

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Mia reminded herself that pacing the room wasn’t going to her her anywhere. Not that she had anywhere to pace. They’d put her in a hotel room and half of the team that wasn’t HER team was staring at her. The not-Bart had offered to buy dinner - Mia had a sneaking suspicion it was because he himself was hungry - but she didn’t have enough of an appetite to think of what she wanted. She’d always known that being with Richard probably would have killed her if Green Arrow hadn’t changed everything, but the fact that she was now probably in a world where it had happened was kind of intense.

The idea that she was in “a world” with any differences was intense, she amended. Multiple universes were all over the place. She knew that. But it was people like Batman who ended up in them. Not a lowly kid. Her job was to beat up bad guys. Be a Titan. Get yelled at by Harper for feeding Lian too much chocolate when she was babysitting her, only for him to go and give her a pudding cup. Shoot arrows at those who would harm the weak. Mia clenched her fist and took a deep breath. She could do this. The Justice League seemed respected here, wherever “here “was. They’d figure it out. They could send her home and they’d give her back her bow when they did. As long as she was calm and waited it out it would all be ok.

There was so much to sort out, though. She was still in a world where she was technically dead, unless Batman had IDed her wrong and....Batman didn’t make mistakes. The DNA thing was just a formality. She was without weapons, and trapped in a room with a group of people who found her just as strange as she found them. And if she was here for any length of time she was going to need to bring uncomfortable things up. Miserably, she curled up in the middle of the bed, trying to ignore the people still watching her.

Well, the man still watching her. Artemis, the archer, seemed to mostly be ignoring her. The Kid Flash was the one that was being nosy. Annoyance grew within her, and she tried to tamp it down and just pulled her knees to her chest, staring at the wall. She was better than this. She should be handling it better. Regardless of who she’d been here, she was a hero. Heroes didn’t have breakdowns. The Kid Flash gave her a look, seemed to be about to sit down beside her and Mia hoped he didn’t, because she might have to hurt him when he was obviously trying to be nice, in his own unique way.

A knock on the door saved them both, as he, well, flashed over to peer through the peephole and then pull the door open, admitting two...

...other people she didn’t recognize, and yet who seemed weirdly familiar. A short young man with dark hair, wearing a ridiculous pair of sunglasses, and a young redhead. Both nodded to her.

“This the girl?” The dark-haired kid asked, and Mia felt almost as sized up as when Batman had been staring at her. Not-Bart nodded.

“I’m Robin,” the kid said shortly, “This is Miss Martian.”

Mia paused. Stared. Knew she was staring and decided that being in an alternate universe gave her special compensation to do so. So she stared at the younger Robin, trying to place him. Just like Kid Flash wasn’t Bart, this obviously wasn’t the Robin she knew, or any Robin she knew. However, it was likely he would be the one who could fix the most pressing of her immediate problems, even if he was only about four feet tall. Slowly, she climbed to her feet. She couldn’t put this off, as much as she hated to ask this of someone who looked like a kid. “You good with computers?”

Robin gave her a very dry look. “The best.”

Mia blinked. Well, he was cocky like the littlest Robin, the one that had worked Nightwing when he’d been Batman. Maybe he was an older version of him. “I need medications and was hoping someone could get me into the pharmacy system.”

“And it can’t wait until you go to the doctor?” The kid looked bored now. Not what Mia was hoping for. Not that she was sure what she was hoping for. An immediate “what can I do to help?” would have been a bit too optimistic, probably.

“Not…really,” Mia said quietly. Hoping this strange upside-down world she was in even had AIDs in it, she braced herself.“I’m HIV-positive.”

And now everyone was staring now. Mia swallowed and kept her gaze on the minute Robin, ignoring everyone else. “I only ever carry one dose on me. I’ll need more tomorrow.”

Please, she pleaded mentally, I don’t want to have been thrown into this weird upside down world just to die.

The Robin looked at her coolly, for a long moment. “I’ll talk to Batman.”

“How did you get AI - OW!.” The voice behind her was with a grunt of pain and Mia turned to see the Kid Flash rubbing the back of his head, staring in confused shock at Artemis, who is glaring daggers at his head. Mia felt a wave of relief. It wasn’t a question she wanted to answer to a bunch of kids, even if they were aware that the version of her that had once existed in this world had apparently died face down in a puddle of her own blood. She wondered if she should say something, but Artemis hit Kid Flash again and turned to look at her.

“Don’t mind him,” the blond archer said dryly. “His common sense didn’t get superspeed.”

Mia blinked and shook it off. “No worries. The one where I’m from had the same problem.”

Robin wandered off, hopefully to talk to Batman about getting her meds, and Mia was left examining Miss Martian, who was looking at her curiously.

“You’re not from here?” the redhead asked, voice curious.

“Pretty sure I’m not. Aren’t you supposed to be green?” Mia asked. Fuck tact. She wanted to know what was different here. The redhead looked at her in shock for a moment, then nodded, slowly shifting into a green young woman who looked a lot more like the woman Mia was used to seeing, although she’d never spent a lot of time with her.

“M’gann!” Kid Flash looked at her, and Artemis whapped him again. “WHAT NOW?”

“Names, you idiot.”

Mia stopped, losing all the emotional ground she’d gained by proving to herself that some things weren’t different, such as Martians being green. That hit her hard. Of course Batman didn’t trust her, but it was hard, hearing it. They didn’t believe that she was anyone. Had been anyone. Knees suddenly going weak, she sat down on the bed, ignoring three pairs of eyes all staring at her.

“I don’t care.” That came from the Kid Flash, and Mia looked up at him in surprise. “She knows things. And look at her. She’s scared.”

Mia blinked, and tried to shake her head. To deny it. She was fine and of course they’d want to protect their identities. The yellow-spandex covered kid wasn’t having any of it. “I don’t care what they say. I’m Wally.”

Mia’s head snapped up to stare at him, head cocked, and fought to hold back suddenly hysterical laughter. She couldn’t help it, because the idea was ridiculous. She was in a room with a diminutive Robin, a Miss Martian who seemed to be about the right age and....Wally.


Wally blinked. “Yeah.”

“Please tell me you were named after your father, Wally West.” The hysterical laughter was getting harder to control. What the hell backwards universe had she stumbled into?

Wally shook his head, and opened his mouth - to answer or ask a question, Mia wasn’t sure, but she’d already broken down into hysterical laughter, falling off the bed and onto her knees just as Robin walked back in, stopping and staring at her as she took heaving gasps of air between hysterics.

“What did you do to her?”

“I...think she’s insane,” Kid Flash - “Wally”, Mia’s brain amended - said, and she just laughed harder, unable to stop. Yes. She was insane, alright. Footsteps sounded at the door, and she looked up, barely able to process, as a familiar-looking boy walked in.

“Krypto the Superdog, I presume?” She wheezed out between giggles, knowing that she obviously had actually gone insane and not sure she actually cared. The kid stiffened, stared at her like she had an extra head. She thought maybe she had. Desperately, she tried to get herself under control, finding it harder than she wanted it to be and, worse, as the laughter faded the misery grew, because this made it obvious just how far from home she really was.

M’gann knelt by her side, genuine concern on her face. “Are you alright?”

Mia tried to nod, but her neck rebelled and she shook her head instead. “No, I’m not.” She looked up at the boy who had just walked in. “Sorry, Superboy - assuming that’s who you are - I’m new to this part of the world and things are kind of strange to me.”

The kid just stared at her. He looked a little hurt, she realized, and felt badly about that. He was probably a perfectly nice guy, even if he turned out not to be Kon-El. She tried to get her legs under her and pushed herself back on the bed, the pit in her stomach growing.

“So you call me a dog.” He sounded hurt, too. Ouch. Mia shook her head.

“Don’t mind me. I’m insane. Obviously.”

“It does seem that way,” Robin said. “Should I call Batman back and ask for some antipsychotics, too?”

“Wait for the DNA tests. It might turn out that you’ll need to send me to Arkham Asylum,” Mia said miserably, and everyone looked at her oddly again. Wally leaned over to Artemis, as though to share a secret, which didn’t really work when Ollie had taught her how to lipread.

“What happened?” his lip movements obvious and the sounds nearly so. Artemis looked like she was about to hit him again. “she was so bubbly.”

“I don’t know!” Mia snapped, answering for Artemis, her voice full of anger and misery. “I don’t know what happened. I was supposed to be going out for the night. I walked out of my door, and was going down the street and then everything changed. Then you go around calling yourself Wally, except Wally in my world is old.”

“I’m not old!”

“No, you’re NOT. That’s the problem. You’re too young and Robin is too short and I don’t even know who Artemis IS. Nothing is right,” Mia snapped, worried she was offending people again and past caring as she started crying, trying to hide her sniffles in her knees while everyone stared at her. Half still looked like they thought she was insane. The other half looked like they pitied her, and Robin looked like he hadn’t enjoyed being called short. Wretchedly, Mia fell to her side and curled up in a ball.

“Can you guys just keep an eye on me from the other side of the room? Let me know when Batman calls to tell me I’m dead.”