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Private Time

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Friday Evening

“It’s over.”

The man in the middle of the room shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the next. But he listened.

“You’re fun time with the Avengers…” The smooth click of boot heels across the hard oak floor came closer. The voice however did not. It echoed around the room. “You’re time as Iron Man. Even the identity of Tony Stark does not belong to you any more.”

A hand. So much stronger than his could ever be, closed in on his shoulder. It was patient, almost kind. But there was no missing that control emanating from him. It was an unearthly force, quite literally in his case. It flowed from his voice, his skin, his presence. Never pulling, but cajoling. Like an intrusive thought. Telling you that looking into the abyss was not enough. To really know the darkness, you had to be willing to jump.

And Tony’s knees were starting to itch.

The force walked along side him with languid strides, turning his back in the mortal. He walked across the room to a chair, all leather and fine, and lounged upon it like a cat in a sunbeam. “All you have left, is being mine.”

And as much as he hated to admit it, there was a release. Not to mention a very strong desire to break down and cry.

Not yet. He reminded himself. Loki liked him strong, resilient. It was just starting after all. No need to let things happen too soon and ruin the game.

Music echoed into the room. Loki had taken a liking to different sorts of Midgardian bands, this one had a low, solid bse line accompanied with sensual rhythms. There was a deep growl from the god in the chair. “Undress.”

He said it like a suggestion, as if offering Tony the comfort of being without clothing. But the truth was, he wanted Tony to expose himself. To offer his body like a sweet supplicant worshipper. Tony wasn’t good at worshipping anyone but himself. But Loki seemed all too willing to teach.

He couldn’t do this the way he had with so many women. Casually flicking the buttons with a cocky grin on his face. A little AC/DC on the radio. Dancing his way to the bed, half-drunk while some starlet or party girl bounced her tits at him.

None of that.

Loki had demanded him sober. Loki picked the music. Loki even picked what he wore, a full three piece Armani suit. All this to arrive at a back ally door for a building he wouldn’t lease out for fertilizer storage.

But of course, Loki being Loki, the door never led where you expected it too.

Tony wasn’t even sure he was on earth any more.

He obeyed, slowly, carefully. Gold and emerald studded cufflinks fell to the ground. A present, for my last birthday. Tony remembered fondly, smiling just a bit as he undid the jacket buttons and shrugged it off, folded it neatly, and set it on the small table provided for him. One by one, each article of clothing followed. Stripping away the playboy, the mogul of industry, the cock sure man who had gallivanted his way through life.

Leaving behind exactly who Loki wanted him to be. Needed him to be.

Needs me.

Nobody needed him. He needed people. Tony had always known that. He was a performer. And a performer was nothing without people to preform for. He thrived on the energy of the crowd, on people chanting and screaming his name. The Stark Expo had been a pinnacle for him. Riding the high unlike any other while people accolade him like a god.

But the high never lasted. And every time he came crashing down he knew the next time would need to be better. The people demanded it of him. Better, faster, sleeker, more more more more more more more more


Tony shook back to the world. He realized his mistake and licked his lips, turning his face to the floor.

Loki was there, rubbing a perfect hand along his jawline, touching cool lips to his warm head. A thumb caressed along his cheekbone, brushing the tears away. He murmured something in Asgardian. Soft words of comfort. There was a rule here that they had established a long time ago.

If Tony needed to cry, Loki wouldn’t stop him. No judgment. No mockery. Just let him cry for a while.

Loki didn’t stop Tony from wrapping arms around his neck, clutching onto him. “My Anthony.” He intoned, stroking the man’s hair and whispering to his. “Öh my beautiful Anthony.”

Yes. That was all he had to be here. Iron Man didn’t impress Loki one bit. He had grown up with warriors that surpassed any in nine realms. Stark Enterprises was nice, but the wealth of Asgard could bury it effortlessly. And while he appreciated the skill and experience and willingness to please of the playboy, Tony had been shown things in the last few months that even he had never experienced.

Here, he was Anthony. Anthony said against lips that made his name sound like a treasure.

He’d hated it when Howard had called him that, growing up. It always meant he was in trouble.

With Loki, it meant he was safe.

He lifted his eyes to meet Loki’s gaze. “Ï’m okay.”

Loki nodded and gave him one more kiss, returning to the chair as though nothing had occurred to interrupt their scenario. He gave Tony just a minuet more to steady himself. “Down.”

Tony sank gently to his knees.

“Come here.”

The floor was hard and smooth and cold. It felt good on his palms. A little hard on his knees. But he could feel Loki watching as he crawled, one foot at a time, closer and closer to him.

The gods control slipped. Tony could heard the creak of leather just barely covering the soft groan of desire. That gave him strength. He nudged his head against the dark boot and kissed the toe, letting his chest rise and fall with heavy implication. Loki bit his bottom lip, looking down with barely controlled hunger.

Loki was all about power, control, domination.

But in this glorious moment of submission, Tony owned him.

He kissed his way up from the toe, letting Loki watch his lips take in the leather as though it were his flesh. He saw a fist clench as his nose touched the inside of Loki’s thigh, the god letting out a breathy chuckle. “Anthony. My Anthony.”

Yours. He nodded, not removing his cheek from the thigh as he nuzzled.

“You belong to me, not them. Not the rabble, not the crowd. Not even you’re Avengers.” Loki promised him faithfully. “Ïf I could, I would keep you here. I would show you who loves you best, most and always.”

Tony smiled and pleaded with his hazel eyes. It was a fantasy they both knew to be impossible. Tony Stark would be missed. Iron Man even more so. And if he didn’t make an appearance, sooner or later the Avengers would come knocking.

He wasn’t sure he could handle them finding out about this.

But it was still a fantasy he wanted to indulge. How long now had he been trying to orcastrate a week or two off? Not just the odd long weekend but a real vacation. He was going to surprise Loki with it, maybe on their anniversary or something. Just show up while he wasn’t at home (or wherever this was), strip down and wait for him by the chair. Let the god of tricksters come in surprised, just once, by his presence.

Hands slipped around his neck, the soft touch of fur slipping around his throat and constricting just long enough for the clasp to be done. Loki liked collars. And he had made this one special for his Anthony. In these weekends, they were typically the only thing he was permitted to wear. So Loki had wanted to make sure it would be comfortable against his skin. The fur was ermine and soft as down, keeping the leather from chafing. The clasp was gold and yes, as much as it did rankle him a little, there was a dog tag on it. Emerald and gold, just another of the special little gifts Loki loved to adorn him with. Another way of marking his territory.

Better than being pissed on. Tony smirked as Loki arched a curious eyebrow at him.

“In a better mood now?” he asked and Tony nodded. “Excellent. I have special plans for us this weekend.” He seemed almost giddy behind the affluent speech. And it was very charming to see Loki in what could be described as a playful mood. He lifted Tony’s chin to look at him. “Did you prepare yourself?”

Tony’s face fell. Crap. There hadn’t been time. Between trying to squirm out of the meeting early and dodging a call from Rodney to go out this weekend… He winced. This was going to suck.

For him at least. Loki seemed positively smug about it. “Naughty.” he chastised as he hooked a matching leash up to the collar. “You know what that means.” he stood up, walking with a smoothly measured stride so that Tony could crawl at his heel without being tugged.

“Loki…” he whispered with a plea in his voice and the god gave him a warning glance. Much like Loki, if you let him talk long enough, Tony could convince you of something you didn’t want to be convinced of. His power lay in his words and how he used them. Smiling, charming, flirting. Saying just the right thing to make you warm up to him so that you just couldn’t help but give over. So it made sense that Loki removed permission for him to speak when they were together like this. It was just another way of dismantling Tony Stark and letting him be Anthony.

Of course that particular rule didn’t count for crap when he was screaming his god’s name. But they weren’t there yet.

This was not the first time Loki had found it necessary to ensure Tony’s cleanliness before the weekend. Tony generally preferred to do it himself, just for privacy’s sake. And there were parts of this that neither of them were into. But that did not change the fact that the moment he walked into that ramshackle door, he was in Loki’s world. Control was no longer his to assume.

And if he had been a bad boy and forgotten to take care of something, that meant Loki, as his dutiful god, was now responsible.

The bathing room was near artwork. All tile and glass and marble. So beautiful you could almost live in it. The shower was big enough for five, let alone the two of them. Loki opened the door and gestured for Tony to take up his position.

The mortal groaned and gave one last pleading look to be rebuffed before crawling in and leaning his chest up on the marble bench along the wall. Loki chuckled a little and stroked his hair before turning on the showerhead, letting it fall onto Tony’s back and hips to start soothing him.

At least Tony got to watch Loki undress.

Asgardian wear had to be the most needlessly complicated thing he had ever seen. All style and leather and metal. But Loki shed it effortlessly, bringing himself down to nothing but the leather trousers in a matter of minutes.

Tony looked over the beauty of his lovers body. The long, firmly toned lines of his torso. The arch of his cheeks against the seat of his pants. He wanted to run his tongue down every last inch of it.

Loki took from a small case a black rubber bag capable of holding about a quart of liquid, a long rubber tube, and a plug.

Tony took a deep breath and it shuddered back out of him. They had only done this a handful of times, but he knew Loki would be gentle. It wasn’t painful, just terribly uncomfortable.

More than anything else, it was just humiliating.

He couldn’t help a gasp and whine as a finger slid warm lubricant between his cheeks. Loki was soft with him, gently opening the firm buttocks as he probed in just enough to make sure he could use the plug without ill effects. All the while cooing gently to Tony, encouraging him to be at ease. “Here we go.” he announced as he clicked the parts together, noticing his dear mortal stiffen. “Hush now my sweet Anthony.” he rubbed along Tony’s hips, soothing him. “It will aches somewhat, but nothing you can’t stand.”

The plug popped in and Tony jerked forward, clenching his fists down tightly. Loki shushed him again, moving it in and out until he opened just enough for it to go in further. Loki took the small hand pump and squeezed it three times. There was an inflatable bulb attached to the hose. It swelled, perhaps no more than the size of a golf ball. But that was all it took. Tony wouldn’t be able to release until Loki allowed it.

“Slowly now.” Loki clicked the little control nozzle, releasing the flow of water.

A sudden jet of warmth hit his insides and Tony grunted, chewing on the inside of his lip. Loki clicked down a few times till the stream was a steady but gentle trickle within him. He took a seat next to Tony, stroking his head and turning the shower head back to his hips. It would prove helpful.

The first minute or so passed easily, Tony breathing in and out steadily as he tried to relax. Loki petting him, telling him how well he was doing. He shifted on his knees, pressing his head down on the marble and trying not to clench.

Loki turned up the pressure just a little bit.

Tony took a shuddering breath in and felt a solid stream of water begin to work its way deeper. He tried to let his muscles go limp. If he clenched, he would cramp. If he tried to stiffen up, it would hurt. The best he could do was just stay relaxed and…

A warm, throbbing sensation began to pool in his stomach and he groaned, arching away from the discomfort. Of course it didn’t help. The water was flowing into his body, not against it. Loki rubbed a firm hand down his back, showing him how to position himself to ease the tension. It wasn’t what people expected. As long as it was done right, an enema was just awkward, maybe a little disorienting, but there was no pain.

What he truly disliked was the knowledge that his cock was slowly coming to life under him, arching it’s way up, defiant of Tony’s mental disagreements.

He didn’t want Loki thinking he got off on this!

Of course he knew it wasn’t the act itself. In this case it was the dominance, the humility, the care. It was like drinking a cocktail of sexual stimulation. You had to accept there was going to be some sour, bitter flavors along with the sweet and succulent.

A hand traveled down his chest and felt gently along his stomach. Tony whimpered as the long fingers patted his expanding tummy, making the water jostle in him. “Just about two cups.” Loki informed him. His chiseled muscle was just beginning to sag, swelling as the water pumped in. Tony let out a hard noise and regretted it when he clenched in reaction. “Shush. Shush my Anthony.” Loki encouraged.

A few moments later he couldn’t help it, a strangled cry broke through his defenses as he could no longer hold himself in. His stomach swelled and he started to have the sensation of being too full.

Loki reached up and turned the stream off, rubbing Tony’s neck to help him relax. “You’re half way there love.” he promised. “You’re taking it so well.” His hand traveled past the bulge and fondled the cock, helping to bring it to erection as his mortal whined. “You enjoy this, my Anthony?”

He whimpered, feeling pathetic before his lover. Please. Please don’t… It was starting to ache in his stomach, but at the same time the stream had been hitting his insides at just the right angle, teasing him.

Loki stroked lazily, watching the skin gather and stretch as he palmed Tony’s cock. “You may speak. Do you like this?” he demanded, his tone revealing nothing.

Tony couldn’t look at him. “Feels strange. Not…exactly good. It’s complicated.”

“Would you cum if I stroked you this way while your belly filled?”

Tony gave him a pleading expression, but Loki’s green eyes held no judgment. “I’d cum no matter what you did. As long as it was you.”

Loki couldn’t have looked more pleased if Tony had offered him the world. “You shouldn’t tempt me, sweet Anthony.” He warned with a smile. “There is so much I can do…things you haven’t even dreamed.” Loki sounded as though he was visualizing them right now. Tony squirmed under his attention. They had only been doing this for the last six months or so. He was already trusting the god with a lot. But Loki hadn’t failed him once.

How much further could they go, if he gave Loki more time?

The tube clicked and Tony gasped to feel his body having more flow into it. He started to shake, burying his face in his hands. Loki’s fingers parted his buttocks and began to tease the rim of his hole, rubbing in little circles as though to sooth it. “Would you like to cum, Anthony?”

Tony gasped as his balls were gripped lovingly, handled like they were prize jewels. How could he not want to cum? How was it possible to ignore Loki’s perfect hands on him, making him long for release on so many levels? Inside he felt dirty for wanting it, for needing it when he was being cleaned out.

Loki kissed his neck. “Anthony, I have played games for hundreds of years. I have done many a debauched and licentious thing. Do not think that I would judge you for taking pleasure in this. Merely trust me to be the facilitator.” He clicked the water on higher, a gurgling sound coming from Tony’s growing stomach.

He couldn’t help himself, he arched and moaned, Loki working him over perfectly. “Please…” he took a risk, knowing he was not supposed to talk. “Please don’t…don’t think I’m sick.”

A warm, throaty laugh at his back. “Never.” The hand began to pump him steadily, a thumb caressing over the head of his cock and tapping the hole. “Now hush, and cum for me like a good boy. You are my good boy, aren’t you Anthony.” It wasn’t a question. He was confirming in Tony’s mind how he felt about this. Letting him know it was okay.

Tony whimpered on the marble, no longer able to keep himself from pumping into the feeling. It was agonizing bliss. He was so full, stomach distended and swollen with warm water. Every time he pushed it sloshed around in his belly, making him moan and writhe uncomfortably. And yet he couldn’t stop. Every pump of Loki’s hand made it worth it.

He came, his cum squirting out the tip eagerly and dripping down the side of the tile bench. Loki gave him a few firm, quick jerks, making sure to get every drop of it out before lifting his hand up for himself to clean. “Good Anthony.” He said and looked up at the bag. “Almost there. Take it all in.”

Tony closed his eyes and nodded an unsteady yes. But he obeyed.

And when the last bit of the bag emptied into him, Loki kissed his cheek. “Now you must hold it.” He instructed as he began to dismantle the set up. Tony licked his lips and nodded, moving very carefully onto all fours so that Loki could take care of him. “Hold.” He instructed firmly as he turned a small switch on the pump and the air released. Tony took a deep breath and held, willing himself not to expel as Loki slid more lubricant into him and gently pulled the enema plug out. A split second later he pressed another plug to the tightness, this one much firmer and larger than the last.

Tony gasped out, already sore from it. Loki stood back to admire his handiwork. He chuckled sweetly. “Since you enjoy it so much, Anthony, perhaps I shall have you hold for a while.”

How was it possible for his entire mind to scream no while his body pleaded for more?

The leash snapped back onto the collar as Tony realized what was going to happen. Loki towel dried him, making sure to be careful around the swollen stomach. He stood up and took the handle for the leash, indicating that Tony should follow him. He did have the good grace to move slowly, allowing the mortal time to compensate for his sagging belly. It really was not so terrible. But it did make him look as though he were a few months pregnant. He had to take slow, ginger steps to keep from overexerting himself. And with every movement his hips twitched, making the plug dig into him and forcing pleasure through his frame.

Loki walked him down the hallway and back. Then again, still maintaining a slow pace. It was almost twice as breaking.

Finally he couldn’t take it any longer. He felt like he was going to burst open. He took Loki’s pant leg in his mouth and tugged, pleading with every fiber of his being.

Loki nodded. “Alright.” He bent down and took the leash and collar off. “Do as you will, call for me when you are ready to continue.”

Tony didn’t dare stand. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to. Loki held the door open for him as Tony crawled to the bathroom to take care of himself.


It was a good half an hour and one long shower later before he felt secure and clean enough to call for Loki.

And like the good boy he was, he greeted his lover, still wet and steaming from the shower, at the door of the bedroom. On his knees and neck out, practically pleading for the collar to go back on.

Loki smiled at him, all too pleased to see his Tony so ardent. “Across my lap.” He ordered, adjusting himself on the edge of the bed so that Tony could crawl across him, his strong and supple ass laid out perfectly across Loki’s legs. “Let us see if you’re all ready for me, shall we?”

Tony’s mind went blank as two wet, probing fingers took advantage. Everything was so much more tender now. His body had relaxed just enough to tighten a bit, making the sweet stretch of his hole intensely exciting. Tony made a crescendo like noise, the pitch rising and falling as Loki slowly inspected his body. He knew every inch of that tunnel by now. And he knew just how to manipulate it to his whims.

His cock twitched eagerly, waiting for the slightest cue to become more involved. He couldn’t help rubbing it against the leather trousers, exciting himself as Loki played with him.

A wry chuckle met his enthusiasm. Loki’s fingers drug through him, teasing against the kernel of pleasure just waiting to be exploited. Tony kneeled out when it was found, arching and panting out his need. He wanted to cum, but not just yet. He had popped off once already, and Loki wasn’t about to allow him the same leniency the second time around.

Loki adjusted the position of his wrist, using his two middle fingers and lining them up. “Do not cum.” He instructed and Tony nodded. He took a hand to Tony’s throat, not for the sake of choking him, but to assert his control. With sniper like precision and slid his fingers out and in, ramming them hard against the prostate.

Tony’s scream echoed off the walls. Every pounding, sweeping motion inside of him was delicious. He was so tender and exposed, and Loki knew it. Loving kisses rained down his back, tenderly adoring him as the wicked god utilized his skill to pound the ever living fuck out of his mortal pet. His hard on stood at full attention, dripping like an excited pup at this stimulation. He tried to let his mind process everything. He couldn’t cum yet! If he came there would be punishment.

And when Loki said punishment, that’s exactly what he meant. Loki was an indulgent master. He loved to watch Tony in pleasure because it meant he was the cause of it. That look of vapid adoration was what he lived for. And he would give and give and give till the mortal felt there could not be one more drop of semen in his body.

And all he asked for in return was obedience.

So if Loki said ‘Do not talk.’, Tony didn’t talk. If he said ‘Crawl.’, Tony crawled.

And if he said ‘Do not cum.’ Tony knew damn good and well not to cum.

His cock on the other hand was doing its best to be disobedient.

Loki’s fingers slid out of the hole and he made a noise of content. “Perfect.” He pronounced it and kissed Tony’s cheek. “What next?” he mused aloud. “It’s been nearly a month since I’ve had more than a night with you. I can hardly decide what to do with three.”

Tony made a sound of devotion and kissed the back of Loki’s hand, licking at it pleadingly.

“I confess myself in something of a mood, Anthony.” Loki said, absently stroking his pet. “I…we have been becoming so much more attached lately. And every time you come to me I find myself wishing I could keep you.” He sounded a little bit sad. And Tony, being the devoted pet to his god, nuzzled into his hand, willing the sorrow away.

I’m here. Right now. I’m not going anywhere for a while. He tried to communicate in his silence.

Loki seemed charmed by this and tussled his hair fondly. “Have you eaten yet?” Tony shook his head. “Excellent.” Loki instructed him to put himself on floor. The bed…well…the bed wasn’t there for him. The bed was a privilege, not a right. He had to earn his way into it.

And all that this implied.

Tony slid down to the floor, opening his thighs as he pressed his cheek to the boards. Face down, ass up. Exactly the way Loki adored him. Lubricant pressed to him and he moaned out his pleasure, closing his eyes to savor it.

When people think BDSM, they tend to go along a certain vein of imagery. Everything is black, everything is leather or rubber, and it’s all very threatening and dungeon like. Loki on the other hand, seemed to have a very different perception of how to dominate someone like Tony.

No crux decussata for Tony.

But at the moment, what Loki wanted was to give Tony a reminder for the evening. He indicated their chest of drawers. “Third shelf. Pick one.”

Tony shivered. This was a good part of what he loved with Loki. The man knew exactly how much control to take, and when to let Tony be the architect of his own destruction. He crawled over to the drawers and slid the third one open. Inside was a neatly arranged collection of glass and metals plugs, going from smallest to largest. Tony looked them over, knowing that to choose one too small would disappoint. And yet he wanted to show Loki he was ready for this to be drawn out.

Three days. Tony mused and hummed to himself happily.

Loki smiled when Tony presented him with a lovely gold plug, the weight of it heavy and pressing on his tongue as he delivered it in his mouth like a pup. Inside the base was a large emerald. And unlike most of the princess plugs in this world, Tony knew Loki had ensured it was real. “My good boy.” He said and ran his fingers lovingly through Tony’s hair. “Do you need to be Loki’s sweet prince tonight?” Tony answered with a high whine and slipped into the face down position.

Anything. Anything you want me to be. Anything you need me to be. He offered and his breath hitched as the toy began to press in. The plug was such a clever shape. A swollen teardrop with a wide circumference at the middle, tapering off to ensure that his hole would cinch tightly around it’s shaft. It gently opened him, with Loki pushing the toy in to the hilt in one long, fluid motion.

Tony made a noise in the back of his throat. If there was one definitive feature (other than the huge emerald), it was the weight of the plug. It held heavy and firm in his ass and the second he started to move, it sank, pressing against the walls of his tunnel. Tony whimpered, loving every second of it as Loki gave a light chuckle.

“Come pet.” He teased and took hold of the leash, leading Tony through the halls to the kitchen.

Some dominants enjoyed making their pets serve them. Loki was the opposite. He loved spoiling Tony. Bathing him, grooming him, cooking for him. Of course it help that Tony had made on spectacular failed attempt at cooking for Loki which had resulted in a burnt stove and having to call out for Chinese. Loki had been amused by the process in a very cute way, equating the delivery guy to a domestic servant and wondering why Tony was tipping him for doing his job.

So Loki took over cooking when Tony visited. “Something of a pity really. I do love to see you in an apron.” He had said once as Tony made a mental note to learn to cook at least one meal for Loki.

Surprisingly, Loki turned out to be a very good cook.

And he loved to feed Tony from his own plate. So it was no surprise that Tony ended up kneeling docilely next to Loki, opening his mouth with due obedience whenever the god wanted him to taste something. The scent of garlic filled the kitchen as Loki get about the task. They were having chicken of some kind with olive oil and roma tomatoes. It smelled amazing and Loki pressed one of the plump, juicy tomatoes into his mouth, letting him savor it.

It was surprising just how comforting this was. He was kneeling like a pup on the floor, mouth open, accepting tidbits of food that Loki pressed to his tongue. He wore a leather and fur collar, the leash to which was now stuck in Loki’s pocket. His cock had settled a bit, still hanging sorrowfully between his thighs like an ignored dog. And the pièce de résistance, a large, heavy plug inserted deep into his body, making his ass tense and throb for more.

Loki could keep him on edge for hours.

And he would welcome it.

Bite by bite Tony ate gratefully, savoring this intimate connection. A home cooked meal was rare for him, being the sort of guy who ordered pad thai at 3 in the morning by habit. All the while Loki sat there, stroking his head, petting and lavishing him with affection. “My good Anthony. My contented pet.” He cooed out, running his fingernails down the side of Tony’s shoulders. Tony smiled easily, gazing up at Loki with honest, open affection.

The god seemed to drink it in. “Fair warning.” He said suddenly as they were finishing up the meal. “I find myself in quite the mood tonight. You may find me very…demanding.”

And Tony felt a swirling thrill in his stomach.

“Do you remember your safeword my pet?”

Tony nodded, licking his lips.

“Say it for me.”

Tony could feel the mood of the room changing. Loki was an expert at this. He liked to make the tension rise and fall in measured amounts. Giving Tony something brutal and invigorating, only to follow it with smooth and docile affection. It was not reward and punishment. It was more open than that. He was reminding Tony that the mortal was safe in his arms. No matter how ruined and broken Tony might feel at the end of the session, Loki would make it better. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Loki would make it better.

“My king.” He whispered softly and Loki sighed in content. The leash was tugged tightly and Tony stood up.

“Clean the table.” Loki ordered and Tony obeyed, cleaning the dishes and silverware, starting a sink of running water and soap. He took the scrub cloth and started digging his hands in to make sure everything was well cleared. Loki’s hands gripped his hips, his teeth scraping along Tony’s shoulder. When the scientist moaned, Loki gave him a sharp slap across his face. “Keep your eyes on your work, pet.” He reminded roughly, nibbling along the collar bone.

Tony trembled and continued, letting Loki tease his body with languid movements. He reached around, his fingers teasing Tony’s nipples slowly, rubbing them till the little buds began to harden. “There we are.” He muttered to himself and pinched. Tony made a noise and his hands halted, giving Loki a reason to slap him again. He bit his lip and bowed his head, keeping up as he rinsed the dishes. Loki nodded and pinched his nipples harder, his tongue gliding over the dark muscles.

The hands traveled down, rubbing over Tony’s lovely pectorals, his hard abdominal muscles, his well-defined pelvis. Loki moaned in his ear, a deep, guttural sound that vibrated with heavy desire. There was a possession in his fingers, a control that seemed to sink into Tony’s skin. The more he accepted it, the deeper it went. Loki’s hand found his dick and began palming it absently, just sort of teasing it into a half erected frustration.

Tony flushed bright pink as Loki hummed, seeming to enjoy himself quite a bit. His fingers cupped Tony’s ass cheeks and separated them, revealing the large bejeweled plug nestled lovingly up his ass. Without a word he took hold of the base, popping it in and out with firm guidance. Tony dropped the dish he’d been cleaning and shivered, feeling his hole being slowly tormented. Loki licked his ear and grinned. “What’s wrong Anthony? I thought you liked working with metal?” he teased.

In and out with smooth motions. And each time he tried to clench down on it to keep the intensity up, the plug widened him. The tense ring of his ass began to weaken as Loki applied more lube and twisted the device, opening Tony’s hole. “There we are.” He said with a note of satisfaction. Tony knew that meant he must be gapping a little as Loki pushed the plug it and yanked it back out. He felt the laxness growing and turned red from shame and lust.

Loki guided him down to the floor as he finished the dishes and then walked him to the living room. Like everything else in his home, Loki had designed the interior of his living room masterfully. It maintained with his dark image of luxury and affluence, and yet there was something lush about it as well. Otherworldly almost. Loki led his pet to the large chair nearest the bookshelf and tapped the armrest firmly. Tony jumped up a he was told, straddling the arm rest securely as Loki instructed him to fix his arms behind his back.

Loki took a measure of rope out and bound him as he pleased. The god had it in him to be a challenging master. And he did love to present Tony with a dilemma in their play. As far as Loki was concerned, to do otherwise would be to insult his pets intellect.

He bound Tony’s arms so that they were folded on top of one another. He then lifted the mortals’ feet so that he could bind leg to calm, forcing him to balance precariously on the armrest. Each rope was tight and hard, biting into his skin where there would be red mark that needed hidden come Monday. Tony hissed out sharply as Loki grinned at him, the whine of the bindings echoing out “Good pet.” He murmured and gave Tony a long, soft kiss, emphasizing his adoration. “Are you going to be a well behaved little toy for your master tonight?”

Tony nodded emphatically and opened his mouth for what he knew was coming next. Into his mouth Loki placed a large ring gag, forcing it back against the mortals teeth. He adjusted it twice, ensuring that Tony would not be able to spit it out, and then pulled the straps of it tight behind his head. It bit into the man’s cheeks, making the skin pucker. Loki adjusted again, ensuring it would not rub too raw. “There.” He kissed Tony again. “Perfect.”

Tony blushed bright red as a thin trail of drool slipped out over his lips and dripped down to the armrest. He knew what was coming, and it was going to be blissful misery.

With one hand the god selected a book from the shelf, sitting in the chair and reclining easily.

With the other, he wound his fingers at the base of Tony’s cock and began to lazily stroke.

Tony’s breath hitched and he could feel all the blood rush between his thighs. It pooled in a warm center, his erection returning under Loki’s attention. The god slowed as he felt the stiffened dick and smirked to himself, eyes not glancing at the mortal. Instead he opened the book and began to read, still absently exciting Tony.

No noise but the crackling of the fire place, the sound of skin against skin, and the occasional page being turned.

Tony groaned out as Loki’s hand drug all the way down to the base and all the way back up, fondling the tip. Saliva was gathering in his mouth the longer he kept it open, and he tilted his head back to keep from letting it slip out.

Loki didn’t miss a beat. He grasped Tony’s jaw and pulled it down, forcing the dollop to plop rudely onto the man’s cock. His hands, so much stronger than they seemed, held the mortal toy in place till he could see little white bubble of spit sliding down over the underside of his cock. Still silent. Loki released his head, letting Tony resume his upright, precarious balance. Slow, methodical stroking continued, aided now by Tony’s contribution. The mortal groaned out excitedly, wishing he had the ability to thrust up into it. But Loki was in no rush.

And that was part of the joy. Tony was no slouch for sexual encounters. But they typically were not long ones. An hour, maybe two. Pop it off and be done quickly as possible. Ahh for the life of a playboy. But Loki could easily keep him going all night. Longer if he didn’t always remember that frail mortals required sleep. Each moment of it would wind Tony to the pinnacle of lust or pain, and most of the time both in one setting.

“Good pet.” Loki whispered to him as he watched the first bubble of precum slide out. “Remember, do you cum without permission?” Tony grunted and shook his head no. “That’s a good pet.” He said and squeezed tightly, massaging the balls till they swelled in his hand. Tony arched into it and Loki chuckled, now giving firm, quick pumps as he continued to read.

Tony shifted his position and strained with his muscles to try and maintain balance. He just knew if he could pump himself into the palm he would be able to feel so good. But if he did, he risked slipping off the chair. And that would make Loki furious with him. One for trying to make himself cum without permission, and two for ruining all his master’s hard work setting him up this way. His position on the armrest drove the plug deeper in, every little tension of his muscles making it swerve into his asshole. He ground his hips against it cautiously and was rewarded when it grazed up against his prostate, causing him to shiver wonderfully.

Loki held the head of Tony’s cock firmly, tapping the spurt of precum with his thumb. “Getting eager are we Anthony? Wouldn’t be trying to rob me of my evening fun now would you?” Tony shook his head no. “Well, then perhaps you need a reminder.” Tony gave a horse noise from the back of his throat, spit bubbling up and over his lower lip again as Loki took another device from the drawers. Tony got one look at it and felt his entire body tense.

If it looked submissive for Loki to kneel in front of the mortal, than the viewer would be mistaken. He had next to him a bag, and as he took out the first of the clothes pins, Tony sucked in his stomach and gave the god a pleading look. “Hush.” Loki reminded him sharply as he fondled the ball sac. He stroked under it, getting a feel for the tension he wanted to create before pinch a section of the excess skin and clamping it down with the clothes pin.

It took everything Tony had in him not to scream.

Loki did this again, and again. Each time carefully placing the clamps down where it would create a pull, but not harm the tender area beyond a firm tug. Tony gasped and jerked, straining to keep his position as Loki attached ten of the hard clamps onto his body and then cruelly slapped the shaft of Tony’s dick. “Now that looks well fit.” Loki smiled at his handiwork, rubbing his chin as he debated whether to place more on. Tony made a gagging noise and shook his head when the god began absently stroking the cock once more and Loki slapped him playfully. “It isn’t up to you now is it?”

No! No it isn’t! Tony thought blissfully as he quivered in the unrelenting demand of his god. Loki would push him to the brink. He knew that. He would prove time and time again just how much strength his mortal toy possessed just by these cruel games. It sounded strange, for in the moment of it all Tony could think about was how weak and pathetic he must look. But after wards, knowing what he had endured, how well it had pleased Loki, all he would feel is how strong he had been. How much he had taken. None the less, Tony let out a high when Loki again pinched the underside of his shaft until he drew skin out and applied a clothespin to it, working his way up to the head.

“Such a pit you do not have foreskin, else I would be able to close up that leaking dick of yours.” Loki chastised when he finished and slapped the top of the cock while Tony sobbed.

It was a perfectly agonizing sensation. The tension it caused him all throughout the vulnerable member was horrible, but blood just kept flowing into it. He could feel his heartbeat in his crotch, pounding away through the strain. And then, as Loki slowly drew out his hands to materialize a crop between them, Tony started to sob so hard his cock bounced. The god started out gingerly, giving light taps along the topside. Every so often he would give a sharp strike and chuckle to see his mortal struggle not to avoid it. Acceptance was the hardest part of the game.

Soon each strike followed hard and sharp across his dick and Tony gave a soft internal scream followed very quickly by a real one. His cock was becoming red and sore as Loki continued the wicked torment till suddenly the god reached forward and grabbed the aching dick hard. Tony gurgled back a scream so that he could hear what Loki was saying.

“To whom does this fine cock belong?” he asked in a smooth and commanding tone.

“Hyew!” Tony gasped out from the gag, trying to form coherent syllables.

“Whom do you service with it?” The god gripped tighter, enjoying how Tony writhed in his grip.

“Hyew! Honhey hyew!” Tony insisted, his deep hazel eyes connecting with Loki’s green ones with adoration. The trickster licked over his lips before lowering his mouth to Tony, kissing the man’s forehead and cheeks with loving admiration.

“Good pet. My perfect, beautiful Anthony.” Loki whispered and trembled to hold Tony so close like this. “I own you Anthony. And you are my most treasured possession. Do not ever forget this.” And he smiled as Tony nodded emphatically. “Now, would you like these removed?” he said and flicked the clothes pins. Tony jerked and nodded, nuzzling his head up against the soft fabric of Loki’s shirt.

Again the god knelt in front of him, ensuring he had Tony’s full intention before opening his mouth and closing it in the pin, slowly applying pressure so that it would release. He cooed as sensation flooded back into the member and Tony screamed out beautifully, tears flooding his eyes. “Hush now. Thank your master for releasing you so quickly.” Loki reminded him and Tony gasped, garbling out a sorrowful thank you. Loki made Tony do this for each one, working his way down to the balls once more. “I think you can take these a bit longer, don’t you?” he teased and tugged at them forcefully, making the mortal whine. “Now do not drool on my head you messy thing.” He chastised sharply. “Or I promise something far worse as punishment.” And with that the god opened his lips and swallowed Tony’s cock down to the hilt.

Pleasure drowned the pain in seconds and Tony arched up high, the tight squeeze of Loki’s throat gripping him down. He jerked and spasmed in the mouth, trying to stave off orgasm or risk being punished. Trying to tilt his head back and awkwardly swallow so he wouldn’t let himself drip on the dark hairs of Loki. Some still dominant part of him longed to bury his fingers in the root of Loki’s hair and plow his throat till he heard the god gag prettily. But he wouldn’t be given that chance. Loki was in control. All Tony had to do was obey.

The sneaky son of a bitch reached under and tugged at the still attached clothes pins, making Tony flail. He chuckled and wound his tongue around the strong dick as he pulled on to the end of its stretch and drug it off, letting it scrape carefully under the skin. Tony gave a defeated warbling as it was done again and he forgot himself, his head lolling forward and a large wad of drool falling from his open mouth.

Loki jerked back when the heavy plop hit him. He made a disappointed face and slapped Tony harshly before going to the kitchen to retrieve a towel and clean it off. Tony shook and tossed his head from side to side, trying to garble out an apology as the god returned. “Very poorly done Anthony.” The god said in a dry tone, obviously disappointed in him. Tony wasn’t sure what felt worse. The glower of disappointment or knowing this was going to be a brutal punishment. He removed the remaining clothes pin briskly, not speaking to Tony as he did so. The mortal could practically hear the wheels turning the that mind, considering how he should punish his pet.

Tony watched, his nerves on high as Loki took an ottoman and sat it in the middle of the floor. Loki made him crawl, despite bound limbs, down from the chair and onto the footstool. It took several long minuets for him to accomplish it, and Loki automatically had to adjust him so that he could present a pleasing figure instead of a rumpled mess. Loki disappeared into the bedroom for a moment and returned with a laptop and an attachable web cam. Tony groaned out, knowing where this was about to go.

“Hush! Naughty pet.” Loki said as he attached the cord and turned it on. Tony could see a live cam site pop up on Firefox and he shivered. But Loki had not turned on the feed yet. He took out a leather mask, slipping off Tony’s gag and sliding the mask into place. “I will always protect you, Anthony. Even when you do displease me.” He promised and Tony felt a little flood of relief. Live cams could be dangerous things, and Tony’s face was well known. There were eyeholes in the mask, but a blindfold quickly remedied that as Loki slipped it onto him and Tony’s world went dark. He could breathe easily through the mouth and nose holes, so he wasn’t troubled when Loki slipped a collar around his neck to hold the hood in place.

“Listen to me, Anthony.” Loki said smoothly, removing the rest of the pins from his pet’s testicles. “When I turn on the feed, your body will be on view for whomever cares to pay the access fee. Those who wish to speak to you may pay an additional fee. You will answer their questions directly, and address each one as sir or madam, respectively. Is that clear?” Tony whimpered by nodded, licking his lips hesitantly. He could hear Loki typing away. “Those who are willing to pay the cost may request that I perform some tormenting deed to your body. You will of course thank them afterwards for assisting me in your punishment.”

Tony felt a rush of excitement through his veins as Loki ran his hands down the mortals chest and kissed him lovingly. “You will show me how sorry you are for your misbehavior. And, in the end, if you preform well enough, I will forgive you and permit you to sleep in the bed tonight.” Loki promised him and gave Tony one more slap before moving to turn on the feed.

There was a few minuets of silence before he heard the ding that let him know someone had joined the chat room. A few seconds later he heard several dings, and then several more. Apparently he was gaining an audience.

Loki waited patiently as the chat feed start to fill up before speaking. “I am pleased to see my pet is receiving such attention.” The sound of footsteps echoed closer to Tony’s position on the Ottoman. Loki slid a hand down along Tony’s chest, tugging softly at the downy hairs before sliding his fingers over the nipples. There was a chime from the computer, saying someone was talking. “kisstheboy32 wants to know if my dear pet is enjoying this.” Loki spoke softly, lifting Tony by the chin as though displaying him for the camera.

Tony gulped, not sure how to answer. He nodded gingerly, followed by an obedient “Yes Sir.”

Another chime. “coolwhips asks if this is your first time on camera.”

Well…baring a sex tape from my late twenties. But that wasn’t the point now was it. Cam sites weren’t about truth and honesty. They created a live fantasy for the viewer, giving them the perception of what they wanted. The people now chatting about the bound men they viewed didn’t care if he had a sex tape floating around the internet. They wanted him lush, vulnerable and tormented. “Yes, Sir.” He managed, hearing Loki chuckle softly. Of course the god of lies would know his fib when he heard it.

The chimes continued for a while, asking a round of questions. How old was he. 39, Sir. Do you like being a pet? Yes, Sir. Did he have a toy in his ass right now? Yes, Sir. Does it ache? In the best way, Sir. All the while, Loki petting him for his answers. It was comforting, but also possessive. True it had been Loki who set up the camera to share his little pet with the world. But Tony could sense a certain disquiet in the god. As if he wanted others to revel in his Tony, but still recognize that the mortal was indeed his.

Tony shuddered at just how good that felt.

Somewhere, someone decided that the conversation should take a turn. The questions became more probing and sexual. “milkme29 wishes to inquire as to the pets favorite fetishes.” Loki’s tone lightened, as though quite curious himself. He tangled his fingers in Tony’s hair and kissed his cheek. “I would very much like to hear your answer to that.”

Tony adjusted his position. “How many would he like to hear, Sir?”

Loki laughed richly. “How many does my pet have?”

He couldn’t help it, he grinned like a fool. “How many do you want?”

Loki grabbed him by the cheeks and kissed him hotly, hungrily. “My naughty boy.” He whispered with such a touch of affection that Tony thought he might burst. “My slutty little pet.” He groaned out and bit Tony’s bottom lip, digging his teeth in just enough to sting. He ended it with a quick slap to the cheek and Tony could feel the dominant aura pulling him back. “Answer the guest pet. And remember your manners.”

“Yes, Sir.” Tony amended and licked where Loki had bit him. He decided a top five list would be enough for now. If they wanted any more they’d best break out a check book. “I like being whipped of course. Especially when my master puts me over his knee.” He heard a low, husky groan from Loki and couldn’t help the smug thrill it gave him. “I like having my cock tortured, being denied orgasm.” Tony squirmed just thinking about it. “I like being humiliated, being brought down a peg ya know.” He gulped, feeling the plug twitch as he moved. It brushed his prostate and Tony did the same motion again, shuddering.

“My pet is very prideful” Loki’s voice was both chastising and devoted. He could almost picture the god leaning against the table, looking at him through those jade green eyes, utterly entranced by him. “But it is not entirely undeserved. After all, I wouldn’t choose anyone less than spectacular to be mine.”

Tony sobbed suddenly, his chest heaving as he bent over. The message board lit up with chimes but Loki wasn’t paying attention to it. Instead Tony felt warm hands on his shoulders and the press of a cool forehead to his own. “Anthony?” Loki said in a soft, intimate tone. “Are you well?”

The trepidation in his voice was something that didn’t happen often, and Tony chuckled weakly. “S-sorry, Sir.” He said, nuzzling his nose against Loki’s despite the mask. “I just…I felt a little…” he couldn’t find the words to say it.

Loki stroked him, letting Tony rest his head on his shoulder as he cooed softly. “Do we need to stop? Would you like to call me your king?”

Tony breathed raggedly. He felt vulnerable, embarrassed, but there was a wall he wanted to push beyond. It sounded so bizarre, but it was now within this terrible moment of weakness that he needed to feel strong. And for Tony, strength came through not only accepting the challenge, but surmounting it. “Not yet. I want to keep going. Please Sir, don’t make your pet stop.” He flicked his tongue out against Loki’s ear and felt the long fingers clench into his back.

Loki kissed him again, letting his tongue slid over Tony’s before standing back up. Footsteps fell away from him and he heard Loki chuckle. “Yes, he is well.” Loki said, speaking to the camera. “A bit wanton and in need of reassurance. But what master would I be if I did not tend to my pets whims.” There were several dings and Loki chuckled. “kingdong12inchesforyoutosuck wants to know if the pet is crying.”

Jesus fuck, these names! Tony started laughing so hard he snorted. “A little, Sir. But I’m okay.” He promised, knowing Loki would need to hear the last part.

“I believe we left off with ‘humiliation’.” Loki continued.

Tony gulped. “I uh…I like being gagged. Like I can’t talk my way out of something. It doesn’t have to be a physical gag but being told I can’t speak feels good too.” It was relieving to have that power taken away from him for a while. People always thought that those who were extroverts never worried about what they was going to say or trying to impress someone with how they spoke. The truth was the opposite. Extroverts obsess over it.

So being told that you don’t have to talk can be something of a blessing.

Tony licked his lips. “I like having to wear plugs all day.” He nudged the one in his ass by settling back against it. “I love it when my Sir slicks me up first thing in the morning, chooses a hard, fat plug, and tells me I can’t take it out until he does. I can feel it all day long, squeezing in me. And when he takes it out I’m already open and ready for whatever he wants.”

“You teasing little slut.” Loki growled happily and Tony smiled with abundant cheek. What good was it being in this position if he couldn’t make the god wriggle just a little for want of him? There was a chime followed by the sound of a cash register and Loki typed something back. “kisstheboy has just paid a fee. He would like to know what kinks you hate.”

Now that was a dangerous possibility. Tony had some experience with cam sites, though not personally being shown on them till now. But if someone paid a fee, they usually didn’t do it just to find out something like that.

Whoever kisstheboy was, they probably intended to use this.

But Loki hadn’t told him not to answer. Tony took a deep breath. “Needle play.” He admitted, but didn’t elaborate. It should sound strange, considering the implants he had to put under his skin for the Iron Man suit. But it was less about the needle itself and more about trusting someone else to put needles into him. The chime and cash register sound echoed out, and Tony knew what had just been asked.

Loki hummed thoughtfully. “I find myself quite…reluctant to do something my pet does not enjoy, regardless of the fee.” He answered shortly. This comment was met with at least a dozen more cash sounds and Tony could hear the note of displeasure in Loki’s throat. “I will not turn sweet torment into unwilling torture.” He barked sharply and Tony whimpered.

“Sir?” he spoke, pleading for Loki’s attention. “I…I don’t want needles but…there is something I’d like you to do.” Loki’s hand touched his cheek through the mask. “If it would please you Sir.”

Loki bent close. “Tell me you want this to end and it will.”

Tony felt a strength push into his chest. Having the option to end it just made him want to press further. “Not yet. Please Sir not yet.” He was drinking in the attention, not just from his god but from the internet as well. So he was a whore for it, so sue him. He could afford it. But he needed to ride that high just a little while longer.

Loki kissed him, ignoring the chimes from the screen. “Tell me what you wish pet.”

The mortal took a deep breath. “Your knives.” He could tell Loki was looking at him with curiosity. So it was a strange request, given what he had just admitted to hating. But he’d had a little quirk in him ever since the god had shown him the specially crafted blades suited to his fighting style. A fantasy that both terrified and excited him to no end with its sense of danger and trust.

Loki’s hands ran through his hair. “You wish me to play with them on you?” Try as he might, there was no hiding the excitement in his voice or the way the gods fingers trembled on his skin. “Anthony, you would find this permissible?”

I’ll take Unknown Kinks for $500 Alex. Tony leaned forward, kissing Loki’s neck. “Very permissible.” He heard the complaining chimes of the computer screen and the click as Loki shut it off. He smiled as the blindfold and hood were removed and he could see that the god had a soft grin tugging at the corners of his lips. “You’re going to have some very angry chatters if you ever get back on the internet.”

Loki chuckled, lifting Tony effortlessly into his arms, letting the man remain bound. “As if I care one tit about the internet’s opinion of me.” He kissed down the mortal’s neck, moaning as he felt Tony twitch in his grip. “What is all of humanity compared to your desire for me my pet. Why should it matter when you would plead for me to give you even that which you fear?”

Tony looked up at his partner, feeling a chill run through his veins that had nothing to do with the consistent low temperature of Loki’s skin. If he didn’t say it now. “I’m not afraid of you.” He said, letting the god’s face register shock for a moment before he continued. “I trust you to do this stuff with me, cause I know you won’t hurt me.”

If anything could stun the god, it was that. He coughed a little awkwardly, still carrying Tony through the house as if he weighed nothing. “Anthony.” He said suddenly as they approached the door to the bedroom.

“Yeah Snowflake?”

“I hope you realize I’m going to wreck you.”

Tony squirmed with determination into his god’s chest. “Please do.”

Loki kissed his cheek. “Spoilt pet.” He lay Tony on the bed, pulling out his favored collar. “I’m allowing you far too much free reign.” He slapped Tony’s ass smartly, enjoying the way the mortal switched his position to thrust his ass up and make it a far better target. “Lay back, Anthony. Your god wishes to play.” Tony was laid against the comfortable mattress, the pillows throw off the bed carelessly to give Loki room to work. His words were forbidden again, not by any binding in his mouth but rather the whisper of Loki telling him to be silent. The pale immortal took leather straps from the drawers, binding Tony’s wrists and ankles to the four posts bed and pulling them tight, ensuring that Tony could only wriggle in his trap. Loki stood back, admiring his handy-work before nodding with satisfaction.

Loki was letting him watch every movement as he went to the inlaid wooden box that held his blades. They were special made, finely honed. No more perfect daggers could be found anywhere in the nine realms, Loki had ensured that much himself. He clicked open the box and caressed them fondly, looking over the handles with an air of placid joy. They had been gifts from his mother.

And he was about to use them in an altogether different way than intended.

Tony twitched, a tremor of fear going through out his body as the soft lighting glinted off the sharp blade. He wished he had thought to tell Loki that he didn’t want to lose blood in this. Too late now. He smacked his lips and watched the god handled the blades with the skill of a thousand years of use. Tony shook, clenching his hands against the leather and panting as the flat of the right dagger touched his chest. Coldness grazed over his nipple and he gasped. Dark laughed covered his senses and Loki turned the blade on its edge, dragging it across the hair with the grain.

“Do not twitch or struggle.” He instructed, letting the edge dig in just enough for the skin to tuck against it. “Must be careful mustn’t we, pet.” Every muscle on Tony’s body tensed and Loki removed the blade, slapping his thigh harshly. “Do not tense either. It strains the skin.” He held Tony’s face to him, longing and lust in jade green pools. “Trust me not to break the flesh my pet.”

And just like that, Tony melted. The cold metal pushed against his skin, gliding with perfect movements over his pectorals and down his abdominal muscled. Loki’s movements were so perfectly deft. It was scratching, perhaps taking a few hairs with it, but not ever once breaking the skin. Tony trembled in silence, trying to breath. This had been a long standing fantasy of his, and to have it now happening was almost unbearable. His cock had managed to lay down for a few moments, but as Loki poked the tip carefully into his areola, bringing a pinprick of pain along with the tender pleasure, it swelled warm between his thighs.

“You like this.” Loki said, dragging the blades down over his abdomen and enjoying how the scratching tickle made Tony toss his head to the side and whimper. The god licked his bottom lip, drinking in the mortals every movement. He swirled the blades as though wielded by the same palm, pulling them with just enough sharpness to hear Tony’s whimpers pitch. Loki turned them again, scratching them roughly over the sensitive inner thighs. Tony winced and shivered. He had not expected it to feel so incredible.

Loki breathed out, feeling a shudder I his chest he had not entirely expected, along with a giddy sort of release. He pushed the flat of the blade under Tony’s throat, watching the dark brown eyes for the slightest trace of fear or pleading. It didn’t come. Tony’s face was calm, aside from the rampant craving writing on his features. He looked not at the blade but at Loki, giving himself over to whatever to god wanted.

And in the moment, Loki loved him.

Tony arched up towards the hands down pressing where the knife had left little white scratches. Loki’s mouth preyed on his neck as though a lion about to mount it’s female. There would be bruises and bite marks to explain come Monday, but none of that mattered right now. He started panting hotly, pushing all of himself into Loki’s embrace. “Please…” he managed before a hand covered his mouth and Loki raised up into his eye sight.

“Hush, pet.” Loki instructed as he began discarding his clothing. “You’ve played the game well enough for one night. You’ve earned your reward.” He gave with gentle assurance, reaching for the lubricant. Loki displayed himself proudly between Tony’s legs, dripping the lube from his palm onto the dick before taking hold of the rigid need and stroking it hard. “You’ve been such a good boy.” He promised, eyes resting on the swollen cock. “You didn’t cum once without permission. You struggled so hard to obey.” His tone of voice meant everything right now. Soft, praising, letting Tony know he’s fulfilled his lovers every desire. “You deserve to belong to a god.” Tony turned his lips to capture Loki’s as the trickster lay against his chest, reaching behind him to line the cock up with his hole. “I own this.” Loki continued, pressing the tip to him an pushing back for the head to pop inside.

Tied to the bed, unable to move but to toss his head from side to side, Loki started to ride Tony’s dick.

And Tony got the privilege of watching all grace fall away from the immortal. Tony himself couldn’t do anything but lay there and let his cock get used for Loki’s pleasure. But the way Loki’s calm, dominant features lost their control was enough to make him cum then and there. Loki pressed his black painted nails to Tony’s chest and began to rock back and forth, drawing the cock in and out of his wet hole. He yelled out as it drug through his tunnel, bumping the prostate and making even those eyes look open and vulnerable.

“Thank you Sir.” Tony breathed out as he was fucked ever so much more than he was fucking Loki. The plug buried in his ass was doing it’s own work with every slapping connection, driven up to tease his body.

“Good pet.” Loki whimpered and shuddered down, sitting up to let the dick push into the hilt. “Fuck, Anthony!” he began to jerk up and down, loving the hard contact of their bodies together. He sat up, bouncing atop the mortal, scratching down over Tony’s exposed abdomen.

Tony couldn’t resist. “You wanted this.” He teased, giving a little pump of his hips as far as he could meet the friction against his cock. Loki gasped and gave a short spasm, his own pale dick jutting up firm.

“Behave yourself, pet.” Loki growled, but did not stop his rapid pumping. “I can still make you sleep on the floor tonight.” He smiled as Tony pouted sympathetically. He tugged at the little circle of the mortal’s collar. “Or perhaps…” A leash materialized and Loki groaned regretfully as he pulled himself off the cock. “Come now, I want you to rut with me like the wild thing you are.”

Tony watched the leather unbuckle and he was allowed on his hands and knees, Loki sliding under him and rubbing his ass along the still wet dick. “I thought you liked me tame?” he questioned with brash audacity.

Loki jerked the leash forward, bringing Tony to mount on top of him as he groped for the taunt cock. “Oh you’re plenty obedient enough for me Anthony.” He swore, feeling the delicious pop inside once more. “I’ll show you this by the end of our weekend together. But right now, I don’t want a docile pup.” He bent forward, still holding the lash as he felt the hair of Tony’s chest against his smooth back. “Right now I want a wild mongrel.”

“Or a wolf.” Tony teased and pulled back hard on the leash with rough strength. Loki gasped and yowled in the same breath as his hips were grabbed and the mortal pushed in till his cock disappeared. This was part of the game. And part of what Loki loved about their dynamic. A perfect submissive was too easy. It was no fun if there was no challenge in him.

Loki had explained it to him once. I want to own you Anthony. But never so much that I am unafraid you might break free. Break free and tame him in return.

And from the look in those eyes, Loki was feeling quite well tamed. Tony grabbed the lush hips and rocked his dick in, arching enough to make the god wince and cry out. Those long fingers fumbled with the leash, struggling to regain control. But Tony had no intention of being that easy. He pushed down, pressing Loki under him and into the sheets and hard thrusts. The god wailed out pleasure, now struggling to rub his own cock on the soft pillows.

“Nu uh.” Tony grabbed for Loki’s hands, pinning them behind his back. “You should have cum when you had the chance.” He teased and began ramming his hips in at just the right angle. “You want to do it now, it’s gonna be just from my cock.” Which frankly was not impossible in the least. Loki hollered out in mindless pleasure with every thrust, letting it knock against the limit of his insides. It sounded so much like a sob it was heartbreaking. Tony just pummeled harder till he saw Loki scream without using words.

“Fuck! Tony!” he roared out and jerked his hands from the mortal’s grip, shoving the man back down under him. Of course he could overpower the mortal. The only way Tony was ever allowed to win was when Loki permitted it. And right now he was rethinking allowing his pet any control. Loki mounted himself once more across Tony’s lap, impaling himself on the rigid cock and growling out hard. “You’ll regret that display.” He said in a playfully threatening voice. “You will learn to rut as I command pet.” But there was a little warble through his voice as he rode the mortal that let Tony know the god was only just in control himself.

Tony reached forward, holding Loki’s hips, pushing his hips up in counter rhythms so that they would connect for beautiful friction. “F-forgive me, Sir.” He pleaded, knowing it would be ignored.

“Nay.” Loki countered, slipping into his old syntax. “Not till ridden hard and raw.” He promised and began to slam himself down.

“Me or you!” Tony gasped, feeling the tight squeeze suction him hard.

“Both!” Roared Loki and the god began to holler. “Tony!”

Tony sat up, panting, sweating, and grabbed Loki by the shoulder’s biting his lower lip. Loki screamed out his pleasure and let himself be fucked just as hard as he was fucking. Limbs entangled, grasping at one another in desperate heat. Loki was moaning out his lovers name now in repetition, sometimes pleading, other times demanding. Tony gasped for air, feeling that tightening pressure all through his pelvis before the bursting whiteness of his mind took over. Cum squirted from his cock into Loki’s asshole and the god scratched deep into the mortal’s back.

“Naughty pet.” He said and grabbed Tony by the hair, jerking the mortal’s head back. “Cumming before I give permission.” Tony whimpered, but that orgasm had taken any resistance out of him. He groaned as Loki slid off his cock, pulling back and leading his face down between the pale ass cheeks. “You’ve made a mess of your Sir.” Tony didn’t wait for an order. He licked at the cum trickling out, flicking his tongue over the tender hole as Loki positively squealed at the rich tickling. “Naughty! D-dirty little monster!” he gasped and fell back to the bed, laughing deep in his chest as Tony drank down his own cum.

“Your dirty little monster.” He said, salt and sour on his tongue.

“Mine.” Loki nodded and lifted his hips, letting Tony rim him out. He rode the tongue as eagerly as he had the mortal cock, making Tony clean every white drop from him till his cheeks shone clean. “I hope you are still thirsty pet.” Loki lifted Tony’s head, probing the mouth open with his fingers. Tony nodded and the next thing that hit his mouth was the heavy weight of Loki’s cock pressing his tongue down.

The gods eyelashes fluttered as Tony hollowed his cheeks and sucked it down, moving his tongue along the underside. He loved this. He loved holding the strength in his lips and seeing Loki give it over to him. He let the god pump between his lips slowly, using his mouth as a vessel for his need. Deep, throbbing, and in need, Loki filled his cheeks. All Tony had to do was let him. But that wasn’t in his nature. He moved himself into a good position and deepened the stroking, letting the cock pop in and out of his throat. Tony gagged on it and shuddered, knowing he would hurt in the morning. But that was later.

Loki howled with pleasure and grabbed Tony’s head, pushing it all the way down till Tony’s eyes bulged open and he choked hard, trying not to struggle. It was a catch 22 really. The second the cock was down his throat, he had a natural reaction and gagged on it, wanting it gone. But as Loki pulled back and Tony caught a wet breath, his horny nature took over and he opened his mouth, pleading to have it shoved back in. Loki gave him both in due course.

The mortal gasped out hard as Loki began to thrust in and out ceaselessly, taking over the motions until a long trail of thick saliva accompanied his cock on the way out. Tony shook and looked up, dizzy and his eyes watering. “Please.” He managed hoarsely before Loki chuckled and planted his cock in up to the root.

“Hold.” Loki commanded despite the gurgling response from Tony. The throat tightened, baring down on his cock as Tony blinked and a tear ran down his face. Loki panted out, pumping into the open throat a few times before burying himself again and making his pet hold down. Again and again he did this until he could see Tony’s eyes pleading for it. “Open wide.” He said at last, drawing out and stroking his cock off, shooting cum into Tony’s eager face and letting it drip down the rugged cheekbones. He gathered the mortal into his arms, feeling the last bit of energy drain from the frame. “Hush.” Loki told him, not letting the man pull from his arms.

Not that Tony was trying in the least. He was out of breath and out of stamina. He could hear Loki crooning to him softly. Telling him how wonderful he had been, how proud he was of his resilient little pet. He lay comfortably in the gods arms, letting himself be preened and comforted against the cool chest. Long fingers stroked through the short hair and he felt a relieving shiver go through Tony. “That was…oh Lokes.” Tony managed and shook his head.

“Hush now.” Loki instructed sweetly and kissed him. “Tell me what you need. Food? A drink perhaps?”

“You.” Tony said candidly, not having the mental strength to come up with something glib.

“You have me.” Loki assured him and lay Tony next to him on the bed, still stroking his back in gentle motions. “For two more days, you have me.”

Tony didn’t want to think past that. He defiantly didn’t want to think on having to walk out that door and back into the real world. A sudden thought occurred to him and he looked up at Loki. “You’re not really going to make me sleep on the floor, are you?”

The god just started laughing.