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Little Magical Girl Month

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Yaya loved Pepe, and she didn't regret her guardian character at all! She knew other students talked about her behind her back. They believed things like she didn't deserve to be a Guardian, because she was too immature. But, why would she want to act mature? When Mama got pregnant with Tsubasa, Mama and Papa tried to talk to her about how she'd be a big sister and how she will have new responsibilities. It wasn't like Yaya wanted a sibling. She liked being her parents' only child! She liked all the attention being on her!

Ever since Tsubasa was born her parents had been so busy with the new baby they often didn't have time for her. They would say things like she was a big girl now so she should spend more time with her friends, study, practice ballet, or help Mama with the baby.

It wasn't just all her family, not just Mama and Papa, but all of them; they all wanted to see the new baby. People kept bringing gifts for Tsubasa. Lots of cute things that she was now "too big" for! Her grandma had even taken one of her many cute stuffed animals to Tsubasa when he started to fuss. Even though he had a lot of toys himself! So he didn't even NEED one of hers! And everyone brought him more and more cute toys, never bringing Yaya anything because she was a big girl.

Mama wanted a daughter like Amu, one that would be a good big sister. One that would be mature and cool. Amu was only 11 and everyone liked her. It wasn't that she was popular, but people liked her! Yaya might have been childish but she saw how Tadase and Kairi looked at Amu. She saw how Amu got so flustered around boys, but also liked them! Boys were gross! It wasn't like she didn't like boys, she was friends with lots of boys, like Kukai and Tadase. But, the thought of kissing boys and stuff made her feel gross!

For some reason it seemed like everyone in her grade and the grade above her was obsessed with the other gender and having crushes. They all seem to care so much about that kind of stuff. Even the ballerinas.

No one really played dress up anymore or played with dolls. When Mama met Amu she had thought she could be a good influence on her. Her parents had even talked to Amu’s and they had dinner together. The dinner wasn’t bad, but Mama and Papa asked how Amu’s parents made their daughters have such a close relationship and praised them for their amazing daughters.

Honestly the whole dinner had upset Yaya a lot more than she wanted to confess. She didn’t know how Amu could handle having a little sister, like Ami. She was everything Yaya wanted to be, cute, small, precious. She wished that Amu was her big sister. Ami was lucky that she had Amu-Chi as a big sister.

If she had a big sister like Amu-Chi Yaya was sure that no one would ever whisper behind her back.

Mama had taken Tsubasa to the doctor for his check ups, and Papa was still at work. So Yaya was home alone. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be left home alone anymore. Before Tsubasa her Mama was always home. But, after he was born Mama was so busy, when she was home she was taking care of the baby. When she wasn’t she was taking the baby out for things, like to the baby and me classes they went to every Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours after she got home from school.

She wasn’t a thief, but she had to share her toys and things with Tsubasa because she was his big sister. She didn’t see what was so wrong with her taking a couple of the diapers from his room, or maybe a pacifier. It wasn’t like he didn’t have a million pacifiers anyway, and Mama never noticed a couple diapers missing.

Since her brother was born it was her job to keep her room clean, because her Mama was now too busy to clean it up for her. So that meant she could hide a baby bottle here and a teething toy there. And the best part was as Tsubasa was getting older, new baby things were being brought into the house and some of the old ones were being boxed up to be put in the attic. Which meant she could save them!

While her friends knew about her wish to be a baby and could see Pepe. Her parents couldn’t see her guardian character. They didn’t understand her desire to be a baby. Most of the time Yaya wondered if anyone really understood. It wasn’t just about the attention babies got, sure it was nice, but it was everything. No one told babies that they were big girls now and shouldn’t need a nightlight. Or that babies were big girls so they didn’t need section plates even if food touching each other is still super icky! No one made bath time boring for babies because they were too old for bath toys. No one told babies that they needed to study harder because their grades weren’t great. It didn’t matter if babies were dumb or only wanted to play. Babies didn’t need to worry about getting the main role in ballet and risk messing up!

Mai-Tei had even pointed out that she had messed 7 steps and fell twice! Mama and Papa praised her for getting the lead, and didn’t comment on her mess ups. But, the other ballerinas all commented about how Mai-Tei should have gotten to be the lead. As if Yaya had wanted Mai-Tei to get hurt, but she hadn’t! She just wanted to be a background flower fairy!

Now that Tsubasa was getting bigger, so were his diapers. Yaya had always been small her age. Before he came around. Mama and Papa would always say things like “Yaya is our little fairy” and “Yaya is our precious baby” when people called her small. Now they just said things like “Yaya will hit her growth squirt soon” But, Yaya didn’t want to get taller! She liked being small and cute! She would always say “I hope not” after their comments about her getting taller soon.

If she got bigger she wouldn’t be able to fit into Tsubasa’s diapers or her old clothes. Mama and Papa had been trying to get her to wear clothes more like her peers. More like things like Amu or Nadeshiko would wear. Of course if she whined and pleaded they still let her wear what she wanted to, but they always were encouraging her to wear things like other girls her age.

She didn’t care about girls her age! She wanted to stay small and cute and lovable! A real diaper felt different from the diaper she got when she transformed into Dear Baby. It wasn’t as thick, probably because it was for a baby. But, it was still nice! Pepe of course wanted her to wear her bunny kigurumi, but she had decided to wear her duck one today. But, she didn’t want to wear just her duck kigurumi. She found her pink Tutu and also put it on too. She looked extra cute now!

If Mama or Papa came home, they wouldn’t even be able to tell she had taken one of the diapers. Last time Mama found her wearing one of Tsubasa’s diapers, her mama spent hours scolding her and going on about how she was too big for diapers. Which wasn’t even true, because Yaya had to wear nighttime diapers due to bed wetting. It wasn’t that she wet the bed on purpose. School was stressful, and ballet was stressful, and trying to stop x-eggs were stressful, and being a big sister was stressful. Luckily the doctor told her Mama and Papa it was likely the stress of school on top of being a big sister. They had thought maybe it would be better if she stopped being a guardian, but stopped when she cried that if she stopped being a guardian she would be all alone again.

Being a guardian was the only thing that saved her at school. She hadn’t had any friends, and no one really liked her. No one really liked her much still, but she had the other guardians and now that she was a guardian the teasing was always behind her back instead of to her face.

Of course Mama and Papa right away promised she could keep being a guardian after seeing her cry. Tsubasa might have been the baby of the family right now. But, she was the baby first and she knew how to get her way… most of the time at least.

She pulled out the orange pacifier she had collected. It was a little small for her mouth and hurt if she sucked on it for long periods of time. But, it was still nice! She had a white one too, which was perfect for her bunny outfit. But, the orange one made her think of a duck beak. She pulled out her crayons and one of her coloring books before going under her bed. Despite it being under her bed, she could just turn the lights up and the fairy lights would make it all nice and bright to let her play without being scared.

While lots of kids were scared of monsters under their bed Yaya never had been. She had always loved playing under her bed, but was still afraid of the dark. So long before Tsubasa was born Papa had added the fairy lights for her. She put her headphones on and listened to a music playlist that Mama had made to play on road trips to keep Tsubasa from crying.

Of course Pepe helped color in the picture with her, and in her arms was her most favoritest plushie, just… don’t tell the others, it was a pink bunny plushie in a yellow ballerina outfit. She smelled like candy, which was why her name was Candy.

So busy coloring, Yaya hadn’t noticed the new text, or the door opening. There was a knock on her door. The young girl had only noticed when her door creaked open, it always creaked. Quickly she took her pacifier out why Pepe had flown out before coming back, babbling. Unlike most people she understood her guardian character perfectly. It was just Amu.

“Amu-Chi what are you doing here?” Yaya asked confusedly, tilting her head as she peeked her head out from under the bed.

The slightly older girl awkwardly looked at the ground. “Your parent’s asked Amu’s if you could stay at her house or if she could sleepover at your house” Rin explained

“Why?” Was all Yaya could figure out to ask. Mama and Papa didn’t like her staying home alone. The last time they let her stay home alone she had set a small fire trying to bake brownies. Though they did trust her now to babysit Tsubasa for short amounts of time, since Mama taught her how to make his bottles. And now he was bigger so he ate real food too and she could feed him his snacks and lunch easily.

Amu shrugged, but all the guardians at this point understood her “cool” persona was because the pink-haired girl struggled heavily with social anxiety and general awkwardness. “They didn’t want you to be alone, but according to them something came up and they had to take your baby brother to your grandparents house” Suu explained for her human.

That made sense. Her mother’s parents didn’t like Yaya much. It had been her mama’s mom who had taken her stuffed toy and given it to Tsubasa. And had taken lots of other things that she was too old for and not “too girly” for their grandson. She was pretty sure that they hadn’t wanted a granddaughter much. Ever since Tsubasa was born they were way happier.

“So what were you doing?” Amu asked. Amu had never been mean to her about her wish to be a baby. And she knew Pepe, and had even seen her as Dear Baby. So being truthful to Amu wouldn’t be super bad would it?

It wasn’t like Amu didn’t know that she was the ultimate baby. Crawling back under her bed she grabbed her coloring book and pacifier. She put it back in her mouth, she almost forgot Candy but remembered her right before leaving under her bed once more. “Colowing” Yaya said softly showing the older girl the two thirds nicely colored picture. Pepe wasn’t that good at coloring, but Yaya liked carefully scribbling the colors in to blend them and make it look all nice. Even though she didn’t really show anyone anymore.

Yaya hadn’t expected Amu to pet her head “That looks amazing.” Before she could say anything else the smaller girl’s stomach growled.

“Have you eaten anything recently?” Su asked with a small frown.

She had to think about it, when was the last time Yaya had eaten? It must have been at the guardian meeting. Which had been hours ago and just a couple cookies. She had missed lunch since the other guardians were busy so they didn’t eat lunch together. But, she didn’t want Amu knowing that she never ate lunch without them. That would make them feel bad. She didn’t want to guilt her friends.

“Lets go whip up a snack, okay?” Amu said gently taking Yaya’s wrist, her X hair clip had changed into a clover. Had she caused a character change?

After being led to the kitchen Amu had told her to sit down. Which of course the younger girl listened to. She watched as Su and Amu worked. Rin and Miki were with her and Pepe at the table. While Rin was focused on Pepe, the blue chara turned her attention to Yaya.

Miki had brought the coloring book with her, even though Yaya had dropped it when her wrist had been grabbed. “The coloring here is really good. The way you mixed the crayon together is very talented.” The blue chara explained, which only made the human blush.

“Fank yoo” Yaya whispered through her pacifier. Miki was a professional artist, if she thought her coloring was good it had to actually be good. Even though Yaya always kind of felt like she was behind her peers at everything she did. It was nice to be told she was good at something.

Amu put a plate of food in front of her. Not just any plate but one of the ones from her room. Her pink section plate. As well as her pink sippy cup. Both things she had found in the attic that had been put up there while Mama was pregnant because she was a big girl now and didn’t need those things. “How Amu-Chi find these”

That caused Su to laugh a little. “I brought them, I thought since you’re little right now you’d prefer the dishes in your room!” The green chara explained.

With a blush and a whispered “Fank yoo” the younger human focused on the food. Amu had found the chicken nuggets, which had been the snack she was supposed to eat when she got home, but forgot. There was also green grapes and some baby carrots; the two smallest sections had ranch and ketchup in it.

She took a small sip of the sippy cup and was delighted that it was strawberry milk, one of her favorites! Yaya hadn’t even noticed Amu taking Candy and setting her away from the table. Yaya hadn’t even noticed her own character change causing the large bib to appear on her.

Yaya happily ate while sharing some with Pepe when her little chara wanted a bite. She loved sharing food, she even shared some with Amu! Who would awkwardly accept whatever the younger girl offered.

"You gotta eat some of your carrots and not just give me all them. Sharing is nice but you need to eat some of the carrots too" Amu warned, noticing how many carrots compared to other things had been fed to her.

She picked up a carrot and stared at it before sticking out her tongue. She liked ranch but she didn't like veggies much. "Bunnies love carrots" The older girl mentioned.

"Buh Yaya ducky right now nah ah bunny" Yaya argued lightheartedly. Out of allllll the veggies baby carrots were ones she didn't mind.

That caused Amu to laugh, she had a pretty laugh. "Even duckies like carrots"

Yaya made a shocked face "Okays" She took a carrot and dipped it in the ranch, but instead of giving it to her friend, she ate it.

Which caused Amu to playfully clap her hands and say "Good job Yaya! Only 4 more carrots left!"

The younger girl hadn’t realized how much she had missed eating with Mama and Papa. Sure they still ate dinner together most of the time. But it wasn’t the same anymore. Mama would be too busy feeding the baby and they told her she was too big to share her food now. That it wasn’t appropriate.

Why had things changed so much just because Mama got pregnant? Why did she suddenly become too big for lots of things after Mama and Papa decided to have another baby. She never was too old for things until they got themselves another baby. Yaya hadn’t even noticed the tears start to form.

Normally Yaya was a loud crier. She had always been a loud crier, it got her more attention. But, lately crying has felt different. She didn’t want to be loud when she cried lately. She just wanted to curl up and mutely sob. Maybe it was because her parents had stopped cooing over her when she would have her crying fits and tell her she was a big girl now and could use her words. But, these tears didn’t have words. She didn’t want to talk about her feelings like a big girl. All she really wanted was to be hugged and told everything was okay.

Somehow it was like Amu knew exactly that too. Because she didn’t try to force Yaya to sit up and look at her. She let Yaya keep her face hiding in her knees as she hugged herself. She didn’t try to force Yaya to talk about why she was crying instead she moved her chair so close to her the two chairs were touching and she wrapped one arm around her, while the other gently pet her head.

“It’s okay.” Amu gently reassured her. With a sniffle, Yaya uncurled a little and let herself lean on her friend. Her head rested gently on the pink-haired girl’s lap now. She didn’t have a pacifier so she chewed on her fingers. A bad habit that Mama and Papa both didn’t like. But, when she was sad or nervous she couldn’t help but chew on her fingers if she didn’t have a pacifier to suck on. It didn’t last long though, because Amu had taken her hand slowly out of her mouth and replaced it with the orange pacifier, without a word.

She wasn’t sure how long she stayed in Amu’s lap, mutely crying while the older girl just petted her head and reassured her. But after all the tears were gone. At some point one, maybe all of Amu's charas had brought over Candy to her which she had quickly taken into a hug.

“Would you like to finish your food?” Amu asked after Yaya had stopped crying for a little while.

Yaya gave a small head shake “Nah hungry” She mumbled behind her pacifier

Her own chara seemed worned out like her. Yaya wondered if charas felt the same emotions as their humans.

This thought didn’t last too long because suddenly Yaya was being carried! She gasped and her legs clung tightly to Amu as did her arms. She was scared of being dropped! No one but her Mama and Papa had ever carried her and Amu was only a year older than her! “You’re a lot lighter than I thought you’d be. ” The older girl commented.

It really seemed like Amu had no issue carrying her into the living room. Honestly it was amazing! Amu must have been really strong. Though she did notice her x hair clip now a heart. Maybe character changes with Rin made the other girl stronger? She wasn’t sure, character changes with Pepe made her more sensitive to everything. She noticed the bib was gone. Out of all her friends and their charas she wondered if they struggled to tell if they were character changed or not.

Amu put on a cute cartoon that her sister probably liked. Amu was a good big sister. She wished she had a big sister like Amu “Onee-chi staying over?” Yaya asked, before realizing what she had called her friend. Her face became bright red.

The older girl just gave her a sweet smile. “Yes I’ll be sleeping over. We will be sharing a bed. Um… your mom already warned my mom about your issues” Amu confessed, her face now red.

This made Yaya blush harder. Amu knew she wanted to be a baby, she knew her character transformation was a baby and had a giant diaper. But, the fact that she knew she was a bedwetter. What if Amu thought she was gross now?

“It’s fine, I could feel it anyway when I picked you up.” Amu comforted her. Yaya's face got even redder if that was even possible. She hadn’t thought Amu would be able to feel the diaper when she was picked up! But, luckily the pink-haired girl had confused it for her bedtime protection. Which was actually thicker but Mama and Papa would know she was wearing them besides for bed if she wore them before bed.

Amu pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay Yaya, it’s not like I don’t know your would be self. I don’t mind taking care of you every now and then if you need Onee-chi’s help” The small blush on Amu’s face made Yaya feel a little better.

Not only did Amu accept her but was okay with taking care of her! “Yes pweeze Onee-chi!” She squealed, hugging the older girl tightly.

The pink-haired girl smiled “Next time maybe we could even invite Rima”

“Only need one Onee-chi to take care of Yaya” the younger girl whispered

“Not to take care of Yaya, but as a playmate. Of course Yaya is baby, but Rima is pretty little herself. She gets a little lonely though. I’m sure she’d like a little sister to play with.”

Maybe… Rima was more like Yaya than Yaya knew? Had Amu taken care of Rima before? Thinking about it, the younger girl wouldn’t mind having a, only little bit bigger sister… she wouldn’t mind sharing Amu if she was the baby…

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Tama loved her magical girl team. Even if she was the worst magical girl. She really did like them. And she was glad they helped such a worthless mutt like her. But, sometimes the Peaky Angel twins took things too far. Yunael and Minael enjoyed pulling pranks on her.

She had been going to their team headquarters when she heard a loud growl behind her. Turning around it had been a large tiger! Letting out a startled scream she ran! But, Tama had tripped on a stuffed tiger, causing her to fall and hit the ground. Right as the real tiger jumped at her, it turned into Yunael.

Tearing up the dog magical girl huffed rubbing her face with her large dog gloves. The stuffed tiger turned into Minael. “Just kidding”

Tama didn’t think it was that funny! She thought she was about to be eaten!

“Oh my god Tama, did you wet yourself?” One of the angels gasped before they both started giggling.

“I thought you were a dumb dog not a dumb puppy” The other said as they both flew over to her and lifted her up.

Suddenly something sparked in those twins minds and the dog magical girl could tell. She wanted to escape, but she was being held up in the air but those pesky angels.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Always! Tama is too fat to hold by myself but I have the perfect idea!” One of the twins squealed.

It turned out to be Minael, because suddenly the one who had spoken turned into a large crib with handcuffs? The dog magical girl was dropped into the crib, before she could do anything Yunael had already strapped her into the crib.

“I’ll be right back! You be a good dog and stay. If you try to escape we’ll punish you like the bad dog you are” Yunael warned before flying off.

While it felt like Yunael was gone forever, it must have not been too long since Minael held her form the whole time.

Minael turned back to normal “Took you long enough” She huffed.

“You’re going to be a good girl for us right Tama? You owe us and the others after all since a pitiful mutt like you can’t even get your own candies.”

With a small whimper the dog girl just nodded.

It turned out Yunael had gone and gotten diapers and a pacifier. Even though her magical girl outfit had already magically cleaned itself a while ago. Soon her light brown shorts were replaced with a large cream colored diaper with brown dog bones. Luckily her stockings were the sock kind and not the ones that went over the underwear.

One of the angels put the pacifier in her mouth before she could say anything. It was a simple black pacifier. “Shhh puppies don’t talk.”

They grabbed her leash and led her to their headquarters.

At the meeting Ruler and Swim Swim didn't seem to care about what the twins had done to her. Tama tried to be a good girl and just listened, keeping the pacifier in her mouth. It wasn’t like she ever had much to say besides “sowwys”

But, at the end of the meeting Swim Swim said “Cute” looking at her before leaving. And Ruler acknowledged that she knew that Tama was trying but she was just a dumb puppy. Normally, Ruler would have called her mutt or dog…

Before the twins let her go they gave her the package of diapers “We expect you to be wearing your new magical girl outfit when you come back.”

Maybe Fav heard, or maybe it was her cruel luck? Maybe it was her punishment for being a useless, worthless dog? But, even though Tama threw the diapers and pacifier away in hopes that the twins would have forgotten, when she transformed her shorts were replaced by the diaper with that stupid pattern on it and in her mouth was that pacifier. Now attached to a clip that was a cute little dog bone, the strap was just a simple black strap.

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Usagi couldn’t stand Chibiusa most days. That dumb ball of hers was however rather powerful. It had caused her whole family to think that she was part of their family. She couldn’t stand the girl, and it seemed like the pink-haired girl couldn’t stand her either.

Ever since the age swap though, Chibiusa had gone on and on about how she wished Usagi was younger than her. It wasn’t like being a teenager was that great. Even after being turned into a kid, she did still wish she was a kid again. School was the worst, she really did try to get better grades, but it was so hard. She was also pretty busy protecting the city on a daily basis as well.

But, it wasn’t like she could tell her mom “I tried studying, but I’m pretty busy saving the world”

So when Chibiusa went on and on about how she wished Usagi was younger than her, the teenager would just huff and say “Me too!”

After all, ever since Chibiusa brainwashed her family into believing that she was her and her brother’s cousin, Usagi had to witness her mother be so nice to the little brat. Part of her missed how close she and her mom used to be.

She hated that they shared a room, a bed even! Luckily Usagi was a heavy sleepier. Luna had stopped sleeping in the bed shortly after Chibiusa had started because it was too “cramped” according to the cat.

Being woken up in the middle of the night wasn’t the most uncommon, but it hadn’t been a bad guy attacking. Chibiusa had woken her up with that umbrella open. Before she could realize what was going on things got really fuzzy.

The next time she woke up she was in her crib. She had a weird dream that Chibiusa had been spinning an umbrella in their room. But, it wasn’t raining in their room so she wouldn’t need an umbrella that was silly.

Sucking on her pacifier she cuddled her stuffed bunny, mama had put her in her bunny onesie before bed! It was her favorite pajamas. She was wet, but she knew mama would come change her after she was done making breakfast.

Chibiusa woke up and got out of her bed. “Hey there lil bun bun.” The pink hair kid cooed.

“Hi hi!” Usagi happily replied sitting up in her crib now.

“I’ll go tell Mom you’re awake.”

But… why was Chibiusa calling Mama mom? Didn’t Chibiusa make the family think that she was Mama’s niece?

No… Chibiusa was her big sister?

That didn’t seem right.

Luna easily walked through the bars of the crib. “Lulu!” the teenager happily squealed.

“You seem in a good mood today.” Luna commented

“Day silly?” she confessed. Everything seemed off but Usagi didn’t understand. Something just seemed off.

“Oh? I think everyday is a little silly. I never expected Sailor Moon would have been reincarnated so much later than the other girls. It would have been much easier if you were a teenager like the others and not a 2 year old.” The cat sighed curling next to her.

Usagi petted the black cat, but she felt more confused. Something felt wrong about what her kitty had just said

But, on the other hand the other scouts were in fact big big girls! And she wasn’t even as big as Chibiusa yet.

Mama came into the room “There’s my sleeping beauty! You’re up early. Normally Mama has to wake you up! Is the kitty visiting you? Such a nice kitty”

“Nice Lulu.” the bunny onesie wearing teen agreed.

When her mama picked up her pacifier with a crescent moon on it and put it in her mouth she happily started to suck on it.

Chibiusa was back. “I can take her to the changing table.” She offered.

“I have it, Chibi. But thank you for offering. How about you pick an outfit for your little sister to wear for the day!”

The pink-haired kid happily nodded before going to the closet.

Usagi played with her toy bunny as her mama changed her diaper. It was the ones with the bunny heads and moons just like her bed sheets. They were her favorite!

Chibiusa had picked out her mint green skirt and her purple sweater with the bunny patch on it. Wait, didn't she normally wear that skirt with a sleeveless pink turtleneck?
No, that didn’t seem right.

Mama thanked Chibiusa and put the outfit on her. The sweater went on top of a lot of the skirt, but the skirt didn’t hide all of her diaper. Not that, that matters. Mama said she might be slow to potty training but they could try next year. Then Mama made her hair all nice and pretty in her two buns.

Her pacifier was taken just for a moment to be attached to a bunny pacifier clip to make sure it wouldn’t fall.

The adult woman helped her off the changing table. Even though Usagi was old enough to walk by herself. Mama still held her hand as she walked down the stairs.

Breakfast was amazing. She happily and messily ate her food. She ate, however, that weird feeling that something was wrong. Chibiusa had to leave for school though. Wasn’t she going to be late for school?

No, she didn’t go to school yet.

She was happy she didn’t have school like her big brother and sister because that meant she got to spend time with Luna and Mama.

They played with dolls and colored and watched cartoons. Mama would sometimes go to clean a bit, but Luna kept her company when Mama was busy!

Story time was amazing and she happily fell asleep listening to Mama’s story.

Usagi woke up from an odd dream where she was only 2 and Chibiusa was her big sister. It was a very silly dream. But, waking up in a crib made her realize it hadn’t been a dream.

Well, not fully a dream! Right away she realized Chibiusa must have hypnotized her and everyone! That brat had gone too far. Climbing out of the large crib she grabbed her compact.

“You know your mother doesn’t like you climbing out of your crib.” Luna scolded

Even Luna had been hypnotized that wasn’t right!

She would transform into Sailor Moon and hopefully return everyone back to normal.

Her outfit… her outfit was all wrong! instead of her classic white leotard with a blue sailor collar and blue skirt, it had been replaced with a white and blue sailor dress that looked like it belonged to a toddler! She still had the red bow in the back and the red bow in front with her transformation brooch. The dress did not hide the diaper with crescent moons. The only other thing that was different was her shoes were now red Mary Janes with moon buckles and she had white knee high socks that looked similar to her gloves. A pacifier clip that mimicked her tiara was attached to the outfit as well. The pacifier looked similar to her red circular hairpieces.

Luna started to ask something, but the door opening to reveal Chibiusa interrupted her.

Chibiusa stared at her and tried to hold back laughter. “L-Lil bun, why did you transform?” She asked, struggling so hard not to laugh.

“You did this! Fix everything now or or or I’ll never marry Mamoru and and you’ll never be born!” Usagi huffed, tearing up.

Her words made it clear to the brat that the magic that had affected Usagi's mind had worn off.

“Fineeeee, don’t get your diapers in a twist”

Sailor moon changed back. And watched as the brat got rid of the baby stuff and reversed the magic on Luna.

As Chibiusa corrected the others, Luna and her tried to figure out why the magic had affected Usagi’s magical girl outfit. Neither of them could figure it out, it really didn’t make any sense.

By the time it was dinner everyone was back to normal.

After everyone went back to bed. Usagi decided to try to transform, but her outfit was still babified. It just made no sense! She really hoped her outfit would return to normal. As she laid in bed she couldn’t help, but feel a little remorseful that things would be back to normal. She missed cuddles and story time with her mom…

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Cluje had used magic to turn herself into an adult to go on a date with Tatsumi-san. Not only was she trying to take her ring and change the world. She was trying to take Tatsumi-san? It wasn't fair. Ureshiko wasn't a bad girl. She knew that it was Cluje's turn to be the Manager of Wonderland. But, she didn’t want the world to be erased and changed! Her mom had made this world, Freya had kept the world the same, and she had taken care and loved this town with all her heart.

Ureshiko had gone through so much to be where she was now. She had fallen in love and gotten married. But, still had managed to not have her first kiss in order to keep being a magical girl. At a great cost however, her husband had become angrier not understanding why she wouldn’t allow him to kiss her. At times he had truly terrified her. But, worst of all, he had cheated on her and blamed her. But… it wasn’t fair to blame him, was it? She refused to tell him why. Hadn’t he said that no man could endure that?

She wouldn’t even kiss him their first night together as a married couple. In the end they hadn’t done anything because he had gotten mad.

After she had caught him cheating on her, she used that as the excuse to move to the boarding home, to help. It hadn’t anything to do with the fact that her husband at times scared her about what he may do to her.

But, Tatsumi-san was so nice. Even after he ended up missing the play, he danced and sang for her! Dancing and singing with him, that silly Suppai Mambo, Uneken Mambo, had been the most fun she had in a very long time. It reminded her of when her mother would sing and dance with her.

What she hadn’t noticed was Cluje watching, her phone in her hand.

Other magical girls were starting to show up more trying to get Ureshiko to give Cluje the ring.

After dinner she had overheard Tatsumi-san talking on the phone about going to the beach. She couldn’t help but decide to go too. By herself of course.

When she lost sight of the younger man she tried flying to find him, but instead was attacked by the twin magical girls. What she hadn't expected was as she was being squashed in a giant sandwich in the sky for her to be saved by Cluje. As the sandwich disappeared she passed out.

The first thing Ureshiko noticed without even opening her eyes was the lack of a ring on her finger. She had rarely ever taken the ring off. Especially after Cluje came to town in fear that somehow her replacement would get her hands on it and change everything.

Opening her eyes she could tell that the young girl had gotten the ring already. Her room was completely different. She was in a large crib? Tatsumi-san was asleep, head resting against the bars as he held her hand. Her other arm was holding a lion stuffed animal, a pacifier was in her mouth?

The door opened up, but instead of Obaa-chan, it was Cluje in her grown up form, though her breasts were now the same size as Ureshiko. The ring… was right there, as if it was a wedding ring. “Tatsumi dear, the baby is awake” The fake adult woman gently shook the shoulder of the sleeping adult man.

“Oh! Oh! Ureshiko sweetie” Tatsumi opened the crib and picked her up. She was wearing a pink nightgown and a large diaper with cartoon suns on it.

She squirmed, spitting out the pacifier. “Dada!”

Dada? Ureshiko had tried to say “Tatsumi” ; this must have been another part of Cluje’s work. “Dada” She tried again but once more it was wrong.

“Yes yes Dada is here. You’re okay.” He cooed at her, bouncing her a little.

“I’m so sorry, Tatsumi. I never thought she would end up wiggling out of her floaties.” Cluje said with fake tears.

The adult man hugged her, while he held Ureshiko in one arm. How was it even possible she was an adult woman?

“It’s okay. Accidents happen. It was her first time at the beach. Though we should wait until Ureshiko is older to try taking her to the beach again”

“I’ll go finish breakfast, can you get the baby dress?” Cluje said sweetly, but Ureshiko had seen the new manager of wonderland smirking. Sadly Tatsumi’s back was turned so he didn’t see it.

“Of course.”

Ureshiko tried to help remind Tatsumi of the truth. Even though she was speaking words, and the magic seemed to only change what she said when she said Tasumi’s name, he didn’t seem to understand any of it. Cooing at her that she was a chatty girl today.

Soon he had dressed her in a simple pale yellow summer dress, the sunny pattern diaper still visible. He had put her pink hair into two yellow scrunchies with yellow smiling suns on them. Tatsumi had attached the darker pink pacifier to her dress with a sun clip.

She tried to use magic to get him to listen to her, but it didn’t work. Now that Cluje had the ring she couldn’t undo the magic that the girl had casted.

They were at the boarding house. This must have been Cluje’s home. Tatsumi had carried her downstairs. At breakfast he had put her in a large adult size highchair. But, none of this seemed weird to him.

Cluje pulled out a sun themed bib on her. “I can feed her today dear. You should eat.” The adult man offered.

“I don’t need to be fed, I can do it myself. Mama turned me back to normal! You have the ring now! This is wrong, you shouldn’t do this to me and Dada” Ureshiko pleaded, tearing up. She hadn't called Cluje mama!

“Looks like the baby is being a little fussy. She must be still feeling icky from yesterday” Cluje kissed her finger and made some baby toys float above them. She had done magic right in front of Tatsumi.

The man didn’t look shocked. “Isn’t mama soooo cool. One day you will be a cool magical girl like her!” He cooed at her picking up the small baby spoon.

Tatsumi made silly train sounds as he fed her, the rather well made food. She was pretty sure from the taste that Cluje hadn’t cooked this. Ureshiko could always tell the difference between homemade food and magic made food. She wasn’t sure if she was the reason or Tatsumi was the reason so much food got on her instead of in her mouth.

The child, currently an adult, smirks and laughs and photo taking was overwhelming.

After Tatsumi finished feeding her he looked at his watch. “I need to head out to work. I’ll come home for lunch. You be good for your mama now Ureshiko” he kissed both females on the cheek before leaving.

Cluje returned to her original form. “My magic is so strong now. I could stay in that form forever if I wanted to! I don’t feel exhausted at all!” She squealed.

“This isn’t right, you're a child and Tatsumi is an adult! What if he tries to… do something with you” Her face was bright red and she couldn’t say what she was fully worried about. Despite having been married herself she was still a virgin herself. Tamotsu had been so mad she wouldn’t kiss him on their wedding night they never got any further.

They had done things, just not that. She had always been nervous and Tamotsu had always tried to kiss her before they actually got to doing any of that, that she hadn’t actually done it.

“I told Tatsumi I was a magical girl and I can’t do that kind of stuff. He doesn’t care. I made it so he thinks we adopted you after we got married.” She tapped Ureshiko’s nose

“That’s not right! You’re lying to Tatsumi. You can’t do this to me! None of it’s fair-”

“You are scolding me about fair. You didn’t play fair when you wouldn’t let me be the new manager. You want to stay young at heart and stay a magical girl. Fine I just made it true. Just admit it. You never wanted to grow up. You ju-”

Ureshiko shook her head “Shut up! Shut up! Please! Why do this? Why make Tatsumi think I’m a b-baby? Why didn’t you just make me a baby during your reset if you wanted that? You and all the others know without the ring I’m…” She trailed off

“You’re half wonderland human. I know! So you might see the differences unlike other wonderland humans. But, you’re still weaker than the average magical girl without the ring. And you’re just as affected by the ring’s power as anyone else created by magic. You can try to fight it, but you’ll fail. You should just accept it.”

Ureshiko shook her head. “Why didn’t you just make Tatsumi your age, and leave me alone? You would have had him all to yourself and it would have been appropriate” She changed the topic.

The young girl laughed. “And I probably will. But, right now I want to play family and you make the perfect baby. Maybe later I’ll make you look like a proper baby. But, we have lots of time to play. Let's go on a walky walk before Tatsumi comes back for lunch”

The high chair turned into a stroller, just like that. She went to say something but the pacifier was shoved in her mouth, and magic used to keep it in. “Quiet time.”

Cluje gave her a tour of the new town, in her new and “approved” adult form, a lot of it was the same. The buildings looked different, probably more on par to how the real world looked. Ureshiko didn’t really know, since unlike Cluje who spent all her life in Tokyo before moving. Tokyo was just a place on the map here, that no one had ever actually been too. Unless maybe they were a magical girl from or that had lived in the real world.

There was an amusement park, which the new manager of Wonderland cooed that they could go to at some point. But, a lot of the town was still the same. That did make her feel a little better. She had been scared that Cluje would have done a big change like getting rid of all the men in the world. Which had been something one of the managers had done before her mother’s time.

Everyone they came across seemed to actually see her as a baby,

When they got near her husband’s house Ureshiko couldn’t help but get nervous. Her husband was currently smoking. “I thought it would be fitting punishment to have your husband not see you as a baby. Naughty girl falling in love with someone who isn’t your husband.”

They could see Tamotsu make out with the same woman from all those months ago before she left.

“Oh so you both cheat. Adults are so... My mother used to cheat on my dad in Tokyo.” Cluje said… It felt a little comforting.

When he saw her, he laughed, stared and laughed some more. “Is this a joke? I always knew you were a brat. But, this? You’re some perverted freak. I can’t believe I ever loved someone like you. I knew you were childish but this-”

“This isn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be. This is… just mean.” The blue-haired girl turned woman frowned. Summoning her wand, she used magic to turn Tamotsu into a small dog.

All the times he had scared her, all the times he had yelled at her, grabbed her, pinned her to the wall and made her fear for more than just her magic. She had never thought about changing him. Maybe she should have made him into someone who knew she was a magical girl, make him okay with her having magic, make him not want to kiss her.

But, her mother had told her it was wrong to change people, even wonderland people.

She hadn’t noticed when she had started crying, or that she had latched onto the stuffed lion the second it was given to her. Cluje didn’t tease her. She just took them home letting her let out all the emotions that she had tried to keep inside of her.

Tatsumi was waiting for them, he had made lunch. “Did something happen?” He frowned looking down at the teary eyed woman.

“A mean dog scared her, that's all.” Cluje explained.

“I know how to make our little girl a smiley baby

With that Tatsumi started dancing and singing that same Suppai Mambo, Uneken Mambo song he had done to cheer her up for missing the play.

She couldn’t help but start giggling up a storm.

Maybe… she could learn to accept these changes. Maybe everyone seeing her as a baby wasn’t so bad.

Maybe… maybe Cluje’s world wouldn’t be that bad…

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Sakura held up the power card she had just gotten. This little card had caused so much trouble. She was responsible for the cards now wasn’t she? Sakura didn’t really know much of what the cards were besides that they had magic. Were the cards actual beings with feelings and thoughts? The power card had acted so much like a little girl causing so much trouble. If she was in charge of the cards now should she take on the full responsibility of trying to teach them right and wrong?

Could the cards even learn the difference? She had already fixed the penguin slide Power had flipped. But, was that really enough?

If Power was a real little girl she would have scolded her and put her in timeout like her father used to do with her when she had been bad.

If the Power card was a real little girl she would have a serious talk with her about why she thought it was okay to cause such a mess at the zoo!

After all, if she had done something nearly as bad as the power card she would have gotten a spanking!

That's what the Power card really needed.

If she was going to act like a naughty little girl she would treat the card such.

Getting the supplies for her brilliant idea was fairly easy. Power was small but not too small that baby diapers wouldn’t be able to fit her. Baby things would be fine size wise for the card, so she made sure to pick up some other things.

When she summoned the power herself, it was clear that the girl was rather confused. But, she waited for Sakura’s request.

“Power, you had been very naughty before I caught you. You could have seriously hurt someone or the animals! Now as your new owner you will listen to me and not argue okay?”

The smaller girl gave a nod.

Sakura picked up the tiny girl with ease and took off her poofy pants quickly replacing it with the pink diaper she had bought. The card fussed and squirmed but didn’t disobey her new owner.

The 10 year old put the pacifier in the smaller girl’s mouth “Hush now, suck on that”

“I would like to borrow your magic now, and I know this is going to hurt. But, you were a very bad girl the other day and if you take your spankings, I’ll see you want to be a good girl and reward you okay?”

It was clear that Power wasn’t sure what she was saying, but nodded nervously.

Since she had done as she was told; Sakura only gave her 5 spankings. But, by the time she was done Power was sniffling and tearing up. She gave the small girl a tight hug which the card snuggled up to.

She comforted the Power praising her for taking her punishment, but also explaining why she had been punished. Explaining how when she acted so careless a lot of things got broken and freeing those animals could have seriously hurt someone or even the animals themselves. Kind of like how the spanking had hurt, but worse. That did seem to make Power understand.

Sakura could tell that Power wasn’t a bad girl. She was just a little girl who didn’t understand how dangerous her actions could have been. “Before I send you back, how about a nice bottle and story?” All she got was a head tilt, which was okay.

“Stay here okay sweetie I’ll be right back with a treat.”

She quietly left to make sure she didn’t get caught by her brother or father. Sakura warmed up a bottle of warm milk with some cinnamon on it.

When she got back to her room the power card was hugging her stuffed penguin with a hat and tie, standing waiting for her. Did Power like penguins? She had flipped the penguin slide, and she had freed the penguins first at the zoo.

After she found a old book of fairy tales she sat down on the bed “Come here”

Power shyly did as she was told, carrying the stuffed penguin. Sakura picked her up and set her up on her lap. “I brought you this, you can drink it as I read to you”

The smaller girl stared at the bottle for a little before taking it tilting her head. It was likely the girl had never even seen a bottle before. She took the pacifier out of the girl’s mouth. “You put this part in your mouth, and suck like the pacifier.” Sakura explained, gently pushing the bottle to Power’s face so the nib would end up in her mouth.

As the Power card got the hand of drinking out of the bottle, Sakura started to read. It seemed to please the girl.

In the end however the girl had fallen asleep before the end of the story, but she had managed to finish the bottle. The small smile on her face made Sakura smile as she returned the Power to her card.

As she went to put the card away, Sakura noticed that her baggy pants were gone and replaced with the pink diaper.

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Doremi sometimes wondered if her mother would have preferred never having her. It wasn’t that her mom was a bad mom persay. But, it just seemed most of the time she would rather Doremi be someone better than her. Of course she knew her mother just wanted the best for her. Her mom had once more scolded her. Even asking why she couldn’t be more like Pop. It wasn't the first time her mother had compared her to Pop. Her mom wasn’t even the only one who made comments about her little sister being better than her. Rika loved to rub her face in how much better Pop was than her. Doremi was pretty sure that if Pop could ever stay up for the exams that her little sister would pass the tests far easier than she had.

Then there were the other kids in class. Sure she was friends with Hazuki and Aiko, but she still got tease for being different and clumsy and stupid and pretty much anything.

But, she didn’t care how silly it seemed that as long as she could remember she wanted to be a witch. Because she was a witchling now! One day she would be a full witch just like she had always wanted to be. It didn’t matter if her mom thought she was too old for such a silly dream. She just didn’t know that witches were real! Her dad never told her that she was too old to still believe in silly fairy tales like her mom did.

There had been one adult in her life besides her dad who always encouraged her dreams and even helped her find books at the library. Yuki-sensei, there was something about the school nurse. She was always so nice and always had good advice. Being the clumsy girl she was, Doremi was often sent to the nurse. The woman would ask her what she was reading or interested in while checking to make sure she was okay or helping bandage herself up.

Yuki-sensei never laughed at her when she talked about witches and magic, even before she became a witch and learned about real witches and real magic. Instead she would ask things like what she thought about witches and what would Doremi do if she did have magic. She never told Doremi that she was talking too much or that what she was talking about was nonsense.

Besides her dad it felt like Yuki-sensei was the only one who understood her. She could talk about anything with the nurse. Even things she felt like she couldn’t talk to her dad or friends about. Like how it scared her sometimes when her mom hurt her dad or how overwhelming it was for her when her mom yelled at her dad. She talked about how she felt that maybe her mom liked Pop more because she was like her mom while Doremi was like their dad. Doremi confessed her fears that one day her mom would end up going too far and her dad would leave or something.

Unlike her dad who had only ever reassured Doremi that he was okay and just made a joke, or like her mom that would downplay it and reprimand her for trying to butt into adult matters. Yuki-sensei comforted her, before asking her questions. Questions like did her mom ever hurt her, which she didn't. Mom only ever yelled at her, she had never hit her or anything like she did to her dad. After other questions like why did her mom yell at her, and if she was ever scared if her mom was going to hurt her, which Doremi wasn’t.

She had even told the nurse about how sometimes she wondered if her mom hated her for wasting her time teaching her how to play the piano, but then she forgot how to play during the recital. While her mom had said she had been pushing her dreams onto her and was sad about it. She had tried so hard to make Doremi good at playing the piano. Having to show her the same part over and over, until she was in tears. But, mom had even sold the piano so she wouldn’t have to see it. Doremi had felt so relieved even though she knew it had hurt her mom to get rid of it. Maybe the reason her mom was so much stricter with her was because she was a bad selfish daughter.

Yuki-sensei had listened to her and reassured her that she wasn't bad or selfish. The adult woman even reassured that she had known Doremi for 3 years now. And Doremi was the kindest girl she had met. She told her that she was a good girl, and suddenly new feelings had bloomed into the student’s heart

Maybe that was why she had focused on popular boys, boys she should have crushes on. Trying so hard to like like those boys like other girls her age. Even Pop had a couple boyfriends! Which the brat would tease her about! She thought maybe if she fell in love with a boy, he would become her boyfriend. Maybe she would understand her feelings for the nurse.

It wasn’t like how other girls had crushes, it wasn’t like she wanted the nurse to kiss her on the lips or whatever couples do. She wanted Yuki-sensei to let her sit in her lap like how Pop sat in their parents lap. She wanted the nurse to hug her and tell her how proud she was of her. Doremi wanted Yuki-sensei to tell her how she was a good girl again. She wanted her to do things that her dad used to do with her when she was little, or what her mom did for Pop now or.. Even when Pop was younger now that her sister was “too mature” for things like bedtime stories

Lately after being scolded by her mom, she had been having new thoughts. Instead of how unfair it was and how it wasn’t her fault, her thoughts were on how she wished Yuki-sensei was her mom instead of her mom.

Honestly anyone would be lucky to have Yuki-sensei to be their mom, she was so nice and gentle and she had a pleasing voice and soft hands and so much more! Sometimes being sent to the nurse office was the highlight of her day. Doremi was always the first to offer to help take another student to the nurse.

Doremi wished she could tell Yuki-sensei the truth about being a witchling and how magic was real and tell her about her feelings.

Today she woke up feeling not good. Most kids would be so happy to not have to go to school. But, Doremi didn’t want to stay home! Last time she was sick, Pop had been sick too and their mom had spent the whole time making sure Pop had everything she needed while Doremi had been left mostly alone.

Just the smell of breakfast made Doremi feel pukey. Her nose was stuffy and runny at the same time, her throat felt awful as well. “You’re just now waking up? Doremi! You’re going to be late for school. I told you to wake up 20 minutes ago!” her mother criticized loudly, too loud. Her head hurt so bad.

“Sorry mom.” Doremi sniffled for a moment.

Her mother didn’t notice how her daughter didn’t look great. “Just hurry up and get dress and eat breakfast”

Doremi tried to do as she was told. Instead of putting on her normal outfit, she put on a simple frilly light pink dress she had. It was just that her normal outfit was too hot to wear. Putting her hair in buns alone took so much energy she was exhausted already!

When she went downstairs Pop teased her a little since she often wore the same outfit everyday. To be fair she had multiple sets of her main outfit. Her normal outfit was great, it kept her warm, but not too hot. It was perfect for playing sports or looking cute. It just was too much today. So she had picked the dress. Dad hushed her little sister and said she looked cute.

She only could force herself to eat half her breakfast before she made an excuse of having to go to school to get out of the rest. “Would you like me to drive you? I was about to head out” Her dad offered

“Doremi can walk, it's not that far.” Her mom argued.

“Please drive me today” She asked, already darting out of the kitchen before her mom could disapprove.

At school she tried to focus, but it was so hard. She didn’t even make it the first hour of classes before Seki-sensei realized she was unwell and sent Doremi to the nurse office. She had Hazuki walk her sick friend to the nurse.

Hazuki and Yuki-sensei talked, but by then Doremi was pretty out of it. They helped her onto one of the beds. “I’ll call her mother to come pick her up, you can go back to class” The adult reassured the glasses wearing youth.


“Okay Yuki-sensei… feel better Dore” with that Hazuki left.

“Don’t worry we’ll get you home soo-” Yuki-sensei started to say putting her cool soft hand on Doremi’s cheek

“No” Doremi cut her off. “Wanna stay here. Pweeze” she weakly requested leaning into the touch.

“You’ll be more comfortable at home” Yuki-sensei argued

“Stay wif yoo” She argued with a sniffle and teary eyes, her face was so red and blush. The poor thing looked miserable. But, as Doremi spoke she took the nurse’s hand and held it.

The nurse frowned. “Sweetie, are you sure? Most children would rather be at home with their mothers”

Doremi shook her head hard before whining a little because it hurt her head. “Wan yoo”

Yuki-sensei didn’t have the heart to push Doremi. “Okay, you can stay here for a little while.”

With that she started to get the child settled in and start the process of caring for a sick child. Being a nurse she knew very well how to care for a child who was sick. Many children acted differently when sick. It turned out that Doremi was a needy sick child. She would assume someone who was so needy when sick would want nothing more than to be at home with her parents. But, not Doremi.

When the poor thing started to fuss a bit, she kept trying to hold her arm, but Yuki did have things she needed to do. She looked around the room before her eyes landed on the stuffed cat on her desk. It had been a joke gift from Seki because it reminded her of Yuki. Whatever that meant. But that would be perfect. She tried to give the half asleep sick girl the toy, and it worked. Doremi latched on to it quickly and cuddled it tightly.

Yuki worked quietly making sure to check on Doremi every couple minutes, she had been reading when a small voice croaked out “Wa’der pweeze”

Doremi slowly sat up, and her hands went to grab the cup of cold water being offered to her. But, Yuki-sensei could see the poor girl’s shaky hands and shook her head. “I’ll hold it, you wouldn’t want to get wet”

“Mor?” She sniffled once the water was gone. She was so thirsty and hot and the water felt so good, it was like magic. It even tasted better than normal water. It was the best water she had ever had. Maybe it really was magical water?

The cup was full again. She hadn’t seen Yuki-sensei pour another cup of water. She hadn’t seen her do it the first time. It kind of looked like the woman had pulled out the full cup of water from nowhere. “Only one more cup, I wouldn’t want you feeling worse because you drank too much water”

Suddenly the bell rang, which made Doremi tear up. It was so loud. But, then it was not so loud. No, the noise was completely gone, even though she could see the bell ringing. She could see students in the halls heading to lunch loudly talking to each other. Well, it looked like they were loudly talking, but she didn’t hear them. Before she could say anything. Yuki-sensei was shutting the door.

It was like magic! But… Yuki-sensei wasn’t a witchling. She was an adult woman. Could adults be witchlings? She didn’t think Yuki-sensei was a witch. Hugging the stuffed cat she shook her head, no it must be because she was sick. Anyway healing with magic was a forbidden magic, so why would a witch be a nurse? They wouldn’t be able to use magic to heal their patients without hurting themselves. She was being silly.

“Would you like to try to eat some chicken soup?” The nurse asked, holding a steaming bowl of soup… where did that come from?!

“Okays” Doremi whispered. She let the nurse spoon feed her the amazing soup. The plush kitty was taken away so soup wouldn’t end up on her and Yuki-sensei had tied a napkin around her neck like a bib.

Being spoon fed was wonderful! It felt so nice and comforting and the soup tasted amazing!

She felt so tired after the soup though. “Stowy?” the sick little girl timidly asked.

That caused the nurse to chuckle. “How about the story of the sick little witch in training?”

“Witchling?” Doremi asked, her eyes lighting up.

“Yes, a story about a sick little witchling.” Yuki-sensei nodded.

Doremi was excited but a part of her felt sad. Her mom would always tell Pop stories cuddling her in bed. “Cuddles an’ Stowy?” She dared to ask, even moving in the bed to make room for the nurse.

The nurse debated with herself before sitting on the bed, which caused her to quickly be hugged by the sick girl. “Once there was a talented witchling who used to practice using magic every day! But, one day she woke up feeling awful and tired.”

By the end of her story the poor girl was asleep, her head leaned against Yuki, one arm wrapped around the stuffed kitty while she sucked her thumb. Poor thing was exhausted, but her fever was going down very fast.Yuki was pretty sure by the end of the school day the girl would be completely okay.

Yuki got out of the bed, she went over to her shelves and checked a corked jar of water. It was now half full, it had been completely full before Doremi came in.
The next time Yuki was alerted to Doremi having woken up was due to sniffles and soft sorrys. It didn’t take long for the nurse to find out why. It turned out the sick girl had wet herself in her sleep.

Yuki-sensei to the drawers and pulled out a diaper with musical notes on it and another frilly pink dress, that was a little darker than hers and pockets with lighter pink bows on the top, had those things been there before? Having been a frequent visitor to the nurse's office, she knew that drawer was where all the bandages and band aids were; she had never seen diapers. But, Doremi couldn’t think about it too long before the nurse spoke.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Having accidents when sick isn’t rare. You can use the connected bathroom to clean up and put this on while I clean the bed. Or I can help”

Doremi’s face turned bright red. Part of her wanted to accept the help, but that was too much! “I can” She whispered, it was already too embarrassing having to put on the diaper! She snatched the diaper and quickly went to the bathroom.

Having helped when Pop was born, Doremi knew how to change diapers. Putting one on herself wasn’t that hard. Even though it was very awkward. She didn’t have the heart to argue Yuki-sensei when she took it out though. She timidly came out of the dress a little small or the diaper was a little bulky because it caused the diaper to peek out! She tried tugging it down a bit

But, part of her felt happy. That part only grew with Yuki-sensei’s reaction. “Oh my, you look so precious!”

The bed was already clean, it looked as if it had never happened. “Don’t worry I’ll clean your dress and panties up, they will be done before school is over I promise”

“Okays” Doremi whispered still blushing

She scampered back into the bed, while she just was going to sit into the bed feeling much better, she still went under the blanket to hide the diaper.

There had only been an hour left in school but Doremi was already feeling much better. Yuki-sensei didn’t make any more comments about the diaper. Instead they talked about random things, while Doremi held the plush kitty. The bell rang telling the students that school was over. But, despite everything, today was amazing! She felt a little sad it was over. Yuki-sensei had left for a couple minutes and came back with her dress and underwear now completely clean.

“Thank you mama”” Doremi said, taking the clothes, before she realized what she had said; her face became red.

“Of course. I’m glad to have been able to help you today. Sick or not sick you’re a joy and your mother is very lucky to have you as a daughter. Yuki-sensei reassured, but that was all she said about the slip up. Instead she gave her the white kitty stuffed animal. “You can keep the stuffed kitty”

With another whispered “Thank you” Doremi quickly fled, face still bright red, her heart thumping hard. By the time she got to the Maho-do she had already put the stuffed kitty in her backpack. She hadn’t wanted to go home yet, so she didn’t

Hazuki and Aiko were shocked to see Doremi already fully recovered. Aiko had even questioned if she used magic. But, that was forbidden magic, though they did have to ask if it was forbidden to heal yourself, which it was. Of course she hadn’t used magic at all today in general which is what she told her friends.

Doremi tried not to think about what happened at school, even though it was hard! But after a while it wasn’t hard.

That was until she was laying in bed, trying to go to bed. She couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened today… and how nice it was and how she hoped it could happen again. She couldn’t sleep! Her brain wouldn’t stop thinking. Quickly she went to her bag and grabbed the stuffed kitty. Laying back down she felt a little better. But, as she tried to sleep her heart wished even harder that Yuki-sensei had been her mom instead

Chapter Text

Once more Duck was a duck who wanted to be a human again. Fakir promised that he was going to find a way to turn her back into a human, and write her a beautiful story. Uzura had disappeared, but had shortly returned. Unlike Fakir, Uzura could still understand Duck. Due to this they became rather close while Fakir took care of both of them.

Fakir would ask her questions and Uzura would translate. He wanted her to have a say in her own story. The biggest thing though was that Duck wanted to be loved. She wanted a real family this time. Parents that would care for her. And she wanted to be human again. But, also one that was more peaceful than the last.

She missed her friends and she missed Rue and Mytho. But, she didn’t want to leave Fakir and Uzura. Of course Duck knew that her wishes were a little much.

So the writer wrote and wrote until he was done.

According to him it was the story of her dreams. A peaceful life where she would be loved. She trusted Fakir deeply. She closed her eyes as a bright light washed over her.

When she opened her eyes she was in a large nursery. So her story started with her as a young human? But, in the mirror she was in her original human form, just now wearing a duck onesie that made her butt look big. All the things in the nursery looked like they were sized for herself.

Suddenly a familiar face came into the nursery, it was Rue! She looked like herself, but she was wearing a pretty white gown. “My precious Duckling. Let’s get you ready.” She cooed

She was put in a cute yellow tutu dress that didn’t cover the diaper. The dress had cute little white wings attached to the dress. She was also given a pacifier that looked like her pendant. She felt a twinge of fear, but reminded herself she had been in her human form before being given the pacifier so she was okay it was just a pacifier. It was attached to a duck shaped pacifier clip.

Uzura came running into the nursery. “You look so cute, Duck! Mythos and Fakir are up zura!” She happily informed them.

So Fakir and Uzura were here too?

They were in a castle, Rue carried her through the castle as Uzura happily followed them.

Duck wasn’t sure what kind of story she had been written into. When they got to a cozy sitting room, Mythos and Fakir were happily talking, but stopped when Uzura opened the door for Rue.

“How is Duck doing today?” Mythos asked gently as Rue put her on his knee.

“She’s having one of those days where she’s confused.” The black-haired girl explained.

The white hair boy hummed, bouncing his knee a little, she couldn’t help but giggle. “Poor thing”

Fakir smiled down at Duck, petting her head.

Mythos stopped bouncing her, and took a hair brush and started to run it through her hair, Rue hadn’t braided it so her long wavy hair was loose.

“After the town returned to normal, Rue became my princess, and we left in the carriage to my kingdom. And the Gold Crown Town was no longer a mix of fairy tales. ” The prince explained.

Duck nodded, that was right. Of course she couldn’t help but tear up remembering that. And how her friends had forgotten her.

“But that didn’t last for long! The fairy tale elements had mixed back into the town. Fakir wrote us back into their memories. And he managed to write you back into your human form. But, there had been a side effect. You were on par to a baby. So he made it so everyone else saw you as one. So it would be less embarrassing. He contacted Mythos and me and told us the news. We agreed to take care of you and help you develop your human form.” Rue spoke softly

Why had Fakir rewritten it this way? It was so embarrassing! But… Mythos was so gentle as he put her hair into two cute buns.

Uzura giggled. “Now we all live together as a big family zura!”

“Yes that’s right! We’re one happy big family. And sometimes we have 2 familiar faces babysit you sometimes, or take you to classes to watch and see your other friends. Though they see you as a baby” The black-haired girl smiled.

So she would still get to see Lilie and Pike!

It was all a little overwhelming and she couldn't help but start to cry, with a smile on face. She was so conflicted about all the changes she didn’t know if she should be happy or angry with Fakir.

Mythos and Rue were so nice and loving and kind to her. As they comforted her.

The tears slowly stopped, she was emotionally drained. She was fed by Rue, then Fakir and Mythos took turns reading her and Uzura a story. Uzura and her had their own playroom which was full of lots of fun toys. Rue even played with them! It was actually a lot of fun. Duck could walk on her own, even though she fell a lot and it was harder. But, Rue and Mythos both took turns dancing with her and Uzura, and even though she was no good at it, due to her terrible balance they helped keep her stable... It was nice… they had done the same with Uzura too who loved it! Though she was much better at doing the simple beginner ballet moves without any help, though she did fall too!

By the end of the day, Duck understood. He had rewritten their ending so they could become a family. Fakir, Rue, and Mythos were the parents, Uzura and her were their little ones. And… it was nice. This was a… nice start to the rest of her story.

Chapter Text

Miyako wondered if the other girls could remember much after regressing with the lollipops. She only had vague memories of it. It felt more like a dream. But, she did end up making a thank you gift basket for Mojo Jojo, she was pretty sure they had cared for them pretty well even after they had hurt him. The basket was full of candy, bananas and other little things. She couldn’t help but put a green monkey stuffed animal in it however.

She wondered if they kept having dreams of being babied and seen as a toddler? Did they wake up sucking their thumbs too? She was too embarrassed to ask her friends. She didn’t want them to think she was a baby.

Sometimes Miyako couldn’t help but be jealous of Momoko and Kaoru. They not only had siblings but also parents. Before she had turned 7 both her parents had died leaving her to live with her grandmother.

While she might have been the richest of the girls, when she wasn’t at school or with friends, she was alone. She had enough money to buy anything she wanted. But, cute things and pretty clothes only filled so much of the hole left. She wished she could go back in time when She and her parents were happy. Her mother had been a fashion designer and her father a model. Her mother used to make her clothes, and her father had helped her put on silly fashion shows teaching her how to do different types of “model walks” as she had referred to them.

But, she always kept smiling.

Ever since she had become Rolling Bubbles she had a lot of fun. In many ways it felt like she had 2 sisters!

It wasn’t like her grandmother was a bad guardian! She was amazing and really helped her through her grief.

After another hard day of being a magical girl, Miyako flopped onto her bed hugging her stuffed Octi. She had him since she was only 2 years old. But, he was still her best friend. “Oh Octi, today was so hard.” She told the stuffed octopus

She woke up in the middle of the night, she had that awful dream again. The one where she re-lived learning about her parents death and the funeral. But, it had been years that dream had caused her to wet the bed. She was so overwhelmed she sobbed into her stuffed toy.

Miyako was shocked to see the night time diapers by her door. Had Grandma put them there? She hadn’t wet the bed since she was 8. Why did she put a new pack?

“Oh Octi what should I do? Do you think… I should put one on?” She whispered.

The stuffed octopus’ head fell forward as if he had nodded.

First she put on a new nightgown, one that was less wet.

Then slowly she went over to the pack of diapers and opened it. They were blue with bubbles… she couldn’t help but laugh a little. Grandma knew how much she loved bubbles. Ever since she became Rolling Bubbles she had only loved bubbles even more.

After she put them on, Miyako felt a little different. Her head felt a little fuzzy. She couldn’t help but giggle. The diaper felt nice, it was different from the ones she used to wear when she kept wetting the bed. They were bulkier, but also softer, and comfy. Her thumb slipped into her mouth. “Do I wook cute?” She asked her toy while she still sucked her thumb.

For a moment she swore that he nodded.

Her head felt all silly, she was a big girl and should clean up her bed. But when she went to do it. It was already clean? Had she already done it? The sheets were different; they were blue with bubbles. It matched the diaper. She didn’t remember owning bedding like that. Her grandma must have bought it. She must have changed the sheets while she was still distressed from the nightmare and accident?

It wasn’t like Octi had done it.

Unlike normal she woke up late. She quickly threw on a cute blue frilly dress and a bunny hoodie, it had been laying on her dress. But, Miyako remembered buying it and they looked so cute when she wore them. Wearing them together would be extra cute.

She grabbed her school bag and Octi before rushing out of the house. It wasn’t uncommon for her not to see her grandmother before she left. She still yelled out goodbye and love you.

Miyako barely made it to class before the bell rang.

What she didn’t understand was why everyone started to laugh.

“Miyako!” Kaoru and Momoko exclaimed as the two grabbed her arm and took her into the hallway.

They were staring at her weirdly. “Why the heck did you come to school in a diaper?” Kaoru asked.

Looking down, the blond finally noticed that she had gone to school in the diaper she had put on!

She started tearing up; everyone was going to make fun of her! Momoko tried to comfort her but the blushing girl ran away.

Miyako felt weird, even though she was teen and she had her memories, but she felt younger.

The blond had ended up at the playground. She hid in one of the tunnels, hugging Octi tightly, her thumb slipped into her mouth.

Octi comforted her, telling her that it’s okay, everyone knew that she was a giant crybaby and it’s not her fault that she’s a giant baby.

Maybe her stuffed best friend was right?

Her belt started to flash. Mojo Jojo was attacking, with one of his robots.

She didn’t have time to be all mopey about what happened at school. She had to go help!

Transforming into Rolling Bubbles her outfit had changed. Her jacket had been replaced with a bib in the same style. Her gloves had turned into baby mitts, her boots into baby booties. Instead of her belt there was a pacifier clip that looked a lot like the belt and a pacifier that had transformed in her mouth that looked like the blue communicator part of her belt even with the same P on it. Her hair was the same curly pigtails but now had 2 cute blue bows. Octi had gotten caught up in her transformation and Octi’s 4 legs acted like straps while he was on her back like a backpack. He was bigger too.

Bubbles didn’t know what to do! She couldn’t go like this, could she? Everyone would laugh at her!

He reassured her that it was okay, and that everyone already knew she was a big baby so there was no reason she couldn’t go help save the day.

Chapter Text

Salty Pepper had captured Cure Chocolat and had cruelly tried to train her. She had even tried to brand the red cure. But, it was clear from her own words that Salty’s sadistic behavior stemmed from her own pain. She had tried to melt the dog magical girl, but Cure Macaron had managed to save her. That hadn’t pleased the villainous cat at all. But, when she went to attack Chocolat had caught her by the wrist

“There's only one kind of love that you need. First, we need to change you for the better so you can love yourself.” Chocolat said firmly

The cat looked hurt and angry “Just.. love... what is love anyway?”

Suddenly she was different. Her gloves had been turned into baby mittens that looked like black cat paws. Her boots turned into baby booties that also looked like black cat paws. Her crown, cat ears, and tail headpiece had changed into a cute white headband with plush black cat ears. Salty’s hairstyle had changed into extremely long curly pigtails. Her black shorts were replaced with a large bulky diaper with black paw print pattern, similar to her earrings. Her dress had changed to look more like a white princess dress made for an overgrown baby. It didn't cover the diaper, but it did have black ribbon and lace. The dress had a plush black cat tail attached to it. There was a white pacifier that also had a black weird w on it, actually it was supposed to be a cat mouth. It was attached with a black ribbon pacifier clip. But, to her comfort her mask was still there.

"Wah- What?" She squeaked and she felt much weaker now too.

"Love means not hurting others. But, Cure Macaron and I will teach you all about affection."

Cure Gelato growled as Macaron started to help free her teammates from the salt piles they were stuck in “She hurt you!”

Chocolat picked up the cat teen turned giant kitten. “I know just what Salty Pepper needs… some gentle guidance.”

Salty tried to get free but her strength was gone. She started to tear up. But, the dog cure just put the pacifier in her mouth and held it until she started to suck on it. It was… calming.

The kitten villainess had fallen asleep.

When Salty Pepper woke up she was in a room that had light blue walls with white clouds. The room was a giant nursery? While the crib she was in was white, there was another one that was pink. It had a girl in a pink bunny onesie, she couldn’t see much details because the bunny hood was up. But, it did look from the large butt she was wearing a diaper. There was a pink blanket with strawberries and bunny heads but the girl had kicked it off herself. Was she another captured villain like Salty was?

It seemed like most of the baby things were pink and sometimes strawberry and bunny themed. The changing table, one of the two high chairs, one of the giant baby bouncers too, and the rocking chair were all pink. Though the changing table also had a mobile above it with plush bunnies and strawberries dangling. The other high chair and bouncer were white. Besides just those two white items there was also a white pegasus rocking horse, and a white desk.

The blue and yellow items seemed for an older child even though their sizes were the same as the other items. There was an oversize blue toddler bed that had a blue blanket with lion heads and ice cream. The large children table and rocking horse, which was actually a lion not horse, were also blue. There was a yellow bed with a pudding and squirrel pattern blanket. There was also a small yellow desk; that had a girl with a squirrel hoodie and long yellow dress on at the desk, though Salty could only see her back .

Each color had their own bookcase, toy box, and dresser. The pink bookcase had purely baby books as well as baby puzzles and some art supplies that were baby friendly. While the blue bookcase had books more fitting for a toddler, as well as coloring books, board games, and art supplies that were perfect for a toddler. The yellow bookcase had what appeared to be workbooks for kindergartners, as well as books more fit for a kindergartner. It seemed like the white bookcase was all over the place with books for babies to a 10 year old.

The toy boxes and bookcases were by the corner with a large pastel rainbow rug that had a girl wearing sky themed shortalls with a white long sleeve shirt under it. She had a blue lion stuffed animal next to her as she was reading some book made for a toddler.

Much to her embarrassment she could feel that the diaper wrapped around her was wet. She tried to get out of the crib, but while she sat up trying to stand she found she couldn’t.

“Mama! Mommy! The new baby is awake” The blue wearing girl yelled, glaring at her.

A purple haired young woman walked in as well as Cure Chocolat’s untransformed self. The other people in this odd nursery must have been the other cures in their other forms as well!

What the heck was going on? She tried to ask, but it came out as baby babble.

“Until we release the magic you’re a baby like our little Strawberry” The purple haired young woman said, sneering at her.

It wasn’t the first time that Salty Pepper had no control over the situation.

In came another girl, she looked the most different, but she must have been the rainbow cure from before. She was wearing a tear skirtall with a white undershirt. She had a magenta apron. “Mama, can we finish making the cookies please?” The girl asked sweetly tugging on the purple wearing one.

“You go finish up, I can handle the kitten myself” Chocolat reassured.

“Yell if you need any help” It was clear that the purple- Macaron didn’t trust her.

The red-haired young woman pulled the bars of the crib down and picked her up. “Let's get you changed”

Salty was still wearing the same outfit from before. The red cure strapped her down into the changing table, but gave her a stuffed black cat to “play with while she worked” Salty used it to hide her face during the diaper change. She couldn’t stop her body from violently shaking.

There was a small soft sad sigh while Chocolat traced the scar on her hip. No not a scar, a branding that had the letter LN.

Flashbacks of when she got her branding filled her mind. "It's your fault that I feel so terrible" echoed in her head. But, it hadn’t been him that made him feel bad, he just took his feelings out on her. “It is your duty to do as I wish. You have defied me, you must be punished.” Tears dripped down her face.

After the diaper was replaced and Chocolat picked her up and just held her. Reassuring her that she was okay.

“We’ll make you happy and teach you how real love can feel like”

Chapter Text

To the outside world Minto was a proper young lady. Compared to the other mews she was rather mature. She had taken so many lessons to be a proper young lady. Many people just saw a spoiled rich girl. Which she was. But, her life had been rather lonely. Even though she took many after school classes and did ballet, she didn’t have any friends. Before she became a mew and started working at the cafe she spent most of her time alone.

She had tried to complain to her parents that she was lonely. In hopes that they would spend time with her. But, instead they got her Mickey, her beloved dog. He did help make her feel a little less lonely.

Sometimes she longed for the days when she was younger before her brother was sent away for school, before her parents were too busy to spend any time with her.

Now she was busy herself. Not only did she now have a part time job at the cafe, even if Ichigo whined that she didn’t do much. She was also part of a magical girl team, protecting the world. Did she sometimes transform to just fly… noooo not at all.

Being a magical girl wasn’t all tea testing and flying though. Some of the Chimera Animas were so scary they gave her nightmares! Mickey turning into a Chimera Anima and being the first one she had ever had to fight really messed her up. And caused her to develop a very unlady-like issue…

Ever since that day Minto had had nightmares, and almost every night she wet her bed. She had never struggled with accidents before. Maybe messing with her DNA caused this… but she knew the truth. After all, when Nanny told her parents about her issues they had made her go to therapy to see where the issue may have come from.

Of course Minto couldn’t tell the therapist the truth. Instead she had created a story about her taking Mickey out for a walk and they were attacked by a wolf, but managed to escape without getting hurt. She had talked to him about other things too like how she missed her family, her struggles in school. It had been her therapist who got her parents to understand and agree to let her work at the cafe even though she didn’t need to. She had lied to her therapist and claimed she wanted to be because she had just made a new friend and she wanted to work there with her. The therapist told her parents it would be good for her social issues.

When Nanny first made her wear the blue diapers she had been upset. After all, she was a big girl. But, her nanny argued she might be a big girl but also couldn’t keep her bed dry and this was the best way to stop waking up in wet sheets. Minto couldn't put up much of a fight. No matter how embarrassing it was.

Minto quickly learned that diapers kind of felt nice. It was oddly comforting. Nanny taught her how to put on her own diapers. It wasn’t long before she was wearing them long before it was bedtime. It wasn’t just diapers either.

Since she could buy whatever she wanted she did. Soon her room now had cute plushies and cute books and all kinds of cute things. That made her smile. She even had gotten new outfits. Ones that wouldn’t fit a proper lady like her. But cute ones. While she had many cute lady-like pajamas her favorite when she… when she was feeling… younger… was a blue parrot onesie. Or when she was going to dance a cute frilly blue strap dress with a white frilly long sleeve under it! The dress spun really nice, even though her diaper peeked out. She would wear blue and white striped socks with the dress and it made her feel cute.

She had even started to collect pacifiers made for adults, because she had quickly learned baby ones hurt her jaw. She had lots of cute bottles and sippy cups and cute plates too.

Sometimes she was jealous about how openly childish Bu-Ling was, but then she remembered the poor girl’s home life and felt awful about everything.

She didn't have to ever worry about anything like making money for her family. She never had to work a day in her life. While Bu-Ling had to take care of her 5 younger siblings since she was young and help with the family finances. If anyone deserved to play with toys and take a break from grown up thoughts was the poor yellow hair girl.

She decided to start secretly giving money to Bu-Ling’s family. She didn’t want the part monkey girl to feel like she owed her or anything like that. So Minto made sure she didn’t know the money was coming from her. She would also send groceries and toys. Minto just wanted to help her friend out…

At some point Minto had started buying cute outfits that she thought would look nice on Bu-Ling or toys she could see the other girl liking. Or even toys they could play together with.

Part of her longed to have a friend she could share this side with. She knew it wasn’t normal. Most teenagers didn’t like to act like a little girl again… but in her heart she knew that Bu-Ling wouldn’t make fun of her… maybe she could even have a playmate.

Sure she was friends with the other girls now. But, she was scared they’d make fun of her for being immature. She was supposed to be a proper young lady. Maybe a little spoiled and bratty but…

Bu-Ling deserved to have the chance to get away from her responsibilities and have fun. She had so much weight on her shoulders despite her age. It wasn’t right. Maybe if they became closer, maybe if Bu-Ling knew her secret the monkey girl wouldn’t mind her openingly doing things for her so she wouldn’t have to worry about it. Then she wouldn’t have to worry that the money would suddenly stop coming.

After weeks of wanting to just open up to the blond. She decided today would be the day. After the cafe was closed Minto pulled Bu-Ling aside. “Hey let's have a sleepover just you and me.” She suggested.

“I can’t who would watch my-”

“I’ll send Nanny over to your house. She’s great with kids. It can be just you and me! Please, it's important. I want… I really want you to come…” MInto pleaded

“If your Nanny is okay with it, she seems like a nice old lady.” Bu-Ling agreed.

Of course her nanny was fine with it. Minto was old enough to take care of herself for the nice, and her nanny was happy she was having a sleepover with a friend.

So they went to Minto’s mansion together. Her parents had gone out of town for work and her brother was at school so it would just be her and Bu-Ling. Taking a deep breath she set some food out for Bu-Ling and told her she would be right back, with some comfortable clothes. Leaving the blond to eat. She changed into her favorite little outfit. Including the diaper. She was going to be completely honest with Bu-Ling and if anything happened she would just beg her parents to go to a boarding school far away.

Before she left her room she had grabbed the yellow overall dress and white long sleeve shirt that she had gotten for Bu-Ling as well as a smaller yellow diaper.

Minto wasn’t shocked when Bu-Ling was shocked at her appearance. Before the girl could say anything, Minto did. “Please let me explain first”

Bu-Ling just nodded, she could tell it was serious.

“Ever since I became Mew Mint, I’ve had bed wetting issues. But, I started to like wearing diapers and doing things like playing with toys and stuff. It helps… with all the stress. I try to be a perfect proper young lady for my family all the time and it’s hard. And lonely. And makes me want to go back. And I think you deserve to be able to relax and this helps me. Your life is really stressful but you are always smiling and playful. I know I call you immature but being mature is hard and sucks and you have so much in your life that makes you more mature than anyone I've met. You deserve to have fun. And I wanna help you have fun. We could be playmates. I wanna help you with everything. I’ve been sending the money and food. You shouldn’t have to take care of your siblings and make money. It’s too much. And I’m sorry if it’s not appropriate or if I’m overstepping. I know some people might think I’m trying to buy your friendship and I know that doesn’t work. But, I just want to help you. I promise I won’t lord it over you or anything.” Minto spoke fast. She stared at the ground as she held out the outfit she had picked out.

Bu-Ling bursted into laughter. “I knew you were sending the food and money and toys. I made a rich friend who found out about my situation. It’s pretty clear who was doing it. Thanks for being so open with me… I’d love to be your playmate”

Chapter Text

Ringo, Leila, and Natsuki had taken the Queen's request to gather Happiness Tones to help save Fairyland very seriously! While all three girls were huge fans of Wish, none of them had thought they could be idols or where to start. But to save fairy tales they worked very hard on being secret idol stars together. Because no one in the human world could know they were Lilpri or they wouldn't be able to transform anymore, they had to train secretly. Luckily they didn't have to worry about costumes because they had Princess Change Cards.

While they couldn’t talk to their families or anyone else about being Lil’Pri, they had each other and their Ma-Pets. They had been magical girls idols for a while now and the three were really getting used to it.

Of course the outfits were one of the best parts! They always transform into many different cute outfits. Most of the time their Ma-Pets were the ones who picked out their Princess Change Cards. Many times the outfit chosen fit their situation for the sudden concert perfectly!

Well, today maybe the outfit theme fitted a little… too well.

It had all started when one of Ringo’s seven brothers had told his older sister how he was worried about his friend. Because his little sister was being bullied in her kindergarten because she still needed diapers during nap time. The other kids would call her a big baby and one of them had brought a pacifier, baby bottle, and rattle to school to give to the little girl.

The bullying alone made Ringo feel sad for the poor girl. But, it turned out the reason he was telling her, was because she had run away because her parents wouldn’t let her not go to school. But, her brother didn’t want the adults to know. So he wanted Ringo to help find her and talk to her.

She understood better than anyone else. Because in kindergarten Ringo had been that little girl, but worse. Unlike her she had needed to wear pull ups when awake and diapers when it was nap time because she had a weak bladder. Even now she went to the bathroom far more than most of the kids in her class just to be safe. Their parents had talked to her sensei at the start of the school about her small bladder, so she didn’t even have to ask to leave. But, the bullying she suffered in kindergarten bothered her to this day.

Ringo explained the situation to Leila and Natsuki, so they could help look for the little girl. In the end however it had been Sei, the light blue parakeet Ma-Pet, who found her while flying.

The three older girls talked to the kindergartener. It was easy to get the little girl to open up because it turned out she was a giant Lil’Pri fan, and when she saw the trio right away went on about how they looked like they could be the teenagers’ little sisters!

While, the three managed to cheer her up to go home. Ringo was feeling guilty they couldn’t do anything to help the bullying. Natsuki had thought going to an adult and telling them about the bullying would work. It had been Leila who argued it wouldn’t work because when she went to grown ups about being bullied for the same thing, no one did anything.

In the end the three agreed that maybe they could try to go to the little girl’s class as Lil’Pri and get them to stop bullying her.

And that day had been today.

Getting the teacher to leave the class and then showing up as Lilpri to perform and tell them to stop picking on the little girl for something she couldn’t control, was extremely hard. Dai volunteered to sneak into the class and hopefully get the teacher to chase him out of the class. After all, he was a brown dormouse. This mostly worked, but the teacher had mistaken him for a squirrel who got into the school, much to Dai's dismay.

They transformed in the empty hall, but didn’t even look at their outfits rushing into the class to perform on their time limit.

It was only after the song did the girls take note of their outfits.

All their outfits were themed to look like kindergarten uniformed inspired outfits. Each of their outfits had their own differences though.

Ringo’s outfit included a pink smock and a gold yellow skirt. Her name patch was apple shaped and said “Snow White”. Her school hat was the same yellow. Attached to her smock was also a gold apple pacifier clip and a pink pacifier dangled. Her shoes were pink Mary Janes, while her socks were pink and white vertical striped knee high socks. More embarrassing was the fact the skirt did not hide a pink diaper with a gold apple pattern.

Leila’s was almost the same. But her smock was light blue with a gold yellow skirt. Her name patch was a sparkle like her symbol. The name on hers was “Cinderella”. Unlike normal transformations her high ponytail was high pigtails with two pearl scrunches. Much like Ringo she had a pacifier clipped to her outfit as well, though it was a gold sparkle clip and a blue pacifier. Her shoes were blue Mary Janes and her socks white knee high socks. Her skirt was also too short to hide the blue diaper with a gold sparkle pattern.

Despite how it wasn’t uncommon for Natsuki to have the most different outfit, today was not one of those days. Natsuki’s smock was purple with a gold moon name patch that had “Kaguya-hime” written on it. Unlike the others her smock had a pale green ribbon wrapped around her waist mimicking her princess outfit. Her hairstyle hadn’t changed at all from her normal Kaguya-hime hair. Her socks were pale green while her shoes were purple Mary Janes. She was the only one without a pacifier, but she still had a purple diaper with a gold moon pattern clearly visible.

“It, it doesn’t matter if someone wears diapers or not. You should pick on each other for such silly little things!” Ringo stuttered out, fighting the embarrassment, of the rather adorable outfit

“You shouldn’t bully others others!” Leila agreed.

“It’s lame” Natsuki added.

The little girl they had come to help was wearing a diaper as well, from the look of it they had interrupted nap time, looked so happy. The other students turned to her and started to apologize. That was when the three magically turned teens escaped.

But, not because their mics were flashing, but because Sei had warned the teacher was coming back

For some reason they couldn’t transform back. Which was extra weird because normally the mics would have been flashing to warn them time was almost up by now. If they were caught transforming back they wouldn't be able to transform anymore. But they had no clue when they would transform out of these embarrassing outfits.

Luckily Natsuki’s house was big and her old grandparents were busy, and her parents were out of town so they could hide out at her house until they transformed back to normal.

The purple magic turn teen was loudly complaining about the outfit, out of them all she was the most annoyed about it. She yelled Ryoku, her dragon Ma-Pet for a solid ten minutes before giving up.

Leila was the first to stop caring about the outfit after a while, even stating that it was kind of cute.

Ringo found it boring just waiting, so Sei helped her find some of Natsuki’s old toys. Leila got excited at the fairy tale coloring book, Ringo was rather happy to find some fairy tale themed dolls, even the fussy Natsuki was interested in her old fairy tale book that her parents used to read to her before bed.

The apple themed teen happily played with the dolls speaking behind the pacifier with her bird mascot.

Dai and his human happily colored together, while Leila kicked her feet humming behind her pacifier.

Natsuki read some of her favorite stories to Ryoku, though both her friends happily listened along, and even asked questions sometimes.

They hadn’t even noticed the microphones flashing until they had already turned back to normal. Unlike normal when the cards would just disappear they landed next to each of the girls. They didn’t look like a normal card anymore though. It was sparkling a rainbow like color

“It turned into a special Princess Change Card?” One of the Ma-Pets confusedly explained.

“I kind of liked the outfits, it was fun.” Ringo whispered while picking her card up.

“I wish I could play in it a little longer.” Leila confessed, grabbing hers.

Suddenly the blond was back in her teenage form in the same babyish outfit, but there was no mic. “Huh?” She tilted her head.

The pink hair girl thought to herself how she wanted to go into the form too. Just like Leila she turned back into the form she had been in just mere minutes before.

There was a knock on the door “Oh no!” Both current teens squeak, afraid of being caught in their LilPri form, but just as fast as they turned into their magical girl forms they turned back to normal, the cards once more next to them.

It had been Natsuki’s grandmother bringing snacks.

“We get cool cards we can just turn into and its giant baby kindergarten outfits. Why couldn’t it have been another form?” The purple-haired girl huffed.

Both the other girls blushed “I think it’s pretty cool” Ringo mumbled.

“Me too!” Leila happily agreed.

Natsuki crossed her arms. “I guess it’s not too bad… it would be cool to get more though!”

Chapter Text

Daiya knew that the weird winged ball thing and penguin were magical girl mascots. She had seen the change in Yuzuka; she always smelled like the ocean now. She could also see the sparkly blue aura around her bracelet. Her neighbor's new friend, Mafuyu always smelled like peppermint and had the same gold bracelet but it had a red aura.

Unlike Chiya she couldn't hear or talk to the magical mascots. Just see them. But, it wasn't hard for Daiya to realize they weren't the normal ghosts she saw. After all, penguins don't fly and smoke chocolate cigarettes. And that bird thing was like no bird she had ever seen before.

When animals died their ghosts didn't suddenly get weird behaviors that didn't match their species and they didn't suddenly change to be all weird looking.

She also swore as she was drowning due to that mean water lady spirit, that Yuzuka came for her in a bubble wearing the cutest swimsuit that was nothing like the school swimsuit she had been wearing. But, she had passed out before getting a solid look at the bubble girl.

Ever since Daiya had been born she could see things that other people couldn't. Unlike with the magical mascots, she could actually hear ghosts as well. It wasn't just that either. She could see auras and sense magic.

Luckily for Daiya, all of her family were a little more special than the average person. Her father came from a long line of exorcists who were so good at their jobs because they were blessed with the ability to interact with ghosts. Her mama had been a magical girl before she had to retire. But, not just her. The mascot that had made her mama a magical girl, had been with her family since her great great grandaunts and grandmother was a little girl. He loved them so much that even when they became too old to be magical girls he lived with them, until they had daughters old enough to be his new partners. The light blue cat currently lived with her older cousin who was an active magical girl two towns away.

The little girl loved playing with the mascot when she went to visit her cousin. Her mother had wanted her to be a magical girl like her, and when she was really little it seemed like she would be since she could see the light blue cat. But, her papa could also see the cat, just not hear it. Sadly as she got older unlike her cousin who could hear Minty talking, Daiya couldn't.

Minty was a much stronger mascot than others. At least that's what her cousin said the cat said. While most magical mascots could only handle one bracelet at a time. But, Minty had first met her great great grandmother and her two sisters. They had been triplets and did everything together. Minty hadn't thought he could handle 3 contracts at once without it being too much of a drain on his powers, but he had really needed to contract someone who could help him.

In the end he was completely fine. He thought it could be because he had been a prince of his home, which made him stronger than common magical mascots. But, Daiya grew up and didn't really care much about that part. She loved hearing stories from the grown ups about her great great grandaunts and grandmother the most because they had been a trio of magical girls that were ice cream themed. Together they were known as the neapolitan magical girls.

But, now there weren't nearly as many monsters to fight. So her cousin mostly just helped people. Her cousin's magical girl outfit was pretty cute, it was a baker theme while her magic was baking. She didn't need an oven. Once she had whipped up a magical dough to stop her from falling down the stairs when she was younger.

She had been a little jealous of her cousin for a long while. She wanted to be a magical girl. But according to her mama and aunt and grandmother, if she couldn’t hear Minty that meant she didn’t fit the requirements to be a magical girl.

Her papa had offered to teach her what he learned to be an exorcist even though he did not end up being one when he grew up. But, Daiya didn’t want to be an exorcist, she wanted to be a magical girl and be able to use magic! She liked helping ghosts, but she wished she could do more.

Papa had always warned her to be careful around ghosts. Even though she had met far more friendly ghosts than mean ghosts she knew sometimes they could be mean. Like the one at the beach that had tried to drown her. But she also had made ghost friends that helped her learn all kinds of things! It was them teaching her that had helped her skip so many grades!

So when there was a ghost claiming to be a witch offering to give her the magic wand that the witch had when she was alive. Daiya couldn’t help but say yes! She followed the ghost into the woods. While they walked they talked. It turned out her name was “Hana Majo” Well her name did fit her appearance she did look like a flower witch. After a long walk they had finally got to the cabin. She could see the sparkling colors like a rainbow, clearly this place was very magical! Hana led her inside, there were so many sparkly items!

The wand was the most sparkly thing out of everything however, despite it looking like a plain stick could have been from outside “Go on take it” The witch said with a giant smile.

So Daiya picked it up. The stick had transformed however. Suddenly it was a large baby rattle, but the handle was painted to look like a waffle cone and the rattle part looked like a light blue ice cream scoop, it even had a decorative whipped cream top.

“The wand’'s magic takes on the form that best suits the current holder. I knew you would be able to use my wand! I will teach you how to use the wand and find what magic you specialize in” Hana said, delighted by how everything had gone so far.

Daiya couldn’t help but squeal. “So I’m kind of like a magical girl now?” She whispered excitedly

“Better. Um give your wand a shake and say transform to unlock your witch form.” The ghost ordered

Doing as she was told she was suddenly transformed. She now had a giant witch hat that looked like a chocolate dipped waffle cone, it also had what looked like two pieces of chocolate cat ears attached to the hat. Tied around her neck was a baby bib with an ice cream pattern on it. The frilly magical girl dress was light blue with a chocolate brown ribbon tied around her waist. The ribbon had two long tails; that curled up like cattails! Her shoes were cute waffle themed boots but the toes of the boots looked like chocolate paws. The dress had a pacifier attached to it that was white with a kitty mouth design on it. And under the dress peeking out was a diaper with the same ice cream pattern. Her hair turned white and her eyes red like cherries

Daiya felt very conflicted about her outfit. She liked the Ice Cream Cat Witch theme. But, the baby part made her blush. She did like cute things though…

“Your theme is a lot more complex than mine was. My powers were pretty clear, flower themed witch outfit. Flowers were my specialized magic.” Hana hummed as she examined the outfit.

The witch took her to behind the cabin; it looked like a training area. There was already items on tables waiting, it looked like these items had been waiting for a long time “Your magic will change this item on it's own, as long as you focus”

Taking deep breaths she pointed the rattle wand at the old soda bottle and whispered “Change” and just like that it had. In its place was a baby bottle with kitty faces and ice creams on it.

The next thing she changed was an old phone book, it was replaced with a board book with a kitty licking ice cream.

The witch hummed. “Let's try a living thing.” She suggested.

“I don't want to hurt an animal.” Daiya said firmly.

That made Hana chuckle “Your magic won’t do anything you don’t want it to do. If you don’t want it to hurt the living creature it physically can’t hurt them.”

Daiya stared at the ghost trying to figure out if she was lying. “Okay.”

“Try to catch one of those birds” Hana pointed up one of the trees where there were some birds just hanging out.

Holding the rattle the little girl swished it like a fishing rod, like she had seen her cousin use her wisk. Suddenly light blue melty ice cream came out of the wand like a rope and wrapped around one of the birds before gently pulling it over to them. The bird was clearly confused but left unharmed.

“Perfect, now while it’s trapped, try to transform it.” Hana said.

She shook her head letting the bird go. “I can’t use an animal that wouldn’t understand what was going on. I’m sorry, it’s not right.”

Suddenly the rattle started to shake on its own.

The ghost smiled widely. “Fine, the rattle has detected a perfect target near buy. Follow the rattle and you’ll find the perfect target. Testing it on a person that can understand would be fine by you right?”

That did sound more fair. So Daiya did as she was told. Her wand turned into a large ice cream cone she could ride.

She hadn’t expected to find Yuzuka in a cute swimsuit using the river to practice water magic from the looks of it.

Yuzuka was scolding the bird like mascot, she hadn’t noticed the ice cream kitty witch yet. Her wand transformed back to normal as she landed, behind her neighbor. So she had been right. Yuzuka was a magical girl, and hadn’t told her. It hurt a little because the older girl was her best friend. Her friend was complaining about the swimsuit “Change her” Hana whispered in her ear.

And Daiya listened. An ice cream scoop hit Yuzuka just as she went to turn around. It looked like the bird mascot had warned her.

But, having no time to dodge, Yuzuka's outfit started to change. Suddenly her two piece swimsuit became a one piece and the pink areas developed some darker pink, similar to the bows on her outfit. The yellow parts of the swimsuit and her front half skirt remained the same. Her swimsuit became bulkier in the bottom. Somehow Daiya knew it was a swim diaper. A pink bucket hat appeared on her friend’s head. A yellow pacifier also appeared in her mouth, attached to a pacifier clip that was another dark pink bow attached to her outfit, while the strap itself looked like her half skirt. It was actually really cute!

“Abu?” The magical girl squeaked looking at her new outfit. She spit the pacifier out of her mouth and tried to speak, but it came out as baby babble.

The whip cream on the rattle started to flash “It’s time to go if you don’t want her knowing who you are” Hana warned.

As she ran out of sight she transformed back to normal.

Daiya couldn’t help but sneak back, to see if Yuzuka was okay. By the time she got there she saw her neighbor talking to her mascot in tears, but back in her original magical girl form. Of course the younger girl was glad to see her friend had regained her ability to speak

But… Yuzuka had looked really cute under Daiya’s new powers. Part of her wanted to see how long she could keep the swimsuit wearing magical girl looking so cute.

Chapter Text

Mimori had become a magical girl because Mr. Angel, who most of the time looked like a man in a cat mascot suit, had offered to pay her. Her magical girl name was Glass Happiness. But, her magic wasn’t that wonderful. Because she was the magical girl of misfortune her special magic was happiness compassion, which was a magic based on unhappiness. For 9 seconds she basically became invincible, but she had to feel uncomfortable or miserable.

Mr. Angel wasn’t the nicest boss to have. He tried to do things like get her to make her magical girl outfit have even less clothes and was always trying to be perverted to her. Mr. Angel only paid her minimum wage and was always making her buy things for him! He had tried to sell a horrible disk of her fight with the slime, because he thought it would make a lot of money. But, luckily Officer-san had destroyed the whole computer making it impossible.

Officer-san had been the first person to treat her with kindness that she hadn’t had ever since she remembered. Having grown up in an orphanage once she became of age Mimori had to leave and get her own place. The adults were always so busy with the other children they didn’t have time for the quiet meek girl. She never caused any trouble, the only time she was ever really given much attention was when the adults wanted her help.

For some reason he did things for her and gave her things, but didn’t seem to want anything from her.

She hadn’t fought at all when Officer-san took her to a tower to imprison her. It was decorated so cutely! The tower wasn’t even cold like you would think because Officer-san had put the heater on! He fed her, so she wouldn't die before he could question about the angels like the one Mimori worked with. The very nice fluffy bed was so she wouldn't wither away due to lack of sleep. There had been so many toys and books so she wouldn't die from stress? She was pretty sure that her capture didn't understand humans much. He had even had a griffon-like stuffed animal and a bunny unicorn stuffed animal so she wouldn't die from loneliness. There were also a bunch of extremely cute dresses themed off her magical girl outfit, but modest.

One thing that the tower didn’t have was a bathroom, it did have a sink though. Officer-san had been very apologetic, but had given her a pack of diapers with cute stars on them. And every other day he would take her to the river next to the tower to help clean herself up.

It took a couple days for her to get used to the diapers, but after a while it became a little nice. Wearing them was a little cozy and Officer-san thought she looked cute!

Officer-san made to visit her for hours and hours a day. He would do anything Mimori asked. And as the days passed the magical girl got bolder and bolder with her requests. And all he asked from her was tell him about the angels. Which was easy, it wasn’t like she had any loyalty to them.

He had been the first person in her life to allow her to be selfish. Mimori started to demand things for him to read to her as he cuddled her. While he blushed and wasn’t sure at first he did do it. She tested Officer-san further by making him feed her.

Nothing Mimori did made Officer-san mad at her or called her greedy. He had slowly become everything she had always wanted. Someone to love her, to care for her not because she did things for her, but just because. She hadn’t even realized that she had started making him do the things she had been jealous of that the adults would do with the younger orphans but not her.

It was only when she accidentally called Officer-san “Papa” that she had realized what she had been doing.

Mimori had been so scared of how he was going to react, but he just gave her a hug and told her that she just wanted her to be happy and healthy.

That caused Mimori to spill her guts and tell him how she loved him, but that during the last 2 weeks had been the best time of her life. He had filled a place in her heart she hadn’t known was empty and she didn’t want him to stop taking care of her, that she wanted to be his little magical girl. That she had wanted nothing more in her life than to explore these feelings she had with him.

When she asked if he felt the same way, he agreed! He wanted to take care of her too! He thought she was the cutest thing in the world and Officer-san wanted nothing more than to care for her and protect her from the bad things in the world. And she could still be a magical girl if she wanted, but he would be in charge of making sure she didn’t overwork herself.

And that was how the evil officer adopted a magical girl.

Chapter Text

From the moment Nina had seen Ayu, she had thought the girl was cool. But, when she had lost her precious magic computer. She had told Ayu the truth about her. It was nice having a friend in the human world who knew the truth. Of course her host mom and host dad knew. But, it was still nice to have a friend her age that knew the truth.

It was late Mama and Papa were sleeping, but she just couldn’t seem to fall asleep herself. She scrolled through different websites for new spells to download. Then she noticed a spell to make the person younger. That sounded like it could be a very useful spell! When she went to download it, her computer warned it was from a website that was not secure. But, Nina didn’t care. She had done it before, and the spell had gone out perfectly. Well almost perfectly. It turned out Ayu didn’t like a bracelet that electroshock boys.

After finding some more spells to download to her ever growing list she went to bed, excited for what the new day would bring.

Nina had forgotten all about the spell until one day, Ayu had come over to her current home. Mama was out shopping while Papa was at work. Her human friend had agreed to come help her with her homework.

One of their homework assignments was to write about something that happened to them when they were younger.

The young witch tried to figure out what she should write about, but every childhood story she told Ayu, the human said wouldn’t work if she was trying to make sure no one else knew she was a witch.

In the end she decided that they would need to create a new memory for her to write about. She remembered the perfect spell too. Nina put 2 choco balls into her box and connected it to her computer. “Practice!"

Two normal choco balls had been now turned into transforming choco balls. Before Ayu could say anything, one of the candies was shoved into her mouth. The human watched Nina eat one before her vision got all weird and it felt like she had fainted, much like how

Ayu wasn’t staring back at a younger Nina, but rather Nina wearing a red frilly dress with a white frilly bib, a blue pacifier was attached to the blue bow pacifier clip. She was also wearing a diaper!

She was afraid to turn to face the full body mirror, but she did anyway. She could feel her underwear was much bulkier and snug. Was that what a diaper felt like? In the mirror she was wearing a leopard hooded onesie that had buttons around the crotch. Her butt did look bigger!

“Nina! Wah spell didja use?” Ayu asked, frustrated.

“New one, Nina sowwy” She sniffled, tearing up. The pacifier fell out of her mouth. She tried to scroll through her computer likely to figure out how to undo it.

“Uh oh” The witch whispered.

That was never a good sign. “Wah?”

Her friend clumsily walked over to the table with their books. “Umm Nina can’t wead?”

The human gasped, she went over to the table. She noticed she was a bit more wobbly too, not nearly as bad as Nina however. Looking at the books she could read some words, but most of them were like it was in a completely different language. “When is the spell supposed to wear off?”

Nina chewed on her fingers. “Umm 4 hours?”

The door opened up “Nina can you hel-” Mama came in with 2 large grocery bags in her arms. She had almost dropped them seeing the 2 girls, but managed not to.

“Spell gone wrong?” She asked calmly, going over and starting to put the things away.

Sniffling the witch nodded “Young spwell gone w’on”

“Don’t worry it’ll wear off and if it doesn’t, when my husband comes home he’ll be able to undo it. So, there is no need to cry sweetie.” The woman reassured Ayu. She hadn't even noticed she was tearing up.

“Sowwy” Nina once more sniffled.

Nina’s host mother finished putting up the groceries and gave her current daughter a big hug. “It’s okay Nina. I’m here for both you girls.”

The woman turned on the tv to a cutesy cartoon for little little kids. “You both be good girls and stay here while I get some things.” She told the two girls.

Ayu remembered this show from when she was little, while Nina had never seen it and was completely invested in it.

She had barely even noticed it when her host mother gently took her hand out of her mouth and replaced it with the pacifier. The woman had come back with a box of toys. “Things I used to have out when I babysat my nieces and other little girls.” She explained.

The toys did look kind of fun. The spell must have messed with her brain, which was why the show wasn’t as boring as she remembered it, and why she couldn’t read as much as she could normally. Nina was already excitedly looking at the toys asking “Wah dah?” to human things the witch girl hadn’t seen before.

Soon all three were playing silly little games. Nina’s host mother was a very kind woman. “Mama hug.” The witch demanded, dropping the toy she was playing with.

Chuckling, the woman did as she was requested. Nina cuddled happily with the woman.

Ayu wondered about Nina’s real family. She didn’t seem to talk about them ever and she called her host father and host mother, papa and mama. Did she miss them? Did she have a close relationship with her family? Ayu was sure if she was in a whole different world from her family she would be lonely… but her parents often were gone for travel and she lived alone most of the time. And that was… very lonely.

Suddenly Nina’s host mother had pulled her into the cuddle, and she had both girls on each side of her. “You can come over and stay as much as you want. The more the merrier.”

“M-Magic?” Ayu questioned. How did the woman know, and when did her face get so wet?

“No, I could just tell.”

She started crying harder, hiding her face in the woman’s shoulder. She couldn’t help it. “M-Mama” She whined.

Nina started to tear up herself and hugged her host mother tighter.

The human woman hummed as she pet both crying girls. The door opened, it was her lovely husband. He clearly looked confused but she just gave him a quick look gesturing her head back to the door. Both girls needed this. They could wait a little longer before her husband undid Nina’s failed spell.

Chapter Text

The girls had been working hard at keeping the otaku memory alive. They were changing out what mangas were out to children themed ones for children day. Having learned to be a little bit more open about her cute side, Rei happily helped, she was overwhelmed by the cuteness of a large plush Shibun, a bunny with shiba inu markings from the anime Hana Daycare. She remembered watching it when she herself was in daycare. She still had some of her Shibun things. She had always related heavily with the little girl with blue and white hair that seemed cool and like she didn't care, but had a soft side for Shibun too. Izumi was putting the manga series on the shelves when they saw a virus start to infect it.

Both the pink haired girl and her volunteered to go with Nejire into the world of Hana Daycare. Rei hadn’t even realized that she had taken the plush with her.

In front of the preschool building things seemed already different. The playground seemed a lot larger than it should have been. “Did your mommies drop you off late?” Yamato-sensei, the pretty woman, brown hair and light brownish red eyes, and breasts as large as Doctor’s! She was the crush of the main character. While Tsukiya-sensei was the caretaker for the 3 year olds, she was mainly in charge of the 1 year olds.

She led them inside the building where they were shocked to discover. That all the daycare children looked like young adults! Even though they were still acting like their true ages and being treated as such.

They were taken to Yamato-sensei’s room, where they saw a very familiar face. Maya, part of the black elite who traveled to different series' worlds spreading viruses, was in a dark lavender overall dress with a red shirt. Her large breasts were still very visible. She was also clearly wearing a large bulky diaper like all the other should be 1 year olds in the room.

“You two like playing dress up too? And where are your diapers?” The fictional caretaker frowned.

Yamato-sensei used the girls' confusion to lead them to the changing area, which also was where the woman kept spare outfits in case one of the little ones needed it. “What's your favorite color, little ones?”

“Red” Rei squeaked, hiding her face with the stuffed bun, everything looked so cute.

“Pink” Izumi answered.

In the end Rei had been put in a red dress but the bottom of the dress had Shibun bouncing! It however didn't cover the diaper with the Shibun pattern. Izumi was put in a pink princess like dress, as well as a shibun patterned diaper as well.

The two girls had tried to struggle but Yamato-sensei's strength was crazy; it was as if they were one year olds. Izumi tried to explain the situation, but the caretaker acted like she was babbling nonsense with a word here or there.

When they were told to go play, the 2 magical girls went straight to the troublemaking woman. “I didn’t cause dis! The viruses went out of control!” She confessed, tearing up. It was clear that the world was affecting her.

“Where is the mother virus?” Rei ordered, hugging the plushed Shibun tighter.

“I duh know” Maya confessed.

“We gotta find it before our minds start getting affected.” The pink-haired magical girl said, slightly worried.

But, Rei wasn’t paying attention; she was rather staring at the stuffed animal area. “So cute!” She whispered excitedly.

Izumi pulled her friend’s arm “Come on we needa go find the mother virus”

The orange-haired magical girl snapped out of it and nodded.

Escaping the room was a lot harder than it should have been. Despite them being young adults Yamato-sensei saw them as naughty curious 1 year olds trying to escape. It didn’t help that in the series Yamato-sensei’s class was the smallest with only 3 students due to 2 of her charges having moved away.

“We gottah find dah mommy virus. You gotta help distract her Maya unless you wanna be treated like ah baby forever” Rei told the older woman firmly.

Maya was sucking on a purple pacifier that the caretaker had given to her. Playing with two toy dolls “I no know whewe mama viwus is”

Izumi’s eyes trailed down at the woman playing, and saw that her diaper was very clearly wet.

“Maya can’t help. She'sh too far gone” Izumi lisped. She turned to find Rei happily babbling about Shibun to the baby girl turned young adult baby. Both of them were excitedly going on about how cute he was.

She huffed she would have to figure out a way to find the mama virus all by herself.

After seeing Maya get a diaper change, and Yamato-sensei bottle feeding the adult woman, Izumi put it together. The reason why the adult woman was so strong. The virus had taken over her!

Summoning her sword it looked like a toy sword. She couldn’t fight this clearly strong virus alone. “Rei Rei I need youw help” She whined.

Rei frowned. “Buh I playing.” She whined.

“Pleaseeeeeeee I ask the manager to let you keep the Shibun plushie-”

“Kay kay! Let's fight!” Rei excitedly agreed, summoning her sword that also looked like a toy now, Shibun was being held in a one arm hug.

Fighting the virus was extremely hard, but after a long battle they barely won. Everything returned to normal. Expect their clothes, Rei tugged at the wet diaper “Icky”

Maya’s own regression was slowly wearing off, “Immah win next time!” She angrily huffed, sticking her tongue out before clumsily running away.

By the time they returned back they were back to normal mostly. “I can keep Shibun right?” Rei timidly said. Part of her didn’t think that virus was so bad. It was kind of fun!

Chapter Text

Cocona found herself once more pulled into Pure Illusion for another adventure. As they landed they were in a house of some form. They were on a colorful rug that had toys all over it. But, it seemed like everything was made larger and the colors were off. Everything was oddly colored and bright. Papika was wearing a cute pink outfit similar to the one she had worn when she transferred to Cocona's school, but even more childish. Most importantly however, she was wearing a diaper with blue hearts that could easily be seen because the dress was too short. Looking down her outfit had changed into a blue one similar to Papika, she was also wearing a diaper but with pink hearts.

Papika picked up the slightly large teething ring, sniffing it before she started to chew on it. “What are you doing?” By now the short hair girl should have been used to her friend’s behavior.

Though Cocona had noticed that Papika seemed more affected by Pure Illusion most of the time.

“I dunno. Ish nice though. And theresh lots of toys!” The girl with salmon colored hair happily exclaimed. Grabbing different toys in the hand that wasn’t holding the teething ring.

The blue haired girl felt a little awkward about this whole thing. She wanted to go find a change in clothes. She wasn’t like Papika who didn’t seem to care about anything that normal people would find embarrassing. “These toys are for babies Papika like the diapers” Cocona whined like a toddler.

“You duh wanna pway wif me Cocona?” Blue eyes had tears threatening to fall as the other girl gave her such a cute pout.

She really couldn’t say no to that face. Playing for a little while wouldn’t do much harm… and it did look kind of fun. There was even a really cute green stuffed bunny that reminded her of Uexkull…

Time passed as the two girls played. Both found themselves slipping more and more into the effects of Pure Illusion.

Papika’s stomach growled. “Hunwgry” the girl whined.

“I bet you two are.” a kind voice said from behind them. This scared Cocona out of it just enough to gain back some of her maturity.

“Who are you?” She asked the woman. She was a very tall woman, or rather she matched an adult woman with a large house like this should look like. They were the ones that were too small. She had long blue hair and red eyes, but they weren’t scary. Rather they seemed rather kind.

The woman didn’t answer. Instead she laid out two section plates with chicken nuggets, grapes, ketchup, and some carrots. Papika chirped a “Fank oo!” Before she dug into the food.

“I don’t like carrots.” Cocona mumbled.

The woman chuckled, petting her head. “Oh? Mama loves carrots” She took one off the blue haired girl’s plate and ate it.

That made her huff. “Thatsh mah carrot.” She mumbled.

Papika giggled before shoving one of her carrots into her friend’s mouth. “Ish kay yoo can hab one of mine”

After the two finished their food, the woman cleaned them up.

“Would you two little ones like a story” Both girls agreed, Papika a lot less shy than her best friend.

The two laid on the large couch, each head on one of the woman’s legs. Cocona hugged the green bunny plush and accepted the pacifier the woman put in her mouth without a fuss. Papika on the other hand chewed on the teething ring while in the other arm she held a plush that reminded her of someone else, as if it had belonged to someone she had met a long time ago.

She told them a story about a princess who was born with a very special gift, but because of this gift she was locked away in a tower. But, she made a friend with an excitable squirrel. The hyper squirrel had brought a knight with her and something happened. Both girls had dozed off so neither actually knew what happened to the princess, her squirrel friend or the knight; but something about the story felt very familiar to Papika

“My precious darlings. It’s time for you to exist. But, you can always come back here if you want.” The woman told them as she led the two half asleep girls to a black tear into nothingness.

Both girls were back to the real world. But, they both only had vague memories of what happened in Pure Illusion. That was odd, because normally they remembered everything that happened there. But Cocona could only remember that it was a very pleasant trip that made her feel loved. While Papika held back tears overwhelmed by the feeling of loss and pain; but also a warmth in her heart that reminded her that she was also loved.

Chapter Text

Haruka hadn’t realized just how precious and adorable her children were going to be in their new forms. It made her miss when they were actually cute little toddlers. Her daughters’ new forms were just that of baby animals until they learned how to use it better. But… maybe in her spare time she worked on a special little project. She was her father’s daughter after all, and she had helped with his research. Haruka was far more than just a cute face.

Since she had built the case for the Kirumins in the beginning, making new cases for these new ones was extremely easy. The new white rabbit kirumin difference was that it had a green bib with a clover painted on it and a green clover themed pacifier. While the kitten one now had a red bib with a gold heart with light yellow angel wings painted on it and a matching heart pacifier. She made the dog kirumin have a blue bib have a tulip pattern on it, the puppy had a candy themed bone now in its mouth, she had also changed the head accessories on the dog’s ears to be a bow that had a candy on it and another bow with a yellow tulip on it. Making changes to the code had been much harder. After all, Haruka didn't want to weaken or make her daughters lesser than their current forms with their kirumins. She just wanted to help them… be more in disguise when around others! Yes, their height became so much shorter that they were really the size of toddlers. She just wanted to help them to blend in when in their costumed forms. As she worked there was a judgy turtle watching her. She knew he didn’t like the idea of her making changes to the kirumins, after all there could be unknown side effects, but she had been making sure to be extremely careful with the coding. Of course she tried to reason this to the turtle, but his look told her that didn’t matter, after all they had never expected her decorative cases that was supposed to just make the kirumins “cute” would have influenced the transformations either.

After she finished her side project she left the new kirumins in her father’s old room with the note in his handwriting that said Kirumin upgrade prototype. She hoped her daughters would fall for it.

When Haruka heard a loud wah from her kitten-like daughter she knew her plan had worked. She casually went to the attic and found her daughters all transformed but now in new costumes. Knowing her daughters she was sure that Riko had talked her twin and older sister into trying the upgraded kirumins.

Haruka’s daughters looked even cuter than she thought they would.

Her oldest daughter’s hat was almost the same. Now one of her ears had a cute blue bow with a candy charm in the middle while the other ear had a blue bow that had a tulip charm on it. Nagisa was nervously gnawing on a candy themed dog bone teething toy, clearly trying to figure out what to do. The cute bone had a ring on the side of it that had a blue ribbon tying it to a pacifier clip attached to her outfit. Her cloaklet had been replaced by a blue frilly bib that had the same candy as her kirumin decorating it. The bib was large enough that it hit her oldest breast. Her dress was replaced with a frilly white shirt with long sleeves, under the sleeves were her puppy paw mittens and a blue skirt with suspenders much like how it looked when she was in her puppy form. Under her skirt was a diaper that had a blue candy and tulip pattern. The once puppy paw boots were now puppy paw booties.

Her precious orange haired daughter was babbling up a storm tugging at her jacket. “Mama new kirumin maded us babies.”

Riko’s outfit was also changed. While her cat hat was completely the same, she had a red bib that had the same gold heart with angel wings on it, instead of the original blue bow. Her dress had changed to be a pink overall dress that looked similar to the bottom of her original dress. Under that was a white shirt with puffy sleeves mimicking her original top half of her dress. Her cat paw mittens became more baby mitten-like, her kitty paw boots were also booties now. The bottom of her shirt didn’t hide the diaper with hearts on it. Her kitty tail now had a teal bow tied around it. Unlike her other daughters however Riko’s outfit included toddler reins that in the back had light yellow wings and a ring to hook a clip to. Out of all her daughters Riko needed reins the most.

Lastly her poor shy rabbit-like daughter was in tears sucking on the new clover themed pacifier that was attached with a clover pacifier clip. Her outfit was the most similar to the original, the only difference was her boots were now booties, her bunny gloves were now bunny mittens and her clover cloaklet had been replaced with a clover themed bib. The green romper now had buttons by her crotch for easy diaper changes, and as her mother she could tell under it was a diaper just as thick as her sister’s. The biggest difference is in this form her glasses were gone showing off her big pretty blue eyes.

“You all are so precious!” Their mother gasped scooping up the three magically light girls up. Despite being the size of toddlers, they were the weight of their baby animals making them all very easy to hold all together.

The blue puppy gasped “We can jush change bah!” Nagisa said, the chewing must have helped her realize that. Why none of them had thought about that yet, was adorably silly of her daughters.

“These new forms are perfect. Now if someone sees you when you’re in them they won’t question you. It’s safer.” Haruka argued

Rimu sniffled “Buh ish ‘barrasing!”

The adult woman hummed “Since you three are baby animals aren’t these forms a little better? Not only are they cute and easy disguises but also these kirumins have special new powers. Normal people would just see you all as little toddlers in cute outfits.” She tried to bribe.

Her oldest shook her head and squirmed free. Saying the word to transform her back to normal she did. But unlike the original, the clothes she had been wearing were still on her. “Also the glitch where transforming back to normal causes your clothes to appear above you instead of on you has been fixed.”

“Okay… Mama- Mom is right these new forms are better” as an already very developing girl, Nagisa honestly felt that the diaper in the form she was much smaller was probably less embarrassing than transforming back to normal without her clothes on. And their mom had said that this one had

Haruka carried her twin daughters downstairs. She hadn’t realized that one of her client’s owners was scheduled to pick her up. “I’m here for Kuro.” The woman said with a smile.

This woman had met Riko and Rimu many times, Kuro was a black pig that their mother had been helping care for since it was a piglet. “Oh my gosh those two are precious. I thought Riko and Rimu were your youngest daughters. Who are these cuties?”

“Mom is watching her nieces” Nagisa quickly but happily replied. This woman had met her sisters many times but hadn’t realized who they really were. She took her sisters from their mother. “I can watch them while you go get Kuro.”

“Thank you Nagisa.”

Quickly taking the twins back upstairs the three squealed. “Mama wight!” Riko happily exclaimed.

Riko hugged her sister, still sucking on that pacifier. Nagisa understood however, chewing on that teething toy had been rather calming for her too… she had felt different, in a good way in that form too. In the end the oldest also transformed back into her new form.

Soon the three sisters were happily playing with each other upstairs, acting much like the age they were dressed.

Chapter Text

Maira had started modeling purely because her favorite comedy duo had been judging. But, she did find parts she had enjoyed! She liked dressing up in cute outfits and making cute poses. Her weekends often were packed full of things she needed to do for Ichi-mo. She might have been a junior model for Petite Strawberry, but she was one of their most popular models. Her social media had a lot of attention.

She had heard talk about a diaper company having tried to appear in the magazine but Petite Strawberry was a magazine for young girls, not babies and moms. She had heard the editor talking about it. About how diapers wouldn’t be fashionable. According to the editor who was bitching to the camera guy, the diapers were made because there had been some big study showing that during stressful periods like exams preteens and teens would end up doing better if they were given regressive therapy.

The young girl had heard about that study. Regressive therapy was all the rage for parents who pushed their children for good grades. There were even some students in their class with slightly bigger butts. Diaper companies had quickly jumped onto this trend and started releasing their diapers in larger sizes. It seemed a little embarrassing, and some people had started teasing the students who were coming to school diapered. Which was probably why the company had tried to collaborate with Petite Strawberry, since not only would it help stop bullying, but make them the “fashionable” diapers to wear.

So when she got to work and Miss Editor was acting kind of weird it was confusing. It turned out she had changed her mind about the diaper shoot, not only was she going to be doing it, but she would also be making a whole issue featuring it. Maira would be their star model because she was a fan favorite.

Maira wasn’t really sure. It seemed a little embarrassing. What if it made people laugh at her, she wanted to be a comedian not a clown. But, wouldn’t her doing this shoot help people? If she did it, maybe people would find it more acceptable? She could actually help people’s problems, like Yume even if she couldn’t transform with Peko yet.

That was how the young model found herself being given clothes by the stylist. She had never put on a diaper before. But, it turned out these were made to be easy for the wearer to put it on themselves even with lack of experience. There were 4 different strawberry and princess themed diaper patterns. The stylist explained that it was part of the collaboration of a special Petite Strawberry themed line of diapers.

To show off the diapers, all the outfits lined up for the shoots included strawberry themed princess outfits all much shorter than she would normally wear. There were also many strawberry themed accessories.

“You look so precious!” The editor cooed when Maira came to the photo shoot area. It had been decorated with all kinds of strawberry and princess toys. But, more importantly, laying on the strawberry bean bag was Peko. “I saw him peeking out of your bag and thought he would be perfect for the photo shoot.” The woman explained seeing her confusion.

They wanted her to act naturally like someone. Like how someone going through regressive therapy would. They just wanted to look cute and play. After a little while Maira’s nerves melted away and she was enjoying herself. The cameraman and editor praised her for being so cute. She had changed her outfit and diaper to a new pattern one. They changed up the scenery a bit. This outfit included a strawberry pacifier attached to the dress with a crown pacifier clip. She was told to suck on the pacifier. It made her feel a little awkward but she did as she was told.

As the shoot went on the editor became more and more demanding as well as treating her more and more like a baby. It was becoming a little overwhelming. That was when she had realized all day the editor had been acting weird, kind of like how Asahi had started acting weird when he had been infected with black abysses.

The pretend sent out her living plush cat to go tell Yume and Mew.

It turned out that the woman had been being affected by black abysses. She had been targeted due to the black schema that developed from jealousy for her sister who was pregnant with her second child.

But, due to the woman having agreed to the collaboration she couldn’t stop the newest issue. It had been Maira who talked to the adult about how while parents thought it was good there were still a lot of kids being bullied for it. That had given the woman an idea.

When the newest issue was released it had an interview with Maira talking about how it felt to experiment with regressive therapy for the first time and how it was rather pleasant. But, also talked about how despite the studies that showed that it helps preteens and teens to get better grades and deal with stress better, there were still a lot of kids being bullied because their parents thought regressive therapy was the best for them.

Maira was terrified that people would no longer like her. But her follower count had gone up by a couple thousands, people online and in her real life all thought that the newest issue was extremely cute. The Petite Strawberry Diapers were sold out mere days after the issue was released. She had seen many girls in her whole school wearing them!

Not just wearing the diapers, but also carrying plushies with no shame and embracing regressive therapy. Maira decided to dabble more with regressive therapy as well! It had been pretty fun the first time and now she could carry Peko around without hiding him in the bag. People would go on about how cute he was since he had appeared in the magazine too.

Chapter Text

Mei would have never guessed the new magical girls would be her little sister and Hazuki’s best friend. Of course discovering this made Mei see all the signs she hadn’t noticed until now. Of course, like she had promised her friends, she gave Hazuki and Emyulina an hour-long lecture about how they needed to be more careful. Now that they knew she and her friends were the previous magical girls, she didn’t have to avoid talking about her time as a magical girl. While they did cause a lot of damage and felt bad for it. They were still a lot more reckless.

Being told by her sister that she was still a magical girl, even though she couldn’t transform anymore, due to how she and her friends were going around cleaning up the messes, meant a lot. Not to just her. Itsuki and Helene had struggled just as much as her with it as well. They had all barely managed to finish high school and failed getting into universities. Mei knew Hazuki would do better. She was a smart girl who had good habits like doing her summer homework at the beginning of the break so she wasn’t doing it last minute.

The three 18 year olds had decided to take it on themselves to help train the new magical girls to help control their magic better, but also get stronger. Emyulina and Hazuki both felt much better about smelling fishy after battles when the older girls told them stories of fighting their villains which were bug themed.

They would join the new magical girls in their fights, helping where they could with their limited powers and cleaning up the mess right away. Their fish mascot believed that the previous magical girls' help would also help the two new ones get stronger.

But, Mei’s friends couldn’t understand how she felt about her little sister being a magical girl. While she had loved her time as one and still missed being one. She worried about her sister and what her future might look like. Mei had never been that smart, so when she became a magical girl and couldn’t study as much, it really made her struggle in school. She had barely gotten through high school and she hadn’t been able to get a job or get into university. Hazuki was always a bright girl who did well. She would probably be okay right?

During her time as a neet, Mei had found something that sparked a similar feeling in her that helping people and being a magical girl had brought to her. In one of the chat rooms she had lurked, some of the common active members were into age regression. At first the concept had really confused Mei. But, they had explained it meant when life was stressful they would do activities that made them feel younger to go back to a time where things were easier.

While she was a hopeless neet her mind latched onto what she had learned and soon her room was filled with secretly little things. When her sister was at school she would be little all day, since it was just her and her sister now.

Then she had gotten her idea for the cleaning company and she didn’t have much time to be little anymore, but something about it. Made her miss being little just like she missed being a magical girl.

It was too risky to be little though, with all her work cleaning and helping Emyulina and Hazuki she just didn’t have the time.

But, there Mei was awake, unable to sleep. It was late and she had a tiring day physically she was exhausted, but sleep refused to come. Her little things called out to her like a siren.

She shouldn’t, what if Hazuki saw?

Hazuki was sleeping and was such a deep sleeper though…

So Mei got out of bed and put on her favorite outfit to be little in, it was one that was made to look similar to her magical girl outfit but more babyish and cutesy. The corset part was gone instead tied with the ribbon around to mimic the large bow that used to be on her back. She put on a diaper with cute flowers on it and a couple bees which she did not like! Those bee bad guys she fought had been really scary! Then she put on a cute frilly bloomers to hide the diaper.

Having gotten this outfit designed was what had inspired her to make the outfits for Mei Company. Maid outfits inspired by their magical girl outfits just like she had gotten a little outfit inspired by her magical girl outfit.

One of her favorite things to do when she was little was to play magical girls. Sure it had been hard and sometimes she had been scared, but she wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Itsuki and Helene hadn’t been that close before they became magical girls and now they were the closest friends you’d ever meet. Even while they were all neets they always kept in touch in their personal chat.

She had trusted her 2 best friends so much that she had told them all about regression and they hadn’t laughed or shamed her. In fact Helene and Itsuki had both been a little bit interested in it. Helene had been the one who inspired her to get the little version of her magical girl outfit made. She had even gotten their outfits but cutesy and babified made as well. Itsuki had been the first one who wanted to try being a little. She had also been the one who encouraged Mei to try diapers. Helene had been the last to try regression but took to it extremely. She often texted in chat or did calls while little where she would babble on about princesses or clothes or fairy tales. It was adorable.

They had even gone on play dates while they were neets, Helene was always dressed up like a princess. While Itsuki was much shyer and wore baggy clothes on their play dates to hide her chest. While Mei tended to wear shortalls or skirtalls to their play dates.

She remembered how her friends had even played magical girls with her at Helene’s while her parents were out of the country. They had used her plush bugs she had that she purely had gotten because they were perfect for playing magical girls since they fought bugs, not smelly fish.

Flopping onto her bed, she didn’t care that her bloomers had moved causing her diaper to peek out.

“Little day, Saturday?” Mei texted in their group chat.

“Sure!” Itsuki texted back almost right away

“I’m going to buy a new princess dress for it” Helene finally replied after 5 minutes, she was probably already looking for one.

Her door creaked open. “I guess I wasn’t the only one with a secret”

Mei went to try to explain, stuttering over her words, but Hazuki picked up the flower pacifier from off the bed and shoved it into her older sister’s mouth. “It’s okay sis, I’d love you no matter what. As my big sister or little sister”

Chapter Text

Despite how they should be enemies, Momo was always doing nice things for Yuko. The demon girl didn’t understand why the magical girl was so nice to her. Though there were just some things even Momo was awful at, like cooking. It made Yuko feel bad that she lived all alone and she didn’t eat properly. She wasn’t sure if it was stepping out of line to bring Momo some food, but she decided to bring her a nice homemade meal anyway!

She knocked on the door, but no one answered. Yuko checked the doorknob and found it unlocked. “Momo I brought some foo-”

There was a squeak and as Yuko’s eyes landed on Momo she had already run out of the living room into the room she hadn’t gone into before. In the rather normal living room the tv was one, it was playing an old cartoon that Yuko remembered liking when she was a little kid. She couldn’t remember what the name was but it was a cartoon made for toddlers. On the floor was a cute pink rug that looked very soft. There was a stuffed Tamasakura-chan as well as an abandoned coloring book and some crayons.

Momo had the newest gaming system too! Maybe she would want to play some games with her. She was curious about what video games Momo liked. Being poor Yuko had only ever gotten extremely old cheap systems and used games that sometimes didn’t work. But, she was never picky on the games. She wondered why Momo had run off like that.

Yuko went to the fridge and put the wrapped up plate of food up. She saw a bunch of classic snacks for kids that she used to be jealous of other kids growing up, as well as supplies for easy to make meals that even a child couldn’t mess up. Momo had all kinds of juices and milk as well. It made her drool a little.

She knocked on the door “Go way” She heard a small voice yell at her, trembling ever so slightly. Was Momo okay?

“I’m opening the door.” Yuko did as she said, and what girl she had seen wasn’t something she would have ever guessed she would see.

The room was full of cute toys, Metako was on a rather cute peach shape cat bed. There was a mattress on the floor with a pink blanket as well as one star shaped pillow and one peach shaped pillow. There was a cute large white rug that went nicely against the dark wood floors and the light pink walls.

Momo was tearing up as she looked up at her. She was wearing a frilly pink dress that remind Yuko of her fresh peach outfit, but cuter and more simple. Momo was also wearing a diaper with Tamasakura-chan on it. She had a peach themed pacifier in her mouth and she was sniffling. “You you weren’t supposeda see me.” Momo sobbed the pacifier fell out of her mouth and bounced close to Yuko.

Yuko picked up the pacifier and cleaned it up a bit before putting it back in the magical girl’s mouth. “Hey it’s fine. Your room is really cute!” She said trying to make her feel better.

The magical girl was really upset. “Y-You duh think mm weird?” She whispered, taking the pacifier out of her mouth.

She gave Yuko a comforting smile “I actually think you’re really cute!”

“Buh it’s not normal?” It was clear Momo was afraid of Yuko’s true opinions and was utterly embarrassed.

“So? I have horns and a tail. You’re a magical girl. Neither of us are normal.” Yuko started looking in the drawers. The first one had folded up outfits she had seen Momo in before, the second one had outfits that she had never seen before, maybe they were more cute frilly outfits like the one Momo wore right now, the last one had diapers.

She saw a nice light blue and pulled it out revealing another cute frilly dress. “Can I try this on?” Yuko asked.

That startled Momo even more. “Why?”

“I told my mom that I was staying over, you’re still recovering from being sick and you don’t have anyone. You know I didn’t mean to take your blood on purpose right?” The demon asked.

“I know, go ahead try it…”

The outfit was a little tight on her chest, since her breasts were larger than Momo's, however it fit her pretty well height wise. She wondered just how short it was since it barely covered her butt, and Momo was a good head taller than her!

Yuko stared at the diapers, they were cute, but probably pretty expensive… she looked at herself in the mirror. Her blue panties peeked out from the dress slightly.

“I just don’t understand.” Momo mumbled.

“You don’t want me to play with you? Yuko pouted. She still remembered Momo’s dream. Maybe inside Momo was just that sad little girl who looked like she needed a friend?

“I would love that!” The magical girl confessed excitedly.

First Momo showed her all her stuffed animals telling her each of their names. Yuko missed her plush friends due to their money struggles, most of her toys were passed down to Ryoko. “Here Angel can be your buddy for the night!”

Angel was a white sheep with gold horns and cute angel wings. “Thank you” The plush toy was so soft and cute. She was also the perfect hugging size.

It turned out that most of the video games Momo had were kid friendly. But, they were still a lot of fun! The magical girl had offered her a cute blue pacifier while they played. She accepted it, and she found playing games while using it was even better!

Momo was delighted by the homemade meal, while Yuko shyly accepted the fruit gummy snacks that she offered after the demon explained she had already eaten dinner, clearly feeling too bad to accept more than just a snack.

They watched cartoons and colored a picture together before it was starting to get a little late.

The magical girl had pulled out a spare pair of which was white with a purple ribbon short nightgown and a diaper for her to put on, Momo took her pajamas and left to the livingroom. The idea of putting on a diaper was embarrassing but it would be wrong not to accept wouldn’t it? And Momo looked so cute in hers and it looked comfy.

When Momo came back in her light pink nightgown that didn’t hide her diaper, she was very pleased to see that Yuko was also wearing a diaper. She had two bottles of milk in her hands.

Both girls laid down and drank the baby bottles cuddling. The warm chocolate milk tasted like heaven and caused her to get so sleepy.

Yuko was almost fully asleep when she heard a soft whisper “Thank you”

Chapter Text

Lucia was still getting used to being human. There was just so much she wasn’t used to. Going to the bathroom was the biggest thing she needed to get used to. Nikora would be her big sister in the human world. She would be her mentor in the human world. She gave her tasks at the Pearl Waters Hotel to get used to her human body. But, it was a lot harder than she thought it would be! Lucia found the human bathrooms the hardest to get used to and make it in time. Nikora was very understanding and even explained to her that many new mermaids struggled with this same issue and most wore diapers for the first few months they were on land until they got used to it.

The diapers that Nikora gave her were very cute bubble themed diapers. They fit her perfectly too. She found them quite comfortable. She wondered if all human girls wore them. She had only met that human boy years ago. According to everyone she needed her pearl back to become an adult mermaid.

Her new school uniform covered the diaper pretty well! Nikora had enrolled her in school and claimed she had been in an accident and her body was still recovering. The principal didn’t question it and did state he would inform her teacher.

While some other students snickered at her slightly larger butt, Kaito, a surfer boy she had met, was nice. It turned out most human girls didn’t need diapers.

Hanon Hosho was pretty nice though! She didn’t make mocking comments behind her back for talking to Kaito despite still needing diapers. She even offered to be her friend and help her! It turned out that Hanon wore diapers, the same kind as hers. Which was because just like Lucia she was a mermaid too and a giant brat!

Unlike Hanon and Lucia, Rina wore pull ups. Due to her wearing the male uniform no one in school knew this though.

Not just Rina’s school uniform hid the pull ups, but so did her idol outfit. Unlike Hanon and Lucia whose idol outfits made their diapers even more noticeable. The news articles about these mysterious idols loved to mention their diapers which was so embarrassing! But, on the other hand some girls in their school that had used to laugh behind Hanon and Lucia’s backs for wearing diapers now were wearing them, because those cute new idols wore them.

Lucia enjoyed trying new human things. There were so many neat things humans had that mermaids didn’t. Her room became filled with soft stuffed animals and cute books. Hanon and her might fight a lot, but she and her had a lot in common. Rina often had to scold them and tell them to knock off fighting.

In class people jokingly started to refer to Lucia and Hanon as Rina’s kids and would go tell the green haired girl that her “kids” were fighting.

After a while though Rina was really getting sick of the two other mermaids acting like brats. So she decided to treat them like the little kids the two acted. If the two started to fight, both got sent to time out. Even in class. Many other students found it very amusing. She also would praise them when they did a good job and helped them.

Even though it was a bit embarrassing, both girls' behavior did get much better. At first Lucia was worried what Kaito would think, but he thought it was funny and stated he wished he had fun friends like that.

Part of Lucia really enjoyed Rina’s treatment. How the green mermaid would whisper if she needed to go to the bathroom, praising her when she made it in time and comforting her when she didn’t.

Chapter Text

When Yumi found out that the adult man she had a crush on was interested in a woman his own age, over her, just a 10 year old. She felt heartbroken. Of course Yumi did understand it made sense, and it was probably for the best. But, it didn’t help the hurt she felt. She fidgeted with her tulip pendant. Yumi just wanted to forget even if it was just for a little while.

Keshimaru had been the one who had suggested Forget It Pills. Her magic couldn’t make it, but the flower fairy made it appear in her hands.

It was a pill bottle with the words Forget on it. According to him it would only last a few hours, but that was fine by Yumi. It was a common item in the flower world that fairies would use to temporarily forget about something embarrassing or to prank their friends.

She shook out one of the pills out of the bottle. It looked like a hard piece of candy that was in the shape of a tulip. When she put the pill in her mouth it tasted sweet, but also floral just like a flower candy. It felt like the magic was blossoming in her.

Tulip petals and glitter spun around her, it was ticklish! The magic petals changed her clothes into a pastel green overall dress with tulips stitched all over the bottom of the dress, as well as a pink shirt with puffy tulip-like sleeves. The magic of the petals undid her braided hair and made her hair now pigtails held up by green scrunchies with yellow tulip charms on them. Her shoes became green mary janes with yellow tulip buckles.

Kakimaru came back to find their human friend giggling up a storm and chasing the other flower fairy around. She was acting odd.

“Kakimaru! Thank goodness! I messed up!” He squeaked flying over to her.

“Kiki!” Yumi happily exclaimed, starting to bounce trying to grab both fairies flying just a little too high for her to reach.

The yellow flower fairy glared at her brother. “Keshimaru, What did you do?”

He looked away. “I might have… given Yumi Forget It Pills, but she was just supposed to forget about today not do this!” He tried to defend himself.

Suddenly he was caught by the tail and pulled into a hug. “ShiShi” The human happily exclaimed.

“Those pills are for fairies, who knows what it could do to a human! Yumi, do you know who I am?” Kakimaru asked, flying in front of Yumi’s face.

The human giggled and nodded. “Kiki and ShiShi are my bestest flower fairy friends!”

Yumi still held the male flower fairy like he was a stuffed toy. “How old are you? You’re acting like a baby” He asked, trying to get free.

“Nah baby!” She exclaimed angrily stomping her foot a little

She hummed and put her index finger in her mouth, letting go of the pink fairy. “Nah baby! Big guwl. ‘M five.” Yumi exclaimed, holding up 4 fingers.

The two fairies realized they would need to watch their human until the pills wore off. Kakimaru decided they should take the girl to the flower field, knowing that if anyone saw Yumi like this she would likely be embarrassed. Keshimaru made sure to take the Forget It pills so no other human might accidentally grab it.

Yumi happily played in the flower field. Kakimaru made a flower crown for her. She had pulled out her wand from the pocket on her chest. And ended up making a silly drawing that ended up becoming a dog rabbit creature with fairy wings. She happily chased it until it disappeared 30 seconds later.

The human swung her arms, one hand holding tightly to her magic wand. She noticed the pill bottles that were left by the fairies. She remembered there was yummy candy in there and she was really good at being sneaky!

Luckily the bottle was open she grabbed a handful of the tulip shaped candies, but Kakimaru knocked them out of her hands. She managed to keep one she went to put it in her mouth, but Keshimaru stopped her when she only had half of it in her mouth, she bit down breaking the candy crumble. The flavor lingered in her mouth while the two fairies scolded her.

But, they stopped as tulip petals and sparkles started to dance around the girl. She giggled up a storm as she tried to grab the petals. Her clothes changed once more. The top of her dress became light green, and a large leaf-like bow appeared on the back of the dress. The skirt part became a large pink tulip. It didn’t cover up the diaper with the flower pattern. Her shoes disappeared, and a tulip flower pacifier appeared in her mouth.

“Oh no!” Both fairies exclaimed. As the flower petals gently fell to the ground.

“Flowas!” The 10 year old childishly cooed behind the pacifier in her mouth as she clumsily picked up the fallen petals and threw them in the air.

Being two small animals like flower fairies having to take care of a 10 year old who was mentally on par to a 1 or 2 year old was very hard. But, the two did their best! Luckily Yumi was a very sweet girl so they at least had that going!

She happily used her wand like a rattle until the fairies had to take it away from her due to her scribbles turning real.

Yumi chewed on her tulip pendant, babbling happily as she laid in the flowers petting the tails of the flower fairies who were exhaustedly resting on her. The sun had started to set by now, when the pendant started to flash.

Her outfit changed as the pendant flashed. Her hair became braided pigtails, while yellow sneakers with velcro appeared. Lastly her outfit changed to a simple pink frilly top with light green shorts. Yumi became more aware of herself and sat up, causing the two fairies of her to fall off.

“Are you back to normal?” Keshimaru questioned hopefully.

The human timidly looked down and held out 7 fingers.

“The first pill must have worn off, the other half pill will likely wear off soon. Do you think you can pretend to be 10 during dinner? Until your pendant flashes?”

Biting her lip a bit, Yumi nodded once more.

Luckily Yumi was old enough now mentally that she could go back home for dinner without anyone really noticing much of a difference. As she happily ate dinner her mother mentioned how it had been a long time since she wore her hair like that, and how she looked so precious.

She cut dinner off early as her pendant started to flash. Returning to her room, her clothes changed back to normal. The two flower fairies were already passed out on her bed, totally drained from babysitting. Yumi stared at the bottle of magic pills and decided to hide them under her bed.

Today had been… kind of fun… part of her thought it might be fun to do it again some day.

Chapter Text

Ever since they had gone to the water park, Nana and Lulu had kept calling her mommy or mother since that human had thought she was their mother. The snake guardian angel found it extremely frustrating. But, the two little girls found it funny. Honestly Yuki blamed the dog angel, since she was older and Lulu was easily influenced.

It had actually been the frog angel who decided she wanted to play a new game. She had enjoyed playing elementary, even if Nana would play teacher. Yuki was always whining about being the mommy so she thought it would be fun if Lulu and Nana got to be the mommies.

Getting the 18 year old snake turned human to agree to their game was much harder. But, the two youngest angels begged and begged and begged. Even going on about how they had saved their pocket money to get supplies to play with her. Knowing that the two girls had saved up their money to play this silly game with her she couldn’t help, but agree.

Lulu used her manners to request her to make her outfit fit her new role as baby. While she and Nana transformed their outfits to both be ones that fit a “mommy” both them wearing cute dresses that had aprons.

Her outfit transformed her priestess skirt became much shorter revealing a diaper ever so slightly. A pacifier appeared clipped to her outfit. While her boots turned into Mary Janes. Her hair was now braided into two large braided pigtails.

“Perfect! You look perfect!” Nana excitedly exclaimed.

“Very cute!” Lulu agreed.

The dog angel ran off to the closet and pulled out a bag that Yuki hadn’t seen before. “What first? Playtime?” She asked, bouncing slightly.

Lulu shook her head. “First we should feed the baby”

“I’ll go warm up some milk for the baby! You watch her” Nana ordered after she pulled out a baby bottle.

The little girl with green hair sat down and patted her lap. “Come to Mama”

With a blush Yuki did as she was told. The things she did for her family…

Resting her head on the younger girl’s lap was nice though.

When Nana came back with a now full bottle both girls argued which mommy should get to feed the baby. In the end they agreed Lulu would get to do the bottle feeding, but Nana would get to spoon feed her.

The frog angel didn’t let her take the bottle, but rather held it as she encouraged the older girl to suckle on the bottle, head still in her lap as she laid on the ground. Yuki was so glad the other girls were out with Master Goro! It felt like forever until the baby bottle was finally empty, the warm milk was actually delightful and the bottle wasn’t that bad.

She had started feeling tired, but she was suddenly jolted away as she was pulled up into the sitting position by Nana.

“Time for some num nums!” The dog girl exclaimed, pulling out a pack of applesauce. Lulu put a slightly tight and very small baby bib on her.

Nana made all kinds of fun sounds going from an airplane that transformed into a train to other random sound games. Yuki couldn’t help but laugh a bit. The applesauce got everywhere, mostly not in her mouth. But, it was still a lot of fun.

Both girls worked together to clean up the older angel and the apartment from the applesauce mess.

Of course it was Nana with her endless energy that announced play time and pulled out a stuffed snake, a toy ball, and a rattle from the bag.

Playtime had been rather enjoyable. The rattle made her chuckle and joke she was a rattlesnake. When she played with the ball Nana would go chasing it in their small apartment. And the stuffed snake reminded herself of her original form and made a perfect cuddle buddy.

At some point the three angels had fallen asleep. Yuki was awoken to sounds. Goro and some of the girls had returned. She found herself tearing up ready to hear her master’s disgust.

“You look too adorable, Yuki. Did you and the little angels have fun?” Goro asked, chuckling.

“Master, you think that’s cute?” Mika exclaimed, like the jealous rabbit she was.

“Of course, I think Yuki is very cute. And it’s very kind of her to be willing to play with the younger angels”

Yuki couldn’t help, but laugh a little as Nana and Lulu woke up.

Suddenly Nana and Lulu found most of the other angels willing to play house with them to prove they could be just as cute as Yuki.

Chapter Text

Riko was still not that used to being a girl. She had finally managed to start getting used to being referred to with her new name and pronouns. It hadn’t been that she had really cared about gender when she was a man. It didn’t help that all her magical girl team mates were weird virgin guys who just couldn’t remember it like she could. They all had extremely weird personalities. Yuunagi wasn’t that bad if you were a girl. The monsters were reincarnated virgins as well. Though some of them like the skeleton seemed more normal than the magical girls.

She had adored magical girls, but she had never wanted to be one!

It wasn’t fair that she was the weakest of the magical girls! She couldn’t even handle a low level monster! However, maybe if she kept working on it she would get better.

Of course they didn’t really fight much anyway. It sometimes felt like her main role on the team was to cook and for the others to gush about how cute she was.

Riko was shopping alone, normally Poporu would have come with her, but today he was busy with something.

At the store it felt like she was being watched. It wasn’t until Riko was walking home until someone grabbed her. She screamed and transformed.

The scream had startled the person and let her go. Turning around however, it wasn’t some weird monster like wolf man. But, rather just a very pretty adult woman with a very nice figure. She looked like a classic housewife, but she had a demon heart tip tail as well as two large horns that looked like a heart. She had small angel wings that were black.

“It’s okay little one there is nothing to fear. Mommy Mami is here!” The woman cooed.

She waved a wooden spoon and sparkly pink magic wrapped around Riko, before she could even try to dodge. Her heels turned into pink baby booties with dull metal spikes in them? The sudden shock of pains caused her to fall to the ground. The capelet turned into a frilly baby bib. And a gem themed pacifier appeared in her mouth.

Mami scooped the magical girl up.

Riko tried to get free, but this female monster was strong. She instead spit out the pacifier, but it floated to Mami’s apron pocket instead of falling. “Are you planning on taking me to the Vile God Claude?”

That made the woman giggle “Oh no no no. He brought me back to life, but I decided I didn’t need them to collect my own adorable little ones.” She chuckled.

What kind of man was this virgin was to make him into a succubus housewife who referred to herself as Mommy? She also knew she was reincarnated, did all the monsters know unlike the magical girls? “Brought you… back to life?”

“Oh I just love curious little babies! Yes, I was reincarnated. I sadly never got to be a mommy in my first life. But, I just loved the idea of having my own little girls. Women and girls both look the cutest in a diaper!” The woman giggled again.

A mommy in her first life? “Wait, you were actually a woman in your original life? Why were you a virgin?” Riko exclaimed.

The succubus housewife landed in front of a very normal looking house. She held Riko closely as she waved her hand making the door open. “I never had any interest in such silly things. All I wanted was a cute little of my own. But, I was too shy to try to get one. Sure I had men who hit on me. But, I just wanted a little girl to spoil. And now I do!”

Her home looked like a normal house that had a very spoiled baby living in it. But all the baby items were scaled up for a teenager or adult.

“Don’t you need a man to help make a baby for you?”

Mami laughed, hugging RIko closely. “Silly girl, I didn’t want a real baby. I wanted someone who could be my little girl forever.”

She gently put her in the playpen and with a wave of Mami’s spoon Riko found the pacifier back in her mouth, but this time she couldn’t spit it out. “Now you stay there while I make lunch for my baby girl!”

There were toys in the playpen. It felt like Mami was gone forever. She couldn’t help but look closer at the toys. There was a stuffed bat that was just so cute! Riko found herself hugging it with one arm while she used her other hand to move some of the pile of toys around to see what else there was.

The succubus chuckled causing Riko to snap out of it. “All these items have my magic infused to them. To make sure my baby has lots of fun.” She confessed, waving her wand and her magic picked the magical girl up and carried her off into the high chair. Mami was holding a tray of different types of food. There were 3 different colors of mush in different sections of the plate. There was also a baby bottle of some form of juice.

Mami happily chatter as she spoon fed the magical girl explaining how each different flavors of baby food had different magical effects. But, Riko tried not eating, but the woman had so many ways to make her eat! Mami got giddy and happily told the magical girl the side effects AFTER she ate it.

Her first portion of baby food tasted like strawberries and it caused her to struggle with speaking. It made her lisp, but also lost some control of her mouth in general making her more drooly and a messier eater.

The mash potatoes with turkey pieces made Riko lose a good bit of her hand eye coordination.

Washing it down with what turned out to be apple juice made her wet her diaper as she drank! Mami promised to change her diaper after meal time was over.

Lastly she was forced to eat the green mush that was veggie flavor. After the first bite she fought a lot more eating even spitting it out even though it made her seem more childish. But, Mami didn’t get mad because the mush’s side effect was emotional regression.

Before they were done with dinner suddenly the door came falling down. Aoi had knocked it down. But, all the magical girls were here. Here to save her.

Mommy Mami put up a fight but in the end there were too many to fight, so she ran away… out of her own house, claiming she would get her revenge and make them all her babies one day!

They weren’t sure when the side effects would end. Riko had started to cry, worried she would be stuck like this forever, but Poporu reassured her the magic would disappear in a few hours. Which left the magical girls to take her back home with some supplies and take care of her until it was over. Luckily Yuunagi made sure to protect herself like a big sister.

Chapter Text

Ever since all the akikans stopped fighting things had been rather peaceful. Melon enjoyed working at the maid cafe. Even though they might be cans that could turn into humans, the girls were finding their own place in the world. So it was rather shocking to Melon when a new Akikan appeared at her cafe. The woman had a can tap earring just like them. She looked much older than the other akikans, maybe in her early 30s. Her breasts were very large and she wore a white dress with a strawberry pattern as well as a pink apron. She had very light pink hair that was in a loose ponytail and red eyes. She seemed to be with her master maybe? The woman she had come in with, was wearing a strawberry themed overall dress as well as strawberry mary janes. But more surprisingly Melon could see that the woman was wearing a strawberry patterned diaper.

Melon kept quiet; she needed to find out if this akikan was a threat. She wasn’t sure if the older akikan had noticed she wasn’t human yet. But, she did her best to pretend to be a normal waitress.

The woman called the new akikan “Mama Miru” when she thought no one was listening. While she instead called the woman who Melon thought was her master, her little girl. Something about the motherly woman screamed dangerous to Melon, and she was glad when they finally left.

But, what the melon soda can girl didn’t know how truly dangerous this akikan was.

Walking home, Melon felt on edge, like someone was watching her. She looked behind her and accidentally walked right into someone. It was the human that akikan had been with, Melon fell to the ground. “Oopsy daisy. Let me help you up.” The weird human offered to lend a hand.

When the younger girl took her hand however she found strawberry vines wrapping around her before turning into a dark green toddler harness. The strawberry vines went over her mouth and a strawberry grew into her open mouth before turning into a green ball like pacifier. The vines squeezed her body with a “poof” her human clothes changed to her original outfit. But, it started to get shorter as a diaper appeared on her that matched the pattern on her dress. Strawberry vines wrapped around her hair before making her hair have another pony tail on the other side, but this one had a green bow instead of the two ball hair tie.

“Perfect job little one. We caught ourselves a little melon” A voice behind the teenage can girl chuckled. She turned around, it was the new akikan! She was holding the leash part of the toddler harness that appeared on her. Melon tried to spit out the pacifier that had a hint of strawberry but she couldn’t. Her mind felt all fuzzy, no bubbly like soda.

The human took her hand “I’m Berika! And this is my akikan and Mama Miru! And now she’s your mama too!”

Berika happily babbled on and on about how she and Mama Miru met and how she always drank Sangaria strawberry milk because it was the best can strawberry milk ever and she loved strawberries and strawberry milk especially when she was little, but she never had a mama before Miru and then one day she started to drink a strawberry milk and it turned into Miru!

Melon was overwhelmed by the chatter as she was dragged to an apartment building. The mommy akikan was listening and adding a comment here or there.

The apartment looked a bit like a strawberry themed nursery. Melon was able to spit out the pacifier, but she still struggled a bit to focus. “Why take Mewon?” She slurred.

“My little berry wanted sisters and I thought why not a cute little melon akikan. My magic works much better on other akikans than humans.”

There was an angry cry-like sound from the other room. “Oh it seems like your other sister is awake now” The milk akikan happily informed them before leaving.

“We found my other sister a couple days ago! She was a lot harder to catch than you!” Berika explained.

Miru came out holding Miku. Her black gloves had turned into black baby mittens, her black boots were now black baby booties. Her long hair that once was in one large bow was now in 2 smaller bows. Her very immodest outfit had become a cute frilly black dress with red orange and yellow straps. She also had a large diaper with different berry patterns, likely because Miku was a mixed juice akikan. She also had a strawberry pacifier with vines straps.

While Miru was busy with Miku, she tried to throw her melon soda ball attack. It blasted the milk akikan causing her to hit into the wall. Miku managed to get free from Miru’s grip when she was knocked over. Melon grabbed the other victim of Miru’s power while Berika was worrying over her aikian.

The two teenage aikians made a clumsy run for it. Barely getting out of the apartment before Miru got back up. “Uggh. I guess we’ll have to catch and punish some naughty little girls again.”

Chapter Text

Shijma wanted all her life to be a magical girl, she had been accepted as a magical girl trainee, and she was going to start the national training institute for magic, it was a vocational school that all the big magical girls went to. Shijma had been so excited to move into the dorms with other magical girl trainees. But, due to lack of rooms she had been sent to the dorms for retired magical girls.

Despite them all being adult women, who were physically stuck at the age they stopped being magical girls, it felt like sometimes that Shijma was the most mature out of them all. But, out of them all Lilas acted like the youngest of them all.

She played games all day and snacked on junk food, and if she wasn’t playing games or snacking she was sleeping. She never ate meals because she was always full from her junk food. She hadn’t left the house for 10 years, until she had showed up and bribed her. Now the girl would leave the house, but only if she was holding Shijma’s hand. Lilas would even throw temper tantrums! Shijma wondered if something happened that caused her to retire earlier than the others.

No matter how much Lilas claimed to hate being treated and seen like a child, she still acted like one.

Her roommates had joked about her being “their mother” After she started doing the cleaning and cooking herself. While she didn’t approve of the joke it was true in many ways.

Shijma had decided to make Lilas her personal project. She would get her to be a functional member of society. The magical girl trainee started with simple things like taking her handheld game systems away when it was dinner time, so she would focus on eating. If she threw a fit, Shijma would put her over her knee and give a couple spankings.

Of course at first Lilas fought the treatment and claimed to hate it, the other ex magical girls didn’t try to stop her. In fact Sasari found it extremely cute and enjoyed taking many pictures of Shijma and Lilas.

Luring Lilas out of the house more often so she would get used to being outside was a lot harder, and easier at the same time. Bribing her with a treat if she came with her. It had actually been Lilas’ idea for the toddler leash. It was a pink heart backpack with cute little angel wings and a ring to clip to a leash. She refused to leave the house without wearing it, since SOMEONE might accidentally let go of her hand and leave her!

Being outside and around the public clearly made the physically 10 year old very on edge. Not only did Lilas end up becoming shaky, and timid outside, her speech regressed to be more baby like.

Lilas was doing better, she had gone grocery shopping a couple times with Shijma. Her sweet timid personality made shopping rather easy, compared to her demanding normal self. Though sometimes she would tug on Shijma’s hand and order for them to get something she thought looked good. The Magical Girl trainee had made it a new rule that Lilas could only pick five junk food items in one trip, to help encourage her to eat healthier. The first few times she whined about it. But, she got over it.

Shijma was in the middle of asking an employee where something was, when Lilas started to tug on her hand “One moment please” She addressed the smaller but older girl.

Another pull. Shijma ignored it as she listened to the employee. Another pull, he was almost done speaking. Another pull and then whimpering. “Um, your little sister had an accident” The employee informed her awkwardly.

“Sh-Shijma” She whined “Lilas sowwy” The small girl sniffled as big tears rolled down her eyes.

The employee had left them, Shijma tried to comfort the technically older girl. “Why didn’t you just go by yourself?”

“Scawed” She confessed, rubbing her eyes.

Before Shijima could say anything, the male employee came back with a box of diapers and a stuffed goofy dragon. There was another employee with a mop and bucket.

Maybe luckily for them Lilas was in too much emotional distress to throw a fit about being treated like a kid instead she tearfully accepted the plush dragon and hugged it.

Shijma did agree it would likely be for the best if Lilas put on a diaper. She led the girl to the bathroom. And when she found out she didn’t know how to put diapers on since she had never even been around anyone who needed them Shijma showed her how, after all she had babysat a lot.

Lilas didn’t put up any fuss during the rest of the shopping trip, hugging the plush dragon and Shijma’s arm in a one arm hug. She was on her best behavior.

When they got home, Shijma had told her she didn’t need to wear the diaper, since she knew it was because outside was scary. But, Lilas just mumbled about not caring and that she was fine. The magical girl trainee decided to make it up to Lilas by playing some video games with her. She was already doing much better. Lilas had gotten to keep the toy dragon which helped her mood a lot, and Shijma even played video games with her! With Shijma and now her new dragon friend outside really wasn’t that scary. But… she still decided she wanted to wear diapers if she left the house… just to be safe.

Chapter Text

Miho had a new gig as Fancy Lala. She would be working with a “younger” model who was super popular! The fashion magazine normally focused on preteens and younger teens, but wanted an older teenager to join this photo shoot. Honestly she couldn’t remember what Fancy Lala was modeling. She remembered Miss Haneishi asking if she was sure she was comfortable with a photo shoot like this. But, Miho was distracted by the excitement of working with someone so famous!

She barely made it in time, before transforming into Fancy Lala. Lala was hoping she would be able to get an autograph from the famous young model. Maybe she should start a Fancy Lala social media account. But, her parents said she was too young for one.

Her manager, Ririka met up with her in the building. She started to explain that this would be a sequel issue from one they had a couple months ago about regression therapy. Lala had remembered that issue! There had been a lot of girls in her school who ended up coming to school in strawberry themed diapers.

Lala was a little nervous; she had thought it was really brave of the 12 year old model to do the photo shoot, but she wasn’t sure if she could do it. “Getting to model here will really help your popularity. The magazine is even going to let you have a shared interview, where you can talk about your new single.” Ririka explained.

Well, it wasn’t like anyone knew Miho was Lala anyway and there were lots of other kids at school who took part in regression therapy.

The strawberry themed outfits were cute. But, Tsukishima-sensei looked even cuter! The girl was really nice and even helped her during the photo shoot to get more comfortable. Lala understood now why the other students in her school that wore diapers weren't bothered by them; they were kind of comfortable! She wondered if regression therapy really did help improve students' grades.

It felt a lot less like modeling than when she did it with Miki, probably because the cameraman kept telling them to act natural and just play and have fun. Tsukishima-sensei helped her relax and play with her. It was a lot of fun playing with the curly brown hair girl.

In the interview the woman first asked Tsukishima-sensei about how regression therapy was treating her, if she was still doing it and what was her style of therapy. It turned out Tsukishima-sensei had kept up with it, but she only was currently taking part in light regression therapy, so she was only little in her free time. Sometimes she did go to school little too though.

When the woman asked Lala questions, she was a little nervous. But, she tried to be truthful, like when she asked if she had tried regression before. Lala laughed and joked that she still feels like a 9 year old most days. However she did quickly backtrack and mention how she had seen the first issue about it and she thought Tsukishima-sensei was so cute. That made the popular model laugh and tell Lala she was older. But, luckily the 15 year old appearing teen thought on her feet and joked that she was still her sensei because she’s been a model longer. The interviewer ate up the interaction.

Lala was amazed and delighted when Tsukishima-sensei brought up her single without her having to awkwardly mention it! It turned out she had her own copy and thought it was really cute and was curious if she could sign her case. Lala of course agreed only if she signed her favorite issue that the 12 year old had been in. The woman asking them questions asked a bit about the making of the song and asked how the new model dealt with the stress of balancing her new job with her personal life. Lala hadn’t really thought about how sometimes living as Lala and Miho had been very hard and actually stressful. So she just answered honestly that sometimes it was stressful, but she loved it.

At the end of the day Tsukishima-sensei asked for her social media to follow, but the fake teenager had to explain how she didn’t even have her own phone. Which actually made the 12 year old a bit sad because she had a lot of fun today. She gave Lala her social media and phone number telling the “older” teenager to message her if she ever wanted to arrange a play date. As Tsukishima-sensei left she turned around and called out “We’re friends now you can just call me Maira!”

Miho couldn’t stop thinking about how much the fun photo shoot was, and how much she would love to see Ts- no Maira again. She stopped buying so many snacks for Pigu to save the money to buy a smartphone. Mihou claimed to her parents that she had saved up for it and THAT was why she wanted a bank account. Her parents were so proud of her and got it connected to the family plan. Even though they did think she was a little young for a phone, if she had wanted it so badly she saved up her money for it they couldn’t say no.

She excitedly texted Maira, hoping that the offer for a play date still stood.

Chapter Text

"Try to get along or next time Lilian babysits you" Was something that their father had always told them when they left Cornelia to babysit, but it never happened. The last time her sister had babysat her, it wasn’t that bad. The story was pretty cool. She wishes she had magic powers too. She did understand that, story Lilian might not have been old enough for all her powers, but she was responsible enough to have some of her magic.

She caught Napoleon talking to Cornelia! Lilian demanded her pet to tell her everything. So he did. The story was real! She did have powers! Most of it had been given to the cat, the dormouse, and Matt, Cornelia’s friend’s boyfriend. It also turned out that Cornelia was an earth guardian. Which her cat explained was basically a special fairy that could use earth magic. Cornelia’s other friends were also fairies, 3 of them with other elemental powers and Will had electricity and portals or something. Lilian didn’t care much about their powers. She was more interested in her own abilities. According to Napoleon, who was her familiar, she did have some minor magic still left!

With her new found magic she had the perfect idea. She started testing her limits secretly. It turned out even though Napoleon said that during the story she had changed the whole building into a castle, made a dragon, and other things. She couldn’t do as much now. She could change the room she was in and she could even make items that could keep the side effect of her magic when she wasn’t around. She did a lot of experimenting, while working on her perfect plan.

Lilian waited for the day their parents would be leaving for a 2 day business trip to use her magic. She gave her sister a choker with a rose on it. She had remembered her sister wanting it so she had asked her mom if they could buy it for a secret birthday gift for her older sister. At the time her mother thought it was so nice. But, really Lilian just wanted to make sure her sister wouldn’t take off the magically charmed item.

It was perfect, she had made it so anyone who wore the choker would be treated like a little little kid like a baby or toddler! They would see the person as their true age, but still treat them like a baby.

The moment Cornelia put the choker on, her outfit changed. Her top became a frilly pink top that said “Princess” while her long skirt shrunk into a mini skirt and turned light green. Her underwear became a large diaper with a flower pattern. Her her long blond hair was now in cute buns with flower themed hair bows

“So when we’re gone tomorrow we’re going to leave some money. We made sure to have plenty of Corny’s diapers stocked up so neither of you have to worry about that. Your mother and I have talked to each other. Will and Irma will be spending the night here when we're away. I expect you both to behave okay?” Their mother explained.

“I thought I was gonna be in charge moooommmm” Lilian whined.

“You’re too little to babysit” Cornelia argued childishly, sticking her tongue out.

Their father leaned over and gave his older daughter a swat on the padded butt. “Behave Corny, she might be younger than you, but Lilian is still much more mature than you. You should respect and try to learn from her”

That caused the older daughter to tear up. “I'm going to school” She exclaimed storming out.

Cornelia was used to her parents favoring her little sister. But, everything felt weird. Like things weren’t the way they were supposed to be. The feeling didn’t go away at school either. Other students chuckled and laughed at her. She heard one of the boys talking about how it was so weird that that “Hales girl” was on par to a young toddler despite being a teenager. Someone had said it was a shame she was a giant teen baby because she was kind of cute.

Before she could question or react, her friends had found her.

“Where’s your diaper bag?” Will asked.

Irma playfully patted Cornelia’s diaper butt. “Did you forget it again Corny? Don’t worry big sister Irma has your spare bag in my locker”

She flinched a little. Irma was often too loud. But, their families were friends so she had always been self appointed “Corny duty” which Cornelia hated. She just wanted to be a proper teenager like everyone else.

“Don’t worry I have the spare one in my locker from the other day”

Her schoolwork was just like the other students. Just because she was a teenage baby didn’t mean she was dumb.

Fidgeting with her new choker Will commented on how it was cute “Lilian got it for me” the blond mumbled.

After lunch she had her nap time instead of going to gym class. She was too little and clumsy for the class and needed nap time to handle the rest of the day without a tantrum.

The end of the day didn’t come soon enough. “Ready to go home, diaper butt?” Irma playfully asked, but Cornelia started to tear up anyway.

It was a rare nickname, and normally she just rolled her eyes and pushed the water guardian. But, it felt wrong like everything was wrong and she didn’t like the nickname at all!

“Hey, be nice. Cornelia, it's okay. After we finish our homework we have 2 days of fun. There hasn’t been much need right now to be on guardian duty. So it’ll just be a fun weekend okay?” Will comforted her friend.

Sniffling, the diapered teen nodded.

Lilian’s class let out earlier than their class, so she had already been at home waiting for the 3 teenage girls.

Irma spun the younger blond around. “Hey there sprout. Ready for a super fun weekend?”

The little girl smiled widely “Yes! I even got you both something” She said sweetly, before giving the red hair a cute fuchsia beaded bracelet with a large heart bead in the middle. And Irma got a bracelet as well but hers was Turquoise and it had a water drop shaped bead.

Both teens thanked Lilian for the cute gift and put them on.

Will’s outfit changed to be a green shortalls that had a frog pocket on the chest and a fuchsia short sleeve undershirt. Despite wearing shortalls it was also very clear she was wearing diapers too. Her backpack became a frog stuffed animal backpack. She also had a frog themed changing bag with her.

Irma hair was now in 2 pigtails with light blue ball hair ties. She now wore a light blue overall dress and a darker blue long sleeve undershirt. Her diapers had water drops on them. Her backpack became a blue one with bubble prints that matched her new bubble printed blue diaper bag.

“Are you girls ready for your sleepover weekend?” Lilian asked with a giant smile.

“Yah!” Irma happily exclaimed, while Will shyly nodded.

With a large smile the 8 year old closed the door of their family’s apartment. This weekend was going to be very very fun.

Chapter Text

Stella was used to people thinking she was childish. Growing up with her mother's expectations of a princess was hard. She had to grow up fast, and be a princess everyone could look up to. She needed to be the most powerful, but humble, the most beautiful, but modest, she always had to be first place. In elementary school she had been on the chubbier side, wore ugly big glasses, and still fought her mother, Luna, on not straightening her naturally curly hair. She remembered being put on diets, the potion that corrected her eyesight, the painful tingles of hair straightening spells. Her father was the only one who didn’t want her to be someone else, but he was often so busy. Despite being a princess, she was still terribly bullied in middle school and high school before she went to Alfea.

It started shortly after finding the age changing brooch while Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha were busy with finding the Gem of Empathy. Stella only had vague memories of being turned into a 3 year old. It felt like a dream. She talked to Professor Wizgiz, questioning why she acted completely different from how she actually was as a 3 year old. It turned out it was common for those spells to make you act the way you wish you could have at that age.

For months she struggled with longing for something she couldn’t quite remember. Spending time with Flora had always made her feel different from the other girls. She was so kind and soft. She was the kind of woman that she had always wished her mother was. When Flora was nice to her now, it made her remember how kind Flora was when she was a 3 year old. It was similar to when she was with Brandon.

She was so used to people teasing about how childish she was, Stella started to privately explore it. She discovered a new passion which was far more embarrassing than fashion. It started off with just designing babyish outfits made for someone her size. Then she started buying cute toys that she had always longed to have when she started becoming “too old” for toys according to her mother. Next thing she knew she was dressing up in her babyish designs and diapers she made with magic, and playing like she was a little girl.

Of course Stella hid this side from everyone. God forbid her friends found out. What if they no longer wanted to be her friends? Sometimes she felt herself slipping and feeling younger when she was around Flora and to a lesser amount Brandon.

Once she had accidentally called Flora mama as she thanked her, when she was still half asleep. But, luckily her friends took it as a joke.

Stella found it so hard to be little while working with Wow! She hadn’t really wanted to take part in this earth reality tv show, but they were looking for a talent thief.

Life was just so busy, and she struggled to find the time to be little, often feeling on the edge of slipping, barely holding on. It had taken everything not to cry and slip up when the mermaids bullied her. It reminded her of so many bad memories.

Then she was attacked by her nemesis whatever that was. Obscura looked so much like what she had always imagined what Luna wanted from a daughter. So pale, she was pure white, instead of the tan skin she got from her father. Her hair was a lighter blond similar to her mother's. She was slim and beautiful.

Her large gray hooded cape's inner layer looked like a beautiful galaxy, so did parts of her body suit. She waved her hand and suddenly the hall she was, was just like Obscura’s cloak.

Stella was dressed up like her old teenage self. Giant versions of her old bullies taunted her. Obscura would say something reminding her of what her bullies would say and then they would say it.

Once more everything changed, she was in her favorite outfit to wear when she was little. It was a light pink fluffy bunny hoodie with cute little angel wings on it. It also had sleeves that were too long as well. Her yellow tutu-like mini skirt peaked out from the hoodie. The skirt however didn’t hide the large star patterned diaper. She had bunny paw slippers on, cause sometimes shoes were just icky! Her pacifier was attached to a star pacifier clip, and the ribbon was yellow too, while the pacifier was pink with a cute star on it! Her hair was in curly pigtails. This outfit always made her feel cute and little.

But, she wasn’t in the safety of her locked room. But, rather in the fashion school that they had gone to for their mission. Aisha and Tecna were staring at her in disgust, while strangers were laughing at her and whispering about her.

“You are so disgusting.” Aisha sneered

“This is perverted.” Tecna added.

“You’re a grown woman, what is wrong with you?”

Tecna answered the water fairy by listing all Stella’s many many flaws.

“STOP” She sobbed falling onto the floor as she covered her face.

Tears poured down her face. “Make it stop. Jush go way” Stella begged

The two other fairies looked at each other. “We wouldn’t want to be friends with a freak like you anyway” with that they were gone.

And so was everyone else.

She was all alone.

Everything faded back into the galaxy void from before. She just kept crying trying to wipe her tears away. She should be strong, she should fight. This wasn’t real.

Someone touched her shoulder and it was warm.

"Stella, don't cry. Remember how we moved past our hardest moments?" She looked behind her, in a glowing light it was her teenage self.

“But I’m alone now”

“You’ll never be alone, we have our friends” Her past self argued

But, Stella shook her head violently. “If they knew, no now that Tecna and Aisha know they're gonna tell the others. And won’t wanna be friends wif someone like me”

“They will always be there for us and you know it. That's what true friends do.” Past Stella tried, but she was pushed by the real Stella causing her to disappear.

She didn’t know anything. How could anyone accept her, they just put up with her. And now that they know the truth they weren’t going to put up with her anymore.

Obscura returned and put cold hands on her shoulders. “You’re just a dumb princess. It’s not your fault, you haven’t been able to grow up” Her voice was a rough whisper but also soft. Her nails dug into her shoulders, but something about the cold felt comforting.

The being made with magic hugged her tightly. “It’s not your fault you’ll never be good enough. But, with my help Mommy Obscura will help you grow up into a beautiful proper princess”

A beautiful proper princess, that would be nice. Maybe then Luna wouldn’t just pretend to love her around people. Maybe then she would be worthy of people’s love.

Suddenly the galaxy of nothingness turned back into a hall, and the pressure from Obscura’s hug was gone, but she could still feel Obscura’s cold presence covering her. Her outfit had returned to what it had been.

“Now you have work to do, you shouldn’t be slacking off, you should go help your friends. If you’re good you can have some little time when you’re done.” She heard Obscura’s voice loudly. But, it seemed like she was the only one.

Chapter Text

In the cutely decorated room there were two fairies, bored out of their mind. The room had no windows, just a door that was locked from the outside. One of the fairies was a mostly pink bunny unicorn. It was clear she was more bunny than unicorn, besides her light pink unicorn horn she had an extremely curly mane. Her bunny ear tips and front paws had a purple tint. The other fairy was mostly a light blue puppy dinosaur, her long fluffy hair like ears and front paws had a purple tint just like the bunny. She had darker blue dinosaur spikes. Both fairies had little peachy orange angel wings, yellow colored eyes, and crowns resting on their heads.

They had everything they needed to survive in the room, there was no need to leave the room. It wasn’t like they could anyway. Their room had been locked to protect themselves from the outside world.

However, the issue of being locked in a room even with your best friend and twin sister was extremely boring. The two fairies were bored out of their mind!

Sure they could draw or write, and they loved doing so. There were many things they could do in the room. But, they had done everything a billion times before.

Both girls enjoyed watching the other universes through their magic mirror. There were so many universes where fairies like them or similar creatures ended up meeting humans and giving them powers. Their own world had once enlisted the help of magical girls. The twins were given a transformation camera, the copy pouch, the storage pouch, and a magic tablet that the magical girls had once used. And the twins were less given these two very important items, and more like they had stolen them shortly before they got locked away for their own safety. But, sadly the magical tablet was locked and the transformation camera didn’t do anything when they tried using it. So it just stayed in the girls’ room, and was often a topic of discussion between the sisters.

It was easy to lose track of time when you’re stuck in a room with no windows. The twins were young for fairies, but also rather stunted due to their sheltered life. The dinopup fairy was the more mature of the two fairies, but struggled with her own issues that made it hard for her to fully care for herself. While the unibunny fairy was more childish, but more responsible in some areas. All in all the twins balanced each other and cared extremely deeply for one another.

Even before the two were locked up in the same room together, they had always done everything together. Neither twin ever wanted to be away from her sister.

One of the girls favorite things to do was transform into humanoid forms and pretend to be like the magical girls they saw through the magic mirror. While the unibunny sometimes needed diapers in her human form when she was feeling on the littler side, the dinopup never needed diapers but would wear them if her sister was feeling extra sensitive about it.

“Faelaaaaa ‘m boooooored” The unicorn bunny fairy whined transforming into her humanoid form stretching out on the large bed. She wore a cute pink nightgown with purple accents; it didn't hide all of the star patterned diaper she was wearing however. She must have been feeling on the littler side.

The other fairy transformed into her humanoid form; it was clear her pajama top and shorts were in the same style as her sister. Sitting on her knees, she gently petted her sister to comfort her. “I know Reila, wanna try to take a nap?” Faela spoke gently to her sister, understanding her frustration.

Reila huffed “Nooooh ‘m not tired ‘m bored! Faeeee” She whined suddenly hopping out of the bed.

“Well what can I do about it, Rei? Do you wanna play magical girls?” The dinopup girl huffed trying her best to be the mature one, but it wasn’t like she was any less frustrated and bored.

The pink mostly bunny girl picked up the transforming camera. “I don’t wanna play magical girls, I wanna beee one. But this stupid thing doesn’t work” Reila tried to take a photo, but it didn’t do anything. Like very many times before.

Faela went to grab the camera from her sister, but ended up knocking it out of her hands instead. It hit the floor with a thud and there was a bright light.

Suddenly they were in new outfits, their own magical girl outfits! The camera finally worked. They stared at each other but before they could fully even react there was a sound of twinkling alarm. The magic tablet had turned on!

“Would you like to enter the Mew Mew universe?” The tablet asked, floating in between the girls.

Both now magical girls looked at each other, their excitement suddenly growing even more. “Heck yea!”

A cute pen appeared out of nowhere “Design your Mew Mew form” It prompted them.

The twins took turns drawing their ideal form, taking the pen from each other when they had an idea. Fae teasingly drew her sister’s mew form to have a diaper, so in return Rei did the same.

When they were done they hit the enter button on the tablet. They found themselves being pulled into the tablet!

When the two girls could see again their outfits had changed, it was like what they had drawn but some of it mixed up with the other’s design!

“Where did you come from?” Turning around it was Mew Strawberry!